The best remedies for ticks for dogs


Spring sun, drops and the emergence of the first green grass are not all happy. Dog owners feel anxiety during this period for their four-legged friends: the time for ticks is coming. Ticks are carriers of many dangerous diseases that pose a threat to both humans and animals. That is why every caring owner with the arrival of spring wonders if there are any new means of protection against these insects, which of them are the most effective and at the same time the least safe for their pets.

Protecting your friend from these insatiable bloodsuckers is easy, but you need to know which ones are better suited to your animal. Today, the range of these products in specialized stores is quite diverse: these are tablets, and shampoos, and dry formulations, and collars, and sprays.

But the majority of pet owners (and veterinarians support them in this) believe that the most convenient to use, effective and mostly safe are sprays from ticks (for dogs). What is the advantage of drugs in this form? In this we will try to understand our article. We also call the best spray from ticks for dogs. Rating these popular tools may help you choose a drug that suits your four-legged friend more than others.

Types of spray

So, let's understand what kind of drugs and how they act on the hated insects. Antiparasitic drugs produced by different manufacturers in the form of sprays are always popular. This is due to their effectiveness and quick result after application. In the body of the tick active substances penetrate through the respiratory system.

All sprays from ticks for dogs are divided into two types:

1. Acaricides, which are intended for poisoning and further destruction of parasites on the body of a dog.

2. Repellents - drugs less toxic, which, as a rule, do not kill the parasites. They are used to protect the animal before visiting dangerous places (a trip out of town, to the country), as they are able to scare away insects.

Sprays contain insecticides. The following toxic substances are most often used:

The most famous insecticide, which can be found in almost all antiparasitic drugs. This substance is intended for the quick and effective destruction of ticks, so it has a fairly high degree of toxicity. For this reason, owners should be careful when using permethrin-based products.

Another widely used insecticide, which is part of many sprays and not only. It is used in the manufacture of special collars, which are used to protect animals. The substance is also toxic, but recently veterinarians have noted that the spray from ticks for dogs (the owners confirm this) even with a high content of this substance is not very effectively coping with its main task. This is probably due to the immunity produced by ticks, therefore this insecticide is less and less often included in the composition of protective equipment.

Most recently, it was the main component of most anti-parasitic drugs, but over time it could not withstand competition with more effective and modern counterparts. However, today it can be purchased at pet stores as an independent means to combat ticks or to be found as part of some drugs.

4. Essential oils

These are not toxic substances, but they are also a part of many sprays, mainly for repellents. They are designed to scare off parasites. Their effectiveness is not so high, but the advantage is that this component is non-toxic, so it is completely safe. The most commonly used oils are eucalyptus and citrus.

The vast majority of anti-parasitic drugs, especially acaricides, are toxic substances and must be used carefully. Equipped with instructions sprays from ticks for dogs, all without exception - both foreign and domestic producers. Observe it strictly and in no case do not change the rules and rules of treatment specified in it.

Overview of popular sprays

To make it easier for you to navigate in a huge range of sprays that protect the dog from ticks, we will present you with a small overview of the most popular and well-proven drugs.

The composition is a development of French specialists. Available in various forms, and in the form of a spray as well. Many owners, who are in solidarity with veterinarians, believe that this is the best spray from ticks for dogs.

Spray from ticks for dogs "Front Line" has an indisputable advantage: it is its versatility - it can be used to process not only dogs, but also cats. It will protect your pets not only from ticks, but also from fleas.

The main active ingredient in this spray is fipronil, so you must strictly follow the instructions. The average price in Russia is about a thousand rubles per bottle of 100 ml.

This is the German equivalent of the above Frontline spray. However, it has a significant difference: its main active ingredient is propoxur, not fipronil. Experts consider it a safer composition. Even if he accidentally gets on the mucous membranes, it will not cause serious irritation.

Spray from ticks for dogs "Bolfo" is available in cans of 250 ml. Its average price today is 500 rubles.

