Rare animals of Russia and the world


In the 20th century, fifty new, previously unknown to modern science animal species were discovered by scientists of the world. At the same time, 100 others living on our planet have completely disappeared from the face of the earth. Only 25 species of mammals had already lost the planet by 1960. People, without thinking about the future of the wildlife of the Earth, barbarously destroyed animals. In this article we will present to you a far from complete (rather, a small part of it) list of rare animals of the world that have been threatened with complete extinction.

Rare animals from the Red Book

Unfortunately, there are many animals on Earth, the number of which is rapidly falling. The human factor and natural phenomena affect the reduction of populations of many species. Rare animals from the Red Book need special care and protection. We will introduce you to only a small part of such species.


Besides the fact that it is a very rare representative of the fauna of the planet, it is one of the most beautiful in its family. Such a spider lives in the tropical forests of India. He builds his houses in the branches of tall trees. Young individuals settle at the roots, where they dig minks, weaving them with cobwebs. Sensing danger, they immediately hide in holes.

Beak-breasted turtle

Many rare and unusual animals of the world were on the verge of extinction. For example, this rare species of endangered land turtles. They were declared by the IUCN Commission as the most vulnerable animal species. Today, such a turtle can be found only on a small part of the island of Madagascar. The density of these animals does not exceed 5 individuals per square kilometer.


These sharks are rare and endangered animals of the world. Specialists they are known under the name European squat. They can still be found in the seas of the Atlantic, temperate and hot belts. Representatives of this type of shark due to enlarged abdominal and pectoral fins resemble stingrays. Most often they live at the bottom of the ocean and prefer to eat flatfish.

Northern Longhair Wombat

This endangered species is the rarest species on our planet. Today, there is only one very small population left on Earth, living in Australia.

Scientists consider the negative changes in the environment to be the cause of the catastrophic decrease in their numbers. In addition, wombats are a favorite dingo dog treat.

Wombats live in meadows with lush grass, in eucalyptus forests and loose soil.

Boobal Hunter

Better known as chirola, this mammal is listed in the Red Book as a species threatened with extinction. It lives in northern Kenya and southern Somalia.

The animal has a long body (up to 205 cm) and limbs. The muzzle is also elongated, with a prominent forehead. The neck is short. Height at withers 125 cm, weight on average about 110 kg.

Wool is colored brown or gray. The tail and ears are white. Between the eyes is a white line. Curved horns are thin. Their length is about 70 cm.

Fine-toothed sawmill

This is a fish belonging to the family of half-eared rays, listed in the Red Book as being on the verge of extinction.

The total length of adults exceeds 3 meters. The maximum length, which was registered by scientists, was 6.5 meters, weight - 600 kilograms. Olive color with a greenish tinge, white belly. The pectoral fins are wide, triangular in shape.

Tonkin Rhinopithecus

These rare animals from the family of monkeys are on the verge of extinction. Already at the beginning of the last century, their range was limited. Representatives of this species were found only in the forest near the Song Coy River (Vietnam). At the present time, the thin rhinopytoids are found in several provinces of Vietnam.

The diet of these animals are young bamboo shoots, leaves, fruits.

Rinopithecus live in special family groups. They consist of a male and several females with calves. Groups of up to 15 animals.

Sumatran rhino

The smallest rhinoceros of its family. Its size is much inferior to all other rhinos. In withers its height is 112 cm, length is 236 cm, weight is from 800 to 2000 kg. Sumatran rhinos have 2 horns. The nasal length is 15-25 cm, the second horn is underdeveloped. Most of the body is covered with reddish-brown hair.

Inhabits the animal in the mountain secondary forests, tropical wetlands and forests.

Spotted marten

In the Red Book, this species (having a second name - tiger cat) is listed as vulnerable.

This is the second largest marsupial predator (after the Tasmanian devil). One of the largest marsupial predators living in Australia. Nowadays, this animal can be found in two populations - in North Queensland (Australia) and on the east coast, from South Queensland to Tasmania.

Filipino spotted deer

This rare animal has a golden color. White spots are scattered on the main background. The spotted deer lives in tropical forests on the islands of the Philippine archipelago. Only recently, this animal was able to shoot on film. The main enemy of a deer is a wolf. Most animals die in March and April. This is the time when deer are greatly weakened by wintering.

Florida puma

Today the topic of our conversation was very rare animals of the world. These are undoubtedly the Florida cougar. She is on the verge of extinction. This is the rarest subspecies of pumas. In 2014, their number on Earth was just over 100 individuals, and in the 70s, this figure dropped to 20.

This type of cougar lives in the swamps and forests of South Florida (USA), mainly in protected areas. The number of these animals began to fall after draining the marshes and as a result of uncontrolled sport hunting.

Angora rabbit

This is a representative of the oldest breed of rabbits, which is named after the capital of Turkey - Ankara. These charming animals look like a fluffy cloud with ears. In the 18th century, the Angora rabbits were very popular pets in the upper strata of French society.

A mole living in North America amazes with its unusual meaty nose. It has 22 moving pink tentacles on its muzzle. They are very sensitive, and are used by animals as peculiar antennas. In addition, this mole has scaly paws and a thick, water-repellent tail in which fat is collected.

