The best hypoallergenic dog food


Food allergies are found not only in humans. Until recently, 1/5 of all dogs suffered from it. Often the cause of itching and redness of the skin (urticaria and eczema) of a pet is food allergy. It must be differentiated from food intolerance, which manifests itself in the form of digestive disorders - diarrhea and vomiting. Today, the number of dogs suffering from allergic reactions to food has decreased, as manufacturers have developed hypoallergenic dog food.

Requirements for hypoallergenic feed

According to research results, the most frequent products that cause an allergic reaction in dogs are:

  • poultry meat and eggs,
  • lamb, beef,
  • freshwater fish
  • corn,
  • soy,
  • cereals and their derivatives,
  • milk products,
  • cabbage,
  • Tomatoes, eggplants.

The most common allergen are protein products. Protein is necessary for predatory animals, including dogs as a source of amino acids - the building material of cells of all types of tissues.

With protein deficiency, the growth of the animal slows down, its muscle mass decreases, and regeneration processes slow down. In a balanced diet of a healthy dog, protein foods, especially meat products, should occupy 66.5%.

But animal protein is thermostable and does not lose its allergenic properties even after heat treatment. Therefore, in the hypoallergenic feed, the types of meat that cause allergies are replaced with horse meat, rabbit meat, duck meat, turkey meat, or fish.

To preserve the protein needed by the dog and eliminate the dangerous protein, hydrolyzing animal protein is used. Meat or fish is treated with digestive enzymes that "break" protein molecules into small pieces that cannot cause an allergic reaction. Hydrolyzed protein - good nutrition for dogs with allergies to meat or fish.

For active dogs, a source of energy is needed - carbohydrates. Energy metabolism provide cereal, bread, potatoes. For celiac disease (gluten intolerance), you need to choose food that does not contain wheat. When allergic to cereals and potatoes hypoallergenic food contains rice.

In high-quality hypoallergenic feed should be:

  • cellulose for normalization of intestinal motility and elimination of toxins,
  • immunity enhancing vitamins and minerals,
  • medicinal herbs that reduce the severity of an allergic reaction.

Hypoallergenic food picked up taking into account the trigger ("trigger" allergy factor), the age of the dog and breed. It is enough to choose a food in which there is no trigger, as the symptoms of food allergies disappear in a few weeks.

Why feed cause allergies

Allergies in dogs - an increased sensitivity of the body to irritating substances (pollen, household chemicals, drugs, food).

Pet allergies can occur for the following reasons:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Endocrine pathologies
  • Diseases of the autoimmune spectrum
  • Hormone disruptions
  • Diseases in chronic forms
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Reducing the body's resistance to resistance to various factors (infections, poisons, parasites)

If you suspect allergies, you must pass a pet sensitivity test and undergo a series of examinations at the vet.

Allergies are often confused with intolerance to individual components of the feed.

In case of allergy or intolerance, it is necessary to review each product in the pet's diet, exclude it and prevent its appearance in the composition of the animal's food.

Only a doctor through diagnostic and laboratory studies will be able to determine the allergy and its cause.

Pet allergies can begin due to the fault of various allergen products:

  • Cereals
  • Fat meat, fish
  • Smoked meat
  • Bakery products
  • Offal
  • Oil, fatty foods
  • Eggs
  • The nuts
  • Dairy products
  • Berries, fruits, vegetables.

Chicken protein is found in many dry foods. Red fruits and vegetables can also cause allergic reactions.

Many feeds contain colorants and flavors that may cause an allergic reaction.

Many foods contain dyes and preservatives.

Symptoms for which it is necessary to show the pet to the doctor: itching, a rash on the abdomen, dandruff, inflammation of the mucous membranes, tearing. Unpleasant odor, coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, chest swelling, shortness of breath - a reason to be concerned about the state of health of the animal.

How to choose the right pet food with allergies

Products for dog should be chosen so as to completely eliminate the allergen. Create a new menu will help the veterinarian and excluding diet, the diet of the animal must be balanced. During the exclusionary diet, the pet eats only veterinarian-authorized products.

The composition of hypoallergenic feed includes rabbit, pikeperch, lamb, horsemeat and salmon meat. There is no cereal in such feeds, they are replaced by vegetables and rice. Dyes, flavor enhancers, flavors and other chemical additives are considered prohibited substances in the composition of food for pets with allergies.

