Breeds of medium dogs with names, photographs and descriptions of character traits.


A group of medium-sized dogs is the most numerous, comprising about two hundred different breeds. Would you like to have such a pet at home, but you can not decide on the breed? Let's get acquainted with the most famous representatives of this group.

Australian Shepherd (Aussie)

These dogs are painted very bright and saturated. Height: 44-58 cm, weight: 12-20 kg. Energetic, smart, easy to train, not aggressive, balanced. They love to be close to the owner, good friends for children. This breed needs a lot of space and free range. Susceptible to kidney and eye diseases. Recommended feeding with natural feeds.

Australian Shepherd (Australian Healer)

Guard breed. Color blue, marble, red. Height: 43-51 cm, weight: 14-16 kg. In blue colors from eating vegetables with carotene, the undercoat becomes brown. A red, you need to add to the diet carrots. These reliable watchmen have a balanced character and endurance. Socialized to other animals. Subject to deafness.

Australian kelpie

It has a unique viewing angle, instant response, good sense of smell, so it can work as a lifeguard, shepherd or guide. This is a peace-loving dog. He loves children, is distinguished by patience and obedience, and is easily trained. Muzzle resembles a fox. Classic colors: black, red, tan, chocolate, smoky. Height: 46-51 cm, weight: 11-20 kg. The basis of nutrition is lean meat.

Alaskan Kli-Kai (Miniature Husky)

Fun, curious, smart and very active miniature copies of real Huskies. Height: 38–43 cm, weight: 7.3 - 10 kg. Acceptable color: white, black, gray and red with bright markings and a pattern on the face. Eye color: blue, brown, amber, but sometimes the eyes may be of a different color or colored 2 colors at a time.

Easily tolerate cold. In food unpretentious.

American indian

These dogs look like a sheepdog. Their height: 46-54 cm, weight: 11-21 kg. Colors: silver, golden, gray, brown, cream, black and white. There is spotting on the chest, paws and tip of the tail. The ends of the coat are darkened. Animals are sociable, intelligent, inquisitive, and independent. They are characterized by innate protective qualities. But physical activity for them should be moderate. Novice dog owners this breed will not work. In the diet unpretentious. Subject to diseases of the hip joints.

American Cocker Spaniel

The youngest representatives of hunting dogs. Very mobile and hardy, were bred for hunting birds. They resemble plush toys. Height from 35 to 39 cm, and weight from 7 to 11 kg. Standard colors: brown, red, black. Their main role is a companion. Susceptible to eye disease, so it is important to wash their eyes as often as possible.

American Pit Bull Terrier

For the animal is very important daily exercise, as they are prone to corpulence. Weight can vary from 12 to 40 kg, height - 38-42 cm. An important part of feeding is raw meat. Well tolerated content in the apartment, but sensitive to drafts and cold. Many foods cause allergies.

American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff)

Great bodyguards. These small powerful dogs possess incredible strength and well-developed musculature. Bold, active have a high level of intelligence. For children, good nannies and advocates. Growth from 44 to 50 cm, weight - 22-30 kg. Colors: black, brindle, cream monophonic, bicolor, spotted or pied. The main place in feeding is raw meat and meat products. Not insured against diseases of the eyes, joints and cancer problems.

American Foxhound

Dogs have a high height from 53 to 64 cm and weight about 35 kg. The most popular color is tricolor. A characteristic feature is the sonorous and melodious barking. It is difficult to train them, as they are independent and often ignore commands. Dogs are distinguished by excellent health, but they can not be overfed, they are prone to obesity.

English bulldog

Stubborn animals, poorly trainable, but love children and other pets. Inactive, keep them warm. Weight: 24-25 kg, height: 31-40 cm. Acceptable color: red with white, brindle with white, tiger-gray, red, yellow-brown. Eat English bulldog should be natural products or dry food. They have poor health, a short lifespan, they are difficult to teach to the toilet.

English Cocker Spaniel

Bird hunters. Mobile, cheerful, developed a sense of ownership in relation to their toys. English spaniels are larger than American ones. Growth of an adult individual - 38-41 cm, weight - 12-16 kg. The suit can be black, chal and spotty. A dog of this breed does not have a feeling of saturation, they must be strictly limited in food. Prone to retinal diseases.

