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Instructions for use of amprolium for birds


Very many owners of private estates grow poultry. Broilers that grow in a short period and provide high-quality and healthy meat are especially appreciated. In order for the bird to develop properly, it is necessary to carry out disease prevention. One of the treacherous ills in broilers is coccidiosis. With late treatment, the whole herd may die. There are many veterinary drugs that will help in a short time to cope with the problem. Most veterinarians and farmers use Amprolium medicine for broilers. The manual describes in detail how to use.

The drug belongs to anticoccidian drugs, which are widely used to treat all types of animals from coccidiosis. 100 grams of the product contains 30 g of amprolium hydrochloride. Lactose is used as an additional component.

The medicine is issued in the form of white or slightly yellow powder. For broilers, 30% of the drug is used. The product is made in packaging of 1 kg. Amprolium preparation for broilers is quickly dissolved in water. Properly prepare the medicine will be able to every owner of poultry.

The main substance, amprolium hydrochloride, is widely used in all types of coccidia that parasitize a bird. The drug received its action due to a close chemical structural relationship with vitamin B1, which causes coccidia to live. The drug has an active transport force and most quickly penetrates the cellular level of the parasite, it occupies all the thiamine binding sites. All this leads to a violation of carbohydrate metabolism and the death of coccidia.

Virtually no side effects medication "Amprolium". Instructions for use for broilers is in each pharmaceutical packaging with the drug. Good results can be achieved if you stick to the correct dosage.

Most of the funds derived from the body of a bird with feces. The solution does not prevent the formation of animal immunity to coccidiosis. The drug belongs to the group of drugs that have the smallest dose of toxicity.

It is used to treat and prevent coccidiosis in chickens, broilers, remontant birds and pedigree species. If you assign the correct dosage, the drug will not have side effects. Medication belongs to group B.

Store the tool should be in a dry and dark place at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. If you mix the powder with feed, then it should be stored no more than a week. Available at the plant of veterinary drugs in Russia means "Amprolium" for broilers. A photo of the medicine is presented above.

The medicine powder can be used with dry food or water. You need to start soldering the bird from the age of 3 days. The drug is calculated at a dose of 200 g of powder per 500 liters of water. If the herd is small, then the daily rate is 120 mg of active ingredient per 1 liter of water. Eating poultry is not recommended for five days after the end of prophylaxis.

For therapeutic purposes, broilers are soldered during the week. The dose is 400 g per 500 liters of water. Also, with a small population of 240 mg prescribed per 1 liter of water. Preventive flock prevention is carried out with a five-day to two weeks of age. The calculation is 400 g of the active substance per 500 liters of water. During the period of prevention against coccidiosis, the bird should be given only to drink water with medication. Clean water at this time is excluded from the diet. If you give the drug in conjunction with dry food, the dosage is 400 g of substance per ton of food. If you correctly use the Amprolium product for broilers, the infection of the bird with parasites will be excluded.


It is forbidden to prescribe medication for birds after 16 weeks of age. You can not give a remedy to chickens that are eggs. This can lead to poisoning. Also, co-administration with other groups of coccidiosis drugs is unacceptable. It is possible to eat poultry meat only after 5 days after the end of treatment. If there was a need to kill the bird before the allowed time, the carcass can be used for the production of meat and bone meal or for food to other animals.

Dilute the medication with caution, it is better to work with gloves and a mask. Wash hands thoroughly after using the medicine. May cause an allergic reaction in a person means "Amprolium" for broilers.

The drug is widely used to treat coccidiosis in birds and animals. Many veterinarians are advised to use this particular medicine. It has no side effects. Treats means to low-toxic drugs. It is not addictive in poultry and does not affect the production of immunity in broilers.

According to reviews, the drug in a short time helps get rid of the symptoms of coccidiosis, thereby preserving the number of the herd. The tool has an affordable price and can be purchased at all veterinary pharmacies. If time to do prevention, the defeat of coccidia will not threaten the bird. The drug is not absorbed into the intestinal mucosa and is rapidly excreted from the body of animals. The drug "Amprolium" for broilers will give an excellent result if it is used strictly according to the instructions. Do not forget about the precautions. Poultry meat, which recently underwent therapy, is not used as food.