Vitamins A, E, D, C should be present in hypoallergenic feeds, obligatory in the composition of phosphorus, calcium, fiber, copper and antioxidants.

Rating of hypoallergenic dog food

The names presented below have proven themselves in the market and earned the trust of veterinarians. It is necessary to choose food from this list, taking into account the breed, age, individual intolerance of certain products of the dog.

Lamb & Okanagan Apple from Akana. The product is a super premium class, consisting of natural ingredients. The composition contains lamb, pumpkin, seaweed, apples. Hypoallergenic product does not contain flavor enhancers, gluten and cereal dyes.

Lamb & Okanagan Apple from Akana

The range includes the products of the company, from which you can choose the most suitable pet food.

Acana Heritage - is divided into several types, which can be selected based on the individual characteristics of the pet. For example, Puppy Small Breed is suitable for miniature breeds weighing no more than 9 kg.

Puppy & Junior is a choice for medium breeds. Puppy Large Breed - the choice for large and giant breeds of dogs, whose weight starts from 25 kg. Acana Sport & Agility is suitable for pets who have an active lifestyle and are engaged in sports. Acana Light & Fit is designed for sedentary animals. Acana Senior Dog - for older dogs whose age is more than 7 years.

Acana heritage

Acana Singles is a mono protein food that contains 50% of meat ingredient, it does not contain chicken fat, eggs, and grains.

Eukanuba Dermatosis FP Responce is a therapeutic diet that prevents the occurrence of an allergic reaction. In the manufacture of the product was used herring, catfish, potatoes, animal fats, beets.

Eukanuba Dermatosis FP Responce

Bosch Sensitive Lamb & Rice consists of lamb and rice. It contains vitamins D3, A, E, zinc, iodine, antioxidants, mussel flour, flax seeds, chicory. It improves intestinal function and is easily digested, suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Bosch Sensitive Lamb & Rice

Royal Sanin presents several hypoallergenic feeds:

  • HYPOALLERGENIC HME 23 MODERATE CALORIE for elderly, neutered or sterilized, obese dogs.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC HSD 24 SMALL DOG ​​UNDER 10KG is suitable as an exclusionary diet. created for small breeds weighing up to 10 kg.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC DR21 for dogs weighing more than 10 kg.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC (BANK) - wet food with soy protein.
  • ANALLERGENIC AN18 - indicated for inflammation of the intestine, disorders of the digestive system.
  • SENSITIVITY CONTROL (CHICKEN WITH RICE) for dogs with intolerance to gluten, lactose. Suitable for all breeds and ages, as well as pregnant, lactating, sterilized and castrated pets.
  • SENSITIVITY CONTROL SC21 (DUCK) is suitable for growing, lactating and pregnant dogs.
Hypoallergenic royal canin

Hills can be selected based on the size of the pet.

  • Hills Science Plane Puppy Healthy Mini Development and Hills Science Plan Canine Small Adult and Miniature for miniature breeds.
  • Hills Science Plan Canine Adult Advanced Fitness will go for medium breeds of dogs.
  • Hills Science Plan canine is used in the diet of large breeds of dogs.
Hills for dogs allergikov

Proseries Holistic super premium class, without wheat, soy, chicken, corn in the composition. And it is suitable for dogs of any age and breeds with hypersensitivity to allergens of protein origin.

To determine whether the allergy has caused the pet's poor health, the vet will help. And before you pick up the perfect dog food, you will need to go through an exclusionary diet, during which the pet eats products that are on the “safe” list.

Dog Food Rating

There are many companies producing food for animals. Many of them are popular, but mainly because of advertising and low prices. And only those who are seriously interested in how to preserve the health of a pet, acquire little-known, but useful food. You can buy them only in specialized large pet stores. Conventionally, all dry food are divided into several groups:

- Economy class, which includes feed containing a lot of vegetable protein, cereals and artificial additives. These are common in our stores "Pedigri", "Chappi", "Darling", "Oscar" and others. They most often cause allergic reactions in pets.

