Breeds of cats with blue eyes


The cause, if you can call it an unusual beautiful combination of eye color and coat, is the pigment melanocyte. A high percentage of this substance gives the eyes a green or brown color. In this case, the percentage of melanocyte is low, as its paired gene "worked hard" over the snow-white coat color. As a result, the color of the eyes of this pigment is not enough.

Interesting! Do not confuse albino cats with representatives of snow-white breeds. Albino animals lack color genes. Albino cats are extremely rare: one animal per 10,000 fellows.

Oriental breed

Among this breed there are individuals with perfectly white hair. Eyes may be blue or green. Heterochromia can be observed - one eye is green, the second is blue (see photos of white cats with different eyes of different breeds). White representatives of the Oriental breed are both long-haired and short-haired. The undercoat is missing.

The tip of the nose and the paw pads are pink. Sometimes a white kitten is born with a “cap” - a small colored spot on the head. By the year this speck disappears. White oriental cats are humane and suffer without the attention of the owners.

Java breed

Officially, this breed was recognized in 1984. White-haired, as well as color-point, representatives of this feline family are characterized by blue eyes, almond-shaped. The coat is silky, without undercoat. The neck is decorated with a “collar”. Javanese cats need constant games.

Persian breed

By standards, a white Persian cat should have big dark blue eyes. The shape is rounded. Heterochromia is allowed. In this case, the color of the second eye is dark orange. Wool - long, with a soft undercoat. Any darkening on the coat is a disadvantage. By the nature of the white Persian cat can be called "meek".

Turkish Angora

The snow-white coat of the Turkish angole is thin, half-long, without undercoat. The eyes are almond-shaped, set slightly obliquely. The nature of the kitty is docile and incredibly sociable.

Kao Mani breed

Animals of this breed have short, shiny coat. Undercoat weak or absent. Kao Mani is considered not a stable breed. Work is still underway to strengthen it. These animals are very trusting even to strangers.

Scottish breed

Blue eyes can boast and Scots color white solid. Standards allowed the color of the eye. Paw pads - and nose - pinkish color. Character - Nordic.

British breed

White blue-eyed Britons are extremely rare. On their wool shaded tips are not allowed. British character is friendly.

Sphinxes can also be blue-eyed or controversial blond. Standards allowed pink shade. Sphinxes are very artistic and easy to train.

Interesting! In the pedigree, the color of the eyes of an animal is indicated only for white color. Thus, the coding of blue eyes is 61, heterochromism is 63. It is worth noting that white animals with aquamarine eyes among Burmese cats or ojos azules are considered inappropriate to the standards of these breeds.

Deafness - as payment for the beauty of wool

Indeed, according to experts, 50% of the white and blue-eyed representatives of the feline world are hearing-impaired. Of these, 5% are absolutely deaf. The genes responsible for the white-blue relationship hinder the proper development of hearing organs.

When buying a white cat from a breeder, be sure to ask for a survey document. A kitten may be deaf in one or two ears. If the cat is not looking, then the ear from the blue eye will not hear. A deaf white mother cat should be with the babies on a hard surface so that it can follow them by vibration.

Lack of hearing is compensated by the high sensitivity of other senses. Thanks to the whiskers (vibrissae), the cat recognizes the owner's voice, or rather, the vibrations from it. There are kotoroditel, who do not know about the deafness of your pet.

Interesting! White cats should not sunbathe for long. They have a rare fur on the ears, so they quickly tan. So there is a predisposition to cancer.

