Griffon - small Belgian dog


This little handsome, inquisitive and sociable, easily win your heart. Belgian griffins are wonderful family dogs that will fill your life with many joyful moments. They get along well with children and other pets living in the house. We are convinced that if you choose such a dog as a friend, you will never regret it.

Small Belgian dogs

The Belgian griffins are representatives of one of the three breeds that make up the group of Belgian small dogs. Two more breeds are the Brussels griffin and petit brabanson.

These charming animals differ only in different color and type of wool. However, despite the obvious kinship, each of these breeds has its own standard. For example, the standard of the Belgian griffin describes him as a compact, elegant dog with wire-like wool. Its color can be black and tan, black or mixed with reddish-brown.

Belgian griffin: breed description

This is a small, rather compact dog (height - 21 cm, weight - 3 kg), having a square format, strong, but elegant physique. Feature of the appearance is a short bearded muzzle, which looks a bit like a monkey. She has an outstanding chin forward, bulging forehead. Big black eyes are very expressive. Ears standard allows both drooping and cropped - standing. Tail docked, set high.

Belgian griffins have an elongated coat, rather coarse, not adjacent to the skin. On the face it forms a mustache, eyebrows and a beard. After trimming, which is obligatory for this breed, a short and tight coat should remain on the body. Color - black and tan, black.

The Belgian griffin (owner reviews allow us to state this) has an ardent temperament. However, it is amazingly easy to make contact with the person. Looking into their dark big eyes with a meaningful look, you realize that the Belgian griffins understand you better than you do them.

This charming dog is intelligent and curious, very alert. He is not capricious, always in a good mood, not grumbling and not too "talkative." The breed is a Belgian griffin easy to learn. This animal is distinguished by observation, quickly learns the routine adopted in the house. He knows how to be on time in the right place, without interfering with the owner, to get his portion of attention and affection.

It is easy and pleasant to live with this baby, he is extremely loyal and close to his owners. He is athletic and dynamic, very hardy. He likes long walks in the park or in the woods. He is happy when accompanying the owner to the store - the main thing is that there is a lot of new and interesting around.

Belgian griffins are great lovers from time to time to bask on the pillows or in the hands of their favorite owners. And sometimes they, like other dogs, need to be alone, in their own place, where no one will bother.

This cute dog quickly won the love of the whole family. Her harmless leprosy does not irritate anyone. For the hostess, the griffin is an elegant companion dog, for the host - a cheerful companion on walks, for children - a faithful friend.

Care and maintenance

This is an amazing breed of dog. The Belgian griffin feels comfortable in a city apartment. But this does not mean that he would like to spend the day without a break alone, within four walls. For this dog, contact with a person is important. Regular and long walks are an important condition for a dog’s good health and well-being.

Belgian griffins are very clean animals, but caring for them will still require some effort from you. You will need to regularly comb and clean the wool, cut the claws, examine the eyes and folds on the face. Once every two to three months the Belgian griffin needs a little hygienic cutting and trimming.

Every gryphon owner should know that these babies are very hard to tolerate the heat.

Choosing a puppy

So, you decided to become the master of the Belgian griffin. You should not immediately go to the bird market or to the nearest nursery. At first, visit a specialized exhibition, where you will personally see the best representatives of this breed and talk with the owners. Not all breeders are engaged in the breed Belgian griffin. Kennel should choose a proven, where the dogs are most comfortable conditions.

About the future and the prospects of the animal, nothing will say better than its origin. So try to see the puppy's parents, if possible, evaluate their advantages and possible disadvantages. It is very important to pay attention to the behavior of adult animals.

Responsible and experienced breeders sell puppies no earlier than three months, when the second vaccine will be given.

Before buying, determine the sex of the dog and the goals for which you acquire it. The Belgian griffin, the price of which depends on your expectations regarding his career at exhibitions, will cost more. If you need a pet, and you do not plan to participate in exhibitions, then you can make your choice by trusting your heart. If you need victories and championship titles, then in this case the task becomes a little more complicated. Ask for help in choosing a puppy to the breeder, and even better to consult an experienced expert. Price puppy ranges from 15 to 35 thousand rubles.

When buying a Belgian griffin, special attention should be paid to the shape of the baby’s head. It should be rather large, but in proportion to the body. The puppy's muzzle is short, with open nostrils. It is best to choose a stocky and strong baby square format. Pay attention to the rack of the puppy.

Belgian griffin wool should be bright and shiny. Inspect the dog's teeth - a puppy should have six incisors on each jaw.

Regardless of whether you are buying just a pet or an expensive elite puppy from reputable manufacturers, familiarize yourself with its physical condition. A healthy dog ​​has clean eyes, a cold and wet nose, a resilient tummy and shiny fur. Specify which babies were vaccinated, if he passed the de-worming course.

Pay attention to the behavior and nature of the dog. In many ways, the choice will depend on your preferences, but experienced dog experts recommend choosing a cheerful, mobile, playful baby with no signs of cowardice or aggression.


Griffins are sociable dogs, that is why they so need human love and attention. You should not keep your pet constantly in the container, otherwise your little friend will become lethargic and lethargic. Often take him in your arms, do not stint on affection, talk to him.

If for any reason you need to leave the griffin alone, do not be lazy and explain the situation to him.

Since childhood, the griffin should be accustomed to cutting and trimming. In this case, you will need a maximum of perseverance, patience and hardness.

Clubs and Nurseries

The first representatives of the griffins appeared in our country in 1993. These were dogs brought from the USA. In 1995, the National Griffin Club was organized thanks to the efforts of Russian breeders.

Today, nurseries that breed these animals are in many major Russian cities. True, it should be noted that in our country Brussels griffins are more common than Belgian, so the price for them may be somewhat higher.

Dog Breeders Reviews

We were unable to find negative reviews about these charming dogs. According to the owners, this is the best companion. Such a pet is full of optimism for the whole family, it is very affectionate and immensely devoted to its owners. This is a great friend for kids. In addition, it is a very clean animal. True, the owner will need some effort on its content (haircut, trimming). But your little friend will answer with affection and great love.

Small Belgian dog: description

The one who never had to meet the Belgian griffon, having heard the name of the breed, can present a solid big dog, but this opinion is erroneous. This is a group of modest-sized decorative lapdogs, similar to the Pekingese breed. Difference from them - endless vital energy.

