The most expensive cat in the world


They have been living with a person for more than 10 millennia, independent and affectionate, fluffy and naked, big and small, tender and proud. Cats! They are a huge species diversity. But man is not enough, he cannot calm down and, constantly experimenting with their genome, breeds more and more new breeds. Some are so unique and unusual, rare and beautiful that they cost fabulous money.

Is this price always justified? This question is asked not only by cat lovers, but also by feline scientists. That they make up all sorts of ratings of pedigree cats. And the Top 10 of the most expensive among them, perhaps, is one of the most objective. After all, demand dictates supply. Or vice versa?

The content of the article:

Breed rarity

This factor can significantly affect the price of a kitten and raise it significantly. The principle of the price mechanism is obvious: the less often, the more expensive. For example, the most expensive breed today - savanna - is such not only because of its exotic beauty, the rarity of the litter, but also because of the difficulties in caring for newborn kittens.

Breed class

Important! Experts distinguish 3 main classes of purebred kittens. The most expensive - those that stand all breed standards and have a great exhibition potential. This is a show class.

The class below is the breed class. This is the average option: not great, but good enough. Breed-class kittens will also be expensive, because they are intended for breeding, and, therefore, carry a commercial potential.

The third class of pedigree kittens - pet class. They are not suitable for exhibitions or for breeding, as they have a "marriage" in appearance - some deviations from the standard of the breed, minor defects in development. The cost of pet kittens is significantly lower than their fellows - representatives of the show or breed class. But this makes them attractive in the eyes of those who are looking for just a nice friend, a pet, in whose veins flows noble blood.

Rare breed for breed

Also a significant factor playing with the price of increase. For example, a kitten of Scottish Fold breed of gold color will cost twice as much as its silver counterpart, just as the Abyssinian kittens of blue color or “faun” color are considered rare and therefore more expensive than sorrel and wild colors.

Extraordinary appearance

If there is something in the breed that is not found in other cats, the demand for such "exotic" also increases. An example is tailless Manx, tiger-colored toyger, odd-eyed kao-mani, curly laperms.

But this factor works until a competitor breed appears with a similar distinctive feature. For example, short-fingered kittens of the Munchkin breed cost from 45,000 rubles, but now other breeds have appeared with the same feature of the structure, and now felinologists predict a price reduction.

What is the price?

Do not think that growing animals in nurseries is very simple. Breeders spend a lot of effort and money to find a suitable (preferably titled) couple for making, make the necessary vaccinations, draw up documents. That is why it is impossible to determine which is the most expensive cat in the world, relying only on the popularity of the breed in society. The price of a pet is made up of a variety of conditions:

  • elite and titled club,
  • breed rarity
  • veterinary services,
  • rarity and color features,
  • compliance with the standards of international felinological organizations,
  • sometimes the sex of the animal,
  • personal merits of the cat (participation in exhibitions of different levels),
  • character,
  • age.

Attention! Among the 10 most expensive cats you can find not only representatives of the “old” breeds, but also absolutely “new” ones.

Most expensive cats top 10

Signs of luxury can be not only decorations, luxury homes, yachts and cars. Some pets cost so much that not everyone can get such a pet in their home! The most expensive breeds of cats are estimated at between a few hundred and tens of thousands of dollars! Often you can admire such miracles only in video and photos. Next, consider some pets proudly wearing the title of "the most expensive cat in the world."

Devon Rex - animals with a very unusual, as if fabulous, appearance. In cats, received in the 60s of the last century, very short curly hair, beautifully iridescent in the light. The thin graceful body is decorated with huge ears and large expressive eyes. These hypo-allergenic pets have a good mind and easily learn commands and tricks. The price for one animal in different nurseries ranges from $ 400 to $ 1,200.

Russian blue

Russian blue - not only one of the most famous and sought-after short-haired breeds, but also one of the most elite. their unusual fur coat, which has a bluish tint, expressive green eyes captivate anyone. Depending on the nursery, color saturation and richness of the pedigree, the price of an animal ranges from 400 to 2000 dollars.

Serengeti as a breed was formed relatively recently, in 1994. Pets, resembling miniature wild savannah predators, have a rather large muscular build, spotted color, elongated graceful legs and wide triangular ears. Serengeti - one of the few breeds belonging to the group of "the most expensive cats in the world." The price for an animal, depending on the nursery, varies from 600 to 2000 dollars.

Elves are novices among recognized breeds. These cats with a truly fabulous appearance were bred in 2006. Big azure eyes, the absence of a fur coat and large curved ears won the hearts of people around the world. This breed is rare, as there are very few kennels involved in its breeding. Elf, though not the most expensive cat in the world, its price is by no means small. For one animal nurseries require 1000-2000 dollars.

Toygers are real home mini-tigers. Despite its name, animals of this breed have rather large body sizes (usual weight is 7-10 kilograms!). Officially, they were recognized in 2007, but are already widely known. The most expensive cat in the world from striped toygerov can cost $ 3000!

American curl

The American Curl shares the sixth place with the Toyger for the title of “the most expensive breed of cat”. Many people are familiar with the photos, which depict pets with unusual bulged ears. Despite its fame, remarkable Curls are one of the most rare and sought-after breeds of cats. The price for such a pet is quite high: from 1500 to 3000 dollars, in accordance with the coloring, nursery and pedigree.

