American Hairless Terrier: breed description, rules of care and advice on choosing a puppy


How often people want to have a pet, but they have many reasons that do not allow to fulfill a dream. One of them is an allergy to animal hair. But what to do when the desire to give care and love is so strong? There is a wonderful breed that will not make you suffer with the cleaning of wool - this is an American, a naked representative of the terrier breed. On his body, wool is either completely absent, or grows very rarely and as a barely noticeable downy hair.


It is an American naked terrier that is an excellent pet option for people with severe allergic reactions to animal hair. Its appearance is fully characterized by the name of the breed. This hairless dog is a descendant of the Rat Terrier, who was famous for his excellent hunting abilities and devotion to the owner.

In the bare variety, the skin has a uniform color, sometimes with contrasting spotting, which increases in size depending on age. Hue can change under the action of sunlight, like tanning. This feature has an American naked terrier.

Breed description

Representatives characterized by developed muscles, deep chest, powerful shoulder girdle and hind legs. The long neck, slightly tapering to the head, has a smooth curved shape. The front legs are straight, with elbows pressed to the body. The head has a wedge-shaped convex shape, on the sides of which are V-shaped ears. They can stand when the dog is alert, they can also be half-standing or hang on a cartilage. Their position stabilizes when the dog reaches puberty. It is characterized by a saber tail. Growth up to 45 cm, weight - from 3 to 6 kg. By standards, there are clear distinctions that give the right to assign an individual to a pure breed.


There are two species of breed such as the American Hairless Terrier. Puppies are born with a soft coat of wool over the entire surface of the body, which disappears by the age of 6-8 weeks. Adult representatives of this breed have vegetation only on whiskers, chin and eyebrows. Sometimes there are isolated hairs on the body, more like a fluff. This is considered valid. The skin is tactilely mild, prone to sweating under stressful situations or increased external air temperature.

The second variety is covered. Representatives of this species have a short, dense and smooth coat, including sideburns. The color is permissible in the variants: monochromatic white, sable, variegated, with the obligatory presence of spots. They can be of any size. The location also has no special restrictions. A prerequisite - the spots should be white.

The official name of the breed is American Hairless Terrier. It is recognized in Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. But the popularity of these smooth pets is increasing in Europe and Japan. The breed does not have an international level yet.

The American Hairless Terrier is a companion dog by nature. Differs in vigor, curiosity, has an inquisitive mind, perfectly amenable to training. From it you can bring up the type of dog that is needed by a particular owner. This breed is so sociable and easily trained that the owners themselves are sometimes surprised by the results.

Because they belong to hunting breeds, the American Naked Terrier possesses the appropriate instincts. They show fearlessness, however, these dogs do not show a burrow in vain, as they are constrained by an unusually developed intellect. Despite the good hunting qualities, this breed is not adapted to this occupation. Their skin is too vulnerable for such activities.

But a great friend, this dog will be happy for both the owner and the family as a whole, including children. American Terriers simply adore kids. They are often attributed to the role of caring nannies, but they also fall into childhood without any particular problems. They just let the will frolic and play. Their sociability and friendliness are so developed that they get along well even with cats. They revel in the attention of the person, communicating with him with the methods of flirting, attentive listening, showing various signs of devotion to the owner.

Representatives of this breed are so energetic that they are ready to share their positive charge with the people around them. Their vigorous life mood is clearly expressed in their amusing mimicry and joyful look. Affectionate, like cats, they sometimes forget their belonging to dogs.

The motor activity of the American Terrier is high. It is characterized by light, fast movements, characterized by dexterity. The front legs provide a large amplitude, as well as the hind legs, which in addition give a powerful impetus. In general, when driving, the American Terrier moves smoothly and at an enviable speed. Such indicators are present due to the developed muscles and the balance of the front and rear limbs. The dog perfectly controls his body.

Opinion of the owners

The best friend for a person in conditions of massively spreading allergy symptoms is an American bare terrier. Reviews of this breed only confirm all the above qualities that this pet possesses. The owners believe that a more suitable breed for the content in the family is not found. Especially since the question of allergic manifestations of the presence of animal hair is completely removed.

The owners call a companion a dog breed of American naked terrier. The American Hairless Terrier really responds to this loud name, since the intelligence and rationality of this pet sometimes amaze. He is able to be sensitive to the owner during his illness or fatigue. Like the best friend, he can sit silently and restrained side by side at special moments, although no one has taught him that.

