Small Belgian breed of dogs Brabancon: nuances of keeping a playful dog with a monkey's muzzle and interesting facial expressions


Petit brabanson (Petit Brabancon, Brabant or Smooth Griffon) - a small decorative breed, bred Brabant, a province in Belgium, where, respectively, got its name.

The breed is considered very ancient and belongs to a number of griffons. Together with the Belgian and Brussels Griffon is a group of small Belgian dogs. Their ancestor is considered a small wire-haired dog "Smousje", who lived in past centuries in the vicinity of Brussels.

In the XIX century, as a result of crossing with a King Charles Spaniel and a pug, breeders received small dogs with short black hair, which were originally considered a defect in the breed. These babies differed vigilant and brave character, and soon they began to be used not only for the extermination of rodents in the stables, but also for the protection of crews.

In 1883, the first Brussels Griffons, nicknamed Topsy and Foxine, were recorded in the Belgium Tribal Book.

Soon their popularity grew even more, thanks to the interest shown to them by the Queen of Belgium Maria-Henrietta. Having learned about an interesting dog with an almost “human facial expression,” many lovers wanted to get this miracle, so a huge number of griffons were taken abroad, which only contributed to the rapid spread and popularization.

During the periods of the First and Second World Wars, the breed, as well as many others, was on the verge of extinction. Only thanks to the efforts of dedicated breeders, the breed was able to recover. The standards of all three representatives of the griffon group were approved in 2003 and 1998, and all griffons are distinguished only by type and color of wool.

Despite the fact that the ancestors of this amazing breed were bred for hunting rodents, today Pti-Brabancon is primarily a companion dog and family favorite. Breeders love and appreciate this small dog with a funny face for their faithful and affectionate nature. It's hard not to love this baby. He conquers with his disinterested and heartfelt devotion, a spark of guile, wit and wit, energy and desire for adventure.

Description of the breed pti Brabancon and the standard MKF (FCI)

Country of origin: Belgium.

FCI classification: Group 9. Decorative dogs and companions. Section 3. Small Belgian dogs. Subsection 3.2. Small Brabancon. Without workers test.

Important proportions: the length of the body, measured from the shoulder-blade joints to the sciatic tubercles, is equal to the height at the withers.

General appearance: small, strong, well balanced, with strong bones. In contrast to the hard-haired griffins, Petit (small) Brabancon (Petite Brabancon) is a short-haired breed.

Photo of Pti Brabancon body shape

Behavior / Temperament: attentive, alert, courageous with self-esteem, infinitely loyal to the owner.

Format: almost square.

Head: looks quite large in relation to the body.

Skull: wide, rounded. The forehead is well rounded.

Stop: pronounced.

Nose: the nose is wide, black with nostrils wide open, located on the same level as the eyes. The tip of the nose is tilted back; when viewed from the side, the chin, nose and forehead are in the same plane.

Muzzle: very short and should not exceed 1.5 cm. In the Ptü (small) Brabancons, the muzzle seems a little long due to the lack of adorning wool.

Lips: black, tightly closed and adjacent to the jaws. The upper lip does not form bryl and does not overlap the lower lip. If the upper lip hangs down unnecessarily, it spoils the desired expression.

Jaws / Teeth: Bite Brabancon is characterized by snacking. The lower jaw is curved upwards, wide, not pointed and protruding beyond the upper jaw. The incisors on the upper and lower jaws are arranged regularly in one line. The lines of incisors of the upper and lower jaws are parallel to each other. With a tightly closed mouth, the teeth and tongue are not visible. Particular attention is paid to the completeness of the incisors, the absence of incisors is considered a defect.

Eyes: brown (the darker, the better), large, rounded, but not protruding, set wide. Eyelids tight.

Ears: small, set high, with sufficient distance between them. Uncropped ears stay semi-erect and hang forward. Cropped ears are pointed and standing. Cropped and uncropped ears are treated equally when evaluated.

Neck: medium length, smoothly passing over the shoulders.

Body: The length of the body is almost equal to the height at the withers.

Withers: slightly raised.

Back: straight, short, strong.

Loin: short, muscular, slightly arched.

Croup: Broad, straight or slightly sloping.

Chest: wide, deep, dipped to the elbows. The brisket is well developed, which gives the impression of a prominent forward chest, in front of the line of the shoulder-shoulder joints, when viewed from the side. The ribs are well curved, but not barrel-shaped or flat.

Bottom line / Abdomen: slightly tucked up, groin clearly delineated.

Tail: set high, held high. Docked tail shortened to 2/3 of its length. An uncropped tail is kept raised up, and the tip of the tail is directed toward the back, but does not touch it or twist. Congenital tail tail, kinked tail, curled tail are considered serious shortcomings.

Stand Pti Brabancon - photo

Forelegs: flat with well developed bones, set wide apart.

Shoulder bones: normal articulation angles.

Elbows: tight against the body.

Front feet: small, rounded, turned neither in nor out. Fingers collected in a lump, fused fingers are undesirable. The paw pads are thick, elastic, dark. The claws are strong, black.

HINDQUARTERS: Strong with well developed bone, joint angles in balance with front limbs.

