Solikox for the treatment of rabbits instructions for use


From time to time large farmers and amateur breeders face various diseases of their pets. Rabbits are very capricious animals and vulnerable to infections.. Often, dangerous diseases affect the whole livestock and the owner suffers heavy losses.

Solicox is an effective treatment for coccidiosis in rabbits, the instructions for use of which can be found below.

Why do rabbits need solikoks?

Diseases of domestic animals are usually provoked by bacteria, fungi or parasites. A drug solikoks - a good helper in the fight for the health of rabbits. It is effective in the disease of coccidiosis caused by coccidia - a unicellular parasite. Before using this medicine, be sure to read the instructions and understand what it is.

Composition and pharmacological action

Solicox contains the substance diclazuril - the newest high-performance coccidiostatic group of benzenacetonitriles. All kinds of coccidia are susceptible to it. Available in the form of a viscous solution that must be taken orally.

The drug has the following advantages:

  • Short duration of treatment,
  • Combination with other medicines
  • Injection period from meat (5 days),
  • Opportunity use under stress, high temperature and humidity,
  • Comfortable packing.

Solikoks - an improved product of the new generation. is he does not contain teratogenic and mutagenic substancestherefore, it is acceptable to use it with antibiotics. This is a low-toxic drug, its repeated use usually does not cause side effects even with overdose.

Solikox in different packages

Solidox does not contain carcinogens, does not accumulate in the liver and in the tissues of the animal. Provides reliable prophylaxis throughout the life of rabbits. For adults it can be given regularly until slaughter.

A drug acts on the animal's body quite gentlybut it destroys parasites quickly and efficiently. It fights most severely against coccidia in the non-sexual stages of the endogenous cycle of their development.

Indications for use

Solicox is used in the treatment of coxydia - A disease in which the liver and intestinal tract of rabbits are affected. They become lethargic and passive, lose their appetite, are stunted. In sick animals, diarrhea and bloating are observed.

At showdown a variety of white solid nodules are found on the intestinal mucosa. In case of liver damage, the organ increases 5-7 times, the bile ducts thicken. The mucous membranes of the animal's eyes turn yellow.

Koxioz quickly spreads and can infect all pets. Immunity decreases in weakened animals, and they become susceptible to other, more serious infections. If you do not start treatment in time, the animals can be very depleted and die.

Coccidiosis in rabbits

Scientists know 10 types of coccidia. Only one of them is parasitic in the liver, the other 9 in the intestine. Often, rabbits observe simultaneous bowel and liver damage.

The simplest parasites proliferate especially actively in unsanitary conditions, in economic premises with poor ventilation or drafts. Animals can become infected through food, bedding, as well as other animals' feces.. Rabbits become infected through the mother's nipples.

Rabbits eat

Cell disinfection during an outbreak of the disease does not give special results. The disease affects rabbits all year round, but is exacerbated in spring and summer. Adults are more likely to be carriers of the disease.

The latent period of the disease lasts 2-3 days. To cause kosdioz can:

  • Same type feedprotein overfeeding
  • Lack of vitamins in the diet and nutrients
  • The crowding of rabbits, tightness,
  • Content in one cell individuals of different sexes,
  • Lack of cleanliness in the cells dampness,
  • Poor quality, spoiled feed.

The correct diagnosis can only be made by a veterinarian. Some symptoms of coccidiosis can be confused with signs of other diseases.

But in any case, the main substance of Solikox destroys not only coccidia, but also other parasites of the digestive system. Therefore, the benefits of medication will be double.

Dosage and instructions for use

Young rabbits up to 3 months are especially sensitive to coccidia parasites.. Solikox can be safely given to the little rabbit at the age of one month, as soon as those were excommunicated from the mother. Prevention is done in the following scheme:

  • First day Solder 0.2 ml. drug,
  • On the second day the dose is increased to 0.3 ml. ,
  • On the third - to 0.4 ml. ,
  • Thereafter every month rabbits are recommended to give 2 ml. drug to prevent the disease.

