A detailed description of the dog super mini york or micro yorkshire terrier


Having decided to get a Yorkshire terrier breed dog, the future owners face the question - to get a york fully meeting the breed standards or give preference to miniature representatives of the breed - mini-yorkies? Miniature Yorkies (super-mini), as the name implies, differ from the established breed standard by significantly smaller sizes. Baby weight does not exceed 1.3 - 2 kg. Recall the weight of the "standard" York - from 1.8 to 3.2 kg. It is the weight that is the main criterion determining the species (subtypes) of this breed. According to this parameter, mini-subtype dogs are classified into super-mini with miniature, tiny sizes (weight up to 1.3 kg) and mini-yorkies with a weight from 1.3-1.5 to 2 kg. At the same time, miniature Yorkshire terriers along with their fellow standard sizes have the right to take part in exhibitions and various competitions. Given the growing interest in this species of popular breed, in this section we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of mini-Yorkies.

The most striking advantage and difference between miniature Yorkies and representatives of the breed standard is the more calm, balanced, absolutely not “terrier” character of miniature dogs. Mini-yorkies have a very gentle disposition, good-natured temperament, get along well with other pets and their relatives. They have not so developed hunting instincts, as representatives of the standard, so mini-yorkies will not bark at trifles, having heard sounds outside the door, pestering large dogs in the street or chasing a cat around the house. They are very attached to all members of their family, they will become an excellent companion and companion for the elderly, who prefer active communication with their pets to active walks.

It is known that the Yorkers require greater attention, trying to always be visible. Mini-yorkies are less intrusive and emotional. By virtue of their calm disposition, they will not bother imposing their company on the owner. Due to the miniature size, dogs can be taken on a journey, observing the rules of transporting dogs, visiting public places, if it is not prohibited by the established rules.

Mini-yorkies are very clean, they are much easier and faster to accustom to the tray than midi-or standard Yorkshire terriers. The coat of the miniature dogs is not so long and thick, so the care of the coat is much easier. Do not have a seasonal molt. The modest size allows you to keep the dog even small-sized apartments. Mini-yorkies have high intelligence, are smart, respond well to training and education.

Like most breeding breeds, mini-yorkies cannot boast of excellent health. Among the representatives of this species are often dogs with congenital malformations, health problems that can occur at any age. Most often in puppies of miniature varieties, hypoglycemia is noted. This does not mean at all that it is impossible to acquire a completely healthy pet. You can find a completely healthy mini-york in specialized nurseries, with proven breeders who breed, pay great attention to the selection of this breed. It is best to pick up babies from breeders at the age of two to three months. Mini-yorkies, unlike the standard ones, close their “spring” much later, which poses a great danger to tiny creatures.

The second problem is related to the miniature size of dogs. Mini-yorki require a delicate, careful attitude, are more susceptible to various types of injuries. It is not necessary to start miniature pets in a house where there are already big dogs or little children who, in the process of playing games, can accidentally injure their pet. Even a soft toy can be a source of danger for a tiny pet, and this is not to mention jumping or falling from a small height or the violent manifestations of love of young owners. In this case, it is better to give preference to standard Yorkshire terriers. Special attention should be shown on walks, not letting the baby out of its field of view - dogs of large and even medium size can harm a tiny terrier.

Mini-yorkie badly tolerate loneliness, a long separation from the owner. they feel more comfortable and safe sitting on the lap or the hands of their owner. Leaving for a long time alone your pet can cause him psychological trauma.

Despite the gentle, calmer temperament, mini Yorkshire terriers can be capricious and stubborn. Mini-yorkies eat little, but can be picky in feed, so from an early age you need to find the perfect diet for all parameters, strictly adhere to the mode and daily routine. In no case can not overfeed pet, give delicacies from your table. Even the smallest piece of the forbidden "snacks" can lead to disruption of the digestive processes, and later become a cause of disruptions in the endocrine system.

