How to calm the dog: collar, music, on a trip, car, at night, in front of a veterinarian


Exhibitions, travels, thunderstorms, New Year's salutes ... Some dogs endure such a “shake-up” of the nervous system stoically, while others panic. Protecting the animal from stress is not always possible, but to reduce the intensity of the attack, using soothing for dogs, is in our power. Fortunately, pharmacies offer a decent selection of these drugs today. But each organism is individual. It is impossible to state unequivocally here: “This is a sedative for dogs - the best of all!” You may have to try several drugs before you find the most suitable one.

Let's look at the four most common types of sedatives, which are based on herbal ingredients. As a rule, their action is rather mild, and therefore the consciousness remains clear, a state of lethargy is not observed.

Valerian - the most common sedative for dogs, gives a sedative effect, allowing you to achieve sedation and relaxation. It is advised by veterinarians during thunderstorms, before visiting the clinic, before traveling and so on. With a correctly calculated dosage, several days can be applied. In cases where stress can be foreseen (trips, exhibitions), it is better to start taking valerian the day before (two days in advance). Dosage - from 5 to 15 drops (by weight). Another advantage of valerian is that it acts as an antispasmodic, which is important in cases where the excitement of the animal is also accompanied by a violation of the gastrointestinal tract (diarrhea). Aggressive dogs Valerian does not fit.

For dogs that have jealousy and aggression, flashing under stress and fear, passion may be appropriate.

Motherwort is another sedative for dogs. Sometimes it even surpasses valerian in its actions. Indications and dosage are the same.

Baikal skullcap is considered the most spectacular soothing herb. He is able to fight even with acute and chronic cases of nervous tension. Not only that, it relieves pain. Baikal skullcap is indicated for severe excitability, accompanied by tremor and hypersensitivity of peripheral nerves. Tincture prepares on alcohol (70%, 1: 5). The dosage for dogs is somewhat less than for humans. It is 5 to 20 drops (by weight) twice a day.

In veterinary pharmacies, the “Cat of the Bayun” and “Fitex” sedatives, which are based on the valerian and motherwort listed above, are in particular demand. The dosage for each dog is different, depending on the weight and nature (strength) of anxiety (read the instructions).

All of these funds are used only when the actual need (not for prevention and not "just in case"). The effect is noticeable after half an hour after administration (sometimes later). Accordingly, if you know for sure that the stress for your pet is inevitable, give one of the listed drugs in advance (in an hour) - and the dog will suffer excitement much easier.

However, we recall again: the drug that came up to one dog may not have an effect on another. In addition, some components can cause an allergic reaction. In this case, it is better to try something else.

If there is no effect at the maximum allowable dosage, do not increase the dose. Discard this tool and try a new one.

A sedative for dogs is not used after anesthesia surgery. The combination of soothing herbs with antidepressants or sedatives is also unacceptable.

Stress or overexcitement in dogs is manifested:

  • excessive activity or, on the contrary, complete passivity,
  • she randomly runs, jumps, barks, although there is no obvious reason for barking,
  • the dog bites the owner by the hand somewhat stronger than usual during the game (the animal is clearly angry), starts grabbing at the clothes,
  • the pet is trying to get involved in a fight with its first counterpart, and before that there was no such thing,
  • lack of appetite, sadness, desire to go somewhere, to hide (at the same time the examination at the vet does not show any deviations in the state of health),
  • there may be an increased interest in certain parts of the body, the dog starts constantly nibbling, licking (tail, paws, crotch), thus trying to distract himself, calm down,
  • on a walk, a four-legged friend can dig the ground uncontrollably and frantically, paying no attention to the owner’s calls,
  • aimlessly wandering around the apartment, sometimes in circles,
  • the stress of intense fright can be manifested by a shiver of the body,
  • unreasonable periodical whining.

How to calm the dog during estrus?

The estrus period in different individuals proceeds differently. Someone is completely unnoticed, but for someone it is a period of anxiety, non-standard manifestation, whining, aggression. You can soothe the dog during estrus, distracting you with games, additional walks, occasionally dipping into the shower or with special preparations.

