Why dog ​​food Happy Dog (Happy Dog) demand?


For food dogs in stores sold various feed. They differ in composition, properties. Now in demand dry and canned food "Happy Dog". The company has been producing products for animals over 40 years. Veterinarians are advised to purchase such food to their pets.

Production of diets is carried out by Interquell - a German company. Food "Happy Dog" is enriched with animal protein, as it contains meat, sea fish and whole dry egg. The classic menu includes products such as lamb, poultry, rabbit, veal, turkey, duck. But the manufacturer offers other types of meat: horse meat, buffalo, ostrich. The heart and liver of animals are added to the feed.

Corn and rice flour are used as vegetable protein and carbohydrates. Carbohydrate product is considered to be dried potatoes, which are included in a hypoallergenic diet. The source of fat is considered avian.

The manufacturer takes into account the fact that the dog is not a wolf, which spends a lot of energy. Domestic predators are different from wild animals. Therefore, the feed "Happy Dog" has a moderate energy intensity and some fat, so that the animal is protected from diseases of the joints and excess century.

Products for dogs contain 2 types of fiber, which have a positive effect on the intestines - beet and apple pulp. Sunflower seed oil and rapeseed oil saturate the body with vegetable fats, and flaxseed oil includes the necessary Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids.

Extracted yeast includes vitamin B, algae are enriched with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. New Zealand mollusk meat includes glucosaminoglycans necessary for joints and ligaments. And thanks to a carefully selected blend of herbs, the metabolism improves, as they contain essential oils. There are no artificial components, preservatives, taste and smell enhancers, soy and meat and bone meal in the Happy Dog food. The animal will use biologically active substances that improve metabolism and digestion.


Dog Food "Happy Dog" has the following advantages:

  • the presence of natural ingredients
  • Some options have a rich composition
  • the presence of vitamins and minerals
  • feed prevalence
  • rich line of nutrition,
  • there is a medical series for animals with poor health,
  • no artificial substances and vegetable substitutes.


If you take into account consumer reviews, the feed "Happy Dog" has disadvantages. The main ones include:

  • the absence on the label of the specification of meat components, which is why the addition of offal to the composition is not excluded,
  • on the labels of many products in the first place marked cereals and potatoes,
  • some feeds are of poor composition,
  • high price.

Why choose this particular feed?

Dog food "Happy Dog" is enriched with useful herbs and phytocomponents. Compared with other products, this brand has a rich line of food, which includes feed for everyday feeding of animals and dietary products. The owner of the dog can choose a special food, for example, if the pet has food intolerance, digestive sensitivity, allergies, skin ailments and excess weight.

Another advantage of the feed is the presence of artichoke, dandelion, ginger, chamomile, licorice root, nettle, birch leaf, sage, coriander. The presence of plant components restores the digestive tract, blood circulation and metabolism. Feed has a high digestibility (90%), which significantly reduces the daily dose of consumption and saves costs.

For adult dogs

For sale wet and dry food "Happy Dog". For adult dogs that have no health problems, several options have been created:

  • NaturCroq Active should be chosen if the pet is very energetic.
  • NaturCroq XXL is designed for large dogs.
  • Supreme Fit & Well Adult Mini must be chosen for smaller breeds.
  • Supreme Fit & Well Adult Maxi is ideal for active dogs heavier than 26 kg.

Wet and dry dog ​​food "Happy Dog" provides proper nutrition of the animal. It is only necessary to feed the pet according to the recommended norms.

For puppies

There is a special feed “Happy Dog” for puppies, necessary for growth and development. Food does not include vegetable and protein substitutes. It is balanced by the content of calcium and phosphorus.

Puppy foods have different diets. Moreover, the food is divided by breeds, which allows you to choose suitable food for your dog. There are feeds for sensitive digestion.

With allergies and sensitive digestion

Individual products are dry dietary foods to combat food intolerance, allergies, skin ailments and overweight. The main component of such food is ostrich meat, as well as potatoes, which do not include gluten.

