How to keep protein at home


“It is spinning like a squirrel in a wheel” - this phrase can rather accurately describe this restless rodent. Recently, people are increasingly thinking about getting at home not just a dog and a cat, but a wild animal. And squirrel is no exception. If one gets enough care and proper attention, then the protein becomes a true friend. And when you watch this energetic animal, the person himself becomes active and cheerful.

Advantages and disadvantages of squirrel as a pet

The squirrel is a very intelligent, inquisitive and graceful animal. Her coat has an attractive reddish tint, for which it is most appreciated. A squirrel is very trusting and affectionate, easily attached to a person if she feels good attitude. Squirrels are perfectly tamed on free sites, for example, in country houses. If your building is on the border with the forest, and you regularly pour food into the feeder, the squirrel will come back to you again and again, delighting with its presence. The squirrel is the cleanest rodent, after which there is practically no smell. This is due to the incredible popularity of the content of squirrels in apartments.

Among the negative features of the protein content can be noted that the animal may not be tamed. Often, one incorrect movement or gesture leads to the fact that the protein does not recognize the owner in a person. Wild squirrels can bite, sometimes very painfully and ruthlessly. During the molting period, the skin of the squirrel crumbles, rendering the dwelling not in a very neat state. One of the difficulties of protein content is their “briskness”. A squirrel can gnaw through even thin metal rods by getting out. And if you have a window open at the same time, you will not see your favorite again. The squirrel moves confidently and can escape from any floor. In addition, squirrels breed very poorly in captivity, and your pet may never produce offspring.

Squirrel cage

For a squirrel to be comfortable, you need to buy a spacious cage for it. The height, length and width of the new home should not be less than half a meter. Otherwise, in such cramped squirrel will wither. If a little squirrel appeared in your house, but there is no cage yet, you can prepare a mitten or a hat for it. Squirrels love a warm place and will certainly settle there. But how to explain to an animal that this mitten is for him? Just put the saucer with milk next to it.

In the cage should be a house or shelter for the animal. It can be wooden or ceramic. Inside the shelter you will certainly put old rags to the rodent to be comfortable and cozy. It is better to divide the cell into the upper and lower tier. This will give the animal more space, besides, the squirrel will be able to practice climbing skills by regularly moving around the cage. Between the first and second floor there is a rather circular opening.

Do not forget to place in the cage feeders and drinkers. Drinking can be mounted on the bars of the cage. Do not use as a drinker simple cups of water - the animal will knock over the dishes and remain without water. Feeders should be two - one for dry food, the second for fresh vegetables and fruits.

In addition, in the cage of the animal must be branches, twigs, wooden sticks. Squirrel will be able to move on them and sharpen their claws about them. This is really very important. If the animal's claws are not sharpened, their rapid growth can lead to the fact that the protein can not move, will cling.

Do not forget about the wheel for squirrels. This is an animal with restless energy and a reserve of forces. To get a little tired of the rodent and give him the opportunity to throw out this energy, it is necessary to install a wheel in the cage. Choosing this accessory, pay attention that there are no large holes on it - the paw of an animal can get into it.

How to feed a squirrel

In nature, the squirrel feeds on the gifts of the forest - nuts, cones, fruit, berries, mushrooms, and grains. To make the animal feel good at home, it must be provided with a balanced diet. What to feed the animal?

  1. The first thing you can offer the animal without fear - it is dry grain. Veterinary stores have special food for rodents. Its structure includes grains of wheat, oats, millet, lentils, various legumes. Usually squirrel lasts about 2-3 spoons of dry food per day.
  2. The squirrel can be treated to fresh or dried mushrooms, acorns.
  3. Favorite treat for squirrels - seeds of pine and spruce. In the spring, the animal loves to feast on young shoots of various shrubs.
  4. Squirrel loves wild berries - strawberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries. From fruit, rodents can be offered apples, bananas, pears, peaches.
  5. Do not forget to treat the animal with nuts - they contain a huge amount of trace elements necessary for the rodent. You can give squirrels, walnuts, pine and earth nuts.
  6. In nature, squirrel can eat eggs of birds, small bugs, lizards and even chicks. For protein, it is a source of protein. To fill this deficiency, offer chicken eggs and boiled meat pieces to your pet.
  7. Young buds of trees have a huge amount of vitamins - do not forget to regale the animal in spring.
  8. A rodent loves sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds - for squirrels it is a special delicacy.
  9. Offer the animal vegetables - cucumber, cabbage, carrots.
  10. In addition to water, protein can drink milk or fruit juices.
  11. To avoid vitamin deficiency in the winter, add a drop of honey to the animal's water.
  12. In addition to milk, protein loves to feast on dairy products - cottage cheese and cheese. Among other "human" treats, the squirrel is especially attracted to bread. You can offer the animal dry and fresh pieces of white loaf.