Effective spray from ticks for dogs. Its distinctive feature and main advantage is a safe natural composition, based on essential oils and substances of plant origin.

Beaphar does not destroy ticks, but is guaranteed to provide quality protection against them during walks. The price of a can of 150 ml is about 750 rubles.

Famous American manufacturer of pet products also produces a spray from ticks for dogs. Its main active ingredient is tetrachlorvinphos. This tool can not be used with other drugs. Consultation is required.

Spray the substance should be carefully, as if it gets on the mucous membranes may cause irritation. Probably, you are interested in how much a spray from dogs ticks from this famous manufacturer costs? A large cylinder with a volume of 475 ml will cost you about 600 rubles.

Green fort

This is a multifunctional flea and tick spray for dogs. The drug will provide your pet protection from virtually all types of insects and arthropods, including ticks. The basis of the composition are citrus oils, insecticides in it. Therefore, this spray is absolutely safe and non-toxic.

The volume of this product is 200 ml, the price is about 300 rubles.

Spray from ticks for dogs "Leopard"

This is the best domestic remedy well known to many dog ​​owners. The drug is produced in Russia in the form of drops and spray. Drops retain their properties for two months. One pipette is enough to process a dog weighing from two to ten kilograms.

The action of the spray is not so long - no more than two weeks. Spray from ticks for dogs "Leopard" is intended both for the destruction of parasites, and for their scaring. This allows you not only to rid your pet of ticks, fleas and other parasites on the body, but also to use it as a prophylactic agent.

Such a spray from fleas and ticks for dogs costs 220 rubles (100 ml bottle).

Spray treatment rules

  • Treatment is preferably carried out in fresh air. If this is not possible, then do this procedure in a well-ventilated area. If there is an aquarium in this room, it is better to move it to another room, as the smallest particles of the preparation may remain in the air, to which the fish are very sensitive.
  • Wear a respiratory mask and disposable rubber gloves to reduce the risk of fumes getting into the respiratory tract, and to avoid skin contact.
  • Spray can is kept vertically during processing. Means sprayed only against the growth of wool. Carefully ensure that the drug evenly lay down layers throughout the body of the animal.
  • If your pet has a thick and long coat, then it is necessary to apply sprays from ticks for dogs, spreading the coat with your hands so that the best means is absorbed into the skin.
  • Spraying drugs near the animal's head, close its eyes, ears, mouth and nose.
  • After treatment, the dog must be visible until the product dries completely. Do not let the animal lick it to avoid poisoning.

Tick ​​sprays for dogs: advantages and disadvantages

The popularity of sprays is understandable. These drugs have many positive qualities. Among them:

  • opportunity to use as a prophylactic agent
  • quick result of treatment
  • mite spray for dogs, unlike drops, affects only wool and skin, does not get into the body,
  • ease of use.

Despite the undeniable advantages, sprays have disadvantages:

  • long-haired animals are not very convenient to handle,
  • with uneven processing, some insects can survive,
  • allergic reactions are possible,
  • short therapeutic effect.

The effectiveness of drugs

All sprays demonstrate a high level of effectiveness almost immediately after treatment, instantly affecting the parasites or protecting them from attack. However, this figure depends on the following factors:

  1. The length of the pet's fur.
  2. The composition of the tool.
  3. Strict adherence to all processing rules.

Regardless of which insecticide is part of the spray, these drugs act according to a single principle, which can be described as:

  • The poisonous substance enters the organism of the tick through the digestive or respiratory system, by direct contact through chitinous cover.
  • Insecticide provokes failures in the central nervous system of insects.
  • The active ingredient affects only arthropods and insects, it does not affect warm-blooded organisms.
  • Ticks lose their vitality because they are unable to move, feed, or breathe.

What to look for?