Animal proteins are present in the feed: salmon, rabbit, and whole egg. If the dog is allergic, then it needs to buy products "Premium Sensible Caribbean". This is a hypoallergenic feed with sea fish. Products do not load the intestines, so it is suitable even for fastidious animals.

If the pet spends little energy, the Low Fat Sensible Toscana menu is suitable for it. The product is great for dogs with overweight, as well as sterilized and neutered.

Opinions of veterinarians

What is the opinion of experts about the dog food "Happy Dog". Reviews show that it is important to pay attention to the product label. Indeed, in the first place may be a meat component or carbohydrate. Some feed can be compared with the premium class, while others are considered an economy option.

Some veterinarians do not recommend taking food as the main component of the diet. But for periodic use, it is just suitable. The food has a rich composition that rarely happens in products of low quality. In the range you can find the best option, acceptable in quality and price.

Experts note the useful composition of the feed. Products appreciated due to the presence of plant and animal protein. A flavor variety is provided by the addition of fish products. Feed should be given to your pet only occasionally.

Features feeding dogs

Currently, various studies are being conducted on pet food, but until then there is no consensus about this. Yet there are some feeding rules:

  1. Meals should be moderate. No need to rely only on the pet's appetite when setting the rate of food. Only over time, it will be clear how much food the animal needs.
  2. To saturate the dog takes 20 minutes. It is advisable to clean the food 20 minutes after it was put. This approach will allow to accustom the pet to the schedule.
  3. Per day can be fed 2 times. This is the norm for an adult pet. You must adhere to a temporary regime.
  4. Food should not be salted. Salt is present in all products, and this is enough for a dog.
  5. Requires a stand for the bowl. You should buy a special product or create it yourself. This will put the bowl on the right level.
  6. The dog must have fresh water, which is especially important when eating ready-made feed.
  7. It should purchase products with a rich composition.
  8. Even with the skipping of feeding, it is not necessary to give the animal a double portion.
  9. The dog must have a varied diet. But even if the animal eats a certain food, you still need to introduce new products.
  10. The period between walking and feeding should be maintained. If you plan to walk, exercise, then the food should be given to the animal no later than 2 hours before the exit.

The diet of an adult dog should include the following components:

  1. 30-50% - meat and offal.
  2. 25-35% - cereals.
  3. 20-30% - dairy products.
  4. 10-15% - vegetables.

It is advisable to give the dog meat and dairy products, and cereals and vegetables should play a secondary role. This provides normal nutrition for the development of the animal. Dairy products should not be combined with meat and vegetables. Meat should be given separately or with vegetables. You can include in the diet vegetable oil or chopped fresh herbs. It is advisable to consult with a veterinarian who will determine which food is best for the dog.

About company

The Happy Dog is produced by the German company Interquell. The line Happy Dog belongs to the class of economy. True, there are some options that the composition corresponds to the feed category premium and even super-premium. Therefore, when buying, you need to pay attention to the composition.

The manufacturer assures that for the manufacture of sets uses only natural products of the highest quality. The company has been operating in the market since 1965. During this period she managed to win a good reputation among dog breeders.

What is the use of feed Happy Dog?

Interquell cares about animal health. Therefore, there are no dyes, harmful preservatives, flavors in the composition. There is also no starch and soy. The recipe is carefully designed and selected. To obtain a truly high-quality product, the company cooperates with veterinarians, scientists and laboratory technicians. Proportions and balance are strictly controlled. Therefore, the food of Hepii Dog does not harm the dog's body.

And confirmation of this are positive reviews about dog food Happy Dog veterinarians and consumers.

Experts claim that daily long-term consumption of products of this company will not lead to disruptions in the immune, digestive and other body systems.

On the contrary, the animal will feel much better, look healthier.

