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Veterinary drug Cobactan: instructions for use, description, composition


Cats as often as people are exposed to various diseases, among which there are incurable diseases. But if a person, feeling unwell, goes to the doctor and is undergoing treatment, then the cats, unfortunately, will not tell about the pains that torment them. And often the symptoms of disease are detected too late. We have to resort to various antibiotics. Cobactan for cats is designed just for such cases, and in the instructions for use you can find all the complete information about this drug.

Every year this category of drugs is improving, their new types are being developed. Kobaktan is just the antibiotic of the new generation. His predecessor was Cefazolin. But the modern antibiotic is stronger and more effective. Therefore, more and more often Kobaktan takes place in the first-aid kits of pet owners. And for those who have not tried to treat animals with this veterinary drug, a number of questions arise: how does it work, in what cases is it prescribed, what side effects does it have?

Release form and action Cobactan

This veterinary drug has a trade name of Kobaktan 2.5%.

The antibacterial drug Cobactan is produced by a Dutch pharmaceutical company and is the fourth generation of cephalosporins. It has a wide range of bactericidal action against many different bacteria. Cefkinoma sulfate is the official name of this antibiotic, and cefkinom is its main active ingredient.

Cobactan is available in the form of a suspension for injection of white with a slightly brownish color. Over time, a precipitate may appear, which disappears when agitating the vial.

The medicine is packaged in hermetically sealed glass or polymer bottles of 50 and 100 ml. Each bottle is packed in a cardboard box.

1 ml of Cobactan contains 29.64 mg of cefkinoma sulfate as an active substance, which corresponds to 25 mg of cefkinoma and up to 1 ml of ethyl oleate as an auxiliary substance.

The antibiotic has the following mechanism of antibacterial action: the synthesis of bacterial cell walls should be inhibited. After an intramuscular injection to an animal, cefkin enters the bloodstream and, having reached its maximum concentration in blood serum in a very short period of time, remains in the cat's body for 24 hours. Also quickly with urine and unchanged from the body, the drug is excreted. Such a degree of impact on the cat's body can be attributed to Cobactan to substances with low risk.

Indications for use

Caboctane is used to treat infections caused by Cefk-sensitive Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.

These diseases include:

  • Respiratory diseases
  • Arthritis,
  • Meningitis,
  • Skin diseases
  • Cystitis,
  • Urethritis.


Kobaktan should not be prescribed to cats if they have hypersensitivity to cefkin and beta-lactam antibiotics.

Working with the drug must comply with preventive measures and personal safety.

If the person who is giving the injection has an allergy to cephalosporins, then he needs to be very careful and not to allow the drug to hit the skin.

Dosage Cobactan for cats

The drug, as mentioned above, enters the cat by intramuscular injection. The dosage must be determined by the veterinarian, but usually it is prescribed based on the body weight of the animal. AT in some cases, the dosage is determined depending on whether the disease from which the pet is suffering, is serious or neglected.

The recommended dosage is 0.5 ml of the medicine per 5 kg of cat weight. For greater convenience, the medicine must be dialed directly into the syringe.

Instructions for use

Since Kobaktan is quite expensive, it is better to take your pet to the clinic, where the vet will give him an injection. You can, of course, buy the drug yourself, but its course lasts only 3-5 days and the injection is injected once a day. During this time, a 50 ml vial cannot be fully used, and four weeks after opening, the medicine will no longer be suitable for use and will have to be thrown away.

Kobaktan has several features:

  1. To avoid swelling of tissues, it is better to change the injection site each time.
  2. Although in the case of small overdoses there are no terrible consequences, it is still very important to calculate the dosage correctly, based on the body weight of the animal and its illness. Usually, 0.1 ml is prescribed for 1 kg of weight.
  3. It is advisable to make injections at about the same time, so that there is a time interval of 24 hours.

Side effects

If all the recommendations of an experienced veterinarian were followed during the treatment with Kobaktan, and the dosages prescribed by him were not exceeded, then no adverse effect occurs.