According to the owners, in the official descriptions of this breed is not always everything is true. For example, many people believe that this dog is unnecessarily called decorative. They argue that, despite the need for special care, their pets are very restrained and not at all capricious representatives of their breed.

Nursery owners are always ready to bring a lot of positive qualities of an American terrier as opposed to all the arguments of potential owners. In fact, you will not find a more unpretentious in character, an equally reliable and intelligent friend. The minimum that the owner can give to such a wonderful pet is the care of his delicate skin. A plus is the fact that there is absolutely no period of molting.

Brief description of the American Naked Terrier dog breed

  • Other possible dog names: American hairless terrier.
  • Adult dog height: 25-45 cm at the withers.
  • Weight: 3-6 kg.
  • Characteristic skin color: varied, only about 40 options. Albinos are not allowed to exhibit.
  • Wool length: not available.
  • Lifespan: 14-16 years old.
  • Breed advantages: activity, cheerfulness, does not cause allergies.
  • The complexity of the breed: the breed is not recognized by FCI, the dog's skin is sensitive to sunlight and cold.
  • How much is: an animal that does not meet breed standards costs around $ 300. Show puppy with a good pedigree - from $ 650.

The history of the origin of the American naked terrier

1970s in North America, in the state of Louisiana lived spouses-breeders. For several years the couple has been breeding Rat Terriers. In one of the litters a puppy with a soft undercoat was found, which disappeared after a few weeks. The couple was interested in the unusual appearance of the dog, which they named Josephine. For a couple of years, the couple crossed the bitch with other ret-teotheriers, hoping to breed America’s first hairless breed. As a result, one of Josephine’s pregnancies ended with the birth of two uncovered puppies in 1981. They were the first representatives of the American Terrier breed (AGT).

Purpose and character of the American naked terrier

AGT brought out of the Rat Terrier, because they are strong enough and agile. The size of the dog can keep it in an apartment or house. The nature of the American Terrier allows you to define them to companion dogs.

American Hairless Terrier active and friendly animal. With a high level of socialization, the dog can calmly relate to cats and other pets.

AHT requires contact with people, especially strongly attached to children, if they are in contact with the dog at puppy age. In the game with the child, the terrier is careful, does not show aggression.

If necessary, the dog can show perseverance and perseverance. For these reasons AGT adequately pass sports tests, participate in competitions.

How to choose a puppy American naked terrier

Puppies are born with a soft, short fur. After 8-12 weeks, the undercoat disappears. In place of fallen hairs remain open hair follicles, which can become inflamed, forming pimples. This is a normal phenomenon, but you should pay attention to such reddening, because they may be a skin rash, that is, an allergic reaction.

Take a puppy is better in 1.5-2 monthswhen the fur is already falling out. At this time, the results of the test by William Campbell will be revealing. An adult dog can be taken, but only in extreme cases and being sure that the dog is sufficiently socialized.

Externally, the dog must comply breed standards. The head is rounded, but not in the shape of an apple, but pointed to the nose. The forehead smoothly passes into the muzzle, without a sharp stop. Eyes set obliquely, protruding. Nose monochromatic color or black. A butterfly nose or tail is not allowed. Ears standing, V-shaped. Hanging or tucked inside is not allowed. Teeth white, large, scissor bite, less straight.

The neck is even, slightly tapering to the head. The musculature on the front paws is evenly developed, elbows pressed to the body. The hind limbs are muscular, the metatarsus perpendicular to the ground. The paws are compact, the middle fingers may be slightly longer than the others. The hind fingers must be removed on the hind limbs. Clubfoot and flat paws are unacceptable.

The ribs form a wide chest. From the side, the chest has a small oval foreburst. The line of the back is straight, without omission to the bottom. The tail is thick, tapers towards the tip. Wrapped or crooked tail is not allowed.

American Naked Terrier Nicknames

Animals, like people, more quickly memorize sonorous, bright names with clear sounds. Pedigree dogs it’s customary to give long nicknamesconsisting of several words, for example, Etoile Daniel Richarson. Such names are recorded in the passport and other documents. In everyday life, use an abbreviated version like Danik. All sounds of this nickname are clear, easily separated from each other. It is undesirable to start a nickname beginning with a deaf sound and containing hissing, for example, Lice.

For bitches American naked terrier will suit names: Astra, Amina, Merry, Sunny.
For dog AGT fit nicknames: Jake, Thor, Deco, Ben, Jude, Jerry.

Keeping and Care of an American Hairless Terrier

Despite the tenderness of the skin AGT, in caring for a dog do not need much to try. It is necessary to bathe a dog once a week, then wipe it with a soft towel and smear it with cream.

