KotErvin ": instructions for use, price, analogues


For the treatment of urolithiasis and urological syndrome of cats, the drug KotErvin is used, which has a mild diuretic, stone-dissolving and salt-bearing property. The drug is in demand, since cats often have diseases of the urolithic system, when urination is disturbed, blood appears in the urine. Formed stones can block the urinary ducts, causing the cat to die.

The use of this tool allows you to prevent dangerous pathology and the development of the inflammatory process in pets. The drug does not cause allergic reactions, completely absorbed by the body. The agent does not possess cumulative, embryotoxic and teratogenic properties.

Release form and description

KotErvin - a medicine based on natural ingredients, extracts and extracts of medicinal plants. The drug is a sterile clear solution with a specific plant scent. KotErvin is used to treat and prevent urolithiasis, urological syndrome and other problems caused by the urinary system of cats.

The preparation KotErvin is produced in the form of a tincture, a light brown shade. The solution is packaged in glass vials of 10 and 16 ml, which are hermetically sealed with corks from above.

Each package contains:

  • dropper cap,
  • instruction,
  • abstract to use
  • removable cap with a dropper - dropper or syringe dispenser for convenient use of medication.

Each bottle shows the date of issue, the company - manufacturer, storage conditions.

When stored at the bottom of the tool a precipitate forms, which disappears if it is shaken well before use. There are no preservatives and dyes in the preparation.

KotErvin - a unique and harmless veterinary preparation, which consists of only natural ingredients.

This is an infusion of medicinal herbs, with the inclusion of:

  1. The root of the wart (1.5%). Due to the content of tannins and organic acid, the component stabilizes the state of smooth muscles, increases diuresis, has an anesthetic effect.
  2. Highlander pochechuynogo (0.5%) and the grass of the mountaineer bird (1.5%). Both components contain tanning elements, vitamins, flavonoids, silicic acid. These medicinal ingredients have anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, have a strengthening effect on the capillary walls. The use of the drug in urolithiasis activates and facilitates the process of removing concrements.
  3. Horsetail (0.5%). The plant contains flavonoids, silicic acid, water-soluble form, triterpene saponites. It has anti-inflammatory effects. The component activates the process of urine discharge, has a hemostatic effect.
  4. Distilled water (96%).

All components are obtained from medicinal plants and contribute to the improvement of the general condition of the cat, stimulate the dissolution and the natural excretion of stones from the kidneys, bladder, normalize the functioning of the urinary tract.

The drug is non-toxic, safe for the health of animals, it is successfully used for the prevention and treatment of urological diseases of various etiologies and pathogenesis.

KotErvin is a natural product with saluritic, mild diuretic effects.

In the healing herbs included in the composition of the drug in a significant concentration there are many useful substances. The composition is rich in:

  • flavonoids
  • saponins,
  • glycosides,
  • pectins,
  • organic compounds
  • rare amino acids
  • minerals
  • tanning components
  • silicic acid compounds
  • with vitamins.

The presence of such a composition contributes to the normalization of electrolyte, water - salt metabolism, enhances immunity, helps restorative processes.

The tool has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Extracts of medicinal plants have a one-time and complex effect:

  1. Stabilize the water - salt protein metabolism in the body of pets,
  2. Activate the excretion of stones in a natural way,
  3. Dissolve urethritis,
  4. Stimulate the regenerative processes in the cellular structures of the tissue masses of the urinary system,
  5. Slow down, eliminate inflammatory processes.

The plant composition and the gentle effect of the drug allow it to be used for all cat breeds without fear for the health of the beloved pet and protecting it from serious pathologies of the urinary system that are life-threatening.

KotErvin is used for:

  • Diseases and inflammatory processes of the excretory system,
  • The presence of sand and kidney stones,
  • Urination problems,
  • Nephritis and glomerulonephritis.

The drug is also used for prophylactic purposes.

Contraindications and overdose

The drug includes only natural ingredients, and therefore a contraindication of its use is the individual intolerance of the animal of one of the components of the tool.

The use of KotErvin is not recommended when the pet has been diagnosed with acute liver failure.