Small Belgian dogs are quite strong, funny and energetic. In addition, they are smart and cheerful. Effectively struggling with rodents. Their barking is rarely heard.


The appearance of the dog of this breed is attractive. They are low, compact folded, elegant. You can recognize them by bearded, like a monkey, face.

Head with a prominent forehead, round shape, wide, chin - pushed forward. Nose black, large. Big round eyes, eyelids are also black. After cupping, small ears are erect, simply hanging on cartilage in their natural form.

The body is square, with a deep, wide chest and a straight back. Medium-long limbs have small round-shaped paws with black pads. Tail taken to stop at two-thirds of the length, it is set high.

The coat is coarse, long, according to the standard after trimming, it should fit snugly and be short. The peculiarity of the species of the breed is that they have different coloring. Small Belgian dogs have three main types of color: black, black with a touch of red tan on the chest, above the eyes and on the paws, and red with a black mask.

Griffon character

One of the characteristics of the character of the Belgian griffon is balance. He is always in high spirits, but his voice gives infrequently.

Another good trait inherent in the representatives of the griffons, it is observation. They quickly memorize and assimilate the rules by which the family lives, and always find themselves where the owner might be. Devotion helps them to become pleasant companions and friends.

The extraordinary cleanliness distinguishes the breed from a small Belgian dog from others. It so happens that the Belgian himself brings a napkin to the owner so that after eating he can wipe off the leftover food from the bearded face.

Such a trait of character as shyness at the sight of strangers, probably, is only in the Belgian griffon.

Content Features

Small Belgian dog suitable for keeping in a city apartment. This does not mean that she will stay at home alone all day and be bored. The pet must always be close to the owner or family members, for him it is very important.

For a pet you need to determine the place where he can rest and sleep at night. There he will store your favorite things. These can be socks, toys for children, slippers of the owner. So he will be able to teach family members to order. For such a character trait, the griffon was nicknamed Barabashka (or Kuzya).

The dog needs regular walks that help it maintain normal health and well-being. It is necessary to walk the dog for a long time so that it can run enough.

It is important for the owner to know that a small Belgian dog feels bad in the heat. It means that it is necessary to create such conditions under which its existence during the hot summer months would be safe and comfortable.

Griffon can be called happiness in the house, but you can not indulge him!

Care for a small Belgian dog

The Belgian griffon belongs to clean animals, despite this, it is necessary to care for him. Especially this requires wool dogs. She is very thick. The procedure to be performed regularly is brushing and combing. During the molt, which happens twice a year, the griffon wool is renewed, at which time old strands should be removed from it.

It is also recommended to trim, cut the hair around the eyes, on the bottom of the abdomen, on the ears, on the edges of the paws.

You should also take care of the eyes and folds on the face. Teeth need special attention because dwarf dog breeds often suffer from periodontal disease. When tartar problem should be solved by a veterinarian. In addition, the pet's teeth should be constantly cleaned with a special toothpaste and brush for dogs.

Feeding a small Belgian dog

Griffons eat everything that they are given. They love to eat well, but do not suffer from excessive fullness. This does not mean that they can be treated to different tidbits, not knowing the measure.

What food should a Belgian griffon eat? Dog breeds are not much different in this regard, you only need to take the diet of pets seriously, in order to maintain their health. Griffons require a menu of natural products or special high quality dry food. Calculating the diet when feeding with natural products or choosing ready-made food, you should take into account the age and condition of pets. An active healthy dog ​​needs to be fed with more satisfying food, and a puppy and an old dog can be given a lighter meal, and feed often and gradually.

If the owner of the animal prefers to use natural products to feed his pet, then he should know that they should always be fresh and healthy. Representatives of the Belgian Griffon breed have a sensitive stomach, abandoned stale meat or food from the table cause their digestive upset.

Meat is considered the main product in the menu of any dog, including the griffon. Dog is recommended to give different raw meat, except for pork. Chicken is allowed only boiled. In the diet of pet meat should be 40%.

From dairy products can be given only kefir, yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese. Whole milk is well digested only in puppies. Dairy products are a source of protein that is easily accepted by the animal.

If you give a dog fish rich in phosphorus and fatty acids every day, its fur will look beautiful and your skin will be healthy. Before feeding the fish must be boiled for a few minutes.

It is strictly forbidden to feed the griffon with beans and potatoes.

Diseases of a Small Belgian Dog

The Belgian griffon has good health and is considered a small long-liver. On average, he lives 12-15 years.

Hereditary diseases have bypassed this breed side, although they are, but in rare cases.

The main problems with these dogs with health arise from the head, its uniqueness. It creates problems during childbirth, which often go with a complication, it is necessary to do a cesarean section. The shape of the head is the culprit for breathing problems, some dogs make strange sounds, snoring and wheezing. The body of the griffon cannot cool down normally, the reason for this is short airways.

Features mating a Belgian small dog

Experienced breeders do not recommend early dog ​​mating. Griffon (small Belgian dog), should be well formed, get stronger. Only a healthy parenting couple can produce good offspring.

Dogs become able to breed in 8-12 months. In practice, it has been proven that the most favorable mating periods for breeding can be considered for males 24 months, for bitches - 20 months. When planning the first mating should take into account the individual characteristics of each prospective parent.

Due to its small size breed breeding is not easy. Well, if during the birth will be near the vet.

There are up to three puppies in a litter. In griffons, the maternal instinct is highly developed, they make excellent mothers who feed their inheritance with their own milk. In the first days after birth, they do not throw puppies for a minute, from time to time lick them and turn them over.

Small Belgian dogs are very devoted to their children. Puppies grow up very quickly, on day 12-14 they begin to see, until the end of the third week there is a hearing. So it's time to feed them.

Breed history

Let's start with the history of the breed. The Belgian Griffon dog breed, as such, has existed for about 500 years. Initially, the breed was known as the “Little Belgian Wire-haired Terrier” (from the French “Griffon” is translated as “Wire-haired”) because of its elongated snout and hard coat. By the way, the wool of the breed can not only be short.

According to some dog experts, the ancestors of the griffins are affenching pins that have similarities with a monkey. According to other experts, a small Belgian dog - a descendant of a pug, Yorkshire terrier and dwarf schnauzer.

In those days, to take small doggie with you everywhere and everywhere meant to emphasize great wealth and high status in society. Thus, the Belgian griffon glorified its history of the breed when it saved the Serbian queen Drago Obrenovic from poisoning. The fact is that the queen was afraid that once in her food there would be poison, that is why she “gave a sample” to her pet of the dishes that were offered to her. Once the pet poisoned, but the queen remained alive.