- Premium class feeds are of higher quality, already contain a certain percentage of meat and are often divided into groups according to weight, breed of dog and the presence of diseases in it. These are Hills, Purina, Royal Canin, Happy Dog, Bozita and many others. Since dogs are all individual, allergic reactions are also often to feed this class.

- higher quality feed - super premium class, not containing very artificial additives and preservatives, by-products and a large number of cereals. These include "Akana", "Eukanuba", "Innova Evo", "Brit" and some others. It is recommended to feed the pet with such feed all the time.

- There is also a special hypoallergenic dog food. He belongs to the class "holistic" and appeared only recently. This kind of food is quite expensive, but in order to preserve the health of the pet, it is better to choose it.

What is hypoallergenic dog food

Many dogs do not have enzymes in their bodies to digest certain foods. Therefore, such animals are created feed, where components that may cause allergies, replaced by others. Instead of poultry meat, they contain lamb, horse or rabbit, and salmon or pike are often also found. The cereal base is replaced by rice and vegetables, and the food is also enriched with herbs, fatty acids and vitamins. Often it contains probiotics and apples to normalize dog's digestion. A large amount of fat and protein in the food of an animal can also be a cause of health problems, so a quality hypoallergenic dog food contains little protein and unsaturated fat.

How to choose food

Rating of dog food often depends on advertising and those manufacturers that often deliver products to stores. Some very high-quality foods are unknown to pet owners, for example, Grandorf or Origen. But others are very popular, but often cause allergic reactions in animals. These are "Hills," "Royal Canin", "Proplan" and economy class feed. Therefore, if a dog suffers from sensitive digestion, itches, and has watery eyes, you need to be very careful when choosing food:

- Be sure to read the composition, in which the first place should be meat, not protein or cereals.

- Do not buy food, guided by advertising or advice of friends. It is your dog that he may not approach. It is best to consult with a veterinarian first.

- Premium hypoallergenic dog food is slightly more expensive than usual, but it is better to overpay a little than to treat an animal.

The best hypoallergenic feed

Of all the manufacturers of pet products, only a few produce quality products. The best hypoallergenic dog food is "Bosch", "Biofood" and "Yarra". They have established themselves as the highest quality and are popular with veterinarians. In addition, special groups of feeds for sick animals are produced by Hills, Royal Canin, Akana and Brit. Hypoallergenic dog food must be purchased by all owners of animals who are ever allergic. It can also be used for preventive purposes. , and constantly, as it contains everything necessary for the normal functioning of animal matter.

Owner reviews

Many owners of animals who can not look at the torment of their pet, on the advice of a veterinarian, switched to hypoallergenic dog food. Reviews after this are mostly only positive. The owners say that the pet has become more active and fun, the wool has ceased to fall, and the eyes - itching. Especially a lot of positive reviews about the feed "Grandorf" - even the most allergic and weak animals tolerate it well. "Origin" and "Akana", "Brit" and "Bosch" are also popular. The owners of the dogs say that by overpaying for food, they saved more on the treatment of the dog.

Hypoallergenic Dog Food: Best Products

According to numerous reviews of veterinarians and owners of dogs prone to allergies, Bosch super-premium hypoallergenic food is ranked first in this ranking. Its main components are rice (37.5%) and lamb meat (20%), which is characterized by a low allergenic potential and is a high-quality source of protein. Also included are barley, potato flour and protein, beets, dried egg, mussel flour, flaxseed, a set of essential vitamins and minerals.

In this high-quality German-made food there are guaranteed no harmful ingredients that cause adverse reactions in dogs. The balanced formula of nutrients provides normal activity and an excellent look.

Bosch food is available in packs of:

  • 1 kg - from 620 p.,
  • 3 kg - from 1600 r.,
  • 15 kg - from 6400 p.

Has a pronounced taste and smell, like dogs. Suitable for adult pets of any breed that are prone to allergies and have a sensitive digestive system.

Biofood (Biofood)

The second in the super-premium hypoallergenic dog food rating is Biofood products. The main ingredients of the product are, as in the previous case, rice (18%) and lamb meat (34%). The auxiliary components that saturate the body with essential substances, vitamins and minerals are dried salmon meat, fish and salmon oil, dried beets, seaweed extract (enhances immunity), and dried natural herbs.