Drugs taken during estrus have two directions of action - hormonal, disrupting estrus, and non-hormonal, which do not affect the state of sex hunting, but reduce emotional arousal during this period.

  • Hormone Balancer Flower Essence - one of the best sedatives during estrus, non-hormonal flower canine essence, taken three times a day, 7 drops (right on the tongue or with a small amount of water, the first 7 days from the onset of sexual activity)
  • Kontseks Neo - is used to eliminate increased irritability during estrus, but with a hormonal effect. Dose: 2 drops for every 5 kg of body weight,
  • Sex control, Stop sex, Four with a tail - hormonal pills that interrupt estrus and normalize the emotions of bitches and dogs. Dosage is calculated by weight,
  • Sex barrier, EKS-5, EKS-7,5 - drops of hormonal origin, used to interrupt estrus and sexual activity of both sexes, stopping all behavioral changes during this period. Take as instructed, depending on body weight and day from the onset of sexual arousal.

Soothe the dog on the road

Dogs tolerate travel much easier than cats, so usually in the car it does not need to calm down. In most cases, they do not need any special assistance, but especially vulnerable animals are prepared in advance for transportation over long distances, at least 1-2 days in advance.

The following remedies are usually given:

  • Stop stress: 2 drops / kg inwards immediately to the tongue or with a small amount of water,
  • Fitex (do not give greyhound due to individual sensitivity to the components of the drug): 1 drop / kg three times a day or an hour or two before traveling or visiting the exhibition,
  • Vetspokoin: soothing with a pronounced antiemetic effect, given orally in its pure form using a dosing syringe at the rate of 0.2 ml / kg of body weight,
  • Ivory Bayun: despite the name, the drug is great for dogs. Dose - three times a day for 1 tsp. inside for 5-7 days or if necessary,
  • Dbd relax plus : herbal sedative, 1 tab. / 10 kg inside,
  • Sanal Relax: 2-3 tabl. three times a day, depending on weight (up to 10 kg and more),
  • Fospasim: 10-40 drops, based on the size of the animal and the situation
  • Nutri-Vet Pet Ease: 1 tablet for every 5 kg twice a day with a course or 1-2 days before a potential stressful situation,
  • Jerob B-Calm Dietary Supplement - herbal tincture, dosage - for every 4.5 kg of weight is 1 teaspoon with a small amount of water once a day.

These drugs can be used in any stressful situation, including exhibitions, as well as courses for prolonged depressive states in a pet. It is not recommended to reassure the dog before visiting the veterinarian - “medicinal” calm can distort the clinical picture of the disease.

  • The smell of lavender acts well on dogs. You can moderately aromatize the car, where transportation is planned, with this oil.
  • Help dog - use ready-made soothing oil-based medication.
  • Calming dog collar - he works well in such situations.

If the lung sedatives do not work, and she categorically refuses to go in the car, breaks out, whines and in every way shows her dissatisfaction with this process, then you can resort to more serious medications - tranquilizers. In such cases, the animal will be transported almost under anesthesia or under narcotic sleep.

For these purposes, intramuscularly administered:

  • Xylazine: 0.05-0.1 ml / kg,
  • Vetranquil: 0.15-0.2 ml / 10 kg, not old animals, weakened and with pathologies of the heart,
  • Nalbuphine: 0.2-0.5 ml / animal, the exact dose is calculated by the vet,
  • Relanium: 0.3-0.5 ml, depending on the size,
  • Butorphanol: maximum 0.5 ml.

Please note that the calculation of the dosage and the introduction - the task of the veterinarian! Self-administration of these drugs is not highly recommended, and overdose is strictly prohibited!

When transporting a dog under tranquilizers, one should watch the pose in which the animal will sleep in vehicles so that nothing prevents its breathing. It is recommended to cover it with something - some tranquilizers lower body temperature and increase the risk of hypothermia and cold.

How to calm an excited dog during a thunderstorm?