On one of the paintings by Van Dyck called "Chet Arnolfini" for the first time depicted affenpinscher - the alleged founder of the griffon. Картина была написана в 1434 г. Бельгийский гриффон также был изображен на портрете Генриха III творения Жакобо де Эмполи, такие картинки отлично передают атмосферу того времени и высокую стоимость питомца.

Бельгийский гриффон еще с незапамятных времен был энергичной и проворной собакой, поэтому его обучали охоте на грызунов, обитавших в конюшнях. 1880 год ознаменовался грандиозным событием: Брюссель открыл выставку собак, где участвовала собачка породы «бельгийский гриффон». The judges were delighted with the pet, but its standard and description appeared much later. The Belgian griffon was officially recognized in 1904, since that time the characterization of the breed and the dog's appearance has changed repeatedly. Numerous photographs from different times confirm this and allow us to notice the metamorphosis that occurred with the “Belgian”. The history of the breed is such that only at the end of the 90s. XX century were made recent adjustments to the international standard.

The history of the Belgian griffon leads the reader to the fact that this breed is considered today flat. They are usually invited to numerous exhibitions, where they become winners, as well as to high society, where pets become a kind of "decoration" for rich women.

Belgian Griffon: a brief description and description of the breed

The international standard of the breed “small Belgian dog” is determined by the FCI regulation No. 81. The original standard was published on March 25, 2003. According to the FCI classification, the Belgian griffon is included in the group of companion dogs and guard dogs (numerous photos confirm both).

The history of the breed and its gradual changes have led to the fact that according to the standard, the height of the pet at the withers should correspond to the length of the body from the shoulder to the sciatic tubercles. The most prominent feature of the breed is the shape and size of the head. It should be large with the presence of "humanity" on the face, clearly visible even in the photo. The skull should be wide and rounded, and the forehead should be convex with a distinct transition from the forehead to the muzzle. The coat on the head is straight, not adjacent. It is the longest on the cheekbones and chin, as well as around the eyes.

The description of a breed by standard indicates the presence of the following features:

  • Large nose necessarily black. Nostrils large. The eyes and nose are on the same level.
  • Lips tight, also exclusively black.
  • 1.5 cm and no more - the allowable length of the face. The upper line of the nose coincides with the line of the eyes.
  • Eyes are round and large, set wide apart. The iris of the eye is brown, the color approaches black. In the perfect Belgian griffon in the eyes you will not notice the proteins. Description of the breed according to the standard does not allow the eyes of a small size, oval shape, as well as a lighter shade of the iris.
  • The ears are high and with a decent distance between them. The size of the ears is small. If the ears are not cropped, then they are semi-erect and hang slightly forward. As shown by the real reviews of the owners, the ears should not be too large or hang down on its side. According to the standard, cropped and uncropped ears are equally allowed. If the ears are stopped, they are given a pointed shape, such ears no longer hang, but stand.
  • Color black and black with red spots (in the photo of a puppy and an adult, the color may vary):
  • Pet weight varies between 3.5-6 kg.
  • Growth of an adult animal reaches 18-20 cm.
  • Chest volume, down to the elbows.
  • The tail is high, raised up. Stop the tail so that the length reaches 2/3.

Character and difficulties in education

The history of the Belgian griffon was such that today the breed is perceived as a "police dog". Just look at the numerous pictures, and it becomes clear why the dog got such a nickname. A serious look and a formidable look are worthy reasons to believe so. However, in fact, the Belgian griffon is a very friendly and cheerful dog breed. Pets will be happy to play with children, but it is worth watching the behavior of the dog playing with the kids. Bite will not, but a warning growl is possible.

Such a cute dog absolutely does not tolerate unnecessary noise, hugs and whims of young children. The characteristic of the breed comes down to the fact that the “Belgians” are not lovers of yapping and creating vanity. However, pets quickly find a common language, not forgetting to become a leader in such a company.

The Belgian griffon, as shown by the real reviews of the owners, has a fervent temperament and extraordinary sociability. In the vigilance and curiosity of the griffon is difficult to find equal. The dog quickly gets used to the rules in the family and knows when to appear on time in the same place. She will not interfere and “get underfoot”, but she will still receive her portion of affection and attention. If the potential owner considers the pictures, he is unlikely to understand that the "Belgian" is a hardy, athletic and dynamic dog. Long walks in the park or through the streets of the cities only for the benefit of a little friend. He wants to know more new and interesting. Sometimes Griffon likes to bask on the owners' beds or in their arms, but there are times when the pet wants to be alone. Do not impose your society. Like a person, a dog must have a secluded corner, personal space.

The Belgian griffon due to a certain superiority is capable of showing such character traits as: arrogance, stubbornness, waywardness, this is confirmed by the reviews of the owners. Despite the fact that pets are nature endowed with intelligence and an extraordinary mind, these traits of character cause difficulties in education.

To further pet listened to his master, learning is best to start at a very early age. The owner of the dog had to be patient and persistent, to show the strength of his character and leadership qualities. In order for the Belgian griffon to become a well-bred pet (the high cost does not mean that the puppy must be pampered), the training must contain the elements of the game. It is not recommended to show aggression. It is better if it is praise and affection.

Health and nutrition

The Belgian griffon, like other pets, is subject to certain diseases, so care must be timely and complete. So, most often a small Belgian dog suffers from eye diseases (in the photo you can see the consequences of lack of treatment and care):

  • cataracts
  • eyeball prolapse
  • growth of additional eyelashes (distichiaz),
  • progressive retinal atrophy.

In addition, some pets suffer from constricted nostrils. A common diagnosis is considered to be dropsy of the brain. This disease is common to all dwarf dog breeds. Puppies are born by surgical intervention (cesarean section), because due to the physiological state, independent labor is complicated.

According to reviews of the owners, pets suffer from viral diseases (all breeds of dogs are susceptible to them). Immediately need to do vaccinations and deworming. Pet life expectancy is 12-15 years. How long the pet will live depends on the care and love of the owner.

Last but not least, the owners are concerned with the question of how to feed the dogs, namely the Belgian griffon. By itself, it is not prone to obesity, but the Belgian griffon still loves to beg for food from the owners (you should look at the puppy's photo, and the owner surrenders under his onslaught). Feed the Griffon should be premium feed, in which all the ingredients are balanced.