Appenzeller Mountain Dog

These are freedom-loving companion dogs, keeping them on a chain is strictly prohibited. They are funny, energetic, fearless and hardy animals. Good shepherds and rescuers, reliable guards. Height at withers - 50-56 cm, weight - 22-32 kg. The coat is heavy and black with white and red. Well amenable to training. Suitable for active people who love sports, especially jogging.

Artesian-Norman Basset

Smart versatile hunter. She needs physical exertion, and if you walk a lot with her, she is quite suitable for a city apartment and family life. Although their growth is small, they are very bold. They love children. Do not conflict with cats. Weight about 15 kg, height at withers 25-36 cm. In general, a healthy breed, but possible diseases of the spine. Colors: bicolor - red with white, tricolor - red with black bonnet and white markings.

Basset hound

Self-sufficient animals with individuality, because of this, there are difficulties in education and training. The dog has short legs and a long body. Height - 33-38 cm, weight - 20-29 kg. The most common colors are tricolor (black and white in blush) and bicolor (red with white). The length of the body of the dog can cause spinal diseases. In the diet unpretentious.

Bedlington terrier

Externally, the dog looks like a lamb with a curly head. Calm, not a bully, but knows how to protect himself. He likes to run, play. Height at withers is about 41 cm. Weight: 8-10 kg. Colors: blue, chestnut, sand (with or without tan). These terriers need grooming and are prone to diseases such as copper toxicosis.

Bergamo Shepherd Dog (Bergamasko)

Smart and brave animals with beautiful character. They need space, so in the apartment they are better not to keep.

Animal height: 58-60 cm, weight from 30 to 38 kg. By coat color is gray with either stains of marble or black. Meat products should dominate the diet.

They have a fighting character, however, at the same time they are very good-natured animals and are distinguished by their tender attitude towards small children. Weight up to 30 kg, height - 60 cm. Color: single red or brown or brindle or spotted. Wool is very short, so the animal does not like the cold, and dampness can lead to rheumatism. Inherent heart disease. Diet: premium class feed.

Border Collie

The character is playful, cheerful, extremely mobile.

But despite the high level of intelligence, training is not easy. Height: 47-53 cm. Weight: 12-20.5 kg. Diet: natural or dry food. Subject to diseases of the hip joints, retinal atrophy.

Border terrier

These animals do not accept life on the chain, they undermine fences, they love to gnaw objects. In relation to other animals are aggressive. Height: 28-41 cm, weight: 5-7 kg. Hardcore breed. Color: fawn, red, "pepper and salt", gray. White spots are allowed on the chest, a mask is on the face. Have good health, rightly considered long-livers. Glutons, gain weight with ease. They need to walk for a long time and limit the amount of food.

Bearded collie

Have a funny look. Height: 51–56 cm, weight from 18 to 25 kg. They have a thick and long hair, it is very much, it is double and gives the dog excellent protection from the weather, but requires constant care. Acceptable color: gray, black and white or tan. Due to their beautiful character, they are the best companions, friendly, love to play. It is better to feed them with natural food or to follow a mixed diet. Sometimes they suffer from a disease of the hip joints, but in general have good health.

Bull terrier

They love the owners with all their heart. Poor tolerate lack of attention, do not like loneliness. In a family where there are small children they should not be taken, as they are too strong and sharp. The coat is short, so in winter, dogs need warm clothing. Height: 53-60 cm, weight: 23-38 kg. Color monophonic, spots are allowed. Due to the dominant nature of bad attitude to other pets. Strongly developed instinct of persecution. Congenital disease - deafness.

Wahtelhund (German Spaniel)

These dogs need constant training, they are easy to learn, have a good disposition, balanced and sociable. Poor loneliness. Height: 40-51 cm, weight: 20-30 kg. Color: brown or brown with white. The amount of meat in the diet should not be less than 50%. Susceptible to skin diseases, prone to otitis.