Numerous reviews of Happy Dog feeds indicate the following advantages:

  • Wide range of.
  • Rich composition.
  • The presence of minerals, vitamins.
  • Contains purely natural ingredients.
  • Affordable price. Thus, a kilogram package of dry food will cost between 500 and 640 rubles. The set, with a volume of 4 kilograms, costs about 1,800 rubles.


The range of dog food company Interquell is very wide. Therefore, there will be no problems with how to feed a dog after childbirth, weakened, after suffering a disease. The lineup includes series for sensitive, prone to allergic reactions, nursing bitches. There is a classification by age, by the level of activity of the animal. There are also kits for different breeds: small, medium and large.

Considering the dry dog ​​food Happy Dog, it is worth to highlight the following lines:

  1. Supreme with breakdown for puppies and adults. For kids, the manufacturer produces super premium feed class. It contains all the ingredients important for proper development and growth. Depending on the size of the breed, puppy food is divided into Happy Dog Baby and Junior. For adult dogs, the company releases the Supreme Fit & Well group kits. They are characterized by a moderate protein content. Food is well digested and well digested. The series presents options for animals with low, normal and increased need for energy. There is food for allergy-prone dogs.
  2. Natur Kroc. They are also designed according to the weight and age of the animal. The main components of the feed of this line are poultry, beef and wheat. There are no preservatives, artificial colors, soy, flavors, corn gluten and other harmful substances.

For dog food Happy Dog - only positive reviews. Many puppy owners prefer this brand. The choice for kids is huge. The series is represented by Supreme Mini Baby Junior, Mini Baby and Junior 29 and Maxi Junior 23. Gradation is underway for small, large breeds.

For adult dogs, the manufacturer offers feed the following series:

  • Natur Croq. Designed for moderately active animals. Composed of lamb meat, rice. There are also parsley, sunflower.
  • Natur Croq Active. For dogs that lead an active lifestyle. Food is rich in vitamins and proteins.
  • Natur Croq XXL. Suitable for representatives of large breeds. Granules do not contain soy and flour. The feed is completely balanced. Due to this, the dog is quickly saturated and remains vigorous and active for a long time.
  • Supreme Fit & Well Adult Maxi. For large and active dogs. In the series there are options that contain mollusk in the composition. Such kits are very useful for wool. As include all necessary amino acids.
  • Supreme Fit & Well Adult Mini. Ruler for decorative dogs. The composition is natural, consists of high-quality meat and other useful components.
  • Happy Dog. It is canned with lamb meat.

Produces manufacturer and health food. Moreover, reviews of the Happy Dog diet of the medical direction indicate that the diets of this brand really help to improve the state of health.

The line is represented by such nutrition:

  1. Supreme Neuseeland. For allergy sufferers.
  2. Canned game Also designed for sensitive dogs.
  3. Supreme Neuseeland Sensitive mini. For decorative individuals with a sick stomach.
  4. Supreme Fit & Well Adult Sport. Choice for pregnant bitches and those who have recently given birth and are feeding their offspring.
  5. Supreme Ireland Sensitive. A great choice for dogs with bad hair.
  6. Supreme Toscana. For animals prone to weight gain.

Product Overview

Food "Happy Dog" is produced in Germany by the well-known company Interquell. The question immediately arises: how can German manufacturers offer low-quality products? But, as evidenced by reviews dog breeders, when choosing any food should be guided primarily by the composition of the food product of your beloved pet, and not the brand.

"Happy Dog" is sold in different lines. There is an economy class feed with minimal availability of nutrients in the composition. For especially fastidious dogs in food and owners who wish to feed their pet with exceptionally high-quality and complete food, a premium class line is offered. Also, for a special diet as prescribed by a veterinarian, you can purchase a special diet product.

During the training, it is necessary to encourage the pet in small tasty pieces so that he is obedient and willing to carry out the commands of the person. For this purpose, you can buy treats for dogs "Happy Dog".

With Happy Dog food, your pet will receive all the necessary substances for full development.

