Top 20 small breeds and the smallest dog in the world


Among the first animals that people tamed, is, of course, the dog. And after that, for many millennia, she remained our assistant and loyal friend. The man took the dog with him on the hunt and used as a watchman for his home, as well as a protector for herds of domestic animals. It lasted for a long time, until people's lives changed radically. For more than one century, hunting for humans has not been the main source of food. There is no need to keep dogs to guard herds of sheep or cows.

Today, a person prefers to have a dog as a devoted friend or home companion. This fact influenced the appearance of our pets. New breeds were bred by humans, which can be contained in any city apartment without any problems. These dogs have a miniature size and are very loved by their owners. These "kids" are as devoted to man as the big animals, and also need care.

Advantages of small breeds

The peak of fashion for a small domestic dog falls on the last two decades. Why do people prefer to have such a miniature animal? There are several reasons for this:

  1. Little weight. The mass of most dogs on the miniature list is less than five kilograms. This allows you to easily cope with their walking, training and education. But it should be remembered that the smallest breeds of dogs are distinguished not only by their cheerful temperament, but also by their natural curiosity. And this will certainly require a lot of attention to the pet from the owner.
  2. Modest growth. The size that the smallest dog breeds have is their undoubted advantage. After all, some of these animals give birth not only to admire, but also as indispensable helpers, for example, for hunters.
  3. Good looks. Without a doubt, the smallest dog breeds look very pretty. Their appearance is admired by people who love animals.
  4. Tolerance to undue attention. It is worth saying that far from dogs love tenderness. Of course, every pet needs attention and care. However, it is unlikely you will be able to caress for a long time, for example, a sheepdog. She will quickly begin to express her displeasure or just go away. Another thing - the smallest breed of dog. They are tolerant of the tenderness shown by the owners, and love attention.
  5. Lack of fear of heights. Of course, this fact should be treated with a certain amount of humor. But nevertheless, these small animals spend most of their lives sitting in master bags or looking at the world from human hands. In this case, the dogs do not express any objections.

Let's go through the list of 10 smallest dog breeds that exist on our planet.

It is the smallest breed of dog in the world, beloved by many people. Moreover, the small size of the animal - not the main reason for its popularity. Chihuahuas are brave and friendly, loyal to a person and can even be kept in a small apartment, as they do not require a lot of space.

The smallest breed of dog in the world is from Mexico. And its name, most likely, comes from the state of Chihuahua located in this country.

The height of these miniature dogs is only 15-23 cm, and the weight is within three kilograms. However, thanks to the selection of light, toy crumbs appear. What is the smallest dog in the world? Breed chiahuahua gave us a miniature record holder named Milly. Her height reached only 9.6 cm with a weight of five hundred grams. Hosts Millie is a married couple living in Puerto Rico. They say that this crumb can take food only in small portions, and caring for it requires a lot of strength. But most of all, Millie’s owners are afraid of losing their pet in the yard or in the house, because it’s not so easy to notice this baby.

In 2007, the longest-haired Chihuahua Boo Boo from the American state of Kentucky took the first place in the world’s smallest dogs. It reached only 16.6 cm in height, and 10.16 cm in length. Its weight was only 680 g. This dog was so popular that it even appeared on television.

For many, Chihuahuas are the best small breed of dog. This is a classic "pocket" favorite, jumping and funny, funny and curious, intelligent and brave. These dogs are distinguished by devotion and friendliness to all family members, but still one of them becomes its most beloved owner.

Chihuahua loves care and attention. And in order to get them from his master, a dog of this breed can come up with a variety of ways.

Chihuahua, which is in the first place in the rating “The Smallest Dog Breeds” (see photo above), is considered a rather jealous animal.

She expresses a clear offense when she sees that the owner has preferred her to someone else's company. So those who already have a dog should seriously think about whether to buy a Chihuahua.