Very rarely, using the medication can lead to local tissue reactions, but after 10 or a maximum of 15 days, the tissue is completely restored at the injection site.

The risk of allergic reactions is minimal due to the fact that Cobactan does not contain stabilizers and preservatives.

Analogs and cost of the drug

Analogs Kobaktan has not. As for the cost of this
veterinary drug, it is quite high. We'll have to pay within 1200 rubles for a 50-gram bottle. This cost consists of two points:

  1. The drug is highly effective
  2. For the body of the cat is absolutely safe.

Cobactan is an excellent veterinary drug used to treat many feline diseases. But since it is required to be administered intramuscularly, it is better to seek help from an experienced veterinarian.

Reviews on the use of Kobaktan for cats

You can leave your feedback about the drug Kobaktan, other users will be interested:


My cat has chronic renal failure, against the background of which gastritis has also developed. On the next visit to the veterinary clinic, the doctor prescribed us Kobaktan in combination with other drugs. Then I was confused and forgot to ask the doctor where to find Kobaktan. Began to look for this medicine on veterinary pharmacies. But everywhere there were only 50 and 100 ml bottles for sale and the price was around 1,500 rubles. And after opening the bottle can be stored for a month, which is very inconvenient. The course of treatment for my cat was only 5 days, and it turned out that I would just throw the money away afterwards. I returned to my veterinary clinic, where I drive a cat, and it turned out that there it is possible to purchase the drug for a course right in the syringe and dispense it at home as prescribed. Just do not forget to store in the refrigerator, and before use, heat to room temperature and shake. My cat tolerated the treatment well, there were no side effects. The drug is great!


I have a cat, it was sterilized six months ago. But I noticed that she began to write often, she didn’t allow herself to take her hands, hissed. She was bad. In the urine, I found an admixture of blood. The veterinarian did the necessary research and diagnosed cystitis. Appointed Kobaktan. I did not buy the whole bottle of Kobaktan, since it is large, and I will not be able to use it completely for three days. I decided to carry the cat to the veterinary clinic so that experts injected her injections. Especially since the clinic is not far to go. We went through a course of treatment and my cat completely recovered, no side effects appeared. Kobaktan helped us!

What is "Cobactan"

Instructions for use describes it as an antibiotic group cephalosporins. This is the first representative of the 4th generation of these antibiotics. The drug is available in hermetically packaged vials of 50 and 100 ml and is an opaque white oily suspension. The main active ingredient of the drug is cefkin. In 1 ml of the drug contains 25 mg. It is located there in the form of cefkinoma sulfate. In addition, ethyl oleate is included in the formulation as an auxiliary component.

Features of the active substance

Recently, many microorganisms began to adapt to antibacterial drugs. They began to produce beta-lactamase - an enzyme that destroys antibiotic molecules. Bacteria began to change in such a way that it became more difficult for drugs to penetrate inside. Therefore, the latest generation of antibiotics are more resistant to the effects of beta-lactamase.

One of them is "Cobactan". Cefkinoma sulphate in its composition easily penetrates the cell wall of any microorganisms due to its bipolar structure. For exposure to bacteria, a small concentration of the drug is sufficient; therefore, it has low toxicity. The benefits of "Cobactan" also includes the cure of not only the underlying disease, but also associated infections and inflammations. Therefore, it is the drug of choice in difficult cases, with the ineffectiveness of other antibiotics, as well as when it is impossible to determine the exact cause of the disease.

Pharmacological properties of "Cobactan"

Cefkine is active against most Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, as well as anaerobic microorganisms: Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and others. Even those that are insensitive to other antibiotics die under its influence. This is due to the special effect of cefkinoma on the cell walls of bacteria - it violates their synthesis and destroys cell membranes. Because of this, microorganisms die quickly, not having time to adapt to the drug. Therefore, it is active against beta-lactamase and penicillinase.

The main active ingredient "Cobactan" is quickly distributed in all tissues of the body. Especially it penetrates much into the bronchi and lungs. After a few minutes, the drug begins to act. And therapeutic concentration cefkinoma persists throughout the day.

