Vitamins for cats and cats


A shiny, beautiful coat in a cat is a sign of good health. But sometimes the animal's hair becomes dull, brittle and begins to fall. There are two main causes of this problem: seasonal molting and unhealthy diet. You can read about the drug Gamavit for cats, bark will help protect your pet from diseases and infections.

Causes of hair loss

During the molting period, the cat especially needs vitamins. During this period, it is also useful to add liver, sea kale, brewer's yeast, egg yolk and oat seedlings to the diet. If an animal is fed homemade food, then it is almost impossible to provide a cat with all the necessary vitamins and useful trace elements. It is difficult enough to formulate a diet in which meat and fish products, dairy products and greens would always be present in sufficient quantities.

So that the cat has no problems with wool, it is best for the animal to buy in pet stores a high-quality, balanced, ready-made feed containing all the most necessary ingredients.

But even with this diet, it is imperative to give vitamins for cats for wool in addition to the main feed. The best balanced food is holistic class food, which you can read about in the article "Comprehensive holistic cat food and its advantages."

What vitamins from hair loss do cats need?

Currently developed special vitamin complexes for animals. For small problems, separate vitamins for cats' hair will help to preserve the health and natural beauty of the animal's hair.

For a well-being, the cat in the required amount is important to obtain:

  • Vitamin A: for healthy coat, good vision and normal growth,
  • thiamine and riboflavin: for skin, coat and nervous system,
  • vitamin E: for normal development,
  • as well as sulfur, calcium, zinc and fatty acids.

A large variety of special vitamin complexes recommended for problems with cats' hair allows you to choose the option you want. Manufacturers offer cat vitamins liquid, pills and drops. Drops and liquid vitamins are very popular, as the cat does not always agree to eat pills.

What drugs are best given with hair loss?

The market offers a huge amount of vitamin preparations. We give a list of the most popular products for a healthy and shiny coat.

The real delicacy - vitamins for cats Beaphar is a balanced multi-vitamin complex for adult cats and small kittens. There are several different options for this drug:

  1. "Beaphar Top 10" - effective vitamins for cats with taurine and biotin, improve the overall condition and increase vitality. Taurine is an excellent means to improve vision. Biotin helps keep cat hair healthy. The drug also contains vitamins A, C, E, D3, a group of vitamins B, calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus. Fish products, mineral salts and yeast are also added to the composition.
  2. "Beaphar Top 10" - vitamins with taurine for cats are useful in pregnancy and feeding, in a weakened state. To achieve the effect per day is enough one pill. The duration of admission is not limited. Side effects and no contraindications.
  3. "Beaphar Kittys Taurin & Biotin" - tablets in the form of hearts. In its composition, vitamins for cats Beafar contain: a complex of minerals, vitamins C and E, vitamin B extract, biotin and taurine. The drug makes the skin and hair lush and healthy, good for the heart, brain activity and vision. Daily intake - from three to six tablets. The duration of admission is not limited. Overdose and side effects do not happen.
  4. "Beaphar Laveta Super For Cats" - excellent vitamins for cats from molting, which help prevent the loss of healthy hair, prevent dandruff, relieve itching, the hair becomes smooth and well-groomed. Available in liquid form. It is easy to use, it is enough to add the agent to the water or to the feed.

NoviPet Cat Omega 3. Chewable vitamins for cats Omega 3 are made in Israel using a unique technology of food additives. They are an excellent way to maintain a healthy coat, strengthen the immune system, reduce the inflammatory process. In addition to the active ingredients, brewer's yeast, poultry meat, fish oil, palm kernel oil, pea protein, linseed oil, lecithin and other additives are added to the composition.

TM Excel Brewers. The drug is recommended for molting cats. Throughout life, cats molt twice a year. In the autumn, the animal changes its light coat to a warmer one. In the spring gets rid of winter, thicker wool. During the molting period, vitamins are mandatory for the cat.

Vitamins TM Excel Brewers contain garlic extract, brewer's yeast, Omega-6, Omega-3 and a complex of trace elements. In addition, vitamins present extracts of burdock root and bedstraw. They do not allow dandruff to form, eliminate the breakage of wool and improve the overall condition of the animal's hair. All these components are very necessary during the molting period. Ideal for long-haired cats.

What vitamins do cats need?

Immediately it is necessary to answer a possible question: human vitamins can not be given to cats. In spite of the fact that the same substances are useful for us, the concentration of elements will be fundamentally different.