No overdose cases have been identified. If the tool is used according to the instructions, side effects are also observed. When the cat shows individual sensitivity to the components and the animal's body reacts to it by an allergic reaction, it is necessary to stop using the veterinary drug and to conduct desensitizing or symptomatic therapy.

Dosage and instructions for use of KotArvina

Kot Erwin is administered orally in order to prevent and treat urological syndrome and urolithiasis in cats.

In order to prevent the drug is used in a daily dose of 2 to 4 ml 2 times in a period of 7 days.

Treatment with Kot Erwin lasts 7 days, repeated 4 times a year, to maintain the result obtained and to exclude relapses, especially if the cat is kept on finished dry food.

If the disease continues to progress, or the former symptoms are noted, the number of receptions is increased to two.

In the treatment of urological syndrome and the initial phase of urolithiasis, KotErvin is taken 2 to 4 ml orally 2 times a day with a duration of 7 days. In this case, the drug must be combined with the use of symptomatic medications.

When an animal lacks spontaneous urination, oral consumption is combined with the introduction of the drug into the bladder using a catheter, after evacuating the urine. The dose of the drug is 10 - 16 ml 1 time for two days.

When using, observe the special instructions:

  1. When used orally, you need to uncork the bottle, put a dropper on the neck and put the cat in the mouth by pressing on the pipette.
  2. The drug can be given to a pet with a teaspoon (0.5 spoons),
  3. KotErvin is allowed to be added to the water or milk of the cat, and the remaining agent should be kept in a cold place (7 days) without removing the lid - dropper.
  4. Before use, the agent must be brought to room temperature. It is recommended to use after shaking the vial until a homogeneous solution is obtained.

Kot Erwin without problems combined with other symptomatic medications. The treatment scheme and the dose should be chosen by the doctor.

All procedures should be carried out after consultation with a specialist.

KotErvin acts quickly and efficiently, has a low price. Natural ingredients have a positive effect on the general health of a pet, increasing the immunity and elasticity of the capillary walls.

Veterinarian reviews

You can leave your comments about the preparation KotErvin, they will be useful to other users of the site!

KotErvin is a natural veterinary drug that has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and salivary effect. Tincture actively dissolves all types of stones in the urinary tract, except oxalate. Means contributes to the discharge of creament naturally, increases the elasticity of the capillary walls, relieves spasm.

KotErvin does not accumulate in the animal, does not affect the normal development of the embryo, which allows its use in the case when the cat is pregnant. It is considered a low-risk tool, tested in practice.

KotErvin is a safe herbal medicine. The composition of the tool allows you to effectively deal with dangerous pathologies of the urinary system and prevent the recurrence of diseases. Due to its unique composition, the drug is allowed to use for a long time, for all cat breeds, even for the most sensitive species. Restrictions do not exist, the drug is successfully used to treat adults and small kittens, it is perfectly combined with other symptomatic drugs. As a specialist, I recommend!

Cat Owner Reviews


I have a neutered cat, he is already 10 years old. In castrated animals feeding on dry food, the risk of urolithiasis is high. That is why for a long time I use KotErwin to prevent possible pathologies of the urinary system.

The drug is safe, not expensive. We carry out prophylaxis 4 times a year. I add the therapeutic tincture to the water and give it to my max. Drinks without whims, the aroma is pleasant, the dose is determined easily, thanks to a special pipette.

My cat is healthy, I am pleased with the results!


It all started with the fact that our pet lost its appetite, the animal for a long time and often went to the tray. After noticed traces of blood in the sand. She turned to the veterinary clinic, the cat found urolithiasis. A course of symptomatic therapy was prescribed, with inclusion of KotErvin.

The drug is natural, all components of medicinal plants and herbs. The tool is harmless and effective. After 7 days of use, the pathological symptoms disappeared. Now I use medical drops for the purpose of prevention for a year. For two years, relapses have not been observed.

Natural composition

The drug has gained wide popularity among veterinarians and cat owners due to its natural composition. No preservatives, dyes or chemicals. The drug "KotErvin" for cats has the following ratio of components:

  • Highlander bird (grass) - 1.5%.
  • Horsetail - 0.5%.
  • Highlander pochechuyny - 0.5%.
  • Stalnik (root) - 1.5%.
  • Distilled water - 96%.

