Pregnancy of small breeds


The date of occurrence of dog pregnancy is considered to be the date of the last mating. The new position of the bitch can be guessed by the changed behavior. She is:

  • becomes less active
  • Shows more affection to the owner,
  • looks calmer than usual
  • is friendly to people who were previously perceived indifferently or wary,
  • sleeps a lot.

With the increase in terms of tenure, other signs appear:

  • Between the 25th and 30th day, the mammary glands and the skin around them swell, the nipples become pinkish, and the stomach is slightly swollen.
  • By the 29th day of the bed (the rows of dog's mammary glands) it is already noticeably increased, and the animal itself begins to gain weight.
  • At day 38–45, palpation (palpation) of the dog’s abdomen in the area of ​​the uterus is felt by future puppies. It is better if this procedure will be performed by a veterinarian, since an inexperienced person can cause intrauterine injury to babies by their actions. During this period, it is already possible to obtain information on how multiple pregnancy is. Better to do this with X-ray.
  • On the 45–50th day, colostrum is protruding from enlarged nipples. About a day before puppies appear, the bitch's body temperature drops to 36–37 degrees, and within a day after the appearance of offspring, it returns to normal.
  • On the 55–57 day, the bitch begins to lick herself more often, to build a den for future puppies. Her character is getting worse, possible outbreaks of aggression.

To find out whether puppies are expected from a dog, in the early stages, you can use the laboratory test, which is based on a blood serum test. At 2-3 weeks after conception, the level of the hormone relaxin in the body of the animal rises, which reveals laboratory analysis. If the test is carried out at 3-4 weeks and it will be positive, this is a 100% indicator that the bitch is waiting for offspring.

If necessary, the fact of pregnancy is easy to detect with ultrasound. It is better to do this no sooner than on 21–24 days after possible conception.

How long does it take

Bitch in females normally lasts from 57 to 62 days. In some cases, it can last up to 72 days, and babies are also born viable. If on 72–73 day labor activity has not begun - this is a disturbing sign and a reason to show the animal to the veterinarian.

The duration of pregnancy depends on the following factors:

  • Once again the bitch becomes pregnant. Primiparas carry offspring longer.
  • Age of the female. Older people often go.
  • The size of the animal, small dogs breed earlier.

The digital indicators of the normal duration of pregnancy, as mentioned above, are not absolute and the same for all dogs.

In small breeds

Carrying puppies for representatives of small breeds lasts 60 days - less than for large ones.

The peculiarity of pregnancy of small dogs is that the uterus, significantly increasing in volume, puts pressure on the epigastric region, creating discomfort for the dog and affecting the processes of food digestion. Because of this, the feeding of the future mother should be carried out in small portions and be sufficiently high in calories.

For medium breeds

Pregnancy in medium dogs lasts from 60 to 63 days.

If gestation is delayed or there are signs of premature onset of labor, the life of the bitch and puppies will be threatened.

The reason for premature delivery may be trauma, hidden pathology, critical weight loss, age of the dog. When the bitch is about to give birth at the wrong time, you should notify the veterinarian who has a pet.

In large breeds

Pregnancy in large dogs lasts from 63 to 65 days. As mentioned above, the duration of whelping depends not only on the size of the animal, but also on other indicators. To predict the date of birth of your domestic dog, you should consult with a veterinarian. Based on history data, he will be able to determine it.

False pregnancy

False pregnancy is the condition and behavior of an unbounded bitch or bred, but not whelping, when she shows signs of a pregnant dog. This happens against the background of hormonal disorders caused by a temporary hormonal disruption or violation of the organs of internal secretion.

Signs and causes

The reason for false shly is that the corpus luteum in the female's ovary does not resolve with the end of estrus, but is present in the body for some time, therefore it is physiologically perceived as the onset of pregnancy.

The behavior of the dog during this period varies greatly. The signs of false hyphenation include the fact that she:

  • begins to build a den for future puppies,
  • treats toys like his babies - licks them, lays them under the belly, collects them in a den,
  • more difficult to perceive physical activity:
  • indifferent to walks and games
  • at times it becomes nervous and excited,
  • jealously stops the attempts of people to approach the lair and take "puppies".

In addition to behavioral, physiological changes are also observed:

  • the beds swell, their pigmentation increases,
  • colostrum is released,
  • from the swollen loop (external genitals) slime flows,
  • animal appetite is getting worse.