Brussels Griffon

What is the smallest breed of dog after a chihuahua? The second place in our list is occupied by an incredibly energetic, active and friendly Brussels Griffon. This breed of dog has a miniature size (height 22-28 centimeters with a maximum body weight of 4.5 kilograms). The animal readily spends time playing games and with pleasure, like a cat, sleeping in the arms of its owner. At the same time, the miniature griffin has an excellent balanced character with features inherent in the true aristocrat. But its appearance, this dog is more like an impudent burgher. This impression is created because of the reddish ragged hair of the animal and its self-confident bearded face.

And apparently, it is no coincidence that this appearance has the smallest breed of dogs, whose name is the Brussels Griffon. Indeed, in the distant 17th century, her relatives could be met in the peasant settlements of Belgium. True, those dogs only remotely resembled modern griffons. They had larger sizes and elongated muzzle, which made it possible to use them as rat catchers.

Pomeranian spitz

What other dwarf dog breeds exist? The smallest dogs on the planet, ranking third on our list, are the Pomeranian Spitz. Their character, like many miniature animals, is very hot. It seems that these dogs feel much taller than their height, since they fearlessly rush at any opponent. They fiercely bark not only at strangers, but also at guests of the house.

Of course, the nature of this baby can be somewhat pacified. To do this, you need to take full responsibility for raising your pet, allowing him to communicate with his relatives, which would give the opportunity to release the accumulated energy. But at the same time, the Pomeranian Spitz is able to adapt to the lifestyle of its owner. If its owner is a clear homebody, then the dog will lie with him on the sofa. With an active person, the Spitz will happily go for a walk in any weather.

Spitz dogs were brought to England from Pomerania in 1870. Here the dwarf breed of this animal was bred. And today the Pomeranian Spitz is in the very first places in the rating “Most Popular Breeds of Small Dogs”. These kids are the favorites of kings and writers, idols of modernity and artists.
The height of the Pomeranian Spitz is only 22 centimeters. However, because of its vertically standing wool mixture, it looks somewhat larger. The weight of these kids does not exceed 3.5 kg.


If you do not know what are the kindest little breeds of dogs, then you should pay attention to the baby, looks like a little monkey. This affenpinscher, who is absolutely devoid of all evil, and all the time seeks to please his owner in every way, and also gets along well with children. These little doggies are always cheerful and fun. In addition, they have a great mood, as well as a perky and curious disposition.

Affenpinchers are very loyal not only to their owners, but also to their friends. As a rule, they behave calmly, but they show fearlessness when attacking or threatening.

These kids are able to learn everything very quickly. They love to be the center of attention, but they make little noise.

Affenpinchers are suspicious of strangers and even children. But with dogs belonging to their breed, they get along well.

A person who has decided to purchase this pretty dog ​​may experience problems with its training. Dog quickly remembers the owner's commands, but stubborn, and therefore does not rush to carry them out.

Affenpinscher is a representative of the oldest breed of indoor dogs, whose birthplace is Central Europe. Initially, these animals were kept at the stables and in the shops, using as rat catchers. And only in the future the breeding of this breed went the way of reduction. Today, the standard height of affencher is 28 cm and weighs from three to four and a half kilograms.

These animals, without any doubt, can take the first place in the rating “The most beautiful breeds of small dogs”. And all this because of the shape of its ears, resembling a butterfly. However, not only these representatives of this breed remind us of winged beauties. Papillons are just as weightless and light that brings the owners of these animals a sense of joy and harmony.

The character of these kids is playful, cheerful and cheerful. They respect their masters and are able to be faithful. Instead, they only need people's attention.

Despite their playful character, the papilions enjoy watching the outside world with the hands of their owners. They are unpretentious, but at the same time like long walks and travels, quietly enduring climate change.

The first representatives of the papilion breed appeared about eight centuries ago. In those days they were called toy spaniels. Today, this miniature dog grows from 20 to 28 cm in height, reaching a mass of 2.5 to 5 kg.