The tool is available in the form of a sterile infusion. The liquid has a color ranging from light to dark shades of brown. The drug is characterized by a characteristic herbal aroma, during storage can form a natural sediment. However, this does not indicate the unsuitability of the drug, you just need to shake it.

For the manufacture of medicines use only herbs. This fact allowed the veterinarians to use the “KotErvin” drug quite widely in the treatment of urolithiasis. Reviews of doctors testify to the high biological activity of the components of this drug.

  • Knotweed (mountaineer) - contains flavonoids, vitamins, tannins, silicic acid. All these components contribute to the removal of stones in the presence of urolithiasis, and the knotweed has diuretic properties. These components have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, significantly strengthen the walls of capillaries.
  • Horsetail is rich in triterpenic saponites, water-soluble forms of silicic acid, flavonoids. The herb provides a hemostatic effect, enhances urinary discharge, has anti-inflammatory effect. Copes with diseases of the urinary tract and bladder.
  • The Pomegranate Highlander is similar in mechanism to a knotweed.
  • Field harrow - contains organic acids, tannins. These properties of the grass give the drug “KotErvin” for cats a good analgesic effect, the diuresis increases, the tone of smooth muscles is normalized.

Impact mechanism

The preparation "KotErvin" (the instructions for use confirms this) has a mild salt, crescent and diuretic effect. In addition, the use of infusion as a preventive measure helps prevent inflammation. The infusion is completely absorbed by the body of the animal, does not cause harm and does not cause allergic reactions. The drug does not possess teratogenic, embryotoxic, cumulative properties.

How to apply

The drug "KotErvin" (instructions for use, this clearly indicates) is appointed to prevent and prevent recurrence of diseases of the genitourinary system. Assign 2-4 ml of tincture orally 1 time per day for 4-7 days. It is recommended to conduct a treatment every 3-4 months using the drug "KotErvin". Instructions, reviews of doctors confirm that such an event helps to prevent inflammation in an animal.

In the case of a confirmed diagnosis of urolithiasis or urological syndrome, it is recommended to take the drug at 2-5 ml up to 2 times per day. The course of treatment ranges from 5 to 7 days, depending on the severity and neglect of the disease. In the absence of spontaneous urination in a cat, it is allowed additionally with ingestion the use of tincture by introducing it into the bladder. For these purposes, a catheter is used, the medication is administered in a dose of from 10 to 16 ml 1 time in 48 hours.

special instructions

Herbal infusion does not contain preservatives and artificial colors, therefore, it is necessary to store the composition only in the refrigerator - this is the main requirement when using the preparation “KotErvin”. Price, user reviews confirm this is quite low and ranges from 80 to 120 p.

Some rules must be followed: after uncorking the bottle, you need to put on a special dispenser and immediately introduce the medicine directly into the pet's oral cavity. Enough three pressing on the pipette. You can also pour a spoonful of medicine - 0.5 tsp - and pour it into the cat's mouth. If you can not force the animal to drink medicine, dissolve it in water and milk, and so offer your pet. Remember that the medicine must be stored in the refrigerator without removing the pipette; its useful life is about 7 days.

In the case of drug administration directly into the bladder, it is necessary to collect the required dose with a sterile syringe, then replace the needle with a catheter and insert it into the organ. Before use, be sure to warm the infusion to room temperature and shake well to dissolve the natural sediment.

Analogs of the drug

The drug is relatively inexpensive, its price is from 80 to 120 p. If you are faced with a situation where the drug is not in pharmacies, you can replace it with other means with a similar mechanism of action. It can be:

  • Means "KotBayun."
  • Phytoelitis preparation "Healthy kidneys" for cats.
  • Suspension "STOP-TSISTIT".
  • Nephroprotector "Divoprayd."

Before you begin treating your pet, be sure to get expert advice from a veterinarian. The drug "KotErvin", reviews of doctors confirm this, is an effective natural remedy for the prevention and treatment of the genitourinary system of cats.

