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Hepatovat for dogs: description, instructions, price, reviews


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HEPATOVET (Hepatovet)


Hepatovat - a complex hepatoprotector for the treatment and prevention of liver diseases in dogs and cats in the form of a suspension. 1 ml of the suspension contains as active ingredients: essential phospholipids - 60 mg, methionine - 100 mg, L-ornithine - 50 mg, milk thistle extract - 15 mg, immortelle herb extract - 15 mg and auxiliary substances. In appearance it is a homogeneous suspension with a specific odor for oral administration. Packed in dark plastic bottles of 35 and 50 ml, which is packed in cardboard boxes with a syringe dispenser or measuring cup.


Hepatovat improves the functional state of the liver, especially the ability of the body to bind and remove toxic compounds, preserves and restores the structure of liver cells, speeds up the process of restoring already damaged heptocytes, normalizes the ammonia content in the body of animals. Essential phospholipids stop the development of tissue fibrosis, have antioxidant activity, perform a transport function, increase the activity of enzyme systems. The essential amino acid methionine has a hepatoprotective effect, activates a number of hormones, vitamins and enzymes, reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and increases the content of phospholipids. L-ornithine restores liver cells and is involved in the process of binding and excreting ammonia. Milk thistle extract has a high antioxidant activity, has a membrane-stabilizing property on liver cells, increases the functional ability of liver cells to synthesize, detoxify and eliminate various biological products, and maintains the resistance of hepatocytes to various pathogenic influences. The immortelle extract reduces pain in the right hypochondrium, eliminates flatulence and colic. According to the degree of its impact on the organism of warm-blooded animals, hepatitis is a low-risk substance and does not have an embryotoxic, teratogenic, carcinogenic and sensitizing effect in recommended doses.


Assign to dogs and cats for the prevention and complex treatment of acute and chronic liver diseases of various etiologies, including after poisoning, infectious diseases, as well as to reduce the risk of side effects of chemotherapeutic agents prescribed to animals with hepatotoxicity.


Before use, the vial with suspension should be thoroughly shaken for 1-2 minutes, and then set the animal inside individually with a small amount of feed or forcibly into the oral cavity using a dosing syringe 2-3 times a day for 3-5 weeks, in doses per animal according to the table:

Composition and release form

The drug includes natural phospholipids, herbal extracts and essential amino acids. The complex of biologically active substances preserves and restores the structure of the organ, improves the general condition, accelerates cell regeneration and the elimination of toxins, positively affects the level of ammonia, and has good antioxidant properties.

Hepatovat is designed to protect the liver after poisoning, past diseases, chemotherapy.

One milliliter of the drug includes:

  • essential phospholipids 60 mg,
  • L-ornithine 50 mg,
  • methionine 100 mg,
  • extracts of immortelle and thistle herb 15 mg,
  • excipients (sodium benzoate, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, potassium sorbate, tween-80, distilled water).

Dosage form of the drug - suspension, uniform in consistency with a specific smell. It is packaged in dark glass or plastic bottles, with a capacity of 35, 50, 100 ml. Packed in a box with a measuring cup or syringe dispenser and instructions for use.

Attention! The drug is available for dogs and cats. The manufacturer explains that the composition of the medicinal product for these animals is the same and differs only in packaging. Capacity bottles for dogs 50 and 100 ml, and for cats - 35 ml.

Pharmacological properties

The drug has the following effect on the animal's body:

Hepatovat promotes the restoration of liver cells, eliminates pain.

  • maintaining liver function to bind and eliminate toxins,
  • restoration of liver cells,
  • reducing the level of ammonia compounds in the body,
  • activation of the enzyme system
  • reduction of fibrous tissue degeneration,
  • active antioxidant action
  • elimination of colic, pain, flatulence.

Essential Phospholipids appointed for any violations of the liver. These cellular elements successfully restore the fat and water exchanges, prevent the fatty degeneration of the body, contribute to the restoration of liver cells. Thanks to their work, the amount of glycogen in the body increases and protein synthesis is normalized.

L-ornithine participates in the regeneration of tissues of the organ and detoxification of ammonia, increases insulin production, normalizes the acid-base balance.

Methionine as an essential amino acid - pronounced detoxicant. It activates the enzymatic and hormonal work of the body. Increases the content of phospholipids and reduces cholesterol.

Spotted milk thistle (extract) has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and choleretic effect. A powerful antioxidant, restores liver cells, acts on the body fortifying.

Helichrysum Herb Extract reduces pain in the liver, eliminating cramps, emetic urges and flatulence. Improves bile secretion, lowers the viscosity of bile.

Indications for use

The drug is prescribed in combination with other drugs or independently:

  • for any disruption of the liver in chronic and acute form,
  • after suffering poisoning,
  • during and after infectious diseases, accompanied by severe intoxication of the body,
  • during and after administration of drugs with high hepatotoxicity, long-term chemotherapy treatment,
  • to recover from a worm infestation,
  • recovery of the liver after prolonged improper feeding.