If the owner thinks, what to feed in addition to industrial feed, the natural diet is perfect. In this case, the dog menu should include:

  • cereals,
  • dairy products to improve the performance of the digestive tract,
  • lean meats (chicken, turkey, beef, lamb),
  • fruits and vegetables.

Naturally, it is necessary to exclude from the menu of an animal: smoked, sweet, spicy, sausages. It is forbidden to include milk, legumes and small bones in the menu. Puppies should eat 4 times a day, adult animals - twice a day. In summer, the amount of food is reduced. If you do not violate the principles of nutrition, then the weight of the Belgian griffon will be normal and will not cause problems.

A word of advice: bowls of water and food should be placed at chest level. Otherwise, the animal will soon have problems with the spine and digestive tract.

Pet Care Principles

If you look at the pictures on the Internet and read the reviews of the owners, then caring for animals is not difficult. What you need to remember?

  • Twice a week combing wool. To do this, you need a brush with wide and durable teeth. Care of a coat with such a brush will help avoid tangling of the coat.
  • Bath dog takes twice a year. Use should be a special shampoo for the care of hard wool.
  • During water procedures, it is important to prevent water from entering the ears and eyes.
  • Since the pet sheds very little, care for its hair is trimming and grooming, i.e. the old wool is forcibly removed, so that later it does not crumple and turn into “mats”.
  • Since the pet may have discharge on the eyes, it should be wiped with a clean cotton pad dipped in warm water.
  • Once a month should be trimmed claws. This equally applies to those who are in the apartment constantly and walking along the street for a long time.
  • You need to teach your pet to brush your teeth. Constant brushing of the teeth avoids plaque, stone and caries.

Pet cost and selection

Since the cost of a puppy, and even an adult dog, is quite high, a potential buyer should know how to choose a pet. Most often the number of babies in the litter is up to three. Therefore, you can only find a future companion from breeders or in nurseries specializing in this breed. The high price is due to the rarity of the breed. It is better to first consider the photo of the puppy, to know how the purebred pet should look like.

As a rule, the Belgian griffon is put up for sale at the age of 2.5-3 months, at this time the price is already formed, and the potential buyer knows what to expect. At this age, the pet is re-vaccinated, as recorded in the veterinary passport. In addition, deworming - a prerequisite.

Here are a few factors by which you can understand that a puppy is healthy:

  • The abdomen should be elastic and not swollen.
  • The nose should be wet and cool, ears and eyes - without discharge.
  • Nose slightly arched, nostrils wide open.
  • The coat should be coarse and shiny, and also be colored black and red.
  • The head should be large and somewhat shortened, but the face should be pretty.
  • No uncertainty or fearfulness, especially aggression, the baby should not radiate.
  • Pet's moral health is in order, if it is active, curious, cheerful.

The average cost of a puppy reaches 200-900 dollars, depending on the class and pedigree, as well as the state of health.

The low weight, the pretty expression of the face, the excellent characteristic of character and appearance attracts more and more attention to the breed.

Griffon character

Without exception, the owners of the griffons are unanimous in the fact that their pets are distinguished ardent temperament and extraordinary contact. One has only to look into their big dark eyes with a completely meaningful human look, as the thought involuntarily creeps in that the griffons only pretend to be dogs. Griffon is curious, very intelligent and alert.

is he always in a good mood, not capricious, not grumbling and does not like to bark. He loves to learn and seeks to understand the owner.

Griffon is very observant, I quickly learn the routine adopted in the house, I know how to be in the right place at the right time, trying, without interfering, to get my share of affection and attention. It is pleasant and easy to live with this baby, he is loyal and close to his owners. He is hardy, athletic and dynamic, loves long walks in the woods or in the park. He is quite happy, even accompanying his beloved mistress in a department store, if only there was more new, interesting around, more opportunities to play, run, chat, take a closer look and show yourself. Griffon sometimes likes to bask in the heat on the pillows or in the hands of the owners, sometimes, like any dog, he needs to be alone in a place where no one bothers him, Griffon has no health problems, he is a life bover.

Belgian Griffons

Wire-haired dogs of black color with patches of dark brown (tan). Carrion should have a uniform color and be located on certain areas of the body - on the paws, feet. By the nature of this bold, but non-aggressive dogs. The muzzle is round, eyes are not convex. The tail is cut by two thirds.

Griffon Breed Standard

FCI Standard №81 Belgian Griffon

Standard FC1 № 82 Small Brabancon

Country of origin: Belgium.

Date of publication of the actual original breed standard: 03/25/2003

Purpose: Little security dog ​​and companion dog.

FCI Classification: 9 FCI Group (Companion Dogs).

Section 3 (Small Belgian dogs). Without workers test.

  • Important proportions needed: The length of the body from the shoulder to the sciatic tubercles should be as close as possible to the height of the dog at the withers.
  • Behavior / Temperament: A well-balanced little dog, alert, self-respecting, very loyal to its owner, very wary. Not shy and not aggressive.
  • Head: The most characteristic feature of the breed and the most prominent. The head is rather large compared to the body and with an almost human expression. Griffon hair is hard, straight and tousled, it is longer around the eyes, cheekbones and on the chin.
    • Region of the skull: The skull is broad and rounded with a prominent forehead. Stop (transition from the forehead to the face): Clearly pronounced.
    • Muzzle area:
      • Nose: Black, wide, with wide open nostrils. Located on the same level with the eyes. The tip of the nose is deflected back so that when viewed from the side, the nose and forehead are in the same plane.
      • Muzzle: Very short, and should not exceed 1.5 cm in length. As for Maly Brabancon, his muzzle seems longer, since there is no longer hair on it. A non-snub muzzle in cases where the upper line of the nose is located below the eye line is a serious drawback.
      • Lips: Black, tight to each other. The upper lip is not saggy, and it covers the bottom. If the upper lip is too pendulous, it spoils the desired expression.
      • Jaw / Teeth: The lower jaw is curved upwards, wide, not pointed and protruding beyond the upper jaw, undershot. The incisors on each jaw should be located, forming a straight line, and so that the upper and lower are parallel to each other. The mouth should be tightly closed, and the teeth and tongue should not be visible. Very important is the width and prominence of the chin. Due care must be taken to ensure that all the cutters are included.
      • Eyes: Widely spaced, large, round, not protruding. Brown, but as dark as possible. Eyes at the edges should be black, and it is desirable that the proteins are not visible. Disadvantages are small, oval or light eyes.
      • Ears: Small, high set and with sufficient distance between them. Uncropped ears are semi-erect and hang down forward. Too big ears are not undesirable, as well as ears hanging on the side of the head. Cropped ears are pointed and standing. Cropped and uncropped ears are equally tolerated.