Dutch Spitz (Keeshond)

Funny and affectionate dogs. Very strong, despite the small size. Good guards. To train them is easy. Neat, washed paws, like cats. Love to play with children. Height: 43-55 cm, weight: 25-30 kg. Dress, like a wolf, with a black mask, the very tip of the tail and ears are also black, white “glasses” around the eyes. Among the representatives of this breed are long-livers. Prone to fat.

Hamilton Hound (Hamilton Stevare)

Very friendly and not aggressive, so they can not become a good guard. But at the same time they are wonderful hunters - bold and hardy, able to endure long transitions and have a wonderful scent. Children are treated patiently. They love to bark loudly. They eat even when they are not hungry, so the food after the meal should be immediately removed. Height: 46-60 cm, weight: 22-27 kg. Tri-color: black with red and white. May suffer from bone diseases and congenital heart disease.

West Siberian Like

Good hunter, guard and loyal friend. These dogs are absolutely fearless. They are independent and independent, but with close people are very affectionate and friendly. Quickly attached to the owner and bored at parting. They have a lot of energy, they just need constant movement and space. Height: 52–60 cm, weight: 18-25 kg. Color: black, white, wolfish, peebald, pepper with salt. Immunity is strong, but it is important not to overfeed the dog.

Golden retriever

Beautiful, active, very friendly and dedicated dog. Height: 51–61 cm, weight: 25–34 kg. Color: golden or cream. Wool is straight or slightly wavy.

Very fond of children. Perfectly trainable. Loneliness is badly tolerated and can get sick. It is important to comb the dog daily and take care of the eyes and ears.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Pretty intelligent and balanced animals. Good hunters and watchmen. Need physical exertion. Training is easy. Children love to new people are suspicious. Height: 43–48 cm, weight: male: 14-18 kg. Color: wheat. It is important to care for the coat and brush it regularly, so these terriers do not shed. Susceptible to eye diseases, allergies and hip joint inflammation.

Karelian-Finnish Laika (Finnish Spitz)

A bright representative of the hunting breed. Color: any shades of red. Height at the withers: 45–50 cm, weight: 12–15 kg. Cheerful, funny, freedom-loving and intelligent creatures with the makings of a leader. They are unpretentious and very hardy. Needs training and easy to train.

Insult can remember for a lifetime. In the diet should always be lean meat.

Karelian Bear

The best hunter among dogs of medium size, fearless, aggressive, but intelligent dog. He eats little, provided that half of the diet is meat. Height: 49-60 cm, weight: 17-28 kg. Color black with white spots on the paws, chest, head. The tail is rolled up with a white tip. Keeping a bear husky is recommended for experienced people. The dog has good health.

Kerry Blue Terrier

It has a very soft and thick coat and the same soft character. He is characterized by optimism and cheerfulness. Very energetic. Height: 46-49 cm, weight up to 18 kg. Color from dark steel to light silver. Puppies are born black, and blue color becomes 2-3 years old. Raw meat or fresh fish should be about 2/3 of the daily diet. Terriers have excellent health and strong immunity, very resistant to infections and rickets.

Kishu (Kishu Inu, Kishu-ken)

A rare breed of Spitz. Dogs are athletically developed, have a noble disposition, not noisy, brave hunters, watchmen and protectors. Easily carry heavy loads. Amenable to training bad, though smart. Emotions almost do not show. Height: 46-55 cm, weight: 13-27 kg. Color red, white or sesame. They have enviable health. Hereditary diseases are not detected.

Have a cheerful disposition. Show activity, flexibility, strength. Very fast run, elegant. In relation to other animals behave friendly. Good as a guardian for children. Height: 51-61 cm, weight: 18-34 kg. Color: sable, red, tricolor or blue. This is the most beautiful breed of dogs of medium size. In the absence of obvious allergies, dogs can eat both natural and industrial feed. Health is strong, but diseases of the hip joints can occur.

Mexican Nude (Xoloitzcuintle)

She has calmness, attentiveness and intelligence. The animal is not very mobile.