Knees: with well defined corners.

Hock: low, turned neither in nor out.

Hind legs: small, fingers collected lump, strong claws, black. Dewclaws are undesirable.

Gait / Movement: powerful and parallel movements, with a good push of the hind limbs. High elevation of the forelimbs or amble are disadvantages.

Coat: wool short, hard, straight 2 cm in length.

Size and weight of Pti Brabançon:

  • Weight: 3.5 to 6 kg.
  • Height at withers: 18 - 20 cm

Lifespan: 10-14 years.

Disadvantages / Defects: deviation from the above should be considered as a disadvantage / defect, and the seriousness with which a given deficiency / defect is assessed should be proportionally consistent with its severity and impact on the health and well-being of the dog.

  • Aggressiveness or cowardice
  • An individual clearly showing physical or behavioral abnormalities is disqualified.
  • Lack or insufficient pigmentation of the nose, or a different color of the nose, coma black
  • Permanently visible tongue with the mouth closed
  • Skew mandible
  • The upper jaw is longer than the bottom.
  • Other colors not specified by the standard, such as: gray, blue and tan, brown and tan, liver
  • White spots.

Note: Males have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Petit brabanson color

Petit Brabancon black photo

For the bird (small) Brabancon all colors that are inherent in griffons are allowed.

  • The black
  • Redhead
  • Black - tan (with red, red or deer tan)

The dog must have a dark mask on the face. Gray or silver plaque on the mask in old individuals is not considered a disadvantage. A small amount of white hairs on the chest is acceptable, but undesirable.

Petit brabanson character

By nature, Pti Brabancon is a bold, self-confident, cheerful and active breed. She is infinitely loyal to the owner, and needs constant communication with people. Petit Brabancon easily adapts to the owner’s lifestyle, he will take part in everything that happens in the house. Dogs are very sensitive to the owner's emotions, so she will always be sad and happy with you, like a true friend and companion.

It is ideal for content in a large family with children, and lonely or elderly people.

Petit Brabancon gets on well with other pets (parrots, cats, rabbits, other dogs). She is absolutely not in conflict and does not show dominance.

Petit Brabancon is in perfect contact with children, never shows aggression or malice. Thanks to a cheerful, loving character and a stable psyche, he will support the host’s children in all pranks and games.

On photo pti Brabancon with sad eyes

They are perfectly trainable, they have an excellent memory and are easily perceived by all the owner's commands. They show excellent results in agility competitions and are easy to get early (general course of training).

The small size of the bird of Brabançon makes it possible to maintain it even in a small apartment, provided regular walking is at least 2 times a day for 1-2 hours. Walking active with elements of training, or calm and measured, if the owner is an elderly person.

Petit Brabancon care and maintenance

Caring for piti Brabancon is not difficult, but mandatory. Short-haired breed, sheds. Shedding seasonal spring-autumn. In bitches molt, more abundant than in males, especially after estrus or pregnancy.

Combing wool 1-2 times a week with a natural bristle brush. Do not neglect this procedure, because you remove dead hair, dust, the dog receives an excellent massage to improve blood circulation.

During the molting period, the wool will have to be combed daily, with a rubber comb, and while swimming, a rubber glove is used to speed up the loss of dead hair. Choose a rubber comb that is small, soft and flexible. It is convenient for them to comb their heads and paws. Wool must be combed against its growth, strong and frequent movements, as if pulling hairs. After, comb through the growth of wool. Always keep the wool comb clean, otherwise combing will be ineffective. Sticking hairs on the tail, elbows and testicles should be carefully trimmed with scissors.

Photo of black puppy pti Brabancon

Bathing as needed or once a month, with a shampoo for hard-haired, without the content of emollient oils. Wool after applying this shampoo becomes thick, but not soft. Before bathing, place a rubber mat on the bottom of the bathroom or basin, so that the pet's feet do not slide.

After bathing, wipe the wool with a towel and dry it with a hairdryer. Make sure that the dog does not sit in the draft, until it dries. Dry wool can be sprinkled with a special oil for the care of wool, then carefully combed and rubbed with a piece of suede or cotton to make it shine.

It is recommended to walk 2 hours after swimming, in winter it is recommended to bathe after the last walk.

Eyes inspect every day. Small gray lumps in the corners of the eyes are permissible in the morning, they are easily cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth (dry or chamomile dipped in broth). It is better not to use Vata, because the villi irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes.

Petit Brabancon belongs to a number of brachycephalic rocks with large bulging eyes, and is at risk, as there is a chance to injure the eyes even while walking on high, hard grass, twig or branch. Therefore, to prevent eye injuries, do not allow your dog to contact with cats on the street, to enter into a fight with other dogs, and be sure to wear a leash in dangerous places.

Noticing a change in the eyes, profuse tearing, redness or swelling of the eyelids, pus in the corners of the eyes, etc. immediately show your pet to the vet.

Ears: a healthy auricle of pleasant pink color, without reddenings and a rash. Inspect the ears 1-2 times a week to notice changes in time. Dust and sulfur can be removed with a damp cotton pad dipped in warm water. Cotton swabs are used with extreme caution so as not to injure the ears. Never allow children to clean the dog's ears on their own.