For which diseases is amprolium used

Amprolium hydrochloride, which is the active substance of this drug, contributes to the inhibition of growth of coccidiosis parasites. The drug is effective in schizogony of the first two generations. Also, it should be noted that amprolium does not have any detrimental and depressing effects of immunity.

Major diseases, which are directed to the action of the drug, is:

  • Coccidiosis
  • Eymerioz,
  • Cestosis
  • Trematodosis,
  • Entomoz.
Amprolium Powder

The success and effectiveness of the fight against coccidiosis parasites is based on the quality of feeding and keeping of poultry. So, on the effectiveness of any coccidiostatics can have a certain impact following factors:

  • Mode temperatures,
  • Quality used bedding,
  • Humidity premises,
  • Conditions feeding,
  • Appearance intercurrent diseases,
  • Types coccidia,
  • The sensitivity of parasites to the drug, etc.

Consequently, the problem of the occurrence and spread of coccidiosis can only be solved with the integrated use of the correct content of poultry using amprolium, adhering to the instructions and recommended dosages.

With drinking water

  • In order to prevent - used for poultry aged from three days to 16-17 weeks, observing a daily dose of 400-420 g of powder per 500-550 liters of water or 250 mg of hydrochloride per liter of pure water.
  • Treatment - therapy is carried out for one week, adhering to the daily allowance - 400-420 g of powder for 500-550 liters of water or 250 mg of hydrochloride per liter of pure water.
  • In order to prevent - the drug is also used only for birds aged from three days to 17 weeks, in a daily dose of 400 g of the drug per ton of feed, or 125 mg of amprolium hydrochloride per kilogram of feed.
Chickens peck on food
  • Treatment - 850 g of amprolium per ton of feed or 125 mg of amprolium hydrochloride per kilogram of feed mixture for 8-12 days.

Side effects

In the process of using the drug in the stated doses no side effects have been identified.

Also, it is noted that in case of small overdoses, amprolium is a safe drug. During the research, chickens tolerated a single dose of about 4 grams per kg of weight. Of the negative consequences there was only a small decrease in bird growth.

With continuous concentrated use of amprolium, 0.05% chickens calmly endured stress without significant consequences for growth.

Pharmacological properties

Amprolium has the following properties:

  1. It has a wide anticoccidian effect on anticoccidian parasites.
  2. The active functioning of amprolium hydrochloride is in the immediate vicinity of the chemical composition of the preparation with thiamine, which is necessary for the life of coccidia. Amprolium has better penetration into parasitic cells. for settling in the active centers of vitamin compounds. This allows you to damage carbohydrate metabolism and destroy the parasite.
  3. Non-toxic to birdsbecause the cell membrane of the intestinal membrane is impermeable to active substances of amprolium.
Amprolium 22%
  1. Amprolium hydrochloride leaves the bird's body with droppings almost completely.
  2. A drug contributes to the formation of strong immunity to further combat coccidia.
  3. Amprolium is considered a low hazard substance., because it is not able to have a strong toxic effect on the organism of animals.

The drug is most used to fight coccidiosis of birds and animalsbecause it has several advantages:

  • Promotes fast getting rid of signs of coccidiosis,
  • The absence of side effects,
  • Low toxicity substance,
  • Does not provoke addictive,
  • No negative effect. on the process of developing immunity of broilers.

Diseases that treat Amprolium

In addition to coccidosis, Amprolium is used to treat trematodosis, eymeriosis, entomosis, cestosis. Drug Effectiveness depends on the conditions of detention and feeding of birds. It is necessary to maintain the recommended temperature and humidity conditions in the house, use quality bedding and a balanced composition of food.

In addition, the success of treatment depends on the type of pathogens and their sensitivity to the main component of the drug.