How to care for snow-white wool

There are several nuances in the care of a snow-white pet, because even a small speck of dirt spoils the aristocratic appearance:

  • A white cat will have to bathe more often than its brethren, painted differently. Correctly pick up animal shampoo. In no case should it have a tinting effect. It is better to choose a hypoallergenic agent. Treatment shampoo should be selected if the animal has a problem with hair or skin. For white wool it is necessary to use balms and conditioners, because without dyeing pigment, it is very sensitive.
  • After the water procedures "snow white" must necessarily be dried with a hairdryer to the heels. To dry wool dirt will not stick.
  • If the animal began to “leak” eyes, do not rinse them with tea or chamomile solution. This will not help the animal, and the hair around the eyes will be colored. A veterinarian will help you find the right treatment.
  • Deaf white cat should not be free-range. The animal can not react to external irritants, so it can become a victim of a car hitting or attacking a dog pack.
  • Long-haired white pets should be combed daily. This will avoid the appearance of mats.
  • A white animal will not fit a tray with a low grid or grid. His legs and tail will get dirty from liquid excrement.
  • Cat food is reflected in the shade of wool. To avoid the yellowness, which of the royal animal makes an unpresentable slut, avoid in the cat's diet of the liver, heart, additives from seaweed or carrots.
  • Two white cats do not fit!
  • Diseases of the adrenal glands or the thyroid gland can cause a yellow shade to appear on the fur.

The white cat is not a cat for lazy people. Problem, i.e. Frequently dirty areas are the heels, the base of the ears and tail, the muzzle and chest. Cosmetics for snow-white cats should be professional. Cheap “whitening” shampoo can give wool, for example, an emerald hue.

Before you start a "white cat", weigh all the pros and cons of the appearance of such a demanding pet in the house. If there are more advantages, then a white blue-eyed cat will be a worthy decoration of any home!

Blue eyes in cats - a rarity or pattern

The overwhelming majority of cats have yellow irises, but no one is surprised by cats with amber or green eyes of various shades.. Blue or even deep blue is a rare phenomenon. But not at all exceptional.

Blue eyes are considered a necessary feature of some breeds. In the description of other felinologists note that blue is preferred, but others are allowed. Sometimes nature gives out something amazing, for example, fluffy beauties with different eyes - one is amber, and the second is blue, or one of the irises has two colors that do not mix with each other.

Almost always the color of the eyes determines genetics. Kittens are born with one color - the eyes that they open 2 weeks after birth are always blue. This is due to the lack of melanin, a special substance that is responsible for the color pigment. At the birth of their own cells producing melanin, a little, because he grew and ate at the expense of his mother.

The kid is gaining weight, growing stronger, the body begins to intensively develop its own cells, thanks to which the color of the eyes gradually acquires the shade characteristic of its parents. Nature, of course, does not give an absolute guarantee of copying; this makes our world so diverse.

Some kittens manage to become more beautiful due to the greater amount of coloring pigment, the eye color of such representatives will be very dark, saturated. Some cells will be enough for the usual yellow, or with a greenish tinge.

And kittens with white spots, predominance of white in color, albino gene carriers will either become disagreeable, or remain blue-eyed, surprising people who do not even think that unusual beauty is just a lack of that pigment, which depends on melanin.

Many believe that the unusual blue color of the eyes speaks of the disease, defects or pathologies. But the innate symptom does not have any negative consequences. These pets are no less healthy than their darker counterparts, they have the same keen hearing and vision.

It is interesting! There is a myth that completely white cats with blue eyes hardly hear. But this is only a myth - the acuteness of hearing does not depend on the color of the eyes or color, only 4-5 percent of snow-white beings are deaf.

When acquiring a white pet, hearing and sight should be checked to ensure that the measure of responsibility is realized. After all, if the baby has problems, he simply will not survive without a person, he should not be left alone, let go for a walk without supervision.

The danger can lurk pet family only when the color of the eyes suddenly begins to change in adulthood. This phenomenon may be a symptom of glaucoma, cancer, some other, not less deadly diseases.

It is not necessary to attribute magic properties to cats with blue or multi-colored eyes, as it often happened in antiquity, to be afraid of them or to wait for miracles. The genetics and chemistry of the organism decide the question of what a kitten will be, but we can only love, protect this miracle and take care of it.