It is impossible to distinguish between imaginary and true truths in the early stages without resorting to medical diagnostics.

How to alleviate the condition of the animal

False pregnancy is dangerous complications, especially if it happened more than once, but repeated periodically. Changes in the mammary glands associated with the beginning of the secretion of milk, over time, can cause mastitis, and hormonal disruptions cause inflammation in the uterus, up to pyometra.

A pyometra in dogs is an inflammation of the uterus, in which purulent discharges accumulate in its cavity. As a rule, pyometra in dogs develops shortly after estrus, when the level of the hormone progesterone increases in the body.

To stop imaginary shchennost, should:

  • Take measures to reduce lactation, for which purpose to exclude from the diet of the dog all dairy products.
  • Reduce the amount of servings of food.
  • Control the amount of water consumed. It should not significantly exceed the norm.
  • Provide your dog normal physical activity. She should walk, run, play more. It is good for health, and besides, it will allow her to escape from cares about caring for imaginary “puppies”.
  • Do not express milk from the dog's glands, hoping that its production will stop. This can only stimulate lactation.
  • Disassemble the lair, equipped with a bitch, remove from the eyes of "false children", make sure that the dog some time could not happen where there are puppies and pregnant bitches.

As a rule, this is enough to make the pet feel better and return to normal life. If the home measures have failed, you will have to show the female to the veterinarian.

It is possible that to normalize the condition will require hormone therapy. The list of drugs and treatment regimen prescribed by a veterinarian. He will control the dynamics of the state of the animal.

When signs of mastitis appear, the treatment of the nipples or the application of compresses with camphor oil on them is shown. So that the animal does not get rid of lotions ahead of time, the belly is bandaged with an elastic bandage.

A careful and caring owner, whose bitch suffers from time to time with a “spoon”, should think about her sterilization. This will save the animal from unnecessary suffering, to preserve its health and life.

Pregnancy of a pet is not an easy, albeit a happy time. In order for it to pass without complications, and the offspring be born on time, the dog must be observed by a veterinarian. A competent and responsible owner will certainly take care of this.

About pregnancy in small breeds

There are many dwarf breeds with which everyone touches, and some sometimes think, and how do such crumbs give birth to puppies?

For your little doggie, pregnancy is an ordeal. Some breeds, for example, toi or chihuahua, most often give birth to 1-3 puppies, but there are also many prolific bitches. If you want to give you a lot of puppies, breeders are advised to take the girl from such a brood.

On you, as the owner, a big responsibility. You have to feed your darling well. It is necessary to try to feed it more often and give food in small portions so as not to overload the stomach. Otherwise, inversion is possible. The most valuable food for dogs is meat and offal (heart, liver with kidneys, scar, etc.).

Often pregnant babies are cold, badly enduring cold in the cool season. Of course, you should not put a heater directly on the bed, but you can take care of heating the room with a heater or air conditioner.

Daily change the water in the drinker. It should be at room temperature. Let the bowl stand full. On the advice of your veterinarian, get good vitamins. You can choose your own well-known brands with excellent composition. Pay attention to the expiration date, they should be good. If it seems to you that the baby feels bad, immediately go to see a veterinarian. He will ask you and tell you what the cause of the ailment is?

Dogs of any size in position behave similarly. They feel physiological changes in the body. In the later periods you will be able to grope puppies in the belly of the future mom.

Weekly pregnancy

When is the 4th week, the dog can sometimes refuse to feed and vomiting appears. Such signs are already noticeable from 20 to 22 days of mating with a dog. A day before these signs, puppies are already forming hearts. Try to feed the future mother better. Let the portions be bigger and nutritious.

From 26 to 27 days A veterinarian in the bitch’s abdomen may grope for germs and confirm that she is pregnant. Fruits at this time with a walnut.

On the 28th day fruits become fully formed, only temporarily remain uncovered.

5th week characterized by the fact that the future mom's belly is noticeably rounded. Nipples become larger and pink, and the place around them brightens.

If you have the desire and opportunity, from the 32nd day you can do an ultrasound. Fruits are already gaining 20% ​​of the weight, which will be at birth.

33 days bones of paws and ribs in babies become stronger.

36th day characterized by the fact that the internal organs of the fruit are fully formed.

From 48 to 50 days you can do an x-ray and you'll find out how many puppies your girl has. Do not rush, baby in any case give birth to babies in its time.

10 days before the onset of labor, veterinarians recommend reducing the amount of protein in the diet.