Color: black, gray, red, liver, bronze, golden. Growth of a standard individual - 35-58 cm, weight - 13.5-16 kg. There may be a tendency to early tooth loss, allergies, skin infections and medications. In the diet must be fruits and vegetables.


It looks like a completely peaceful dog with a sharp mind, stamina and increased activity. On walks can reach great speed. These are excellent watchdogs, which are also called rat catchers. Well amenable to training. But the rudeness in learning should not be shown, the dogs are very vindictive. Their wool often causes allergies. Height: 45-50 cm. Weight: 14-20 kg. Color black or "pepper and salt." Have good health.

German spitz big

Very friendly animals, get along well with children. They live in an apartment with cats and other pets. Easily trained. Very smart and affectionate. Height: 41-51 cm, weight: 15-18 kg. Color: white, chocolate and black, it is important that the wool had a uniform color. German Spitz has good health and heredity. Natural feeding is ideal for them.

Active, playful, cheerful creatures.

Height: 45-60 cm, weight: 15-30 kg. There are many colors: black, white, silver, chocolate, apricot and harlequin. Food: feed class "Premium" or natural. The main advantages of the poodle is that it does not shed and has a high life expectancy.

Russian Cocker Spaniel

Breed long-haired spaniels. Differ in strength, activity and perseverance. They are excellent swimmers and guards, easily tolerate heavy loads. Well amenable to training. Height: 36-44 cm, weight: 12-18 kg. A variety of colors is very large. Weak spot - eyes and ears, they require attentive care. Prone to weight gain.

Samoyed Like

Dogs have a high level of intelligence, are obedient, easy to train. Friendly, loyal, very affectionate animals with a balanced psyche. Good watchmen.

Average height: 53-57 cm. Weight: 23-30 kg. Very healthy, hardy dogs.

Siberian Husky

Large dog, although she eats a little. Differs in an unusual metabolism: it is capable to acquire fatty meat easily. The dog has a friendly and calm character.

Color can be almost anything. A characteristic feature is the presence of a mask around the eyes. Sizes from 50.5 to 60 cm, weight: 23-28 kg. Susceptible to eye diseases, they have increased blood clotting.

Whippet (Little English Greyhound)

Great hunter and companion. If the dog is given a large load, a lot of walking with it, then it can be kept in a city apartment. Smooth, so in late autumn and winter need warm clothing. Height: 45–47 cm, weight: 10–12 kg. Color is allowed any. Their ears are very soft and look like a flower. Health is good. They have no allergies, diseases of the joints. Feeding high quality dry food.


The dog is distinguished by elegance, it is agile and enduring. Remarkably endures heat and thirst, as it can retain fluid in the body and prevent overheating. He loves children. Great watchman. Growth in withers 50-60 cm, weight - 18-25 kg. Color: brown, black and white with multi-colored markings. Hereditary diseases of bones and blood are inherent in animals, therefore their diet should consist mainly of products rich in protein.

At the same time, their voice is powerful and sharp. Often they make a sound like a grunt. Very touchy and make it clear, refusing food and walks. Stubborn, in training difficult. Differ cleanliness. After the rain, the dog is not worth walking, they do not like to walk on wet. Height: 42-51 cm, weight: 20-32 kg. Allow 5 varieties of color: black, blue, red, cream, light brown. Склонны к аллергии на некоторые пищевые продукты.

The coat is short, brown color or mahogany color. Loves warmth. It is unacceptable to keep the dog on the chain, it can get sick or become aggressive. Excellent hunters, defenders and companions. By nature, the leaders, so do not get along with other pets. Do not fit inexperienced dog breeder. Height: 35-50 cm, weight: 15-25 kg. At least 1-2 times a week they need to give boneless sea fish.

Smart dogs with dignity. Despite their scowl of a muzzle, they are sociable. Neat. Suitable for maintenance in the apartment do not shed and have no smell. Suitable for experienced dog breeders. They require significant physical exertion. Height: 46-51 cm, weight: 18-25 kg. The colors are very diverse, but the main group has a black mask on the face and a black stripe along the spine. Subject to allergies, dermatitis, otitis media, joint diseases. They need constant monitoring of the health of veterinarians.