Hepatovat is used for severe poisoning or illness, accompanied by intoxication.

Instructions for use and dosage

The suspension should be shaken up before taking and measure the required amount with a dispenser. The drug is given to the dogs inside either with a small amount of food, either by force with a syringe dispenser or in a spoon. Accept 2 or 3 times a day, a course about a month. Treatment can be repeated after a month, if necessary.

Dispense the drug, depending on the weight of the animal:

  • up to 10 kg single dose of 1 ml (2-3 daily),
  • from 11 to 20 kg single dose of 2 ml (4-6 daily),
  • from 21 to 30 kg single dose of 3 ml (daily 6-9),
  • from 31 to 40 kg single dose of 4 ml (daily 8-12),
  • more than 41 kg single dose of 5 ml (daily 10-15).

Side effects and contraindications

When taking the drug according to the instructions there are no side effects. compatible with other drugs. Some animals may have increased salivation after taking the drug, which quickly passes on its own and does not require cancellation.

It is not recommended to give the drug to dogs with renal insufficiency and epilepsy.

Hepatovat is a low-risk drug, therefore it is allowed for pregnant and lactating animals. In rare cases, hypersensitive dogs can be observed an allergic reaction to the individual components of the drug. In this case, the drug is canceled and prescribe antihistamines.

Important! It is not recommended to prescribe the drug to animals with epilepsy, encephalopathy and renal failure.

Storage conditions and price

Store the drug in a dry and dark place at room temperature. Keep away from children and animals. It is valid up to two years, the opened packing should be used within three weeks.

Hepatovat stored for two years, but after opening it can be used no more than three weeks.

A bottle of 50 ml can be purchased at an average price of 300-400 rubles, depending on the region.

Reviews of veterinarians about the drug Hepatovat

Elena Savelyeva, veterinarian, Fang Animal Clinic. Due to the nature of the body, the liver in dogs is often a vulnerable spot. When treating the liver and prescribing drugs for home use, most often I prescribe Hepatovat. The drug has proven itself as an effective drug, while it has a moderate cost. It is also convenient in that it is produced in the form of a suspension and given inwards, with which any host can cope.

Anton Gorelov, veterinarian. Properly selected composition of the drug makes it the subject of choice when prescribing the treatment of hepatitis and hepatosis of our tailed clients. Of course, there are other hepatoprotectors, but they go in injections, so they are used at the reception. For the course of treatment of animals at home, I write to the owners of Hepatovat.

Veterinarians often prescribe the drug Hepatovat for home use.

Reviews about the drug from dog owners

Maria, Ivanovo. This spring, my favorite dog of the breed Golden Retriever very poisoned, ate something on the street. In the veterinary clinic, he was hardly pumped out. The worst was over, but tests and examinations showed that the dog suffered a severe liver damage. The doctor ordered us to drink Hepatovat. We gave him Garik for a long time, in two courses. Recent tests have shown that liver counts are normal. Yes, and the dog shows that he has recovered, riding like a horse.

Antonina Ivanovna, Pskov. We found our little poodle. While they were looking for owners, they became attached to her so much that she stayed with us. Only now her health is not very pleased. Eating badly, sometimes she vomited foam. They brought it to the vet and he said that our girl was no longer young, and she also had a sick liver. One of the prescribed drugs was Hepatovit, who drank the full course. Our baby didn’t like him at all, but had to suffer for the sake of health. Good medicine helped. Now noticeably cheered up, eating with appetite. A little later we will drink again, we will take care of it.

Release form, composition and packaging

Suspension for oral administration brown color, during storage stratification is allowed, which disappears after agitation.

Excipients: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, sodium metabisulphite, glycerol, tween-80, bacon atomizer, aspasvit, defoamer, purified water.

Prepacked in 25, 30, 45, 50 and 100 ml polymeric bottles of appropriate capacity, sealed with caps and packed individually in cardboard packs complete with a syringe dispenser and instructions for use.

Pharmacological (biological) properties and effects

Hepatoprotector, which consists of essential phospholipids, flavonoids and amino acids - methionine and ornithine.

The complex of biologically active substances in the liver improves the functional state of the liver and its detoxification function, contributes to the preservation and restoration of the structure of hepatocytes, normalizes the level of ammonia in the body of animals, accelerates the regeneration of liver cells.

According to the degree of impact on the body, hepatopathology belongs to low-hazard substances (hazard class 4 according to GOST 12.1.007-76), in therapeutic doses it does not have embryotoxic, teratogenic, carcinogenic and sensitizing effects.


"Hepatovat" is a hepatoprotector; it is prescribed both as an independent remedy and in an integrated approach for treating various phases of the course of liver diseases in animals. There are no analogues on the market of veterinary drugs.

