Dog breed description English or Royal Bulldog


English bulldog - medium smooth-haired breed of dogs. Watchman, guard, companion, bodyguard and reliable friend.

By nature, he is quite affectionate, but with his menacing look he can easily replace a guard dog, he will be very loyal to his owner or his territory.

This is America's first college mascot. Today, 38 teams wear the symbol of a bulldog. He even became the unofficial symbol of the American marines.

They are stubborn and self-confident, and never look at the owner in search of support, they always decide everything themselves. But still, it is quite an obedient and very calm dog.

English Bulldog breed description

The English bulldog has a very strong, massive head, powerful shoulders, a compact pelvis, a strong build, and a formidable jaw; one can say that there is nothing in it that would look natural, perhaps many breeders adore this interesting breed.

Body: strong, muscular, rests on short, massive limbs.

Head: massive, wide, it seems shorter than it actually is, with respect to the body it looks too large, its circumference is approximately equal to the height of the dog.

Skin: collected in various folds (this feature is necessary so that the blood of a dog wounded in battle does not flow over the eyes).

Muzzle: short, wide, flattened, with many folds.

Jaws: wide, massive, square, with a snack.

Teeth: the upper jaw is located specifically, as it sinks, the lower jaw with a snack, threateningly sticks forward.

Nose: black with wide and large nostrils, set deep between the eyes.

Lips: fleshy, flakes thick and saggy, drooping heavily, covering the lower jaw.

Eyes: dark color, widely spaced and deep set.

Ears: wide apart, small, thin, slightly bent and laid back.

Chest: very wide, neck slightly arched with dewlap.

Tail: short, lowered, at the base of a straight form, slightly bent.

Movement: heavy, short step, fast.

Puppy english bulldog photo on pond background

Hind limbs: when walking almost do not rise, the shoulders alternately move forward.

Wool: short, shiny, without undercoat.

  • Auburn, all shades
  • Brown - Yellow
  • Smoot (monotonous suit with a black mask)
  • Red - white
  • White
  • Spotted
  • Brindle

On the muzzle has a black "mask" or a pronounced "muzzle."

English bulldog character

Photo English Bulldog - a real British

The breed is very loyal to the owner, he is always ready to show his love for him. Despite the formidable look, in the soul it is a very affectionate, calm and friendly dog. These qualities make him a good friend and companion for children.

The English Bulldog is an independent and independent creature by nature, it possesses enormous strength, is balanced and self-confident.

Be sure to wean a little puppy to jump on you or the children in the house, otherwise, when he grows up and becomes quite heavy, he may suddenly jump on you at the most inappropriate moment.

The breed is very docile and quite sensitive, so during training it is impossible to shout at them. Its owner should be a conscious and very responsible person.

It gets along well with children, but they must be taught to respect the new family member, and to reckon with his needs.

Friendly behaves in relation to other pets.

To teach and train a dog should be a man with a strong and strong character, since this breed can be very unruly and lazy.

If you want to buy an English bulldog, then know that you will have a reliable friend, a good companion and a dedicated bodyguard.

English bulldog content

English Bulldog's body shape - photo from the side

Keep English, it is possible in a small apartment, or in a country house. He is sedentary, does not need large space, spends little of his strength, and loves to take a nap most of the day, which leads to overweight.

The dog can not be closed in the car or the room without good access to fresh air, and when transporting a pet, you can take along an ice bag, in case of overheating, they can cool the dog.

To keep the dog in good physical condition, it is necessary to walk 2 times a day, preferably early in the morning and late in the evening.

English bulldogs often overheat, therefore, they should be provided with an acceptable temperature. For a dog of this breed can be fatal arousal in extreme heat.

Even newborn puppies suffer from overheating. They can be put on a wet cold towel, first making sure there are no drafts.

Puppies at the age of two to three weeks, in a box put a container with ice cubes. When the first symptoms of overheating, be sure to clean and wash the bulldog throat from accumulating secretions, and immediately contact your veterinarian for help.