On the 8th week or from 55 to 57 days The bitch begins to lick herself more actively and is looking for a place where she plans to give birth to offspring. When the time of birth is about to come, the temperature at the bitch becomes lower and is 36 degrees. This means that from birth to from 8 to 36 hours left

You, as a responsible host, should be around to help in case of difficult childbirth. In small dogs, without the help of man, the offspring may not survive.

How to feed a pregnant bitch?

If your girl before pregnancy ate only dry food, you should transfer it to puppy food and pregnant bitches. Best in the period of carrying babies to make a mixed diet. This means that, in addition to dry food, it is necessary to give finely chopped raw meat, to put in a free access saturated broth. You can add carrots, pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage and other vegetables. It vitamins him.

Be sure to enter into the diet dairy. The most useful not too fat cottage cheese. Some dogs are happy to drink ryazhenka or kefir, 10% cream, but you know that your pet loves.

Veterinarians recommend offering pregnant broth. Many girls in the position of his drink with pleasure. Thanks to additional feeding, puppies in the belly of your pet will be properly formed and by the time of birth will get stronger, be born healthy without pathologies.

Especially nutritionally raw, scalded meat: beef with chicken, turkey with rabbit, young lamb with horse meat. You can give pregnant women, crushed scar. Boil the kidneys with the liver. In lungs there are not enough useful substances. For example, if beef is enough 200-300 g per day, then the lung will need 2 times more than 400-600 g. Not every toyka or poodle, a Yorkshire terrier, etc., will eat such a volume.

Carefully monitor the condition of the future mom during pregnancy. With a significant deterioration of the condition, lead or carry her to see your veterinarian. Tell him about the symptoms of malaise and he will give advice on how to feed, what vitamins to enter into the diet, perhaps, will make an injection with a vitamin mixture, an immunostimulant, etc.

Pregnancy in dogs, especially

The state of pregnancy (policesia) in dogs occurs in the first five days after the set mating. During this period, the sperm cells are most viable in the female genital tract and fertilize the proovulted eggs.

Pregnancy in dogs lasts an average of 63 days, with abnormalities 56-73 days. Puppies born in these periods are considered viable. A prolonged pregnancy, more than 73 days, is a good reason for seeking veterinary care, as in the state of the nursery, serious complications are possible.

So, how much do pregnant dogs of any breed go? On average, they are carrying puppies for about two months. It is worth noting that it is quite difficult for an uninformed person to accurately determine the presence of pregnancy. But there are a number of simple signs that every owner can pay attention to.

The signs of pregnancy in the female are morphological and behavioral changes:

  • Enlarged nipples and adjacent tissues.
  • Increased appetite, or vice versa, its absence and selective feed.
  • Physical lethargy
  • Caution in behavior, the dog becomes less sociable. In other cases, females are looking for communication and affection on the part of the owner.
  • There are signs of an increase in the abdomen.
  • More frequent urination and mucous, clear vaginal discharge.

In veterinary medicine, three types of pregnancy can be distinguished in dogs:


In its course, violations of the natural physiological processes and health of the female occur. These are toxicoses of different manifestational strength, fever, refusal to eat. These signs, as well as any discharge from the genital organs of the female, should alert its owner, since they can be manifestations of a terrible complication - ectopic pregnancy.

If the dog has this symptoms, then it is necessary to urgently contact a veterinarian.

Signs resemble physiological. In the female, in behavior and appearance, supposedly normal puppies are being hatched. Experts consider this condition rather as physiological features, and not pathology. It develops after an unsuccessful mating, or with hormonal disruptions of the female. In the body of the animal begin to produce hormones characteristic of the state of pregnancy. At the same time, signs of polyciesia appear:

  • Swelling and pigmentation of the nipples.
  • Isolation of colostrum.
  • Changes in behavior.
  • Search for a place to give birth.
  • Increased interest in puppy-like toys.

In most cases of false polyciesia, its signs go away on their own in about two weeks. A dog needs adequate suggestions, that its behavior is illogical.

Complications of false hyphenation may be developed mastitis. If the behavior and condition of the dog does not change, then the help of a doctor is necessary.

In general, the duration of pregnancy in dogs of different breeds is the same. There are some features that are related to the size of the dog.