Often dogs are afraid of thunderstorms. This is manifested by whining, howling, passivity, and attempts to clog somewhere in the far dark corner. Sometimes it is enough for a pet to make it clear a couple of times that a thunderstorm is not dangerous, so that in the future this natural phenomenon does not cause him discomfort.

If she lives on the street in a booth, at the time of a thunderstorm, she should be pulled off her leash, if there is such an opportunity for her to find a place for herself where she will not be afraid. You can run into the corridor, for example, if it is a private house, and there is such an opportunity. Usually it is enough that the animal is not afraid.

If the dog is home, at the time of the flashes and loud sounds you need to be there, talk to her, stroke her, make it clear that she is not in danger. In some cases, you can give the opportunity to hide or run into a deaf room where there are no windows (for example, a bathroom or storage room, but not closing the doors).

  • Cote Bayun, Vetpokokin or Stop-stress - as a sedative, you can give such veterinary drugs, as in dosages, as during transportation.
  • Fospasim - showed himself excellent in fears of loud sounds
  • Adaptil automatic sprayer.

If there are no such tools at hand, you can give a drink to your four-legged friend. motherwort broth (a tablespoon of dry motherwort is filled with a glass of boiling water and infused in a closed container for 20 minutes) from ½ to 2 tablespoons, diluted with water, depending on its weight. In the form of pharmaceutical tinctures, give no more than 15 drops with water 1-3 times a day.

If the dog needs to be taken to the vet clinic?

Before visiting a veterinarian, it is not advisable to take some sedatives - the clinical picture of the disease may be distorted, an error with a diagnosis will occur. An exception may be visits with preventive examinations and vaccination - you can give pills, herbal decoctions / tinctures / teas, but not tranquilizers. You can spray something soothing in the car, if the transport is carried out by its own transport.

At the time of admission to the clinic, the owner should be close to the pet, hold him, talk, calm and not be nervous himself. Dogs are very sensitive to adrenaline and other stress hormones produced in human blood, so they are nervous and fussing with the owner.

The dog barks, aggressive - what to do?

It is sometimes difficult to calm the dog, even the owner. It is necessary to understand why the dog suddenly broke up, what is the reason? First, the cause, which brought the animal into a state of excitement, is eliminated. Then, attempts are made to calm him down, approaching him and tenderly speaking to the person whom he loves. All movements should be smooth, unsharp, soft talk. You can pet the animal, pat for the ear.

  • You can throw food sprinkled with soothing powder Zylkene (1 small pinch at the reception)
  • or sprinkle the air around the animal with an effective sedative spray with the pheromone Help Dog or Calm-Quil Soothing Spray (not on the face!).

Attention: spray preparations are not used in order to protect themselves from aggressive dogs!

You should not shout or threaten the dog - you can get a completely backlash, the dog can throw at the owner. In very rare cases, the help of tranquilizers may be needed, after which it will be necessary for the dog to be systematically given sedatives until the state normalizes.

A hyperactive dog should not be soothed by medications, it is enough to give it a physical load that is suitable for this particular individual. The animal must be tired with equivalently produced own vital energy.

What to do during the haircut?

Firstly, if the breed of the dog implies regular special care for the wool, then it is necessary to teach the grooming and buzzing of grooming machines in advance. If the haircut is for the first time, then you need to give a sedative for the dog in advance - somewhere in 1-2 hours. Any of the drugs used during transportation will be suitable.

If there are no special preparations, you can use motherwort's broth or oats tea - both solutions have excellent sedative properties for dogs, often used not only as a sedative at this particular moment, but also for a long time from prolonged stresses and depressions.

  • Motherwort decoction: 1 tbsp. dry grass is filled with 1 cup of boiling water and infused in a closed container for up to 20 minutes. Pour inside the dog from ½ to 2 tablespoons, depending on its weight 1-2 times a day. May cause drooling because bitter broth.
  • Oat tea: 1 tsp. dried flowers of oats poured a glass of boiling water and brewed for 5 minutes. Give inside from ¼ to ½ glass at a time, once a day, regardless of the meal.

In addition to sedatives near the dog during the haircut should be the owner, pet pet, talk in a calm voice and in every way distract from all the frightening.

