How to care for a dog? Dogs: maintenance and care


It will take time for the puppy to master the new place. He needs to figure out what is dangerous and what things do not pose a threat to life and health. You must help him with this. Your initial task is to not allow the puppy to do something that will subsequently be prohibited to the adult dog. It is easier to do this immediately than wean.

There are also some basic rules to follow.

Your dog must have its place in the house. Some dog breeders are negative to the cage. But the cage is the perfect option "dog apartment." If the area allows, it is better to get the cage of the largest size. There you can place a bowl of water, sunbed, toys. And in childhood there is enough space for a “toilet”. Dogs are very fond of cages or enclosures, where you can hide from worldly vanity and excessive child caress.

It is necessary to feed a dog correctly, but not food from a table. She may have intolerance to spices and other ingredients. It is better to use a special food that will help pick up the vet. If you want your dog to live long and be healthy, do not feed it with cheap economy class feeds. In these feeds there are very few nutrients and the dog needs to eat cheap food much more than a higher grade. In the end, and you will not save, and the dog will not benefit.

From an early age train the dog and educate. In this matter, it is better not to engage in amateur activities, but to turn to an experienced instructor. Each dog requires an individual approach, which instructor will help you determine.

It is necessary to walk the dog. To accustom to this need immediately after you have made her vaccination. Prior to this, it is better to keep the dog at home. Walking is very useful for the health of the dog, and for yours.

You need to brush your pet's teeth regularly. Dogs do not like this procedure very much, so they should be taught gradually, starting from once a week. Then you need to brush your teeth daily. You need to clean it with a special paste and brush, which you can easily buy at pet stores.

At least once every six months, the dog must be bathed. You can use only special products for dogs.

The dog must be surrounded by care, attention and love. You need to play with her, talk.

Puppies love to gnaw everything, so make sure that he does not fall into the path of dangerous objects, small rags, coins, medicines. Get rid of poisonous plants for dogs.

In order for a puppy to have no time to spoil things and furniture, buy a few special toys for him. Dogs are very fond of sinewy bones. They are inexpensive and useful for both teeth and mood.

Which dog is like you

When you are faced with a choice of which puppy to buy, it is very important not to make a mistake when making a decision. Which dog do you dream? Sheepdog (Eastern European, German, Caucasian, Central Asian), black terrier, Moscow watchdog, St. Bernard, commander and many other huge shaggy dogs are, of course, very beautiful, strong and able to faithfully serve and protect their owners, but they are absolutely not suitable for content in the apartment. They live best on the street, in the courtyard of a private house or cottage.

Well, what about people living in ordinary apartments? For them, there are other breeds of dogs. For the apartment, mainly suitable decorative dogs: pugs, poodles, Italian greyhound, Yorkshire terriers, Chihuahuas, Cocker Spaniels, as well as many companion dogs, for example, Labrador or Dalmatian. In the apartment you can keep dogs belonging to the official breeds: boxers, Dobermans, rottweilers. They have short hair, and life outside during the cold season is quite problematic for such dogs.

Another serious question when choosing a four-pet - can you cope with a strong animal? Many were convinced by their own bitter experience that love and affectionate attitude towards a four-footed friend alone is not enough for a large, physically strong dog to begin to obey all host commands implicitly. Remember, if you are not able to win real authority from a dog, you will not be able to control its behavior with an absolute guarantee. And this may lead to a variety of troubles - from the inability to cut his claws or remove from the mouth bone picked up by animals on the street, to passers-by bitten on the street. A big dog is a big responsibility!

Sometimes people search the Internet for the test "Which dog suits me" and completely rely on its results. It is hardly necessary to blindly trust such tests, they can rather be attributed to an auxiliary tool or even to games or jokes. Often, people incorrectly answer test questions and therefore can get answers that are absolutely not relevant to the truth. In the event that you find it difficult to make your own decision, it is best to contact a professional dog handler, he will indeed be able to give practical recommendations and will conduct his own test. "Which dog suits me?" - This is a question that should be asked to a specialist, and not the Internet.