Use additional care products is not worth it, because the main method of protection against damage - clothing. In winter, a warm jumpsuit protects the dog from the cold, in the summer - from drying out skin and sunburn.

In the AGT apartment a separate place must be allocated for sleeping and play area. 1-2 hours per day is enough for walking, for which the dog should release as much energy as possible. Keep AGT on the street, even in the aviary, is strictly prohibited!

What to feed the American naked terrier

Since the AHT was bred from the Rat Terriers, which are a hunting breed, in the diet of the American Terrier should contain more meat - 50-60% by weight of the portion. Adding vegetables and cereals - no more than 25% for each position.

Puppies up to 6 months need the use of dairy products for the full formation of skeleton bones.

The size of the portion depends on the energy consumption of the dog.

Training and education of the American naked terrier

AGT is an obedient breed. They all show how much they road praise from the owner, respectively, and education can be built on gingerbread with a rare use of the whip. Humiliation and the power method of training are perceived acutely negatively, up to the development of aggression or, conversely, a depressive state.

Dogs are trying to "join the team", because they can learn the habits of other pets. Accordingly, the owners must decide on the education of all pets, since the AGT will feel infringed upon by the “pack”.

Pros and cons of the breed American Naked Terrier

Breed pros:

  • AGT does not cause allergies, because the particles of the epidermis are kept on the dog's skin, not spreading in the air. Removed mechanically while swimming.
  • Affectionate, playful dog suitable for a family with a child. AGT quickly calm down after the game, because of the small risk of injury.
  • Compact size allows you to keep an adult dog AGT in a normal apartment, without allocating a separate place with a large area.
  • The nature of AHT contributes to its quick and effective training.

Breed deficiencies:

  • AGT skin is gentle, as in humans. The dog can burn under direct sunlight and get frostbite at sub-zero temperatures.
  • Once a week, the dog’s skin should be smeared with a cream so as not to dry out. In the summer, before a walk, it is advisable to use sunscreen.
  • In the first aid kit you need to keep hydrogen peroxide to handle scratches and wounds.

Owner Reviews on American Naked Terrier


I love this breed for intelligence, pace and tenderness! How it all gets on in a little naked creature - a miracle of nature. And another huge plus is that there is no feeling that a dog lives in the house, as there is no wool and smell. And what about touching their velvety skin ... In my understanding, these are dogs of the future, capable of giving love and no problems.


So cute. There are no skin problems. Naked dogs sunbathe perfectly in the summer. In winter, yes, you need to wear overalls and sneakers, but this is not a problem and not very expensive. Bathe once a week with shower gel, and then smear with lotion, oil or body cream. That's all. But what a exotic and how nice when everyone pays attention to your "nude"))))

Breed history

The beginning of the history of American naked terriers was laid in the fall of 1972, when the founder of the breed, Edwin Scott, who lived in the small town of Trout, Louisiana, received a naked puppy born from a purebred Rat Terrier as a gift. Such rare cases of the birth of hairless puppies from the coat-coated parent pair were known in the breed and rightly regarded the mutation. Edwin Scott and his family appreciated the advantages of keeping a dog without hair, and also decided to get naked offspring.

At one year old, a dog named Josephine brought offspring consisting of four puppies, but only one of them turned out to be completely naked.. It was 1981 that Scott was proclaimed the “Date of birth of a new and very unusual breed” - the American Hairless Terrier. Subsequently, with a more detailed study of the breed, Edwin Scott was able to identify genetic patterns, and then a nursery called Trout Creek Kennel was founded, which took up issues of breeding and subsequent promotion of AHT.

Increased interest in this unusual breed without coat is observed in people suffering from allergic reactions. Already in 1998, the American Rare Breeds Association (ARBA) and the National Club of the Breed Rat Terrier recognized the breed American Naked Terrier. Only a year later, representatives of dogs without hair were entered into the register of the UKC as a bare variety of the already popular Ret-Terrier breed.

The registration of a new breed as independent in the UKC took place in 2004, but naked American terriers were recognized by the Russian Cynological Federation a little later, in 2010. To date, these dogs are pre-approved in the FCI, as well as recognized cynological organizations in many countries.

Description of the American Naked Terrier

American hairless terriers move easily, have dexterity, good speed and strength. The movements are natural and smooth, having a good amplitude of the front limbs. Hind limbs have good amplitude and powerful thrust. When moving from any position, the limbs should not move inward or outward, never intersect and cannot overlap each other. In conditions of high speed there is a tendency to approach in the direction of the central line of balance. The height of an adult dog varies between 25-46 cm. The average weight does not exceed 5 kg.