Description of the drug Coterwin

The preparation Kotervin is issued in the form of the liquid having yellow-brown color. It has a weak herbal smell, due to the composition - a tool made from extracts of medicinal herbs. They have the following effect:

  • Highlander and Highlanders contain vitamins, tannins and other beneficial compounds to support the health of the urinary system of the animal,
  • knotweed promotes urine withdrawal and removal of inflammation, stimulates the discharge of stones, and also strengthens the capillaries,
  • horsetail - diuretic with anti-inflammatory effect,
  • The root of the harrow reduces the tone of smooth muscles, therefore, reduces spasms.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store the medicine in a dry, cool, dark place at a temperature of 12-25 o C. The opened vial is stored for no more than 7 days at a temperature of 2 o C to 8 o C.

Of course, children and pets should not have access to the drug. Shelf life funds - 1 year.
Even with proper storage, a precipitate may appear - this is normal, before using the bottle with the drug shaken.

Indications for use and effect of the drug

The pharmacological properties of Koterwin are as follows:

  • treats inflammation of the genitourinary system of cats
  • promotes the removal of salts
  • helps to dissolve stones (except oxalates),
  • has a diuretic effect.

The drug is appointed by the veterinarian for urological syndrome and urolithiasis in cats. It is also used for prevention.

Instructions for use of coterwin

Coterwin, like any other medicine, can only be used as directed by the veterinarian. Only a specialist can objectively assess the condition of the animal and the possible risks. Например, при мочекаменной болезни, если конкременты большие, мочегонный эффект препарата может ухудшить состояние животного — камни начнут двигаться и случится приступ почечной колики. Но если риска движения камней нет, то средство, наоборот, поможет справиться с застоем мочи.

Схема применения и дозировка Котэрвина зависят от цели использования. If the drug is used for prophylaxis, the veterinarian will suggest the following scheme:

  • ingestion of 2-4 ml of medicine once a day,
  • the course lasts 5–7 days,
  • repeat prophylactic course every 3-4 months.

At the initial stage of the disease:

  • ingestion of 2-4 ml of medicine twice a day,
  • The drug is used until the cat recovers, but not less than 5-7 days.

In order to make the treatment more effective, symptomatic drugs are additionally used as prescribed by a doctor.

If the animal is not urinating, then additionally Coterwin is introduced into the bladder after the latter is emptied. This is done by a puncture or with a catheter every two days. Dosage - 10–16 ml of the product. Manipulations are traumatic, so only a veterinarian produces them. In the extreme case, he can show how to properly enter the drug in the urinary tract of the cat, but amateur in this matter is unacceptable.

If the cat has a wild temper, you can wrap it in a towel or other thick cloth before giving the drug, and also wear long sleeves to avoid bites and scratches.

Cats usually resist trying to feed them with medicine and ignore food with mixed preparations. Therefore, although Koterwin can be added to drinking water or milk, you will most likely have to give it to you with a dropper cap from the kit.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the bottle.
  2. Put a dropper cap on its neck.
  3. Introduce its tip into the mouth of the cat. If the pet clenched teeth - you can do it at the side of the mouth, where they are tightly closed.
  4. Press down three times on the pipette.

You can also try to drink the medicine in a similar way with a teaspoon (in a dosage of 0.5 spoon).

My Thai Siamese cat had problems with the urinary system: because of the kidney stones and bladder, it was difficult for her to walk “in a small way”. On the recommendation of the veterinarian, they gave Koterwin's dog. He did not get rid of the disease completely, but it became easier for the cat, and began to go to the toilet herself. The only problem was - to give medicine, as Pusha tightly clenched her teeth and turned her head away. Fortunately, the tip of the dropper cap was inserted into the side of the mouth between the teeth.

To give the cat some medicine, first gently opening their mouth with their fingers first

Contraindications, side effects, compatibility with other drugs

There are some contraindications to the use of Koterwin:

  • increased individual sensitivity to the components of the funds,
  • acute renal failure.

Since the drug is completely natural and does not have a negative effect on the fetus, it can be given to kittens and pregnant cats.

There are usually no side effects. Sometimes there is a cat "intoxication", arousal after medication. If, after taking the drug, a cat shows an individual sensitivity reaction or you notice any symptoms of feeling unwell, use of the drug is stopped, symptomatic treatment is given.

There is no information that Kotervin is incompatible with any other drugs. Data on overdose is also not available.

Table: comparative characteristics of Koterwin and his analogues

  • Highlander's grass - 1.5%,
  • horsetail grass - 0.5%,
  • Pickle mountaineer grass - 0.5%,
  • stalnik roots - 1.5%.