Dry dog ​​food

The most popular and easy to use are dry food for four-legged friends of man. Feed from Germany can be purchased in two lines:

  • The Supreme line is exclusively high-quality products for dogs of different ages - puppies, adults and those over 10 years old. They are fed animals with special requirements, with diets for various purposes, with allergic reactions and diseases of different nature. The manufacturer guarantees high digestibility and the absence of flavors, dyes, preservatives.
    Veterinarians are advised to pay attention to such foods: MiniBaby & Junior and MaxiJunior (puppies), My LittleAfrica (for adult dogs of small breeds with allergies), Karibik (for dogs that do not tolerate other foods).
  • Line Natur Croq - economy class feed. They are distributed by pet age and breed size. Natur Croq Welpen is available for puppies from 4 weeks of age. Adult dogs in the lineup have several types of products with different composition and normal or slightly increased energy needs. Older dogs can buy food with stabilized vitamin C, reduced availability of phosphorus, protein and sodium, so that elderly pets can receive only those substances with food that are necessary for their normal life activity.

The Supreme line for puppies is not only dry food. You can buy milk with a probiotic (from the first days of life) or cereal with cereal (from one month of age) to a small family member.

Flakes and wet foods

An extensive and diverse group of products, including wet dog food and nutrition in the form of flakes, will fully satisfy the requirements of dog breeders for feeding dogs of different breeds and ages. It is believed that in the diet of pets must be meat, because its ancestors were exclusively predators. Therefore, the owners of animals increasingly opt for canned meat made from high-quality raw materials and supplemented with essential trace elements and vitamins.

Attention! Champion dogs are advised to add nutrients in food in the form of supplements. There are such HappyDog products: MultiVitaminMineral (with minerals and vitamins), PowerPlus (under power loads), HaarSpezial (for healthy wool), Artrofit (large dogs for increasing their activity).

For additional nutrition, dogs can purchase food in the form of flakes. Interquell company offers easily digestible products so that the animal develops fully and receives all the valuable substances with feed. After all, only one meat is not capable of fully supplying the pet with easily digestible vegetable components with effective ballast ingredients.

Products are presented in this range:

  1. "5-Korn-Flocken" is a flake with 5 cereals, with herbs and vegetable ingredients, supplemented with vitamins. As veterinarians advise, in order for food to be complete, they need to be mixed with meat.
  2. Light flakes. Also mixed with meat, suitable for pets with sensitive digestion. Изготовлены на основе кукурузы и пшена, их состав обогащен растительными компонентами овощей и трав.
  3. Консервы из мясных кусочков в фарше. Продаются продукты из конины, индейки, ягненка, теленка. Они входят в суперпремиум класс пищевых продуктов для собак разного возраста и изготавливаются из высококачественного сырья.
  4. Canned food for puppies and juniors are presented in two variations - an appetizing lamb and tender veal. They are also recommended by the manufacturer to feed the puppy bitches.
  5. Slices of meat in sauce "Culinary Journey". It offers a wide range of wet foods based on the culinary traditions of different countries. Particularly interesting products - "Tuscany" with chicken in Florentine and "New Zealand" with vegetables and lamb.
  6. Under the line "Culinary Journey" are sold and pates for dogs. With their help, you can not only diversify the diet, but also feed the pet demanding on food. You can buy a rabbit with vegetables (“Ireland”), meat in Thai (“Legends of Asia”), meat from the African ostrich (“Africa”), veal Stroganoff (“Russian traditions”) and many others.
  7. Clean meat is added to the composition of canned food with offal, offal can be a single component in a jar with food - such food is also offered by the company Happy Dog from Germany.

In order to produce wet pet food, the company's specialists conducted numerous studies, developed the recipe and were engaged in its improvement. If you feed a dog with such food, it will be guaranteed to develop in accordance with the rules and will please the owners with longevity.

Remember to give your dog plenty of fresh water.

