Instructions for use Fosprenil for cats


In the article I will talk about the composition of the drug Fosprenil for cats, for which it is used, as well as the effect it has on the body. I will consider, the instruction, in what dosage it is used, depending on the age of the animal, what side effects may occur during the application. I will tell about contraindications to use, and in what conditions the drug is stored, as well as its price.

Characterization of the drug fosprenil for cats and dogs

Fosprenil is a natural medicinal product, which is aimed at combating viruses in cats, dogs and even birds. It is a clear liquid for injection without color. Packaged in containers of glass or plastic from two to one hundred ml. The containers are closed with a rubber stopper, on top of which metal clamps are put on. From 1 to 5 containers with the preparation are placed in the packing box. Instructions for use are placed in each package.

The structure includes:

  • extract of pine needles (polyprenols phosphate disodium salt),
  • glycerol,
  • ethanol
  • sodium chloride,
  • twin-80.

It has the following healing properties:

  • eliminates inflammatory processes,
  • strengthens the immune system by raising antibodies in the blood,
  • interferes with the development of fungal, streptococcal and staphylococcal microorganisms in the intestine,
  • eliminates the harmful effects of toxic substances on the body,
  • removes toxins from the liver and kidneys,
  • stimulates the full development and growth of kittens,

To improve the effectiveness of the tool is recommended to use it simultaneously with interferon.

Fosprenil can be produced in large bottles for veterinary use.

Instructions for use

  • intramuscularly
  • rectally
  • subcutaneously
  • intravenously,

Intramuscularly administered:

  • as preventive measures pet in contact with a sick animal. Dosage - 0,9-1 ml. at once.
  • during the course of treatment the dose of taking on one kg of the mass of a pet is 0.2-0.3 ml. at one time. The duration of use is prescribed by a veterinarian.
  • for the treatment of serious diseases adult animals dosage of one injection is 0.5 ml per kg body weight.
The release of the drug in a mini bottle for injection

An injection is made in the withers to reduce the painful sensations of the animal. An injection is given once or twice a day for three or five days. In severe form of the disease 7 days.

After all the symptoms of the disease have disappeared, the medicine is still given for two days.

For kittens, the dosage is calculated by the veterinarian. As a rule, the daily rate does not exceed 0.8-1.2 ml per 1 kg of body weight. A single dose of 0.3 ml. If the daily dose is large, the intake is divided into four doses.

Applying Fosprenil at home, it is given to the cat in an oral way. After removing the needle from the syringe and holding the head of the animal, the medicine is injected in small portions. With oral administration, the dose must be doubled.

After injection, the drug enters the blood of the animal and accumulates in the liver and spleen. It retains therapeutic properties in the body for 10-15 hours, then it is removed from the body with waste products.

Precautionary measures

When working with the drug should:

  • observe the rules of hygiene,
  • in case of accidental contact with the eye of the medication, it is washed with plenty of water.
If you get fosprenil in the eyes, immediately rinse them with water.

Cost and analogues

You can buy Fosprenil in veterinary clinics and pharmacies. Cost:

  • 10 ml — 178 rubles,
  • 50 ml — 780 rubles.

Fosprenil has no analogs.

Fosprenil is a high-quality, effective drug for the treatment of diseases, as well as preventive measures to strengthen the immune system of fluffy pets.

Application cases

Fosprenil cats are prescribed for various ailments, as well as for the purpose of preventive measures. Often the drug helps to prevent the development of complications arising against the background of the underlying disease. Fosprenil is used in many cases..

  • Food poisoning. Unfortunately, domestic cats are not immune to infection. Even a single use of stale canned feline can lead to irreparable consequences. Fosprenil helps prevent severe intoxication of the body, prevents the harmful effects of toxic substances, prevents them from being absorbed into the blood.
  • Respiratory tract infections. In the case of a sudden onset of pneumonia or bronchitis, Fosprenil is able to cope superbly. The drug has a strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. Help rendered in time can save the life of an animal.
  • Viral infections. Phosprenil can be used with cat flu or when plague virus is detected. In many situations that are often hopeless, the drug will help save a pet's life.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. You can give Fosprenil to cats with existing abnormalities in the bowels or stomach. So even with severe enteritis, colitis, or peritonitis, the drug can have a pronounced therapeutic effect.

Pharmacological characteristics

The composition of Fosprenil includes disodium salt of polyprenols phosphate, sterile liquid, ethyl alcohol and tween-80. The use of Fosprenil in the treatment of cats is more than justified. Regular use of this drug allows you to achieve more than satisfactory results with all the necessary recommendations. The therapeutic effect is directed not only to reduce the adverse symptoms, but to eliminate the cause of the disease itself..