Mini yorkies are not suitable for breeding. Due to their tiny size, pregnancy and childbirth are a big burden for the body of a tiny dog, which can be fatal. Therefore, if you plan to breed a breed, give preference to Yorkshire terriers of standard sizes.

The last drawback is the high cost of puppies miniature Yorkshire terriers. If you are offered to buy a puppy at the cost of standard Yorkshire terriers, you can be sure - in front of you either a problem puppy or a representative of the subtype standard.

Description of the breed and appearance

All breeds have specific standards. And mini york is no exception.

    Small size, weight up to 3 kg and height

25 cm

  • Short and elastic body.
  • Straight paws, black claws on the pads.
  • The tail is straight and level, slightly darker in color than the body.
  • The muzzle is medium in size, eyes glisten.
  • The ears are wide apart. The nose is wet and cold.
  • Wool - shiny, flowing. The structure is similar to human hair. The undercoat is not.
  • The Yorkshire mini terrier has long, beautiful hair, similar to silky human hair.

    Proper care for a healthy pet.

    Care of mini yorkies includes not only the right food and walking, but also other hygiene. It includes brushing your teeth, ears, claw cutting and grooming. You should also remember that they are more prone to diseases than their big brothers. That is why care should be more thorough.

    In the diet should follow the only rule - you can not give food from the human table.

    The dog menu should consist of 60% protein, 20% vegetables and 20% cereal.

    Mini eggs are very fond of cottage cheese, and many will not give up on kefir or ryazhenka.

    Check that food is always fresh.

    The main rule in nutrition - do not need to feed the dog, like yourself

    • Do not give raw meat. It is bad for your pet's coat.
    • Different sausages and sausages are strictly prohibited.
    • If the dog has not eaten the food within 20 minutes, it is removed.


    Yorks - owners of beautiful hair, which requires careful maintenance. They have no undercoat, so they do not shed.

    Wool needs constant brushing. This procedure will help to avoid the appearance of mats.

    If you do not have time for grooming, it is better to mow the dog. Now there are many options for different haircuts for mini Yorkshire terriers.

    For washing the dog is best to use special shampoos and conditioners that will give shine to hair.

    The dog must comb and unravel the mats before each swim.

    Such dogs do not only haircuts, but also hairstyles - for example, a tail from a bang. This is done not only for reasons of beauty, but also so that the hair does not fall into the eyes and does not injure them.

    Common diseases

    Because of their small size, Yorkies are very sensitive to various diseases. The most popular are colds and allergies.

    These dogs have a predisposition for diseases of the ears, eyes and teeth.

    • If a dog scratches his ears and shakes his head strangely,
    • If the dog does not see well in the dark, the fundus of the eye becomes grayish or the pupils do not narrow in the world,

    Do not self-medicate - you should immediately lead York to the vet.

    With the birth of a puppy receives immunity from mother's milk. But for some time, he is exhausted. Therefore, for protection you need to be vaccinated.

    Timely vaccination is very important for the mini Yorkshire terrier

    Vaccination is the introduction into the pet's body of a pathogen of a pathological condition that teaches the body how to behave in case of diseases.

    Terms of vaccination

    In the first 2 months, vaccines against microsporia, plague carnivorous, coronavirus, adenoviroza are made.

    • In 2.5 months - from trichophytia, microsporia.
    • In 3.5 months we do the same vaccinations as in 2.5 months.
    • In 4-5 months - from rabies.
    • In 6 - the same vaccines that in 2 and 3.5 months.
    • In the year - the same as in 2 months, 3.5 and 6.

    If you are not able to put injections, it is better to contact your veterinarian.


    One of the main advantages - a miniature size, as well as a super calm and affectionate character. The Yorks get along well with other animals and their own kind. They are strongly attached to other family members, and will become true friends.

    Mini-yorkies have a very affectionate temper, good-natured temperament, get along well with other pets

    Micro yorkies, in contrast to their large versions, are very clean, and the wool is shorter, and therefore requires less care.

    Such pets can be easily trained and trained, and they can be easily maintained even in small spaces.