  • Neck: Medium length, harmoniously combined with shoulders.
  • Body: The length of the body is almost identical to the height at the withers, which creates the impression of a small, powerful dog with a square format. Withers: Slightly raised. Back: Straight, short, strong.
  • Loins: Short, muscular and only slightly arched.
  • Croup: Wide, straight and only slightly sloping.
  • Chest: Wide, well lowered to the elbows. The sternum is clearly expressed, which, when viewed from the side, gives the impression of a slightly protruding chest. The ribs are well sprung, but not barrel-shaped or flat.
  • Bottom line: The belly is slightly tucked up. Well defined groin line.
  • Tail: High set and raised up. The tail is cut at the level of two thirds of the length. The uncropped tail is pointing upwards. The tip of the tail is directed toward the back, but should not touch or curl. A serious disadvantage is a short, broken or curled tail.
  • Limbs:
    • Front limbs:
      • General appearance: The forelimbs are parallel to each other, with good bones and are rather wide apart.
      • Shoulders: Normal forelimb angles.
      • Elbows: Close to body.
      • Wrists: Strong.
      • Feet: Small, round, not turned outward or inward. Fingers tightly compressed. Spliced ​​fingers are undesirable. The pads are thick and as dark as possible. Claws should be black, or as dark as possible.

    • Rear limbs:
      • General view: The hind limbs are parallel to each other, with good bone. The corners of the hind limbs are balanced with the front.
      • Knee joint (knee): Sufficient angles of the knee joints.
      • Hock: Strongly lowered with a normal position.
      • Paws: See Forelimbs. Dewclaws on hind legs are undesirable.

  • Movement: Powerful, parallel movements of the limbs with good rear jolts. Movements with high elevation of the forelimbs and amble are disadvantages.
  • Wool:
    • Coat: The Brussels and Belgian Griffons are wire-haired dogs with undercoat. Wool hard, slightly wavy and not curly, which should be trimmed. In order to evaluate the structure of the coat, it must be of sufficient length. Слишком длинная шерсть, которая портит общий вид, нежелательна. Шелковистая или курчавая шерсть является серьезным недостатком. Малый Брабансон это короткошерстная собака с жесткой, прямой и блестящей шерстью, длина которой составляет, по (большей части, около 2 см.)
    • Усы и борода: Griffons' mustache and beard begin under the eyes and from ear to ear, covering the muzzle and cheekbones with thick hair that is longer than the hair on other parts of the body. Above the eyes, the coat should be longer than the coat on other parts of the head, forming the eyebrows.
  • Color:
    • Brussels Griffon: Red, reddish, small amount of black is allowed on the mustache and beard.
    • Belgian Griffon: Black and Black and Tan. Singed marks should be exactly that color. They are located in front of the forelimbs from the paws to the wrists and on the hind limbs from the paws to the hock joints. They are also found on the inner sides of the limbs, on the chest, on the cheekbones, on the chin, above the eyes, on the inner sides of the ears, under the tail, and around the anus. There is a mixture of black with reddish-brown color, which is allowed, but black or black and tan colors are preferable. Small Brabancon: The same colors are allowed in the Griffons. It has a dark mask. The presence of gray or gray on the mask in old dogs is not a disadvantage.
    • For all three breeds, a small amount of white hair on the chest is undesirable, but allowed.

  • Weight:
    It varies from 3.5 to 6 kg.
  • Defects: Any departure from the above points must be considered a defect. The seriousness of the relationship to the defect should be proportional to its degree.

    Defects leading to disqualification:

    • Temperament: aggressiveness or excessive shyness.
    • Lack of pigmentation on the nose. Any other pigmentation than black.
    • Visible tongue with closed mouth.
    • The curve of the lower jaw.
    • Upper jaw protruding above the lower.
    • Any other colors other than those described in the Standard, such as gray, blue and tan, brown and tan, liver.
    • Any white spots.
    • A dog clearly showing physical or mental abnormalities must be disqualified.

  • Note: Males should have two normal testicles completely descended into the scrotum.

Griffon Eating

There are two types of food suitable for a dog of this breed:

  1. industrial feed,
  2. natural freshly prepared food.

Industrial feed and canned food - the most balanced and convenient option for food. They save the host time and provide the pet with all the necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

If there is a desire and time allows, you can cook natural food. At the same time it is important to carefully draw up the ration taking into account all the needs of the dog.
This is best done with a breeder or veterinarian.

No pieces from the general table like sausage, candy, chips, chocolate, raw meat! All this can cause indigestion.

Griffon care and keeping dogs

  • Comb wool a couple of times a week is enough. It is better to use a brush with wide and strong teeth, this will help avoid tangle of wool.
  • Hardcore dogs need wipe the beard after eating, otherwise it will wipe it on surrounding objects.
  • Washed dogs of this breed are also infrequent - it is enough to do this every six months. For washing use shampoo designed specifically for the care of hard wool.
  • During bathing it is important not to allow water to enter the ears and eyes.
  • Moult griffons are mild; in view of this, dogs are forcibly plucked several times a year. Well, if this procedure is taught puppy from infancy.

Eyes, ears, teeth and claws

  • On eyes Griffons may have a certain amount of discharge, which is cleaned with clean cotton pads, moistened with warm water, or special means.
  • Ears clean one-percent solution of hydrogen peroxide once a week. No need to climb far into the auricle, it is enough to clear only visible areas. It is important in time to shear off the excess hair on the ears.
  • Once a month you need to cut claws. This rule works for both domestic dogs and those who are taken for walks. Even if the dog walks on the street, it is not enough to grind down the nail plate. This should be done very carefully in order not to affect the blood capillaries.
  • Monthly cutting off excess hair: near the genitals, anus, beard, ears, between the pads on the legs.
  • From childhood you need to teach a puppy to the procedure of cleaning of teeth. Regular cleaning of tooth enamel using a special brush, or even a regular cotton ball can prevent the appearance of plaque, stone and caries.