Having noticed redness, excess sulfur, a rash, a strange bloom resembling dirt, the dog often shakes his head and rubs his ears on the floor, immediately contact a veterinarian and do not treat yourself. Believe it is a lot of concern: otitis, ear mite, allergy, so it is better to trust a professional.

To brush your teeth 3-4 times a week with a special toothpaste for dogs with a brush of a suitable size or attachment to your finger. Do not use pasta for people, as dogs do not like copious foam in the mouth and strong menthol taste. To prevent the appearance of tartar, let your pet chew on solid food, and slices of tomatoes.

The claws should be cut once a month, with a nail clipper for small breeds, smooth the sharp ends with a nail file, in order to avoid burrs.

Paws after walking to wash or wipe with a wet towel. Paw pads should be inspected for wounds and treated with an antiseptic if necessary. To prevent cracks, include vegetable oil (sea buckthorn, olive, flax and other) in the diet of pti brabanson.

Ectoparasites (ticks and fleas in pti Brabanson)

Petit Brabancon needs to be regularly treated with flea and tick agents, which helps to protect it from dangerous diseases.

Fleas cause itching, an allergic reaction and anxiety, they will cause the appearance of worms if the dog swallows a flea during biting.

Photo pti Brabancon in the grass - carefully ticks!

Ticks, in particular the ixodic tick, are carriers of the deadly disease piroplasmosis (babesiosis). Therefore, in order to prevent it, constantly inspect the dog's skin for the presence of parasites, especially after walking in the woods or the park, and treat it with special ectoparasites. Ticks are most often found on the neck, abdomen, in the armpits, on the ears and above the eyes.

Having found a tick, do not panic, put on rubber gloves, and using tweezers or a tongs (tick twister, etc.) unscrew the parasite from the skin in a circular motion. Inspect the bite site and treat with antiseptic. The next few days, watch your health. If the dog acts, eats with appetite, you are lucky, the tick was non-infectious. But noticing the following symptoms, immediately seek help from a veterinarian.

Symptoms of piroplasmosis (babesiosis):

  • High body temperature (39-42 degrees)
  • The dog refuses food and water
  • Apathy, lethargy
  • Red brown urine
  • Yellow whites of the eyes
  • Does not rise on hind legs

Remember, only timely diagnosis and medical treatment gives a chance to save the health and life of your pet.

There is a huge variety of flea and tick remedies on the market for pet products today. Which of the drugs will be suitable for your dog will be determined by your veterinarian on the basis of age, weight, health condition.

Flea and tick remedies:

  • Drops on withers (valid for 3 weeks. The drug is applied to the area between the shoulder blades so that the dog does not lick it. After putting the drops, the pet is not bathed for 10 days)
  • Spray is applied immediately before the walk (in case of infection with fleas, all things are treated by the dog with spray)
  • Collar (wear 5 days before departure to nature, operates with constant wear, can not be wetted)
  • Tablets (to be given only after consultation with a veterinarian)

Petit brabanson food

Eating a puppy pti Brabancon is a very important point, because it depends on how healthy and active pti brabanson will grow. To avoid many troubles (diarrhea, constipation, vomiting), because for a baby it is not only the stress of changing the place of residence, but often the change of food. Therefore, to avoid this problem, be sure to ask the breeder what he fed the dog and how many times a day. During the puppy's growth, it is very important to adhere to the previous feeding regimen, and to monitor the receipt of a sufficient amount of vitamins and microelements necessary for the proper development of the skeletal system and muscles.

Food pti Brabancon is of two types:

  • Ready feed
  • Natural food

The main thing is not to mix these two types in one feeding to avoid problems with the dog's gastrointestinal tract.

The number of feeds puppy pti Brabancon:

  • 1.5 - 3 months 5 times a day
  • 3 - 6 months 4 times a day
  • 6 - 8 months 3 times a day
  • 8 - 12 months and an adult dog is fed 2 times a day

  • Fat meat
  • Fried, spicy foods
  • Seasonings
  • Smoked meat
  • Raw river fish
  • Onion garlic
  • Chocolate
  • Sweets
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee Tea
  • Grapes, raisins
  • Avocado

  • Low-fat meat (beef, rabbit, turkey) boiled or scalded with boiling water.
  • Boneless sea fish
  • Cereals (rice, buckwheat)
  • Vegetable oil (1 tsp. Per day)
  • Eggs 1 time per week
  • Dairy products (yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, kefir)
  • Seasonal vegetables and fruits (apples, pumpkin, zucchini, carrots)
  • Offal

Breed history

The first mentions of Brabancons date back to another 15th century. Похожих собак можно увидеть на различных гравюрах и картинах. В породе прослеживаются черты бельгийской дворовой и немецкого аффенпинчера.

Шерсть брабансонам досталась от скрещивания с мопсами. Полученные путем такой селекции песики были очень популярны во дворцах богатых вельмож и даже имели собственный обслуживающий персонал.