Papillons are clean, do not require special care, feeling great even in small apartments, and can be easily trained.

Yorkshire Terrier

In the last decade, representatives of this breed of dwarf dogs are of particular interest among lovers of miniature animals. And this is all due to its appearance and interesting character.

Yorkshire Terrier has a fervent temper and a decisive character. This kid with the same courage pounces on rats and larger animals, demonstrating his hunting instinct. It has a lot from the big dog. The Yorkshire Terrier is independent and grumpy, but at the same time hardworking and smart.

Homeland of this breed - Scotland. It was on her lands that the aristocrats forbade the peasants from keeping large dogs, and the common people started breeding miniature animals that were used as rat catchers. And only then the Yorkshire terrier got into the high society, becoming the favorite of the nobility. Today, individuals of this breed grow to 17-29 centimeters, reaching a mass of from 2 to 3.5 kg.

Yorks easily get along with all members of the family. They do not conflict with other animals. Cute dogs are tolerant of their competitors and are not jealous.

Toy Fox Terrier

Representatives of this breed of dogs are tiny clumps of energy that can improve the mood of their owner. Toy-Fox Terrier is a small residential animal with a strong physique, as well as an active and agile character, easily trainable. Despite their small size, these dogs are fearless and not shy. The main thing in their life is the owner, in the absence of which they can fall into depression. That is why Toy Fox Terriers are not recommended to leave alone for long in the apartment, since the neighbors are unlikely to be happy with their endless barking.

The tiny dog ​​has a charming appearance and a loving heart. These animals are loyal, noble, love children and get along well with all pets.

Toy Fox Terrier is a relatively young breed. She was bred in the United States in 1936 by lengthy breeding work, for which the best representatives of fox terriers and chihuahuas were selected. Today, the average growth of toy fox terriers is in the range from 16 to 25 cm with a mass of 1.5 to 3.5 kg.

Russian toy terrier

These dogs have an inexhaustible amount of energy, which they gladly spend on active play or on a walk with the owner. Kids are easy to care for. However, they need walks, where they leave some of their irrepressible energy. Otherwise, the Russian Toy Terriers will spend it on various pranks in the apartment. This may be disobedience, aggression, damaged furniture, etc. But at the same time, the representatives of this breed are smart, smart and easy to train.

The history of toy terrier began in the 17th century. It was then that the Russian breeders brought this breed out of an English toy terrier. As a result, a long-haired puppy was born, which, unlike its ancestors, had a nice fringe on the ears and a slightly wavy black fur. Today, the standard growth of such individuals is 18-26 cm with a mass of about 2.5 kg.

Japanese hin

The ninth place in our list is an exclusive decorative dog. Japanese chin has an impressive appearance, which in combination with obedience and devotion makes the animal very popular. This is an elegant little spaniel. It is distinguished by its wide short muzzle and soft wool.

In Japan, this little creature with huge eyes was endlessly adored, considering it the sacred messenger of the gods. Only the imperial family and the most distinguished aristocrats could have such a precious dog. Today, this breed, whose representatives reach a height of 23-25 ​​cm with a mass of up to 4 kg, is very popular among fans of miniature animals. Khins differ by their balanced temperament and never bother their masters with confused barking. They will respond to the visit of a stranger to them or to a doorbell. But no more than that. These dogs are smart and proud, affectionate and obedient. They are attached to their master and love all family members.


Completes our top ten breeds of malteza dogs. This cute lap-dog is distinguished by its long snow-white wool, beautiful, slightly bulging eyes and a gentle nature. For many centuries, only representatives of the elite could have Maltese.

The history of the breed has more than one century. A dwarf dog was revered in ancient Greece, as evidenced by the images of these animals in pottery and paintings. Maltezu and the Egyptians worshiped. It is believed that the island of Malta was the birthplace of these dogs, after which it received its name.