In the house a puppy - how to calm the dog at night in a new house?

Changing home for a puppy is always stressful. The kid may be bored, he can be scared. The first days in the new house can be a bad appetite, passivity. These days it is enough to spend more time with the puppy, to pay him as much attention as possible, not to leave for a long time himself.

So that the puppy sleeps at night, does not whine, it is necessary to feed him no later than 3 hours before bedtime, to equip a cozy place to sleep and leave the night light on for the first time so that the puppy understands where he is and is not afraid. If the baby is a dwarf breed and implies close contact with the owners, you can not limit it from people and sleep in the same room or even in bed (at the discretion of the owners).

Giving of sedatives to puppies is not recommended. At a young age, they may have the opposite effect. But in severe cases of addiction, you can use:

  • Adaptil is a modern spray product that plugs into the outlet and sprays a special fragrance that soothes the puppy in a new place.

Unusual ways

To unusual and non-standard ways to calm the dog include:

  • Special soothing music . There are special music collections, designed with a view to the unique canine hearing, which literally act on the dogs soothingly. Basically it is, of course, a classic, or specially written music that is individually suitable for each animal individually,
  • Soothing dog collars with pheromones, soaked with soothing herbs or solutions (Calming Collar, Good Behavior),
  • An ultrasonic device that prevents barking - when it starts to bark, the device turns on the ultrasound, literally confusing the pet and distracting from the barking. The manufacturer claims that the sound made by the device does not harm the animal.

What not to do or home errors

To take a sedative measure to have the desired result, the following mistakes should be avoided:

  • You can not make sudden movements, wave hands, shout at the dog - aggression can increase, and the pet will rush to the owner instinctively in order to protect themselves,
  • You can’t try to calm an excited dog with delicacies - animal gesture will be perceived as encouraging your behavior,
  • You can not shout at the barking dog. Pet so attracts attention to him and in fact he is seeking his own. He will continue to do this always, knowing that you will always respond to barking. You need to try to ignore it for a while,
  • If it did not help some soothing, it should be changed to another. Perhaps it does not fit. In no case should not exceed the dosage,
  • It is forbidden to give the dog sedatives used by the person himself - the effect may be opposite, aggression and activity may increase,
  • A hyperactive dog can be sedated only by appropriate physical exercise; it is not advisable to use sedatives.

Sedatives for dogs

Прежде всего отметим, что многие успокоительные сделанные на основе натуральных и растительных веществ. Из плюсов такого подхода — малая вероятность аллергии, а из минусом — на каждую собаку средство действует по разному. В итоге часто приходится перебрать несколько, пока найдется эффективное.

Успокоительные во время течки

The following drugs do not overcome the instinct of extending the kind of your pets, but they help to calm dogs in the period of sexual arousal. Before using any of them, read the instructions for use!

  • "Sex barrier" - drops for bitches that inhibit sexual arousal. They are used to delay and shift estrus, the regulation of sexual activity, as well as the prevention of unwanted pregnancy.
  • "SexControl" - soothing pills, used to correct the behavior and reduce the sexual activity of males, to interrupt and delay estrus in bitches.
  • "Stop Intim" - pills for the correction of the behavior of dogs during the period of sexual desire. There is an option for males, which reduces their attraction to females, and for females, causing delay and interruption of estrus.
  • "Four with a tail" - a means in the form of tablets, intended for the regulation of sexual hunting in dogs and cats.
  • "EX-5", "EX-7.5" - reduces sexual activity in males, shifts and interrupts estrus in females.
  • "Kontseks Neo" - pills for dogs and cats, eliminating problems associated with sexual activity (aggressiveness, tagging of the territory, prevention of pregnancy, increased excitability, etc.).

Soothing from aggression

  • A Bayun cat is a herbal remedy that helps correct too aggressive and hostile dog behavior. This may be sexual aggression, an attempt to dominate the owner, aggression as a result of fright or phobia, aggression associated with the hyperactivity of the pet.
  • "Fiteks" - soothing drops of dogs with intraspecific aggression. The tool is quite versatile, can be used to reduce hyperactivity, during transport, to relieve stress at exhibitions, with fears and phobias.