Each vitamin has its own function for cat health: from bone benefits to weight gain.

Vitamin K is responsible for good blood clotting, vitamin A supervises the vision and helps the cells in the renewal process, group B is responsible for the condition of the skin, coat and for maintaining an adequate level of energy. With an acute shortage of these vitamins, the cat's lethargy and apathy will become noticeable. Also, these elements are involved in the normalization of the work of the digestive tract and are good for appetite. A whole vitamin series has its own important functions for a cat.

All this sounds nice, but the next question may sound like this: “If all the vitamins are so useful, isn't it easier to give them in bulk at once?” No, not easier - thanks to the level of development of medicine and veterinary medicine, we know that not all substances can act equally well on the body, as they become useless next to each other.

How to understand what vitamins are not enough for an animal

To find out what vitamins the cat needs, you can just take a closer look at it. Unplanned moult indicates a lack of nutrients in the diet or the presence of worm infestation. Excluding the latter, it remains to provide the pet with vitamin supplements to the diet.

The poor condition of the claws and hairs of the cat is due to the lack of riboflavin (B2), biotin (H), nicotinic acid (PP), pantothenic acid (B5).

The lack of any vitamin will necessarily affect the behavior, condition and appearance of the cat.

Kitty’s Mix by Beaphar

This is a fortified delicacy, which is produced in the form of tablets by the German manufacturer. The composition has cod, which provides excellent taste. The product contains vitamins and minerals. The presence of biotin in the composition contributes to the rapid restoration of the coat. Also, the vitamin complex has a positive effect on the work of the heart and gallbladder, improves the eyesight of the animal.

  • Dosage: 1-4 tablets per 1 kg, depending on the condition of the pet. Suitable for prolonged use.
  • Price: from 210 rubles per pack of 75 tablets.

Among the best vitamins for wool, designed specifically for cats, it is worth noting Feliderm. Designed by German manufacturer AniVital, taking into account the characteristics of these pets. Can be applied in the following cases:

  • in case of hair loss,
  • with the deterioration of the coat (dry, brittleness),
  • in case of allergic skin reactions,
  • with flea dermatitis.

The tool also eliminates itching, contributes to the restoration of the skin. Contains brewer's yeast, biotin, omega-3 fatty acids and other components.

  • Dosage: 1 tablet per 5 kg of weight. You need to apply at least 4 weeks.
  • Price: from 1100 rub. per pack of 140 tablets.

Polidex Super wool

"Super wool" from Polidex contains taurine, B vitamins, animal protein, biotin. Due to this composition, it has the following effect:

  • reduces molting time
  • makes the wool thicker, gives it a beautiful shine,
  • enhances pigmentation
  • improves metabolic processes.

Can be used for kittens from one month of age.

  • Dosage: 1 tablet per 1 kg of weight. You need to give 1-3 times a day.
  • Price: from 500 rubles for 200 pieces.

8 in 1 Excel Brewer’s Yeast Brewer's Yeast

These vitamins, developed for cats and dogs, can be used for hair loss or to prevent similar problems. Developed a tool with the participation of American veterinarians. In addition to brewer's yeast, the complex contains biotin, garlic extract and other beneficial substances. Because of the combined composition of the tool has a positive effect on the immune system, metabolism and internal organs.

  • Dosage: 1 tablet per 4 kg. Course duration - 1 month, after a break - 1-3 months.
  • Price: from 265 rubles for 140 tablets.

The best vitamins for cats and cats

Veterinarians have long studied all sorts of vitamin complexes and offer to lovers of kotofeev several well-established firms to choose from.

You can buy fortifying vitamins for pills in tablets, liquid vitamins that will help restore the wool shine, complexes for nursing cats - in order not to be purchased, it is better to stop the choice on products that have proven quality.

The Dutch company is famous for vitamin supplements for animals due to the excellent quality control of products represented by various means for cats: multivitamins in both dry and liquid form, dietary supplements with biotin, taurine, all sorts of healthy pastes and edible pads, injections.

Unique German products help the health of pets in different cases. The world felinological communities and veterinarians have long recognized the unconditional quality of products as its obvious benefit to cats. Here and table multivitamin complexes, and nutritional supplements in the form of globules and gels for hair growth, for joint health, and recuperation.

British pharmaceutical company offers brand Polidex. Today, fortified preparations are also produced on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In all supplements, Polydex, in addition to other nutrients, contains taurine, which is so necessary for the body, an amino acid that is responsible for the normal development of the muscular tissue of the heart, the retina of the eyes and the reproductive organs.