All food you give to an animal should be safe. No fried foods - even the seeds must be raw. The exception is eggs. They are boiled before they are given to the squirrel; this protects the animal from infections. After consulting with a veterinarian, you can give an animal a multivitamin complex consisting of vitamins A, E and D. One drop per week is usually enough.

Features of the protein

The squirrel can be wild or domestic. It is rather difficult to tame a wild squirrel - for this it is not necessary to limit it in space, to regularly offer food from the hand. If you treat the rodent well, it will understand your intentions, and without fear will take a treat. Here are some features of the content of this amazing animal.

  1. In the spring, squirrels begin to molt. In females, it passes immediately after estrus, in males a little earlier, but lasts longer. Often, animals change their behavior during this period. Some become aggressive, while other squirrels, on the contrary, almost all the time sleep. To fluff squirrels did not fly throughout the apartment, you need to squirrel comb. However, this is only suitable for homemade protein - wild you will not be given. Carefully comb the fur of the animal, avoiding the head and abdomen. With the right approach, you will not only save the animal from unnecessary cannon, but also bring pleasure to the squirrel.
  2. If you hold a cage with an animal on a balcony or an open area, do not forget to make a roof over the cage from rain.
  3. Animals in captivity live longer. This is due to good nutrition and treatment of diseases. Squirrel lives about 16-18 years.

The squirrel is a very smart animal. She understands how you feel about her. You can cage only a pet who was born and raised in captivity. Driving a wild squirrel into a cage is not worth it - it is difficult to tame, it will bite and, in the end, will die without freedom.

The squirrel is the most charming, agile and cheerful animal that can live in your house. Squirrels are readily tamed by patient and good-natured people. If a little squirrel appeared in your house - be sensible. Patience, time, love and care will give you the most affectionate and reliable friend-rodent.

Keep a squirrel at home - is it necessary?

It should, however, think well before you start a squirrel at home. Do not be mistaken - this is not a cat or a dog, and with her as close communication as with ordinary pets, will not work. The squirrel quickly gets used to the person who feeds her, but as a whole remains completely indifferent to him. You are for her only an application to the food you offer. Do not try to change this. It is known that only one animal out of 10 becomes completely tame. A squirrel will not allow itself to squeeze and stroke - it can bite quite strongly. Adult animals generally remain semi-wild - well, if they begin to take food from your hands. The best thing you can do for fluffy forest beauties is to love and admire them from a distance.

If you still want to have a squirrel at home, consider buying a specially tamed little squirrel. Adult animals are very difficult to adapt to life in an apartment.

How to keep a squirrel in an apartment

For the maintenance of the animal, you will need a spacious metal cage, and preferably a cage of the maximum possible size - in close cages, proteins do not live for a long time.

Aviary can be installed on the balcony or, if you live in a private house, in the yard, outdoors. Inside equip the nest where the animal will sleep. For this purpose, fit the usual wooden box with a round hole. As a litter, you can use an old terry towel cut into pieces or pieces of fur.

Attach the feeders to the wall of the cage or aviary. They should be two - for dry and wet food. If these are simple saucers, which is also quite acceptable, put them in a corner so that the animal will not turn them over. A cage or an aviary should be cleaned as often as possible - at least 2-3 times a week. Squirrel secretions have a rather sharp smell. Without frequent cleaning is not enough. Wash feeder daily. Cage for prevention once a week scald with boiling water. To eliminate the odor, use a weak solution of potassium permanganate or bleach.

Contrary to the accepted opinion, the wheel is not a necessity, it is quite possible to do without it. Better install all sorts of branches, knots, snags inside which the animal will jump and climb - this is how the squirrel prefers to satisfy the need for movement. In addition, she needs to grind her rather sharp claws.

From time to time you can let the squirrel run around the room. In this case, it is necessary that someone looked after her, otherwise many necessary things will easily and naturally be turned into unnecessary trash. A squirrel tastes everything that comes across to her. Uncontrolled walking can even be dangerous. For example, proteins do not distinguish wires from branches and can easily gnaw them.

Feed protein 2 times a day. The main are vegetable feed. Proteins love: pine and spruce seeds, fruits and berries, raisins, nuts, fresh and dried mushrooms, eating buds and tree sprouts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower vegetables, such as carrots, are very fond of cottage cheese and cheese. In addition to water, they drink juice and milk. Under natural conditions, they eat bird eggs and insects. Fresh eggs can be given raw, but for the prevention of their better to cook hard boiled. In winter, you can add some honey to succulent feeds, as well as oil solutions of vitamins A, D and E once a week. You should not give anything fried or baked, as well as sweets and other sweets. Clean water should always be.