Small lapdogs are preferred by many lovers of miniature animals. She looks very tender and soft, and her dark eyes and spout with a button only strengthen her charm. These small lumps, despite their small size, demonstrate to their host a great feeling of affection and love, are easy to care for and endure long journeys perfectly.

All the advantages of small dogs

The demand for pocket dogs is growing every year. Pets have a positive effect on the upbringing and development of children. Tiny creatures are devoted to those who care for them. Despite their size - they are lively and bold. Ready to always stand up in the event that the owner will be in danger.

Friendly, funny creatures cheer up. Looking at them, only positive emotions appear. Abroad they are considered four-legged doctors.

Positive creatures have an incredible healing effect on humans. Pets do not need a lot of space. They feel comfortable in a small living space, there are many positive sides.

The main advantages of mini dogs:

Compact size. Despite the small height and weight, the pet has a big heart. Such a tiny animal will give the owner its love and become a full-fledged member of the family. Lack of fear of heights. Fearless animals bypass their large counterparts: they are not afraid of heights, and seem to be even ready to make a parachute jump.

Eat little. Pet small size though picky in food, but eats a little. Go to the diaper. When there is no time to take a walk with her, it is easy to learn to walk on a tray or diaper. Love affection. Few people would ever think to lisp with a dog or a rottweiler.

With small dogs you can afford such familiarities. They love to be on the handles of their master and are always happy when they are stroked. Minimum dirt. In the home of a miniature little dog little smell, wool.

Portability. The tiniest dogs in the world fit in a purse. You can take with you to the store and to transport in transport without unnecessary trouble. Long-livers These "kids" life expectancy is longer than that of large relatives.

Small breed rating

We offer to get acquainted with the 20 sweetest miniature creatures and find out which is the smallest dog breed:

Cheerful little animal of an ancient breed. Мопс любит быть в центре внимания, подвижный, он станет верным компаньоном. Достаточно заглянуть в его глаза и понять, что он не только умный, но и может подстроиться под своего хозяина.

Если вы любите понежиться утром в кровати и посмотреть телевизор, мопс не будет в этом вам мешать. Он с радостью будут проводить с вами время или ожидать, когда вы вернетесь с работы. Весит — до 10 кг. Высота — до 35 см.

19 – Китайская хохлатая

Чрезмерно подвижное и любвеобильное домашнее животное, которое стремится сопровождать своего хозяина повсюду. Идеальный вариант для содержания в малогабаритной квартире. Неприхотлива в уходе.

Собаки породы китайская хохлатая любят подвижные игры и внимание к себе. Любят носить одежду. The average weight is from 4 to 6 kg. Height at withers is 23 to 33 cm.

18 - Petit Brabancon

The smallest breeds of dogs, including Petit Brabancon, delight owners with positive characteristics. Mini dog kind, loves to play, affectionate. Brabancon is emotional, in her attractive faces it is easy to read the mood.

Get on well with other pets. Served by dressure, executes commands. Weight ranges from 4.5 to 6 kg. Height at withers to 22 cm.

17 - Japanese Miniature Spitz

Cheerful mini dog. Distrustful of others, sometimes aggressive. Binds to the owner, does not like loneliness. Excellent served training, can take part in competitions for speed. Wool is easy to care for. It weighs from 4.9 to 10 kg. Height - up to 39 cm.

16 - King Charles Spaniel

The ancestors of the breed at the beginning of the XVI century went with the lords to hunt. Cheerful, devoted English aristocrats are notable for their unlimited love for their master. King Charles Spaniel with shiny fur and dedicated eyes. Weight ranges from 3.5 to 6.5 kg. Height up to 27 cm.

15 - Bichon Frize

A small animal with printed curly fur coat. Loves attention to person. May take part in the circus and various shows. Bichon Frize is ideal for people who love an active lifestyle. Weight ranges from 2.5 to 5.5 kg. Height up to 29 cm.