Mammal from the order of half monkeys. Very similar to a rodent. It has black-brown wool, a long tail and long slender fingers, with which ah-ay extracts food from the bark of trees.

The weight of the animal is about 3 kg, the body length does not exceed 35 cm. The tail can reach a length of 60 cm.

Striped tenrek

Many jokingly call this animal a mixture of a bumblebee and a hedgehog. Indeed, such a similarity is well visible. The animal has an elongated muzzle, with a yellow stripe along the nose. His head is decorated with a crown, which consists of long and sharp needles. Many spines are scattered throughout the body, along with thick black wool. This animal lives in Madagascar.

These relatives of piranhas have an awesome look. This is facilitated by the presence of human teeth. Paku eat nuts and plants, but there have been cases of attacks on people.

These rare animals of the world are known under the second name - giraffe gazelle. This is an extremely rare type of antelope with a long neck. They inhabit the deserts of eastern Africa. A long neck helps her reach leaves that grow quite high.

These are birds that can't fly. Cassowals are very dangerous, as they very desperately protect their own territory, and at danger they can cruelly crack down on the enemy with claws as sharp as a razor blade. Birds can reach two meters in height.

The oldest mammal on Earth, who lived on our planet with woolly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers 250,000 years ago. For a long time they were considered extinct, but now they are often called living minerals.

Serpentine turtle

When people ask us: “Which animals are rare?”, It is rather difficult to answer in monosyllables, because today there are many such species. For example, snake turtle. When you look at this animal, it seems that someone missed a snake through a turtle. She has a neck so long that she cannot draw her into a protective shell.

Octopus Dumbo

This amazing animal looks very much like Dumbo's flying baby elephant - the famous Disney cartoon character. He has very funny “ears” of enormous size, which stick out on both sides of the head. These are actually fins. It lives in the Tasman Sea at a depth of about 4,000 meters. Its dimensions do not exceed 10 cm.

The rare animals of the world, whose photos we have posted in this article, are not always very attractive in appearance. An example of this is the nose. This is a monkey living in the tropics of Borneo. Nasach males are considered the largest monkeys in Asia. Their fleshy and large nose turned these animals into very funny creatures.

Top 10 most rare animals in the world

As already noted, the rarest animals of the world are in most cases on the verge of extinction. Many species have long been considered extinct, but were re-discovered through the efforts of scientists. Others are so rare that their habits and lifestyle are a mystery to researchers today. If a person does not make significant efforts, our descendants will not be able to see these animals.

Bushmen hare

The rarest species of hares. He lives in the Curry Desert, in South Africa. It has a silky and dense fur, gray on top, reddish on each side, and completely white on the bottom. On the back of the head is a red spot. The ears are very long. Brown fluffy tail. The male weighs about 1.5 kg, and the female - 1.8 kg. Body length reaches 47 cm.

The number of these animals does not exceed 500 individuals. In the Red Book, they have the status of "in critical condition."

Amur tiger

It is the largest of all types of tigers. He lives in Russia, in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories. This tiger (in our opinion) could lead the rating "Rare beautiful animals of the world."

This is the only subspecies that has a thick (5 cm) layer of fat on the belly, protecting the animal from the piercing wind in severe frosts. The body length of the male is 3.8 meters, the females are a bit smaller. Height 115 cm, weight about 200 kg.

Cuban crackle

An animal that feeds on mollusks, insects and plant fruits. Its numbers began to decline sharply in the 19th century, when cats introduced by humans, mongooses and dogs appeared in Cuba. Researchers are looking for ways to save the man from the basement in relocating him to islands in the vicinity of Cuba that are not occupied by man.

Mountain couscous

The marsupial was originally from Australia, until 1966 it was familiar to scientists only from fossil remains. Fortunately, live animals were found on the ski base in Melbourne. This small animal resembles a mouse. Its size does not exceed 13 cm, and the weight is 60 grams.

Large predator belonging to the cat family. Distributed in the mountains of Central Asia.

This is a very beautiful animal with a long thin flexible body, somewhat shortish legs, a small head and a very long tail. Together with him, the length of the animal reaches 230 cm, weight 55 kg.

The fur is thick, the color is light smoky gray with solid dark and ring-shaped spots. The number of snow leopards today is very small.

Red wolf

This animal has suffered greatly from the prejudices of US farmers, where it lives. In their opinion, the wolf is the source of all their troubles. However, these findings were greatly exaggerated. Mass extermination led to the complete extinction of these animals. Of the three previously existing subspecies, two have already disappeared, only one remains. By the beginning of the XXI century, the population size is limited to 270 individuals.

Protenhina Attenborough number 9

It was discovered in New Guinea. This is the smallest type of prozhid. Its length is not more than 30 cm. Scientists examined only one specimen of the animal, which was discovered in 1961. For more than 50 years, researchers believed that the species was finally lost. Only in 2007 were found traces and burrows of the animal.