Symptoms of coccid infection

Coccidiosis is caused by protozoan parasites penetrating the bird from the external environment. Prerequisites for infection are cramped conditions of poultry keeping, violation of sanitary norms, putting shoes on the street and other premises of the pathogen.

A small number of active pathogens is sufficient for the development of the disease, and they can be of several types at once.Particularly suffers from koksiioza young livestock. The simplest ones cause necrosis of epithelial tissue in the body, associated with this bleeding, intoxication phenomena.

The onset of the disease is manifested in a decrease in bird activity. She becomes lethargic and sedentary, reluctant to eat feed. The feathers of such a chicken are ruffled, he looks unhealthy. Then the birds start debilitating diarrhea with particles of blood and foam. Litter smells unpleasant. The goiter increases in size, immoderate thirst appears. Chickens stop growing, and the adult bird begins to suffer exhaustion.

With the appearance of such symptoms can not hesitate with treatment. The disease progresses strongly during the first 4 days and already on the 5th day without the use of a medicine can lead to the death of the livestock.

Composition and action of Amprolium

The drug is available in the form of soluble 30% white powder or yellowish. 100 gr. contains 30 grams. amprolium hydrochloride, auxiliary component - lactose. There is a packing of medicine by:

Packaging is presented in the form of plastic cans, or double plastic bags.

This drug belongs to the group of anticoccidian drugs. In veterinary medicine, it is used to treat farm animals and birds for coccidiosis. Amprolium is active against pathogens such as Eimeriatenella, Eimeria maxima, Eimeria mivati ​​and others.

By its structure of amprolium Hypochloride has a great similarity to thiamine, which coccidia use for their vital functions. The formula of the drug allows him, ahead of thiamin, to enter the cell structure of the pathogen and disrupt the vitamin assimilation processes, which causes a breakdown of carbohydrate metabolism in coccidia and they die.

The epithelial layer of the cells of the intestinal membrane of birds and some animals is hardly permeable to the active active ingredient; therefore, at therapeutic doses, Amprolium does not have a toxic effect on their bodies and belongs to the group of low-toxic drugs. It acts at the level of the mucous and submucosal layer. Most of the substance (97%) is displayed along with the litter.

With the correct dosage of Amproliuim does not cause complications in birds. Allowed its simultaneous intake with various feed additives and vitamins.

Dosage and method of use

The drug is given to the bird by adding it to feed or drinking water. If Amprolium bird comes with water, it should not have another drinking source, and only consume water with medication.

3-5 day old chicks need the following doses of the drug:

  • If you use it for the prevention of coccidiosis, the chicks should receive it in a dosage of 120 mg per 1 liter of drinking water (200 g per 500 l).
  • For therapeutic purposes, the dose is increased to 240 mg per 1 liter of water, that is, twice (400 g per 500 l). The drug give 5-7 days.

Amprolium is added to repairing youngsters up to 16 weeks of age in such quantities:

  • 240 mg per 1 liter of water to prevent infection with coccidia (400 g per 500 l),
  • 240 mlg per 1 liter of water (400 g per 500 l), the dosage is maintained for 5-7 days.

If Amprolium is used for treatment and prophylaxis together with food, then:

  • as a preventive measure, add 120 mg per 1 kg of feed (200 g per 500 l),
  • in therapeutic - the dosage is doubled.

For adult birds, the drug is mixed with food in 1% dosage.

Special instructions, storage

Work with Amprolium is carried out in rubber gloves and overalls, at the end they wash all exposed parts of the body and face. In roomWhere you dilute the drug, it is not recommended to eat and smoke. Banks in which the preparation was stored cannot be used for domestic needs.

After treatment with a preparation, the bird cannot be killed within 5 days. If you had to resort to slaughter earlier, poultry meat is used to make meat-bone meal or to feed animals.

Amprolium is in storage list B. The drug should be in a dry dark place with a temperature below 30 ° C to 5 years. The mixture of the preparation and compound feed prepared in advance preserves the healing properties for 1 week.