Breed standards

The official UKC breed standards were revised in 2006. С точки зрения общего вида Американский голый терьер является активным питомцем, имеющим равномерно развитую мускулатуру.

The preferred proportions of body length and height at withers are 10: 9. In accordance with established standards, the naked American Terrier is different:

  • wide, slightly convex, wedge-shaped and proportional to the size of the body of the head,
  • V-shaped ears located on the outer parts of the skull, standing, hanging or semi-erect,
  • saber-tail natural length, or docked,
  • a wide and slightly convex skull slightly tapering to the muzzle
  • powerful jaws with well muscled cheeks.
  • well filled under the eyes, slightly tapering to the nose, with clear lines of muzzle,
  • dry, tight-fitting, not drooping lips,
  • a full set of evenly distributed, white and large teeth,
  • scissor or straight bite,
  • black or monotonous nose
  • obliquely set, round, medium-sized, slightly protruding eyes,
  • pigmented to the nose with the edges of the eyelids,
  • flat, smooth, medium in length, moderately muscular, slightly bent and neck narrowing slightly towards the head,
  • shoulders of the forelimbs with uniformly developed musculature,
  • shoulder blades, inclined at a good angle back with a snug fit of the upper part to the withers,
  • strong, short, almost vertical metacarpus,
  • moderately short, slightly convex and muscular, moderately matched loin,
  • slightly sloping croup,
  • muscular hind limbs
  • compact, slightly oval-shaped paws,
  • thick at the base, tapering towards the tip of the tail.

Puppies are born completely covered with a soft hair coat, which is lost to the age of two months. In adult American hairless terriers, hair is absent throughout the body, with the exception of the eyebrows, whiskers, and chin. For adult dogs, it is acceptable to have very thin and sparse, rather short hair. The skin to the touch is soft and warm.

Important! It should be noted that the position of the ears is unstable until puberty, therefore their improper location at the age of up to one year does not adversely affect the assessment at the exhibition shows.

Bare varieties can be covered later by stress and overheating, which does not entail a lower rating in the ring.. Any color of the skin is allowed, but usually the skin has a basic type of color and spots of contrasting color of various sizes. With age, such specks increase in size, and the skin color darkens noticeably from the natural exposure to sunlight.

Dog character

American hairless terriers are energetic and incredibly nimble dogs whose curiosity and natural intelligence make it easier to train, educate and socialize.

The ancestors of this breed were bred for hunting, but the appearance features do not allow active use of this dog in work. However, the dog has a strong and highly developed, innate hunting instinct. Such a small animal is fearless with unlimited energy.

Representatives of the American Naked Terrier breed are exceptionally friendly companions who are equally good with children as well as other pets. Such dogs prefer to enjoy human intercourse and are very willing to share their natural activity with their owners. A naked dog needs full protection from sunlight and the winter cold. Among other things, the American Naked Terrier should not be a member of conformational judging.

Care and hygiene

The skin of the American Naked Terrier does not need grooming, so it is enough to wipe the skin sometimes. Special attention requires the correct choice of dog detergents and cosmetics, which must be performed on a natural plant-based. It is necessary to bathe your pet as necessary, which will remove all dirt and sweat from the skin.

Strong teeth by nature do not need increased attention, but the gums of the dog are prone to inflammation. In the case of a balanced and proper nutrition, such a disease is excluded. Eyes and ears should be gently wiped with a wet cotton swab to remove tears and sulfur. A similar procedure should be performed weekly. The claws do not grind on their own completely in the process of walking, so they must be trimmed with special scissors-claws every three months.

Diet, diet

When choosing a terrier's food intake, preference should be given to feeds intended for dogs of decorative breeds.. It is recommended to feed the animal with natural products, which include lean lamb and boiled chicken. American terriers that do not have hereditary diseases do not need a special diet, so they are suitable for ready-made rations "Pro Plan", "Savarra", "Eagle Pack", "Hills", "Akana", "Grandorf" and "Go."

It will also be interesting:

American naked terriers are very fond of milk and dairy products, but their amount in the daily diet should not be excessive. It is also important to take care of the availability of vitamin and mineral supplements in the diet.