Auxiliary substance: purified water - up to 100%.

  • acute renal failure
  • increased individual sensitivity.
  • birch leaf extract - 2.5 g,
  • bearberry leaf extract - 2.5 g,
  • horsetail extract - 2.5 g,
  • Canadian goldenrod extract - 2.5 g.

  • distilled glycerin - 60 g,
  • purified water - up to 100 ml.

  • nitroxoline - 12.5 mg,
  • Drotaverine hydrochloride - 15 mg,
  • Adonis Herb Extract - 5 mg,
  • nettle leaf extract - 5 mg,
  • juniper fruit extract - 5 mg,
  • cranberry leaf extract - 5 mg,
  • licorice root extract - 5 mg.

  • carboxymethylcellulose (CMC),
  • twin 80,
  • glycerol.

Composition and release form

The drug consists of water infusions of plants with anti-inflammatory, diuretic properties. For every 100 ml of the solution in the percentage of accounted for: grass of the highlander bird - 1.5%, grass of the horsetail - 0.5%, grass of the mountaineer of the kidney - 0.5%, roots of harrow - 1.5%, purified water.

The drug Kotervin is available in glass bottles.

It is a light yellow to brown liquid, a precipitate is allowed, the liquid must be shaken before use. Available in sterile, sealed with a rubber stopper vials of 10/16 ml. Each finished package contains instructions, cap-nozzle or syringe dispenser for ease of use and 3 bottles of 10 ml, or 2 bottles of 16 ml.

Indications for use and when taking

Due to the anatomical features (narrow canal of the urethra) and physiological provoking factors, kidney and lower urinary tract diseases in cats are very common. Kotervin appointed veterinary specialists for the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases.

Urolithiasis of cats (ICD) is manifested in the formation of single or multiple stones (concrements) in the renal parenchyma, pelvis and in the bladder.

The main causes of occurrence often lie in the acquired states:

  1. Violation of water-salt balance and acid-base balance in the blood lymph.
  2. Features of feeding.
  3. Unbalanced nutrition (predominance of protein foods, carbon deficiency).
  4. Overfeeding with fish (contains a large amount of phosphates and magnesium salts).
  5. Feeding substandard dry food.
  6. A small amount of drinking water (leads to an increased concentration of urine).
  7. Lack of vitamins A and D.
  8. Sedentary lifestyle in an animal.
  9. Early castration of cats (to adulthood).
  10. Overweight.
  11. Genetic predisposition (Persian breed).
  12. Urinary tract infections (streptococcal, staphylococcal).

Drops Kotervin prescribed for urolithiasis cats.

The reason for the anatomical nature is the narrowness of the urethra, especially in cats. Feline cats are at greater risk (possibly more severe narrowing of the canal after surgery).

Important! If you notice that the animal cannot perform the act of urination for a long time, is anxious, the stomach looks bloated and tense, or you have found blood in the urine - contact your veterinarian immediately. This is how some symptoms of urolithiasis look.

Urological cats syndrome (USC)the most common disease of the lower urinary tract in cats and cats. The disease can develop at any age, but most often occurs in cats after a year, does not have sexual selectivity. At the same time, cats are more susceptible to this disease, and it is more serious (a possible complication is bladder obstruction), in 30-50% of cases relapses after treatment are observed.

Be careful! In case of blockage of the urethra canal or its damage (the animal does not urinate for more than a day), immediately visit a veterinary clinic. In this case, the cat's body is exposed to the toxic effects of decay products, renal failure, which will lead to the death of the animal.

Coterwin is effective in various diseases of the genitourinary system.

Contraindications and side effects

Pharmacologically Kotervin belongs to the low-risk means of veterinary use. It does not possess accumulative, embryo-toxic properties. Due to plant components, it does not cause side effects and allergic reactions (except for rare animals with hypersensitivity). Contraindicated in acute renal failure.

Coterwin drug rarely causes side effects.

Specialist reviews

Ivan The positive effect of the drug Kotervin very good. We always recommend it to cat owners to prevent kidney and urinary system diseases in animals.

Svetlana Animals that took Kotervin prophylactically are less likely to encounter stone formations in the kidneys and bladder, the effect is obvious.