Treats for dogs from the company "Happy Dog"

If you set out to teach your pet new teams or just to teach him to exemplary behavior during a walk, here you can not do without tidbits. With their help, you can encourage the dog, they chew on for a long time and really like animals.

Such products are made from natural ingredients, enriching the taste with active ingredients. Tasty promotions are sold in the form of chewing bones, sausages, stripes with beef, veal, turkey, scar. In addition, they help to clean pet's teeth from plaque and stone, massage gums, preventing teeth loosening and strengthening them.

Council If you feed your dog “Happy Dog” food (regardless of whether it is dry or wet), veterinarians recommend always providing the dog with enough fresh water to drink.

Reviews of dog breeders and veterinarians about the feed "Happy Dog"

An analysis of feedback from owners and veterinarians will be the best conclusion to the description of dog food "Happy Dog".

The forums can meet both positive and negative feedback from dog breeders. The main advice when choosing a meal - a careful study of the composition. The fact is that economy class feeds are basically based on most not very useful and not so necessary ingredients. This, for example, potatoes or cereals. Therefore, it is better to give preference to premium class rulers, the quality of which has been tested by many four-legged owners.

Veterinarians also recommend feeding their dogs only with expensive “Happy Dog” food, because they do have all the necessary ingredients for a pet's health. But if there are any diseases, then it is better to buy dietary foods and supplements.

The manufacturer promises the same quality of its products, regardless of price and type. But the choice is yours!

Happy Dog food: a variety of products

Dog Food Happy Dog includes a whole series of puppy food. It includes:

  • MiniBaby &Junior - products intended for puppies of small and dwarf breeds (up to 10 kg). Contains poultry meat (15%), lamb, sea fish, clam meat and rice. The amount of protein is 29%, fat - 16%, which is the optimal ratio for the development of young pets of small size, whose age has reached 4 weeks.
  • MediumBaby - for puppies of medium breeds weighing from 11 to 25 kg. It has a similar composition, but the percentage of protein and protein in it is slightly reduced and amounts to 28% and 15%, respectively.
  • MediumJunior - products for grown-up puppies of medium breeds (11-25 kg), whose age has exceeded 4 months. The manufacturer has reduced its protein content to 25%, the amount of fat remained at the same level as in the previous version, and is 15%.
  • MaxiBaby - for puppies of large breeds whose weight in adulthood exceeds 25 kg. The protein content in it is 29%, fat - 15%.
  • NaturCroqWelpen - products for puppies of any breed from 4 weeks to 12 months. Contains a balanced amount of essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins necessary for rapid growth and normal development. Protein content - 29%, fat - 15%.

Also, the manufacturer took care of representatives of different breeds in adulthood. The series is also divided into products intended for pets of a certain weight:

  • Fit &WellAdultMini - for small breeds whose weight does not exceed 10 kg. It contains 26% of easily digestible protein, the main source of which is poultry meat and lamb. The main cereal - corn. Fat content is 14%.
  • Fit &WellAdultMedium - for medium breeds weighing from 11 to 25 kg. The source of protein, whose content is 24%, is poultry meat. Fat - 12%.
  • Fit &WellAdultMaxi - for large breeds whose weight exceeds 26 kg. Contains 23% protein and 12% fat.
  • Also dog food Happy Dog can be designed for pets with certain characteristics, and in need of special nutrition:
  • SupremeSensible - for dogs suffering from food intolerance and having sensitive skin. In this series, in different types of food, the source of protein is ostrich, salmon and rabbit meat, which are hypoallergenic and do not cause adverse reactions in animals.
  • SensibleCanada - recommended for dogs with high activity, suitable for medium and large breeds. The source of protein is rabbit and salmon meat, in general, the protein content is 25%, fat -14%.
  • SensibleToscana - for dogs of any breed with low activity, prone to fullness or having excess weight. Sources of protein - lamb and salmon, the total protein contains 22%. The product has a reduced amount of fat - they are only 6.5%.
  • Canned food for dogs - ideal for allergies, but you can feed them and healthy animals. The product includes natural meat of animals - lamb, beef, duck, turkey, veal, lamb. They also contain a rich vitamin and mineral complex. Soy, grain and other similar ingredients are absent. Meat is minced meat.
  • Pate - also made from natural ingredients of high quality. It should be noted that this product should be used as an additive to the main diet, its daily rate is 30-40 g. Paste Happy Dog is made from turkey, rabbit, veal, lamb, duck and chicken.