"Anivital" is a German brand, whose products are aimed at strengthening the immunity of cats, improving the appearance and health of wool. Studies have shown that the composition of vitamin complexes helps to slow down the development of allergic reactions in cats to different foods and plants.

The trademark from Germany called Gimpet belongs to the concern Gimborn. All products are designed for cats. The range includes fish, mineral and yeast supplements with algae and biotin. All substances are suitable for maintaining the health of cats of any breed and of any age. There are drugs even in the form of heart tablets, the taste of which is very like cats.

The old company from America is trusted by customers for almost a hundred years. Products developed on the basis of scientific research with the involvement of practicing veterinarians and consumer surveys. Everything vitamins for cats passed the test of time and are considered an excellent prevention of many diseases.

The main focus of Sanal beneficial supplements is on B vitamins and various minerals, acids. Numerous components help maintain energy in kittens and cats, make the fur coat shine, and also participate in strengthening bones and teeth. There are no age restrictions for Sanal products: both kids and adults need vitamins.

Cat Felltop-Gel by Canina

This vitamin complex is produced in the form of a gel. It has a pleasant taste, so the cats eat it without any problems. It can be given either in pure form or added to feed. Contains biotin and zinc. They contribute to the restoration of skin and coat. The gel can be used for strong molting and skin pathologies, as well as for the prevention of their appearance, in particular with improper nutrition or metabolic disorders.

  • Dosage: 1 teaspoon per animal. The course is up to 6 weeks depending on the condition of the pet.
  • Price: from 1300 rubles for 100 ml.

Farmavit Neo

Domestic company "Farmaks" developed a special vitamin supplement for cats during the molting period - Farmavit Neo Perfection wool. In the composition of the funds:

Stops hair loss, normalizes the cardiovascular system, stimulates collagen production.

  • Dosage: when moulting - 1 tablet per 3 kg, the course - 2 months. In severe hypovitaminosis, the dosage should be doubled. You need to take until the disappearance of visible signs of the problem, but not more than 3 weeks.
  • Price: from 120 rubles for 60 pieces.

For restoration of wool in British cats, fitomina vitamins from the domestic company VEDA are well suited. Their main feature is that they contain not only brewer's yeast and minerals, but extracts of medicinal plants. They accelerate the growth of wool, improve its condition, strengthen the roots. Available in the form of granules. Usually they are added to food, which greatly simplifies the application.

  • Dosage: kittens - 1-2 granules, adult pets - 2-3 granules, 2 times a day. Can be used for a long period.
  • Price: from 90 rubles for 50 g.

Katzentabs from Gimcat

Vitamin complexes from the German manufacturer are available with different tastes, so you can easily choose the option for the most fastidious cats. Produced in the form of tablets. Can be used for kittens from 8 weeks of age. Due to the complex composition, it restores the coat, improves skin elasticity, improves immunity, and also normalizes the work of other organs. Suitable for pets of different breeds.

  • Dosage: for kittens - 3-4 tablets per day, for adult animals - 5-6 pieces, depending on size.
  • Price: from 980 rubles for 710 pieces.

Fortified means produced by Czech company Biofaktory. Form release - pills. Most animals voluntarily refuse to eat them, so it is best to mix in food. The composition contains biotin, tocopherol, vitamins B, minerals. In addition to improving the state of coat, the tool stimulates the immune system, starts the process of regeneration, accelerates wound healing, helps the animal's body to resist viruses and infections.

  • Dosage: 1 tablet per pet 1 time per day.
  • Price: from 260 rubles per 100 g

Owner reviews

Mila, the mistress of the British cat:

“With the coming of autumn, my Briton began to have a terrible molt. I was very afraid that he would swallow hair. After all, this may be the cause of intestinal blockage, so she went to the clinic. The vet prescribed vitamins 8 in 1ExcelBrewer ’sYeast. After 2 weeks, the fur almost recovered, again it became smooth and beautiful. The cost is not cheap, but one package was enough for us for three courses. ”

Tatiana, the mistress of a Persian cat:

“After stress, the cat began to rapidly go bald. I had to take emergency measures and go to the pharmacy. Bought Polydex Super Vul. Good vitamin supplement. The wool quickly began to grow back, and our cat turned into a former fluffy handsome. ”

Veterinarian reviews

Mikhail, a veterinarian with 13 years of experience:

“With a balanced diet, animals usually do not need vitamins, but sometimes there are exceptions. With a strong loss, I usually recommend “8 in 1 Excel”. Good performance was shown by the Polidex complexes. Among domestic products one can opt for Radostin or Farmavit. They will be several times lower than their imported counterparts, although they are not inferior to the action. ”

Antonina, a veterinarian with 6 years of experience:

"With a strong molt, the best option is brewer's yeast" 8 in 1Excel. True, they are expensive. There are more affordable domestic supplements. By the way, some of them also help to solve the problem of hair loss, for example, Farmavit Neo. These vitamin complexes are available in several versions, and the price is low. "

Why wool deteriorates

Even under normal health conditions, cats periodically molt. This is due to nature. During such a period, vitamins are especially needed so that by the beginning of the next season a new, more silky cat hair can grow.

When alopecia as a result of the disease, vitamins for cat hair are even more necessary for the speedy recovery of the pet. Excessive molting often acts on the background of helminthic invasion and tick-borne lesions. In the process of treatment of parasites, vitamins will be able to provide substantial assistance to a pet in restoring the former shine and silkiness of its wool cover.

Another cause of wool deterioration is aging. Nutritional supplements will help in this case. Полноценный объем поступающих в организм микроэлементов не только отсрочит естественные процессы старения организма, но и повысит иммунитет пожилого питомца, позволив ему избежать множества болезней.

Часто шерсть выпадает на фоне общих заболеваний организма. В таком случае витамины назначаются ветеринарам в качестве дополнительной меры, ускоряющей и облегчающей процесс лечения.

Detailed information on the causes of problems with the coat can be obtained at the veterinary clinic after appropriate examinations.

Vitamins, essential wool

In order for the hair on the skin of an animal to always remain bright and healthy, the body needs certain trace elements. Among the vitamin groups, the most important for wool quality are the following:

  • Vitamin A, which provides good hair growth and visual acuity,
  • vitamin E, through which develops a young pet,
  • Thiamine is one of the B vitamins, which has a beneficial effect on the coat and nervous system of the animal,
  • Riboflavin, in addition to its effect on wool, improves the work of the central nervous system,
  • sulfur,
  • calcium,
  • zinc,
  • fatty acid.

Not all trace elements benefit cats. For example, vitamin C is not needed for pets. A cat's body produces it on its own in the necessary quantities, so feeding with additional ascorbic acid may even prove harmful.

The best drugs for the growth of wool in cats

Vitamin complexes for cats is a very popular product. Many veterinary companies supply their products of this kind to the market.

However, in a variety of formulations can be quite easily confused. For familiarization pet owners are offered a list of the most common vitamin-containing formulations for cats.

1) It has long been practiced in veterinary medicine to give fish oil to animals. This substance helps well in the case of any problems with the pet's hair, as it contains extremely important fatty acids to the feline organism, the amino acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, with a deficiency of which molt, generally healthy microelements: phosphorus , iodine, bromine, sulfur.

Fish oil will not only improve the animal's hair, give it a natural shine and softness, but also significantly affect the overall condition of the cat, strengthen its immunity, and increase vitality.

2) A popular product is the Beafar complex. Vitamins contain biotin and taurine, contributing to increased vital activity of the cat, improving its eyesight and condition of the coat. This supplement is also very well suited to a pregnant animal, due to the inclusion in the composition of phosphorus, potassium and vitamins A, B, C, D.

A separate product line is designed for kittens - Beafar Kittys, and for pets subject to moulting - Beafar Laveta Super. The latter composition is distributed in the form of a syrup and helps with excessive hair loss, strengthening the hair structure and preventing the development of dandruff.

3) In the period of active molting, a cat can be given a vitamin complex TM Exel Brewers based on garlic extract and brewer's yeast. In addition to the important amino acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, the preparation contains the necessary trace elements for the whole body, in particular burdock and bed-bed root, especially useful for maintaining wool.

4) Cat Fell top Gel vitamins containing biotin (vitamin H), zinc and other trace elements necessary to feed the skin and coat are well suited for the prevention of skin diseases.

5) Derm Liquid German complex of supplements well restores the skin after past diseases.

6) GimPet additive is based on biotin in combination with algae. Because of this, the drug not only improves the coat, but also has a positive effect on the cat's digestive tract.

7) No less popular analog is the product from the Czech manufacturer Falvit.

