American Pit Bull Terrier


Such a breed as the American Pit Bull Terrier, contrary to popular opinion, originated not in the United States, but in the Old World.

American experts are interested in it and began to improve.

At that time, bulldog fights were widespread in England and Ireland.

Bulldogs played the role of watchdogs and hunters of large animals. But in the XVI century, dogs appeared similar to modern pit bulls.


In the old days, in the UK, the poor were forbidden to have big hunting dogs, just as big game was hunted exclusively by the representatives of blue blood.

Less wealthy people could have medium-sized terriers for hunting, and bulldogs to protect their property.

The smallest puppies were chosen for further breeding.

Thus, the first bull terriers appeared, in which the character, fearlessness, strength and endurance of the bulldogs and activity with the skills of terriers were recreated in a unique way.

The prefix "pit" (translated from English - a pit for fighting dogs) in the name of the breed meant that the dog is used in battles.

In the middle of the XIX century in Europe, dog fighting began to ban, and in America, on the contrary, the popularity of such entertainment grew. At that moment, the breed mentioned above did not even have its single name.

Its official development began to occur only in the XX century.

The word "American" in the name of the pit buley appeared thanks to breeders from the United States who were directly involved in the formation of the breed.

Nowadays, this breed is quite popular, but not in all countries. Some European states prohibit the importation and breeding of these pets, due to their poor fame.

As already mentioned, pit bull terriers were used in battles, first allowed, and eventually illegal.

Animals were bred for the purpose of creating a “killer dog”, the more victories the battles had in the battles, the stronger the bite force and the greater the fear, the more weight she represented.

Thus, the animals had a bloody reputation. There are many cases that refute the aggressive and bloodthirsty nature of the pit bulls.

Pit bull terriers are famous for their strong bite, incredible strength, high tolerance, speed, balance, and at the same time - affectionate character, intelligence and sociability.

In addition to the destination for battle, these dogs were used in hunting, for the protection and assistance of the shepherds. A purebred, healthy pet, any work on the shoulders.

The dog is perfectly trainable, able to achieve good results in many areas due to the infinite focus on victory, developed thinking, solid character and dedication for the sake of the owner.

Pitbull can reach heights in any of the areas chosen by the owner: hunting, security, companion pet, sport, battle, exhibition or family pet.

Given the heightened active and energetic nature of the pet, it is necessary to deal with it a lot and correctly, give it a daily athletic load, stronger than some other breeds, then the dog will be in shape and in a balanced state.

Pet training

In order for the dog to be in good physical shape, it is better to start training from childhood.

A puppy will be useful games with the owner and other dogs.

It is important that other animals have a balanced psyche and not try to injure the puppy, otherwise you can raise an embittered and dangerous dog.

Running and walking at a distance of about 5 km 3 times a week will be useful for the puppy; you should not overload the baby.

After six months, you can begin to train in your pet endurance, increasing the distance and duration of walks.

Excellent training from 6 months will be hanging at a certain height of a toy or any object, so that the puppy tried to grab it in a jump. It develops dog agility.

Also, you can play with the dog by throwing a ball, a frisbee plate, a stick, and a rope for hovering.

Such exercises contribute to the development of the depth and strength of the grasp, the ability to breathe with a closed mouth with large loads.

After a year, the games can become more complicated and prolonged, you can add a run for the owner riding a bike.

Very useful for respiratory, cardiovascular and muscular swimming systems.

You can train your pet running up and down the stairs.

If the goal is for the pit bull to be pumped, the quality of the food plays a big role. The more a dog works on the court, the more protein he needs to eat.

Ideal food for the muscular pit bull terrier: meat, dairy products, eggs and vegetables.

Or a balanced, high-quality food, but then it should be the main and only food.

Over time, you can replace one workout with exercises for developing strength - running with a weight object on a special harness, such as a weight or a tire.

Due to such a load, the pit bull will soon become pumped and taut.

In the home version, you can use a treadmill. The first training should be no more than 5 minutes, every week you need to increase it by another 5 minutes, until it reaches one hour.

Develop agility and hunting skills playing with a skin tied to a long stick.

Debunking Myths

It is believed that the aggressive nature of the dog-killer is laid in these dogs in the genes and transmitted to them from the fighting ancestors.

But scientific evidence of this is not found.