Your story about how to care for a dog, we will start with what you have to do every day several times a day - with its feeding. Much depends on proper nutrition: the health of your pet, its activity and cheerfulness. Advertising strongly advises to regale dogs and cats with exceptionally dry food. Of course, it is very convenient for the owners - you do not need to constantly buy food, cook special food for the animal, have all the vitamins, nutritional elements, etc. in dry food.

But the vets are not so well-disposed towards these feeds. If the diet of the dog will always consist of only dry granules, then over time it may begin to have problems with the stomach. Your pet may have gastritis and an ulcer. To feed a dog with what the whole family eats is also not the case! For an animal it is best to cook separately. It is advisable that the following foods be included in the dog's diet:

  • Raw meat and liver (scar, lung, etc.), if not every day, then at least sometimes.
  • Vegetables and greens (carrots, cucumbers, beets, zucchini, cabbage, bell pepper, parsley, dill, etc.).
  • Dairy products (cottage cheese, kefir).
  • Porridge from oats, buckwheat, rice with the addition of meat.

It is necessary to feed the animal at least 2 times a day: the first time - after the morning walk, and the second - after the evening. Portion sizes should be determined based on the weight of the dog and its activity. Small breeds of dogs are eaten, naturally, many times smaller than large ones. Try not to overfeed your beloved pet! Overweight for dogs is just as harmful and undesirable as it is for humans.

Dog walk

The next thing dog owners should do every day is walk their pets in the morning, afternoon and evening. But not everyone can provide animals with a three-day walk. Often the working owners are limited only to the morning and evening walk. This is not very good for the dog, but it can get used to and tolerate such a regime normally. It must be remembered that the animal should not just be brought out "to the toilet", it is necessary to really walk and play with it. This is especially true of young dogs. Try to get out with them for the city or the park, where they could have plenty to run.

Keeping dogs in an apartment building is complicated by the fact that they have to be taken out for a walk in the courtyard and the nearby streets, i.e. where children play and in general is full of people. The dog must be on a leash, and on large animals prone to aggression you need to wear a muzzle. And another thing: in Russia, unfortunately, it is somehow not customary to clean up after their four-legged satellites during the walk. Therefore, most urban lawns are thoroughly crap. Think about the people around you, take a scoop and package for a walk with your dog, as pet owners do in most other countries.


Now let's talk about how to care for a dog that has long and thick hair. Collies, bobtails, terriers, shepherds need to be combed from time to time. This is especially necessary to do during periods of seasonal molting: in spring and autumn. These breeds have a fluffy undercoat, which, if not combed out in time, begins to fall into untidy mats. It is possible to get rid of them only with the help of scissors. To brush a pet, purchase a special brush that you can buy at the pet store.

But not only long-haired dogs need grooming. Labradors, for example, are also recommended to regularly comb out, because they also shed. It is very easy to care for Airedale Terrier hair. These animals are not subject to molting at all. All that is required of the owners is a periodic (once every several months) procedure for plucking out regrown hairs (trimming).

The grooming of a poodle dog may require a visit by a professional groomer - this is the name of the person who is grooming dogs. Overgrown poodles do not look very beautiful, but, trimmed according to all canons of dog fashion, they have a simply chic look. Special care is required for Yorkshire terriers. Their fur is similar in structure to human hair, which is why it is salted rather quickly and tangled. Therefore, such dogs must be bathed, carefully combed, trimmed.

Should I wash my dog ​​after a walk?

How to care for a dog if it lives in an apartment and comes from a walk wet and dirty? Do I need to wash it with soap or shampoo? To begin with, frequent washing of dogs is unacceptable (except for yorkies), this can break the fatty protective layer of the skin and cause diseases such as dermatitis or eczema. But sometimes you have to wash the dog. In these cases, you need to use only zooshampuni and in any case not to use their own hygiene products. Try to ensure that the number of bathing your pet does not exceed several times a year.

To protect the dog's hair from pollution during a walk, use protective overalls. Surely you have repeatedly seen how in the autumn slush of dogs walking in beautiful overalls. Mostly they are dressed like this not for the sake of beauty, but for protection from dirt and cold.