8) The Israeli drug Novi Pet Cat Omega-3 serves as an excellent nutritional supplement for a fluffy pet during active hair loss. Chewable tablets will suit any cat, and the active ingredients in the product will strengthen its coat. The positive effect is achieved by Israeli vitamins due to the following components in the composition:

  • beer yeast,
  • fish oil,
  • bird meat,
  • pea protein,
  • oil squeezed from palm kernels,
  • flax extract,
  • lecithin and others

Detailed information on the choice of vitamins for a pet can be found during a regular visit to the vet. The fact is that some of the complexes in the pet may be allergic, and it is also possible individual intolerance or supersaturation of some vitamins.

What to look for before giving a cat vitamins

Vitamins are not a panacea and far from a harmless food supplement. In some cases, instead of using such complexes, on the contrary, they can harm the body. To prevent this, owners should know some features of the use of these tools.

  1. A cat may have perevitaminosis - the opposite condition, when a glut of vitamins leads to the same negative symptoms as their lack. If you do not recognize the symptoms of transplantation in time and continue the course of taking the pills, the animal may increase the liver, develop a number of pathologies of internal organs, such as the spleen, worsen the blood condition, develop the deposition of calcium particles in the deep layers of the skin.
  2. Vitamin support is not required in all cases. Typically, such feed is prescribed when using cheap feed, feeding home-made food, but cat owners, who give their darlings exclusive costly premium-class complexes, should not buy vitamins, because manufacturers of good feed include everything they need in their products.
  3. Many cats would never agree to swallow pills. Therefore, manufacturers produce vitamins in a more accessible form of syrup or drops.

Thus, depending on the diagnosis and individual characteristics, vitamins for cats for wool can not only be useful, but also cause some harm to health. Therefore, supplements are not worth buying at random, but only with good reason, that is, on the recommendation of a veterinarian.

Farmavit Neo

  • Vitamin ‒ mineral complex is aimed at maintaining the health of pets, improving the condition of hair and skin.
  • Available in various doses for a certain age and condition of the pet (pregnant, elderly, kittens, sterilized and neutered). Depending on the type of feed additive, the percentage of a particular vitamin and mineral varies.
  • Composition: vitamins A, D3, B1, B3, B6, Sun, B12, biotin, taurine, calcium, phosphorus.
  • Dosage: depending on the type of complex daily with food.
  • There are no contraindications. No side effects were observed.
  • Price varies from 90 rubles, depending on the form of release. Many cat lovers have noted the effect of these vitamins for cats on skin and wool.

Vitamins for hair loss

  • A healthy and cheerful pet is the joy of the owner. Radostin is one of the drugs that promotes normal metabolism, improves the appetite, contains vitamins for the growth of thick hair of cats.
  • Composition: vitamins B and A, ascorbic acid, calcium, iron, copper sulphate, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, iodine, lactulose. Excipients: taurine, spirulina, raspberry leaves, mussel hydrolyzate, chitosan.
  • Dosage: depending on the type of complex, animal body weight.
  • No contraindications, no side effects.
  • Cost of from 129 rubles, depending on the number of tablets in the package.

Vitamins for hair loss

Vitamin complex Beafar (Germany)

  • Another drug that is rich in vitamins for cats to improve wool. Available in various forms: tablets, drops, paste, solutions.
  • Composition: depending on the form of release and purpose of the drug
  • Dosage: depends on the purpose of feeding and the type of pet
  • There are no contraindications.
  • There is a whole product line from the company Beafar. Each dressing has its own composition, depending on its purpose. So, there are vitamins for cats' hair liquid, in drops. For fluffies there are separate feeding (Kitty’s Mix), whose components are biotin, taurine, B vitamins, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, niacin.
  • Positive reviews the drug itself earned for a complex effect on the animal body and a reasonable price.
  • Price depends on the form of release, feeding Kitty’s Mix costs from 184 rubles.

Vitamins for hair loss

Kat Felltop Gel (Germany)

  • The gel is designed to eliminate problems associated with skin and coat.
  • Part The drug includes biotin and zinc, grape and refined sugar.
  • Dosage: 1 teaspoon per day.
  • Price from 1250 rubles.
  • Vitamins for the British
  • Store shelves are full of various vitamins for cats from hair loss, the price of many of them is quite acceptable.