Soothing on the road

  • "Stop stress" - drops and pills designed to reduce the excitation of the dog during stress than usual and is the move / flight. It is also used for phobias, increased sexual arousal (together with contraceptives) and aggression for no apparent reason.
  • "Vetspokoin" - soothing drops and pills for dogs used to prevent stress on the road (when transported to cars, aircraft) and relieve symptoms of motion sickness. Also help with phobias, increased sexual arousal, excessive anxiety.
  • "Fospasim" - drops and injections used for neurosis, phobias (fear of noise - salutes, thunderstorms, etc.), stress (transportation, weaning of a puppy from the mother, parting with the owner), increased excitability.
  • “Sanal Relax” - a pill-like sedative, reduces stress on the road from the trip, prevents motion sickness. It helps in other stressful situations (noises, exhibitions, haircuts, etc.).

Funds for other cases

  • "Adaptil" - spray, which is inserted into the outlet and he is sprayed around the apartment. Recommended for stressful situations
    for example, fear of fireworks, thunderstorms, when moving a puppy to a new family, after a visit to the vet, etc.
  • "SENTRY Calming Collar" - soothing collar, helps the dog to calm down in stressful situations.
  • Help Dog is a pheromone spray that soothes the dog in various stressful situations.
  • "Zylkene" - food additive in powder form, added to the feed. It helps the animal to more easily endure stressful situations.

Folk remedies

In addition to special preparations, some herbal remedies that can be used for dogs also have a sedative effect. Usually they are present in any pharmacy, you can use at home, previously advised the veterinarian to determine the dosage. Here are some:

  • Valerian is a herb that effectively helps with panic and nervous anxiety. It is used in small doses over several days. Typically, the dosage is 5-15 drops 3-4 times a day, depending on the weight of the dog.
  • Passionflower - can be used for animals suffering from the negative impact of a stressful situation, showing jealousy,
  • Motherwort is a more effective valerian herb, but it should be used after consulting a veterinarian.
  • Baikal Skullcap - helps even with the most acute nervous conditions of the dog. The dosage of 5-20 drops, depending on the weight, is applied 2 times a day.

Of course, we have listed not all soothing drugs for dogs, there are still many different means. However, this list is quite enough to find out exactly what you need to apply for your pet. Although it is always better to contact a veterinarian, even aggression or fear can be symptoms of something that hurts the animal.

It is also necessary to remember that all these tools are only ancillary and in most cases an integrated approach is needed. For example, to avoid excessive aggression and disobedience of a pet, it is necessary to bring it up from an early age, and in order not to use drugs during estrus for many years, it is better to sterilize the dog.

Soothing for dogs - reviews

Review of the "Stop Stress", writes Elena. I have a Russian one, very excitable. Hearing a dog barking on the street, immediately runs to the balcony to answer, the noise behind the entrance doors - immediately to protect the territory. At the same time, he is a coward, very afraid of salutes and firecracker blasts. Another problem is that bitches are in heat, after meeting with such people for a walk, he cannot sit still, eat badly, etc.

In all these cases I use STOP STRESS for dogs of small breeds, I follow the dosage strictly according to the instructions. This drug relieves excessive irritability and a nervous or frightened dog turns back into a normal dog. For a year somewhere 3-4 weeks have to use STOP STRESS, and I recommend it to you if the same situation with the dog are.

By the way, many people write that this kind of music helps to calm their pets:

Review of Sentry Calming Collar, writes Alla. When traveling to Turkey, we used a soothing collar with pheromones to make the dog feel better during the flight. The name of the collar is Sentry Calming collar for dogs, at that time the price was about 800 rubles. The collar is packed in a foil bag, the smell from it is somewhat like baby powder (not sharp, but tangible).

For our Jack Russell Terrier turned out to be a little long, but you can just cut it off in that case. Put it on 12 hours before departure, then put on when traveling by bus and when left alone in the room. Did he - I do not know, I want to think that yes. The dog was spinning a bit in the carry, a little worried. But this is his first flight and a long journey, maybe without a collar would be worse.