Special care after walking require paws. They must be washed or at least thoroughly cleaned each time they return from the street. Especially you need to be attentive to the paws of the animal in the winter. Public services at this time of the year spill special reagents on the streets, which can cause severe irritation on the paw pads. To protect your dog from such misfortune, wash its paw properly.

Flea and tick treatment

Fleas and ticks are able to pick up any dog ​​breeds. There is nothing good for a house if the dog becomes a "flea". These small blood-sucking parasites, who arrived in your home, hiding in the pet's fur, will gladly settle in various places: on carpets, under plinths, in furniture. They will bite not only the dog, but all family members. On the suffering of the animal and can not speak! When a dog is attacked by a flea, it literally loses its rest, because the bites of these insects are very painful and cause unbearable itching.

And ticks, which are activated in nature at the end of each spring, can even cause severe pet disease that can lead to his death. To avoid all these troubles, it is possible and necessary to use various insecticidal agents, which include:

  • Drops against ticks and fleas (applied to the withers of the dog).
  • Special protective collars.
  • Shampoo
  • Aerosols.

The most effective, versatile and reliable way to protect the dog from fleas and ticks should be considered drops applied to withers. They provide the animal with a sufficiently long protection - up to 2 months, which is quite capable of helping the dog happily survive the dangerous season. You can buy Frontline, Bars, Advantix, etc. in our stores. Before using this or that drug, be sure to read the instructions carefully.

Care for ears and teeth

Dog ears and teeth need care and attention as much as wool. The usual care for the dog's ears should consist of their periodic cleaning from sulfur accumulation with a dry cotton swab. Special lotions for cleaning dog ears are available, a cotton swab can be moistened with them. Healthy ears do not need treatment drops with anti-inflammatory or anti-tick effect. But if the veterinarian, upon examination, finds that the animal is infected with an ear mite, he will definitely prescribe such drugs.

Dog breeds for the apartment - Chihuahua, Yorkshire terriers, pugs, etc. Decorative dogs are quite fragile in health. So, with long walks in cold and windy weather, they can start otitis (ear inflammation). Watch your pet carefully: if the dog constantly shakes his head, scratches his ear and during the inspection you see that it is red inside, then do not waste time, immediately show the animal to a specialist. In some breeds, for example, in poodles, otitis can occur due to the presence of hair in the ears, which gradually collects and absorbs water and dirt, thereby provoking inflammation. Take it a rule to remove hairs from dog ears, you can use tweezers for this. Just do it with caution so as not to hurt the dog.

Now I want to say a few words about the dog's teeth care. In order for the pet's teeth to be healthy and strong, it is very important to treat them carefully from a puppyhood age. Make sure your puppy's diet has the right amount of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. To this end, it is very good to give the young dog calcined cottage cheese and special mineral additives: "Glucosamine", "Beafar". The hardness of the teeth and the strength of the jaws contribute to the products that the dog must gnaw (carrots, cabbage stalks, crackers, large beef bones). If you have an adult dog you notice plaque on your teeth, you can brush them with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Techka a dog - the rules of care

Twice a year, bitches have a chute that lasts 21-28 days. At this time, the owners have to be extremely attentive to the animal. The dog becomes restless and during the walk can run away in search of adventure, if it is not fastened to the leash. Do not allow your "girl" to communicate with street dogs, as this is fraught with unplanned viscous.

It is better to postpone bathing during this period, since An infection can easily enter the genitals of the animal. So that the dog becomes quieter in physiological terms and less like to communicate with males, try to play with it more and practice physical activities, but look, do not overdo it. To maintain cleanliness in the apartment, you can wear special hygienic panties for dogs, which are sold in pet stores.


In order to protect the fourfold friend from such dangerous diseases as the plague of carnivores, leptospirosis, hepatitis, parvovirosis, pyroplasmosis and rabies, it is necessary to do prophylactic vaccinations annually. Comprehensive vaccines have recommended themselves well: Nobivac (produced in the Netherlands), Eurican (France). Which drug to choose, you will be prompted in a veterinary clinic. An experienced veterinarian before vaccination should check whether the animal is healthy and whether it can be given this or that vaccine.