English Bulldog Diet

Photo English Bulldog in white color

English Bulldog breed with special features, needs a certain diet and proper diet, which fully satisfy his needs.

Ready dry food includes a balanced content of digestible and non-digestible fiber, proteins with a high degree of digestibility, which helps to reduce the unpleasant smell of feces, prevents bloating, normalizes digestion.

Food contains vitamins of group B, amino acid (histidine). These components in the complex strengthen the protective functions of the skin barrier, add shine and beauty to the wool.

The fish oil in the composition enriches the body with essential omega 3 fatty acids, which soothe skin irritations.

It is very important not to overfeed the pet, and constantly monitor its weight and diet. Limit fat intake, which twice the amount of calories your body contains than proteins and carbohydrates.

A heavy body gives a large load on the paws and joints of the dog, especially when overweight, so it is very important to maintain the health of the cartilage.

The diet of the English bulldog, should contribute to its digestion, limit the fermentation, causing rumbling in the stomach and increased gas formation. It is necessary to maintain the balance of the microflora of the large intestine.
Be sure to ensure that there is always clean water in the dog's bowl.

When choosing a natural food, always make sure that the food is fresh, at room temperature (not hot and not cold, it is bad for the digestive system) and eaten in podliz.

If the pet refuses to eat, remove the bowl of food in the refrigerator until the next feed.

  • Meat is not fat (beef, veal) - 300 g per day, for an adult pet.
  • Bull heart
  • Lungs
  • Sea fish
  • Porridge (buckwheat, rice, rolled oats), cook better in meat or bone broth
  • Fowl (without bones, they can not be given to bulldogs at all!)
  • Rabbit
  • Seasonal waxes and fruits
  • Fermented milk products 1 - 2 times a week (low-fat cottage cheese, ryazhenka, kefir)
  • In a ready meal add 1 teaspoon of sunflower, olive or linseed oil.

Meat and offal is better to give boiled and finely chopped.

  • Sweets
  • Salty
  • Spicy food
  • Smoked meat
  • Fat meat
  • Pasta
  • Flour products

English Bulldog Care

English Bulldog poses for a photo

Caring for the English Bulldog will not make for you much difficulty, they are clean enough.

Skin coating: skin is shiny and folded, which makes it more susceptible to bacteriological diseases. Proper diet with beneficial nutrients will help protect the skin from external negative factors.

Wool: short, without undercoat. Regularly brush the dog with a massage brush, wipe with a wet flannel cloth. This simple procedure will remove dead hair and make the pet a pleasant massage that improves blood circulation.

Folds on the face: be sure to rinse, wipe with a cotton swab every day and lubricate, because the tears that form in them can irritate the skin of the dog.

Eyes: inspect and for prophylaxis of souring, wipe once a week with a soft cloth dipped in a weak tea brew.

Claws: once a month cut with a claw cutter for large breeds. The procedure will be easier if before clipping, paws help the dog, the claws will become softer.

Nose: inspect and lubricate regularly, and then there will be no hard crust.

Tail: Well clean the area under the tail, it is very twisted and very tightly pressed to the body of the bulldog. Discharges accumulate in this place, which leads to the development of infections.

Teeth: need regular inspection and cleaning with special toothpaste. The specific location of the upper and lower jaws badly affect the condition of the bulldog's teeth, they often produce tartar, which must be cleaned. To do this should be a doctor - a veterinarian.

The history of the origin of the English Bulldog

The English Bulldog breed has an interesting story. The name of the breed received from the word bull - bull. From the 13th century, there were fights in fashion, in which strong dogs filled up bulls. The first bulldogs are unpretentious dogs, often dying under the animal's hooves.

By natural selection, today's breed has been formed, which is considered to be the perfect little killer. It is known that the breed has become the unofficial symbol of the American marines.

Description, characteristics and species of breed

In appearance the dog can not be confused with any other breed. The English Bulldog is a medium sized dog. Standard size dogs, 35 - 40 centimeters. Normal for this breed weight - 23 - 25 kg.