Acute or chronic disease, the restoration of cells after infection or poisoning is not important, the drug is highly effective and does its job at the highest level.

The advantages of "Hepatoveta" for dogs:

  • Completely natural and safe composition.
  • Quickly cleans the affected liver from slagging.
  • Normalizes the level of ammonia in the animal.
  • It has a regenerating effect on the liver cells.
  • Improves metabolic processes.
  • Resumes liver function.

How do the Hepatovet components work?

Phospholipids actively act on protein molecules so that they accelerate metabolic processes and actively restore damaged liver cells.

Methionine reduces cholesterol in the blood of an animal. Increases the level of phospholipids. Removes heavy metals and fats from the body of the animal.

The withdrawal of excess ammonia from the dog's body contributes to L-carnitine.

Milk thistle plant extract acts as a protector of the liver against the negative effects of toxic substances.

Immortelle - natural antispasmodic. The plant has a powerful analgesic effect.

Contraindications and adverse symptoms

The instruction to the "Hepatovet" for dogs has a small list of restrictions to receive, because the drug is safe. You can not use the hepatoprotector in the presence of animal epilepsy and encephalopathy.

Pregnancy and the period of feeding the offspring are not contraindications to receive.

Extremely rarely, when taking "Hepatovet" for dogs, the owners of pets have noticed increased salivation in animals. This is not dangerous.

There is a possibility of allergic reactions to certain components of the drug.

In case of a sudden urge to vomit after taking Hepatovet, the animal must be shown to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

If you strictly adhere to the instructions "Hepatoveta" for dogs, it will increase the chances of cure efficiency and reduce the risk of side symptoms.

Hepatovat is well compatible with other drugs, which is why it is often prescribed in complex therapy.

Dosage and method of use

The drug is intended for internal use. Some time before use, the preparation needs to be prepared - shake thoroughly, stirring for a few minutes, until smooth.

For the convenience of pet owners, the box with the medication contains a dosing syringe with which it measures the rate recommended by the manufacturer.

In the Hepatovet manual for dogs, the following dosages are indicated, depending on the pet's initial weight:

  • Puppies or dogs of small breeds, up to 10 kg - 3 ml / day.
  • For small dogs, 11-20 kg - 6 ml / day.
  • Medium size, 21-30 kg - 9 ml / day.
  • Large breeds, 31-40 kg - 12 ml / day.

The course of treatment is calculated on average for one and a half months.

In case of the omission of the medication, no measures need to be taken, and the dosage of subsequent doses is also not recommended.

How to store?

"Hepatovat" for dogs should be kept in a dark, impermeable for the ingress of ultraviolet rays, out of the reach of children and animals, in a tightly closed vial. In this form, the tool retains its medicinal properties for two years from the date of production. After opening the bottle, it is recommended to use the suspension for three weeks. After the expiration of this period, the use of drugs is prohibited. Storage air temperature should be constant and not exceed 25 degrees.

Reviews about "Hepatowete" for dogs are positive both from owners and from veterinarians. The owners of animals note the specific smell of the drug, resembling meat. In this regard, the reception "Hepatoveta" does not cause difficulties. A healthy appetite returns from the course of treatment, the activity increases and the animal's stools normalize.

Composition and principle of operation

The composition of Hepatovat includes the following active substances: amino acids L-ornithine and methionine, immortelle and milk thistle extracts, essential phospholipids, auxiliary components.

  • acceleration and regeneration of liver cells,
  • normalization of ammonia in the body,
  • increased activity of enzyme systems
  • cessation of tissue fibrosis,
  • acceleration of the recovery process of damaged hepatocytes,
  • increased phospholipid content
  • binding and excretion of toxic compounds,

  • lowering blood cholesterol concentration
  • increased activity of hormones, enzymes and vitamins,
  • increase the functional ability of cells to synthesize
  • maintaining the resistance of liver cells to pathogenic influences of different etiologies,
  • reducing pain in the right hypochondrium,
  • elimination of flatulence.

Mode of application

Hepatovat applied orally with a small amount of food or injected directly into the oral cavity using a syringe dispenser or a conventional syringe without a needle. Before use, the contents of the bottle must be shaken for 1-2 minutes.

The recommended dosage of the drug is 1 ml per 10 kg of weight.. In this case, animals weighing up to 5 kg are injected with 1 ml of the preparation, and weighing more than 40 kg - 5 ml. A course of treatment is 3-5 weeks for 2-3 doses of the drug in the indicated dosage. In severe cases, treatment can be repeated in 2-3 weeks after the last dose of the drug.

Side effects:

  • Allergic reaction to the components of the drug. In case of its manifestation, the use of this remedy is stopped and symptomatic and antihistamine preparations are prescribed.
  • Increased salivation (salivation). It manifests itself in rare cases 10-15 minutes after taking the drug. It passes independently and does not require increased attention.