Advantiks drops for dogs


  • Advantix is ​​a potent repellent drug to scare away and destroy fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and mosquitoes. Also used for allergic flea dermatitis. Due to this, it reduces the risk of infection with dirofilariasis and leishmaniasis.
  • Available in brown or yellow, clear liquid. Dosed 0.4 ml in plastic pipette tubes and packed 4 pieces in a blister.
  • Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health GmbH, Germany.

Operating principle

The active substances of Advantix are permethrin and imidacloprid. After applying the drug is distributed on the skin. The part remains on the wool, and the part penetrates the lipid (fatty) layer. Getting on the treated areas, the parasite gets the "effect of burned legs" and dies, not having had time to bite the dog.

Action Advantiksa begins as early as 12 hours after application. Already the first day 98-100% of parasites are destroyed. The next four weeks, the function of protection against reinfection appears. The drug hardly penetrates the bloodstream and is considered moderately dangerous.

Mode of application

Advantiks has four types of packaging depending on the weight of the dog: up to 4 kg, 4-10 kg, 10-25 kg, from 25 kg (designed for weight up to 40 kg). If you weigh more than 40 kg, you should use the appropriate combination of the drug.
Drug use happens as follows:

  • Remove protective cap.
  • Nose cap to pierce the protective membrane.
  • Spread the dog's hair at the withers.
  • Apply the drug directly on the skin from the base of the head to the shoulder blades. For large dogs, the area of ​​application is extended to the sacrum.

The active effect of the drug lasts 28 days. therefore monthly processing required in season ticks and mosquitoes. 2-3 days before using Advantix, it is not recommended to bathe the animal with shampoo. And also do not allow the dog to be in the water for a long time for 2-3 days after treatment.

The drug is moisture resistant and is not washed off when rain water gets on wool and when bathing in natural waters.


Overdose Advantiksa even several times does not harm the dog. The main thing - Do not apply to places available for licking.
Contraindications to use are:

  • the presence of infectious diseases, including the recovery period,
  • weakened condition
  • puppies up to 7 weeks of age

  • parallel use of drugs of similar effect,
  • body weight less than 1.5 kg
  • allergic reactions to the drug.

Advantix prescribed with caution during pregnancy and during lactation.

Composition and release form

The composition of Advantix contains (1 ml): 10% imidacloprid (100 mg), 50% permethrin (500 mg), excipients. The drug is sold in one form - liquid, but the packaging of the drug varies depending on the weight of the pet. On sale you can meet Advantiks for small (up to 4 kg), medium (from 4 to 10 kg and from 11 to 25 kg) and large (more than 40 kg) pets.

Advantiks drops are designed to destroy external parasites: fleas, ticks, lice.

The volume of the dose, respectively, is 0.4, 1, 2.5 or 4 ml - according to the graduation of weight increase provided by the manufacturer. Inside the package is 1 blister with 4 ready tube-pipettes, which contain a therapeutic substance. Manufacturer - Bayer (Germany).

Indications for use of the drug

Drops should be rationally used when the dog is in the countryside for a long time, as well as in parks and other places where there is a high risk of pet attack from insects.

Possible reasons for using the tool:

  • Prevention. Protection of the animal from insects.
  • Treatment. Remove ticks, dog bites, and fleas.
  • Therapy. Application in case of suspected presence of insects on the body of the dog.

The use of Advantix after detecting a tick is made within two days from the moment of the supposed bite. Applying a healing consistency allows you to kill an insect within 12 hours.

If flea drops for Advantix dogs are used to treat a nursing dog, puppies are equally protected against insect attacks.

reference. Simultaneous use of the collar from fleas and Advantiks drops is allowed by the manufacturer. It is better to use Foresto collars (Bayer): the safety of wearing these protective equipment at the same time is confirmed by clinical studies.

Instructions and method of use

The tool involves the application of a therapeutic substance on the area of ​​the skin, which is distributed to a certain number of drops (takes into account the weight of the dog). The distribution of Advantix on large dogs (more than 40 kg) is carried out at four points located equidistantly along the back of the dog (from tail to withers).

Advantiks drops applied to the dog's skin between the shoulder blades.

So that the buyer does not forget the date of application, the manufacturer has attached a sticker on the reverse side of the blister with a schedule on which it is possible to indicate the dates of the last application. It is not necessary to determine the dosage: 1 tube contains the necessary concentration for a single application of the agent (from 0.4 to 2.5 ml).