It is characterized by a massive head and a wide short muzzle. Such a structure of the body allowed the dog to firmly grasp the bull in tournaments. The folds did not allow the dog to fill his eyes with blood.

The description of the shape of the ears and tail is characteristic of the first standard introduced. Ears should be such that they can comfortably grab and pull the dog away from the bull. The tail must be long, decreasing in volume to the tip and very sensitive. Sensitivity is needed in order to be able, after having bitten the dog by the tail, to withdraw it from the battle. Now there are several breed standards.

They are characterized by the following types of colors:

  • red and brindle,
  • Other tiger color options,
  • white,
  • red, deer,
  • piebald,
White color Brindle color Red color

Dog's life can not be called happy. It is characterized by many congenital and hereditary diseases. Bulldogs often have problems with the heart and musculoskeletal system. They belong to the group of brachycephalic dogs. For this reason, they have low body temperature, profuse sweating, the risk of getting heat stroke in this breed is much higher.

Burp abundant white foam, which is also due to the structure of the pharynx. Often they with the help of surgery expand the nostrils. This reduces the risk of swelling of the nasal mucosa.

Royal bulldog care

Of course, the breed requires care, like all domestic dogs. It is important to monitor the process of molting the dog. During cleaning, not only wool is removed from the dog, but also dandruff, dirt, and dust. If the owner does not monitor the condition of the coat, it will lead to skin diseases.

It is better to bathe a dog once or twice a week at a temperature of 34 - 36 degrees Celsius. Do not forget that the dog requires a balanced diet. Feed her dry food and premium feed. The main thing is to have vitamins and minerals in the diet.

They must be hypoallergenic.

No need to use cosmetics in the care of a dog: an allergic reaction may occur. It is necessary to bathe only in extreme cases, as frequent bathing leads to peeling of the skin. The claws of the breed grow quite quickly. For this reason, it is necessary to periodically check their trimmed.

Feature of the body structure of the bulldogs is the lack of proportionality

Temperament and character of the animal

Brave and noble is about the English dog. Small, at first sight gloomy creatures turn out to be devoted dogs.

English bulldogs are homebodies, love their native door mats and would never exchange them for a green meadow near the house. The main thing that must be remembered by the owners is the English bultsen attitude towards him. He will surely feel how good a great friend treats him. There is no need to start an English bulldog if the owner knows in advance that he does not have enough time to periodically walk the dog and indulge him with excessive attention.

A lot of fuss owner will have with this breed in childhood. In the process of formation of the body, they are particularly demanding.


Training an English Bulldog is an exciting experience. The animal has a good intellect, which allows it to memorize up to 300 human words. If you make enough effort, it is possible to make a super-dog from this breed. It is possible to teach him not only to bring slippers to his owner, but also to clean the bowl with food in the wardrobe.

Vaccinations animal

The dog needs to be vaccinated periodically.

Two weeks or 10 days before vaccination, de-worming of the animal is also carried out. All such preparations are developed taking into account the weight of the doggie, for this reason it is necessary to weigh the animal.

At the vet, every dog ​​expert will find a vaccination calendar. There are several such vaccinations. The first is eurikan, saving from the plague virus, for example. Hexadog is a vaccine developed from the freeze-dried Trivirovax vaccine, which is well resistant to the rabies virus. It will be useful to make vaccinations nobivak and dyuramun, saving the dog from other malicious viruses.

Of course, many vaccinations are made only with high-quality drugs. But you need to carefully monitor each injection, as after some complications are possible.

Uncased males may in some cases show excessive aggression

Dog breeding

The first estrus of a bitch is observed at 7-10 months. An experienced breeder needs to keep a pet chatter diary. Usually, the behavior of the female these days varies greatly, the bitch is trying to attract the attention of the cable, it becomes playful.

But you can only happen when the bitch turns 1.8 months. When mating is necessary to monitor the color of the language of the animal. It should not be a bluish tint. During pregnancy, it is important to monitor the diet of the dog. The diet should contain the necessary minerals and vitamins. We need to walk with the dog more often and pay more attention.