Diseases and breed defects

The most common deficiencies of representatives of the American Naked Terrier breed can be represented:

  • sharp foot,
  • apple shaped head
  • short muzzle
  • incomplete set of teeth, snack or overshot,
  • lack of pigment and partly unpainted nose,
  • bulging eyes
  • too deep-set eyes
  • with light eyes in dogs with black color,
  • eye color that does not match the color,
  • eyes with an iris that contains more than one color,
  • eyes with thorn
  • erect ears with sides tucked in
  • rosette ears,
  • Flying ears
  • wrong ears,
  • flat paws,
  • club foot
  • not distant dewclaws on the hind limbs,
  • curved tail
  • tail coiled up
  • height and weight.

Serious deficiencies include the presence of residual hair in dogs older than six months.

It is interesting! According to veterinary specialists and many owners of American naked terriers, representatives of this breed are prone to kinetosis (motion sickness in the car) and runny nose, which occurs due to hypothermia.

Unilateral and bilateral cryptorchidism, vicious or cowardly, with deafness, short-legged, with hanging ears and a tail shortened from nature are disqualified. Disqualifying features include albinism. The animal may suffer from gastritis and enteritis, adenoviroz and hepatitis, as well as staphylococcus.

Upbringing and training

Naked American terriers are almost perfect in terms of maintenance and education of the first dog. Such a pet tries to please its owner and obediently executes all commands. However, in order to achieve the goal, it is very important to use different incentive methods, completely excluding from the process of upbringing the cries and rudeness that can frighten the animal. The ideal form of education and training of such dogs will be the game form.

Buy American Naked Terrier

Before purchasing a purebred animal, it is important to find a breeding nursery or experienced breeder.

Their coordinates can be found at dog shows. It is advisable to buy a puppy at the age of one and a half months, which guarantees an easier adaptation of the dog to a new place of residence.

Among other things, it is at this age that the animal receives a puppy metric with the breeder's data, information about the parent pair and the number of the stamp. The dog's stamp is represented by an individual numeric and alphabetic code, speaking about the litter and the kennel in which the puppy was born.

What to look for

Outwardly, the puppy of the American bare terrier must comply with the standards of the breed. It is also recommended to pay attention to the shape and location of the ears, which should not be turned inward. You should also examine the teeth of the animal. They should be large enough and white. Any change in the color of the tooth enamel may indicate that the dog has tartar. There should be no abrasions, scratches or wounds on the skin.

Description, external data and photos of American Hairless Terriers

Before describing a breed, it is necessary to recall the origin of the breed and its purpose - catching rats. The American naked terrier differs in the developed muscles, a long neck and a powerful humeral belt. The average height at withers is 40-45 cm, weight can reach 6 kg. Despite its small size, it is very strong, agile and hardy dog, and at the same time - good-natured and contact.

Character and behavior

These naked little dogs have a true terrier character, they are very impulsive, cheerful, bouncy and energetic. Many have a pronounced hunting instinct, which is inherited from their ancestors - rat terriers. However, due to insecurity, they are not suitable for hunting. This fact does not prevent dogs to show their talents in everyday life. They are happy to hunt small animals and have a weakness for various burrows and love to dig.

Vigilance and territoriality make of them good watchmen, who will always notify the owners of the arrival of guests loud barking. By strangers are wary, with friendly guests. Aggression to people for the breed is not typical. The owner and family members love immensely, always try to be close, take part in all household chores and do not miss the opportunity to snuggle up or curl up on their feet like cats. Well suited for single people of any age and for families with older children who will respect the small dog will become for her a friend and companion in games. On walks they are energetic and playful, but with good upbringing they are rather obedient and try to keep close.

The loving American naked terriers apply not only to humans, but also to other animals. They remarkably get along with dogs of different breeds from miniature to gigantic, peacefully coexist with cats, do not touch the bird and rodents, in rare cases there are exceptions. And, of course, a lot depends on the socialization and growing up conditions of the dog.

Content Features

The American Hairless Terrier, like other hairless breeds, is adapted only for living in a house or apartment. Strongly not suitable for street content. In kennels, dogs are sometimes kept separately in insulated premises, where in summer and in winter the optimum temperature for dogs is maintained: 18–20 ° C.

Exercise need moderate. Enough daily walking for about 30-40 minutes, during which the dog will be able to throw out the accumulated energy. In the cold season, they often refuse to walk. It is easy to learn to walk at home in the diaper. After walks, especially in nature, naked terriers often have abrasions and scratches. which need to be processed in time.

The issue of hypoallergenic breed

The American bare terrier is often the only breed to which there is no reaction in people who are allergic to dogs. But in rare cases, allergies can be caused by substances on the skin or in saliva. Therefore, before you start a puppy naked terrier, you must closely communicate with adult representatives of the breed and directly by the puppy.