The drug is excreted by the kidneys in an almost unchanged form, as it binds poorly to plasma proteins. In addition, the positive properties of cefkinoma include the fact that it does not enter the gastrointestinal tract and therefore does not cause dysbiosis.

When applied "Cobactan"

Most often, the treatment of animals with this drug occurs on farms and other agricultural enterprises. Very effective "Cobactan" for such diseases:

- acute and bacterial mastitis,

- various respiratory diseases,

- ulcers on hoofs, felon, purulent dermatitis and necrobacillosis,

- colibacteriosis in calves.

But recently, the drug has become popular in urban veterinary clinics. And quite often used "Cobactan" for cats and dogs. Especially advisable is its use in severe infections in which other antibiotics do not help:

- acute respiratory diseases,

- dermatitis, erysipelas and other skin diseases.

Contraindications and side effects

Can all animals be prescribed "Cobactan"? Instructions for use notes that the drug does not cause side effects and is tolerated fairly well by any animals. Even an accidental overdose does not lead to negative consequences. In addition, "Cobactan" does not contain preservatives and other additives, therefore, rarely causes allergic reactions. But still, pet owners should use this medicine only as prescribed by a doctor. It is forbidden to treat animals that have a sensitivity to beta-lactam antibiotics and cephalosporins, the drug "Cobactan". In some cases, a local reaction to an injection in the form of tissue edema may develop, which takes place in a couple of weeks.

"Kobaktan": instructions for use

The drug is administered intramuscularly once a day. 2 ml of the medicine per 50 kg of weight is prescribed to cattle. In some cases, for example in the treatment of pigs or horses, the dose may be 2 ml per 25 kg of animal weight. It takes 3-5 days to use the drug to cope with the infection. Treatment must be carried out strictly according to the instructions, without missing a single injection. It is advisable to give the injection deep into the muscle tissue. Veterinary assistance to pets can be provided in special clinics. After examining the animal, the doctor prescribes an injection of the drug. The most common dosage for cats and dogs is 0.5 ml per 5 kg of weight.

Pets treatment

Very often in the treatment of bacterial infections, veterinarians prescribe "Cobactan". Its price is quite high - from 1.5 to 2 thousand rubles, so it is better to make injections in the clinic. After all, the owner of one pet still does not use the entire vial, and a month after opening the drug becomes unsuitable for treatment. Injection is done once a day, which is very convenient. It is better if the specialist will do the injection, since the drug has some features:

- every time you need to change the injection site so as not to develop tissue swelling,

- it is necessary to accurately calculate the dosage of the drug, depending on the disease and the size of the animal - most often it is 0.1 ml per kilogram of weight,

- it is advisable not to skip the injection time and do it after 24 hours.

"Cobactan" for dogs and cats is prescribed in the following cases:

- in the treatment of urethritis and cystitis,

- with gastroenteritis, enteritis, enterocolitis,

- very effective drug for pneumonia, bronchitis and tracheitis,

- for the treatment of postoperative complications and skin infections,

- with otitis, peritonitis and even sepsis,

- for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the joints.

special instructions

1. After treatment of cattle and pigs, meat can be used as food not earlier than in a week. A person can drink milk from milk cows only after 3-5 days from the moment of the last injection.

2. The drug requires special storage conditions: in an unopened package, separate from food. After opening, the suspension is suitable for use within a month.

3. In order not to develop a local reaction to the introduction of the drug, you need to change the injection sites each time.

4. Reduces the effectiveness of the drug when used in conjunction with other antibiotics bacteriostatic action.

Characteristic of Kobaktan

First of all, it is an antibiotic, the manufacturer of which is a Dutch pharmaceutical company. It belongs to the fourth generation category of cephalosporins. Its official name is cefkinoma sulfate. The main active ingredient of the drug is cefkina. 1 ml of a 2.5% oil suspension of the drug contains 25 mg cefkinoma. This drug is available in vials of 50 ml and 100 ml. Looks like a white suspension.