14 - Rabbit Dachshund

A dwarf variety of dachshund was originally bred for burrow hunting. Dachshund binds to the owner, loves children. The dog will not miss the mouse, the bird, caught in sight.

Mobile and energetic, it requires a special approach to education. A small animal with a dedicated character. It weighs from 3.4 to 5kg. Up to 17 cm.

Charming little dog, bred for a long time in Tibet. Looking into the big eyes of Shih Tzu, you fall in love forever with the breed. Friendly, funny baby is glad to all guests who came to your house.

Home, does not like to move, prefers to stay at home, rather than go hiking. Weight shih tzu ranges from 4.5 to 8kg. Height at withers to 27 cm.

12 - Pekingese

Originally from China. Self-confident and independent representatives of dwarf dog breeds can create difficulties in training.

With them there are difficulties in the process of education. Pekingese do not get underfoot, patient. Be wary of children. Weight - 3.2 to 6.5 kg, height up to 23 cm.

11 - Italian lap dog

Small dogs have a patient character. They are easy to learn in new, trainable. Get along with other pets. Italian lapdog restrained, smart. May be a faithful companion for the owner.

Requires a special, easy care for wool. Height at the withers is up to 30 cm, and the average weight is up to 4 kg.

10 - Biver York

Cute, calm and active miniature "baby." He loves outdoor games, is balanced, so it is easy to carry out hygienic procedures with her (haircut and wool handling). Biver York, with its cheerfulness - unobtrusive. Height at withers to 27 cm, standard weight - up to 3.5 kg.

8 - Papillon

The decorative miniature dog, got its name from the French word papillon (translated from French - butterfly). Amusing, artistic and mobile animals, will leave few people indifferent.

They love to run after the ball, scare away rodents. With these little animals in the house will not be bored. Height up to 28 cm, and weight - up to 4.5 kg.

5 - Russian Toy Terrier

Small dogs are still known from the 19th century, while they were in demand among fashionistas. Today, many secular ladies choose this breed for a pretty face and modest dimensions. That terrier is not explosive, they are calm and loyal. Height at withers to 25 cm, and weight - about 3 kg.

3 - Brussels Griffin

Naughty "baby", with a bright character. Energetic and calm at the same time, balanced. Live together with other pets. They love walking in the fresh air. Loyal and kind.

Be patient with small children. The height at the withers of the Brussels Griffin is up to 28 cm, and its weight is 4.5 kg.

2 - Toy Fox Terrier

Positive and funny animals can lift your spirits. By nature, hunters catch rodents. Restless and energetic like constant attention. Unpretentious care.

Smart, participate in sports competitions. The fox terrier weighs 3.5 kg, and grows to 25 cm.

1 - Chihuahua

The smallest breed of dog in the world appeared in Mexico. Chihuahuas are loved to be carried on their arms. Enjoy incredible popularity in all corners of the globe. Kind, not capricious and patient babies, with the habits of this watchdog.

The smallest dog does not like being punished. Chihuahua - reliable protection of handbags. Breed with long and short hair, color different. The height varies from 15 to 23 cm, and the weight ranges from 500 g to 5.5 kg.

What is the smallest dog in the world in size?

The smallest dog in the world is Chihua, the results of which are recorded in the book of records. A little girl named Milly is only 6.53 cm tall. The weight of the smallest dog in the world is 170 grams.

Caring for baby Milly is not easy, but the owners are a married couple from Puerto Rico who do not care for their souls. The main difficulty for them is to lose their baby in the garden or at home. Despite their tiny size, most of the toughs are aggressive to strangers.