When choosing a spray for tick control, pay attention to the following factors:

  1. The toxicity of the drug, which depends on the active substances.
  2. If you are going to treat an elderly or weakened animal or puppy, give preference to soft drugs.
  3. Spray volume. This criterion is usually determined by the size of the dog and the length of the coat: the higher the indicators, the more you will need the drug.
  4. Compatibility with other means, if you plan to comprehensively combat parasites.
  5. Brand of the drug. We recommend buying products of well-known brands that are well proven.
  6. The duration of the therapeutic effect. Sprays differ in the guaranteed manufacturer's period of validity; it must be specified in the instructions for the preparation.

Dog Breeders Reviews

Many dog ​​owners have long and successfully used in the care of their pet sprays from ticks for dogs. Reviews receive almost all manufacturers. Many pet owners say that with long-term use of Frontline spray, which does an excellent job with ticks, an animal may experience an allergic reaction, so it should be changed from time to time to another drug.

And another tip: this spray is often forged, so you need to buy the product only from the French manufacturer in large pet stores.

Most of the above sprays are effective and easy to use, but in order to choose the means individually for your pet, do not take risks and seek advice from a veterinary clinic. The same is recommended by experienced breeders in case of allergic reactions to a drug.

Dog Tick Remedies: The Best Veterinary Services Offer Today

According to the form of release drugs can be divided into several categories.

  • Sprays Excellent tools that can protect the animal from parasites for 1-4 weeks. But, in order to scare away insects, the pet's hair must be well processed and ensured that the dog does not lick the spray. A very popular drug among dog owners is Harz spray. It destroys the fleas and ticks that are already on the animal, and prevents the emergence of new insects.

Important:when applying the spray, make sure that the aerosol does not get the dog in the eyes or on the nose. Within two days after application, keep the dog away from children..

  • Collar. This is not to say that with this accessory you can get rid of fleas and ticks, but you can scare them. Interestingly, the collar has a long lasting effect and will repel insects from your dog for 1-7 months. How to choose the best collar from ticks for dogs? It all depends on the financial possibilities and the age of the animal. For example, chemical collars are used only for adult dogs. Biological models protect ticks from puppies, pregnant dogs and weakened individuals. Ultrasonic products are considered universal, they are expensive and can be used for any animals.

On a note:it doesn't matter what you buy, sprays or collars. Always select products from a trusted manufacturer..

  • Drops. For each owner, his pet is the cutest dog in the world, so you want to get rid of fleas at home and will help you with drops. To get rid of ticks on the withers of the animal put a few drops ("Bars" can be used) and rubbed into the skin of the dog. The term of the drug is about 2 months. The main ingredient here is a synthetic insecticide fipronil, used in veterinary medicine to combat various insects: fleas, ticks, lashes.

By the way, drops "Bars" compared with other drugs - the safest tool that leads to side effects in very rare cases.

  • Shampoo Shampoos are also used against fleas and ticks. Although the drug has a strong smell, it will not harm your pet, but for crawling insects, this is death.

Releasing shampoos for dogs, manufacturers add there not only detrimental to ticks and flea components, but also caring. Having bathed a dog, the animal will get rid of insects, and its wool will get special shine.

Which drugs are the best: a list

Above, we talked about the means that can be used in the fight against fleas and ticks, and now we’ll go through the the best drugs and manufacturers. So, if you want to have not only the most beautiful dog, but also the cleanest one, bookmark our site and the necessary information will always be at hand.

Did you know? The heaviest dog is the English Mastiff named Zorba, the weight of the animal is more than 150 kg..

Advantix - insect extermination and obstruction to recharging

We give the first step in our rating to drops from ticks for dogs and puppies that are not younger than 7 weeks - “Advantiks” (Bayer Company). The main active ingredients are imidacloprid and permethrin. When applied to the body of an animal, the drops do not enter the blood, but accumulate in the epidermis. In fleas and ticks, the remedy causes paralysis, and they die within 12-48 hours. If you look at the reviews about this tool, then pet owners note that these are effective drops at an affordable price. In addition, many buyers talk about ease of use (it is enough to apply once).