The peculiarity and advantage of the drug is that it has stronger properties than its predecessors. It is Cefotaxin, Cefazolin and Ceftriaxone, which belong to the third generation of cephalosporins.

It should be noted that initially cefkina was intended for the treatment of mastitis in farm animals. But the drug treatment has shown good results with panaritium, purulent dermatitis, diseases of the respiratory tract, arthritis, meningitis in domestic animals. The antibiotic acts on the membranes of bacteria, destroying them. This first leads to paralysis, and then to the death of microorganisms.

Since the drug is a lactam antibiotic, it spreads quickly through the body of a cat or a cat. It has been experimentally proven that Cobactan is effective against a variety of bacteria that are resistant to other antibiotics in the category of cephalosporins.

The drug has a short half-life, low toxicity level. It is excreted in the urine. In its composition, the drug does not contain stabilizers, preservatives, other auxiliary additives. This is what reduces the risk of possible allergic manifestations and side effects.

The instruction recommends that consumers store the drug at a temperature of 2 to 25 ° C, in a dark place inaccessible to children for three years. At the end of the shelf life of the drug is prohibited.

How to apply Kobaktan

The instructions inform the pet that the drug is administered intramuscularly. The injection is carried out with a disposable syringe with a thin needle (insulin). The dosage of the drug depends on the weight of the cat or cat. At 1 kilogram of body weight a single dose of the drug is 0.5 ml. An antibacterial drug should be administered once a day, preferably at the same time, so that the interval between injections does not exceed 23-24 hours. As a rule, the course of treatment with Kobaktan lasts from 2 to 5 days. After therapy, it is necessary to pass an urine analysis of the animal to ensure the effectiveness of treatment.

The instruction informs that it is prohibited to use this antibiotic in animals that are hypersensitive to cefkin and to beta-lactam-antibiotics.

Cobactan, unlike other antibacterial drugs, has practically no side effects. The experience of using this drug in veterinary medicine shows that even when its dosage was exceeded several times, no side effects were observed in domestic animals.

However, the instruction warns of the need to observe precautions in using the drug. We must try to avoid his contact with the eyes, mucous membranes, skin. If this happens by accident, they should be quickly washed with running water.

It is strictly forbidden to owners to use empty bottles from under a preparation in the household purposes. They must be disposed of immediately after use.

general description

Cobactan is an oily suspension for injections. Externally, it is white, there may be an almost imperceptible brown shade. If the vial of medication is worth a long time, the suspension can stratify. As a result, a sediment will appear on the bottom, but it is easily whipped with shaking.

For the packaging of medicinal solution used bottles of clear glass. Their capacity can be 50 or 100 ml. Since the drug is designed for farm animals, small packages are not provided by the manufacturer. Even a 50-ml bottle for cats is unprofitable to buy, since almost the entire bottle will have to be thrown away. The fact is that after opening the package, the medicine is suitable for use only for 28 days, and after that it should be disposed of.

Since the bottle of Kobaktan is of less capacity, it costs from 1,500 rubles, in some clinics it is sold in syringes. You can buy medicines as much as you need for the entire course. This option of purchase is more acceptable for cat owners, since they do not need to pay for the drug, which will subsequently be thrown away.

If the medication is in the vial, special storage conditions do not need to comply. The temperature should be in the range of 5 to 25 degrees, and the storage place of the antibiotic is inaccessible to sunlight. Do not freeze the suspension. If you purchased the medicine in a syringe, it is better to put it in the fridge, but before introducing the animal to warm to room temperature. Quite quickly, the drug can be heated in the hands.

How does

The main component of Cobactan is cefkin. Its content in 1 ml of solution is 25 mg. The substance is characterized by a broad antibacterial effect. The drug is effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It is able to destroy pathogenic microorganisms of the following types:

  • salmonella
  • citrobacter,
  • enterobacter,
  • streptococci
  • corynebacterium
  • staphylococcus,
  • E. coli
  • blue pus wand,
  • Clostridiums
  • harmful bacterioids,
  • Proteus, etc.