Vitamins for hair loss

List of vitamins for the British Shorthair cat

The British are a special breed.needing proper care. Like a person, a pet needs protein, fats and carbohydrates. But it is difficult enough to keep track of the fact that the diet of the animal was attended by all the necessary substances in the right quantity. In order for a kitten to grow strong and strong, it needs to consume more calcium. Here is a list of vitamins for British cats for wool, which are in demand among pet lovers, is also suitable for any short-haired breed.

Kitzim (England)

  • The main component of the tablet is brewer's yeast, which is a natural source of vitamin B. Calcium and phosphorus are also included in the preparation.
  • Vitamins are necessary to combat excess weight, prevents hair loss, is used when you lose appetite.
  • Dosage - Adults - 3 tablets per day, pregnant and lactating pets dose is doubly increased.
  • Reviews the drug is positive. However, cat lovers complain about the lack of goods in stores.
  • Cost of depends on the number of tablets per pack. Vitamins Kitzim (300 pcs.) Cost from 950 rubles.

Vitamins for hair loss

8 in 1 Excel Yeast (USA)

  • The additive is designed to improve the condition of the skin and coat, normalize the metabolism and strengthen the immune system. Ingredients: brewer's yeast, garlic, biotin, zinc, copper, fish oil
  • Dosage: 1 tablet per 4 kg of animal weight.
  • Received positive reviews cat vitamins for hair loss have the price - 474 rubles (260 tablets per pack).

Vitamins for hair loss

Dzhimpet - an additive with seaweed and biotin

  • A complex of vitamins for cats for skin and wool in the form of tablets with a pleasant smell. Packaging in the form of a long tube.
  • Composition: biotin, vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, K3, D3, nicotinic acid
  • Dosage: for adult pets - up to 6 tablets, kittens - 3‒4 tablets, pregnant and lactating cats need to double the dose.
  • Price from 746 rubles.
  • Most masters purr noted improved health pets after taking the drug. For them, the answer to the question of what vitamins to give a cat with hair loss is obvious. Animals love and use supplement with pleasure.

Vitamins for hair loss

  • Vitamin complex contributes to the improvement of the state of wool, the healing of skin wounds, helps immunity in the fight against viruses and infections.
  • The drug is made in the form of tablets.
  • Composition: biotin, vitamin B12, niacinamide, calcium, zinc, alpha аль tocopherol.
  • Dosage: for an adult animal 1 tablet per day.
  • Many have noted that pet fur after taking the drug became brilliant, stopped falling out. However, cat lovers shared negative experiences in their reviews. Pets refused to take medicine. This problem was solved by mixing the tablets with food.

Vitamins for hair loss

Zoo World Super Wool

  • This vitamin complex is suitable for long-haired purrs. It stimulates the growth of wool, the drug is taken to prevent skin diseases and after taking antibiotics to improve the condition of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Composition: brewer's yeast, taurine, biotin, zinc
  • Dosage: 2 tablets per 5 kg pet weight per day.
  • Price per package (35 tablets) - from 265 rubles.

Vitamins for hair loss

  • Reception of the complex will save the pet from baldness, is used as a preventive measure during off-season molting and before exhibitions.
  • Composition: calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, iron, nettle extract, burdock root, brewer's yeast
  • Dosage. Kittens - 1‒2 tablets 2 times a day, adult animals 2‒3 tablets 2 times a day.
  • Cost of packages (100 tablets) - from 60 rubles.

Vitamins for hair loss

Prevention of hair loss

  • Special shampoos and air conditioners for pets help reduce molting. Together with vitamins for cat hair growth, specialized detergents will provide maximum effect.
  • Regardless of the choice of drug, you need to remember that only regular use will give a positive result. Usually the course is one month. All of the above vitamin complexes contain biotin. Why is it important to the cat body? It's simple. It is he who is responsible for the structure of the coat and skin of the pet. In the required amount of biotin has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, thanks to this component, the state of health of the cat is normalized.
  • Picking up the drug, note that vitamins for cats of different breeds contain different amounts of necessary substances. Also in need of special care:
    · Pregnant animals
    · Sterilized cats. After the procedure, hormonal changes occur in the animal's body, sometimes leading to new diseases, such as urolithiasis. By adding certain vitamins to the pet's diet, the unpleasant effects of sterilization can be avoided.
    · Older pets.
    Before buying a vitamin complex you should consult a veterinarian, he will tell you what vitamins against hair loss in cats, use continuously, and advise a particular drug depending on the state of health of the pet.

