Multikan-8 - vaccine for dogs of domestic production


In the article I will talk about the drug Multikan 8, its composition and release form. I will describe the mechanism of action of the drug, the dosage and instructions for use. I will explain the indications for use, storage conditions and shelf life.

Multichan 8 is a domestic safe and effective veterinary medicine for vaccinating dogs against rabies, plague, leptospirosis, coronavirus, adenovirus type II, and parvovirus enteritis. Manufacturer LLC Vetbiohim.

Form release and composition of the vaccine Multikan 8 for dogs

The main component is inactivated strains of adenovirus type II, plague, coronavirus, parvovirus enteritis, leptospirosis, rabies virus.

The drug consists of two vials:

One is filled with a liquid (suspension for injection) from pale yellow to pinkish color, possibly with a small amount of sediment. Contains strains of rabies and leptospirosis viruses. Volume 2 ml.

The second is filled with dry yellow substance. Contains strains of Adenovirus type II viruses, plague, coronavirus, parvovirus enteritis. Volume is 1 ml.

When mixing two bottles, one dose is obtained.

When mixing two bottles, one dose is obtained.

Indications for use and mechanism of action

It is held completely healthy dogs. If the dog has already become infected with the virus from which the vaccine is created, then the vaccine is not given, because the desired effect will not be. In this case, specific treatment is prescribed, specific to each disease.

Disease immunity occurs 14 days after vaccination. Valid up to 8 months in young dogs, up to 1.5 years in adults.

For this vaccine, a recommended schedule for drug administration has been determined:

  • first vaccination at 8-10 weeks of age,
  • revaccination is carried out strictly 21 days after vaccination,
  • the second is held one year after the firstand so annually
  • further revaccination should be carried out after 21 days after each.

Vaccination is the only effective preventive measure against severe canine diseases: rabies, leptospirosis, adenovirus type II, coronavirus, parvovirus enteritis and plague.

The vaccine is recommended by veterinarians as a mandatory vaccine for dogs.

These diseases are difficult to treat, have a large number of complications and consequences, including death. The vaccine is recommended by veterinarians as a compulsory vaccine for dogs.

  • the animal must be healthy
  • degelmentized
  • the fact of pregnancy and lactation is excluded.

Violation of the scheme of vaccination and revaccination is not desirable, since may decrease immunity to diseases. If the vaccination has been missed, it is recommended that it be carried out as soon as possible.
The drug is incompatible with other vaccines and drugs. In one syringe combine them is prohibited.

Dosage and instructions for use

One dose is 2 ml of the drug for animals weighing 5 kg and 1 ml for animals with lower weight. The vaccine is obtained by mixing two necessary vials. The injection is placed in the withers, in the thigh or in the area of ​​the scapula.

During vaccination, antiseptic conditions must be observed. Sterile disposable gloves and syringes must be used. It is unacceptable to use one needle to different dogs.

One dose is 2 ml of the drug for animals weighing 5 kg.

Side effects

A slight swelling is possible at the injection site, which usually resolves within one day.
Symptoms of plague, coronavirus, adenovirus infection, parvovirus enteritis, rabies and leptospirosis after vaccination and overdose have not been identified. The health of the dog after vaccination should not deteriorate.

If the pet is prone to allergic reactions, an hour before vaccination, it is recommended to inject an antihistamine (injection or oral).

Price and analogues

It is possible to purchase the drug at any veterinary pharmacy. It is released without a prescription vet. The cost is about 250 rubles for the vaccine.

There are many analogs of the preparation, both domestic and imported. On the market are: Nobivak, Eurikan, Primogd, Hexadog, Vangard, Biokan.

In the article I told about the drug Multikan 8, the form of its release and the composition of the vaccine. Described the mechanism of action, indications and contraindications to its use, dosage and method of application. Led storage conditions and expiration dates.

Multican-8: vaccine release form, composition, expiration dates

The developer and manufacturer of the drug is Biochim LLC (Russia). Includes attenuated (weakened) strains of the most dangerous viruses.

Multikan-8 is a domestic product intended for vaccination of dogs.

Allows you to develop immunity against:

  • the plague of carnivores,
  • all types of adenovirus,
  • parvovirus (hemorrhagic enteritis),
  • coronavirus,
  • infectious jaundice (leptospirosis),
  • rabies.

Dosage Form:

  • 1 vial - dry, compacted, lightly porous substance of pink color (lyophilized component), 1 ml,
  • 2 bottle - colorless liquid (inactivated strains), 2 ml.

By mixing the components, a pink homogeneous suspension is obtained.

Expiration date of inoculation Multikan-8: 1,6 years.

Important! The drug should always be stored in the refrigerator (at t 8 ° C). Heating a vaccine leads to a loss of its properties. It is unacceptable to vaccinate an animal with a preparation whose storage conditions are not respected!