Description and properties of veterinary drugs

Bird suffers most from coccidiosis. First, individual individuals begin to drink excessively water, become sluggish, drooping, disheveled. The disease continues with diarrhea with blood particles. It leads to a strong depletion of the body.

Anemia is enhanced by blue skin. Young birds are especially vulnerable to the disease.

Attention! Laboratory experiments have shown: the disease develops very quickly. It should be time to start treatment in the first 4 days.

Amprolium is an effective coccidiostat. It is a highly soluble powdery substance of white or sand color. 1 g contains 3 mg of active ingredient - amprolium hydrochloride. Therefore, the pharmacy version of the drug is called Amprolium 30%.

The remaining share is auxiliary component - lactose. Its function is to stimulate the rapid absorption of a remedy. On sale you can find packaging weighing from 50 g to 5 kg. Amprolium is sold in polymer cans or sealed opaque bags.

The principle of the drug is as follows. The active component is similar in structure to vitamin B1 (thiamine), which is responsible for an important part of the parasite's vital activity. Amprolium hydrochloride replaces thiamine in the cell structure and provokes the dysfunction of carbohydrate metabolism in the body of the causative agents of the disease. As a result of coccidia die.

Indications and contraindications

Instructions for use calls the main tasks of Amprolium prevention and therapy of coccidiosis of breeding birds, young stock and chickens. Also vetsredstvo negatively affects pathogens:

Amprolium is included in the category of low-toxic substances. He solves his tasks exclusively, without causing negative reactions in the body. It is only important to comply with the rules of admission. Within a few days, the Amprolium is almost entirely excreted in the faeces.

Attention! The drug does not conflict when taken simultaneously with vitamin complexes and feed additives for any purpose.

Due to the powder structure, Amprolium must be left in a dry place. Do not allow heating above +30 ° C and direct sunlight. Keep the medicine away from food and feed. Securely hide it from children and animals. Shelf life vetpreparata 24 months. Remember that Amprolium is forbidden to give:

  • layers (the substance accumulates in the eggs),
  • repair offspring after reaching the age of 16 weeks.
  • along with veterinary drugs of similar impact.

Dosage Recommendations

According to the instructions for use powder should be mixed with water or food. In the first case, the recommendations of the pharmacists are as follows:

  1. Broilers for prevention. The course - from the 3rd day throughout life. The daily rate is 120 mg of Amprolium per 1 liter of water.
  2. Broilers for therapy. Dose - 240 mg / l. Give at least 5 days to eliminate symptoms.
  3. Repair individuals with the preventive purpose. Single course from 3 to 16 days. Daily rate - 120 mg / l.
  4. Repair bird for therapy. Spend a 5-7 day course with a daily dosage of 240 mg of powder per 1 liter of drinking water.

Use fresh mix immediately. Порошок, добавленный к корму, инструкция по применению разрешает хранить до 7 сут. Дозировка для всех групп домашней птицы совпадает с нормами для раствора.Only the amount of Amprolium is indicated per 1 kg, and the treatment course lasts 7-10 days.

Vetpreparat should stop giving with a preventive goal at least 5 days prior to slaughter. If the procedure was carried out earlier than allowed, the instructions for use allow the use of meat for the preparation of meat and bone meal or for feeding other animals. Such food is forbidden for human consumption. Therefore, first complete the disease if you use Amprolium for this purpose.

The drug helps to avoid major losses during the mass destruction of poultry coccidiosis. The effectiveness of veterinary drugs will ensure the accuracy of the dosage and strict adherence to the recommendations.

Have you had any experience with this drug for poultry?

Composition and release form

The veterinary drug belongs to the anticoccidian (antiprotozoal) group and is produced in the form of a granular form - powder.

Amprolium is an anticoccidian drug for birds.

1 kg bags are available for sale, in which 30 grams of amprolium (30% variant) are found per 100 grams of substance. Less commonly, Amprolium 22% can be found, which can be purchased in a more compact package - 10 grams. 25 percent option is sold in bags of 0.5 kg.