Adult rabbits also solder 2 ml per animal. This can be done with a pipette, but it is better to dilute the drug with water and pour it into the drinker. Proportion - 1 liter of the drug per 10 liters of clean drinking water. The term of treatment is two days in a row.

Crawls drink from drinking bowls

In the treatment of animals, the drug is given to the whole prevent re-infection. You do not need to change the diet. Solicox can be added directly to the feed.

Side effects

Due to the very mild and gentle action of this drug, rabbits tolerate it well. Severe complications were observed. Side effects are minimal. Individual intolerance or allergy is possible. This happens very rarely, but in this case, the use of the drug will have to stop.

The composition of the drug

The tool is produced in the form of a yellow suspension and a viscous structure used orally. The drug has low toxicity and is sold in packages that contain: 10 bottles of 10 milliliters and 15 bags of one thousand milliliters.

In the composition of the main ingredient is diclazuril. It has low toxicity and belongs to the group of benzene-acetonitriles. In addition, there are additional substances that enhance the effects of the drug. Use Solikoks, instructions for use, which is in the package must be strictly according to the description. Only this way can be quickly and efficiently. to prevent Negative consequences.

Once in the body of an animal or a bird, Solikoks begins the fight against coccidia, blocking the release of toxic substances and reducing the activity of the harmful bacteria themselves. In addition, the drug relieves pain symptoms and fever, being an excellent analgesic.

Drug Solikoks well combined with many antibiotics and drugs. It does not cause mutations in the body of animals excreted from their body five days after the last dose. This means that even if the treatment is carried out a few days before slaughter, the meat will be of high quality. The composition is effective in combating the following types bacteria:

  • Eimeria acervulina.
  • Brunette.
  • Maxima.
  • Mitis.
  • Necatris.
  • Tenella.
  • Adenoeides.
  • Gallopavonis.
  • Meleagrimitis and others.

Dosage drug

Before using the drug should be thoroughly disinfected dishes from which they eat birds or rabbits. The tool is added to food or drink.

How to apply solikoks you learn from the instructions. First of all, it should be noted that the treatment of birds and animals with this drug is quite effective. The medicine will not harm living beings, even with a large dosage.

Gets divorced means in a ratio of one to two. That is, two milliliters of suspension is taken per liter of water. The agent is introduced using a dispenser. In very severe cases, a loading dose of the substance is used. The treatment goes in two stages. That is, a week later, the procedure is repeated. In the later stages, the symptoms of the disease become more apparent.

An infected bird rolls its eyes, lowers its wings and retracts its head. In some cases, diarrhea occurs. In order to exclude Spread Infections need to clean the place of walking and resting birds once a day. The drug does not accumulate in the body and therefore it is possible to carry out treatment many times.

In addition, adult birds should be soldered off for preventive purposes, thereby excluding their infection. Even overdosing will not cause poisoning in birds and animals. The medicine is stored for two years in a dark and dry place at a positive temperature not exceeding 25 degrees. This applies to unopened packages. Indeed, in diluted form, the tool retains its properties for no more than a day.

All this should be taken into account when preparing the drug for administration to feed. Bird and animals should take medication for 12 hours a day. Be sure that when dissolved, it is the drug that is added to the water, and not the water poured into the container with the drug.

Subtleties of application

Despite all its beneficial properties, the drug can cause a negative reaction in animals and birds with hypersensitivity. When working with vetpreparatom Solikoks you must comply with the requirements in the field of hygiene and safety, necessary for working with medicines. After work you need to wash hands with disinfectant composition. All packaging must be recycled. In case of contact with the drug on the skin or mucous membrane of the eye, the contact points are washed with plenty of water.

Hypersensitive people must wear protective gear. Do not use the tool after the expiration date. Such drugs are recyclable.