The active component of Cobactan prevents the growth of bacteria and also has a devastating effect on the walls of pathogenic microorganisms, which leads to their rapid death. Depending on the size and characteristics of the animal, the concentration of the antibacterial agent in the blood reaches a peak 15-60 minutes after the injection. The effect of the drug lasts for 24 hours, for this reason it is advisable to inject at one time.

Note! The antibacterial agent contains no stabilizers, preservatives and other auxiliary components that can cause an allergic reaction. In this regard, the drug belongs to the class of low-hazard substances. When respecting the dose does not adversely affect the liver, kidneys and other internal organs.

How to apply

Antibiotic injections are made intramuscularly to cats. For small animals, it is better to replace the usual syringes with insulin syringes. They are equipped with a thin needle, so the injection is less painful. To correctly calculate the dose, the pet should be weighed, and then for each kilogram of weight, measure 0.1 ml of the medicinal solution.

Be sure to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Shake the vial well before use so that the suspension becomes even.
  2. For injections, use sterile syringes and needles.
  3. Each time you inject a medicine in a new place. This is necessary because of the soreness of the injections.

Injections Kobaktan cats do once a day. If possible at one time. The duration of treatment is usually 3-5 days, in some cases a longer course may be prescribed by a doctor, but usually this is not necessary. Do not skip the injections, as this affects the effectiveness of the drug. It is impossible to stop treatment prematurely, after the disappearance of some symptoms, as this can only aggravate the course of pathology and further treatment.

Advantages and disadvantages

Kobaktan has many advantages:

  • High efficiency. Antibiotic 4th generation copes with the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms of different species.
  • Security. Rarely causes side effects, even with a slight excess of the dose is well tolerated by animals.
  • Minimum contraindications. It is allowed to use an antibiotic for almost all animals, regardless of breed and weight.
  • The possibility of use in complex treatment. May be combined with other medicines. You can not simultaneously apply Cobactan only with other antibacterial agents, and in particular with antibiotics of the cephalosporins group.

The disadvantages include the following points:

  • Soreness of injections. Because of the pain, the animal can resist injections, which complicates the treatment. At a minimum, you will have to enlist the support of an assistant who will keep a pet.
  • Great packaging. To buy even a 50 ml bottle for cats is impractical. You can't use it all, but you can't keep it open for a long time.

Problems with the purchase of Cobactan usually does not occur. It is sold in regular and online veterinary pharmacies. Available in many veterinary clinics.

Owner reviews

Irina, the owner of a 9-year-old cat:

“We were prescribed Cobactan in the treatment of cystitis, which developed against the background of chronic renal failure. It was not possible to find small bottles in the pharmacy, but I did not want to pay 1.5 thousand for 50 ml, so I bought medicine at the clinic in syringes. Pricked 3 days. Improvements were noticeable after the first injection. For the sake of justice, I note that the complex treatment was applied. There were no side effects. ”

Catherine, the mistress of the Scottish cat:

“Because of the poisoning with stale meat that the cat got out of the trash, the animal was treated with salmonellosis. Kobaktan served as the main treatment. To stop diarrhea and eliminate other symptoms, the doctor prescribed Smektu and other drugs. The medicine is effective, but very painful. To give injections to the cat was a real test - it struggled and scratched in every way. ”

Veterinarian reviews

Alexander, veterinarian, work experience - 10 years:

“Kobaktan is the strongest antibiotic. I prescribe it only if the antibacterial agents of the fluoroquinolone group do not work. Side effects are extremely rare, so the medicine can be considered safe, although it should not be used without a doctor's prescription. ”

Alina, a veterinarian with 5 years of experience:

“For the first time, I learned about this antibiotic while I was practicing on a cow farm. Then it was used to treat necrobacteriosis. The results of the treatment were excellent. Now I also use this drug, including for pets, although rarely because of the high price and large packaging. But if other antibiotics do not work, Kobaktan is the best option. ”