"Foresto" - a real helper in the fight against blood-shedding parasites

Second in our list, we put the Foresto collar, which is produced by a German manufacturer of the same name. The collar is produced in the form of a ribbon with special loops (it can additionally be completed with reflective elements). To scare away fleas and ticks, the collar is treated with a special agent: flumetrin and imadocloprin.

Remember! The collar is worn only for animals that are healthy. It is not recommended to use "Foresto" for lactating and pregnant females, sick dogs and puppies that have not reached the age of 7 weeks.

Leonid says that they constantly go to the country in the summer and buy this collar for their dog. For 5-7 months, no one remembers fleas and ticks.

"Front Line" and "Fiprist" - sprays against lice, fleas and ticks

In third place, we decided to put two drugs at once. “Fiprist” (manufacturer KRKA) is applied not to the pet's coat, but to the body with a pipette. This tool is used in the treatment of ear mites. To get rid of parasites, it is enough to drip 4-6 drops of this drug in each ear. В течение 2 дней после применения нужно следить, чтобы пёс не контактировал с водой.

«Фронтлайн» производит французская компания Merial, которая специализируется на изготовлении вакцины и других препаратов для животных. Спрей продаётся в бутылочках, объём которых 100-250 гр. и его можно использовать щенкам, чей вес менее 2 кг.

Do you remember the song Electronics "... there is no creature like a dog"? A curly little boy did not invent anything, because dogs are the most loyal animals. In Scotland there is a monument to Greyfriars Bobby, a sky-terrier of 14 (!) Years guarded the grave of the deceased owner.

Tablets "Bravekto" - protection of your pet for 12 weeks

The fight against ticks and other insects must be carried out constantly, because the action of any means decreases with time, and your dog may remain unprotected from parasites. Tablets "Bravekto" - a new generation of drugs, which begins to work after feeding after four hours. After that amount of time, 97% of all insects perish. "Bravekto" can be used as sick dogs, lactating and pregnant bitches and even puppies.

If you use chondroprotectors for dogs, then they are not an obstacle to ridding the animal of fleas with the help of these tablets.

"Bolfo" - antiparasitic spray

The tick bite is dangerous for the health of any animals and the task of the owners is not only to look for the TOP best dog food, but also to acquire a protective agent for your pet (you can choose any of our TOP). Spray "Bolfo" in our list last. The product does not have a strong odor and can only be used on healthy animals. During contact with the mucous membrane of the drug is capable of causing minor irritation.

Duration of the spray - 1 week. After this time, the processing can be repeated. In order to finally get rid of insects, additionally the hosts process litter.

And finally ...

Today, veterinary pharmacies sell various products that can protect your pet from ticks, fleas and insects. Unfortunately, we do not know of a single drug that would guarantee full protection. Therefore, even after treatment with sprays, shampoos, solutions, inspect your dog, pay special attention to areas where hair is very rare.

The best remedy for ticks for dogs

Ticks are harmful to dogs, as they slowly absorb their blood for a long time. In the spring, these parasites awaken and become quite active. One walk in the morning with an animal is enough to bring back an unread number of ticks upon returning home. To protect not only animals, but also themselves from various diseases that carry ticks, you can resort to the use of special preparations. Such preparations have various forms of release: from drops to special collars. These funds differ not only in the form of release, but also in cost, as well as an important property - efficiency. What is the best remedy for ticks for dogs is recommended, as well as the characteristics of all types of drugs, consider this material.

Pet Protection: Basic Ways

Owners of pets are asked sooner or later the question of how to treat a dog from ticks to prevent the appearance of parasites. Protect the dog from insatiable bloodsuckers can be, but it can not do without modern special tools or folk methods. But not all drugs can kill insects, but only paralyze them. When an insect is paralyzed, it is unable to bite through the skin of the animal, as a result of which its death occurs. In the material we consider all possible options for protecting dogs from ticks.