The disadvantage of Biofood is the fact that the food is practically not distributed on the territory of our country, and it is quite difficult to find it in ordinary pet stores. Some pet stores offer to buy goods at the following prices:

  • 3 kg - from 1000 p.,
  • 12.5 kg - from 3267 p.

The food is intended for adult pets of the year, has excellent taste, like most dogs. The product does not contain GMOs and chemical additives, is easily digestible, suitable for animals with a sensitive digestive system.


In the rating of hypoallergenic dog food, Acana products are on a high level, which appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, but managed to gain great popularity and positive feedback from many dog ​​breeders. This product consists of 50-70% of natural meat, and 30-50% of plants, vegetables and fruits. The manufacturer produces several types of hypoallergenic feed with various main components, which can be:

In the feed there are no artificial components, cereals, gluten, GMO. Hypoallergenic Akana dog food is characterized by a high content of fiber (as a part of it is in the dining room and nutmeg, apples), which has a positive effect on digestion. Other useful ingredients are green peas, red lentils, seaweed, blueberries, cranberries, and others that contain a rich supply of vitamins and useful ingredients.

Products are manufactured in packages from 340 g to 17 kg. The average cost is:

  • 340 g - from 370 p.,
  • 2 kg - from 1500 p.,
  • 6 kg - from 3500 r.,
  • 17 kg - from 8600 r.

The product has a pleasant smell and taste that most animals like.

Eukanuba (eukanuba)

In the ranking of premium hypoallergenic dog food, high place is taken by Eukanuba products, intended for animals with sensitive digestion and prone to allergies. Products are made on the basis of lamb meat, which is the main component, and is intended for all breeds of dogs. The manufacturer’s product range includes hypoallergenic Eukanuba puppy food, which also contains lamb and rice. Additional ingredients containing beneficial substances and vitamins are fish meal, dried egg, flaxseed, fish oil, sugar beet.

Eukanuba is recommended by veterinarians for animals that are intolerant to potatoes, chicken and grains, as well as those suffering from dermatitis and digestive system disorders.

Products are characterized by relatively high cost:

  • 1 kg - from 800 r.,
  • 2.5 kg - from 1600 p.,
  • 12 kg - from 6000 p.

Food is contraindicated in animals with fish intolerance.

Royal Canin (Royal Canin)

Гипоаллергенный корм для собак Роял Канин также вошел в рейтинг лучших благодаря высокому качеству используемых в нем ингредиентов и положительному влиянию на организм животных в целом. Его назначают при пищевых аллергиях, хронических воспалениях кишечника и диарее, экзокринной недостаточности поджелудочной и прочих заболеваниях ЖКТ.

В составе Royal Canin основными компонентами являются гидролизат изолята соевого белка, рис и животные жиры. Auxiliary ingredients - fish oil, marigold extract, soybean oil, borage oil, as well as a complex of minerals and vitamins. This type of food favorably affects the skin of animals, improves the process of the intestines and is characterized by high digestibility.

The manufacturer also produces hypoallergenic dog food of small breeds, additionally containing bird liver. It is intended for breeds of animals whose weight does not exceed 10 kg.

In its segment, Royal Canin is characterized by an affordable price. It can be bought in packages:

  • 2 kg - from 1200 r.,
  • 14 kg - from 5500 r.

The nutrition for dogs of this type contains a balanced amount of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.


Food Hills is also included in the list of the best food: it effectively eliminates the manifestation of allergic reactions and normalizes digestion during pancreatitis. Owners should note that this product contains chicken ingredients, so it is not suitable for animals that are intolerant to chicken. Recommended for dogs of medium and large breeds.

Food is available in several types. For dogs with food allergies, you can purchase two types of products containing:

Additional ingredients are fish oil, chicken meat flour, iodized salt, a set of minerals and vitamins.

Also in the lineup it has food for dogs that are allergic to external stimuli and suffer from dermatitis. Its main components are chicken meat, beer rice, pork and chicken liver, chicken flour, egg powder, barley and others.

You can buy Hills feed in the following packages:

  • 2 kg - from 1600 p.,
  • 5 kg - from 3550 p.,
  • 12 kg - from 6000 p.