And yet the best option of close communication of a person with a squirrel is to settle the animals on the dacha or backyard or to attract them there, which is quite possible.

Protein Behavior at Home

The newly minted host should be prepared for the fact that at home the squirrel will interfere, knock and rustle all day. These curious animals will explore their cage, constantly moving through it. Once a year this creature molts. But besides this, the rodent will not bring any other inconveniences by default.

If you immediately take the animal in hand, then, most likely, the hand will be bitten, and the animal will run away. First you need to present a treat on your arm so that she herself climbed onto it.

Judging by the reviews of the owners, homemade squirrel with a cat, or other pets can get along well.

Content Available

Not all squirrels can get along with a person at home. Types that will be comfortable for a person in the bosom:

  1. Ordinary - the most popular type of home squirrel. A very prolific creature.
  2. White strap - also very popular, does not cause any problems and communicates easily with the person.

Content policy

If a person did decide to get a squirrel, then he needs to familiarize himself with the following rules so as not to harm himself and the animal:

  1. For a rodent, you must provide a cage. Minimum size per creature: 50x40x40 centimeters. You can buy in a specialty store, you can do it yourself. It is desirable that the housing was a two-story - the famous running wheel (this is necessary), a feeding trough and a hanging trough would fall on the first one. On the second floor should be a house for recreation, twigs for climbing, and a log for grinding teeth. This is the minimum amount of furniture. You can teach the animal to sometimes go for a walk around the room, after closing all windows and doors.
  2. To make the protein healthy and beautiful, feed it needs twice a day. As food, you can use: mushrooms, nuts, berries, apples, plant buds, tree seeds, lizard eggs, chicks, bananas, pears, acorns. Oats, bone meal and boiled peas are indispensable components for feeding. It can make supplies, if found, they should be removed to keep the cage clean. Water must always be clean and it is impossible for it to stand idle for a long time - you need to change the water often. The same goes for the feeder. Squirrels should not be given almonds, fried, smoked, salted and sweet food. They may die from such food.
  3. Squirrels love cleanliness, and this applies not only food, but also cells. But if you clean the place too often, the animal may panic, causing unnecessary stress. A special squirrel cage wood filler will work well, it will remain dry and will not allow the smell to spread for several days. It is impossible to tame to go to one particular place.
  4. Not all species can be tamed.. But those who belong to the main species are available for domestication. It is best to try to tame a young animal. First you need to interest the animal treat. A hungry animal will not hesitate for a long time on whether it is worth it to a man’s hand or not. The main thing with this is not to rush, do not try to stroke the animal the first time or fully embrace it. Contact should be established gradually, closer and closer to the animal again and again. This also works if a person has something tastier in his hand than regular food from a feeder.
  5. In order to spend the energy of the animal, the wheels and branches may not be enough. From time to time to her need to be walked around the room. At the same time, it is important that all the ways out of the room are securely closed, and someone is watching the squirrel itself, otherwise it may spoil some of the things that it will find. In order to drive the animal back, it is enough to rustle with something to make it frightened and run to itself. It will not be superfluous to put a little delicacy in the cage and say: “Home” or “To the cage”.
  6. Squirrels are tidy animals, and they they themselves are able to take care of the cleanliness and safety of their wool. If the wool is very dirty, it will have to be updated after shedding. A caring owner can help with this by sometimes combing the pet with a safe brush.

With proper maintenance and proper care, the rodent can live at home for up to ten years or more.

Feed the squirrel twice a day

Is it worth getting a squirrel

Before you get such a rodent, the novice owner should carefully think about the feasibility of such actions.

It is important to consider the following points:

  1. The squirrel itself costs more than five thousand rubles, and besides it, you will need to buy a cage, accessories for it, and food.
  2. There are not so many veterinarians in the world who specialize in proteins. If something happens to your pet, you will have to travel.
  3. The answer to the question of whether a particular animal will be manual will remain open in any case.
  4. As a result of the vital activity of the rodent, smell will spread throughout the house.
  5. It is important to devote a certain amount of time and attention to the animal.

The protein content as a pet with the right approach will bring a lot of pleasure to both the animal and the owner. But it is important to remember all the rules listed here and never violate them.

Start dating

The beginning of acquaintance and, perhaps, close friendship in the future with a new pet is recommended to start with the arrangement of the house, as which you can use a large cage or a spacious aviary. It is advisable to lay the floor with sawdust; there you should also place a couple of zagryag, twigs and small tree trunks for climbing. After all, the animal is very mobile and needs constant grinding off of rapidly growing claws.