If you need a future champion of exhibitions, then it is better to buy dogs with pedigree, if you need a pet, then acquire without pedigree.

Sometimes breeders put prices higher.

Popular breed kennels in Russia:

  • Kennel Murman gold,
  • Kennel Life start,
  • Kennel - Slavic star.

Buying a puppy English bulldog, a person buys not only a dog. A person acquires a friend for a lifetime, a loyal and slightly funny dog ​​with a good character.

Brief information:

The word "bulldog" is translated from English as "bull dog", which in itself says a lot. Harassment of bulls was traditional entertainment in medieval England. It was attended by mastiffs and bull terriers, then called bulldogs.

In the photo - gorgeous male English Bulldog breeding USA.

For several centuries, breeding work with “bull dogs” continued, aimed at breeding individuals with powerful jaws and a center of gravity concentrated in the head area, which made it possible to avoid a spinal fracture in a fight with a bull. So modern bulldogs found their characteristics.

Due to the ban on baiting at the end of the XVIII century, the popularity of the breed declined sharply, but soon increased again after the first exhibitions, where the Bulldogs were presented as companions, which are to this day.

The English Bulldog is described as a powerful, squat, broad-shouldered dog with a deep chest and a massive head, all with its appearance that gives the impression of strength and confidence. Height at withers reaches 35-40cm, average weight - 22.5 kg. When viewed from above, the body has a pear shape, as shown in the photo. With all the unusual appearance, the breed bulldog is harmoniously folded, and all parts of his body are in proportion to each other.

One of the distinguishing features of the English Bulldog breed is a peculiar gait. The dog moves slightly to waddle, as if a little sideways, but at the same time the movements are free and soft. A hauling, obstructed walk speaks of unhealthy joints.

The bulldog's head and muzzle are covered with folds, the under-jawed jaw is bent upwards and covered with bullets on both sides. The teeth on it are also practically invisible, if the mouth is closed. According to the description in the standard, the short muzzle is turned up, the nose is big and black, with wide nostrils.

A flat forehead, a smooth line of the skull between the ears and rounded cheeks give the head a square shape. Ложбинка, берущая начало между глазами, делит ее пополам, поднимаясь до макушки.

The old, trouble-free way to check the correctness of the shape of the head is to apply a ruler at one end to the bulldog's chin and to the forehead ─ the second. If in this case it concerns the nose of the dog, it means that all three points are located on the same line ─ one of the signs of the correct structure.

This figure shows the ideal head shape.

Small round eyes are located wide and low, at a great distance from the ears. Their squirrels are hidden for centuries, which in combination with almost black color gives the face an expression of thoughtfulness and attention.

The ears of the English Bulldog should be small, formed by a thin cartilage, turned back ─ type "rose" (see photo below). Ears of the "bud" type, turned forward, are unacceptable, as well as cropped or standing upright. The worst option is the heavy fleshy ears depicted in the picture:

The skin on a strong massive neck forms a double hanger, which ends at the chest. The broad rib cage is in harmony with the voluminous body and the tucked up belly.

The back of the representatives of the breed English Bulldog is described as short, muscular, broad in the shoulder area and tapering in the lower back. However, it is not represented by a straight line, and, forming a rise from the withers to the waist, again descends to the tail, curving with a “sail”. The top of the bend describes the croup of the dog, complemented by a low-set, short tail, sometimes in the form of a corkscrew.

The front paws are strong, placed wider than the rear, with elbows pointing outward, the distance between them and the height from the ground to the elbows form a square. Thanks to their massive forearms, they look curved, but they are not.

The hind legs are also strong and muscular. They are longer than the front and raise the lower back above the withers.

This breed is characterized by a short and tight coat. It can be brindle, red in different shades, tan, pure white or white in combination with any of the above colors. In this case, the spots should be located symmetrically. To dogs of a monophonic color the mask on a muzzle is peculiar.

Character and behavior

English Bulldog fully justifies the title of companion. In his character - dedication to the owner and the desire to be with him near not only at home, but also while traveling.