Application technique:

  • remove the pipette tube from the blister
  • pierce the membrane
  • dissolve the animal's hair to the sides
  • apply the tool to the area of ​​the blades

It is extremely important to distribute the tool only in those places to which the animal is not able to reach, in order to lick the applied consistency. The treatment area must be dry and clean, so to enhance the effect of Advantix, the animal can be washed with shampoo and dried with a hairdryer. The death of fleas continues for 48 hours, re-infection does not occur for at least 2 weeks.

Before using Advantix drops, you can wash the animal with a special shampoo.

According to the manufacturer, the protective effect of the drug is manifested within 1 month from the date of its application. More frequent use is possible if the animal is often or long-term in the water - in this case, the frequency of treatment can be reduced to 1 time per week. For small dogs up to 4 kg, the instruction obliges to apply ointment from a tube in only one place - between the shoulder blades.

Side effects of the drug

The use of the product for dogs, the instruction to which contains information about possible negative reactions, is limited to mild dermatological problems - itching and redness. These manifestations do not require special treatment: they disappear in 1–4 days from the moment of application.

Overdosing is possible only with the simultaneous application of more than one tube or too frequent processing (more often than 1 time in 4 weeks). Possible consequences: the appearance of drowsiness, increased salivation, dilated pupils and the occurrence of seizures.

Known analogues Advantiksa

Advantiks drops cost more than 1000 rubles, but in order to save, you can choose substitutes in the less expensive price group:

Bars Forte is an inexpensive and effective spray for external parasites.

  • Lawyer. Another type of drops from the company Bayer, which set a lower price tag for these products (20-30% cheaper Advantiksa). The reason is that there are only 3 tubes in the package. Cost depending on the weight of the animal: up to 10 kg - 1250–1370 rubles, from 10 to 25 kg - 1570–1610 rubles, more than 25 kg - within 1900 rubles.
  • Leopard Forte. Cheap 100 ml insecticoacaricidal spray costs less than 300 rubles. Eliminates also itch mites.
  • Bea Flea shampoo. Shampoo from the company Beaphar removes insects and at the same time relieves itching and skin redness. The price is 550–610 rubles.
  • BlochNet max. Russian drug in droplet form, with low toxicity (tested on animals). Available in two forms - for dogs and cats. The substance is in a multiple use drip dispenser. The cost of the purchase (4 forms of release, depending on the weight of the dog) - 90-280 rubles.

When choosing analogs, you can also focus on the reputation of the manufacturer.

Advantix's advantages and disadvantages

To form an objective opinion about the tool can be after studying the advantages and disadvantages of the tool.

Advantages of use:

  • ease of use is provided by disposable pipette tubes,
  • preventing the entry of substances into the bloodstream allows you to handle drops of pregnant dogs,
  • no need to give the drug by oral means - it is applied only superficially.

Advantages of Advantix can be attributed to the possibility of processing pregnant dogs, to the minuses - the high cost.

Cons of application:

  • tangible financial costs due to the relatively high cost of funds,
  • a negative impact on the health of the dog in case of accidental ingress of the components of the preparation inside the body,
  • the prohibition of joint keeping of dogs and cats in one room at the moment of using drops;
  • Restriction on the communication of the animal with children for up to 24 hours after treatment.

Among the nuances of use should also highlight the lack of antiallergic effect, therefore, to eliminate the itching caused by bites, the pet owner will have to supplement therapy with antihistamines.

Storage conditions and price

It is permitted not to protect the package from exposure to sunlight and moisture, since all the pipette tubes are placed in a blister pack, which is placed in a protective package of an opaque type. Advantiks is released without a prescription from a veterinarian.

Shelf life from the date of production is 3 years (indicated on paper and foil packaging, including tubes). The cost varies from the volume of the medicinal product in a tube: 0.4 ml - 1600–1800 rubles, 1 ml - 1880–1930 rubles, 2.5 ml - 2,050–2,140 rubles, 4 ml - about 2300 rubles.

Advantix reviews from dog owners

Igor I live in the private sector, and every year I take a few ticks off my own shepherd after walking. I decided to get rid of this inconvenience and bought Advantiks drops. The result was surprised: after the treatment, my pet never brought home blood-sucking insects. Very useful tool.