Fish oil for cat hair

Fish oil is considered to be the best medicine for cats. In pet stores, fish oil for animals can be bought at an affordable price. Fish oil is useful for all cats and little kittens. Cat hair is a mirror of her health. If the cat has dry and dull hair, then it lacks essential fatty acids. The lack of amino acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 leads to hair loss, slow growth, the appearance of fragility, loss of gloss.

Fish oil contains vitamins, trace elements: sulfur, bromine, phosphorus, iodine. It perfectly supports the immune system, strengthens the cat's coat. Veterinarians are advised to buy fish oil liquid for animals, to improve health, to give the hair a healthy shine and silkiness.

The doctor will analyze the cat food and study the diet. After the examination, the veterinarian will tell you how to feed the cat so that the wool does not climb, will recommend a complex of vitamins so that the animal is healthy and well-groomed.

The best vitamins for cats from hair loss

Fur worries owners fluffs most. Fallen hairs are crazy, it seems that the cat will soon become completely bald. To be proud of the condition of the coat of a mental heater, you should feed it with vitamins for cats.

The best complexes include vitamins of group B, various minerals, fatty acids, vitamins H, E. If you are guided by reviews from cat lovers, you can make a list of the most effective vitamin supplements. The purpose of such care is to improve the characteristics of the coat, prevent the loss of excess wool and reduce the molting period.

8 in 1 Excel Brewer’s Yeast: pills for cats on the basis of beer yeast and fatty oils. The composition is rich in nutrients, micro-and macro elements, which are good help if the cat sheds heavily. For a noticeable improvement, it is usually enough to take a course of 15-30 days,

Gimpet beauty-kiss: kisses granules contain taurine, brewer's yeast, zinc and a good vitamin composition. The drug significantly affects the quality of wool: it ceases to crawl strongly, its pigmentation, shine improves, the skin looks healthy. Additive can be purchased at a price of about 170-180 rubles per pack,

Doctor Zoo "Health of the skin and wool" with biotin and taurine: the domestic vitamin complex in the form of tasty tablets can be given anti-hair lossbut they are not suitable for neutered cats,

One of the well-proven vitamins for wool is FeliDerm (from AniVital). The course of the drug is designed for 4-6 weeks. The result of the action of the food additive is expressed not only in the good quality of the coat: it removes irritation and itching from the skin, the effects of allergic reactions disappear,

Farmavit Active for cats “Beauty and health of wool” contributes not only to the active growth of a shiny and healthy hair coat, but also eliminates brittleness and dryness of hairs, returning them a bright color. A small price for the drug with a balanced content of nutrients and fruit enzymes makes the product accessible to all.

According to veterinarians, the best vitamins for improving fur coat and skin condition are based on the content of calcium, sulfur, biotin, zinc and vitamins of groups B, H, A. If the cat is already at an advanced age, it is better to opt for products containing brewer's yeast.

Vitamins for wool forcing

Cat every day several times a day, carefully licks its skin. All the hairs adhering to her tongue fall into the stomach. There they roll into lumps. When the hair becomes large, and the cat can not get rid of them by using the gag reflex, such a lump can block the lower esophageal sphincter.

Для беспроблемного выведения шерсти есть хорошие витамины для кошек:

Beaphar Malt Paste,

Hairball Soft Chews for Cats,

Gimpet Malt-Soft Paste Extra.

Витамины для иммунитета

Restorative complexes are great for raising immunity, but the additional components of specially developed vitamin products will help increase the body's resistance to many diseases.

Good preparations are made on the basis of antioxidants, essential amino acids, adaptogens and various micro and macro elements.

Before offering such a remedy to a cat on the advice of a veterinarian, it is important to ensure that the animal has no parasites:

Anivital Feli Immun,

Canina Petvital Energy-Gel or Petvital Bio-Aktivator.

For bones and teeth

Good drug that will help strengthen the cat's bone system, must contain calcium and other minerals. In the absence of the necessary set of elements, the pet suffers from tartar, shakiness of the teeth, and rickets.

Bones and teeth helpers, listed, were not only veterinary tested, but also received a lot of good feedback from koteke owners:

Mix BEAPHAR Irish Cal,

Vitomax For teeth and bones of cats with calcium and phosphorus,

Polidex Gelabon Plus.

Vitamins for older cats

In old cats, metabolic processes slow down, the immune system no longer works as actively as at a young age, the fur coat is often fading, fragile, and the energy supply is very limited. The manufacturers did not ignore the problem and respected the venerable feline age, releasing products for pets 8 years and older.