    Because of their small size, mini yorkies are very susceptible to illness. It should be much more careful to follow the dog, because even an abandoned toy can cause injury.

    The Yorks are lonely. A long absence of communication with the owner will lead to psychological trauma.

    Despite the good nature, sometimes naughty. And the last drawback is the high price.

    Prices and nurseries

    It is better to acquire puppies from proven breeders and kennels, so that later there are no problems.

    It is better to get a pet at the age of 2-3 months of life.

    Look at the conditions in which the dogs live.

    Do not buy the first puppy you are looking at. Do not hurry. Watch everyone, and only then make a choice.

    Following all the tips described in this article, your pet will be healthy and happy, and will be happy every day.

    When did it all start?

    At the beginning of the XVIII century in the English city of Yorkshire a new breed appeared - the Yorkshire Terrier. Its first representatives were hunting dogs in the homes of ordinary workers and peasants and were bred for the destruction of rats and burrow hunting for small game. At the weaving mills, the first Yorks were instead of cats - they hunted and destroyed rodents.

    From whom did they come?

    There is no exact documentary information about the representatives of which specific breeds of British terriers made their genetic contribution to the emergence of the Yorkshire mini dog. Scientists have only been able to establish that the ancestors of York were the vanished rocks of paisley, cladesdale and black and tan toy terrier. The excellent long hair was inherited from the Maltese lap-dog, and the unusually beautiful blue-steel color from the sky terrier. Looking through the canvases of painters of the end of the XVIII - beginning of the XIX century, one can see that the exterior of the Yorkies of that time quite resembles the appearance of the modern representatives of this breed familiar to us.

    Official recognition

    As mentioned above, the first breeders of York were simple workers who worked in woolen and weaving manufactories. In the future, the aristocracy turned its attention to the smart, sweet and brave miniature dogs. In the era of the reign of Queen Victoria, going to the promenade or to the world without a Yorkshire terrier was considered a bad form.

    The British Kennel Club officially recognized the Yorkshire Terrier breed in 1874, registering in its pedigree book Albert, a dog owner Peter Eden from Manchester. Worldwide popularity and high demand came to Yorks only in the second half of the last century.

    Mini Yorkies in Russia

    The first Yorkshire mini terrier in Russia appeared in 1971 at the legendary star of the Soviet ballet, Olga Vasilyevna Lepeshinskaya, who received this dog as a gift from fans. Up until the 90s of the last century, isolated representatives of this breed appeared in different cities of our country, there were then only ten.

    Only in 1991, animals of this breed from France, England and Spain were brought to Mytischi, and the first nursery was founded. Yorkshire mini terrier has become a popular miniature breed. The “Mini Shop” Babaeva and the “Moscow Talisman” Manina became the first Russian kennels of mini-Yorkies registered by the International Canine Federation (FCI).

    Today, more than two hundred breeders, nurseries and clubs from various parts of Russia are registered at the Yorkshire Terrier National Club.

    Types of Yorkies

    The standard of the Yorkshire terrier breed does not imply a division by size, but in life it is customary to classify dogs into the following three sizes:

    • Standard. Dogs weighing 2.5 to 3.2 kg, participating in breeding and exhibitions.
    • Yorkshire mini terrier. The weight of animals is from 1.6 to 2.2, kg. Do not participate in exhibitions, only dogs are suitable for breeding. These are the pets of the whole family and excellent companions. Sick more often than representatives of the standard.
    • Supermini, or micro. Dogs weighing no more than 1.5 kg. Yorkshire terrier super mini is not used in breeding and does not act at exhibitions. As a rule, dogs are prone to hypoglycemia and injury, as they cannot jump from a chair or sofa on their own. Their life expectancy is very short due to the peculiarities of metabolic processes and susceptibility to various canine diseases.