For the first time this breed was presented at the exhibition in 1880 in Belgium. The public admired the Brabancons. This led to the widespread breeding of the breed, but adversely affected its purity. At the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to the participation of the Duchess Henriette Marie Charlotte Antoinette, the cleanliness of the breed was restored by specialists.

The main population of these dogs was concentrated in Belgium. During World War 2, the existence of griffins was under threat. Breeders had to work with the "material", which is preserved in the United States and England. The first breed standard was approved in 1904, then changed in 1963 and 2003.

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Petit Brabancon according to the standard should have the following features:

  • flat back, square body,
  • height at withers 16-26 cm
  • the length of the back is equal to the height at the withers,
  • wide round skull
  • the muzzle is short, nose bridge is not longer than 1.5 cm,
  • nose up, with clearly divided nostrils,
  • nose is at eye level,
  • tight fitting lips of medium thickness
  • eyes set wide, with a round incision,
  • the pupils are brown in different shades,
  • lower jaw upturned
  • ears hanging, set wide, point to the face, can be stopped in childhood,
  • paws are muscular, widely set,
  • pillows paws and claws dark,
  • the tail is vertical, maybe with a crease end to back,
  • the coat is short (up to 2 cm), smooth,
  • on the face, paws and ears the wool is shorter,
  • weight 3.5-6 kg.

The parameters of Brabancon depend on the specific pedigree. A characteristic sign of the breed is pronounced facial expressions.

Dog color can be:

Small Brabancon has a proud, independent temper, which sometimes goes against the funny appearance. These dogs are very attached to their owners. They keenly feel the mood of their owner, which affects the appropriate behavior. Pet will always try to please the owner, to share his problems.

Brabancon dog does not know how to be offended and save grievances The dog responds well to jokes, enjoys playing with children for hours. Loves to be the center of attention. Despite the lack of aggression, Brabancons cannot be called cowards. They have a balanced psyche and an adequate reaction to the prevailing circumstances.

Animals are very difficult to tolerate separation from loved ones. Therefore, it is better to take them on trips and trips with you. Alone, they will start to hurt and fade.

Maintenance and care

This is a breed that does not require much effort in care. Dogs are well suited for maintenance in a small apartment, and in the house where a large family lives.

You need to walk a dog 1-2 times a day. It is better to keep her on a leash so that she does not suffer from other dogs or vehicles because of her sociability. The natural desire to try everything on the tooth can lead to poisoning or injury during a walk. Therefore, from an early age you need to teach the animal not to pick up foreign objects on the street.

Haircut and swim

Short hair does not require a haircut. It is enough to clean it once a day with a special brush from dust and dirt. It is necessary to bathe the animal after heavy pollution with dog shampoo. After bathing, dry the hair with a hair dryer. In winter, it is better to abandon water procedures due to the Brabancons' propensity for colds.

Feeding features

Miniature Brabancons are prone to obesity. Therefore, it is impossible to feed them from the table with macaroni, baking, and smoked meat. It is recommended to buy special food for miniature and mobile dogs. Acceptance of natural food (meat, cereals, vegetables, dairy products) is allowed, provided sufficient intake of vitamins into the body of the pet and its regular weighing. The amount consumed and the number of feedings should be monitored. Puppies need to be fed 4-5 times a day, adults Brabancon 2-3 times.

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Live Brabancons 8-14 years. Diseases that animals face more often:

  • a cataract that can smoothly develop into glaucoma,
  • retinal atrophy,
  • hereditary proptosis of the eyeball.

Because of the tendency to obesity, you need to monitor the nutrition and physical activity of the dog. At the same time it is impossible to allow strong physical exertion to avoid the curvature of the joints.

Choosing a puppy

The cost of Brabançon can vary between 15-80 thousand rubles, depending on the pedigree of the regalia. Without documents the dog can be purchased for 10-15 thousand. When buying an animal older than 8 months, you need to pay attention to its skills and education. Adult dogs are cheaper than puppies. The purity of the breed must be confirmed by the relevant documents and stamp. Buying is better to do from proven breeders. It is better to pick up a puppy after 3 months of age, when the second vaccination will be given.

The puppy must be active, the external parameters must comply with the standard. For the exhibition the dog is ready after 4-6 months.

From the following video you can learn more useful information about the appearance of Brabancons and the nature of the dog:

Brabancon's appearance, standard and photos

The dog is very small, but strong build. The character of the pet is cheerful, self-sufficient, convivial, alert, active, faithful. In this case, the dog has no cowardice or tendency to aggression.

Puppies inherit father and mother physique, therefore, before buying a puppy, you should look at both parents to present the appearance of your future dog. If the litter is from a “imported” dog, you should study its metrics and photos. According to the breed standard, weight can vary from 4 to 6 kg. The standard does not mention the height of the animal, but usually it is 18-32 cm at the withers.

Curious! Brabancon is a companion, "sofa" dog. However, very often these dogs take prizes in agility, thanks to their agility and intelligence.

Standard breed Petit Brabancon

All animal breeds must comply with clear standards of appearance.