Very affectionate, non-aggressive dogs. They are excellent watchmen and love children very much. Intellect allows them to do without mandatory training. Adult height - 35-37 cm. Weight: 6-8 kg. Colors: tricolor, silver with spots, black and white, blue, marble. Suffer from bladder cancer. Feeding with natural products or dry food.

Shiba Inu (Sibu Inu)

Dogs have unique hunting qualities. Independent, smart, agile, emotional and friendly. Bark rarely. Height at the withers: 36-40 cm, weight: 8-10 kg. Color black, tan, brindle, white. Very clean. This is one of the healthiest dog breeds. Occasionally, they may get sick joints, but in a fairly mild form.

Estonian Hound

Gambling hunter, recommended for energetic, mobile people. Has a sharp mind, easy to train. Almost does not fade. These dogs need to be kept indoors, as the winter on the street, because of the short hair, they suffer very badly. Height: 42-52 kg, weight: 20-25 kg. The color is black, black, brown, red. There are no feeding patterns. Have a tendency to otitis, arthritis.

Overview of breeds of medium size with names

A common characteristic of medium sized dogs is weight, which can vary from 15 to 30 kilograms and an average height from 40 to 55 centimeters. Future owners should find out what breeds are included in the group of dogs of medium size. Article - a description of dog breeds with photos and names will give an idea of ​​the most popular ones.

Australian Cattle Dog (Australian healer)

Australian healer - dog with a blue, marble or red color. The peculiarity of the dog is the sensitivity of wool to food consumed.. So dogs of marble and blue color can not be fed vegetables with carotene, so that the wool does not get a red shade. Ginger dogs, on the contrary, are given a lot of carrots to make their wool brighter.

Australian healer belongs to the protected species. This is a reliable guard with a balanced character and devotion to the owner. Breed badly gets on with children and animals. Healer is among the ten most intelligent dogs.

American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel is the smallest hunting dog breed that is currently used primarily as a companion. It is an energetic, fun and friendly dog, sometimes wary of strangers.

Most of all, the American Cocker Spaniel loves communication with the owner and tries to carry out his commands. This natural feature is actively used in dog training, using praise as a reward. Breed loves active games with children. The American Cocker Spaniel may be contained in an apartment building, but it will require careful care for its long hair.

American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff)

Service dog, menacing in appearance, but surprisingly good-natured in nature. The breed is easy to train, because it always tries to please the owner. With proper training from the Staffordshire Terrier, an excellent bodyguard is obtained.

The dog is brave and very clever. However, with the wrong education, this fighting breed can become aggressive and dangerous not only for others, but also for the owner himself.

Amstaffs coat is short and easy to clean. A dog only needs to be combed with a stiff brush once a week. Staffordshire terrier needs regular active walks. During walks, the dog must be kept in a muzzle and on a leash.

English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is a hunting dog with good working qualities and a soft, loving character. The luxurious coat of a dog needs special care, preferably with the help of professionals.

The breed is well trained using positive motivation. Rude treatment in rearing is not permissible, as the dog is nervous and turns into a frightened and downtrodden creature. The English Cocker Spaniel needs daily walks, preferably with a change of places, so that the dog satisfies the hunting instincts and can explore the environment.

Wahtelhund (German Spaniel)

Vakhtelkhund - hunting breed of dogs, hardy and skillful assistant in the work on the game on water and land. This dog will be an excellent companion to any owner, thanks to the friendly, playful character. But experts recommend getting it just to hunters, because the working instincts of the breed are in the first place.

Without walking in the woods and using it for its intended purpose, the Vahtelhaend is bored and may even get depressed. The best place to keep the breed is a country house with a plot where the dog will be able to independently regulate the physical loads necessary for it.

Dutch Spitz (keeshond)

Keeshond (Wolf Spitz, Dutch Spitz) - smart, good-natured, sociable dog with thick, tough coat. Breed loves to be in the company of people, infinitely loyal to the family and ready to follow the owner anywhere. She is even called the master's shadow, so much she is attached to him.