Anastasia. My Pekingese lives in an apartment, so I never thought about ticks and fleas. But recently there has been a trip to nature, and here on the Internet I’ve been reading terrible posts about animals coming just hung with ticks (just the trip turned out to be at the very peak of tick activity). On the advice of the veterinarian, she acquired this remedy - as a result, the animal is healthy and not bitten by anyone. Thanks to the manufacturers!

Marina. I was surprised when I found fleas in my Chinese Crested, because I constantly bathed her. Among the majority of funds from these insects Advantiks chose due to the large number of positive reviews. The tool really helped - the wool became clean, and the animal stopped behaving restlessly.

Advantiks® drops on withers from ticks, fleas and mosquitoes

Drops on withers Advantiks® - a means to protect dogs from ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. Advantiks® is available in four dosages: for puppies and dogs up to 4 kg, for dogs from 4 to 10 kg, for dogs from 10 to 25 kg and for dogs over 25 kg. Suitable for dogs older than 7 weeks of age or weighing more than 1.5 kg.

Advantiks® drops on withers are used to protect dogs from ticks and insects (fleas, lice, lashes, mosquitoes, flies, midges and mosquitoes).

When is it time to drift Advantiks? When the daytime temperature is above 0 ° C, it is time for increased activity of parasites, such as ticks, mosquitoes, all sorts of front sights and fleas. At this time, animals should be treated with insect and tick protection.

Proper animal treatment

  • Do not wash the animal before processing for 2-3 days. The active ingredients of the drug Advantiks® penetrate the lipid layer of the dog, cosmetics and water partially wash it out. If you washed the animal with shampoo, it is better to wait 2-3 days and treat the dog with Advantix® drops
  • The first two days after treatment is recommended not to bathe the dog.
  • Apply the drug correctly depending on the size of the dog.
  • Treat the animal a month before the start of the season and at least 2-3 days before going to the cottage or to the forest, where there is a high probability of insect bites and ticks.
  • Do not forget to process the dog monthly.

Pharmacological properties

Imidacloprid and permethrin, which are part of the drug "Advantiks", possessing a synergistic effect, have an insecticidal, acaricidal and repellent effect on insects and ixodic ticks, parasites on dogs.

The drug is effective against imaginal and preimaginal phases of the development of lice, fleas, lashes and ticks, protects animals from the attack of mosquitoes, midges and mosquitoes.

The protective effect of the drug after a single treatment of the animal lasts 4-6 weeks.

According to the degree of toxic effect on the body, “Advantix” refers to moderately hazardous substances, in recommended doses it does not cause skin irritation, embryotoxic, teratogenic, mutagenic and sensitizing action. The drug is well tolerated by dogs in therapeutic and 5 times its higher doses.


Advantix is ​​used to kill insects and ticks, parasitic on dogs, as well as to protect animals from their attack by topical (drip) application of the drug on the skin. When treating allergic dermatitis caused by insects, the drug can be used in combination with drugs.

When processing large dogs, the contents of the tube-pipettes are applied to the skin in three or four places on the back from the shoulder blades to the sacrum.

The minimum recommended dose of the drug is 10 mg of imidacloprid and 50 mg of permethrin per 1 kg of body weight. According to the body weight of animals, it is recommended to use the appropriate pipette preparation:

Drug dosage

When treating dogs weighing more than 40 kg, Bayer Advantix is ​​used at a dose of 0.1 ml per kg of animal weight, using combinations of tube-pipettes of different packaging.

The protective action of the drug against lice, fleas, lashing, two-winged blood-sicking insects, as well as ixodid ticks after a single treatment of the animal lasts 4-6 weeks. Repeated treatment of animals is carried out according to indications, but not more than 1 time per month.

Personal preventive measures

  1. While working with Bayer Advantix, it is not allowed to smoke, drink or eat,
  2. At the end of the work, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.
  3. Do not wash, iron and let the animal to the small children within 24 hours after treatment with the preparation,
  4. In case of accidental ingestion of the drug on the skin or in the eyes, it should be immediately washed off with a stream of water;
  5. Empty tube-pipettes from under the drug should not be used for domestic purposes, they are closed with caps and thrown into garbage containers.

Side effects and complications in the use of the drug in accordance with this temporary instruction, as a rule, are not observed.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry dark place, separately from food and feed, at a temperature of 5 ° C to 25 ° C.