Description of the tool:

  • active ingredient - amprolium hydrochloride,
  • auxiliary component - lactose,
  • color variations of the powder - from snow white to light sand,
  • packaging - laminated.

The smallest packaging - bags weighing 1.4 g (for chickens). The visual design of the package: a white background with images of animals (hens, horses, pigs), in the middle is text information. The manufacture of the medicinal product is established in the Russian Federation - at the plant "Veterinary preparations", and also in Ukraine - "UZVPP" and in the Republic of Belarus - by the companies "VIC-Animal Health" and "Belek".

Indications for use

Koktsidiostatic prescribed for different forms of coccidiosis caused by the activity of the simplest. The antiparasitic effect of Amprolium includes effects on all types of ameri (from tenella to mivati).

Amprolium is used in coccidiosis in birds.

Signs of coccidiosis:

  1. long standing position of the bird with eyes closed,
  2. ruffled feathers
  3. loose stools (diarrhea) with bleeding.

The substance amprolium easily penetrates into the cells of pathogenic microorganisms, but does not penetrate the cell membrane of the mucous membrane of the surface located in the intestine.

Fact. Amprolium is intended for most birds - it is permissible to use it even for parrots.

How to use the drug for chicks

There are 2 forms of consumption of Amprolium - with drinking water and feed mixtures, which are equally often used for birds of different age and species categories. The following dosage is rational for assignment to chicks from three days of existence to 17 weeks.

Mixing with drinking water. Concentrations in the prevention and treatment of identical - 400-420 g of solids dissolved in a large volume of water (500-540 liters). A liter of drinking water content of amprolium hydrochloride corresponds to 250 mg.

The drug Amprolium can be dissolved in water and fed to the chicks.

Time of receipt:

  1. For prophylaxis - constantly up to 17 weeks.
  2. for the purpose of treatment - 1 week of admission.

The introduction of an anticoccidian agent into the diet of chickens is done by a replacement method: instead of pure water without additives, only liquid with dissolved amprolium is given.

Adding to feed. Prevention: A 125 milligram dose of bulk material is mixed with 1 kg of feed. Given the difficulty of isolating such a low concentration, experienced breeders advise adding a daily 400-gram dose per ton of feed mixture.

Treatment: for 8–12 days, feeding of the growing young stock is carried out in a ratio of 250 mg: 1 kg. A ton of the mixture accounts for 850 grams of Amprolium.

How to apply to broiler chickens

The permitted age range for broiler chickens is the same as for normal chicks, however, the dosage for the prevention and treatment of meat chickens is different.

With water. For prophylaxis for 500 liters there is a concentration of the active substance - 120 mg per 1 liter (200-gram dosage per 500 l). For treatment, it rises and reaches 350-380 g (230 mg / 1 liter) for the same volume of liquid.

Broilers Amprolium drink at a dosage of 120 mg per 1 liter (prophylactic dose).

With feed. Use of the drug is allowed in the range of 3 days of 16 weeks of age.

Cooking Instructions:

  • Prevention. From 350 to 400 g of powder is dissolved in a ton of the mixture.
  • Treatment. From 6 to 10 days feed is used, in which 800-gram dosage of Amprolium accounts for a ton of the mixture.

An alternative way to prevent infection with coccidiosis can be a broiler vaccination.

How to use for goslings, turkey poults and other birds

In other types of poultry, the manifestations of coccidiosis and the method of treatment do not significantly differ from the symptoms of the disease and the therapy carried out in chickens and broilers.

Dilution with water. For newly born goslings and poults it is advisable to give water mixtures with Amprolium, and only then transfer them to feed with coccidiostatic.

Allowable concentrations:

  1. preventive measures. From 500 to 350 g of powder (220 mg / 1 liter) is diluted in 500 liters.
  2. therapeutic. 400 g of powder are diluted in a similar volume of water, then the resulting liquid is consumed by broilers for 5–7 days.
For turkeys and goslings, the drug is dissolved in water at a dosage of 220 mg / 1 liter.