Сам домик нужно установить в месте, где белке было бы комфортнее всего: подальше от посторонних глаз, в каком-нибудь укромном уголке с исключением попадания прямых солнечных лучей.

Чтобы животное перестало бояться, поначалу его не нужно беспокоить, давая время привыкнуть к окружающей обстановке и новым запахам. Следует знать, что для белки весомую роль играет расположение окружающих предметов. Changing the location of the cell can be stressful for the red creature, which will negatively affect its behavior.

How to behave with a new pet? How to tame a squirrel? During the first week it is recommended to be more often in the field of view of the animal, letting him know that no threat from the owner is coming.

How to feed protein?

All the time should be monitored to pet was fed. According to the opinion of many people, as well as illustrations from children's books, the squirrel prefers to eat nuts: forest, pine, walnut. What do squirrels eat besides nuts? You can include seeds of pine, spruce, sunflower, dry and fresh mushrooms, acorns, apples, pears, carrots, white crackers in the pet's diet.

Of the squirrel berries with pleasure treat yourself to blueberries, raspberries, viburnum, mountain ash, blueberries, currants, cherries. It will be a pleasure to nibble buds, shoots and bark of shrubs and trees. In winter, the animal will not give up the dried fruit. The recommended number of feedings - 2 times a day, serving size - 50 grams. You can drink ordinary water from drinking, you can also try to drink your pet with cold tea without sugar.

One of the elements of the domestication of the forest dweller is hand-feeding. First, the squirrel must memorize the feed in her cage. In due course, when the animal will cease to be frightened, it is possible to try to approach to it the opened palm with nuts or other food, at the same time tenderly speaking to the pet by name. Hands should not smell of perfumes, detergents and other fragrances that are not found in nature.

Name for squirrel

Squirrel is recommended to give a name to which she should be taught from the very first days of stay in the house. It should be easily memorized and clearly pronounced. Contact the pet by name is necessary when communicating with him, feeding, stroking. Over time, the squirrel will learn its name and even respond to it: turn its head when it is addressed.

In the content of proteins are very neat animals in the care of unpretentious. In the daytime they are awake. Living in spacious enclosures, capable of breeding. Pregnancy lasts about 35 days. It is better to teach the home life style of the forest animal from an early age, so it is better to start up as a pet at home better than a little squirrel who can forget about her former lifestyle in just a few days. Adult individuals brought from the forest get used very hard and may even die from anguish. The average life expectancy in captivity is about 11 years.

Squirrel settled. Next steps

When the squirrel masters at home, you can try to release it. Leave the cage animal must, without coercion. Also independently must return to your house. You should know that any taming and learning anything squirrels should always be accompanied by a tasty treat.

The most difficult event in the process of domestication is stroking an animal. The first attempts to touch the fur can be made after a long time acquaintance with the animal, which at that time is completely accustomed to the owner. This can be done during a meal. For the first time 1-2 strokes will be enough, over time their number can be increased. Subsequently, she will begin to get used to the touch and can even give scratching her behind the ear and stroking her head.

How to tame a squirrel in the country?

How to make friends with a squirrel that lives in a nearby park, in the country or the territory of a private house, seated with coniferous trees? The principle of operation is the same as when establishing contact with a pet. A great incentive for communicating is a tasty treat. For a long time in the same place it is recommended to put nuts.

What do squirrels eat besides nuts? You can lure forest dweller seeds or cones, and most be near this place with treats, in sight of squirrels. At this time, cute animals can be invited for lunch.

Few tricks

How to call a squirrel? You can, for example, take 2-3 nuts and start loudly clicking each other. Gradually, the animals will become accustomed to such feeding and will begin to calmly perceive the person who brings them food. At this point, when the contact is almost established, part of the feed can be left in the palm outstretched. With a high probability, the redhead creature will risk going down from the tree to the hand in order to treat himself with his portion of food. This is most likely if the principle of separate feeding is applied: you can put ordinary food in a cage, and in the palm of your hand draw some goodies.

It should be understood that not every squirrel can be tamed so that it can be ironed and picked up. Some individuals may even bite on careless handling and for protection.

What to do if you find a little or still blind little squirrel?

First, inspect it for any serious damage. If everything is in order, it is necessary to warm the little squirrel, you can put it on a heating pad (34 ’C) or warm it in your hands. You need to nourish goat milk with water on the first day 1 to 4, on day 2 1 to 3, on day 3 1 to 2. You can also use infant formula. Feed from a syringe or bottle with a dummy. Feces should not be very liquid. You should monitor the cleanliness of the squirrel, wipe your mouth after eating and clean the genitals once a day. Independently can eat at the age of 2 months. It should prepare a warm cozy place, something like a nest.

If you properly care and pay enough attention, protein will undoubtedly become a devoted and affectionate friend.