The smallest breed of dog. Top 27 (with photos)

Small breeds of dogs have long been very popular, and every year it grows more and more. These tiny, like a toy, dogs, in addition to their charming appearance, also have a wonderful friendly character and perfectly master the art of communicating with people. Abroad, they are even used in therapeutic practice, and it is not surprising, because such a positive creation will surely have a healing effect on a person. An important argument in favor of representatives of small breeds is their “portability” - crumbs can always be taken with you by placing them in a small handbag. Miniature dogs do not require a lot of space and feel great in small houses and apartments.
In this compilation we describe the 27 smallest breeds of dogs. In compiling the rating, first of all, the average body weight of the dogs of each breed was taken into account, as well as the height at the withers (withers - a place on the spine between the shoulder blades, the highest point of the dog's body).

27th place: Shih Tzu It is one of the most ancient dog breeds that originated in the open spaces of Tibet. At the beginning of the 20th century, they were forbidden dogs belonging exclusively to the family of the Chinese emperor. According to breed standards, shih tzu growth should not exceed 28 cmand weight can range from 4 to 7.25 kg. This beautiful dog is very independent, sometimes it can be proud and arrogant, but at the same time it is very courageous, gentle and loyal to its owner.

26th place: Tibetan Spaniel - Another breed of dog that originated in Tibet. The breed has long been very popular with Buddhist monks who taught these dogs to rotate prayer drums. This dog really does not belong to true spaniels and is so named only because of the resemblance to European spaniels. The growth of the Tibetan spaniel is 25 cm and body weight fluctuates within 4.1-6.8 kg.

25th place: Norwich Terrier - A breed of small dogs, which appeared in the city of Norwich, East England, in the XIX century. It was bred for hunting small parasites and rodents, which indicates its high activity and excellent hunting skills. The weight of a tiny terrier is 5-5.5 kg, and growth - 24-25.5 cm. These small, but hardy dogs are very brave, affectionate and quick-witted. They are infinitely loyal to their owner and have a cheerful, good-natured disposition.

24th place: Chinese Crested is a popular ornamental breed of dogs, represented by two varieties: naked and puderpuf, covered with soft wool throughout the body. Its weight is 4.5-5.9 kg, and growth is 23-33 cm. Chinese Crested are active, cheerful, graceful and very loyal to their host animals.

23 place: Miniature Pinscher - a small breed of dog that originated in Germany at the end of the XIX century. In the withers a dog can reach 25-30 cmand its weight ranges from 4 to 6 kg. Representatives of this breed of dogs are very capricious and independent animals, but with proper upbringing a miniature companion guard will grow from a miniature pinscher.

22 place: Bichon frize - a small breed of dogs of French origin from the group of lapdogs. The dogs of this breed were frequent companions of sailors, who gladly took these excellent rat-catchers and simply merry companions with them on trips. The growth of the French Bichon varies between 23-30 cm and the weight starts from 3 and reaches 7 kg. It can be described as a smart, sensitive and playful dog that adores human society. With proper training, an obedient and intelligent companion will grow out of Bichon.

21 place: King Charles Spaniel - English breed of small dogs, bred in the XVI century. The first representatives of this breed were the favorites of the English lords and were used for hunting. The growth of the English aristocrat varies from 23 to 28 cmand weight is 3.6-6.4 kg. This cheerful companion dog is very loyal to its owner and, despite its miniature dimensions, is always ready to help him. This breed should not be confused with a slightly larger breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

20th place: Havanese bichon - breed of decorative dogs, bred in the open spaces of Cuba. Cuban crumbs can weigh from 3 to 7.3 kg, and their growth is 21-29 cm The Havana Bichon has an energetic, benevolent, and curious temper, which makes him a wonderful companion. This affectionate and playful dog with a high level of intelligence is easy to learn and gets along well with children.

19th place: Coton de Tulear - breed of dogs, bred on the island of Madagascar. Devoted to the owner, smart and obedient dog, gets on well with other animals in the house. The growth of these dogs 22-28 cm weight from 3.5 to 6 kg.

18th place: Affenpinscher It is a miniature variety of pincher bred in Germany at the beginning of the 17th century. Height at withers is 23-30 cmand weight can range from 2.9 to 6 kg. Affenpinschery, owners of remarkable character and a sharp mind, will be truly ideal companions. In addition, they are very playful, independent, hardy and sensitive animals with a very brave heart.