Attention! Even the most expensive cat breed in the world requires the same attention from its owner and breeder. Also, before purchasing a pet, make sure that you have received all the necessary vaccinations, it has been issued vetpasport.

Bengal cat

At first glance, Bengal cats are real wild hunters. This effect creates an unusual leopard color coat of the animal. Their majestic image and proud look combined with a very mischievous character, love of communication and games. The price for such a beauty is from 2000 to 4000 dollars.

Attention! Before buying an expensive animal do not believe low prices! Representatives of elite breeds can not cost a little. Perhaps the animal is not purebred, or only looks like the one for whom it is given. Do not buy "purebred cats" from private hands on ads. It is better to contact the nurseries, where you can check the genealogy of the parents of the future pet.

Safari is a very rare breed of cats, obtained by mixing a geoffroy cat from South America and an ordinary domestic cat. A rather large animal in adulthood can exceed 11 kilograms in weight! An unusual pet inherited the beautiful color of the wild ancestor and the affection of the home. Among the breeds of hybrids registered officially, safaris are the most good-natured and playful. The most expensive cat is worth 8 thousand dollars!

Kao Mani is recognized as the most ancient breed of domestic cats. Pets appeared in the Thai kingdom several centuries ago. Kao-mani lived exclusively in royal families and were revered as sacred creatures. Snow-white cats according to legend brought happiness, luck and wealth to their masters. By breed standards, it is assumed that the eyes of kao-mani are yellow, azure or even multi-colored. The price for a gorgeous and incredibly intelligent pet is 7-10 thousand dollars.

Among all the breeds, chausi is considered the rarest. These pets are made by mixing an Abyssinian cat with a caracal or a marsh trot. The first representatives were received in the 60s of the last century, but so far their breeding is considered difficult. The weight of an adult animal, depending on gender, can reach 4-8 kilograms. Chausi has a slender, flexible body, long legs and large ears with cute tassels at the ends. Individuals of the first generation (that is, direct descendants of wild predators) are especially valued. The price for a kitten is usually 8-11 thousand dollars, but to find a nursery that deals with this breed is incredibly difficult.

Savannah is the most expensive cat in the world. Photos of these beautiful animals can only cause admiration. Savannas are descendants of an African wild serval and an ordinary cat. The height of the spotted beauties can reach 60 centimeters, and the weight - 15 kilograms, which makes them the biggest purrs. Savannah love walking on the street, games, jogging and swimming, happy to communicate with people. They get along well with other pets, love to nurse with children. Based on the generation, sex and titula, the price of an animal is 6-22 thousand dollars!

Among the most expensive pets there are a lot of interesting representatives of the cat kingdom. Some animals have a rich history, others - breathtaking appearance, and others - combine the blood of wild ancestors. All of them will be loving family members and will gladly please their masters!

Canadian sphinx

This breed has somewhat passed its position. These are very unusual animals. Today the breed is well known and widely distributed. However, in the ranking of "The most expensive cat", it ranks only eighth place.

Sphynx - very affectionate and kind animal. Lack of wool somewhat adjusts the care of the cat, but it does not make it harder than in the case of an ordinary pet. You can buy a kitten for 400 - 2500 $. The price range is explained by the presence or absence of an animal pedigree, the merits of its parents, a rare color.

Russian Blue Breed

This beauty is a true citizen. She is not at all confused by the enclosed space and the absence of walks in the fresh air. She easily compensates for these shortcomings, "walking" at the open window or on the balcony. It is much more important for her to communicate with the owners, although if they are very busy and long absent, she will find something to do. This animal could get the title of "The most expensive cat", but for now it is given the seventh place in the ranking. Kittens of this breed cost from 400 to 3000 $.

The most expensive domestic cats have taken this tailless beauty into their small "team". It is this distinctive feature that makes her unusual and attractive to many animal lovers. Cats of the Manx breed can either have no tail (“ramp”) at all, or it is partially absent (“stumpy”, having a tail in 2-3 vertebrae). To date, Manx confidently occupies the sixth step of the rating.

The breed is bred on the Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea. The price of this overseas beauty is from $ 500 to $ 4000.

Petersburg Sphinx

Peterbalds (this is also what these amazing animals are called) confidently bypassed many foreign challengers and were placed on the fifth line of the rating. These are cheerful, active, graceful and very affectionate cats. Breeds, prices for sphinxes are well known to Russian lovers of these animals. They are loved for a soft, flexible temper and a great affection for the owner.

This breed appeared after crossing the Don Sphynx with an Oriental Shorthair cat. The price of a small sphinx ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000.

Persian cat

This breed is well known all over the world. Russians also love her for her beautiful appearance, aristocratic manners, and friendly character. Probably many would say that this is the most expensive cat in the world. However, it is not. For now, she is ranked fourth in the ranking. If the kitten is born from winners of various international exhibitions, then its price can reach $ 5500.

At the beginning of the XXI century, a certain company Lifestyle Pets presented a cat to the world that does not cause allergies. She was given a sonorous name - Allerk's hypoallergenic cat. The cost of cats of this "breed" was quite high - $ 5,000 - $ 6,000. The scandal broke out pretty quickly. The reason for it was that the company just came up with a breed. The court began to receive complaints from owners of allergies. Around the same time, the same company "bred" another expensive breed - Ashera, which in reality turned out to be savannah.