    In addition, the Yorkshire terrier mini baby-face stands out as dog owners. These are puppies with big round eyes on short muzzles and "gnomes" - dwarf dogs with non-growing spring and large bulging eyes.

    general description

    Looking at any York, you will understand: he shows with his whole appearance that he is a small, but very brave and proud dog. As you can see, the mini-Yorkshire terrier, the photo of which is shown below, has a square body with short and strong loins and a straight contour of the upper line. Front and hind paws, when viewed from the front and rear, should stand straight. The elbows should be flat, without shifting outward or inward. The york feet are rounded, with small black claws. Yorkshire mini terrier is decorated with straight and long, without any creases and thickenings with a thin tail with a darker than on the body, wool.

    The skull of this breed is not large, and the muzzle is of medium length with deep and straight eyes. Erect ears are wide apart, which gives the dogs a sweet look. Yorkies should have a full row of teeth with a pronounced "scissors" bite.

    Wool Pride

    Silky wool is a special pride of owners of mini-Yorkshire terrier dogs. The photo below shows how it can be with careful and daily care. Yorkies' hair is very thin, silky and shiny, without undercoat, resembles human hair in structure. From the neck to the tip of the tail, Yorkshire terrier hair is painted in steel, but on the chest, head and paws to the elbows it is of a golden-brown saturated hue. In adult dogs, tan marks are of an even reddish color, without any blotches of black or steel. Yorkshire mini terrier is also distinguished by the fact that, unlike most other breeds, it does not shed.

    Representatives of this miniature breed look glamorous and cute, but at the same time they do not have the mind, cunning and courage. These are excellent companions who communicate with pleasure and are ready to adjust to virtually any circumstances, in order not to be alone. Very fond of attention to his person.

    Yorkshire Terrier mini (standard) gets along well with both children and teenagers, and with the elderly. This is a real terrier who is not afraid to shout a dog ten times more than himself if he seems to have not very good intentions. Families with very young children should not start representatives of this breed, since the child does not always correlate his strength, and may simply not notice the dog on the couch and sit on it.

    In order for the pet to be an excellent companion and not to dictate its conditions to the whole family, it must be taught obedience from puppyhood age and it is desirable to teach the simplest commands. The Yorkshire Terrier, regardless of size, is a very smart and sociable animal. It should be remembered that only love, affection and controlled severity can turn a puppy into an obedient and educated dog.

    Yorkshire mini terrier: care

    Собакам этой породы необходим ежедневный и постоянный уход. Если вы готовы к тому, что придется постоянно умывать, расчесывать, ухаживать за глазами и когтями, внимательно следить за диетой питомца, то мини-йорк - ваша порода.

    Уход за миниатюрными животными начинается с ежедневного умывания. Для этого нужно смочить ватный диск или тампон и протереть мордочку. Затем следует аккуратно обработать глазки салфеткой, смоченной в чуть теплой чайной заварке или настое ромашки. With the help of a special lotion it is necessary to comb the dog daily. In addition, weekly hair should be cut at the top of the ear. Regularly should be cut the growing claws and cut out the growing hair between the fingers and paw pads. Every month you need to brush your dog's teeth, and if you find tartar, be sure to go for a consultation with a veterinarian.

    Luxurious york wool requires quite frequent, almost weekly washing. After water procedures, the dog needs only to get wet with a towel, and then dry the coat with a special brush and a hair dryer. With the help of a brush, you need to slightly pull off the wool along the growth, putting it into the hair. As a rule, the dog gets used to the third such procedure and is not capricious in its conduct.

    Owners often pamper their pets with something delicious. It should be remembered that the Yorkshire terriers are better fed twice a day and in small portions of special feed. Food from the master's table, of course, will please the animal, but for its health it may simply be harmful.

    Mini yorkies are quite easily accustomed to the tray, which allows them to be walked, especially in inclement weather, not every day. It is important to remember that it is necessary to teach the dog to the home toilet as soon as the puppy is in your house.

    Puppy behavior

    Watch the puppy. He must be active and strong, cheerful and mobile. This puppy has a brilliant iridescent pure wool. Wool should not be dandruff, peeling, dryness. If any, do not take such a puppy.