Multkan-8: the main biological properties of the drug

The drug forms in an animal immunity to all of the above diseases. The body's resistance to infections is produced within 20 days from the moment of administration of the composition. All vaccinations are done on a specific schedule. In young individuals, the duration of immunity is 8 months (not more), in adults - a year (15 months - maximum).

Immunity after vaccination with Multican-8 in dogs lasts up to 15 months.

Attention! Only completely healthy animals can be vaccinated! The dog is required to de-worming (10 days before the injection) and treated with compounds against blood-sucking parasites.

The animal is not vaccinated if:

  • it hurts
  • not recovered from illness, childbirth, surgery,
  • during pregnancy
  • infected with worms or fleas,
  • teeth are changing
  • planned surgery in the coming month.

Important. The first and second vaccinations are carried out with the same drug. Vaccine change is not allowed!

Before the introduction of the drug the dog should be examined by a leading veterinarian.

Instructions for use: vaccination scheme for puppies and adults

How to prick a Multican-8 dog? There are two vaccination schemes.

Instructions for use puppies is different:

  1. Puppies drug is administered twice intramuscularly. The first time - from 8 to 10 weeks, the second time - in 3 weeks. The injection site is the hip area. Volume - 2.0 ml for large puppies and 1.0 ml for small (decorative breeds). Mandatory revaccination - from 1 to 12 months.
  2. For adults, the drug is administered once, annually. Dosage - 2.0 ml.

Immediately before injection, the ampoules are heated to 37 ° C. Inactivated strains (liquid) are mixed with the lyophilized component and shaken thoroughly.

The vaccination marks the veterinarian puts in the veterinary passport, there is also glued a special sticker.

Attention! Precipitation is excluded! The mixture should be homogeneous!

If the precipitate is small, it is recommended to pipette the diluted vaccine with a syringe several times, until a homogeneous, homogeneous suspension is formed. For each animal, a new needle is needed. The composition is introduced immediately after opening and preparation. The finished solution is not stored.

Vaccination is carried out in compliance with the rules of asepsis; only sterile materials and instruments are used for injection. A separate needle is used for each animal. The injection site is pretreated.

Possible adverse reactions, complications and their causes

After administration of the drug, no symptoms of the diseases against which the vaccine was developed have been identified. The vaccine does not belong to the reactive (does not cause local edema, inflammation, fever). In rare cases, short-term swelling is possible.

Symptoms of plague, adenoviral infections, parvovirus and coronavirus enteritis, leptospirosis and rabies or other pathological signs were not detected during vaccine overdose.

Negative reactions to the drug can be observed if:

  • the animal is weakened (sick or sore, after surgery, with worm infestation, etc.),
  • the drug is expired
  • there were violations of the instructions for use.
Multican-8 vaccine rarely causes side effects.

Violations of the timing of vaccination lead to a decrease in immunity.

Council If allergic reactions occur (individual, rare cases) use antihistamines.

Mulcan-8 is introduced after 7 days from the moment of deworming and 14 days after treatment with chlorine and phosphorus-containing compounds.

Personal prophylaxis when working with the Multikan-8 vaccine

Working with the drug, you need to follow the basic rules of safety and personal hygiene. All persons involved in vaccination (veterinarian, assistants) are recommended to wear overalls (gloves, gown).

The drug, caught in the mucous or open skin areas, immediately washed off with water. When the Multicane is bottled, the infected places (table, floor, etc.) are treated with chloramine / sodium hydroxide. In case of unintentional administration of the composition to a human, the injection site is treated with ethyl alcohol and converted into honey. an institution.

Multikan-8: dog owners reviews about this drug

Victoria. I instill three of my dogs with Multikan for two years. During this time, side effects are not noticed. Injections to us did the vet. If everything is done correctly, then there may be only a slight swelling in the very place of injection. I found it in one dog. But she quickly passes. I think this is an individual reaction, since the other two of my dogs suffered such intervention perfectly. The veterinarian warned that limping is possible. This is a natural reaction to the introduction of a foreign substance. But we managed. We will continue to be vaccinated with this drug - and inexpensive, and there are no adverse reactions.

Many nursery owners use the Multikan-8 vaccine.

Leonid. I have a giant schnauzer. The first vaccination and revaccination was done with Multican-8. The vet advised. I decided to first read reviews about him on dog forums - this is my first dog and our first vaccine. Impressions were good. The first time the vaccination was done already on the 12th week. Revaccination was scheduled. Temperature and signs of disease in the dog after the injection did not notice. I read that the formation of swelling is possible. But everything went smoothly. In the year we will be vaccinated again and the same drug.

Olga I am the owner of the nursery of rottweilers and doberman pinschers. For several years in a row, used exclusively hexavalent Hexadog. But he is too expensive. For the owner of a dozen dogs, the amount for vaccinations is substantial. The eight-valent Multican was advised to me by a colleague - she praised him very much. I decided to consult with my veterinarian. He confirmed that the drug is less likely to cause complaints and is indeed cheaper. She has vaccinated only one dog so far. All perfectly. This vaccination turned out to be better in all respects: it is tolerated well, costs much less, and even eight-valent! Now I will translate all the dogs to her.