17th place: Pekingese - a very ancient breed of decorative dogs, which was bred in China more than 2 thousand years ago for royal families. Pekingese weight is 3.2-6.4 kgand height - 15-23 cm. Representatives of this breed are inherent stubbornness and self-confidence, which can create some difficulties in the process of education and training. Pekingese perfectly do without physical exertion and are not picky at all in care.

16th place: Rabbit Dachshund - the smallest breed of dachshund, whose weight varies within 3.6-5 kgand the maximum growth is 12-16 cm. Due to its short legs rabbit dachshund is the dog with the lowest average height at the withersHowever, its rather large weight does not allow it to occupy a higher place in our rating. Originally, dachshunds were used for burrowing a rabbit, and today they serve as excellent companion dogs. Rabbit dachshunds are very gentle in nature, they are intelligent, obedient and inquisitive, easily adaptable to each family member. These tiny dogs are hardy and easy to maintain, but their education requires a special approach.

15th place: Australian Silky Terrier - A breed of dog whose history began in Australia at the end of the XIX century. These terriers can weigh from3.5 to 4.5 kg and have growth from 23 to 26 cm. Despite the fact that he was taken out as a companion dog, he has a well-developed hunting instinct, which is typical of terriers. They have a sharp mind, cheerful temperament and an inexhaustible supply of energy. Despite its excessive mobility, the Australian Terrier is balanced, obedient and very well trained.

14th place: Brussels Griffon - a small decorative breed of dogs, named for the place of its origin - Brussels, Belgium. The growth of these cute little animals begins from 18 and comes to 25 cm, and weight fluctuates from 3.5 to 4.5 kg. Brussels griffins are funny, active, curious and charming companion dogs with good guard qualities. Representatives of this breed have a huge kind heart, but at the same time they are very sensitive and stubborn, which sometimes creates difficulties in training and training.

13th place: American Eskimo Toy Spitz - very popular in the US breed of dwarf Spitz. Its height can range from 23 to 30.5 cmand weight is 2.7-4.5 kg. This breed of dogs is characterized by exceptional intelligence and excellent guard qualities. In addition, they are very energetic, loving and playful companion dogs, who need a solid leader who will be engaged in their education and training.

12th place: Toy poodle - One of the four types of poodles, a small decorative dog, bred in England in the XVIII century. Its weight can range from 3 to 4 kg, and growth from 24 to 28 cm. Toy Poodle is a calm, elegant and beautiful dog, a wonderful companion and loyal friend. In addition, this clever and docile crumb is considered one of the most intelligent and easily trained breeds.

11th place: Maltese (Maltese) - one of the oldest dog breeds, originally from the central Mediterranean. The growth of this snow-white crumbs fluctuates within 20-25 cm, and weight - 3-4 kg. A wonderful character and calm temperament make the Maltese lap dog an ideal companion. Dogs of this breed are very cheerful, loyal, intelligent and easy to train. Despite their tiny dimensions, they are distinguished by their courage and fearlessness.

10th place: Bolognese (Italian lapdog) - a miniature breed of dogs, bred in Italy and got its name in honor of the Italian city of Bologna. Bolognese growth varies from 25 to 30 cm, and weight - from 2.5 to 4 kg. Representatives of this breed can be described as restrained, affectionate and intelligent dogs that learn quickly and respond well to training. And the merry and kind disposition inherent in them makes Italian companions of Italian lap-dogs.

9th place: Papillon - an ancient decorative breed of small dogs, bred in the XVI century and received its name from the French word “papillon”, which means “butterfly”. According to one version, their homeland is Spain, on the other - Belgium. The breed standards state that papilions should weigh from 2.3 to 4.5 kgand height can vary from 20 to 28 cm. They are very funny, affectionate and mobile animals that love to run around the perimeter of the house and scare away rodents and other small creatures. Ranked 8th in the ranking of the most intelligent dog breeds.