Food contains optimally balanced amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that ensure the normal functioning of the animal, healthy skin and excellent type of wool.

Pro Plan Purina (Pro Purin Plan)

Pro Plan food from the world famous Purina brand is also considered one of the best reviews by veterinarians and dog breeders. It is recommended for dogs of any breed with skin problems and food allergies. The main source of protein in the diet is salmon, which is perfectly absorbed by the body of animals that have an increased sensitivity to food. The two main plant components that make up are corn and rice. Pro Plan for Dogs has a perfectly balanced content of minerals, vitamins and omega-acids necessary for the normal functioning of pets and maintaining an excellent appearance.

Also in the Pro Plan feed line, there are different types of feed, designed separately for animals with sensitive skin and sensitive digestion. They are also divided into three categories: for small breeds, medium and large. These feeds can contain both salmon and duck as the main component.

Pro Plan feed is characterized by an acceptable cost that is optimally combined with high quality:

  • 1.5 kg - from 650 r.,
  • 3 kg - from 1150 p.,
  • 7 kg - from 2500 r.,
  • 14 kg - from 4900 p.

Nutrition for dogs contains a special complex Optidigest, which maintains the intestinal microflora in a normal state, improves the digestion process and favorably affects the stool.

Brit's hypoallergenic dog food also ranks among the best. It is recommended by veterinarians to animals that have food problems and susceptibility to dermatitis. This product contains 31% lamb meat flour, which is the main source of protein. It also contains chicken fat, so the feed is contraindicated in animals suffering from intolerance to chicken.

Additional ingredients that saturate the body of dogs with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins are rice and rice protein, salmon oil, dried apples, yucca extract, extracts from fruits and herbs.

Brit feed is available in packages of various weights. In addition to high quality, one of the advantages of products is the affordable price available for a wide range of dog owners:

  • 1 kg - from 300 r.,
  • 3 kg - 830 r.,
  • 8 kg - from 2100 r.,
  • 15 kg - from 3900 r.,
  • 15kg - from 4500 r.

The product has a pleasant smell and taste, which is usually like animals. Suitable for all breeds.

Conclusions about hypoallergenic feeds

If a pet has any allergy, then before you start feeding with one or another hypoallergenic food, you should be examined by a doctor and an exact allergen should be identified. Based on the information received, the veterinarian will recommend products that are suitable for feeding your dog, and among which you will continue to focus on any one option, based on the financial possibilities and taste preferences of the animal. Also, when choosing food, you should take into account the age of the pet and its weight indicators: some manufacturers divide their products into several categories, depending on the age and breed of pets, which they are intended.

Make a purchase, try to avoid low-quality fakes, and remember: a good hypoallergenic dog food can not be too cheap. Also, do not forget that chicken is one of the frequent allergens, but it is still found in most products of the class below the super premium.

When feeding a dog, strictly adhere to the norms indicated in the table and calculated according to the pet's weight. So you can avoid difficulties with digestion and weight gain.

Dog food which company choose

We have compiled the best dog mixes ratings based on feedback from dog owners who fed their pets. In addition, for each product, we analyzed the composition, given its balance, content and quality of meat, as well as price.

As a result, we will consider the following feed:

1. The best dry food - German Wolfsblut, Czech Brit Care for large breeds and domestic Probalance.

2. The best wet foods and canned foods - the Brit brand has again distinguished itself, the cheap and affordable Puruchi One, as well as German canned food Belcando.

3. Best Puppy Foods - NOW Natural class holistic, hypoallergenic Acana Puppy & Junior and Italian mix from Almo Nature.

In our ranking, there are no economy class feeds, since they do not meet the requirements for the balance of nutrients and vitamins, and the meat in them is, at best, represented by food production wastes. For a complete nutrition of domestic predators need a mixture of premium and holistic.

Most of the presented feed can be found in pet stores and even supermarkets. These are products of brands:

Some are more difficult to find in the free market, but they can be ordered in specialized online stores. Alternatively, contact the breeders - they will help to reach the suppliers.

We are talking about products of foreign firms:

Best dry food

For daily meals it is most advantageous to take exactly dry food. It is more economical and is stored for a long time even in an open bag. But here you need to carefully read the composition. In the quality mixture should contain about 50% of the sources of protein (meat), but the artificial flavor and aromatic additives in it are undesirable.