Instructions for using Solikox for rabbits

Like other pets, rabbits are susceptible to coccidiosis. For the prevention of this disease and the treatment of already infected individuals use the drug broad-spectrum Solikoks.

It is used as a standalone drug, and in complex with coccidiostatics, various antibiotics and feed additives. Good effect gives the drug with heat stress, high temperature and humidity.

The method of use of the substance is quite simple. For one kilogram of live weight, a sick animal should receive 0.4 milligrams of money per day. Feeding time two days.

For one milligram of substance you need to take ten liters of water. But you can use solikoks for rabbits, instruction on the application of which is in the package and in dry form. Only if your animals have an individual intolerance to the drug, should it be replaced with another agent that can cure the infection. In other cases, the drug is very good.

You need to give the drug for 12 hours or more per day. For safety reasons, pregnant females are not recommended to give Solikoks, it can harm the fetus.

Preventive actions

To avoid the appearance of infection, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures even before the appearance of rabbits into the world. It should be repeated after the offspring grows up a little. That is, in a month.

At the early stage of infection, animals give vitamins along with the medicine. If the disease has a complicated stage, antibiotics are also used.

Distinctive properties drug:

  • ease of use
  • possibility of combining with other means
  • rapid elimination from the body
  • availability,
  • the possibility of introducing food and water,
  • virtually no side effects.

Currently Solikoks is one of the most common and effective means for the treatment and prevention of a large number of animal and poultry diseases. Proper and timely use of the drug will allow you to save the livestock of animals and poultry in farms and to avoid large losses in the private courtyard.

Indications for use of the drug

Before we talk about the instructions for Solikox for rabbits, it is worth highlighting a few symptoms, with the appearance of which you need to buy this drug:

  • Pet began to lag behind in development and growth, he lost activity and appetite. All this indicates the presence of an infection that has infected the liver and intestines. The most characteristic symptom is bloating.
  • If he has deteriorated the condition of the coat.
  • The most striking sign of coccidiosis is a violation of the stool, the animal may stop going to the toilet for several weeks, you should carefully inspect the cage.

It is also worth noting that these same symptoms have several other similar diseases, so before you begin treatment, you should seek help from a specialist.

How to apply?

Instructions for use "Solikox" is quite simple. A few drops of medicine should be added to the food or drink of the animal. It is recommended to do this procedure not only for the sick rabbit, but also for the whole family. This will avoid infection and re-illness. The drug is intended for the treatment of pets aged one month. Consider the permissible dosage:

  • This medicine is very effective and can cause stress in the body. Therefore, the animal must get used to it. On the first day you should not give more than 0.2 ml drops to one pet.
  • On the second day, the dosage should be increased to 0.3 ml.
  • And on the third day already up to 0.4 ml.

Adults can be given medicine directly from the pipette, without fail it should be washed down with plenty of water. In the Solikox manual for rabbits it is indicated that the treatment course lasts only three days. However, for several months, preventive measures should be observed to avoid the recurrence of the disease. For this it is necessary during the month to gradually give the animal 2 ml of medicine.

Possible side effects

In general, animals tolerate this drug well, but some individuals may experience an allergy attack. It manifests as itching, diarrhea or irritation.

There are several cases when you urgently need to contact a veterinarian. For example, if a pet has completely lost its appetite, there is frequent stools (more than 10 times a day) and eyes fester.

To avoid this, you need to strictly follow the instructions "Solikox" for rabbits and comply with the required dosage.

Drug reviews

Many livestock breeders have already encountered the use of Solikox for treating rabbits. Basically, you can hear from them positive feedback of the following type:

  • Like a convenient way to use. You can gently pour the contents from the vial into a syringe and give the medicine to your pet.
  • Like the fact that it is an excellent means for prevention. In order to forget about various infections, it is necessary to do a similar procedure two or three times a week for a month.
  • Especially praise the effectiveness of this tool, the rabbit becomes noticeably easier after a few days.
  • Almost 90 percent of animals were able to avoid the manifestations of side effects.
  • Another plus is the availability, the drug can be bought at any pharmacy.