Instructions for use Advantiks

Composition and release form. Combined insecto-acaricide preparation containing as active ingredients:

  • 10% Imidacloprid
  • 50% permethrin
  • auxiliary components

It is a clear liquid from yellow to brown with a slight specific odor. The product is packaged in 0.4 ml, 1 ml, 2.5 ml, 4 ml in polyethylene tube-pipettes packed in 4 or 6 pieces in blisters.

pharmachologic effect

Imidacloprid and permethrin, which are part of Advantix, possessing a synergistic effect, have a systemic, contact and repellent effect on insects and ixodid ticks, which parasitize dogs. The drug is effective against imaginal and preimaginal phases of development:

  • lice
  • a flea
  • lashing
  • ixodic ticks
  • mosquitoes
  • midges
  • mosquitoes

Insect-acaricidal and repellent effect of the drug after a single treatment of the animal lasts 4-6 weeks.

According to the degree of toxic effects on the body, it refers to moderately hazardous substances, in recommended doses it does not have a resorptive toxic, embryotoxic, teratogenic, mutagenic and sensitizing action.

The drug is well tolerated by dogs in therapeutic and 5 times its higher doses. When treating allergic dermatitis caused by insects, the drug can be used in combination with drugs.

Indications. For the destruction of insects and ticks, parasites on dogs, as well as the protection of animals from their attack.

Side effects

In rare cases, after the use of the drug, individual skin reactions (redness, itching) are possible, which spontaneously disappear within one to four days and do not require the use of medicines.

Contraindications. It is not allowed to apply to patients with infectious diseases and convalescent animals, as well as puppies younger than 7 weeks of age.

special instructions

Due to possible contamination by the preparation of tissues, plastics and other materials, the treated animal should not be allowed to come into contact with the surrounding objects until the preparation is completely dry at the treatment site.

Do not wash, iron and let the animal to the small children within 24 hours after treatment with the preparation. При случайном попадании препарата на кожу или в глаза его следует тотчас смыть струей воды, при попадании внутрь — обратиться к медицинскому врачу.

Empty tube-pipettes from under the drug should not be used for domestic purposes, they are closed with caps and thrown into garbage containers.

General information

Trade name of the drug: Advantix (Advantix®).
International nonproprietary name: imidacloprid, permethrin.

In appearance is a clear liquid from yellow to light brown.

Advantiks are packaged in 0.4, 1.0, 2.5 and 4.0 ml in polymeric pipettes, sealed with a protective cap.

The shelf life of the drug under the storage conditions - 3 years from the date of production. The use of Advantix after the expiration date is prohibited.

Store the preparation in the closed packaging of the manufacturer, in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight, separately from food and feed, at a temperature of from 0 ° C to 25 ° C. After the expiry date Advantics should not be applied.

Advantiks should be kept out of the reach of children.

Unused drug is disposed of in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

Application procedure

Advantiks are used to kill insects and ixodic ticks, parasitic on dogs, as well as to protect animals from their attack.

Contraindications to the use of individual sensitivity of the animal to the components of the drug.

When joint keeping of cats and dogs, animals must be divided until the dog has fully applied the place where the preparation is applied.

Processing pregnant bitches if necessary is carried out under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Advantix drops are applied to dogs once by applying to dry, intact skin ("spot-on"). Before using, remove the protective cap from the pipette and, placing it vertically, dig the protective membrane of the tip of the pipette (putting the cap on the back side), then remove the cap.

The preparation, spreading the fur, is applied to the animal directly on the skin between the shoulder blades at the base of the neck. Do not apply the drug to wet or damaged skin and prevent it from licking animals.

When processing large animals, the contents of the pipettes are applied to the skin in 3-4 places along the back, from withers to tail.

Depending on the weight of the dog, Advantix uses various packaging in the doses indicated in the table:

Drug dosage

When treating dogs weighing more than 40 kg, the preparation is used at the rate of 0.1 ml / kg of animal weight, using a combination of pipettes of various packing.

The death of insects parasitic on an animal after treatment occurs within 12 hours, the death or detachment of ixodid ticks within 48 hours.

The repellent effect of the drug against lice, fleas, lashing, two-winged blood-sicking insects, as well as ixodic ticks after a single treatment of the animal lasts up to 4 weeks.

The drug remains effective even if the animal's hair gets wet, however, it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure of the animal to water, in order to prevent a decrease in the treatment efficiency.