8th place: English toy terrier - miniature dog, bred in England in the XIX century. According to the standards of the dog club, dogs of this breed must weigh from 2.7 to 3.6 kgand their growth may vary within 25-30 cm. Most English terriers are attractive, friendly and playful dogs, infinitely loyal to the owner. At the same time they have a peculiar character, and some overly “characteristic” representatives need serious training.

7th place: Japanese hin - the decorative breed of dogs, earlier using the big popularity in the Chinese and Japanese imperial yards. The weight of this little long-haired dog can range from 1.8 to 4 kg, and height - from 20 to 27 cm. Japanese Chin is a playful, sociable and cheerful dog with a calm temperament and excellent character. Very fast and easy to learn, capable of mastering a mass of complex teams with minimal effort.

6th place: Toy Fox Terrier (AmericanToy Terrier) is a small dog that comes directly from a large fox terrier. Representatives of this breed can weigh from 1.5 to 4 kgand their height varies within 21.5-29 cm. That Fox Terriers are intelligent and active dogs that are well-trained and can easily learn how to respond to a large number of teams. They are very funny, loving and infinitely loyal animals, truly ideal home companions.

5th place: Pomeranian Spitz - the tiniest representative of Spitz, named after Pomerania, the historical region of Germany. Known as the favorite breed of English Queen Victoria. Representatives of this breed, originating from large sled dogs, today have an increase 13-28 cm, and weight 1.9-3.5 kg. The Pomeranian Spitz is an intelligent, benevolent, sociable and loyal kid, without fear of stepping to the defense of his master. Its small size successfully compensates for exceptional ingenuity, thanks to which it lends itself well to learning. Pomeranian is the 23rd place in the list of the most intelligent dog breeds.

4th place: Prague Ratter - a small breed of dogs, which was bred in the Czech Republic in the IX century. In those days, representatives of this breed, along with other rat-catchers, protected the property of their owners from rodents. At present, krysariki are mainly used as companion dogs, but they have not lost their dexterity and hunting instinct. The ideal weight of a tiny pied Piper is 2.6 kg, and height - from 20 to 23 cm. They are very intelligent, playful, obedient, humane, perfectly amenable to training and get along well with children.

3rd place: Russian of – порода миниатюрных собак, выведенная российскими кинологами во второй половине ХХ века. Существует две разновидности данных собак-компаньонов: длинношерстная и гладкошерстная. Рост русского тоя варьируется от 20 до 28 см, а вес - от 1,4 до 3 кг. This breed is characterized by an extremely playful and friendly disposition, very loyal to its owner and gets along well with all members of the family, regardless of their age.

2nd place: Yorkshire Terrier (York) - a small decorative breed of dogs that originated in the XIX century in Yorkshire, England. York's weight, according to breed standards, must not exceed 3.2 kg. Growth does not exceed 23 cm. Despite the fact that the smallest dog of the living is a Chihuahua named Boo Boo, Yorkshire Terrier Silvia is recognized as the smallest dog in history.. She died in 1945 at the age of 2, her height at the withers was 6.3 cm, the length from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail was 9.5 cm and weight 113 grams.
Affectionate, energetic, inquisitive and bold yorkies are ideal for content in a city apartment. Thanks to their intelligence and intelligence, they learn easily and memorize new commands at a speed above average.

1 place: Chihuahua - the smallest breed of dogs in the world, found in 1850 in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, in whose honor and was named. Dogs of this breed usually weigh from 0.5 to 3 kgand growth can vary from 10 to 23 cm. The Chihuahua named Boo Boo has a height of 10.16 cm, weighs 675 grams and is the smallest of the living dogs.
Chihuahuas have a large variety of color and types of wool. The dogs of this breed are very kind, obedient, funny kids with the character of a real watchdog, but at the same time very vulnerable and touchy.