According to statistics, people are bitten more often by small dogs, like dachshunds and chihuahuas.

Despite this, the bad reputation is firmly entrenched in this breed.

The media have repeatedly reported the news of attacking dogs that have a fighting temper, including a pit bull terrier.

As a rule, such stories serve more to attract the attention of viewers to the media source, and do not reflect the real features of this breed.

But even if we consider rare cases of a bite, the possibility of attacks on people could have been caused by a lack of training, inappropriate social and economic conditions of the pit bull, and castration.

In such cases, the pit bull terrier can be dangerous, especially for families that have children.

If we consider a healthy, well-bred dog, with the right living conditions, food and training, a balanced character, the pit bull terrier is not more dangerous than cats.

Most of the owners will confirm that, with proper training and socialization, it is affectionate and playful dog, faithful and faithful to its owners, loyal to children.

There is a myth that the aggressive nature of the killer shown by this breed to other dogs may also apply to humans.

There is also a refutation, the breed has been trained for decades in fights with dogs, and not with people, therefore it is not dangerous for humans.

Pit bull terriers differ in fighting spirit, strength, high combat technique and physical endurance.

These bold and courageous qualities are worked out in a fight with a worthy canine opponent, and not from attacks on people and small animals.

The fighting skills of such dogs are more athletic dog training than bloodthirsty and aggressive traits.

Also, there is a belief that pit bull terriers have a dead grip and the greatest bite force, compared to other dogs.

After research, scientists have shown that the jaws of these dogs are not compressed more than other representatives of the species. And the strength of a dog bite is not even in the first places among the four-legged fellows.

Despite the positive characteristics that have been voiced by the owners of the breed in recent years, a person who has decided to start a pit bull terrier must understand all the responsibility for the pet and others.

Before you buy a pit bull, you need to think carefully about whether it is possible and able to give him the necessary education, socialize and adapt him to the world around him. In addition, this breed requires daily athletic load and training.

Photo Gallery

For dogs of this breed for many years of existence stretches a plume of ill fame because of the alleged bloodthirstiness and cruelty. But with the right education, training and socialization, these four-legs are not at all more dangerous than other breeds. We offer you a selection of photos of these courageous dogs.

In order for your fighting dog to splash out its energy in the right direction - it needs to be trained from an early age. In a short video, the owner shares the secrets of how he trains his pet, and also tells how to teach the dog to swim.

American Pit Bull Terrier. A killer dog or a loyal friend?

About the breed of dogs "American Pit Bull Terrier" has accumulated a lot of rumors in recent years. The media and the Internet are literally full of headlines, about how brutally these animals deal with people, about their bloodthirsty temper. And not everyone, believing these rumors, decide to have a dog of this breed, and even if he dares, there are still fears.

In general, this breed of dogs is very popular among the population. On the Internet, you can also often find reports about it, articles and even games. In popular online casinos, such as, a pit bull often becomes a hero of game slots and emulators, which clearly increases the popularity of this breed.

So, what are the facts and fiction about this breed? It is obvious that this is a fighting breed dog, bred specifically for dog fights. Pit Bull Terrier can really violently defend its position and protect the one to whom he is attached, for example, to fight for the owner. But only with the wrong approach to the upbringing of the "pit bull" and aggression on the part of people towards him, this animal can attack a person.

After reading these lines, many may get scared and decide that it is better to stay away from this breed. But if you look at it, it is not the breed that plays the role, after all, even a regular pooch can attack a person, and how many such cases are known! Unfair accusations in the direction of the "pitbull" come precisely from the misinformation of people regarding the characteristics of this breed. Therefore, walking with such a dog without a muzzle, the owner runs the risk of becoming almost a criminal in the eyes of others, although, even in a muzzle, people tend to beware of them.

The first thing that catches your eye when meeting a pit bull terrier is its impressive appearance. Hanging ears and powerful jaws, capable of closing tightly, make this dog's face rather formidable (many probably remember the following picture: the Pit Bull hangs on a branch, clinging to it tightly with its teeth). The physique of a dog is rather muscular, because it is a dog-athlete, sports loads are vital for it. Growth is relatively small; adult individuals reach about 45-50 cm and weigh from 20 to 30 kg.