Wolfsblut - perfectly balanced

Excellent German holistic feed. According to the manufacturer, animals for its preparation are grown on special farms without the use of hormones. Products favorably different extensive meat menu, sometimes very exotic. In addition to traditional lamb, duck and rabbit, you can find mixes with pheasant meat, deer, camel, ostrich, wild boar - just 15 items. And for the summer and diet food manufacturer offers dry food with six types of fish.


  • The meat content is 25-50%, if necessary, the rate of proteins “gets” at the expense of fish,
  • The average size of the granules
  • Virtually no allergies,
  • Interesting and varied tastes that dogs will like,
  • Contains a minimum of cereals or does not contain them at all,
  • Enriched with phytocomponents,
  • Three "format" packaging - 2, 7.5 and 15 kg.


  • The content of animal fats in most products of the line reaches 18%, which can cause constipation in some dogs and certainly does not suit sedentary and obese dogs,
  • High price with sharp jumps when changing exchange rates,
  • Tomato mixes can cause allergies.

Wolfsblut dry food does not have any bad reviews: the worst comments are neutral. In general, this is an interesting line of useful products for dogs of different breeds. After their use, owners note a general increase in the activity of their pets, an improvement in the condition of hair and teeth.

Brit Care Adult Large Breed - the best feed for large dogs.

Czech fodder super premium. In the line there are mixes with chicken and salmon, but products for animals with allergies are of more interest. It is made from lamb with rice.


  • Hypoallergenic,
  • Zip-lock on the packaging to preserve the smell after printing,
  • Contains chondroprotectors to protect joints,
  • The composition includes fruits and phytocomponents,
  • A large package of 12 kg is equipped with a convenient side handle.


  • Relatively high cost
  • Fatty.

A great option for dogs with digestive problems or a reaction to other foods. It is suitable for medium, large and especially large animals over 2 years old, as well as for representatives of breeds prone to allergies (Labradors, Bulldogs, Shar Pei, etc.).

Probalance - the most inexpensive

Despite the foreign name, it is a mixture of Russian-made - just a Danish brand. In the domestic market, Probalance appeared relatively recently, so the dealer network has failed so far. Premium class.


  • Dehydrated meat in the composition instead of the dubious "poultry meal",
  • Affordable price for this quality
  • Does not contain corn and soybeans - oat or flaxseeds are used as sources of carbohydrates,
  • Contains phytocomposition from medicinal herbs, chondroprotectors and prebiotics,
  • 12 vitamins instead of the standard 3.


  • Supply difficulties
  • Low meat content - up to 30%,
  • It includes the synthetic antioxidant E321 - its use is permitted in many countries, but it has not yet been recognized as absolutely safe.

In general, Probalance honestly fulfills the requirements for premium feed. However, dog owners recommend giving it to their pets to a lesser extent than indicated on the package. It is too high in calories, which can cause problems with emptying.

Brit - the most natural

The brand has already appeared in our review, as the best among dry fodder. Her canned food also collected a lot of good reviews and not a single bad one. True, this line is already produced in Russia - at the Yelets Meat Processing Plant. It belongs to the premium class.


  • Natural composition (only meat, offal and liposoluble vitamins),
  • Does not contain cereals, although some products have rice,
  • The share of meat products is 80%.


  • There were reviews that recently there was more jelly in the banks - it seems that technologists are conducting experiments.

A rather small can weighing 850 g is suitable for feeding medium and large dogs. Small breeds may not have time to “master” all the container in two days, and canned food will have to be thrown away. Veterinarians recommend giving Brit wet food to restore immunity after animal diseases and surgeries.

Purina One "My Dog" - the most affordable

A fairly common type of wet pet food for dogs that you can buy even in the supermarket. In general, the Purina brand produces good products of the budget and middle price segment, but the quality here is not premium.


  • Availability and low price
  • Standard composition of useful components is maintained: 6 minerals and 3 vitamins,
  • Natural vegetable side dish,
  • Convenient packaging in sealed packs.


  • The label vaguely prescribed composition,
  • Contains potential allergens like wheat and corn,
  • The presence of flavor additives without explanation of their origin.