The first vaccination is carried out when the puppy is 4-6 weeks old. But the further scheme of vaccinations should appoint a specialist. A special topic is how to care for a dog before and after vaccination. Approximately 10 days before the vaccination, veterinarians advise to treat the animal against worms. For this purpose, you can use one of the anthelmintic drugs: Prazitsid, Drontal Plus, Prokox, Kanikantel Plus, Pratel, Poliverkan. After vaccination, the dog may feel slightly unwell. There is nothing terrible in it, it is not a disease, the animal’s bad state of health will soon pass by itself. But the owner must take into account that immunity from the diseases against which the vaccine was given is produced in approximately 10-15 days. During this period, the animal is especially vulnerable, you need to carefully protect it from colds and from communicating with other dogs.

Training and behavior adjustment

There are breeds dogs, which necessarily need to be trained. These include shepherd dogs, rottweilers, boxers, Dobermans and many others. Your four-legged friend should be able to execute commands of the owner, without it he can be dangerous both for the people around him and for your family members, including children. Almost in every city there are training clubs where you can sign up for group or individual lessons with dog handlers.

Many believe that small ornamental dogs do not need to be trained, but this is not quite so. Даже такие небольшие животные, содержащиеся в городской квартире, способны причинять беспокойство соседям, да и самим хозяевам. Например, собака может, находясь дома одна, весь день отчаянно лаять. Такое поведение требует корректировки и консультации кинолога.

Если питомец занемог

It is best to avoid serious diseases of your dog. The maintenance and care should be impeccable, in this case there are more chances that the pet will live its doglike age without any problems. Always watch the dog carefully. If you suddenly notice that the dog has become somehow sluggish, his appetite has disappeared, there is a disorder in his stool, etc., measure his temperature (to do this, insert a thermometer into the anus). Normally, it should not be more than 39 ° C. If this indicator is exceeded - this means that the animal is sick and needs the help of a veterinarian. However, many serious diseases can occur without fever, so always focus on the behavior of the animal. It is better to be safe and show a healthy dog ​​specialist than to miss the first symptoms of a serious illness.

Care of a dog: that it is necessary to know a novice breeder

How to organize care for a dog? The main points of procedures and activities that must be performed to ensure a healthy and fulfilling life of your pet.

A cute yappy pet is a cherished dream of many children and adults. Is it not wonderful when you are always met by a joyful and playful four-legged friend at home? And how interesting it is to play and walk with him! But the animal in the house is not only joyful moments of communication, but a great responsibility. Caring for a dog involves a whole range of different procedures and activities. Therefore, before deciding on such a “replenishment” of your family, you should find out the main aspects of keeping a pet.

Walking a domestic dog

Quality dog ​​care is also a regular walk in the fresh air. Especially if the pet is large and has a powerful skeleton with the same muscles. So large breeds need a long walking. And if a little chi hua-hua is enough for a few minutes in the air, then the German shepherd will require several hours of attention of its owner. Dog training is also needed. It should teach her basic teams accustom to the kennel and the bowl. For more meaningful results, you can contact a professional canine for help.

Gums and teeth care

If the dog’s teeth are not cleaned, then food particles, proteins, saliva will form a dense coating on them. With the assistance of microbes in saliva, this plaque hardens over time and turns into tartar — yellowish deposits on the teeth along the edge of the gums. It provokes the development of pathological processes, destruction and loss of a tooth. Therefore, caring for a dog must necessarily include oral hygiene procedures. It is recommended to clean regularly, using a special brush that is put on the finger, and a special paste.

Proper nutrition - is a pledge of cheerfulness of the dog, the presence of healthy and shiny hair, strong teeth. The diet should be depending on the breed and size of the pet.