A luxurious beauty or an imposing handsome man who is aware of his irresistibility, causing admiring sighs, grows only among those owners who sincerely love their pets and strive to give them all the best.

Siamese cats

The color is milky-white to dark coffee on the paws and muzzle, dark flexible tail, almond-shaped wide-set eyes, graceful constitution, brave temper, ability to stand up for yourself, excellent endurance and great self-esteem - these are Siamese, who choose the time for games with the owner, do not really like affection, but are willing to sleep on the shoulder or neck of "their" person.

It is interesting! The Thais and the Neva Masquerade are varieties of Siamese breed, slightly differing in size and length of coat. All of them are blue-eyed.

Siamese just do not cuddle with an excess of love, he does not like tenderness. But no worse than a dog will accompany the owner on a run, fiercely defend the boundaries of their territory and engage in battle with the enemy a lot more in size.

Sacred Burma

The Burmese cats are amazing in their beauty. Gently - white legs, light shade of wool on the whole body, except for the head and tail, calm character - these cats bring peace, do not tolerate harsh sounds, they are wonderful interlocutors, they know how to listen like no one else. And their owners sincerely believe that the Burmese understand everything they talk about, know how to respond to emotions.

However, it is no coincidence that the second name of the breed was “Sacred Burma” - these cats were bred by the servants of the temples, the monks who believed in reincarnation. Cats were for them vessels in which the souls of people moved. Burma choleric gives peace, phlegmatic - courage, sanguine fun with her, and they save melancholic from depression.

Sociable, but independent, these cats are well aware of their value. Very similar to the Siamese, but the snow-white representatives of this breed have the longest pedigree. Bred them from ancient times in Thailand, now there are breeders in other countries. It is difficult to buy a kitten Kao Mani, they are among the ten most expensive breeds.

The gray-blue brilliant eyes of these cats fascinate with beauty, not without reason the name of the breed translates as "diamond eye". This breed often does not get into the top of blue-eyed people for just one reason: specimens with different eyes are more valuable, it is for them that they pay huge sums, considering that they bring good luck.

Ojos Azules

Amazing breed - Ojos azules, cats, which have almost nothing to differ from usual ones, can be white with red spots, tricolor, gray. Small, with a body of strong build, muscular, excellent hunters, they have only one sign, due to which their cost is not less than $ 500 for each purebred kitten: blue eyes of the same almond shape as the Siamese.

This feature becomes fatal - when mating with cats of any other breed, the cat brings unviable offspring. Calm and friendly, azules do not like noise and often hide from children, although they are tolerated by adults.

Himalayan cats

Wool of the Persian cat, flexible body of the Siamese, blue eyes and an independent to aggressive nature. This breed is not for everyone, if you do not find a common language with the Himalayan, he will be able to turn life into hell.

And given the fact that you need constant care for his thick long hair of very light shades from milk to coffee on the ears and the muzzle near the nose, the owner will have to try. Not only constant washing and combing, but also caring for eyes, ears, claws will require effort. But the unusual beauty of the pet is worth it.

White Oriental Foreign White

Foreign White is a blue-eyed cat with a white spotless short silky coat. Long graceful body, wedge-shaped head, big ears - this cat can be seen from afar. She has a cheerful disposition and a desire to constantly be with people, she is playful, often naughty, and in loneliness she can miss.

It is interesting! In these Orientals, discord is considered a breed defect; kittens with eyes of different colors are culled.

Blue British Cats

Blue-eyed British Shorthair cats are spectacular, handsome with plush wool. They do not tolerate competitors alongside themselves, they are distinguished by their devotion to their owners, they are phlegmatic and calm. They love comfort, convenience and peace.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold - Scottish Fold cats themselves are very charming, gentle and graceful. They are like small children, their helplessness always causes tenderness and a desire to care.

And a snow-white kitten with blue eyes, similar to an angel, is the dream of any fan of these creatures and a professional breeder. Such Scots - a rarity, which is why they are very expensive.