Length of pregnancy in small breeds

Policesia in small breeds lasts up to 62 days. Since the uterus puts pressure on the intestines and stomach in case of multiple pregnancies, feeding the female in an interesting position needs to be corrected. It should be fractional and more high in calories. Of course, overfeeding is not worth it, it can cause complications in childbirth. A mandatory requirement for keeping a pregnant dog should be free access to clean drinking water. It is also necessary to give the pupil vitamins and microelements, specially selected for the composition according to the breed.

Small breeds of dogs are generally more sensitive to temperature changes. Considering that with the onset of pregnancy, the animal's body temperature drops by 1-2 degrees, it is necessary to provide it with a warm place to rest and sleep. For short-haired small-breed dogs, you can include additional heating, or wear warm clothing.

The duration of pregnancy in large breeds

The gestation period in dogs can be from 55 to 72 days. With a large number of developing embryos, the period of policesia is shortened. If the dog bears one or two puppies, the pregnancy may be delayed. As a rule, large breeds carry fewer puppies, and the pregnancy lasts up to 72 days.

Due to the relevance of accurate determination of the presence of a pregnant condition in a dog, its owner may conduct special studies in a veterinary clinic. Диагностика беременности у собак помогает точно установить срок поликиезии, рассчитать календарь беременности воспитанницы, исключить наличие патологий и выбрать стратегию будущих родов.


В ветеринарии в качестве диагностических методов используют:

  • Врачебный осмотр.
  • УЗИ.
  • Рентгенографию.
  • Лабораторный тест на релаксин.

Врачебный осмотр и пальпация эффективна на ранних сроках. The doctor is an animal, determining the presence of enlarged mammary glands, swelling of the legs and walls of the abdominal cavity, the presence of embryos in the uterus.

A more accurate diagnostic method for determining polyciesia is the ultrasound study. It will not only determine its duration, but also determine the number of embryos and the state of their development.

Radiography can be effective after 42 days of embryo development, when calcium appears in developing organisms. X-ray allows you to see the location of the puppies of the abdominal cavity, their number and size.

Laboratory blood test for relaxin helps to accurately determine the presence of policiesia. This specific hormone is produced by the embryos of a pregnant female.

Pregnancy Calendar

The calendar indicates the development of embryos within 2 months, especially the formation of organs and systems.

  • 1-14 days, calculated from the first mating. The embryo actively attached to the walls of the uterus, each of them formed the placenta.
  • 15-20 days. Formation of organs, NA and spinal column. During this period, you can not use drugs and insecticidal drugs, since such an effect on the embryo can cause miscarriage.
  • 21-29 days. During this period, recommended ultrasound study.
  • 30-40 days. Well palpable individual embryos.
  • 40-45 day. In embryos, internal organs are formed and active growth is underway. For the female during this period, it is necessary to have high-quality, high-calorie food, preferably fractional.
  • 45-50 days. Puppies are clearly palpable through the abdominal wall. During this period, X-rays are prescribed, showing well-developed fetuses. Puppy skin covered with wool.
  • 51-58 days. The female has colostrum. She is preparing for childbirth.
  • 59-64 day. The female shows a clear concern, looking for a place to give birth. She has a sharp decrease in body temperature to 36 degrees. Puppies are ready for the birth process.

What gives the pregnancy calendar to the owner of a pregnant dog. With his help, he can adjust the maintenance and feeding of his nursery and organize the necessary conditions for the upcoming birth.

For example, 10 days before the expected birth from the diet, you need to remove some foods rich in protein, or reduce their number. Five days before delivery, it is recommended to remove protein foods altogether.

In the second half of the term it is necessary to feed more often, but in smaller portions. This will help avoid overfeeding, the development of obesity and problems in childbirth.

The calendar also helps to compare normal morphological changes with pathology. In case of inconsistency with normal indicators, it is worth asking for help from specialists of the veterinary service.

For example, the female's vagina should be dry throughout the entire gestation period. Valid normal color and odor are mucous secretions. But, if they have an unpleasant smell, thick or liquid consistency with bloody or purulent undertones, then these are signs of serious complications.

Thus, knowing the duration of an interesting position in dogs, and the peculiarities of its course within normal limits, it is possible to provide your pet in this crucial period with proper care and reduce the risk of unwanted complications.