Basic rules for feeding a dog:
1. Availability of fresh water in free access. The dog should drink water as soon as it wants, especially in hot weather. Dehydration is much worse than hunger.
2. Feed the pet preferably on a schedule at the same time. This will determine the amount of food needed for one feeding, and teach the dog to a particular mode. Free food (when access to food is constantly) is fraught with obesity.
3. Feed must contain high quality ingredients. You can alternate the factory food with food for dogs of their own preparation, but in moderation.

The owner must visually assess the condition of the animal - if the dog is exhausted and its ribs are visible, then the food is clearly not enough. If the ribs are not felt under the skin, then the diet should be revised and the portions should be reduced.

Claw care

This procedure involves trimming the claws of an animal. It is necessary for the dog to walk normally, because too long claws dig into soft tissues and hurt the pet. This can lead to problems with joints and limping. Claw care is best trusted by professionals who, with the help of special tools, will perform manipulations quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Medical procedures

In order for the animal to live as long as possible, you need to take care of regular veterinary care. The doctor conducts a physical examination, takes blood and feces for tests.

What does a dog need:
• Regular deworming, tick and flea prevention.
• Obtaining mandatory vaccinations - for rabies, hepatitis, distemper.
• Castration or sterilization, which helps to avoid unwanted pregnancy and behavioral and health problems of the animal.

But the most important thing in caring for a dog is a manifestation of love and care for it. After all, even very tasty food and the best shampoo will not replace the pet of warmth and affection. Therefore, before deciding to take such a step, it is worthwhile to decide whether you are ready for the appearance of another full-fledged family member in the house?

How to teach a dog to care?

To hygienic procedures were not stressful for you, and your dog, you need to teach her to care since childhood. The beast must obey you and obey. If you do not pay enough attention to raising a pet, it will probably become a serious problem. After all, a dog, even a small one, has teeth, and with improper upbringing, it can use them against you. There are two methods to teach to obey the will of the owner: some love the owner's praise, others eat.

You can use both, but physically you can never be punished. You run the risk of spoiling the dog's psyche, and it may become inadequate. Such animals are called aggressively shy. When they sense danger, they attack their masters. It is very difficult, and in some cases impossible, to correct the neuropsychic activity of such an animal.

Every time you want to make some manipulations with the dog, do it not intrusive - gradually. For example, when cleaning the ears. Summon your pet to yourself, stroke it, touch the ears with your hand, massage it. If he resists, do not insist, postpone the session until the next time. Increase contact time and variety of effects. Give a sniff, and explore auxiliary tool. Always with the right reaction, praise the dog, give it something delicious.

So gradually your friend should understand that you and your actions do not pose any danger to him. Naturally for each dog its own individual time to get used to. It depends on the contact of the owner with your pet. The principle applies to all procedures: bathing, washing paws, clipping claws, brushing ears and teeth. You should always be attentive and observant to your pet. In time to notice, if something is wrong - sometimes serious diseases will prevent it.

Dog ears

Different breeds of dogs have their own shape, length and hairline ears - you need to take care of them in different ways. Usually, healthy auricles do not need to be cleaned and are rarely cleaned by many ankles. Inside the sink is covered with small hairs that protect from dirt and dust. Do not once again perform the manipulation, as they are jammed and do not fulfill their purpose. Water procedures should be carried out so that water does not get into the ear. Excess moisture also contributes to the development of acute otitis. It happens that pets are infected with ear mites.

If we need this procedure, then it should be carried out correctly. There are special lotions that help soften and remove pollution from the external auricle. All drugs used to clean the ear canal should be heated to the body temperature of the dog - 38–39 degrees. The patient’s head is held, it is necessary to completely fill the ear with a means and massage its base for better penetration inside. Then the dog is released, it shakes its head, and naturally removes the accumulated dirt. Leftovers are wiped with a clean cotton pad upwards. The procedure must be repeated until the ear is clean.

In some long-haired breeds, the auricle is very thickly overgrown with long hair, which changes and accumulates, clogs the ear canal. Therefore, you need to periodically pluck hairs. If you simply cut with scissors, they will grow thicker and thicker, then sulfur will accumulate inside, there will be poor ventilation, and ear diseases may occur. To slightly anesthetize this procedure, you first need to apply a special powder to clean the ears, and then remove the hairs.