The composition of dog food Happy Dog

It is worth noting that the composition of the dog food for Dog Dog is quite diverse. If we consider products for puppies, in the first place is the source of protein - poultry meat. In some types of food for adult animals, the manufacturer has reduced its content, and in the first place are cereals. In the line for sensitive dogs in the first place is also not a source of protein, but potato flour in a sufficiently large amount - 45%. And only in second place is ostrich meat - 18%.

If we consider the composition of normal feed for adult dogs of medium breeds, it will be as follows:

  • Corn.
  • Bird - number not specified.
  • Rice flour.
  • Meat products (not specified, which ones).
  • Lamb.
  • Fish meat
  • Avian and beef tallow.
  • Hydrolyzed liver.

This is a list of major components. The undoubted advantage is a large number of additional ingredients that act as sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants: apple and beet pulp, flaxseed, dandelion, ginger, coriander, nettle, rapeseed oil, wild garlic, sage, mollusk meat and many others.

Happy Dog Feed Price

Food Happy Dog really has a good value for money. On average, the cost of production is:

  • 0.4 kg - from 140 rubles.,
  • 1 kg - from 430 rubles,
  • 4 kg - from 1600 rubles.,
  • 15 kg - from 3900 rubles.

You can order products in many online stores.

Reviews on Happy Dog Food

Reviews about dog food Happy Dog are quite diverse. Among dog breeders there are a lot of positive opinions, but there are also owners of dogs who do not like this product.

Natalya from Moscow, the owner of a French bulldog, writes the following about this product:

The first time, when a two-month-old pet appeared in our house, we fed it with natural food, but after a few weeks we decided to try specialized products. Our friend, who keeps a young Shar Pei, advised us food for puppies of medium breeds, which she constantly buys for her dog. Of course, it can be considered a minus the fact that the producer does not indicate which particular bird is used in these feeds (especially since the same chicken can cause rather strong allergic reactions), but in general the products are much better than some other brands with similar prices. we tried. We have been feeding for two months, the puppy is active and feels great. I recommend to everyone!

The following review about feed Happy Dog is written by the owner of a pug from Moscow:

At first, our friends advised us to buy Pedigri's food, but it soon became clear that it was not suitable - the dog constantly suffered from diarrhea. As an alternative, we decided to tryHappyDog for grown-up puppies of medium breeds. In general, the condition improved, persistent intestinal disorders stopped, but did not go away at all. Pug ate the food rather appetizing, was cheerful and active. As a result, we finished the purchased package, tried several other brands from other manufacturers and switched to natural food. I can not say that Happy Dog is of poor quality, apparently, our pet simply does not fit dry food. But I would not recommend it because of the high content of corn.

Surely every breeder, before purchasing a particular product, I would like to know the opinion of experts. Review of the vet about feed Happy Dog for dogs:

“The plus is the fact that the feed contains a detailed composition and you can immediately understand exactly what you will feed the dog. The disadvantage of some feeds that have a lower cost is the use of offal, referred to as "bird". But in this case, the pet owners can decide for themselves whether a similar option is suitable for them, or it is better to give preference to the more expensive feed from the manufacturer’s line. The undoubted advantage is the absence of vegetable fats and a large number of useful components (dry plants and vegetables). Certain names contain very useful and hypoallergenic meats - buffalo, turkey, lamb, and others, and the ration itself is as close to natural as possible. I could recommend them with certainty. ”