Mixing feed. Prevention of infection: 300 g of the drug is needed per 1 ton (130 mg per 1 kg). Treatment: 0.25 g should be in 1 kg of the mixture or 800 g of amprolium as the active ingredient per ton of feed. Reception duration - from 5 to 10 days.

A warning. It is necessary to treat goslings for coccidiosis as early as possible: protozoal ones cause a dangerous disease - kidney coccidiosis.

For adult birds

Sexually mature representatives of birds usually already have resistance to infection with coccidia, however, although the animal ceases to suffer from the influence of protozoans, it continues to infect the young. For preventive measures and treatment of birds, they use only the method of mixing powder with food in a ratio of 0.1%.

Important. Determine the disposal of poultry from invasive infection in the state veterinarian You should also focus on the disappearance of symptoms of the disease.

Compatibility with other drugs

Amprolium is an agent that is not used in combination with other drugs, especially of a similar group. However, the use of veterinary preparation does not violate the diet of the bird.

Safe combination:

  • vitamins
  • specialized feed additives.

It is also not necessary to limit the intake of vegetables, grains and minerals included in the diet of poultry. Amprolium does not interfere with the development of immunity in poultry, unlike other coccidiostats - Vetatox, Baycox, Amprobel.

Amprolium is compatible with various vitamin supplements for chickens.

Cautions: special instructions

Despite the low toxicity of Amprolium, the active ingredients are not eliminated immediately, but remain in the body of birds during the week. Only after the end of the 5-day period since the completion of coccidiostatic therapy is it allowed to kill the birds.

This time period is also desirable to wait for the use of funds by laying hens, whose eggs begin to contain substances harmful to humans. If the destruction of poultry is made earlier than this period, then it is allowed to give the meat exclusively for being eaten by other animals or used for receiving meat-bone-based flour.

Warning: work with the drug is carried out in overalls that protect the eyes and skin from potential contact. It is forbidden to smoke during the preparation of the medication, and after performing all the procedures, you should thoroughly wash your hands and face with soap and water.

When working with the drug is recommended to use gloves.

Reference. Up to 97% of the active substance is excreted along with chicken feces.

Terms and conditions of storage, price

Keep bulk material should be where there is no influence of direct sunlight and moisture. Permitted temperature ranges are from 10 to 25 degrees with a plus sign.

Price variations depending on the weight of the package:

  • 25% (Belek) 500 g - 535–550 rubles,
  • 30% (VP) of 1 kg - RUB 1 210–1265,
  • 30% (VP) 10 g - 40–50 rubles,
  • 22% (UZVPP) 1.4 g - 5–10 rub.

The maximum duration of the contents of the package in a warehouse or in the back room is 2 years.

Reviews of the drug from farmers

Victor. We have been using Amprolium for a long time, not only for birds, but also for rabbits and cows. Once we were badly affected by coccidiosis, which literally wiped out almost half of our livestock.

Many farmers have the drug Amprolium in their first aid kit.

At that time they were inexperienced, but the help of professional poultry farmers allowed to introduce this drug as a permanent preventive measure. Since then, more than 6 years have passed, and we have never faced the infection of this living creature with this insidious disease.

Anna. It is very convenient that you do not need to give each chicken a solution specifically in the beak. Just dissolve in water, and they are treated. At first, she kept drinking bowls with two kinds of water, with and without medicine, so they began to drink only liquid without impurities. All the same, the drug gives its flavor, so you need to leave only with Amprolium - still drink, they have nowhere to go. I note the affordable price, much cheaper than Baycox. If you use it, the cost of production increases significantly, and income decreases.

Sad statistics, indicating a high mortality of the population of chickens (from 40 to 50% of chicks die after infection with coccidiosis), or even their own experience suggests many poultry farmers to use Amprolium, which allows them to protect themselves from financial and temporary losses. The absence of side effects and the ease of use of the popular coccidiostatic make the process of treatment and prophylaxis easy for both owners of poultry and owners of large hatchery complexes.