In such cases, the dog may be re-treated with Advantix, but not more than 1 time per week. If the animal needs to be washed with shampoo, it is recommended to do this before applying the drug.

With an overdose of the drug, some dogs may experience depression, pupil dilation, increased salivation, and muscle tremors. In this case, the drug is washed with water and detergent and apply general measures aimed at its removal from the body.

In case of non-compliance with the established period of repeated treatments, the use of the drug should be resumed at the same dosage according to the same scheme.

Side effects and complications in the use of the drug Advantiks in accordance with this instruction, as a rule, are not observed. In rare cases, individual skin reactions (redness, itching) are possible, which spontaneously disappear within 1-4 days and do not require the use of medicines.

In the event of an allergic reaction in an animal that is sensitive to the components of the preparation, the preparation should be thoroughly washed with soap and water and rinsed with plenty of running water and, if necessary, antihistamine and symptomatic agents should be prescribed.

The drug Advantiks is not intended for use by a productive animal.

Active substances, release form, storage

This insecticide-acaricidal preparation contains 10% imidacloprid and 50% permethrin as active substances. Advantix capillaries are a clear yellow to brown liquid that emits a faint peculiar smell. Available in pipettes 0.4, 1, 2.5, and 4 ml, packed in 4 jokes.

Storage - in a dry place protected from light at a temperature from 0 to + 20 ° С, Shelf life - 2 years from the day of manufacture. Manufacturer - JSC “Bayer” (Moscow)

Drop Reviews

Feedback on Advanteks for dogs, writes Valeria. When ticks appear on the street, I always use Bayer Advantix drops on my dog. They are not expensive, convenient packaging and very easy to use.

Feedback on Advantix drops for dogs, writes Svetlana. From spring to autumn, I use Advantix to protect the dog from fleas and ticks. In the store near me they cost 416 rubles (for dogs from 10 to 25 kilograms) for one pipette, that is, the tool is not the cheapest.

But the quality does not match - it destroys fleas, ticks, eaters and many other insects. In general, you can praise for a long time, but I just recommend to use it - then see for yourself.

Price Advantix Drops for Dogs

Most of the drops about Advantiks for dogs are positive, which is expected given not the lowest cost. The average price of this drug is written below, so it may differ slightly in different veterinary pharmacies and pet stores. Prices are per pipette.

  • Advantiks for dogs up to 4 kg - 287 rubles,
  • Advantiks for dogs from 4 to 10 kg - 400 rubles,
  • Advantiks for dogs from 10-25kg - 432 rubles,
  • Advantiks for dogs over 25 kg - 475 rubles.

Analogs of the drug

Drops Advantiks for dogs are in most veteptek and pet stores, but if they are not in your nearest, you can buy an analogue, for example:

  • Drops Mr.BRUNO (Mr. Bruno) for dogs,
  • Frontline drops for dogs,
  • Drops leopard for dogs,
  • Drops A lawyer for dogs.

Protection against ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, mosquitoes and flies for 1 month

Advantiks® - effective protection against ticks:

  1. Strong repellent action - repels ixodid ticks from your dog and prevents the parasite from attacking the animal for 4 weeks
  2. Thanks to the contact action, instantly kills ticks caught on an animal, to the bite
  3. Reduces the risk of dog lesions with blood parasitic diseases.

Advantiks® - an effective remedy against fleas:

  • Kills 98-100% fleas parasitizing an animal within 12 hours after treatment.
  • Protects against re-attack for 30 days
  • Kills fleas before bite
  • Destroys flea larvae in animal habitats
  • Effective against lice and lashing

Advantiks® - an effective remedy against mosquitoes and mosquitoes:

  • It repels mosquitoes and mosquitoes within 4 weeks after treatment.
  • Reduces the risk of leishmaniasis and dirofilariasis

Ingredients: 10% imidacloprid and 50% permethrin, auxiliary components

Recommendations for use

While working with the drug "Advantix (Advantix)" is not allowed to smoke, drink and eat. At the end of the work, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. Do not wash, iron and let the animal to the small children within 24 hours after treatment with the preparation.

Empty tube-pipettes from under the drug should not be used for domestic purposes, they are closed with caps and thrown into garbage containers.