  • Restores immunity. During the period of illness, the cat's body weakens and therefore needs additional protection. Not every medicine has the ability to benefit the health of cats. Fosprenil increases the body's resistance, helps to maintain a healthy balance.
  • Improves metabolism. Proper use of the drug helps to improve cellular metabolism. As a result, the animal is likely to recover, there are no symptomatic complications.
  • Strengthens the influence of other drugs. Treatment of cats with Fosprenil more than justifies itself. If you give the drug together with other analogues, the positive effect of the use is enhanced.

Dosing and Administration

Fosprenil has practically no contraindications. It can be used both one-time and in combination with other drugs. For prophylactic purposes, the drug is used in the form of a liquid solution. Fosprenil is injected into the cat's body intravenously or intramuscularly. There is another way. You can wipe the nasal passage and eyes of your pet after contact with a sick individual in order to reduce the risk of infection by infection to a minimum. It is also not superfluous to once injection the cat to achieve the same effect. For this, 1 ml is enough.

In other cases (non-prophylactic) act strictly according to the scheme. Dosage of Fosprenil to cats is 0.2-0.3 ml. Per kg. weight. Body weight is important, you can not increase the dose yourself. Usually, to reduce pain, injections are given in the withers of an animal once or twice a day. The duration of treatment is from six to ten days.

If necessary, repeat the course, paying attention to changes in symptoms. In the case of Fosprenil for kittens, the dosage varies. It is only up to 1 ml. Per day. Despite the fact that the medicine is allowed to use the cubs, yet they should not be abused.

Side effects

In very rare cases, long-term use of Fosprenil in cats may cause certain negative reactions. It should be noted that they do not carry any danger to the life and health of the animal and pass immediately after the drug is canceled..

  • Increase in body temperature. Sometimes the cat may experience a temporary increase in temperature caused by the action of Fosprenil. The animal often refuses to eat, lies more than moves.
  • Some concern. Even the most quiet and calm cat can become disobedient and a little aggressive as a result of Fosprenil exposure. Anxiety is associated with the pain that the cat is experiencing. Often she has a rapid heart beat. It takes time for the body to recover and begin to recover little by little.
  • Reduced appetite. A cat may refuse to love their food, show lethargy and apathy. It is necessary to give her the opportunity to fully recover. The kitty will certainly start playing and running around the apartment later.

Thus, the drug Fosprenil is highly effective. It can be used in many cases. Fosprenil has functions that help restore the body. It has a bright antiviral, bactericidal, immunostimulating action. The drug has a high performance and quite reasonable price. However, it is not recommended to self-medicate if you find any ailments in the cat. Fosprenil can be prescribed only by a veterinarian, based on the results of a preliminary examination of the animal. The health of your beloved pet is too important a thing to experiment with.

Indications for use

The drug has antiviral activity against:

  • coronavirus,
  • paramyxovirus,
  • orthomyxovirus,
  • herpesvirus,
  • Togavirus.

The drug "Fosprenil" instructions for use recommends a comprehensive prevention and treatment of viral infections in dogs with plague of carnivores, viral enteritis, infectious hepatitis and adenoviroza, in cats with panleukopenia, calcivirosis and infectious rhinotracheitis, in horses, young pigs and cattle, domestic birds and pigeons.

With an outbreak of acute viral infection, the drug prevents its spread. The drug is carried out non-specific prevention of the disease with the possible contact of the carrier of a viral pathogen with a healthy individual.

Admission Rules

Solution "Fosprenil" instructions for use are advised to use for intramuscular, subcutaneous, oral, rectal and intravenous administration. They can wash the mucous membrane of the nose and eyes. For oral use, the amount of the solution is doubled, and for intravenous use, the dosage is halved.

For intramuscular injections for the treatment of viral infections using a single therapeutic dose, which is 0.2 ml per 1 kg of body weight of the animal. Per day is allowed to enter from 0.6 mg to 0.8 ml per 1 kg of weight.

For the treatment of severe or moderate forms of viral infection, a single therapeutic dose of the drug for intramuscular injection is increased several times.

Therapy begins when the first signs of illness. In severe viral infections, the drug is combined with medicines for symptomatic and pathogenetic treatment. Application ends 3 days after the passage of the main signs of the disease. The veterinarian may prescribe a repeated course of therapy, as indicated by the instructions for use of the medicine Fosprenil. The price for 5 bottles of 10 ml each will be about 650 rubles.

Products obtained from animals and birds treated with an antiviral agent can be used indefinitely as food.

Treatment of cats

The drug is considered a unique tool that can be used to treat many mammals and birds.

Perfectly suitable solution "Fosprenil" for cats. The instructions for use contains recommendations for the treatment of diseases such as the plague, viral hepatitis, enteritis, panleukopenia, infectious peritonitis, calcivirosis and influenza.

A positive result of therapy for the initial development of the plague is 98%, its intestinal modification is 90%. Pulmonary form can be cured in 85% of cases, and nervous - only in 60%.