Release form

Components can be packaged in ampoules or in vials of 1 dose. The vials are sealed with rubber stoppers and reinforced with rubber caps. Ampoules are hermetically sealed.

Vacuum ampoules and vials are packaged in cartons or blisters. Each is supplied with instructions for use.

Since the release of vaccine suitable for use within 18 months, subject to the conditions of storage and transportation. After the expiration date has expired, the vaccine must be destroyed. The vaccine should be stored in a dry, dark place that is not accessible to children, at temperatures from + 2 ° C to + 8 ° C.

Vials and ampoules with a vaccine that do not have a label, with a violation of tightness or integrity of the package, as well as those not used after dilution for 15 minutes, cannot be used and must be subjected to boiling disinfection for half an hour and disposal. After disinfection the disposal process does not require special precautions.

Biological properties

Instructions for use to "Multikan-8" confirms that after vaccination after two or three weeks, animals are formed immunity to plague, coronavirus and parvovirus enteritis, adenovirus infection, leptospirosis and rabies. Re-vaccination in young animals is carried out in 6-8 months, and in adult animals in 12-15 months.

Composition of 1 dose of vaccine

The composition of one immunizing dose of the vaccine:

  • rabies virus in dogs - 1 ME,
  • plague - 10 3.5 TCD50,
  • coronavirus - 10 3,0 TCD50,
  • adenovirus type 2 - 10 3,0 TCD50,
  • leptospira serogroups Grippotyphosa, Canicola Icterohaemorrhagiae - 3x10 8 microbial cells,
  • Parvovirus - 10 3.0 GAI.

The vaccine does not have any healing properties.

Application procedure

Instructions for use to the tool "Multikan-8" indicates that the main purpose of the vaccine is the prevention of adenovirus infection, plague, rabies dogs, leptospirosis of dogs, coronavirus and parvovirus enteritis. Contraindications for vaccination of dogs are: sick and weakened animals, pregnant dogs in the last month, dogs in the first postpartum month.

What else says to the tool "Multikan-8" instruction manual?

Puppies vaccinated with vaccine at the age of about 8-10 weeks and after 21-28 days. The injection is done intramuscularly, the dose is 2 ml. Revaccination in puppies is carried out at about 10-12 months of age.

Vaccination of adults is carried out in a dosage of 2 ml once a year. Small and decorative rocks are also grafted once a year with a dosage of 1 ml. Before use, the vaccine is heated to a temperature of 36-38 ° C and shaken well until a homogeneous, homogeneous suspension is formed.

Vaccination is carried out in compliance with the rules of asepsis. Instruments and materials for injection should be sterile, and better disposable.

In case of overdose, the symptoms of plague, leptospirosis and rabies, coronavirus and parvovirus enteritis, and adenovirus infections are not fixed. Vaccine reactions have been identified. This is confirmed to the tool "Multikan-8" instructions for use and reviews.

For effective immunoprophylaxis of these diseases dangerous for dogs, it is necessary to strictly observe the terms and schemes of vaccination.

If the instructions are followed, no complications or adverse reactions should occur. At the injection site may appear swelling, which will quickly disappear.

If an animal has an allergic reaction to a vaccine, antihistamines should be used.

It is not allowed to mix several biological products or vaccines in one syringe. Vaccination is carried out 7 days after deworming and 14 days after treatment with drugs containing phosphorus and chlorine.

The study of the blood serum of a vaccinated animal for the presence of antibodies to leptospirae and microagglutination (PMA) is possible only after 2 months after vaccination.

Preventive measures

Instructions for use for the drug "Multikan-8" indicates that persons carrying out vaccination should monitor personal hygiene and comply with the safety procedures provided for working with drugs for veterinary use.

Specialists who vaccinate must wear overalls (rubber gloves, a dressing gown, a hat, trousers). Places of work should be equipped with a first aid kit first aid.

Skin and mucous membranes should be flushed with a large amount of liquid when they are hit by a vaccine. This will confirm the instructions for use of "Multikan-8" for dogs.

When the vaccine is spilled on the floor, the infected area is filled with a 5% solution of chloramine.

In case of a wrong introduction of this drug to a person, the injection site must be treated with 70% ethyl alcohol solution, and then urgently seek the advice of a specialist.

The organization-producer is the Moscow company VetBiohim LLC. After the approval of this instruction, the Rosselkhoznadzor instruction dated December 30, 2010 on the use of this vaccine against canine leptospirosis, rabies, plague, coronavirus and parvovirus enteritis, adenovirus infections, has become invalid.

We have reviewed the instructions for use of the Multican-8 tool. The price of the drug varies from 165 to 500 rubles per pack of 5 ampoules.

Mostly only positive reviews are available about the drug. Practically does not cause side effects, is well tolerated, quickly gives a sustainable effect.