What conclusions can be made about Happy Dog food

The unequivocal conclusion about the feed Happy Dog is difficult to make due to the fact that in the line of different types of feed have a very different composition. In general, it can be called sufficiently high quality and recommended for feeding. But those who have a pet suffering from allergies or eating disorders, it is better to give preference to names with game and other kinds of expensive quality meat that do not contain poultry. A great variety is an undoubted advantage, and everyone will be able to choose food for the dog in accordance with its breed. Age and characteristics of the body. When feeding, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The composition of the feed Happy Dog

Dog Dog food has several sources of animal protein in the form of meat, sea fish and dried whole eggs. In the classic menu, the main meat ingredients are lamb, poultry, rabbit, veal, turkey and duck. But the manufacturer does not stop there and offers more original types of meat: horse meat, buffalo and ostrich meat, complemented by the heart and liver of animals.

The production of rations Happy Dog is engaged in the German company Interquell.

Sources of vegetable protein and carbohydrates are corn and rice flour, the content of which in the feed is quite high. Another carbohydrate product is dried potatoes, found in the formulation of hypoallergenic rations. The main source of fat and energy in the diet is bird fat.

IMPORTANT. The feed manufacturer relies on the fact that the dog is not a wolf in all its manifestations. The wolf runs daily up to 50 km, which means that its energy consumption is much higher than that of domestic predators. Happy Dog rations are characterized by moderate energy and low fat content, which prevents joint diseases and overweight.

Food Happy Dog includes two types of fiber, beneficial effects on the pet's intestines - beet and apple pulp. Sunflower seed oil and rapeseed oil supply the body of the animal with vegetable fats, and flaxseed seed contains valuable polyunsaturated acids Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Extracted yeast is a storehouse of B vitamins, and algae contains amino acids and a range of vitamins and minerals. The meat of the New Zealand mollusk is a carrier of glycosaminoglycans, beneficial to the health of the articular apparatus and ligaments. A carefully selected blend of herbs activates the metabolism due to the content of essential oils, normalizes intestinal motility and improves blood circulation.

In the photo the composition of the feed Happy dog ​​for dogs with salmon and rabbit "Ireland".

Among the ingredients used in the feed, there are no artificial additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers and odors, as well as soy and meat and bone meal. The formulas of all diets are supplemented with a unique complex of biologically active substances that help improve metabolic processes and normalize digestion in dogs.

Pros and cons of feed Happy Dog

Among the indisputable advantages of the Happy Dog brand are:

  • use of natural products,
  • in some embodiments, a very rich composition,
  • abundance of vitamins and minerals
  • widespread feed
  • extensive line of food,
  • availability of medical series for pets with poor health,
  • lack of artificial additives and vegetable substitutes.

Among the shortcomings can be noted:

  • the label does not specify the meat ingredients, which does not exclude the addition of offal to the composition,
  • in many rations in the first place are cereals and potatoes,
  • in some embodiments, poor composition,
  • high price.

How is this feed better than others?

One of the significant advantages of the Happy Dog brand is an extensive range of nutrition, including both feed for daily feeding of pets with different life characteristics, and a dietary series.

The dog breeder will be able to choose a special food for dogs suffering from food intolerance, digestive sensitivity, allergies, skin diseases and obesity. There is no such abundance of rations in the Purin Van brand or in Chicopee.

Another plus feed Happy Dog - adding to the huge number of medicinal herbs and phytocomponents: artichoke, dandelion, ginger, chamomile, licorice root, nettle, birch leaf, sage, coriander, etc.

In the aggregate, these plant components improve the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, activate the blood circulation processes and normalize the animal metabolism. For example, ProPlan and Dog Chau brands cannot boast of such a rich composition.

IMPORTANT. Food Happy Dog has a high digestibility (about 90%), which makes it possible to significantly reduce the daily dose of its consumption and save on costs.

Food for dogs with allergies and sensitive digestion

Special attention deserves a special series of dry dietary feed, aimed at combating food intolerance, allergies, skin problems and overweight.