All modern remedies against ticks for dogs can be divided into types. They differ in the method of application:

  • special drops,
  • shampoos
  • wool processing solutions
  • dry mixes,
  • collars,
  • lotions

In addition, all these drugs differ among themselves in such an important parameter as the duration of exposure. The sooner the drug acts, the better it is not only for the animal, but also for the owners. For the duration of exposure drugs for dogs from ticks are:

  • instant,
  • long acting.

Ticks are parasitic insects that can pierce the skin of not only animals, but also humans. After the parasite has bitten into the skin, it is not possible to remove it manually. Even if you managed to remove the tick, it is too early to rejoice, because you only removed his belly, and his pincers remained in the dog's skin. To remove the parasite is possible only with tweezers, but not with your hands. Consider the features of the use of a particular method of use of the drug against ticks for dogs:

  • 1. Drops. This type of drug use, as drops, is the most effective and popular. Drops are applied to the dog's dry coat, after which it cannot be bathed for 2 days. This is an important condition, under which you can get the maximum result. Drops mostly last about 2-3 weeks, which depends on the manufacturer and cost. When the drops are applied to the dog's coat, over the next two days, the composition of such a medicine will be absorbed into the hair follicles and even the sebaceous glands. Drops can not only scare off parasites, but also to destroy those that are on the skin. The drug acts almost instantly, for which he received wide popularity.

  • 2. Sprays. Instead of droplets, you can use a spray, which also should treat the dog's coat. The duration of the spray can last up to 4 weeks. During processing, the animal's fur should be controlled so that the dog does not lick it. After all, these drugs have a very powerful poisonous composition, which can cause poisoning or indigestion in the dog. Sprays, depending on the manufacturer, can kill or only repel insects.

  • 3. Collars. Special collars, which are impregnated with special poisonous compounds for insects, are not capable of killing parasites, but only scare them away. Despite this, the collars are quite popular, because the effect of a positive action lasts up to 7 months. The disadvantage of the collars can be called the fact that they are not able to protect the dog as a whole, due to the localization of the product only in front of the animal.

Collars against fleas and ticks for dogs are quite effective and safe remedy for parasites in pets

  • 5. Solutions. Apply solutions for dogs mainly either during their bathing, or by spraying. Solutions are effective and help prevent the occurrence of ticks on the body of an animal for 1 month. Often solutions are not able to kill insects, but only scare them away.

All existing and manufactured drugs against ticks can be divided into two types:

  • to kill insects
  • for repelling insects.

Each of the preparations has its own advantages and disadvantages, so when choosing them it is important to take into account all the nuances, which will improve not only the safety of the dog, but also your life.

Tips to help protect your dog from ticks:

How to use sprays

Depending on the active ingredient in the composition of the spray, the number of years and the mass of the animal, the goals (prophylactic or therapeutic), various methods of applying the spray to the animal are selected. Read in detail how to use it, or get advice from a veterinarian. It is better to be safe, otherwise, the drug may cause undesirable effects or does not work at all.

Regarding cases when “the drug does not work”. Regardless of the type of spray for animals, there are usually two reasons:

· All manufacturers leave about 10-20% in the event that the drug may not work. Nobody guarantees 100% efficiency, usually there is a gap in the case when all the conditions are met, and the spray still does not give the proper result. There is a possibility that your situation may just fall into this percentage.

· You incorrectly spray the animal. Remember that the first treatment should be carried out at the very beginning of spring. The later - the worse the result. Some owners are trying to save, putting less spray than is necessary according to the instructions.

After spraying, you should also observe the terms in which the animal can not be bathed. The expected effect may not occur if the dog falls under the rain, if you bathe it, etc. Normally, the animal cannot be washed for 3 days after applying the spray.

5 best dog spray mites

  • Frontline spray

A well-known drug aimed at protecting dogs from fleas and ticks. It can be used for puppies up to 2 months and small animals whose mass does not exceed 2 kg. Applied to wool. Does not cause allergies, overdose is excluded.