Anyone who doubts this, must necessarily meet with a representative of the breed. After talking with a gentle, intelligent, but at the same time capricious puppy, it becomes clear that it is impossible not to love griffons.

Dog training

  • It is necessary to start training and training from the age of 9-10 months. Earlier this age, the puppy is still quite small, which will be interested only in chewing on parental slippers or playing with the child. Fully focus on his attention will turn out only by the year.
  • Start better with the most simple commands. Training at the dog grounds and training of the griffons should be carried out in the absence of other dogs, as tall dogs do not always respond normally to such kids as Griffon.
  • Griffon has excellent musculature that needs to be developed properly. There is no need to torture a dog on training ladders two hours a day. Enough only a daily fifteen-minute run, in order to grow this athlete.
  • Small dogs love to walk, but after going for a walk, they realize that they are already tired, so they gently look to the owner in the eyes with a prayer to take them in their hands. Do not torment them with long walks. Sometimes 15 minutes is enough for them to enjoy the walking festivities. Fans of long walks with Griffon buy a bag-carrier, so that the dog was comfortable to be near the caring owner.

Griffon socialization

As already mentioned, the griffon is a companion dog and requires a lot of attention from the breeder. At the same time the breed is perfect for those who have small children in the family. A strong and cheerful animal will not let your baby get bored. However, the presence of good temper does not mean that we should neglect the upbringing.

Representatives of this breed love to be in the center of attention and receive a lot of affection, but if this is too much, they become capricious and naughty. To clearly define the boundaries you need to watch the dog. There are cases when a pampered griffon tries to establish supremacy over man.

Dog socialization should be taken care of since childhood. Education is especially important! If the breed of dogs Brussels Griffon has become your choice, be aware that this species is a bit more aggressive than others. He is unlikely to become a family animal, from the first days he will show affection to only one family member. The owner should take care that the dog established friendly relations with all close people. At first, it is necessary to encourage the puppy to play with the child, other adult family members should also contact with the animal, in every possible way showing affection and care.

While walking, do not separate the dog from the outside world, let it familiarize not only with nature, but also with passersby. So she will understand that people on the street will not harm her and will not show aggression in the future. Take care that strangers do not touch your pet. Despite the calm temper, the griffon can perceive such behavior as an attempt to attack or offend and rush to defend.

First you need purchase a harness or collar and a roulette leash. Such accessories must be meticulously selected in size so that the dog does not slip out of them during the walk. The collar should be fastened so that your two fingers could crawl under it in a buttoned condition.

If the walk is combined with the process of training, you should first give your pet plenty to run, giving him some physical activity and only then begin to work out the commands.

Vaccinations griffons

Vaccination is carried out from the following diseases:

  • plague of carnivores or distemper,
  • parvovirus enteritis - the pathogen parvovirus,
  • infectious hepatitis - hepadnavirus pathogen,
  • parainfluenza
  • rabies,
  • leptospirosis,
  • coronavirus,
  • trichophytosis.

When to do the first vaccination puppy?

  • The first vaccination of a puppy is carried out at the age of 2 months. Then after 2 to 3 weeks, a second vaccination (revaccination) is carried out depending on the vaccine. After that, the animal is vaccinated once a year. Vaccination against rabies is done once a year throughout the life of the animal.
  • If you are planning to travel with your griffon, then use the Nobivac Rabies vaccine for rabies vaccination. Also a rabies vaccination is required at trade shows.
  • Rabies vaccination should be done ONLY in government veterinary clinics.
  • Vaccination patterns for different manufacturers may vary slightly. Some manufacturers provide vaccination puppies earlier age. In this case, the number of vaccinations is increased by one.

How to vaccinate a puppy?

Before vaccination, he should examine the dog, measure its body temperature, and only if everything is normal, conduct an injection. Vaccination is put either in the neck or in the thigh of the dog. The entire composition of the affixed vaccinations by a veterinarian must enroll in a dog's passport. It also indicates the date of vaccination, then the owner himself will know the expected date of the next vaccination.

Griffon diseases, symptoms and treatment

Griffons have quite good health and with proper care they get sick quite rarely.

However, this breed has specific diseases associated with their unique skull structure.

  • Narrowing of the nostrils
  • Atrophy of the retina,
  • Extra eyelashes,
  • Cataract.

Griffons also happen often. complications during childbirth.

Mating griffons

During estrus, the griffon begins to urinate more frequently, its genitals swell, and small bleeding begins. It lasts a week. After this, the secretions will become mucous, and there comes a period when a griffon can happen. Although the dogs are small, but the process of mating should not be allowed to take its course. Make sure the process is successful. Sexual intercourse should last from 15 minutes to half an hour. In order for the conception to occur exactly, repeat the mating the next day. If a bitch does not allow a dog, then you need to give them more time for dating. You have to mast week.

Griffon pregnancy and childbirth

After the gryphon's mating occurred, a whole month can pass, and only then you will notice that her tummy has grown. A dog can behave absolutely familiar. If you do not notice anything further, you can take your pet to the vet.

If the mating of the griffin is successful and there is a pregnancy, then you can prepare.

If you do not have an aviary, you can purchase it. Now sold a small fence for the apartment.

When the dog begins to try, it will try to run away from the lounger to you, or to other family members on their knees. Especially often this happens during the first birth. But you have to get her back to the aviary. Let the one who is the closest to a dog from the family members will be next to her.

The case of griffin dogs is simple, but childbirth can be problematic due to the nervousness of the dog. therefore you need to reassure her in every way.

Puppies do not take, griffons have the necessary instincts for the care of offspring. After some time after giving birth, the young mother can be wiped with a wet sponge, then wiped dry, and go for a walk with her. If the griffon is not only accustomed to the street, but also meets the need for a tray or a diaper at home, then a walk is not necessary.

After giving birth, the bitch needs feed more often, up to 5–6 times a day. First, let's not heavy food: cereal, cottage cheese, kefir, vegetables, broths.

After a week, you can give everything, as before. Constantly make sure that the bowl of water is not empty. Mother without the need to take to the street can be no sooner than 2 weeks. If she does not want to, then you should wait. But this is only in the case when your pet has a toilet in the house. Especially indulge the bitch is not necessary. Griffons very quickly become naughty. Puppies start feeding after 1 month.

Various questions about the griffon breed

How to trim a griffon correctly? So that the dog always looks gorgeous, and its wool fully fulfilled its functions?