Sedative prices

    "Sex barrier" (10 tabl)

135 rub, "Sex barrier" (3 ml)

225 rubles, “Four with a tail”

55 rub, "STOP-INTIM" (12 tables)

145 rub, "EKS-5" (2 ml)

145 rub, "Stop-stress" (15 ml)

180 rub, "Bayun Cat" (fl 10 ml)

125 rub, "Fiteks" (10 ml)

The prices indicated are approximate, relevant at the time of writing this article (May 2017), may differ depending on the pet store / vet pharmacies and change significantly over time.

That's all. What kind of sedatives for dogs did you use? What was the result? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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Types of sleeping pills for dogs

Sleeping pills are divided into:

  1. Short-term (Cyclobarbital, Xylanite, Introval). Act quickly, but not for long. Used in sedative purposes, with aggressive and excited states. Application for short transportation of an animal is possible.
  2. Medium-term (Phenobarbital, Barbital-sodium, Noxiron). Act quickly, but the effect remains longer. Used with minor sleep disorders, before using anesthesia in veterinary surgery, under stress, convulsions, as an anesthetic drug.
  3. Long-term (chloral hydrate, sodium etheminal, carbromal, barbamil, barbital). Have a long lasting effect. Appointed as a painkiller and anticonvulsant.
Chloral hydrate is one of the most powerful drugs.


There are several types of sedatives that can suppress anxiety and fear in a dog. Choose a suitable drug and the dose should be calculated by the veterinarian after examining the animal.

Treat drugs for dogs tranquilizers, possessing fast action and strong effect antidepressants, reducing anxiety and eliminating fear after prolonged and regular use, benzodiazepines, enhancing the effect of antidepressants.

The most popular sedatives for dogs are combined into 3 large groups:

  • The first group of sedatives - "Xanax", "Valium", "Klonopin". They begin to act fairly quickly, but the therapeutic effect passes after a few hours. Prescribe this group of drugs when the pet has fear and anxiety during salutes or thunderstorms. Aggressive breeds of dogs should be treated in such a way very carefully, the risk of an attack on the owner is high due to the suppression of the processes of inhibition in the brain.
  • The second group of sedatives for dogs - Amitriptyline, Clomipramine. These tools are used to treat panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorders, phobias, constant anxiety and aggression. Treatment begins with small doses of drugs, which, if necessary, increase.
  • The third group includes dietary supplements and herbal medicines - herbal remedies.

"Fiteks" - one of the most effective medicines, made from natural plant extract of valerian, skullcap, motherwort, hop. These non-hormonal drops are absolutely safe for the dog. The dose of the drug is determined by the weight of the animal.

"Cat Baiyun" - soothing herbal remedy, produced in the form of drops and tablets. The dose is calculated by the veterinarian individually, taking into account the dog’s body weight and degree of anxiety. The duration of treatment is two weeks.

"Stop stress" - sedative drops, the dosage of which is calculated as follows - 1 drop per kilogram of body weight of the dog.

The medicinal herbs that make up these medicines have a different effect on the dog's body: one helps them a lot, others do not help at all. Any living organism is individual and requires an appropriate approach.

More reviews about cat food Hills, which has proven itself well, read here.


  1. Valerian - the most common sedative herb, having a sedative and relaxing effect, normalizes sleep, eliminates nervous anxiety. Infusion of valerian should be given to the dog immediately before the trip, during a thunderstorm, before visiting a veterinary clinic. Valerian has an antispasmodic effect and eliminates indigestion due to nerves. The dose is selected by the veterinarian individually for each animal. It usually ranges from 5 to 25 drops depending on the weight of the pet. Aggressive dogs Valerian does not help, they need a drug stronger.
  2. Motherwort - A sedative for dogs, superior to valerian. The dose is calculated individually by the veterinarian.
  3. Passionflower helps dogs experiencing jealousy and aggression under stress, as well as animals on which valerian has a stimulating effect.
  4. Shlemnik - soothing herb with a persistent therapeutic effect. Skullcap tincture copes with acute and chronic nervous tension, fear, tremors, anxiety, and also alleviates pain after injuries.
  5. Oats It is recommended to give exhausted or aging dogs. It contains many proteins, microelements and vitamins necessary for the animal to maintain health. Alkaloids, sterols and flavonoids of oats have a stabilizing effect on the nervous system. Herbs are made from tea or tincture, which is given to dogs suffering from depression, epilepsy, tremor, paralysis. Infusion of oats inflorescences well restores dogs after anesthesia.

Infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs are given to dogs in cases where the aggression in the animal is mild, or there are contraindications to the use of pharmaceutical preparations.

Herbs are sold in the pharmacy chain and in pet stores as tincture, extract, tablets or in natural form. Apply sedatives for dogs as needed.

The therapeutic effect occurs within 30-60 minutes after ingestion. If an hour before the alleged stress to give the dog a drug, it will transfer it much easier.

The most popular sleeping pills for animals

  1. Phenobarbital reduces the excitability of the nerve motor centers. It is used for severe stress, discomfort, seizures and other diseases, manifested by increased excitability. Available in the form of tablets, powder for injection. With prolonged use is addictive. It is forbidden to use for liver and kidney disease. Sale without a prescription at the pharmacy is prohibited. The cost of 12 rubles per pack (6 pieces of 100 mg each).
  2. Barbatall sodium is used as a sedative before anesthesia. As a sedative, it is used for neuralgia and strong nervous stimulation. Appointed with aggressive behavior and overexcited state. Acts almost immediately. Quickly excreted from the body. Among the side effects observed disorder of the digestive tract. Used by veterinarians as a sedative before anesthesia. Available in tablets and powders for injection. Not dispensed from pharmacies without a prescription by a veterinarian. Information about the cost need to specify in the vetapteka.
  3. Noxiron has a calming and sleeping effect. The effect is weaker than from barbiturates, therefore it is not prescribed for severe pain. In cases of prolonged use is addictive. Available in tablets, cost from 133 rubles per pack (30 pcs)
  4. This sodium is a strong long-term remedy. Available in tablets, candles and injections. Starts to act in a few minutes. With frequent use is addictive. It is prescribed for disorders of the nervous system. Contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys and liver, with asthma. Without a prescription, the vet is not released. Price from 155 rubles per pack.
  5. Chloralhydrate is a strong sedative, sleepy, anticonvulsant and pain reliever. It has a significant effect on the nervous system. The drug is prescribed for attacks of severe pain or serious illnesses. Contraindicated in diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart and blood vessels. Releases in the form of a solution worth 14-50 rubles for 10 ml
  6. Carbromal is used for sleep disorders and psychomotor agitation. It is prescribed as a sedative. Common side effects include general weakness, vomiting, and impaired stool. Available in the form of tablets cost from 131 rubles per pack.

Only a veterinarian should choose the drug, determine the dosage and the form of release. Independent uncontrolled use of sedatives for dogs is prohibited.

Phenobarbital reduces nervous irritability

When you need to give your dog a drug

For example, if a pet is aggressive, over-excited, has a CNS disease as determined by a veterinarian. In a situation when it is necessary to transport a restless animal or when it moves it is under severe stress, it is also desirable to give a soothing drug.

Soothing drugs are needed in cases of:

  1. Sleep pet during surgery or euthanasia. To prolong sleep after surgical anesthesia.
  2. With severe illness, accompanied by severe pain and insomnia.
  3. With a long carriage.
  4. With convulsions.
Sleeping pills often give a dog with severe pain

When tablets are strictly contraindicated

The drugs in this group have a large number of side effects and contraindications.

They are prohibited by:

  • diseases of the liver and kidneys, since in this case the removal of substances from the body is difficult,
  • respiratory failure in a pet,
  • during pregnancy and lactation.

In the article I talked about sleeping pills for dogs that can be given at home. Described the main types. Listed popular drugs in this group. Cited indications for use and contraindications.