Review of the drug “Frontline spray”

Took a puppy from the nursery Labrador. When the puppy was 3 months old, my family and I went to the cottage and took the Baby with us. Naturally, nature harbors many dangers for a little puppy. We consulted the veterinarian about protecting the animal from ticks, fleas and other parasites. Given the age, we were advised to spray "Front Line". Great drug! The kid ran around the yard all day, we took him with us to the lake. Not a single tick! Recommended!

Svetlana Akushevich, Nizhny Novgorod

The famous domestic drug that helps protect pets from fleas and ticks. Repellent, i.e. does not destroy, but only deters parasites. You can handle both the animal itself and its habitat (kennel, cages, etc.). The active ingredient is fipronil.

Spray for animals with active ingredient premetrin. Effective against parasites on dogs, fleas, lice, lashing and ixodic ticks. Is an insecticide.

Another effective spray against ticks. Resistant to moisture, sunlight, temperature extremes. Instant spray. Active ingredient permethrin - 0.35%.

The active ingredient of the spray against ticks is propoxur. Drug insecticoacaricidal action. Effectively destroys parasites, has a prolonged effect.

The best drugs for dogs against ticks

To find out what is the best remedy for ticks for your dogs, you should consider all the drugs that have received only positive feedback and recommendations. Successfully proven drugs are in great demand, but whether they are effective, as they say about the reviews, find out in more detail.

Funds from Bayer

Products for dogs from the company Bayer are produced in Germany, which already speaks about the quality and effectiveness of products. The company is engaged in the release of protective agents for animals in various forms: collars, solutions and sprays. Fixed assets manufactured by Bayer have the following names:

  • Advantix drops. They are drops that are used to protect an animal from parasites such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes. The basis of the drop is the substance permethrin, through which not only scares the parasites, but also their destruction. The duration of the drops is about 1 month. The drug is available in packs, which should be selected according to the weight of the animal. The death of parasites begins 12 hours after the application of a drop.

  • Kiltix collar. Collars manufactured by Bayer, which have a duration of up to 7 months. It is recommended to use in combination with drops or solutions. The active ingredients are applied on the base of the collar: propuxur and flumetrin. These substances are released from the collar gradually during friction. The duration of the drug is up to 6 months. The collar is safe, effective and has a prolonged effect.
  • Bolfo spray. With this name, not only sprays are released, but also collars and even shampoos. The duration of the collar reaches 4 months. Allows you to fight not only with ticks, but also with fleas and other parasites. You can destroy the parasite with the help of Bolfo spray, the death of which occurs instantly. To apply the spray, it is necessary to treat it from a distance of 30 cm. It should be applied against the direction of growth of the animal's hair, which will allow the drug to be effectively absorbed into the dog's skin. If the dog tries to lick the applied drug, you must use a muzzle or bandage the animal's face. When applying the drug on the withers, it is necessary to ensure that the substance does not fall into the eyes and the mucous membranes of the nose. Spraying the dog's hair is done in the open air. Spray is not recommended for puppies under 6 weeks of age.

  • Foresto's collar. Another effective collar from the famous German company Bayer. The collar has the appearance of a polyvinyl tape, which has a special length regulator. Collars with this name are of two types, intended for dogs up to 8 and over 8 kg. The duration of action reaches 8 months, during which you can get rid of ticks, fleas, lice and other parasites.

It is important to know! This type of collar is not recommended for use in combination with other drugs.

The high cost of the collar indicates its effectiveness and safety.