With all the attachment to the owner, the bulldogs are mostly stubborn, which creates difficulties in their education. The owner will have to be smart to find an approach to him, since he would never do anything that is not part of his plans.

Despite the formidable appearance, there is absolutely no aggression in the behavior of the English bulldog. Its representatives are affectionate and friendly with both people and animals - this is evidenced by absolutely all the reviews of the owners.

The balanced and friendly character makes it a suitable option as a pet for a family with small children. The bulldog is not only able to patiently endure the attention given to him by the little ones, but will also take part in a cheerful tinker with them.

If there are still dogs or cats in the house, the English Bulldog will easily make friends with them, as well as with other animals.

He is suitable for the role of a companion in short walks for an elderly person and those who prefer passive recreation to sports. People with a stormy temperament, requiring a pet quick response, mobility and agility, bulldog degree will be annoying.

Another feature that often occurs in these dogs is the ability to make unpleasant sounds, such as snoring, sniffing, and puffing. Increased gas formation can also make itself felt. When acquiring a puppy, you need to take into account that these sounds will become satellites of all the household for many years, as well as, perhaps, the presence of saliva on the furniture, since almost all representatives are characterized by abundant salivation.

Content specifics

Sensitivity to temperature extremes is a feature requiring special attention from the owner. In winter, the English Bulldog can easily freeze and catch a cold, and in the summer it tends to overheat.

Therefore, in the heat it is necessary to monitor the well-being of the pet, not allowing much movement, so as not to overheat. In case of heat stroke, the dog should be placed in the shade, wet the coat with water and allowed to drink, after clearing the airway of mucus.

In addition, bulldogs are susceptible to allergies, so the choice of diet is not only an important task for the owner, but also often constitutes an additional item of expenditure on hypoallergenic food varieties.

Inability of representatives of this breed to long physical exercises does not mean at all that they can be canceled at all. Leisurely walks on a leash ─ an excellent means of socialization and prevention of obesity, which bulldogs are prone to. But it is important to avoid excessive loads, carefully watching the well-being of the pet.

To understand what is the nature of the English bulldog, the easiest way to watch this video:

Here the gurgle shows what it is capable of in its perseverance to prove to the owner that only he can decide when the walk is over

When traveling out of town or walking near a reservoir, you should especially watch your pet ─ the Bulldogs, with rare exceptions, do not know how to swim.

The specific constitution of the English Bulldog excludes participation in sporting events, and the breed-like stubbornness and slowness in making decisions on the opinions of dog trainers can play a bad joke during the most important test during obedience tests. However, this is his nature, and this is not a contraindication to a visit to the training site.

If desired, the owner can find a suitable application: an attractive appearance and peaceful disposition of the bulldogs make it possible to successfully use them in kanis therapy.

A rare photo of the English Bulldog - active exercise on the beach.

Diseases characteristic of the English Bulldog breed are mostly associated with the specificity of the anatomy of the animal and a tendency to manifestations of allergic reactions:

  • propensity for colds and overheating,
  • food allergies
  • atopic dermatitis,
  • interdigital dermatitis,
  • bilateral cataract,
  • third century adenoma,
  • brachycephalic syndrome
  • obesity.

How to choose a puppy

Regardless of whether an English Bulldog puppy is purchased to participate in exhibitions, or as a pet for a family, health and compliance with the breed standard is a prerequisite for selection.

Here are the main criteria that you should pay attention to when buying a puppy:

  1. Quality content ─ puppy should have a neat appearance, shiny hair, clean eyes with no signs of inflammation or nitrous, pink mucous membranes. The correct solution is to inspect the room where the puppies are kept, as well as the mother.
  2. Number of folds: too loose skin on the body is not peculiar to this breed and is fraught with health complications in the future.
  3. The proportions of the puppy ─ it should not be too high-legged, but not short. The golden mean is in volume strength on strong legs, gathered in a clump following the example of the cat.
  4. Movement ─ lameness, difficulty moving, loose fingers speak of defects in the joints and weakness of the ligamentous apparatus. But do not confuse these signs with a specific breed gait of the Bulldogs, resembling the movement of a crab.
  5. The shape of the lower jaw ─ it should be wide, well curled, and it is desirable that the teeth are hidden behind the lips. What bite the puppy will be in the future can be predicted by looking at the jaws of the parents.
  6. Placement and shape of the ears ─ already at the age of 1.5 ─ 2 months you can see how they meet the standard.
  7. The expression of the muzzle ─ it should be open and complacent, this is an important feature of the breed.
  8. Tail ─ kink is a pedigree feature, but it should be freely diverted. The presence of an ingrown tail in the future threatens with inflammation and diaper rash. No tail is not allowed.
  9. Availability of documents confirming the origin of the puppy and the health of the parents. The dog is a purchase, which can not be done without hesitation, from the first seller. Acquiring a puppy from unscrupulous breeders can turn into a long-term struggle for health, and even the life of an animal. Or the grown-up baby may turn out to be completely not the dog that the owner expected to see, but only remotely remind her.

Very often, the hero of our article is confused with the French Bulldog. Read more about it here.

Description and characteristics of the breed

Bulldogs are very stubborn and confident animals. According to some, these dogs look a bit ridiculous - they have a big head, short legs and a powerful, heavy body. However, in ancient times their ancestors were so fierce that they were forbidden to appear on the streets of Rome.

Although among other dogs bulldogs are not outstanding athletes, it is these dogs that are used as talismans of sports teams. They are depicted on the logos of some sports clubs in America.

Many are not touched by the beauty and impressiveness, but the helplessness of these dogs. Short paws do not allow them to scratch where they want, they can not even lick themselves or reach out to the base of the tail.

The origin history of the English Bulldog

The progenitor of the bulldog is considered a huge fighting dog Moloss, who once lived on the Apennine Peninsula. It is believed that in Britain, she came along with the Roman legionnaires.

The name of the breed comes from the English word bull, meaning translated "bull."

Bulldogs used to bait bulls standing on a leash. This terrible entertainment was prohibited by law in the 35th of the XIX century, after which the breed lost its former fierce reputation.

Bulldog clubs began to open in the UK at the beginning of the XIX century. One of them exists in our days. Its participants and developed modern breed standards.

In Russia, bulldogs appeared around the XIX century, they were mainly kept by aristocrats as pets and for baiting of bears. L. N. Tolstoy was a great lover of the breed. The writer was so attached to his dog that he devoted a whole series of short stories to him.


The maximum lifespan of representatives of this breed is 10 years.

Bulldogs have short airways, and therefore are subject to various health problems - overheating, colds, bronchitis. They have a weak heart and a tendency to allergies.

Dogs are not recommended large physical exertion and long training. But they need high-quality, balanced nutrition.

The purpose and character of the dog

Bulldogs do not need long walks and daily sports trainings. But they need constant communication and contact - staying alone for a long time, they become depressed. English bulldogs need to spend a lot of time from the very first days of life.

Bulldogs are great companions, they enjoy traveling and new experiences, they like to communicate with other members of their breed.

Each dog is different individual characteristics of character, it is necessary to find an approach to it. Make it easy, because the main thing for any bulldog - that the owner was always there.

Breed standard and puppy selection

The requirements of the standard for the breed in different countries may have small differences, but do not contradict each other. The overall impression is a stocky short-haired dog with short legs and a powerful body.

Breed description, accepted standard:

  • large head with a short and wide muzzle,
  • nose black,
  • square jaws, the lower one protrudes forward, the teeth in the closed mouth are not visible,
  • eyes are dark, rounded, set wide apart
  • the ears are small, drooping, turned to the back,
  • chest wide, stomach tucked up
  • tail is located below the back, slightly bent,
  • strong, thick paws, short, seemingly curved, with a wide set,
  • color - motley, monotonous or distemper,
  • weight 23 - 25 kg,
  • height is 50 - 55 cm.