Diagnosing, signs of pregnancy dogs

They are not typical for all become pregnant.. The fact that the pairing was successful, will tell such phenomena (noticeable already at 1-2 weeks), such as:

  • toxicosis is usually temporary. Provide your dog with clean water and, if necessary, sorbents.
  • poor appetite - due to fluctuations in hormonal levels,
  • apathy and increased sleepiness,
  • abandonment of games and increased desire for affection,
  • earlier swelling of the mammary glands (noted in women who have given birth to bitches),
  • seal of the skin near the nipples (during the first pregnancy),
  • change their color to hot pink (in dogs with a light color).

With the onset of the second month of pregnancy, toxicosis usually disappears. If the accompanying symptoms (nausea, weakness, vomiting) persist, the expectant mother should be shown to the veterinarian: toxicosis smoothly flows into intoxication.

On the third week, you can perform a blood test for the presence of relaxin in it, whose high concentration will tell you about the interesting position of the animal.

The duration of pregnancy dogs, periods

Bearing lasts from 53 to 71 days, with large breeds - 63 days, with miniature - 60. The term is individual and is determined by the anatomy, as well as the nuances of a particular breed. It is believed that puppies that appeared earlier than the 53rd day often have difficulty opening the lungs, and postponed ones suffer from intoxication and hypoxia. Changes in the state of health of the mother and the development of embryos can be traced by weeks.

Embryos are only forming, and the bitch becomes drowsy and apathetic, both in relation to males and to the food offered.

The embryos reach the uterus and attach to the baby. The dog may show lethargy and moderate appetite. In those who give birth, the mammary glands swell, in primiparas they acquire a brighter shade.

Fruits (in which organs are laid) can already be detected on ultrasound, the level of relaxin in the blood is elevated, the placenta thickens. The dog has decreased activity, vomiting is possible (in the morning).

In puppies, bone formation takes place, mustaches and cilia grow. Fruits can be detected by careful palpation. Toxicosis leaves the dog, appetite normalizes, vigor appears.

Eighth (final)

You can already see how grown puppies push in the stomach. They are preparing to exit, head down. In the mammary glands of the dog comes colostrum, the uterus descends, the belly hangs.

The future mom gets heavy movements, including just lifting her legs from a prone position.. She is busy searching for a corner for “creches”, she is digging hard on the floor, often “privatizes” socks and soft toys.

What to feed a pregnant dog

Bitches from the first pregnancy (especially small breeds) receive calcium and necessary supplements, including vitamin C, from the day of planned conception, and after 30 days they are transferred to an enhanced diet. Breeds with “mixed” blood or diseases of the joints (for example, York, Spitz, Caucasian Shepherd) must be fed with calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus. Do not forget about the exact dosage.

If your pet is prone to allergies, food is chosen on the advice of a veterinarian. Dogs that are used to industrial foods should see in their bowls "drying" for pregnant and lactating women. Note that a surplus of dry granules can cause indigestion, constipation, or torsion of the intestines.

In the daily menu of the expectant mother should be present:

  • boiled meat (beef, veal),
  • fillet of sea fish (occasionally),
  • light cereals (rice, buckwheat, rolled oats),
  • eggs (can be quail),
  • dairy products without fruit and other fillers,
  • vegetables and (optional dog) fruit.

After a month of gestation, or add a drop of vitamin E to your food a little earlier.

Important! By the 40th day, puppies that have grown up in the womb begin to put pressure on the internal organs, including the stomach, which requires the transfer of the mother to fractional feeding - half a serving 4–5 times a day. To facilitate the passage through the birth canal of the first puppy, at 53 days of pregnancy, meat, supplements and calcium are excluded from the diet.

Do not forget to monitor the weight of the dog: a small fat layer is considered normal, a layer of excess fat - an anomaly leading to complications during childbirth.

Activity and rest of a pregnant dog

Protect her from annoying kids, funny games with relatives, control movement, excluding jumping, hitting, running up the stairs and falling. Do not allow the animal to lie on wet grass, earth, and any cold surfaces. Do not roll it for hours in the car, so as not to provoke an attack of seasickness.

But exercise should be daily, especially if the pet is in good physical shape.. Take her out for a walk half an hour after the meal. Stronger boughs of heavy breeds walk a little more intensively than others, but, of course, without fanaticism: to mild fatigue. Walking - it is also the sun's rays, without which the metabolism in the mother's body will break down and the synthesis of vitamins / microelements will stop.