Customer reviews

from Ludmila. Advantiks drops are wonderful drops. I have a chihuahua and once a week we go together to the country. It doesn’t do without ticks, but not one sticks in. And if in the evening when I look at a dog, I can skip a tick because of the long hair, then in the morning I find the parasite half dead. Recommend!

from Irina. For many years I have been treating dogs with the drug with the eim; there were no problems with ticks.

by Natalia. I use droplets not the first time. In combination with the collar, good protection. Once a tick was noticed on a dog, but after a long sitting (it was not noticed right away) the tick was sluggish and didn’t bite. Good drops!

from Tatyana. We use these drops from 1 year. Now yoriku is 8 years old. No problem with ticks. We process from April to October. The quality is completely satisfied. True, now the price is not the same as it was 7 years ago. But pet health is more expensive.

from Oksana. Three weeks ago, dripped (.07.08.13), in the hope of a result. The consultant said that it would be enough for protection for 27 days, then repeat the procedure. Puppy 2.5 months, miniature pinscher. No adverse reaction detected.

The effect is zero, as they gnawed and gnawed, except maybe a little less. Every day, 3-4 times a day walks for 30-50 minutes, not in the grass. I do not believe that this drug eliminates fleas. The question is not in money, but in the expected result. The assessment is negative, we will try something else.

from Olya. This drug "Advantiks" bought for the breed "Russian Toy" after application to the skin in accordance with the specified area according to the instructions, the reaction (itch) started that does not disappear within 3 days.

The dog scratches the spot where the drug was applied and often shaken. And in her behavior noticeable her anxiety. While visible redness or any other reaction is not observed. I had to go to the veterinary clinic.

Instructions for use drop advantiks for dogs

Drops Advantiks for dogs - a strong repellent agent for repelling ixodic ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, flies and mosquitoes.

Advantiks protects the animal for a month, instantly killing an insect that fell on the dog's coat before the bite. Thus, the drug reduces the risk of contracting dogs with blood parasitic diseases.

In addition, Advantiks drops for dogs are effective against lashes and lice. The drug well repels mosquitoes and mosquitoes, not allowing them to sting the animal. Thus, the risk of the disease of the dog dirofilariasis and leishmaniasis is reduced.

Dosage, Contraindications

The main active ingredients of the drug are permethrin and imidacloprid. They have a synergistic effect, have acaricidal, insecticidal and repellent effects on insects that parasitize on dogs. According to the degree of toxic effects on the body Adventyx refers to moderately hazardous substances.

The drug is well tolerated by dogs not only in therapeutic, but also in doses 5 times higher than it.

To use Advantix, the protective cap is removed from the tube-pipette, the protective membrane of the tip of the pipette is punctured and, spreading the wool, the preparation is applied to the skin inaccessible for licking animals, usually between the shoulder blades.

When processing large dogs, drops are applied in three to four places on the back from the shoulder blades to the sacrum.

Use different packaging of the drug, depending on the weight of the animal: for dogs up to 4 kg, from 4 to 10 kg, from 10 to 25 kg and over 25 kg.

The cost of Advantix depends on the weight of the dog on which the drops are calculated. So 4 pipettes designed for dogs weighing up to 4 kg cost about 900 rubles. The most expensive - 4 pipettes for dogs weighing more than 25 kg. They cost about 1200 rubles.

Reviews for Adventure Drops for Dogs

Review №1. We of our pinnier (2.5 month puppy) were first dripped three weeks ago. Fortunately, no adverse reaction occurred and no insects were detected on the baby. Very satisfied and now I will use only this drug. Still, experimenting on a puppy does not want to. Irina, Minsk

Review number 2. I bought Advantiks for the Russian Toy breed. Maybe the dog is too small, but after putting the drops on the skin in the area specified in the instructions, the dog started to itch. It itches, often shaken.

Although there is no redness. I had to go to the vet and no longer use this tool. But those familiar with the German shepherds approve. Oleg, Moscow

Release form

Veterinarians give positive feedback on the use of the drug, as it comes in convenient forms.

Drops are made of different types by weight of the pet and have a special mark in the title:

  • for puppies,
  • for pets up to 4 kg
  • 4-10 kg
  • 10 - 25 kg,
  • 25 -40 kg.

The drug is available in the form of blisters with 4 or 6 tube-pipettes. These polyethylene devices have a different volume: 0.4 ml, 1 ml, 2.5 ml, 4 ml.

Like all drugs, this drug requires special storage conditions:

  1. dry and dark place
  2. sealed packaging
  3. in a place where children or animals do not accidentally take it,
  4. far from food
  5. at room temperature from 0 to 25 degrees.

The shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture, if all of the above conditions are met.

Application Methods

Before use, carefully read the instructions and read the reviews. Advantiks for dogs is applied on the skin in a place inaccessible for licking.

How to properly apply the drug to the withers of a pet:

  • The protective membrane is removed from the tube.
  • Spread the fur between the shoulder blades, where the dog can not lick the medicine.
  • Apply the required number of drops. For large pets, the procedure is done in several places.

Repeated treatment of puppies is done every 1-1.5 months, since the effect of the drops persists from 4 to 6 weeks. A noticeable effect of the anti-flea agent comes within 12-48 hours after application.

Drops used in the calculation of 0.1 ml / kg of animal weight. That is why the scheme of the drug, depending on the weight:

  • up to 4 kg a tube with a volume of 0.4 ml is used,
  • up to 10 kg - 1 ml
  • up to 25 kg - 2.5 ml,
  • over 25 kg - 4 ml.

Advantiks for dogs

The drug consists of two main active substances - imidacloprid (10%) and perimethrin (50%), which, in tandem, provide high efficacy of the drug. In addition to fleas and ticks, Advantiks is able to resist lice, lashing, mosquitoes and mosquitoes. It has a broad spectrum of action - not only kills insects, but is used as a repellent to repel them and as a panacea for blood diseases provoked by parasites. The drug is moderately toxic and is characterized by a long period of action - from one month to six weeks from the date of application to the skin. The strength of its action does not reduce the wetting of the coat, for example, when bathing or rain - but on condition that after applying the preparation, at least 2 weeks will pass. During this time, it is completely absorbed by the skin, and before that time it is necessary to prevent water from entering the wool.

Where to buy advantiks for dogs

Buy the drug should be in veterinary clinics or veterinary pharmacies. You can do this also in online stores. For example, in “Beethoven”, which for many years of work has earned a good reputation among fans and breeders of dogs.

The price of the Advantix depends on its concentration: 4 tubes of 0.4 ml cost about 900 rubles, and 4 tubes of 4.0 ml each - about 1,200 rubles.

Advantiks from ticks

  • Kills and detaches from the skin of ixodic ticks for two days, preventing bites.
  • It is used as a repellent to scare them away and does not allow the attack of parasites for a month.
  • Eliminates or minimizes the risk of diseases associated with blood parasites.

Flea advantix

  • Completely kills fleas on dogs for half a day, avoiding bites.
  • Guarantees monthly protection against parasites.

Eliminates the destruction of fleas and nits (flea larvae) in the habitat of pets. Adventureage is also used to control fleas for dogs with the active ingredient Imidacloprid. It paralyzes the flea central nervous system and leads to their death.

Prescription drug

As soon as the outside air warms up above 0 ° C, parasitic insects, including flies, fleas, mosquitoes and ticks, become active and active.. It was at this time (usually from April to October) that dogs especially need protective equipment against flying and crawling parasites.

Advantix® drops are shown:

  • adult dogs of any breed,
  • small animals weighing 1.5 kg,
  • puppies at the age of 7 weeks.

The manufacturer positions droplets on Advantix® withers as a drug capable of protecting dogs from practically unlimited spectrum of parasites (ixodic ticks, lice, fleas, vlaosedov, mosquitoes, flies and black flies).

Mechanism of action

After applying Advantix® drops on the withers of an animal, the active substances quickly spread out over the entire surface of the body, becoming fixed in the hair and lipid layer of dog skin. Active components not only scare away the parasites, but also kill them.

The insect, which has already fallen on the coat, is not able to gain a foothold there, experiencing the so-called effect of “burned legs”. As a result of such a burning contact with the drug, the parasite has no desire to bite the dog, and he usually jumps out of the fur, falls down and dies.

Frequency of use

The developer recommends using Advantix® drops every month (during the period of increased parasite activity), since the protective properties of the drug are maintained for about 28 days after its single use.

It is interesting! Advantiks for dogs will not lose their protective properties if the animal's coat is superficially wetted with water.

Но после длительного пребывания питомца в естественном водоеме или в ванной потребуется повторная обработка, которую производят не чаще 1 раза в неделю.

Состав, форма выпуска

Капли на холку Адвантикс® – это комбинированный инсекто-акарицидный препарат, представляющий собой прозрачную (от желтоватого до коричневого цвета) жидкость со слабым характерным запахом.