With the advent of the English bulldog in the family, life will change once and for all, so you need to buy it from a breeder who is serious about his professional business.

Puppies of an English bulldog at the age of 2 months are very cute, they have folded skin on the head and body, are interested in toys, are playful, are not shy, want to communicate with people. Choose a pet you need according to the rules.

This is what breeders advise to pay attention to:

  • clean, shiny coat, the skin should not be dandruff, scratches, cones,
  • clear eyes
  • clean nose
  • fatness,
  • mobility and lively behavior.

Before buying, it is advisable to look at the puppy's parents, their psyche, health, to see in what conditions it grows. The price of a bulldog is considerable, but you need to understand that this is only the tip of the iceberg, because its upbringing will require considerable material costs.

Content, care and feeding

The bulldog must be kept clean, ensuring that all folds are clean. Inspect and wipe them need every day, as well as lubricate special lotions and means.

For swimming need zooshampuni. Only in this case, you can be sure that the dog's skin is healthy. Always inspect the ears. For regular inspection of the dog, it is advisable to find a breed specialist.

The dog English Bulldog is a breed that requires food with a low content of protein and fat. For each animal you need to choose your option. It all depends on the age and health of the pet.

  • Puppies need food with high protein content.
  • Adult dogs are given an easily digestible, high-calorie food, complete in composition, not leading to obesity.

Food from the table can cause a bulldog allergy. To feed the dog you need only professional food and be sure to give a sufficient amount of clean water.

Walking a dog at least 1 hour per day.

Advantages and disadvantages of the breed

This dog is distinguished by amazing energy and attractive force. It is impossible not to notice during a walk, it is pleasant to iron and squeeze. A bulldog cannot exist without a person; it needs care, attention, caress, love. Winston Churchill talked about the Bulldogs, that this is beauty, brought to the point of absurdity. These dogs actually leave no one indifferent.

The disadvantages of the breed include its vulnerability. The dog has a special physiological structure and will require increased attention from the owner. In the summer, the bulldog is threatened with overheating, in the winter - a cold, it can snore at night. Females can rarely give birth on their own, without a cesarean section. Dogs need careful grooming and massage. The content of this breed is compared to raising a child, who is completely dependent on his parents for his needs.

English Bulldog Breed Description

The English Bulldog is of medium size, such a little bit strong. They are distinguished by a rather funny wrinkled face, for which sometimes dogs are called "cute old men aristocrats."

  1. Representatives of this breed have a pronounced sexual type. Cables are larger than a bough, with larger bones and powerful relief muscles. The average height and weight of an adult dog: cable - 40cm, 25 -25.5 kg, females - 38cm, 21.7 - 22.5 kg.
  2. They have strong bones, well developed relief muscles.
  3. Paws muscular, strong. Front thick, dense. Rear slightly longer, less powerful than the front.
  4. Thick, wide, strong neck, medium size.
  5. Head in relation to the body is quite large.
  6. The chest is very broad, rounded.
  7. The back is short, wider at the shoulders.
  8. The muzzle is short, upturned to the top, wide. The lower jaw is curved. The forehead is flat. The skin on the head is loose with small folds.
  9. Tail of medium length, directed to the bottom.
  10. The coat is short, thick, rather soft, pleasant to the touch.

Any deviations from breed standards are considered as flaws. May affect the health and vitality of the dog!

English Bulldog can be different colors. But, the color must be bright, even and clean. Spots clear, pronounced.

The dog's muzzle is darker, has a black "mask" or, as they say, "muzzle."

  • black and tan
  • mouse gray,
  • brown and tan

Despite the rather cruel and difficult past, the English Bulldog is a sensitive, very dedicated, loving and excellent companion.

  1. Bulldogs are rustic by nature, but very clever.
  2. They are excellent companions, at the same time excellent defenders.
  3. They love children.
  4. With great pleasure to take part in children's games. Just a fountain of energy and excitement!
  5. They are characterized by great devotion.
  6. Other pets dominate, but are treated with patience and understanding.
  7. Needs attention, care and communication.