These animals do not require special care, but they require full attention from the owner, so having got a dog of this breed you must clearly recognize the responsibility for it. It requires both endurance and firmness of character, aggression should not be applied to them in any way, as well as weakness of character cannot be shown. The owner must become a leader in the relationship, otherwise the "pit bull" will take on this role, and then his behavior may become unpredictable. The dog is very smart, so it is easy to train and train. As for the character, they are characterized by aggression, but only need to direct it in the right direction. Since the dog is mobile and energetic, it is recommended to visit the street more often, to give it the necessary physical activity, thus its aggressiveness will move into motion and come out with it.

Also, special attention in raising a pit bull terrier puppy should be given to the topic of socialization. Loneliness has a negative effect on the psyche of dogs, making them sullen and embittered. If socialization was successful, then matured, such a dog will be a great friend, both for the owner and for other pets. Contrary to the generally accepted opinion, "pitbull" love to communicate with children, only here it is necessary and the child to tell the rules of behavior with the dog. It is necessary to teach him respect for her personal space during sleep and rest, and religiously, he must follow these rules in communicating with the dog. The control of adults here is simply necessary to avoid an incident of attack.

If you put all the accents correctly in relation to the education of the American Pit Bull Terrier, then in general, you can see that this is quite a friendly breed, which can be a friend and bodyguard, a companion in outdoor games, and this image doesn’t agree with that horrible monster which is firmly established in the public consciousness.

History and species of breed American Bull Terrier

In fact, the country of origin of the pit bull is not America. The ancestors of this breed are Old English Bulldog and White Terrier, who lived in England and Ireland. Bulldogs took part in bullfights and dogfights, which were very popular in the Middle Ages and continued in England until the mid-19th century. In 1835, government battles were banned, and dogs lost their main occupation.

But by this time, representatives of the breed of bulldogs had already fallen along with the US colonialists to the New World, where the laws were not so strict and the dogfights continued for some time. Even after their ban in the States, the American bull terrier lovers did not let these dogs disappear, but found other activities for them. These are sports competitions, assistance to workers of rehabilitation and search services, companion dogs, security guards.

Pit Bull Terrier is the predecessor of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. After the use of dogs in battles became forbidden, pitbull fans split up - some kept the original breed (actually, a pit bull terrier), while others headed for a softer character and brought out the Staffordshire bull terrier (stuff). The main occupation of the dog American pit bull remained sport and physical work, and the American Staffordshire bull terrier became a pet and companion.

Appearance Pit Bull Terrier

Since the American Pit Bull breed is not recognized by the International Canine Federation, there are no strict standards for the exterior of dogs. But the distinctive features by which representatives of the breed are assessed and on which the pet price depends on such (see photo):

  • color varied, with the exception of marble and albino,
  • coat smooth, short, no undercoat,
  • the head is large, proportional, wedge-shaped,
  • the muzzle is massive, with a strong jaw,
  • ears are high, you can stop them at will, or they will hang on cartilage,
  • the eyes are almond-shaped, widely spaced, any color other than blue,
  • limbs strong with well-defined muscles.

In general, the dog is thin, athletic, height at withers in males 40-42 cm, in females 37-40 cm. Weight, respectively, 16-37 kg in males and 14-22 kg in females and. As you can see, the parameters of height and weight are very diverse, which can be traced in numerous photos.

By the way, the breed American Staffordshire Bull Terrier (they are very close to the pit bull) has a lower weight (11-17 kg) and grows to 40 cm on average. The appearance of the dog also gives the impression of a strong and cruel animal, but in fact the staff has a more friendly and playful character, loves children. Despite the common ancestor of the American pit bull breeds and the Staffordshire bull terrier, photos of these dogs clearly show the difference in their appearance.

Despite its physical strength, the pit bull terrier is an absolutely domestic dog. He does not have an undercoat, so it is impossible to keep him on the street, the dog will simply die from the cold. It is also necessary to protect the pet from the scorching sun, heat stroke can happen from running around in the heat.

The American Pitbull dog is very physically developed, energetic and it is important to constantly provide the pet with the opportunity for active walks. Adult pita must be walked twice a day, at least one of the walks lasting more than an hour. Walking means not just going out to the yard, but active exercise, jogging

Wool should be cleaned 1-2 times a week with a special brush. Claws cut as needed, usually the American pit bull grinds them himself while walking. Ears, eyes inspect and clean as pollution.