Griffon trimming 2-4 times a year. And the main indication for plucking is not the time factor, but the readiness of the dog's coat.

Your pet, of course, is time to trim if:

  • The coat on the body, head and legs is long enough
  • she is not so shiny and lost elasticity
  • easily plucked, and the dog does not really react to it

Trimming griffons - pets are most often carried out during natural seasonal moulting of dogs, i.e. spring and autumn. If the dog will take part in exhibitions, its processing is timed to them. After all, even a four-month pet obedosti will look very not presentable in the ring. Therefore, show dogs trim more often.

Before trimming a griffon, you need to comb it thoroughly. But to bathe a pet, especially with shampoo, on the eve of a pinch is not worth it. This will only make processing difficult.

How to trim a griffon so that it does not hurt?

  • First, exclusively in the direction of the growth of wool.
  • Secondly, the movement must be sharp, of sufficient strength. Third, do not grab too much wool in one pull.

  • They read trimming from the highest point of the griffon's neck and move towards the tail. As a result, we get a wide band on the neck and back of the dog. Then remove the wool from the sides, on the thighs and hind legs to the hock joints. At the same time, a small oblasty is left on the chest, groin and along the edge of the hind legs.
  • The tail and the area near it are more sensitive. Here apply a more gentle, manual trimming. And on the tip of the tail, the fur is literally pulled out along the hair. How to trim a griffon on the head? - Preferably by hand, without the aid of a knife. Start pinching from the eye line and move up (to the forehead) and to the sides (to the cheeks). Then process the throat. Do not touch the beard of a dog. As a rule, it differs in color and direction of wool growth.
  • Do not forget about the front paws of the dog. Here we pull the wool from top to bottom, leaving small feathering from the elbow joint to the metacarpus. Wool between pads trimmed with special scissors.
  • In conclusion, you need to machine to remove the hair inside the ear, on the nose and sticking out hairs near the eyes. Using scissors we trim the eyes, beard and make out the piping of the ear. We are milling the wool near the anus, making smooth transitions.

Unfortunately, many owners prefer to cut griffons. It's easier and faster. However, shorn wool does not just lose its appearance and is knocked out, but ceases to fully perform its protective functions.

Dog Brief

  • Other possible names: Belgian Griffon, Griffon Belge.
  • Adult growth: 18-20 cm
  • Weight: norm from 3.5 kg to 6 kg.
  • Types of griffons: Brussels Griffon, Belgian Griffon, Petit Brabancon.
  • Characteristic color: black or black and red.
  • Wool length: average, thick, coarse.
  • Lifespan: on average 12-15 years.
  • Breed advantages: sociable, funny, do not fade, get along with children and animals.
  • The complexity of the breed: there are often problems with eyes, lovers bark.
  • Average price: The Belgian Griffon can cost anywhere from $ 200 to $ 900.

The origin of the breed

All three types of griffons, namely the Brussels Griffon, Belgian Griffon and Petit Brabancon, belong to small Belgian dogs. It is not known exactly what breeds took part in their formation.

Initially, the Belgian griffons were long-haired and wire-haired, for which they were nicknamed "the little Belgian terrier with hard wool." Some sources claim that they all descended from the monkey pinscher or affen pinscher. And some believe that their ancestors were Yorkshire terriers, dwarf schnauzers and even pugs.

Most likely, it was the pugs who gave the griffons a round face with a snub nose and big eyes. But the fact that the griffons originated in Belgium and were favorites of the royal nobility in the XV century, is a confirmed fact.

They can often be found on the canvases of the time, because aristocratic ladies throughout Europe often used these dogs as decorative ornaments to their outfits.

One of the representatives of the breed was the favorite of the Serbian queen consort Draghi Obrenovic, with whom in the early twentieth century the devoted griffon saved lives.

She was afraid to be poisoned and before the meal she gave food to her little friend. Once the queen made no mistake in her speculation, and after one of these trials the dog died.

His first exhibition, which was held in Brussels, the Belgian griffons visited in 1880. But official The standard was only published in 1904. He tolerated changes several times, and the last edits were made in 1998 and 2003. These little snub-nosed dogs are recognized by international Kennel clubs, including FCI.

Breed destination

Besides the fact that the Belgian griffons served as a decorative ornament for the court ladies, they were also wonderful rat catchers. They were often kept at stables and other living quarters. One of the first names of the breed was the Griffons D’Ecurie, which meant “the stable Griffon”.

But the small size and unusual appearance did their job, and the griffon became an amusing lap dog, decorating any interior with its look, as well as a ladies' companion.He enjoys attending social events and exhibitions, where he proudly receives prizes and awards.

Description of the nature of the breed Belgian Griffon

Another name for griffons is “dog-policeman”. Served this their formidable look and serious look. In fact, they great cheerful good fellows. These dogs are lovers of play and will easily keep your child company. In relation to young children may be a little aggressive. They will not bite, of course, but indignantly to growl out is easy.

They are annoyed by excessive noise, annoying hugs and whims of the baby. Although they themselves often create vanity, and also love to eat at the slightest source of sound. But with other pets quickly become friends, but always try to take the place of the leader.

Aware of their superiority, the Belgian griffons are often arrogant, stubborn and wayward. These traits complicate their upbringing, despite the fact that by nature they smart enough and smart.

How to choose a puppy

Griffons do not belong to numerous breeds. In one litter, as a rule, up to three puppies are born, which are born using a cesarean section. Therefore, most often it is possible to acquire such a pet either in the nursery, or from breeders who are well acquainted with this breed.

As a rule, puppies are put up for sale. not earlier than 2.5-3 months. By this age, they are re-vaccinated, which will be indicated by a mark in the vet passport. In addition, they must be dewormed.

Belgian griffon puppies are square, stocky, sturdy with a large head and a short, pretty face. They are easily recognizable by a ragged nose with wide open nostrils. Black or black and red wool should be bright, slightly coarse and give a healthy shine.

Dog Nicknames

When a puppy appears in the house, the whole family begins to actively think about what to call it. But with purebred dogs, the situation is a little different. Until one month of age, all litter passes through activation, after which metrics are issued for puppies with an indication of their names, which are official and cannot be replaced.

Therefore, future owners do not have to wrestle with their pet’s name for a long time. But sometimes it is not very happy with the owners. In this case, the puppy can be given a daily, domestic nickname that will be pleasant to the ear and will be able to convey the character or behavior of the dog.