It is possible that your dog (as all pregnant) will occasionally be naughty, refusing to obey your commands. If she does not want to go, depicts the ailment and lay down on the ground, take her in your arms. Only it must be done correctly:

  • Make sure she has no shortness of breath and is conscious.
  • Do not pinch the dog's belly: with one hand, clasp it under the breast, with the other - under the pelvis.
  • At home, put the "actress" on four paws at once.
  • Do not remove your hands until you realize that the dog is in balance and stands alone.

In the later periods, she will need rest, but it is better to move the bed in advance, at the same time making it more comfortable and spacious, since the expectant mother hardly finds a comfortable position for rest.

Vaccination dogs during pregnancy

At this time, females are not vaccinated, so as not to harm the offspring. The optimal time for vaccination is 1-2 days before mating: this way the puppies are guaranteed the maximum amount of antibodies they receive through the placenta and colostrum. If you haven’t planted a bitch before estrus, you’ll have to do it when she stops feeding her young (approximately 2-2.5 months after giving birth).

During gestation and lactation, treatment for fleas and ticks is allowed, but using agents that do not contain organophosphates and pyrethroids. Front Line®, Fiprist®, Fiprex® and Stronghold® are suitable for controlling external parasites.

We can not allow puppies to become infected with worms, often passing to them from the mother through the placenta.. To safe and effective include drugs with fenbendazol: at high risk of infection they are used daily (from the 40th day of gestation).

Herpesvirus, leading to stillbirth, miscarriage and infant mortality, is dangerous because of the weariness of its symptoms. In order to avoid infection, protect the bitch from communicating with congeners 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after giving birth. Should I remind you that the use of any drugs during pregnancy is possible only on the advice of a doctor.

False and frozen pregnancy

Signs of sham can appear 1.5-2 months after estrus. From the outside, it seems that the bitch is preparing to become a mother, especially since the changes taking place in her habits and physiology eloquently prove this:

  • she often licks the noose, changing its color,
  • the mammary glands swell,
  • the belly grows and the temperature rises (occasionally)
  • bitch licks nipples (for lactation), colostrum appears,
  • the dog eats a lot and drinks
  • gagging is observed in the morning,
  • there is increased nervousness or, conversely, indifference and lethargy,
  • interest in dog fun disappears (moderation in movements replaces jumps).

"Nurse" can stage a childbirth by dragging several soft toys onto her lounger. Imaginary pregnancy can be easily mistaken for a real one or confused with hormonal and other deviations.

Important! False scars are terrible consequences, including mastitis (sometimes purulent), neoplasms of the uterus, mammary glands and ovaries, pyometry and endometritis, vaginitis and genital infections, as well as mental disorders.

Before resorting to heavy artillery (hormones and operations), try to reason with the dog, changing the usual rhythm of its life:

  • remove from the field of view things that can remind you of puppies (toys, socks, slippers and scarves),
  • reduce the portion by removing dairy products and reducing the proportion of meat,
  • feed the simulator once a day (at lunch),
  • Do not cook her soups and porridges,
  • give water three times a day in small portions, removing a constant drinking bowl,
  • do not encourage bitches to reduce their motor activity,
  • walk a lot and play with it (better in nature).

After 2-3 days, the pretender's consciousness (in most cases) clears up and she forgets that she was going to make you grandchildren happy with new litter. When symptoms are running, you will need the help of a veterinarian who will prescribe hormonal drugs or surgery.

A freezing pregnancy (occurring due to hormonal disruption, fetal abnormalities, infections and other causes) is determined by ultrasound, which will show whether there are live embryos in the uterus. If all died, waiting for a miscarriage, if only part of the embryos are not viable - the pregnancy is preserved (during childbirth, the dead are released along with the living pups).

The mother is examined for the remains of embryos that have not left the uterus. If they begin to decompose, they stimulate contractions in bitches to exorcise dead fruits, or sterilize them.

Birth of a dog, recommendations

The exact date of delivery is not even known to the veterinarian, which is associated with a long preservation (5-7 days) of the seed of a dog in the body of a fertilized bitch. That is why, in one litter, children from different fathers sometimes coexist. The calculation error is given no more than 10 days, after which they proceed to a cesarean section.

Births are divided into 3 stages. The first is contractions, with the onset of which extra people leave the room, leaving only the owner next to the dog. The preparatory period takes from 6 to 30 hours. When expelling the fruit, the blood is saturated with adrenaline, causing the woman in labor to jump and jump. The role of the host is to calm her down and help her take a comfortable position for the upcoming labor.