For feeding the Pit Bull Terrier, a special dry food is well suited, as well as products with high energy value. This is meat, fish, cereals, vegetables. Do not forget about fruits and dairy products. An adult pit bull can be fed twice a day, a puppy can be fed 3-6 times, depending on age. Dogs of this breed are prone to allergic reactions, so you need to ensure that gets into the feed.

The character of the breed American Bull Terrier and its training

Although, the American Pitbull looks like a cruel and uncontrollable animal, but in reality it is not. All the bloodthirstiness and aggressiveness of these dogs remained in the distant past, when they performed their main function - they took part in fights with the bulls, and then with the dogs. Некоторые черты характера с тех времен остались в крови и этим же прошлым объясняется свирепый внешний вид животного (см. фото). Но спустя многие годы выведения породы, того агрессивного и жесткого пса, каким был раньше американский бультерьер уже нет. Но это не значит, что хозяину можно расслабиться и позволять собаке все подряд.

Питбультерьер легко осваивает и даже более того – он обязательно нуждается в дрессировке. In addition to general techniques, it can also be trained in protective and guard duty. Thus, you will have a strong and intelligent guard who will listen to you and carry out commands. Moreover, the dog of this breed is interested in carrying out the tasks set by the owner, even if they are physically difficult for her. Pit bull terrier has an interesting character trait that has developed historically in the process of breeding a breed: it is aggressive towards other animals, but has no malice towards a person. This is partly due to the fact that for many years in dogs, the spirit of rivalry and the winner was brought up, but the aggression towards people had nothing to do with it.

The Pit Bull Terrier, like the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, has an insightful mind, courage and confidence. They are ready to save a person in a dangerous situation, to protect from attack, to come to the rescue. Due to physical strength, they have a huge supply of energy and can both work at competitions and just play for hours without feeling tired. This should always be remembered, and constantly find classes for your pet, during which the pit bull terrier will be able to throw out their energy. Some of the entertainment loved by these dogs you see in the photo.

The owner of the dog pit bull terrier - who is he?

Such is the interesting question. It is believed that a person chooses a pet according to his taste and feelings (as it is not sad, but the price also plays a role). But this process is not at all one-sided. And in fact, the breed and the specific dog also dictate their requirements for the potential owner. This applies, of course, not only the American Pit Bull breed or the American Staffordshire Terrier, the others too. So what should be the owner of a pit bull terrier? First, a confident, active person. It is great if he is an athlete or a tourist who himself loves long walks and different kinds of outdoor sports, regardless of the season. It is better not to get a pitbull terrier dog for those who, due to their professional employment or physical abilities (disability), will not be able to devote time to active walks with a pet.

Buying a pit bull puppy as a gift to a child is also not the best idea, which may even have dangerous consequences. As mentioned earlier, the pit bull terrier (and the American Staffordshire bull terrier too) is in need of competent training from a very young age. This implies that the puppy will be dealt with by a person who will immediately show him "who is in charge at home". Given the wayward nature of the dog, it is unlikely that the child will be able to become the owner, whom the pet will obey without question. For the same reason, it is better not to get a pit bull to people with weak character and self-doubt. But in general, these dogs get along well with children and love to play.

The fact that the pit bull terrier is very devoted to its owner and friendly to people, (and not aggressive and dangerous, as they used to be considered) is told by numerous owners' stories. For example, these dogs repeatedly rescued people and small children. For a long time in many countries, pit bulls are used in rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, helping sick adults and children to believe in themselves.

Price puppies and where to buy

Like representatives of other purebred dogs, Pit Bull Terrier puppies are best bought in kennels or from experienced breeders.

The price of puppies varies from 150 to 1250 dollars. It depends on a good pedigree, the availability of documents and the general condition and appearance of the puppy, as far as it meets the standards of the breed. If you buy a pet exclusively for home and do not plan to participate in exhibitions or breeding, then it makes no sense to overpay and buy a dog with documents. It is perfectly acceptable to choose a puppy without them, provided that you buy it in a nursery or from an experienced breeder with a good reputation. In this case, the price of the puppy may be lower.

Consider the character and behavior of an adult dog to a greater degree will not be determined by the pedigree, but by the attitude of the owner and how he will raise the pet. Therefore, treat the choice responsibly, look at the photos of puppies and adult dogs, decide what is important to you in the appearance and behavior of the dog, according to what criteria you will make the choice.