As for the negative sides, some livestock breeders do not like the price of “Solikox”.


It is not recommended to give this medication to pregnant rabbits, during this period it is better to keep them away from their fellows, so that there is no risk of infection. If the pet is still ill, then it can be given, but under the strict supervision of a specialist. The veterinarian will determine the time at which it is safest to perform this procedure.

The drug should be stored strictly in a closed container, in a dark place, the permissible temperature ranges from 5 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Do not give the drug immediately after dissolving it in water, it is worth the wait for a while.

We should also talk about such an important factor as the price of “Solikox”. It is sold in different quantities. Approximately a bottle of medicine with a dosage of 10 milliliters costs seventy rubles.

Rabbits are the most lovely and tender creatures. What a pity that these furry creatures are often exposed to various diseases. What to do if the rabbit got infected and became ill? It should be remembered that there is a solution - take "Solikoks". This is one of the most effective drugs, already tested on millions of animals, which will return your beloved pet to life in a few days.

What is a tool?

The simplest coccidia, which describes 10 species, affects the intestines and liver, causing the rabbit to die from exhaustion. If you do not treat the disease, in the shortest possible time all the livestock of fluffy pets dies.

Solikoks for rabbits - the newest effective development intended for fight against coccidiosis. The drug does not contain substances that can adversely affect the embryos during the reception of the cat rabbit, and also does not cause changes in the animal's body at the cell level.

Attention! The drug acts even in small quantities, but during treatment it is necessary to strictly follow the regimen and dosage.

The main component of solikox is diclazuril. 1 ml of the preparation contains 2.5 mg of this active ingredient. New, non-toxic agent can affect all 10 types of coccidia.

How animals get infected

A rabbit can become infected with coccidiosis in several ways:

  • through feed,
  • through the water,
  • through the milk of an infected mother.

The disease develops quickly. Already for 2-3 days there are signs of the disease. More often coccidia affect young growth from the time of weaning from mother to 4 months.This is due to the fact that at this age the rabbit is transferred to a new food and the acidity in the stomach of the animal, which can become a barrier to the penetration of the simplest into the intestine, temporarily decreases.

To prevent the spread of coccidiosis in the household will help the following rules:

  1. Rabbit should not be kept in cramped. Each individual should be allocated enough space.
  2. Diet need to diversify. Protein overfeeding is especially dangerous.
  3. You can not dramatically change the feed.

  • New individuals for some time should be kept in quarantine.
  • Regularly clean the cells.
  • Avoid drafts and dampness in the rabbit.
  • As a preventive measure, you need to constantly disinfect the instrument after cleaning the cells.

    How to use the drug

    Solikox for rabbits is used at the first suspicions of coccidiosis, when the animals refuse to eat and drink a lot of water.

    The dosage is calculated based on the fact that per day the animal must receive 0.4 ml of the drug dissolved in water. Adults are given a clean preparation by injecting 2 ml of medicine into the oral cavity with a pipette. However, such a procedure with a large population causes difficulties. Therefore, solikox is dissolved in water (1 l of solikox per 10 l of water) and filled with a healing liquid of the drinker.

    As a preventive measure, the drug is given after jigging from the mother:

    • on the 1st day - 0.2 ml,
    • on the 2nd - 0.3 ml,
    • on the 3rd - 0.4 ml.

    Solikox for rabbits is one of the most effective drugs. The cost of medication is low, and you can buy it at any veterinary pharmacy.

    Description and composition of the drug

    Solikoks drug is available in bottles, the volume of which is 10 ml or 1 liter, and is a viscous transparent liquid for oral administration.

    The active ingredient in the composition of the drug is diclazuril, belonging to the group of benzenacetonitriles. One milliliter of solution contains 2.5 mg of active substance.

    Solikox is active against different types of coccidia - the simplest unicellular microorganisms that parasitize the intestines and liver of rabbits and other animals.