Keeshond can perform the functions of a guard and watchman, notifying the appearance of strangers by loud and booming barking. Breed easily trained, but with the same success learns both good and bad. It is impossible to correct bad habits with a shout or cruelty: the dog will become fearful, nervous and start to behave destructively. Softness combined with perseverance is a tactic with which you can make an obedient and adequate pet out of the keeshond.

Hamilton Hound (Hamilton Steve)

Hamilton Stevare - smooth-haired breed of dogs of medium size (height 45-60 cm, weight 22-27kg). This is a brave, skillful and hardy hunter. Hamilton Hound never shows unmotivated aggression, easily learns the command, obediently executes them.

The guard of this breed will not work, because the dog treats strangers friendly. But if the Hamilton Hound feels threatened by the owner or family members, it will fearlessly defend itself. The breed is healthy, unpretentious in care and maintenance. In food, the breed is not picky and even has a very good appetite, so it is prone to fat.

West Siberian Like

West Siberian husky is a freedom-loving breed that cannot be kept for days in a locked room. This dog does not like to be alone - it causes stress in her and she reacts with endless barking. West Siberian Laika is emotional, feels the mood of the owner and can predict his desires.

The intelligence and natural mind of this dog allows you to teach her the rules of behavior in a short time. But she does not need classic training. Likely it is necessary to educate and teach, as it is still impossible to fully subordinate it to yourself.

Caring for a dog is not complicated, it is enough to comb it once every 1-2 weeks and a little more often during the molt. This breed is one of the most healthy and hardy, death from the diseases of this dog is extremely rare.

Irish Soft Coated Terrier

Dogs of this breed are energetic, brave, intelligent and infinitely loyal to the owner. A special feature of their character is the readiness for noisy games with children and the ability to lie quietly next to the owner when he is resting. The dog becomes calm after an active walk. A bored Irish soft-haired terrier becomes harmful and behaves aggressively.

A dog feels great in a rural or urban house, if you walk with it in time, feed it properly and provide proper care for your coat. Irish soft-haired terrier needs to be combed every 2-3 days, otherwise the wool will begin to fall. Bathing a dog often is not worth it.

Karelian-Finnish Laika (Finnish Spitz)

Looking at the photo of this dog, you might think that there is a fox in front of you: red hair, narrow muzzle and luxurious tail give a striking resemblance of a dog to this predator. Like many hunting breeds, the Karelian-Finnish husky is distinguished by intelligence and independent character. This is a good-natured, cheerful, active dog.

Finnish Spitz is a fan of bark, and this feature is worth considering if you have irritable neighbors. But with proper training, the dog can be taught to control his own emotions. The Karelian-Finnish Laika slowly matures, and puppy habits remain almost to old age. The dog needs space for running, games, so it is recommended to keep it in a country house.

Mexican Hairless Dog (Xoloitzcuintle)

An exotic breed, whose appearance is known to many only by photo. Such a naked dog will not please everyone; xoloitzcuintle has a lot of qualities that many traditional breeds could envy.

The Mexican hairless dog has soft, silky, delicate skin that literally exudes heat. Such a dog wants to hug, to cheer up. This breed is ideal for keeping in a multi-storey building: it is hypoallergenic due to the complete absence of wool, has healing properties, neat, loves children very much.

Mexican hairless dogs require special attention in terms of care. She needs to buy clothes for almost all seasons, care for delicate skin with the help of special cosmetics, brush her teeth every other day. Feed the dog must be special hypoallergenic feed.

Russian hunting spaniel

The Russian hunting spaniel is a descendant of an English Cocker Spaniel and an English Springer Spaniel. It is a hardy, active, dog with excellent scent, sharp mind. The Russian Spaniel is a loyal companion and friend of the hunter's host.

City dwellers should not build such a breed, as the dog needs increased physical exertion, walks through the woods. Without active walks, the dog will be bored, then a burst of energy will occur in a room where everything will be turned upside down.

All care for the Russian Spaniel's hair comes down to a rare combing. Despite the fact that the dog loves water, it is not recommended to bathe it. After a hunt and walks in the forest, be sure to inspect the pet's ears for the introduction of ticks.