    A healthy pet should move on straight limbs with round, gathered in a clump of legs. Movement free and coordinated. Lame or stiff movements indicate a progressive malformation of the joints.

    Take a puppy if its fur is black with gold markings. Increased wooliness in a small puppy may be welcomed if it is completely silky. If the wool is wavy or curly, then in the future it will not become straight. Incomprehensible spots are not allowed, but a small white spot on the chest is possible, since it will disappear when molting.

    Puppy health

    Carefully inspect the puppy from all sides. The nose should be black, cold and wet. The mucous membrane of the gums should have a pink color, and if they are pale, this indicates anemia. On each jaw of a puppy there are 6 incisors and 2 canines. The bite should be scissor, in extreme cases - pincer. Other types of bite - undesirable.

    At 2-3 month old puppy, which in the future claims to be victorious in exhibitions, the spring should be closed. Examine the temechko. In older puppies weighing up to 1.5 kg, the fontanel is open and has a size of 3 mm in diameter.

    Unfortunately, such a puppy has no chance of winning exhibitions. If a puppy has a weak constitution and a large apple-shaped head, protruding eyes and an unfinished spring, then he suffers from nanism. Such dogs die from dropsy.

    York's eyes should be dark, wet, look straight ahead. The smudges under the eyes speak of eyelid defects. Suppurations indicate the presence of infection in the body. Dark pupils, clear iris are evidence of the absence of inflammation and injury.

    Ears in puppies of York by 2 months of age get up, but there are exceptions, if the puppy is from pedigreed parents. Consider the puppy's ears. On the edge of the ear should not be crusts or alopecia, they should be covered with wool. Visible areas of the ear must be clean. If the baby shakes his head, scratches his ear and an unpleasant smell comes out of it, indicating that an inflammatory process has begun in the ear.

    The skin of the abdomen should be clean, healthy, free from blemishes or rashes. The abdomen should not be swollen, as this may indicate a disturbed digestion or helminthic invasion.

    (Yorkshire terrier, York)
    • Breed description
    • Care and maintenance
    • Feeding

    They are always looking for adventure, love and attention. And their character is simply striking in its boldness and stubbornness. By nature, these inquisitive dogs are endowed with lots of mischief.

    The Yorkshire Terrier is a wonderful, loyal companion and watchman.

    This breed has won many fans thanks to the dedication of its owner, elegant appearance and adaptability to life in the apartment.

    Breed standard

    Yorkshire terrier should be between 15 and 18 cm at the withers and weigh no more than 3.5 kg. Although the inconsistency of the size of Yorks is not uncommon. Some representatives of this breed can weigh 2 kg.

    Wool Yorkshire terriers enough long, silky and perfectly straight, without any hint of a wave. In some dogs of this breed the pile reaches the floor, moreover, it is quite sparse.

    From the nape to the tip of the tail, the pile is dark steel in color, and the sun has a bluish tint. The muzzle is completely bright golden color and if you look closely, you can see that the roots of the villi are redder than at the ends. Long bangs with the same golden shade as the muzzle. Golden long bangs, and in the area of ​​the ears and nose the hair is dark.


    Yorkshire puppies are born black, and their brown and bluish color develops gradually. In summer, their wool often turns gray.

    An interesting fact is that yorkies become lighter with age. Their hormonal changes affect color.


    There is no real distribution of Yorkshire terriers for the species, they can be divided on the basis of their weight and size:

    • Common, standard Yorkshire terriers weigh from 3 to 3.5 kg.
    • Mini yorkies reach 2 kg in weight.
    • The smallest, they are also called "cup", weigh from 850 grams to 1.3 kg.

    Breed description

    Today yorkies are one of the most popular dog breeds. They attract with their noble appearance and playful character. Although few owners of dogs of this breed know that they were originally used for work in mines and factories. And only in the middle of the 19th century became popular as a pet.