Contractions go into the attempts in which the peritoneum is actively working. According to observations, the first to appear is the biggest boy. The remaining puppies come out with an interval of 10-30 minutes. If the delivery takes less than 3 hours, they are called swift. Exemplary childbirth last as many hours as the young are born. Five puppies - 5 hours.

Important! Stroke the woman in labor on the back and stomach to calm her pain. You can also do a gentle tapping massage on the left / right along the spine.

In tiny dogs with numerous offspring, labor activity can be delayed for half a day. But this does not give you a reason to speed up the process by pulling puppies and their umbilical cords. The afterbirth leaves immediately or at the end of the birth (for an hour). After all children's places come out, blood and mucus can flow from the genital tract. This is normal.

Childbirth is completed if all the afterbirths are out, and there are no fights and attempts for more than 2 hours The dog is given water and allowed to eat 3-4 afterbirth: a greater amount will lead to diarrhea.

If the birth is not burdened by pathology, your pet will cope with them itself. Your task is to be close, encourage and support.

First pregnancy

Pregnancy occurs after mating for 5 days. During this period, fertilization of the egg occurs. The fetus develops within 58-72 days, puppies are born viable.

After 72 days there is no birth, you need help from a veterinarian. Not all owners can identify signs of pregnancy. You can determine this by the following features:

Signs of pregnancy:

  • Change in physical condition - lethargy, drowsiness, unwillingness to communicate.
  • Increased appetite, or vice versa, refusal to eat.
  • Discoloration, increase in nipples and nearby lying tissues.
  • Abdominal enlargement in the ribs area.
  • Frequent urination, clear discharge from the vagina.

Types of pregnancy:

Physiological - normal pregnancy, proceeding without complications. Ends with the birth of healthy offspring.

Pathological - severe pregnancy, when the female has deviations in the state of health.

  • Frequent vomiting (toxicosis).
  • Temperature rise.
  • Bloody issues.
  • Refusal to eat.

In case of similar symptoms, it is necessary to contact the clinic. This may threaten the life of a pet, may be an ectopic pregnancy.

False - looks like a physiological one. Occurs after a failed mating, when there is a hormonal failure.

Bitch prepares for non-existent childbirth. After 2 weeks, the symptoms go away by themselves. If they did not happen, the help of a specialist is needed.

Large breeds of dogs

Large breeds - mastiffs, shepherd dogs, alabai, newfoundlands give birth to several puppies, many puppies in the litter are very rare.

Their pregnancy lasts for 65-72 days. Litter contains several babies - they are born later, at this time babies are gaining weight - this becomes a problem during childbirth.

Before giving birth, the bitch stops moving a lot, refuses to run and jump. Puppies grow quickly, gain weight, an additional day threatens with complications.

It is known that a large number of litter babies make their weight easier, childbirth is quick, comes earlier when a small litter. Large breeds give birth to little ones babies, while often complications arise during childbirth

Small breeds of dogs

Terriers, lapdogs, Pekingese, Yorkies belong to small breeds. Their pregnancy basically lasts 60-62 days. Usually, in small breeds, more puppies in the litter.

The small size of the female, results in the volume of the uterus pressing on the stomach. This creates nutritional problems.

The stomach can not take a lot of food, the bitch can often vomit. This adversely affects her health, and the health of puppies.

To avoid this situation it is necessary to properly feed the pregnant female. Food should be high-calorie and should be given in small portions. Water should be available, the animal drinks a lot.

It is desirable to feed the body with vitamins for pregnant women. They can be purchased at a veterinary pharmacy. This will strengthen the body not only dogs, but also a positive impact on the development of puppies.

How to take birth in a dog

If the animal will give birth at home, you should be ready to give first aid during the birth. Обычно сама природа заботится о том, что новая жизнь появилась на свет. Но хозяин должен позаботиться о том, где будут проходить роды.

Особенно это важно, если собака очень крупная или наоборот маленькая. Нужно быть готовым, помочь собаке во время родов, выполнить роль акушера.

Как проходят роды

  1. Собака становится беспокойной, начинает нервничать, метаться. It may, on the contrary, seek your protection, demand attention.
  2. Contractions, during which the opening of the birth canal, lasts about an hour.
  3. Before the contractions, the amniotic fluid and the bladder itself recede.
  4. Labor contractions cause the dog to lie on its side and put its paws on the wall or box. Within an hour puppies appear, and the afterbirth comes out.
  5. If after an hour the birth did not begin, this is a complication and requires medical assistance.

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