If the dog is sick with acute otitis, or has caught an ear mite, then it is better not to engage in self-treatment. You can not correctly diagnose and assign the necessary procedures. You do not have the experience and the appropriate tools for this. It is better to go to a veterinary clinic to an experienced doctor.

Eye care

Some breeds have a special structure of the eye sockets (on the roll out) and they require individual care. For example, such breeds as a pug and a pekinese. They need to regularly wipe and bury eyes with special pharmacy tools. Ensure that dirt and dust do not enter them. Eyes are always wiped toward the inner corner, holding the pet's head. If the dog sour eyes or in them because of the ingress of dirt and dust appear discharge, then the first tool may be wiping the pet's eyes with strong tea brewing. The temperature of the solution should be at room temperature. At the slightest suspicion of something serious, consult a doctor in a veterinary clinic.

Dog claws care

When a dog walks while walking does not grind off its claws, they grow long and need to be trimmed. If left as they are, they can bring a lot of inconvenience, deliver unpleasant injuries and even change the dog’s gait. Ordinary scissors for people can not do it. In the pet store you need to buy special kogterezy for dogs. There are crescent (for large and hard claws), or guillotine (for flexible and thin claws). The tool must be proven well-known manufacturers, otherwise the scissors may not be of high quality, stratify claws, or simply break quickly.

How to properly conduct this procedure? When cutting the claws, it is very important not to touch the vessel, otherwise blood will flow and the patient will be hurt. In this case it is better not to reach it. If you doubt how much you need to cut, then first remove no more than three millimeters, and if necessary, repeat again. There are some owners who themselves are afraid to carry out such manipulations, well, then you have a direct road to specialists.

Methods for the prevention of dental diseases

Very many pets suffer from diseases of the mouth and teeth with age.

For the prevention of the development of these diseases, it is necessary to regularly conduct appropriate, quite simple procedures:

    tooth brushing with toothpaste

gum treatment with special medicines,

proper balanced nutrition

  • availability of a range of toys intended for mechanical action on the oral cavity.

  • It is recommended to brush your teeth at least once or twice a week. To do this, you must purchase a special brush and edible paste for dogs. Now the diversity of these funds is not a deficit. In specialized pet stores you will be advised and will help you buy everything you need for your pet. Pastes and brushes are not suitable for people. Human paste consists of a complex chemical composition with which an animal may be poisoned. Brush for people hard pile - there is a risk to injure the gums of the animal and bring infection.

    In the technique of execution, the procedure itself is simple. Pendulum-like translational movements are made, starting from the central teeth and ending with chewing. Rinsing with water is not required because the pasta is edible for pets. Gum treatment can be done by douching or wiping with cotton pads and sticks. Selection of funds conducts a veterinarian.

    Equally important for the prevention of tartar plays a well-chosen, balanced, individual for a particular animal diet. If the pet is prone to such diseases it is better to feed it with solid food. When a dog absorbs solid food particles, a mechanical impact is exerted on the teeth - this contributes to the removal of plaque. At the same time, the gums are massaged to prevent periodontal disease.

    To prevent teeth and gum problems, it is very important what your home friend is having fun with. Many ignore this moment. When an animal plays with fragments of trees, too hard objects, it risks stoking it faster, even breaking teeth, and getting injuries to the mouth.

    Specialized items for fun will not bring unpleasant damage, but rather will be very useful. Professionals, through careful research, have invented many toys and delicious treats for the prevention of dental diseases. These funds should only be known manufacturers.

    Bath rules and dog grooming

    In order for the dog's coat to look neat and beautiful, it needs to be washed regularly. This is a simple procedure, but it must be done correctly. Basically, the frequency of bathing depends on the time of year and the type of coat your pet. In the cold season, this is rarely done, and puppies or pregnant bitches, only for urgent need. Well, if you look at it, on average, the bathing operation is performed approximately once every four months, before showing at the exhibition, after estrus, or when your “filthy” just got dirty. In the warm season, you can pamper your pet with a swim in the lake or river.