    How many live yorkies

    Yorkshire terriers are considered long-lived (12 - 15 years old) with relatively few serious health problems. Some yorkies are prone to fractures, bronchitis, eye infections, caries, poor digestion, and they do not tolerate anesthesia. Exotic delicacies should be avoided.

    Small dog with a noble appearance and playful character

    Some character traits are very common among Yorkshire terriers, but each dog is unique.. Knowing your dog’s personality traits can be used to your advantage, it will help you train it more effectively.

    Generally, the Yorkshire Terrier very energetic and loves to occupy himself. But found among this breed and homebody. For such a small breed of dogs, Yorkies, like Chihuahuas, are very large personalities.

    Yorkies have many traits:

    • Intelligence. The Yorkshire Terrier is smart, but only in those things that are important to dogs. They are attentive and curious, they can quickly get what they want. Their natural intelligence and dedication to their owners contribute to easy training (provided they want to know what you want to teach them).
    • Independence. Like most terriers, the Yorkies have an independent strip. If during training you do not make contact and do not establish your own rules, your dog will establish them on its own.
    • Ardentness Yorks are energetic small dogs that will need to chase small animals that came along on their way (this breed was originally bred to stalk and kill parasites) and be sure to catch it.
    • Masculinity. Because of the territorial instincts of York, never hesitate to challenge dogs or other animals that invade their space. Nevertheless, despite their bravery, the Yorkies are very careful, surrounded by strange people, unusual sights and sounds.
    • Tenderness. The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most loving breeds and succeeds in interaction and affection on the part of its owners.
    • Stubbornness. Remember, the Yorkies are terriers, and this breed is very stubborn and persistent.
    • Common sense. Dogs of this breed may look like from high society, but in fact they come from the working class, their actions are always simple and clear. The pampering in them completely blocks independence, and a lively character makes it incredibly attractive.
    • Cheerfulness. With hard handling, Yorkies can bite, but in general, dogs of this breed are very good-natured and joyful.
    Miniature York - brave and stubborn

    Children and other pets

    Because of their small size, Yorkies not suitable for families with small children. Most dog lovers will not sell puppies to people whose children are under 5 or 6 years old. Kids can throw them, step on them or squeeze too much.

    The Yorks get along well with other pets, including cats, if they grow together. And absolutely do not tolerate rodents.

    If you have small children, it is better to choose a dog size a little more. We advise you to read the description of the Jack Russell Terrier. Children will be crazy about him!

    And if you want perfect companion and a dog with a charming appearance - maybe you like the beagle breed of dogs.

    Choosing a puppy

    To choose a good thoroughbred York, you must have a general idea of ​​the breed, character and physical data of the dog. And also be guided by some tips:

    • Ask a lot of questions. Learn the puppy's pedigree.
    • Yorkies are difficult to tolerate separation, so take a very small puppy.
    • Visit the nursery, and better a few. In addition to the puppies themselves, pay attention to what they eat and what kind of dishes - everything should be clean. Inspect the enclosures, they should not be crowded (maximum 2 york).
    • Pay attention to the appearance of the puppy. It should be clean, agile, playful, without rash and wounds, have an excellent appetite. Eyes should be black and shiny, in any case not protruding. Ears must have a V - shaped postav.
    • You must have a document with the name of vaccinations made and their dates.
    • Must have a puppy passport.
    Puppies at birth - black color

    The new owner must remember the size of the puppy and its fragility. Being at a young age, the Yorkies are not able to respond quickly to danger.

    Moving around the apartment need to look at your feet, so as not to accidentally harm the baby. Be careful when opening or closing doors. Make your puppy always hear you. Do not let their little children in their hands.

    How much is york

    The price of the Yorkshire Terrier depends on several factors:

    • Pedigree puppy.
    • Feeding and care.
    • Content.
    • Availability of all necessary vaccinations and documents.
    • The presence of achievements at exhibitions.

    The price range for little yorks varies from 200 to 1500 US dollars, depending on the above factors. An adult trained dog can reach 2500 dollars.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    When choosing a Yorkshire terrier, you must also compare all the pros and cons of this breed of dogs for you personally!