В состав адвантикса для собак входят, наряду со вспомогательными, два действующих компонента:

Both active ingredients of Advantix (imidacloprid and permethrin) are quite toxic.. Imidacloprid belongs to the insecticides that are included in the group of chemical compounds, similar in action to nicotine and therefore called neonicotinoids.

Important! For mammals, imidacloprid (in a small dosage) is not dangerous and is considered to be of low toxicity. True, experiments with rats have shown that overdosing of imidacloprid inevitably causes problems with the thyroid gland.

The role of neonicotinoids is to damage the central nervous system of insects and arachnids (ticks), while permethrin (a typical insecticide) acts as a neurotoxin on parasites. Bayer supplies the drug in a polyethylene tube-pipette (packaged in 0.4 ml, 1 ml, 2.5 ml and 4 ml) packed in blisters of 4/6 pieces.

Precautionary measures

Until the final drying of the droplets on the skin / coat of the animal, it is not allowed to contact it with nearby objects so that the preparation does not get on the furniture, walls and personal items. During the day after Advantix is ​​applied, the dog cannot be bathed and ironed, and also not allowed near children.

The person working with the drug should not eat, smoke or drink during the procedure. After processing, the hands are washed with warm water and soap: this can not be done if you were wearing medical gloves.

It is interesting! Advantix, caught on open skin, can lead to tangible chemical burns. If a toxic liquid (in large volume) accidentally spilled on the skin, the affected area is washed under running water for at least 15–20 minutes, after which it is treated in an outpatient clinic.

Empty tube-pipettes are forbidden to be used for any domestic needs: they are thrown away, having previously been closed with caps. The drug retains its properties for 2 years when properly stored, when the closed factory package is in a dry dark place (at 0–25 ° C), separate from feed and products.

Advantix cost for dogs

Drops on the withers of Advantix® from JSC “Bayer” are sold in stationary veterinary pharmacies and through online stores.

The average price of the drug (depending on the dosage):

  • drops on withers Advantics (Bayer) for puppies and dogs up to 4 kg (4 pieces of 0.4 ml) - 1 645 ₽,
  • drops on withers Advantics (Bayer) for dogs 4–10 kg (4 pieces of 1 ml) - 1 780 ₽,
  • drops on withers Advantics (Bayer) for dogs 10-25 kg (4 pieces of 2.5 ml) - 1 920 ₽,
  • drops on withers Advantics (Bayer) for dogs over 25 kg (4 pieces of 4 ml) - 1 470 ₽.

Drops are quite expensive, so they are sold not only packs, but also individually.

Advantix reviews

For three years, I defended my Yorkshire terrier from all sorts of ectoparasites with the help of Advantix. Drops were applied from April to October, the packaging with 4 pipettes was enough for three months.

In parallel with drops, I used ectoparasite shampoo (unfortunately, I don’t remember the name). Both products, shampoo plus drops advantiks, worked great. Last year, it was not possible to buy shampoo, and we went to the country with a dog treated only with advantix. After a couple of days, she took off her first sucked and swollen tick (and then found others).

After talking with dogmasters, I learned that the drops belong to the first stage of protection, but there must be a second one, which we used as a shampoo for a long time. On the advice of a veterinarian, they also bought a collar from parasites: there were no signs of poisoning, as well as possible allergic reactions.

Now I can’t trust these drops 100% anymore, but I don’t know if there’s any fault with the manufacturer, because I’ve heard that they have started to fake Advantiks.

We have an Alaskan Malamute, in whose wool it is very difficult to find ticks. And when we moved out of town, after the walk, we took 3-4 3-4 ticks off it, despite the regular treatment by Leopard. After once we discovered an already stuck tick, we decided to switch to a more powerful drug and chose one of the most expensive, Advantix.

It will also be interesting:

For one vial laid out 700 rubles. Despite good reviews, we continued to inspect the dog after each walk. Ticks of wool are both removed and removed, that is, Advantix does not protect against their attack (there is hope that it protects against sticking). Mosquitoes do not scare at all: they sit on the face all the time.

The dog moved the procedure of applying drops well, but after a week he started having otitis (although before that the dog had not been sick for 4 years). The doctor suggested that this could be a reaction to drops, since there were no other provocative factors. I consider Advantix a remedy with dubious effectiveness, since I have not noticed its actions.