If you are lucky, and you have the right to participate in conferring a pedigree name on a puppy, here are some suitable options:

  • for boy - Neusen, Dendry, Dema, Greg, Arron, Fred, Brenton, Rog, Martin and others,
  • for girl “Holly, Suzy, Jamie, Stacy, Michel, Chundra, Emily, Felicia, and so on.”

Possible health problems

Most often, the Belgian griffons suffer from eye diseases, among which there is a cataract, progressive retinal atrophy, loss of the eyeball, as well as distichiasis (additional eyelashes). Some dogs have narrowed nostrils.

Quite often, all small breeds reveal hydrocephalus (cerebral edema). The physiological structure of the knots complicates childbirth, which takes place only in the presence of a veterinarian and with a caesarean section.

For any dog ​​there is a high risk of infection with viral infections. For their prevention, you need to regularly do the necessary vaccinations. Great harm to the immunity and digestion of the dog is caused by worms, in order to avoid which it is necessary to solder the pet with suitable preparations.

Griffons are pretty long live and delight their owners how much is measured by your pet depends on the correct content of the dog.

Eating puppy and adult dog

To ensure the full life of any dog need a balanced diet. An adult pet is fed twice and at the same time. Puppies are given smaller portions, but they are fed more often - four to five times. It should be noted that the griffons love to eat, and therefore they are easy to overfeed, which can provoke obesity.

The perfect combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients contain ready-made dry and canned food. This should be premium or super premium from proven manufacturers. Cheap species adversely affect the kidneys and other organs, up to the occurrence of cancer.

Natural feeding of the griffon must necessarily contain animal products rich in proteins. This is lean meat, including offal, sea fish (if large, then boneless), dairy products, as well as cartilage and sugar bones. The dog should get carbohydrates from cereals and vegetables.

Sausages and bakery products, smoked meats and sweets should be completely excluded. It is better to give the dog grated carrots with added oil or an apple.

Briefly about training and education

There may be some problems with the education of the intelligent and intelligent Belgian griffon. They are not in vain at the time called the little terriers. They very wayward and stubborn.

Training and education should start as early as possible in order to teach your pet to obedience. You will have to be patient and perseverance, as well as to show demanding and leadership qualities. Turn the training into a game and often show affection and praise.

Advantages and disadvantages of the breed

Funny belgian griffons very energetic and fun. They take pleasure in communicating with the owners and yearn, remaining alone. They like stroking, but annoying hugs. This is due to the fact that these dogs are independent and proud.

If you started a Belgian griffon, then you will not need a call. Your ringing pet will immediately notify you of the slightest rustling outside the door. These cute creatures are generally lovers of bark.

The big plus of such dogs is that they practically do not shed, and behind them do not need daily and time-consuming care. Unlike the same snub-nosed pugs, they do not snore. Decorative Belgian griffons are wonderful for keeping in an apartment and will become faithful and affectionate companions if you show love and tenderness to them.

Owner reviews

I just adore my naughty baby. This is just some kind of incredible miracle. My dear Charlie was very clever and very clean. It is true that sometimes he really wants to seem proud and independent, but it looks so funny from the outside.

My husband and I have no children, but there is a cat. So they with Charlik do not spill water at all. And sleep together, and eat from the same bowl. And you can’t look at their joint games without a smile.

That's just a snub-nosed loves to be alone. It is necessary to go out and close the door, as he immediately begins to whine and complain that everyone abandoned him. And when you return, it may even hurt to look and turn away.

I got such a dog for my birthday. Excellent breed for the apartment. And also these lovely and charming dogs can become a good friend for a girl and a woman who wants to feel like a lady with a dog.

But we have two problems. My Georzhik is very stubborn, and his eyes often hurt. In general, I am very pleased with this gift.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier great companion for single people and large families, an excellent companion for the growing up child and those who have very young children.

York is truly a natural friend who, from the first minutes of his appearance in the house, will join the host family and will soon fully adjust to their habits and rhythm of life. However, before acquiring a puppy of a breed, it is better to think about whether you can give this active creature everything that it requires?

Yorkshire Terrier is a miniature dog, but confident character breed does not correspond to its compact size. Yorkies, like many small breeds, feel at least several times larger than they really are. Although they are toi, they are real terriers by nature: bold, resolute, energetic and inquisitive.

This temperament will appeal to many active people, but not everyone can cope with it. An ill-mannered york will become a thunderstorm of owners and all local dogs who have not expressed proper respect for him, and the irrepressible energy and passion for adventure can at any time push the beast to their quest. Running after a cat or a bird while walking, digging holes in the garden or nibbling seedlings, tearing up pillows in the house or trying the taste of the wires of your computer - this “energetic” will not miss the opportunity to play pranks. Therefore, while walking, keep the leash stronger, and better engage in upbringing and training, to wean the animal from bad habits, calmly walk without a leash and at the same time know that the dog will execute any of your team one time.

Dog Nicknames: Griffon Names

Most people prefer to choose a short sonorous name for their dog.

You will have to pronounce the dog's name many times a day, and if it is too long, it will be tedious.

When choosing how to call the griffon, you can use two methods.

  • The first and easiest: open a list of the most appropriate names for this breed and choose the one you like best.
  • Second: pick up an unusual name from other sources, for example, from mythology or literature, to name a dog in honor of your favorite celebrity or invent your own exclusive name.

The cost of griffons - the price of puppies

  • If you want to buy the future winner of dog shows, the nursery is the only place to do it. The cost in this case and the Belgian and Brussels griffins, and the bird of Brabancon will be from 40,000 rubles.

It is advisable to take a dog after a complete change of teeth. Prior to this, the puppy's show prospects are very vague.

  • Pet-class griffin, that is, with noticeable deviations from the standard in appearance, not brilliant health, in the nursery you can buy for 25,000 rubles. And in the hands of such a copy is 12000-15000 rubles. It happens that a puppy is given away for free if the new owner is ready to treat him for a long time and to love him for what he is.
    • Belgian Griffons -
    • Brussels Griffons -


    Griffon is an ideal dog for both elderly couples and families with children.

    Of the many reviews of the griffon dog, it follows that kind and peaceful animals. They too quickly become the most beloved pets in the family. Whoever decides to buy a griffon dog never regrets about it. Next to such an animal, good mood is guaranteed forever.