Chinese river dolphin

This is the rarest animal in the world. River dolphin is the national treasure of China. It lives in the Yangtze River. Since 1983, this mammal hunting is prohibited. According to researchers, the number of river dolphins in recent years has declined. Today, according to various data, these animals range from 5 to 13 individuals, and there are real fears that this species will disappear within the next decade. In captivity, these beautiful animals do not breed.

Registration List

Natural phenomena as well as the human factor influence the reduction of the number of these representatives of the fauna. Some rare animals are still found in their habitats, while others can only be seen in nature reserves or zoos. There are some species that are currently lacking accurate information. No one knows if they are extinct or still exist.

All the rare animals of the world are listed in the sections of the International Red Book. In addition, many countries have developed and implemented programs to save endangered populations living in their territory. Let's get acquainted with the list, which includes the 10 most rare animals found on our planet.

Haitian Scratch

These rare animals are similar to their Cuban relatives. Differences consist only in size and color. These animals are much smaller than Cuban alkalis and have a lighter coat. The body of adult individuals in length is 28-35 cm. The dwelling of this animal is a peculiar system of tunnels. Swarming their moves, fangs, cause irreparable damage to the root system of trees.

Like the Cuban, the Haitian cracktooth is on the verge of extinction. As for the exact figure, scientists cannot name it, but in the Red Book animals are presented as an endangered species.

Chinese river dolphin

This is an almost extinct mammal living in the water element. Previously, the river Chinese dolphin was common in the central-eastern part of China. The animal has a light bluish-gray body color and a white belly. On the back of the dolphin is fin, which looks like a flag. Today, its habitat is the Yangtze River, as well as the lower course of the Qiantang River. It is also found in two lakes in China. This is Poyang and Dongting. The animal is living by day, feeding mainly on shellfish, eels and small fish.

Chinese dolphins have no natural enemies. The population is on the verge of complete extinction due to poaching catches, as well as due to death from collisions with ships and water pollution. Today, the number of species decreased to thirty individuals.

New Zealand bat

This mammal is on the fourth step of the rating. The New Zealand bat belongs to the squad of bats. The uniqueness of this animal is that, unlike its fellows, it leads a terrestrial lifestyle.

The length of the body of the animal is in the range of six to eight centimeters, and the mass of the individual often does not reach thirty-five grams. This species can be found only in New Zealand and on Stewart Island.

These bats dig their homes in the ground with sharp teeth. Sometimes for the equipment of burrows are used tree trunks. The mouse shows its activity in the evening twilight and at night, feeding on insects, pollen and nectar.

In former times, this population was quite numerous. However, after the Europeans moved to New Zealand, the beast had its worst enemies - martens, cats, rats, etc. This led to a reduction in the number of the species by ninety-eight percent.

Western Prochid

This animal is in third place in the ranking, which includes the rarest representatives of the fauna. The habitat of this species is New Guinea. The animal reaches a length of eighty centimeters, and the weight of individual individuals ranges from five to ten kilograms. The echidna is covered with wool (except for the sides and back, where the spines are located). The animal breeds by laying eggs. Western project is included in the Red Book. In her, she is listed as a threatened species.

Endangered species that inhabit the territory of the Russian Federation

Consider what rare plants and animals are listed in the Red Book of Russia. All species listed below are on the verge of extinction. Who are they - rare animals of Russia?

1. Mountain, or red wolf. The body of this animal reaches a length of one meter. The weight of an individual ranges from twelve to twenty one kilograms. Externally, the red wolf looks like a fox. Some hunters confuse this beast with a red cheat and shoot it en masse. This is the main reason for the disappearance of the population, the few representatives of which can still be found in the Far Eastern regions. 2. Horse Przhevalsky. There are about 2000 representatives of this species on the entire planet. It is interesting that in the early nineties of the last century several individuals of the Przhevalsky horse were released not far from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant into the exclusion zone. Currently, about a hundred specimens live in this area.

3. Amur Goral. Ruminant cloven-hoofed animal. Its habitat is Primorsky Krai. Амурские горалы предпочитают жить и передвигаться небольшими группами по шесть-восемь особей. На территории России в настоящее время насчитывается около 700 экземпляров этого редкого животного.

4. Амурский тигр. Это не только невероятно редкий, но и красивый вид. На брюхе у этого тигра расположен слой жира толщиной в 5 см. Он защищает животное от морозов.

Домашние животные

Many people prefer to have some pet, like a cat or a dog, living next to them. However, some want to have something exotic in their homes. For example, it can be rare species of animals or a manual rat.

There are animals that are difficult to call domestic. This, for example, is an albino python. However, there are people who prefer to see him as a pet. This exotic python grows to two meters. He is very picky about living conditions.

The list of "Rare Pets" is a black palm cockatoo. In captivity, he mostly lives only in zoos. At home it is difficult to keep it. The bird easily bites the five-millimeter bars of the metal mesh.

One of the few representatives of the animal world listed in the Red Book, which can be acquired legally, is the Japanese snow macaque.

Rare animals that occur as pets are the following: Bengal cat and hyacinth parrot, chimpanzee and Bengal albino tiger, as well as a representative of the most powerful dogs on the planet - the Tibetan mastiff.