White persian cats

White Persians are quite rare. Behind the kittens is a real lineup. It is noteworthy that even the coat color does not guarantee the blue color of the eyes; babies inherit it only if both parents have this feature.

Very calm, devoid of aggressiveness, these cats look like soft toys. They are distinguished by devotion to their owners.

Not in the top ten

Among the breeds of blue-eyed cats, there are several more that have this feature only from time to time.

Compliant blue-eyed beauties, which breeders deduced especially for large families with small children. Quite phlegmatic, but allow themselves to be involved in games, large, proportionally folded, with medium-sized wool, thick undercoat. Despite the fact that the weight of this wonderful creature can reach 10 kilograms, it seems to children as a plush toy and will never offend them, even if they are not careful.

It is interesting! Ragdoll would prefer to go where he could not be reached, hide, but did not show aggression. This breed is characterized by a quiet purr, they almost do not make any other sounds.

Russian white

Graceful beauty with silky dense wool of medium length, brittle physique, calm balanced character. Along with blue, both amber and green eyes are allowed.

But blue-eyed kittens are in special demand.

The result of the work of breeders who crossed Abyssinian cats with Siamese. The result is remarkable: the elegance of the Abyssinians with the independence of the Siamese and a huge variety of colors.

Blue eyes are only in pure white Yavaneses and light representatives, who inherited the Siamese color.

White sphinx

Sphinxes are winning more and more hearts. White sphynx with pinkish skin has blue eyes - one of the signs of pureblood.

These cats require special care and care, they are gentle and calm only in their own home, when next is the owner.

And a little about the secrets.

The story of one of our readers Irina Volodina:

My eyes were especially frustrating, surrounded by large wrinkles plus dark circles and swelling. How to remove wrinkles and bags under the eyes completely? How to cope with swelling and redness? But nothing is so old or young man as his eyes.

But how to rejuvenate them? Plastic surgery? I found out - no less than 5 thousand dollars. Hardware procedures - photorejuvenation, gas-liquid pilling, radio lifting, laser facelift? Slightly more accessible - the course is 1.5-2 thousand dollars. And when to find all this time? Yes, and still expensive. Especially now. Therefore, for myself, I chose another way.

Features of white cats with blue eyes

The white color of the coat is due to the lack of melanin pigment, which is produced by special cells - melanocytes. For the same reason, there are blue eyes. Not all white cats are blue-eyed - sometimes it happens that the melanocytes of the eyes are more active than those that produce melanin in wool, and the white cat acquires green, yellow or orange eyes.

The occurrence of such a phenomenon as heterochromia is not uncommon - melanocytes are active in only one eye, which acquires a yellow or green color, while the second eye remains blue.

Unfortunately, many white blue-eyed cats are born deaf, which is also associated with their color. The reason is the W gene (dominant white), which, in addition to the white color, causes an impaired hearing aid in the animal. About 65% –85% of blue-eyed cats with the W gene are born completely or partially deaf. Interestingly, cats with heterochromia are usually deaf in only one ear, located on the side of the blue eye.

White cat with blue eyes - photos of different breeds

Cats of a white color with blue eyes can belong to the most different breeds - such animals are found among Maine Coon, British and Scottish cats, Persians and many others. But we will tell you about those breeds for which the white color of wool and blue eyes are an important breed characteristic.

So, our gallery opens with photos of white cats with blue eyes of the breed Kao Mani. Kao Mani is a real diamond, originally from the kingdom of Siam (modern Thailand). In the past, a snow-white cat was considered a sacred animal, and the right to possess it belonged exclusively to members of high society. On the Internet, photo kao mani with heterochromia are widespread, although odd-eyed cats are not born very often, but blue eyes are a bright sign of the breed.

Unfortunately, to buy such a cat is very difficult, there are very few pure-breed kao mani in Thailand, and there are only a few kennels that work on this breed. The fact is that these cats did not receive recognition in the felinological associations, as the breed is currently unstable.