The character of the aristocrat dog is calm and decisive without obvious signs of anger and aggression.

Care and maintenance

Purchasing a pet is a crucial step. This should be taken seriously. Learn more about a future family member. The question of health and care should come first. It is imperative that you need to know: how long do the representatives of this breed live, how to care and what to feed, how to wash, so that the four-legged friend is always healthy?

An important place in maintaining the health of the dog, is vaccination. Vaccinations should be done according to the schedule, but only to a healthy dog, after de-worming.

To the health of the English Bulldog should be treated with due attention. The lifespan of dogs of this breed is 10-12 years. Собака требует постоянного ухода и внимания, но, несмотря на это, прекрасно подходит для неопытных владельцев.

Гигиена собаки

Caring for a bulldog is in some way reminiscent of caring for a small child. But all the master's labors will be rewarded with endless devotion and love.

  1. English Bulldog wool is quite easy to clean. Comb with a hard bristle brush 2 to 3 times a week. Shedding begins at nine months. It is necessary to comb, removing dead hair and dirt.
  2. Due attention should be paid to the fold on the dog's face. They should always be clean. Wrinkles should be wiped regularly, alternating between wet and dry discs. Never leave folds wet.
  3. Bathe the dog should be as needed. Frequent bathing dry skin, cause itching.
  4. Brush your teeth regularly.
  5. Without proper care, it is impossible to leave the area between the toes on the paws. Without proper care, redness and diaper rash are formed there.

The breeding process of English Bulldogs is not easy. Puberty begins quite early, in bitches (6-7 months), not every cable can participate in mating. Only proper care can “grant” such a right to him.

Knitting is accompanied by certain problems. Even experienced breeders, it happens, as they say in six hands.

For statistics, 90% of females need a cesarean. Litter averages 5-9 puppies, the optimal amount is 5-6.

What to feed

When choosing what to feed a pet, preference should be given to easily digestible, high-calorie food. We should not forget that representatives of this breed are prone to obesity.

When deciding how to feed a puppy, you first need to ask the breeder about the usual diet and mode for a small bulldog.

The diet of a puppy should include:

  • dairy products: cottage cheese, ryazhenka, kefir, yogurt (raw milk in small quantities),
  • milk porridges,
  • lean meat,
  • vegetables and fruits (unsweetened).

Feeding a small pet in 1.5-2 months - 6 times a day, in small portions. By 6-7 months, the number of feedings is reduced, fed 3 times.

Due to the particular build of the bulldogs, cereals, vegetables and fruits should prevail in their diet.

The diet of an adult dog should include the following foods:

  • meat, preferably beef, offal,
  • cereals,
  • boiled vegetables,
  • raw vegetables,
  • eggs (about 3 pieces per week),
  • sea ​​fish.

It is necessary, using natural products, not to forget about mineral additives.

When choosing how to feed a dog, you need to take into account the tendency of dogs to allergies. Some breeders against feeding dry food. This is due to the physiological characteristics of the dog. It's hard for him to grab food. He simply swallows it, which negatively affects digestion.

Dry food must be balanced, easily digestible super premium class.

Forming a diet you need to take into account the physiology and characteristics of digestion!

How much is a puppy

Buy a puppy English Bulldog is best from breeders with a good reputation and positive reviews. How much is a companion dog depends on the future plans of the owner.

If you need a faithful, loving friend, you can buy relatively inexpensive, about 10-18 thousand rubles. For such a price the puppy will not have pedigree and documents.

When the plans are more ambitious - contests, exhibitions, the puppy must meet the official standards of the breed. Then the price is much higher, from 30 to 60 thousand rubles.

Be sure to buy a puppy, you should find out all the information about the kennel, read reviews. Refine data on parents: appearance, illness, habits, participation in contests, exhibitions. Ask whether there are all vaccinations, cocoa diet. All these questions will help to get a dog that will become a reliable and devoted friend in the future.

In the past there were those times when the English bulldog caused fear and horror. Today it is a good-natured and devoted companion dog that can bring joy to the house.