And the number of the best hit three domestic drugs and one foreign:

Polidex Gelabon Plus,

Radostin (from Agrovetzashchita),

For joints and ligaments

Cats are the same living creatures as humans, and also suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. For healthy joints and ligaments, chondroitin complexes with glucosamine are needed: such substances will help restore damaged intra-articular cartilage and articular bags. Taking such drugs, the cat will recover faster after injury, and in older cats, bone demineralization will slow:

Polidex Gelabon plus Glucosamine,

Canina Petvital Arthro-tabletten

Vitamins for pregnant and lactating cats

During pregnancy and lactation, the cat is vulnerable to diseases and other negative factors. Besides vitamins for a nursing cat It is necessary not only to her, but also to young kittens. The younger generation will develop as it should, if in breast milk there are all important substances for their growth.

For the future mother is useful to give vitamins with calcium:

Jostin (for pregnant and lactating cats).

Vitamins for kittens

The body of a growing kitten is constantly in need of a large number of building elements. Complex vitamins fully provide the baby with important resources for growth, during tooth changes, molting, when switching to natural nutrition after mother's milk, and during stress associated with resettlement to a new place of residence.

Before you treat a young cat with vitamins, you need to learn how to properly give them to a veterinarian:

Beafar KITTY’S Protein and Junior,

Doctor zoo for kittens,

Hartz Everyday Chewable Vitamins with Taurine,

The baby constantly grows and develops, so it is important to observe the balance of all the necessary elements: vitamin-containing drugs must be with calcium and magnesium, which are often not enough for young mustache until the year is up.

Do I need to give vitamins to the kitten

In the first 2-3 months, the kitten receives all the valuable food from her mother. If she eats premium quality food, then veterinarians believe that there is no need for additional healthy supplements - diligence will come out sideways and the kids will develop hypervitaminosis.

Fluffies, whose mother did not receive enough vitamins, have not sweet: they can start to lag behind in development, the lack of important elements will immediately affect their vitality and appearance even of a monthly seal.

At what age can you give vitamins to a kitten?

Weak baby can be given vitamins in the form of drops from the first days of life - strictly according to the recommendation of a specialist. For healthy "lumps of happiness", vitamin supplements are administered starting from the moment of weaning and switching to a new diet in about 1-1.5 months. If in 2 months the kittens eat cat's milk, which is fully fed, then you can wait with healthy supplements.

At 3 months, the crumb has already switched to a separate power supply and needs to be supplemented according to the dose of the drug, calculated in accordance with the instructions on the package.

Vitamin complexes with taurine are important for the view of small kittens. Vitamins of group B are very useful - it is a gift for fluffy wool of a kitten, and B12 is necessary for the formation of a stable nervous system.

Vitamins for neutered and sterilized cats

In the urine of sterilized cats and neutered cats, uroliths are often formed, which over time can provoke the appearance of urolithiasis. To optimize urinary tract performance, good vitamins for sterilized cats and sterile cats contain glucose, lecithin, L-carnitine, vitamins B3 and B12.

Vitamin complexes do not allow the weight of the animal to grow, so veterinarians are advised to add them to cats in food. According to experts, a list of the best vitamins has been compiled with a mandatory mark for sterilized (neutered) cats and cats:

Side Effects and Vitamin Overdose

It is appropriate to say that more does not mean better. An overdose of vitamins leads to the deposition of excess calcium in different tissues and provokes diseases of internal organs. If you overfeed a cat with vitamin A, then the liver and spleen starts to grow, the fur becomes worse, dandruff appears and the level of energy decreases.

A side effect of vitamins for lactating cats can be a surplus of lactulose - this threatens the mother to refuse to feed offspring.

Phytomines for cats Veda

A consonant name appeared as a hint of the composition of the preparations: the line contains medicinal herbs with the optimal concentration for each task. Phytomines Veda completely natural, but lasting effect occurs only as a result of taking a long course. In the product line, there are remedies that solve urological problems, which improve the condition of the coat, for sterilized cats and neutered cats, and a remedy for allergies.

Useful tips and tricks

Before choosing a cat for vitamins in a beautiful jar, analyze the pet's nutrition, age and physical indicators. If the cat has a disease, or the animal lives with a diseased liver, then before starting a course of supplements, consult a veterinarian, he will probably recommend a highly specialized vitamin remedy.

Focusing on the preferences of your own animal, you can stop the choice on the taste of the product and its structure in the form of tablets, capsules, liquid vitamins, injections, suspensions, mixtures.