    Before the procedure, the dog is walked, and as it should be, combed out. Fill the container with warm water no higher than 30–35 degrees to the level of a pet’s belly. To prevent moisture from entering the ears of the animal, they are capped with a cotton swab. Special shampoos for dogs are diluted with water and applied in the direction from tail to head on a damp coat, the muzzle is left alone. Then all the dirty foam is thoroughly washed under a flowing stream of water. After washing, the excess moisture from the dog is well soaked with a cotton towel, and sent to a warm place without drafts on the litter for further drying. Some owners dry their pets with a hair dryer, but it is also necessary to gradually accustom the animal to this.


    Dogs have a smooth tongue, not like cats with rough papillae, which perform the function of a brush. They themselves can not remove excess dead wool, and the owners should assist their pets. This procedure is carried out with all dogs, regardless of the length of the coat.

    It is required to comb the dog: during the period of molting, to get rid of excess dead hair, get rid of the accumulated dirt particles, to evenly distribute the grease on the coat, prevent the formation of tangles, a kind of massage is carried out.

    Auxiliary tool for the manipulation is selected individually, depending on the type of coat your pet. For short-haired dogs without undercoat perfect special rubber glove-comb or brush with thick natural bristles. Long-haired pets - a brush with iron teeth, to unravel the tangles and how to comb through the wool. For dogs with a very thick undercoat, it is better to get a comb-pucherku. Pet combed out only in the direction of hair growth, starting with the head and ending with the tail. You can carry out this procedure on a walk, it will save you from unnecessary housekeeping.

    There are breeds of dogs with very long and thick, soft and tough, and even curly hair. She tangles, closes her eyes, and in summer the animal is hot. In the dirty and matted coat, parasites start up faster. Therefore, the pet must be cut. Hard-haired four-legged dogs on the exterior set to trim - pull out wool. As a rule, no one will do a better grooming specialist.

    The main types of haircuts and trimming for dog breeds:

      Clipperwerk - the shortest haircut. It is cut by means of the electric machine, both in a direction, and against wool.

    Flashback - wool must be the same length. It is performed by an electric machine or scissors.

    Top notes - The coat in the head, paws, and tail is longer. The hair on the head is pinned with hairpins or with rubber bands collected in the tails.

    Blending - smooth transitions are cut between long and short hair. Cut with thinning shears.

    Show trim - multi-stage hairstyle only for shows. It is carried out exclusively by grummers.

    Stripping - trimming for hairless dogs, done with a special knife. Before the procedure, the dog is combed out and plucked wool in the direction of its growth.

  • Clapping - pluck hair using the index and thumb.

  • Walking the dog and accessories

      Walking the dogs. Caring for your pet includes everyday walks, on average, two, three times a day. The duration of the walk depends on the breed, the sex of the pet, his preferences and the time of the owner. Охотничьи и гончие породы нуждаются в более долгих «вылазках» на воздух — им нужно много движения. Например, если борзая или легавая собака не будет много бегать, у нее просто будет лишний вес. Таксы или спаниели, проведя мало времени без игр на улице могут выть около двери. Маленьким, декоративным питомцам достаточно только справить нужду.Males of all breeds need to walk longer than bitches due to the peculiarities of the structure of the genitourinary system.

  • Clothing. In their minimal wardrobe, some four-legged friends also need because of the characteristics of their exterior. Dachshunds (or similar short-haired breeds), squat animals with short paws and no undercoat, in cold and slushy seasons of the year, in order to avoid catching a cold, they need a warm fur coat. The body and the paws of bare crested cods are not covered with hair at all - what about them without clothes? In the rainy season, any dog ​​can be worn in protective clothing from dirt, so that then once again it does not bathe. There are also pet shoes, usually small breeds.

  • Dog Vaccination and Therapy Procedures

      Vaccination dogs. Be sure to do a comprehensive vaccination. It will protect it from very many diseases, and even if the animal gets infected, the symptoms of the disease will appear in a milder form. Vaccination is carried out once a year. A week before vaccination, a four-legged pet needs to get rid of worms.