Dosage form and features

The drug is manufactured by the manufacturer in the form of a sterile solution, which is intended for oral administration. Externally, it is a brown liquid (it can be both light and dark). During storage, sediment is often formed at the bottom. When shaken, it dissolves in the liquid, but makes it slightly turbid.

For packaging solution using glass bottles. To preserve its sterility, it is closed with rubber stoppers and rolled with aluminum caps. The capacity of the bottle can be 10 and 16 ml, although large containers are less common in the sale. The bottles are packed 3 pieces in cardboard boxes and are equipped with a dropper head, which is used to measure the liquid.

To preserve the pharmacological properties of the drug, there is no need to comply with special storage conditions. The main thing is to keep closed bottles in a dry place away from sunlight at a temperature not higher than 25 ° C.

Note! After opening the bottle, Coterwin can only be stored in the refrigerator (at a temperature of 2 to 8˚C) for no more than 7 days. This is due to the fact that there are no preservatives in the preparation.

Composition and action

Kotervin is a complex of infusions of medicinal herbs:

  • The knotweed or grass of the mountaineer bird has a diuretic effect, suppresses inflammation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and promotes the discharge of calculus (stones) in urolithiasis.
  • Highlander pochuchuyny contains silicic acid compounds that contribute to the dissolution of stones, as well as tannins and flavonoids. They not only help relieve inflammation, but also have a positive effect on the kidneys as a whole.
  • Horsetail contains a complex of useful substances that have a diuretic and hemostatic effect. In addition, the plant suppresses the inflammatory processes that accompany urolithiasis and urological pathology.
  • The root of the field stalnik increases diuresis, and also restores the tone of smooth muscles and has an analgesic effect, relieves spasms.

The infusions of plants contain compounds of silicic and other organic acids, flavonoids, vitamins, tannins. Due to this, the drug has the following pharmacological properties:

  • has a diuretic effect,
  • relieves inflammation
  • stops bleeding,
  • promotes the dissolution of kidney stones
  • removes salt from the body,
  • reduces pain, cramps and other accompanying symptoms.

In terms of safety, Koterwin belongs to low-risk drugs, as it contains no chemical compounds, toxic components or other hazardous substances. He is not able to have a negative impact on the development of the embryo, and its components do not accumulate in the body of an animal. Despite this, you should consult a doctor before use.

When applied

Kotervin assigned to cats with urological syndrome, which may manifest such symptoms:

  • urinary retention
  • frequent urge to urinate,
  • the presence of blood in the urine
  • meowing strongly during toilet trips (due to painful sensations),
  • swelling in the genital area, etc.

Also, the drug has been successfully used to prevent recurrence of urolithiasis. It is also suitable for the treatment of this pathology, which is often found in cats and cats over 1 year old. In this case, it is used in complex therapy and is combined with other medicines.

Advantages and disadvantages

Coterwin's main advantage is high efficiency, which has been proven by clinical studies. In the course of their conduct, it was established that out of 120 animals in 90 cats a long-term remission of urolithiasis occurred. Unpleasant symptoms do not bother pets. Treatment with herbal medicine was conducted on the background of the use of antibiotics, painkillers, antispasmodics, as well as a strict diet.

Other advantages of Coterwin include the following points:

  • Made from only natural ingredients.
  • Does not contain preservatives and chemicals.
  • It has a neutral taste, no bitterness, does not cause disgust in animals.
  • Practically no contraindications.
  • Combine with other drugs.
  • Complex affects the urinary system.

A clear disadvantage is that herbal ingredients are not able to dissolve oxalates. The disadvantage can be attributed to the need to store Kotervin in the refrigerator after opening the bottle and only 7 days. In order not to forget when the package was opened, a sticker should be left on the bottle. In addition, many cat owners note that the pipette that comes with it is inconvenient to use. An alternative may be a regular disposable syringe.

Compared to imported drugs, Koterwin’s price for cats is low. For a package of 3 bottles will have to pay from 140 to 170 rubles. If the disease is not started, and there is no need to inject the medicine into the bladder, one package is enough for one course of treatment. In the free access of the drug is sold on the Internet, veterinary pharmacies and pet stores.