Funds from Merial

The French manufacturer, which is engaged in the release of drugs for animals in the fight against various parasites, including ticks. The effectiveness of the impact is not inferior to the German manufacturer, with the exception of long-lasting effect. Consider the main forms of drugs against ticks from the company Merial for dogs:

  • Collar FrontLine Kombo. To protect the dog from ticks, you can use the French drops FrontLine Kombo. Most owners recommend the use of drops from the company Merial, justifying their effectiveness. The amount of positive feedback on this company does not reach the first place, so it takes the second place of honor. The basis of the droplets include such active substances as methoprene and fipronil. Allows you to avoid the appearance of all animals on the dog. The duration of the drug is 1 month, after which the application procedure should be repeated. After using the product, the dog cannot be bathed for the next 2 days. The drug is effective and absolutely safe, due to the relatively high cost.

  • Spray FrontLine. The basis of the spray is the active ingredient fipronil. Processing of the animal is carried out from a distance of 10-20 cm, after which it is necessary to rub the spray applied. The drug is effective for one month, after which its application should be repeated. The drug is absolutely safe, so it can be used even puppies. The drug is popular for its efficacy and safety, but the high cost and inconvenience of use put it in the background.

Spray against ticks is very effective, but expensive tool, besides not very convenient to use.

  • Tablets FrontLine NexgarD. To combat ticks and fleas, you can use tablets from the company Merial. After the pills enter the animal's body, their composition is absorbed by the blood, after which the parasites that feed on this blood begin to die. The detrimental effect of tablets begins after 30 minutes, and complete destruction occurs within 2 days. From the use of tablets in dogs can be observed adverse reactions in the form of: vomiting, drowsiness, diarrhea. Drugs of systemic action are effective, but are very rarely in demand, due to the difficulty of application and the presence of adverse reactions.

These are the two most popular companies today, which are engaged in the production of protective equipment for animals against small parasites. It is worth noting the following companies, from which you can find various drugs in pet stores:

In Russia, the popularity of the last means of Russian origin called Bars. It can be found in the form of drops and spray. Key features include efficacy, safety, duration and effectiveness. Ten drops of Bars preparation is enough to treat a dog weighing up to 10 kg, and the duration of the effect is up to 2 months. When choosing a drug, you should not rely only on the cost, because the Russian equivalent of Merial and Bayer is no worse, but also has a nice price.

Folk remedies to combat ticks

To get rid of ticks will help folk remedies that are no less effective than insecticides from foreign companies. Before you prepare a natural drug for the dog, you need to find out some features:

  1. 1. If you don’t want a dog to get ticks after daily walks, then you need to ensure it walks in places where there is no tall grass, on which insects live.
  2. 2. Avoid the appearance of ticks by walking the dog quickly. Ticks mainly attack the prey while it rests on the grass. Lack of rest will reduce the likelihood of ticks in the dog.
  3. 3. Another way to prevent ticks in a dog is to take walks in the period from 11 to 14 hours. During the day, the bloodsuckers mostly rest, so they do not attack the victim in this period of time. The most active, bloodsuckers are in the morning and evening of the spring months.

Now consider the main folk drugs in the fight against ticks:

  • Essential oils. Покупаем эфирное масло лаванды, после чего наносим несколько капель в руку и осуществляем натирание домашнего питомца. Можно вместо масла лаванды использовать экстракт коры дуба, разбавленный с водой, или же масло чайного дерева.

  • Дегтярное мыло . Периодически необходимо купать собаку в воде с дегтярным мылом. После купания в завершении необходимо обработать отваром полыни. After treatment with such means, the dog will have an odd smell, but natural and allowing you to scare ticks and other parasites.

  • Distilled water, tar soap, essential oils of grapefruit, juniper and thyme. All components of the drugs must be mixed, then fill the resulting product in a spray bottle and spray him with a dog.

There are many preparations of national origin for the control of ticks in dogs and other animals, but it is recommended to use them only in combination with collars, for example, or alternate with sprays or solutions.

If you notice a parasite on the body of your dog, then immediately it is recommended to contact a veterinarian who will extract the insect in the correct way, after which it will treat the wound and advise the best option for dealing with ticks.

See also: Prevention of ticks. Veterinary advice.