Purina One is suitable for small and medium dogs, but the composition is not perfectly balanced. Vitamin complexes and natural meat will have to be additionally introduced into the pet's diet.

Belcando - the most meat

German canned dog food is produced in 400 and 800 g cans. Meat and liver are ground into rather large pieces, so that the owners can visually assess its naturalness. Rice and vegetables are added as a side dish.


  • The content of meat ingredients 60-90%,
  • Optimum volume and convenient cover with key,
  • Rich, rich ingredients
  • Contains calcium and phosphorus,
  • A standard set of vitamins and minerals, plus lecithin, necessary for older dogs.


  • Fat and over-calorie,
  • Not always combined with vitamins,
  • High price,
  • Not all pet stores can be found.

Belkando canned food is suitable for large and mobile dogs, as well as animals kept outside. Prior to the super-premium manufacturer, it is a little under-priced, according to the dog breeders themselves, but the quality is generally good. But the dry mixture of the same company did not inspire enthusiasm.

The best puppy food

For the growing organism of the dog, as well as for our children, balanced nutrition is especially important: with a high protein content, a powerful complex of vitamins and minerals. However, it should be hypoallergenic, since the immunity of a small pet is still too weak. The best option for puppies will be holistic feed, as well as premium-class mixes corresponding to their size and breed.

NOW Natural holistic New - the most useful

Canadians have made this seedless super-premium food bezzernovom specifically for puppies. In addition, Now Fresh is trying to maximize the use of potentially allergenic products, replacing chicken meat with duck and turkey.


  • Absolutely natural - made from meat fillets, eggs, vegetables and fruits,
  • Not in the composition of the beets, which is important for dogs with white hair,
  • Does not contain grains - instead of them, the suppliers of fiber are potatoes, peas and apples,
  • Fine granules
  • The optimal fat content is 16%.


  • Almost does not occur in the free sale, although you can order it through the Internet,
  • Dry and for some puppies need to soak,
  • The price is too high.

Excellent food for puppies with a balanced composition. Normalizes digestion due to lactobacteria and does not cause any negative reactions.

Acana Puppy & Junior - Absolutely Natural

One of the most famous and expensive brands of dog food produces a line of dry mixes for puppies of small, medium and large breeds. They collect a lot of positive feedback and have already earned the favor of veterinarians. The only problem that can arise with Akana is typical for any feed that just doesn’t suit your pet.


  • Made from dehydrated meat,
  • Small and not too hard granules
  • Does not cause food allergies,
  • Contains vegetables, legumes and a whole bunch of phytocomponents, from cereals - only oats,
  • Enriched with chondroitin.


  • High fat content - 19%, which can cause intestinal problems,
  • The price is too high.

The owners buy Acana Puppy & Junior food not only for puppies, but also for adults of small breeds - the composition is well balanced, and the small size of the granules is just in the teeth for indoor dogs.

Almo Nature Medium Puppy - the most popular

Italian-made dry mix is ​​declared as a holistic product. In fact, the composition here is poorer - rather, it is a premium.


  • Meat content 53-55%
  • From cereals - rice, oats and barley,
  • There are no preservatives and flavors,
  • Available at many pet stores,
  • Not too fat
  • Contains fruit and herbal extracts.


  • The price is higher than it could be
  • The "understatement" in the description of the composition by the manufacturer, which causes the owners to doubt the quality of the mixture.

In general, the food is not bad - neither the owners of the dogs, nor the puppies themselves show any discontent about it. But the self-confident inscription holistic does not correspond to the declared qualities and, most likely, is just a pretext to inflate the cost of the mixture.

What dog food to buy

1. For the daily food of the dog, it is better to choose good, but inexpensive products: canned Brit, puai Purina ONE, dry food Probalance.

2. Animals with digestive problems and a tendency to allergies buy dry mix Brit Care, Acana.

3. For active dogs (hunting, service and fighting breeds) fatty and high-calorie mixtures of Wolfsblut, Belcando or more affordable options from Probalance are suitable.

4. Puppies up to a year or two is better to keep on expensive, but balanced holistics: Now Fresh or Acana Puppy. If you can not find them on sale, you can kill a mixture easier, such as Almo Nature. These same brands produce good food for decorative dogs.