  • Antiparasitic procedures. As the animal walks on the street, it is necessary to perform pro-helminth manipulations regularly, once every three months. When the warm season comes, various parasites are activated, especially ticks. The bloodsucker is very dangerous, it is a carrier of very serious diseases. Some dogs that were bitten by these parasites even died. Therefore, in the fall, summer, and spring, the dog must be treated with special means for fleas and ticks.

  • You can read more about dog care rules here:

    Zaza will not love me any better

    It is easier to care for cats than for dogs, but friendship with the latter, alas, is many times more valuable and useful! I love all animals, but I don’t feel much trepidation towards dogs. After all, taking care of them requires a lot: you have to get up at 6 in the morning and hurry home in the evening to walk, wash your paws after each walk, etc. In addition, they need a lot of space and serious dog training. In general, continuous works and nerves.

    But one day, walking with a friend in the company of his friendly Labrador, I strongly doubted my “animal preferences”! A friend seasoned it with a categorical statement.

    He said that he would never marry, because no one would love Zaza better: when I leave for work in the morning, she escorts me to the gate, and when I return, I sit under them and follow the trail in the snow and her dead paw, she did not move from her place until my arrival.

    How to care for dogs: 3 whales

    But before you get yourself such a devoted friend, be well prepared by finding out all the details of the answer to the question "how to care for a dog at home." It rests on three pillars: walking, grooming and washing. In this case there are general requirements, and there are features of caring for a dog according to its breed. For example, taking care of a chihuahua is necessary given the fact that she has a weak gastrointestinal tract.

    Love as a child

    After giving birth, the mother dog is very reverently caring for its brood. Puppies receive a lot of attention, comprehensive love and care. So when you take your baby to you, then at first you have to be healthy to compensate for the weaning from your mother by careful care. Otherwise, the puppy may become sad and even sick. In addition, thanks to the caress of a new family member quickly get used to your home and get used to the new, first alarming, environment.

    How to care for a dog: wool is thick and shiny as silk

    In order for your dog to look good and be healthy, you need to carefully care for its fur from an early age. At the same time, remember that puppies have very thin and sensitive skin. Therefore, and also because they do not shed very intensively - comb them gently, carefully and not much zealous. After all, otherwise your baby may be irritated.

    In addition, there are breeds of dogs, which even in adulthood are rather fragile and tender. Those loved by most chihuahuas! Frequent scratching is even harmful to them, and haircuts are generally contraindicated. But this does not mean that little dogs are very easy to care for.

    Yes, you need to spend a lot of time to well comb out the adult shepherd weighing a widow more than yours. But with a capricious chihuahuashka much more hassle in terms of nutrition. In vain among the average people common stereotype: a big dog - a big trouble, and a small - a chunk. Everyone has their own nuances.

    With light steam, gentlemen dogs!

    As for bathing, frequent washing is undesirable for dogs. Separate breeds should be washed in general only in exceptional cases. This is bad for the skin and coat of your pet. The dog undercoat contains special fat, which is washed out in this way.

    On average, doggie should be bathed once a month. Of course, this does not apply to the paws - they must be washed, as a person’s hands, after each walk.

    If your dog has a thick long coat, then the shampoo for washing it should be chosen accordingly. In other cases, it is better to use ordinary soap, because chemical solutions, even expensive ones, do not always have a decent quality and can harm. But natural laundry soap the risk of all sorts of irritations reduces to zero. And remember: you should not comb the wet dog hair immediately after washing - wait until it dries completely.

    Dog care: rather walk me!

    And in this aspect it is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort just for big dogs. They are in dire need of frequent and long walks. After all, they have a naturally developed musculature and a lot of physical energy, which must be put somewhere. To do this, several times a week, take your frisky pet to uncrowded, or even deserted areas, and even better - to special training grounds.

    Small dogs need five minutes to walk. In bad weather outside, they are completely uncomfortable: in the summer it is hot, in the winter it is cold, and from a strong wind they may even catch a cold. Crumbs are still more decorative creatures, so they do not have such endurance as big dogs.