To the psyche and temperament of animals for breeding special requirements:

  • Head. Porodnaya feature - a large, rounded skull. When evaluating a dog, it is necessary to pay attention to its facial expressions - the “face” must be mobile, resembling a monkey. The line of the forehead is rounded, clearly turning into the front part. The muzzle is very short - no longer than 1.5 cm. The hair on the muzzle is short, the “sticking up” of the nasal bridge is clearly visible. Lips not thick, tight fitting. Upper lip should not hang down. Pigmentation of the lips is full, the color is rich black.
  • Teeth. Breed is characteristic for breed, the lower jaw is turned up. The incisors are vertical, forming straight lines and parallels. The jaws are closed tightly, the teeth are hidden, the tongue is placed in the mouth. In profile, you can see that the chin is longer than the nose.

For dogs of the Petit Brabançon type, a bite is characteristic, while the lower jaw is turned upside down.

  • Nose. Rounded, with clearly divided nostrils. The back is turned up, the tip is laid back. In profile, you can see that the tip of the nose lobe and the top of the forehead are approximately at the same level. If the lobe is not at eye level, it is considered a vice.
  • Eyes. Widely set, the incision is round, large, but not prominent. Eyelids well pigmented, dense, hide the whites of the eyes. Color of pupil is brown in various shades, saturated. Slanted, small eyes or light iris - malformations.
  • Ears. Cropped, widely set, natural length. The shape of the ears is triangular, broken in the lower third, the tip is lowered towards the muzzle. A tolerable flaw is considered to be large or sideways lowered ears. When arresting, the ears are pointed, standing.
  • Body. Square, height at withers is approximately equal to the length of the back. The neck is of medium length, voluminous. Sternum developed, not wide. The ribs are not flat, drawn back, the front part is convex. The shoulder girdle is well developed, wide, the line of the back is flat, the withers are distinct, the croup is smoothly sloping. Groin tucked up, "undermining" is well expressed.
  • Limbs. Arranged widely, musculature developed. Shoulders wide, elbows pressed to the sternum, wrists straight. The hind legs in the rack are pulled back, the thigh is not long. The fingers are tightly folded, the arms are rounded. Undesirable fusion of fingers, although acceptable. Pads and claws are dense, dark.
  • Tail. Cropped by two thirds or natural. Set the vertical. The tip is bent, but not twisted. Krupa does not concern.
  • Wool and color Braban

    Petit Brabancon is a short-haired breed. Hair is hard, thick, no longer than 2 cm. Shorter hair on the muzzle, ears and front of the limbs. There is no "brush" on the eyebrows and face.

    The color of Petit Brabançon may be:

    • the black,
    • deer
    • black and tan (with red, red or deer tan),
    • Mixed (mix of any specified colors).

    The hair of the bird of Brabançon is short, tight to the body.

    Attention! In any color on the face should be a darker mask. Silvery or white hairs on the chest and mask are allowed.

    Breed features

    With each gesture, with each glance, the Petit Brabancons show how high they are of themselves. However, the arrogance of the animal is not inherent - it is important.

    For dogs of this breed the following qualities are inherent:

    • Lack of aggression. This dog will not throw at passers-by for no reason at all, because its psyche is quite balanced.
    • Playfulness "Monkey" gets along well with children, is able to play with them for hours.
    • Sense of humor. The kid responds well to jokes and jokes, and participates in them with pleasure. To be offended and save insults is not in his character.
    • Attachment. Dog quickly becomes attached to people with whom he lives. Poor tolerance of separation, so it is better to take it on a journey.
    • Intelligence. The dog is very smart, so it is easy to train, able to master all the commands and skills. Experts say that in intelligence it can be compared with a three-year-old baby.
    • Sociability. Pets of this breed try to be in the center of attention. Dogs do not lose their charm and "childishness" until old age.
    • Friendliness. Brabancon is able to get along with any person or animal.
    • Empathy. The pet is tuned to the owner, therefore it notices the slightest mood swings. If you are upset, he will be sad with you. And with great pleasure will share hours of good mood.

    Important! Baby Brabarik obeys only the owner and family. Very often, these dogs refuse to take food from outsiders. It is very important to remember this and, if necessary, to leave to leave the dog only with people close to him.

    Character and training Brabancon

    Very often there are complaints that the pet, staying at home alone, gnaws various necessary items. The rest is a great companion for children and adults. You can let him go with the child without fear that something will happen to the dog. The breed is physically hardy, dogs swim well and love to do it, rarely overheat or overcool.

    Brabancons are very active and hardy dogs, they are ready to accompany the owner anywhere.

    With their activity, dogs are not hyperactive and not intrusive. Brabarik will sit better and watch the master’s occupations. In the characteristic of the breed it is indicated that dogs are always on the alert. However, this does not mean aggression or hostility - it is just control and monitoring of the environment.

    Brabancon is a very charismatic animal, on its face one can clearly see surprise, curiosity, or even ridicule. According to the standard, the dog must have a “human expression” on the face, and this species is the main breed trait.

    Some people think it is better to buy a bitch because she is more faithful. In part, it is, but it is in this breed that sex is not so important - both sexes are infinitely loyal to the owner. The animal is able to adapt to any requirements of the owner, get along with any pets. Modern representatives of the breed are universal.