    • Elegant and very compact dogs that you can always carry around.
    • One of the best dogs for allergies.
    • Energetic and inquisitive, agile thanks to an easy gait.
    • Easy to train.
    • Excellent watchman - will certainly report about strangers.
    • Very friendly and gets along well with children.


    • Fragile. Needs protection.
    • Requires regular brushing, brushing or shearing.
    • With the wrong education, it becomes almost uncontrollable.
    • He likes to run.

    They spend most of their lives in their sleep, snoring rhythmically! How much is a pug and how to care for him - in our article.

    The best breed for content in the house where there are childrendo not wish to. Everything about the great Labradors at this address.

    In fact, the Yorkshire Terrier is an excellent breed for a new owner of a dog. They are ideal for living in apartments, for families with children over 7 years of age, for individuals or couples without children, and even for permanently moving families.

    Yorks feel very good in backpacks or a carrying bag, they can ride under a seat or in special carriers. These are bright, perky, funny, intelligent dogs, beautiful watchdogs. And require quite a bit of walking in the fresh air.

    Choosing a puppy

    As already mentioned, in Russia today there are a lot of kennels and clubs where you can buy puppies of the Yorkshire mini terrier breed. Moscow and St. Petersburg today lead in the number of proposals of mini-Yorkies from parents of international and Russian champions with a pedigree longer than most English lords. Accordingly, the price of such doggies will be more than high. In the event that you buy a puppy as a pet and companion and do not plan to participate with him in the exhibition activities, you should look at the offers in your city or region.

    So, you have decided to have a Yorkshire mini terrier breed dog. How to choose her? We will tell you. First of all, you need to collect information about the origin of all animals for sale. The breeder must submit the pedigree of the dog, confirming its pure blood, or familiarize you with the full information about the puppy's parents, showing all the available certificates and diplomas, confirming the stated ranks and titles. It is advisable to see adult dogs, as growing up, the puppy will increasingly resemble them. After talking with the seller, if you are satisfied, you can choose a pet. What should you pay special attention to?

    1. First of all, look at the appearance of the animal you like. If the puppy itself is smaller than its cousins ​​or its limbs are smaller, then it will most likely grow into more fragile and shallow ones.
    2. The dog's nose should be cold and wet, without any scurf or rim around the edge. If the puppy is not even two months old, then his ears will not stand, as in Yorkies and other terriers, they rise to 2-2.5 months. Inspect the ears: there are no selections, scratches and scratches, as well as an unpleasant smell.
    3. Look and evaluate the correctness of the bite, it should be of the "scissors" type. If you understand this poorly, then invite an experienced dog handler or a dog owner with experience.
    4. Little yorks should be quite strong, with a tight-fitting and shiny coat. No damage, scratches or scratches on the puppy's body are allowed. The coat at the anus should be clean, which indirectly confirms the absence of helminth infection in the dog.
    5. Watch the behavior of babies. Puppies of the Yorkshire mini terrier, sitting on the sidelines and not joining the game with others, may have health problems, and it is better not to buy these. If you buy a pet for yourself, it is better to look at the instigators and leaders who dominate others. Only it is worth remembering that such leaders will have to be taught to discipline and make efforts to educate and train. Timid and willing to obey the leader puppies will be able to get along perfectly with older people.

    That's all you need to know about the Yorkshire mini terrier breed. How to choose a pet, we figured it out. After you have picked up the puppy and paid for it, the kennel owner must provide you with written recommendations on feeding, raising, maintenance and care.

    Owner reviews

    It should be noted that those who decided to purchase a mini-York, are conventionally divided into two groups. Most are those who are delighted with the nature of their pet. A lot of different care manipulations do not bother the owners, and even give them pleasure. In the minority are those who do not like to spend a lot of time and effort to maintain a good appearance of the dog. There are those who did not fit the character of this breed. As a rule, in the second group there are people who bought puppies as a gift to children or succumbing to the fashionable trend.