Foreign White

And now look at these photos: what breed of white cats with blue eyes definitely has no hearing problems? Foreign White! She was bred by the British Patricia Turner, with the participation of oriental cats, as well as outbred white cats with the dominant gene W (white color). The name Foreign White is translated from English as "white foreigner", which directly speaks about the fixed standard of appearance of baleen.

This breed of white-colored cats with blue eyes is strictly smooth-haired, belongs to the group of Siamese orental breeds. It is not hard to buy a foreign white cat - contact the nurseries of oriental cats.

About blue eyes of kittens

And finally. You should not think that the blue eyes of babies are necessarily some kind of breed, a white kitten with blue eyes in early childhood is a common phenomenon. The fact is that all kittens, without exception, have blue iris color from birth, which can change with age - it happens approximately at the age of 6 months and later. That is why, wanting to get a blue-eyed white kitten, you need to contact the nurseries of certain breeds and look at the parents of the baby.

Balinese cat

The Balinese cat is a graceful animal of small size with extended legs and a bushy tail.

Wedge-shaped head with a narrow muzzle and a straight long nose. The imposing ears of the beast are broad at the base, and taper to the tips.

Eyes slanted, reminiscent of the tonsils. Saturated blue. The fur is of medium length, velvet and silk. Color - color point.

Character - friendly, soft. The creature is very accustomed to the owners. Balinese cat is suitable for families with children, as it finds an approach to them.


The creation with a strong massive body of medium size, round head with oval eyes (blue) and a small nose.

The ears of this breed are of medium size, set far apart.

The cat has a medium length coat, color similar to the Siamese. But there are different types of shades: from pale fawn to cream. Paws are more often white.

Burmese cats are very intelligent. Affectionate and calm, friends with children. Infinitely love the owners.

The breed is quite widespread in Europe.


As a result of crossing a Siamese cat with a Persian, an animal with a rounded body and short legs turned out.

The cat has a round head, short ears and a nose like a Persian.

The animal's hair is long and thick in color-point.

A cat with a soft and balanced character. Enough active, obedient and docile.

The price for the Himalayan breed starts from 10 thousand rubles.


Breed from England. Rare and difficult to breed.

The beast has a refined small body, thin and long paws and a tail.

Head extended with long and large ears. The eyes are large, slanted and almond-shaped. Exceptionally blue. Forinvayta snow white, short and soft.

Price - 40-50 thousand rubles.

Foreign White

The animal looks similar to a Burmese cat. Differences are larger sizes, thicker legs and a powerful rear part of the body.

Regdoll temperament suits families with children, since it is completely non-aggressive. It binds to the owners and gets depressed if they are long gone.

Making unpretentious, friendly and affectionate, easy to make friends with other animals.

A kitten will cost from 10 to 45 thousand rubles.


Turkish van

Van's cat has a big and strong body with developed muscles. The coat is of medium length (the tail is more fluffy).

The wedge-shaped head of a large or medium size is topped with large wide ears.

The nose is straight, medium size.

The color of his huge oval eyes can be blue, amber or copper. There are cats with different eyes.

The animal received "Van color". Most of the coat is snow white, and the tail and base of the ears are red and chestnut. Although there are other colors.

The cat is very active and loves to climb to a height. Also loves to swim and frolic in the water.

The cost of such a handsome man starts from $ 400 and reaches several thousand.

Turkish van

A stocky, small animal looks very similar to a Persian cat. He has the same round head and flat nose, small body and short legs. The main difference is the short wool.

Has a calm character. Smart, patient and not at all aggressive. Easily make friends with children and other animals. Exot requires attention to itself and suffers from loneliness.

In the world there are a huge number of breeds of cats. Each species is unique, but in almost all cases there is an animal with a white color. A pet with this coat color will bring peace and comfort to the house. But do not forget that each pet has its own character, health problems and peculiarities of care. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of pet.