    The Petit-Brabancons quickly and with pleasure learn new commands and tricks.

    To train Petit Brabancon is pure pleasure, and even teenagers will cope with it. Most often, the dog quickly and accurately performs all the instructions of the owner. But it should be borne in mind that during estrus / hunting or in extreme heat the activity of the dog decreases - they become slow, which helps them to regulate their body temperature.

    When training a griffon, you cannot resort to coarse jerks or punishments. - only the method of motivation is acceptable to him. For praise, the dog will quickly learn not only the main teams, but also funny tricks. It is permissible to encourage your child with a treat, but you should not do it all the time. "Monkeys" are extremely curious, so it is better to use a new toy to achieve obedience.


    It is not at all difficult to care for the hair of Brabarik, the help of a specialist is not required. In order for a pet to look great, it is enough to comb it with a furminator weekly, bathing no more than once every one or two months. For washing should use special means. After bathing, dry the hair dryer so that the pet does not catch a cold.

    Brabancons are bathed every 1-2 months, after washing the dog's hair must be dried with a towel and a hairdryer.

    Brabancon's eyes, teeth and ears

    Dogs of this breed need attention to their eyes and teeth. For the breed is not uncommon eye problems, so it is important to visit the doctor at least every six months. Snacking is also a risk factor. Teeth need to be cleansed of plaque, in case of incomplete closure of teeth - examination of chewing teeth. If the enamel has darkened and an unpleasant smell has appeared, urgent treatment is necessary.

    Ears are cleaned about once a month. If an unusual color has appeared in the ears, the smell or the dog itches, you should go to the clinic, it is possible that the pet has developed some kind of ear disease.

    How to feed Brabancon

    Petit Brabancon is a rather picky eater: you can only feed him with products that he likes. It is very important to purchase special bowls that rise on the bracket as your pet grows - this will allow you to maintain the correct posture.

    It is very important to observe the feeding regimen: feed for 4-5 times a day for half a year, 2-3 times for older dogs.

    In the diet should be present:

    Brabancon is fed with natural food or dry food for active dogs of good quality.

    • fruits and vegetables,
    • eggs,
    • porridge,
    • fish fillet,
    • yogurt

    Be sure to add to food or give extra vitamins. To control the weight of the pet must be weighed regularly.

    Those who decide to feed the griffon with dry food should get food for small, active breeds:

    When feeding "drying" it is important that the water in the bowl is always present.

    Health and Disease

    With proper care, the average lifespan of representatives of the breed is about 14 years. Breed diseases, mainly associated with the original structure of the skull, so you need to monitor the health of the pet's eyes.

    For Brabancons are characteristic:

    • cataract,
    • retinal atrophy,
    • proptosis (loss) of the eyeball.

    In addition, respiratory diseases often occur, such as bronchitis.

    Important! Very often puppies are born by caesarean section, so it is necessary to call a veterinarian for childbirth and be prepared for different scenarios.

    Owner's reviews about the breed

    Olga I fell in love with this breed, barely seeing the photo in the Kennel Club. Actually, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this muzzle. Unfortunately, for many years it was impossible to get a puppy due to the high price. However, 7 years ago, I still did it! So we got the King All Round (Bow). The king of the ring didn’t come out of it, however, since they sold me (there’s no experience) not quite a “standard” puppy. And yet, I was very pleased with Bantik. He brought so much joy to me and the children, so happy to spend with us every minute!

    Vasiliy. We have a child with allergies, but at the same time passionately loving dogs. Long thought what to do, until a friend advised this breed. Honestly, I doubted, because he looks so ... not a man's bit. Still bought. Everyone is happy! The allergic person had no problems, Chip and Sanka are best friends. From school waiting, bored. He doesn’t bark a lot, he obeys, his children have already taught all kinds of funny tricks. In short, I highly recommend, especially if there are children in the family.

    We offer to see an interesting and informative video about griffons. Enjoy your viewing!

    History reference

    The breed has several official names - Smooth or Brabant griffin, small Brabancon. In the family of these charming creatures mixed with a lot of blood, since the history of the breed began in the distant XVI century. The first dogs, similar to the modern Griffins, were captured by artists. Unfortunately, the first breeders did not keep tribal records and the current theory of the origin of the breed is based more on intuition than on facts.

    Smooth-haired Griffon took over the main features of wire-haired dogs, which were called stable or griffins d’Ekury (today, Wire-haired affenpinscher).There is no doubt about the similarity of the ancestors and modern Pti Brabancons, since stable dogs were more than once displayed in literature and visual arts. The obvious difference is the quality of the coat, the dogs of the d’Ecurie were shaggy and hairy, and the modern Petit Brabancon has a short coat. It is believed that the breed has adopted the distinctive feature of the Pugs.

    Two more rather unexpected members of the breeding work are the King Charles Spaniel and the Continental Toy Spaniel (better known as Papillon or Falen). It is believed that the mini Petit Brabansson has inherited from his ancestors black and tan color and sometimes a bent tail. By the way, and tailless refers to the "merit" of miniature ancestors.