    This drug has several advantages:

    1. It has a detrimental effect on all types of coccidia.
    2. It is combined with other drugs - antibiotics, vitamins, coccidiostatics.
    3. Rapidly excreted from animals. Rabbits can be killed within 5 days after the end of the course of treatment.
    4. The course of treatment Solikoksom short. The treatment lasts 2-3 days.
    5. The drug is not dangerous to animals. It is not able to accumulate in the tissues and does not show mutagenic properties.
    6. In case of overdose does not cause unpleasant symptoms and side effects.
    7. It can be used to treat baby rabbits from the age of one month.
    8. Suitable for prophylactic use. It reliably protects healthy individuals from infection with parasites.
    9. It is convenient to give the drug to rabbits, from a syringe or with drinking water.

    Attention! Solikox - highly effective coccidiostatic of the new generation. It is absolutely safe even for rabbits, recently taken away from the mother.

    In what cases to apply Solikoks?

    The drug is intended for the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis. This disease is caused by unicellular microorganisms coccidia. Rabbits are susceptible to infection by ten types of pathogens, moreover, only one of them is parasitic in the liver, and the rest in the intestine.

    Attention! At risk, young animals under the age of 3 months.

    Coccidiosis is very dangerous. If the disease is acute, the animals are more likely to die within 2 weeks. In other cases, recovery is possible, but the rabbits, which managed to cope with the disease, remain coccidiosis.

    Rabbit coccidiosis

    Outbreaks of the disease are more often recorded in the warm season. Factors contributing to the spread of infection are:

    1. Incorrect feeding. If the diet of pets is dominated by protein foods, they are at risk.
    2. Crowded content.
    3. Unsanitary conditions.
    4. Dampness, drafts, lack of vitamins help to reduce the immunity of animals.

    Important! Solikox should be used as prescribed by a veterinarian if he diagnosed coccidiosis in rabbits.

    This disease is manifested by the following symptoms:

    • exhaustion
    • depression, refusal to feed,
    • diarrhea,
    • bloating, its droop,
    • some individuals show disorders of the nervous system - rabbits throw back their heads, they have seizures,
    • in the event of liver damage, the mucous membranes become yellow.

    Having found any of the listed symptoms in a rabbit, it is immediately isolated from relatives and a veterinarian is invited to inspect and prescribe treatment.

    Instructions for use and dosage

    The drug can be used for prevention and for the treatment of sick pets. The dosage is different in each case. Let us consider how to give Solikox rabbits correctly in order to prevent the disease:

    • on the first day, pets are allowed to take 0.2 ml of the drug per kilogram of body weight,
    • the next day, the dosage is increased to 0.3 ml / kg,
    • on the third day, the prophylactic dose is 0.4 ml / kg of weight,
    • in the future, adult rabbits are given a drink of 2 ml of the drug once a month.

    The treatment regimen of rabbits with Solicox looks like this - 0.4 ml of the drug per kilogram of body weight is given to drink 1 time per day for 2-3 days.

    Drug injection with a syringe

    The drug does not necessarily dissolve in water. You can give the rabbit medicine from a syringe without a needle, by taking him by the pet's cheek. If this method is inconvenient, then use another - a liter of the drug is dissolved in 10 liters of drinking water and poured into a drinker. If there are few rabbits, then the amount of the solution can be reduced by keeping the proportions:

    • 500 ml of the drug is dissolved in 5 liters of water
    • Dissolve 250 ml in 2.5 liters of drinking water.

    Attention! In the instructions for the drug manufacturer notes that when preparing a solution of the drug is added to the water, and not vice versa.

    Solikox helps to cure coccidiosis quickly - within 2-3 days, and, one week after the start of therapy, pets can be killed. To protect livestock from a dangerous disease, you should use this medicine for prevention. Do not be afraid of overdose, the manufacturer indicates that even if you exceed the dose several times, the animal is not in danger.