Ostrich meat, a rare source of protein, and gluten-free potatoes are used as the main ingredients in diets for food-intolerant dogs. Pet food sources for skin diseases include several sources of animal protein: salmon, rabbit, and whole egg.

For dogs prone to allergies, Happy Dog Premium Premium Sensible Caribbean is available - a hypoallergenic feed containing a unique source of protein - sea fish. Recipe with an average content of protein and energy does not create a load on the work of the intestines and suits the most fastidious pets.

On the photo of the pellet feed Happy Dog NaturCroq Beef and rice.

For animals with low energy costs developed low-calorie menu Sensible Toscana with low fat and the optimal amount of protein. It is great for dogs with low energy requirements with normal protein requirements, including overweight, spayed, and castrated pets.

Reviews of veterinarians about dog food Happy Dog

Anna, the vet, 42 years. Mark dog food Happy dog ​​belongs to the category of low-quality feed. Some feed options are comparable to premiums, and some lines are economical. When choosing a product, pay attention to its label, because both meat and carbohydrate ingredients in the form of potatoes or cereals can be in the first place. Хочется отметить, что производитель не конкретизирует, какие именно мясные продукты используются при производстве корма, а значит здесь есть сомнительные субпродукты. Кукуруза в корме является дешевым наполнителем, но все же несет пользу для организма.

Некоторые ветеринары не советуют корм Happy Dog в качестве основного рациона.

А вот картофель практически бесполезный для собак компонент, если только из него не удалили крахмал. It is surprising that Happy Dog food boasts a rich composition, which is extremely rare in low quality feeds. Among the variety of rations of this brand, you can choose the appropriate option, it is acceptable in quality and price.

Dmitry, vet, 50 years. The only significant plus feed Happy Dog, which I could select - a number of useful additives, albeit in small quantities. The composition of this brand contains several ingredients that are specified without specification: poultry, fish, avian fat. Such inaccurate formulations always hide products that can be doubted as. The basis of the feed is made up of several sources of plant and animal protein, and the taste variety is achieved by adding fish products to the feed. The source of fat is bird fat, the origin of which is also not known. And it is not clear what the manufacturer wanted to achieve, adding to the recipe a lot of different culinary spices and herbs. I would not recommend Happy Dog for the role of the main food of your dog, if possible, choose a better and safer food.

Dog Breeder Reviews on Happy Dog Feed

Olesya. Happy Dog got acquainted with the food not so long ago. For a very long time, we chose the right food for our golden retriever, since the dog shed from some food, suffered from digestive disorders from others, and refused from the third.

Happy Dog rations are not suitable for all pets.

Switched to Happy Dog and the health problems disappeared. Chose a Sensitive Ireland diet containing salmon and skin friendly salmon. The pellets are medium-sized, not too soft, and not hard, there is no sharp smell, the dog eats with pleasure. I feed my dog ​​according to the table on the package. The dog is not fattening, keeps fit, is active, and goes to the toilet like a clock. I hope this feed does not let us down.

Ivan It seems to me that the prices for Happy dog ​​food are unnecessarily high and do not correspond to the quality of the products. Previously, they bought the diet of the Supreme series, everything was perfect, but because of the high price I had to abandon it. But the Medium series did not suit us at all. One dog got dandruff, and the other began to fall out of wool, despite the fact that I have a dog show. In addition, the Medium series is also not cheap. With this pricing policy, you can choose a better quality food at a similar price.

Findings about the happy dog ​​feed

On the World Wide Web, you can find conflicting opinions about Happy Dog food: from satisfied reviews to extremely negative. The composition of the rations vary in quality and quantity of ingredients, and the price of feed is quite high for the category of premium and economy.

The average cost of a small kilogram pack of food is from 500 to 700 rubles, and a large bag of 12.5 kg is from 3,600 to 5,400 rubles.

Watch a video review of dry and canned rations for dogs Happy Dog.