    The dog of the Petit Brabanson breed quickly gained the attention of the royal persons. Together with high status, the four-legged became the favorites of ladies in England. Funny pets acquired the status of so-called boudoir dogs, they warmed their owners during the cold season, traveled in carriages, entertained people in honorary receptions.

    The entire XVII century is riddled with gaps in the history of the breed, what happened and how the breeding work was carried out is unknown. In 1880, the first Griffin, exhibited at the cynological show, shook the audience with its originality. The event had two consequences - the Griffins began to be bred everywhere, which increased the breed's population, but not its purity. By the beginning of the 20th century, experts were able to combine the livestock into groups and develop a standard for the breed of griffons.

    The main population of breeding dogs was concentrated in Belgium, but with the beginning of the Second World War, the dog was on the verge of extinction. Griffins, who managed to avoid destruction, lived in the US and the UK. Having no way out, the breeders continued breeding with the existing "material". The breed managed to be kept, but the dogs were modified, as breeders from different countries pursued personal goals. After repeated inflow of fresh blood and “designer” modifications, three species of breed were formed:

    • Belgian Griffon - wool of medium length, hard, color black or black and tan.
    • Brussels Griffin - wool of medium length, hard, color red (red).
    • Petit brabanson - smooth-haired, colors: black, red (in the standard it is indicated as reindeer), black and tan, mixed (mixture of all three colors).

    Officially, Petit Brabancon appeared only in the XIX century and was positioned as a dog for hunting small rodents. However, the breed showed attention to Marie-Henrietta, the then ruling Queen of Belgium. With a light hand of the ruler, the Griffins became the national treasure of Belgium. High status not only praised and helped popularize the breed, but also accelerated the adoption of the official description of the breed (1904).

    Tips for choosing a puppy

    Note that mixed breeding is allowed in the entire breed group. That is, parents of puppies can be not only two Petit Brabanson. In reverse analogy, short-haired puppies can be born to middle-haired parents. If you want to choose a puppy Petit Brabancon with promising show data and you do not have experience in keeping Griffons, you should contact the professionals for advice.

    There is a nuance - puppies born from parents with different types of wool have fewer defects, but the litter of two sleek Gryphons, hypothetically, gives a better exterior. Learn that caring for a Petit Brabancon puppy aspiring to a show career is associated with strict control of power, exercise and play. Any acquired defects of the skeleton or the dental system will result in culling the dog from the show and breeding activities.

    Description of breed pti-brabanson

    The first breed standard was approved in 1904, then it changed several times and was refined - September 1963 and in May 2003. According to the latest standard, the appearance of a petit-brabanson must comply with the following parameters:

    1. The skull is wide, round with a dome-shaped skull. Head covered with short stiff coat. On the face there are no decorating hair forming the beard, mustache and eyebrows.
    2. Stop pronounced. The muzzle is very short in comparison with the rest of the skull. The nose is turned up with a black large lobe and open nostrils. The mirror is located on the same level with the eyes. In profile, the nose mirror, forehead, chin are located in the same plane.
    3. Jaws with pronounced undershot bite - lower teeth go beyond the upper row. The incisors are vertical. Mouth tightly closed. It is unacceptable that the dog could see the tongue or teeth. Chin large, relief, protruding. The lips are dry, tight to the teeth, pigmented black. The upper lip should not hang over the bottom.
    4. Eyes large, not strongly convex, widely spaced. Iris of dark color. It is desirable that with a direct look were not visible the whites of the eyes. The eyelids are edged with black, the eyelashes are long and black.
    5. Ears small, set high, semi-erect, hang down on the cartilage forward. Earlier, the ears were stopped in the form of pointed standing triangles. Now more and more dogs with natural ears.
    6. The body is strong, square with a wide and deep chest. Back straight, strong, muscular, short with convex withers. The length from the shoulder-shoulder joint to the ischial tuber should correspond to the height at the withers. A slight inclination towards the tail is allowed.
    7. Limbs medium length, straight, parallel. Paws are oval, small, compact with black claws and pads.
    8. Tail long enough, sometimes stopped at 2/3. Naturally saber, high set. The tip is pointing towards the back, but should not touch or curl.

    Square, strong, equipped with good musculature body crowned with a large round head. It is the discrepancy between the size of the head and the body gives a funny look to this creature. Growth Griffon baby varies from 25 to 16 cm, and weight - up to 4 kg, although there are also instances of 6 kg.

    Color and coat

    The hair is short - the length of the dog is on average 2 cm. The shirt is shiny, tight to the body. Stay straight.

    The color is also diverse, which confirms the abundance of breeds involved in the creation of the breed. The following coat colors are allowed:

    • the black,
    • deer
    • black and tan
    • black with wool of reddish shades (mix).

    Wire-haired griffon puppies can be born with a dark color, and after the first trimming the color changes. In the presence of podalin their color should be saturated, stable. The spots are located on the limbs:

    • front - from the metatarsus to the wrists,
    • posterior ones - from tarsus to hock.

    Carriages are permissible on the inside of the limbs, on the chest, around the ears and in the prianal area. On the face there may be a mask. The presence of white specks and hairs on the chest is not welcome.