American Naked Terrier Clothing

American naked terrier is a great option for those who have not played enough with dolls. He is not a very cold dog and often tolerates low temperatures better than other smooth-haired breeds due to his activity. Nevertheless, in order to avoid hypothermia or frostbite of vulnerable parts of the body (ears, tail, paws), dogs are usually dressed. In the summer they wear T-shirts to protect them from aggressive ultraviolet radiation. With the onset of cold weather, clothes are selected for the weather. In the cold, they put on a hat, shoes, sometimes they sew scammers or buy clothes for bare rocks, in models of which everything is provided.

Care for the American bare terrier is simple. Dogs enough to redeem once a week and wipe dry with a towel after washing. In summer, the skin dries from ultraviolet radiation and often requires additional hydration. In addition, light colored dogs are recommended to lubricate sunscreen baby cream to minimize the risk of sunburn. Once a week, you also need to inspect the ears for the presence of dirt and clean them if necessary, and every 3-4 weeks to cut the claws to the optimum length. Wool dogs are periodically combed with a brush or mitten for short-haired breeds. Shedding is very weak.

Teeth cleaning is recommended, it is a good prevention of tartar and other dental problems. But it is worth noting that, unlike other bare breeds, the hairlessness of the American terrier is not associated with incomplete teeth, early loss of teeth and other problems.

When puppies turn 3 months old, the ears are fixed in a standing position for several months, they may not stand up on their own, not fully or incorrectly.

In general, the food of an American naked terrier is no different from that of any other dog of similar size and activity. Owners and breeders recommend feeding them with ready-made super premium premium or holistic class feeds. So it is easier for owners to provide their pet with a complete ration that does not require additional maintenance of vitamin and mineral supplements. If desired, AGT can be fed with homemade food. In this case, the diet is according to standard rules.

American naked terriers tend to gain weight, and often suffer from allergies. Therefore, the choice of food or feed, as well as the caloric content of the daily diet should be considered carefully.

Health and life expectancy

The gene that is responsible for the lack of hair in AGT is recessive, unlike the dominant, which is found in other bare breeds (Mexican and Peruvian hairless dog, Chinese crested), it is not associated with lethal defects, incomplete dentition, other genetic diseases and defects. This greatly increases the level of health and stamina of small hairless dogs. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to say that the breed is completely healthy. Today, it records hereditary diseases that occur with different frequencies in different lines:

  • Deafness,
  • Epilepsy,
  • Dysplasia of the hip joint,
  • Dislocation of the patella,
  • Aseptic necrosis of the femoral head,
  • Cleft palate,
  • Diabetes,
  • Epilepsy,
  • Hemolytic anemia,
  • Clubfoot,
  • Follicular dysplasia,
  • Von Willebrand disease,
  • Heart defects
  • Cushing's disease
  • Liver shunt,
  • Thyroid problems
  • Hemophilia,
  • Predisposition to demodicosis.

All of these diseases are hereditary, and even if the American breed club was once listed in a breed, it lists them as potentially dangerous. Life expectancy is usually 13-15 years.

It is advisable to complete a physical examination annually. In addition, it is important to follow the vaccination schedule. Regularly treat the dog from external and internal parasites. Bare terriers do not suffer from fleas and lumps, but they are a tasty morsel for ticks and mosquitoes that are carriers of dangerous diseases, such as piroplasmosis and dirofilariasis.

Choosing an American Naked Terrier Puppy

The American Hairless Terrier is a very rare breed of dogs, but not so much so as not to find a single kennel in the country. Potential owners before acquiring a puppy should study well the breed standard, communicate with representatives live, visit several large exhibitions and then start searching for a nursery or breeder. Often puppies of the American naked terrier have to be booked in advance. The only evidence of the breed of dogs is the pedigree. Puppies at the time of sale must have a stamp, a puppy card and a veterinary passport with marks of vaccinations made by age.

It is very important to assess the nature of the parents and the appearance of the babies. They must meet the standard, be active, cheerful and healthy, without any crusts, drips, redness. Perhaps the presence of small scratches that accompany the dog, unprotected woolen cover, all his life.

The price of a puppy of an American naked terrier not for breeding usually varies between 60,000-80,000 rubles. Prospective kids cost from 80 000 rubles. The price is influenced by many factors: the geography of the nursery, the quality and merit of the parents, the floor and of course the coat. The bare variety is usually much more expensive than wool.