    The character of Brabançon is independent, proud, that is not combined with a toy appearance. The dog is extremely tied to its owners and is treated with great tenderness. Thanks to the expressive little face, the doggie's emotions are obvious and humanly diverse. The dog keenly feels the mood of the owner and behaves accordingly.

    A kind, peaceful and very intelligent griffon is an excellent companion. He gets along well with all members of the family, but has a special love for the owner. The dog is not intrusive in the manifestation of his feelings, and, although Brabancon does not tolerate loneliness, he will not pester persistently, begging for attention and affection.

    The kid will never upset the owner, will try to please him, share problems or joy. However, despite the funny toy appearance, pti-brabancons are fearless and brave guards. No wonder the medieval coachman took with them on the road small companions who, in the parking lots, bravely guarded the crews from thieves and robbers.

    Despite the absence of aggression, there is no timidity in the character of the dog. Both traits are undesirable in the breed. They get along well with other pets without losing their dignity. The dog has a balanced nervous system and responds adequately to the proposed circumstances.

    An amazing feature of the “Brabansson” character is his well-developed sense of humor, lack of revenge and rancor. The dog will understand the jokes and does not harbor a grudge against unsuccessful practical jokes.

    "Little dog to the death of a puppy" - this is about Brabancon. He is playful, restless and fun from puppy to old age. An active participant in childish games, the kid in them is tireless and inventive.

    A high degree of attachment to the family does not allow leaving a small griffon in a dog inn or with unfamiliar people. It is better to take a dog with you on a trip and a trip. She will be happy to absorb new impressions and enjoy the company of his dear family.

    Rules of education and training

    The training of baby Brabancon is not difficult even for an inexperienced educator. Thanks to his mind, excellent memory, the dog easily remembers commands and assimilates even the meaning of words. But the dog will not respond to rudeness and the desire to "break" the character. In his training is important trust, understanding and respect.

    Each team must be supported by a promotion for the correct implementation. Researchers believe that the intellectual development of the dog corresponds to the level of a three-year-old child; therefore, the action and the consequence must be understandable.

    If the master is engaged in upbringing the griffon, then he does not need to assert his authority - he already stands at the top of the hierarchy. Therefore, patience, tolerance and kindness are necessary from him. The desire to please will lead to a quick and accurate execution of tasks.

    When raising a dog, one should remember that this is still a predator, and manifestations of aggression, a desire to bite or attack should be immediately stopped so that the uncontrollable beast does not grow. Dogs are involved in agility.

    Care and health

    Minor care is required for the Pt-Brabançon, and loyalty and unconditional trust in the host facilitates all, even the most unpleasant, procedures. The short hair of the baby does not require trimming, as the "fur coat" of his two brothers. It is enough to brush it once a day with a special brush to make the wool shine, cleaning from dust and dead hair.

    It is necessary to wash the dog only if it is very dirty, using dog shampoos for the procedure. Dogs are prone to colds, so in the winter they can not be bathed, and after washing the hair must be dried with a hairdryer.

    Care requires the ears and teeth of the baby. They need to be cleaned every 1-2 weeks. To claws do not crack and do not crumble, they need to be shortened with a claw cutter. The expressive big eyes of pti-brabanson also require care. They must be inspected and cleaned with a soft cloth or a hygienic disk moistened with warm boiled water.

    Of course, the baby is not a service or hunting dog that requires high physical activity, but in order to always keep the dog's muscles in good shape, it is necessary to walk it 1-2 times a day. Curious and sociable doggies can suffer from meeting with large dogs or transport. To eliminate the risks, it is recommended to walk with a dog, keeping it on a leash.

    Another feature of Griffonchik is their insatiable desire to all "try for a tooth." During the walk, he will be happy to pick up "sweets" from the asphalt. A muzzle is not always able to protect an animal from poisoning or injury, therefore, from an early age, you must accustom the dog to prohibiting commands and require their exact execution.

    Breed diseases

    With proper care, Brabancons can live for more than 14 years. These are dogs with good health, but they also have genetic diseases. The characteristic structure of the skull causes eye pathology:

    • cataract,
    • eyeball prolapse
    • retinal detachment.

    In addition, babies are prone to colds, and they often have bronchitis and other pathologies of the respiratory system.

    Where to buy a puppy

    Brabancon puppies in our country are quite rare. They can be purchased in nurseries. Dogs came to Russia from the USA only in 1993. The first "guests" became the founders of the breed in the nursery "Nevsky Hobbit" (St. Petersburg). After 5 years, the number of Brabancons was 85 individuals.

    The cost of puppies is quite high and amounts to 600-1500 dollars. The price depends on the severity of the breed characteristics. In Moscow, you can buy puppies from Pti-Brabança in nurseries:

    • “Maryland” -,
    • Grand Defense Rus-S -,
    • "Attack of the Griffons" -

    In Kiev, puppies of the small Brabant griffon can be bought in:

    • Cattery "Heart of three" -,
    • Kennel «Golden pack» –http: //,
    • “From the legend of bearded men” -

    Petit-Brabancons are considered the cutest doggies of our time. Having decided to buy such a purebred pet, you should know that he will become the best friend, loyal and intelligent companion to a person of any age.