Good performance (up to 90%) shows the drug in the treatment and prevention of panleukopenia, feline flu, herpetic rhinotracheitis, calcivirosis and other infections of a viral nature.

A single dose for kittens is 0.3 ml per 1 kg of weight, and the daily dose is from 0.9 to 1.2 ml per 1 kg of weight. For adult cats, 0.2 ml per kg of body weight is used at one time, and from 0.6 to 0.8 mg per kg of body weight per day.

The duration of treatment with the drug "Fosprenil" for cats instructions for use sets about 7 days.

Rabbit treatment

An important feature of the use of the drug in sukrolny rabbits 9 days after fertilization is to increase the reproducibility and fertility of healthy offspring. It also increases the survival rate of young individuals and the increase in their muscle mass, while reducing the number of weakly developed pups.

Usually, when intramuscularly injected with Fosprenil solution for rabbits, the instructions for use include recommendations regarding the use of a dose of 0.2 ml per 1 kg of weight.

Under the action of the drug, erythrocytes and hemoglobin, segmented neutrophils, lymphocytes and gamma globulins are more intensively produced.

Treatment of birds

When nonspecific prevention of infection, reducing the death of birds, the use of the drug "Fosprenil" instructions for use for birds recommends a dosage of 0.05 ml per 1 kg of body weight.

For the treatment of respiratory and intestinal diseases, the drug is administered orally or by aerosol. In the second method of therapy, the working solution is prepared by dissolving 20 ml of the drug in 1 liter of water with the addition of glycerin (10%). The resulting mixture using aerosols sprayed in an amount of 0.4 ml per 1 square. room meter.

Application for pigeons

A frequent disease of poultry is viral worm. The disease can be determined by the basic initial signs of infection: lethargy, depression, feather ruffiness, increased thirst, closed eyes and low mobility. After 3 days, impaired motor coordination and indigestion are manifested. The next step is nerve damage to the brain. Most infected individuals die. The most effective way to prevent contamination of other farms is burning dead birds.

For treatment, you can use the drug "Fosprenil." Instructions for use for pigeons describes the joint introduction of this solution with drugs "Gamavit" and "Sporovit." This therapy is carried out from 5 to 6 days.

In this case, the effect of the drug is aimed at mobilizing the body's defenses, for performing antiviral and immunomodulating activity due to the production of interferon and other resistance factors.

The drug "Fosprenil", obtained from pine needles, has a direct effect on the disruption of the vital activity of viruses that have penetrated into the cells of birds.

Description and properties

The active ingredient of Fosprenil is disodium salt. It is isolated from an environmentally friendly product, pine needles, by phosphorylation of polyprenol alcohols. Dosage forms of the drug - solution for injection and for oral administration. More than 95% of it is special water. The main component is contained in a fraction of 0.4%. There are also auxiliary components: glycerin, ethanol and polysorbate 80 derived from olive oil.

The characteristics of the solution Fosprenil:

  • appearance: transparent or iridescent,
  • color yellow or colorless,
  • sediment no
  • Factory packaging: glass bottles of 3-10 ml and 50 ml with rubber stoppers and metal retainers.

Instructions for use prohibits pouring liquid into another container, store it near food or feed. Keep Fosprenil in a dry, dark place inaccessible to children and animals. Temperature range within + 4 ... + 25 ºС. The shelf life in this case will be 24 months from the date of issue.

Attention! Reception Fosprenil after the expiration date is prohibited. Such a solution does not need special disposal because of its natural nature.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

Fosprenil used for therapy:

The solution has an antiviral effect. Fosprenil activates the body's own forces to combat pathogens, enhances the body's immune response during vaccination, enhancing its result. The healing effect of the drug provides an increase in weight gain with a constant amount of feed. The drug is used to combat intestinal and respiratory infections.

After ingestion, the active substance accumulates in the reproductive organs, spleen and liver. The maximum concentration of Fosprenil is reached after 0.5-3 hours, depending on the type of animal. According to the instructions for use, removing the medication takes 10-16 hours. All this time, it retains a beneficial effect, and then leaves the body with urine and feces.

Dosage and Recommendations for Admission

Instructions for use of the drug depends on the type of animal and veterinarian goals. For the prevention and treatment of diseases, a daily dose of Fosprenil 0.05 ml / kg is used:

  1. Bird. The solution is administered orally with drinking for 10 days. To prevent respiratory viral ailments, an aerosol is prepared: 20 ml of Fosprenil is mixed with 0.1 l of glycerin and 1 l of water. It is sprayed in the chicken coop by means of aerosol generators on the basis of a norm of 0.4 ml / sq. m
  2. Свиньи. Вводится с водой или внутримышечно. Курс 10 дней.
  3. Лошади. Used for intravenous injection. For the prevention of respiratory diseases - 15 days., Intestinal - 10.
  4. Minks When relapse of the Aleutian disease - with drinking 1 time in 5-7 days. throughout the treatment.

Council With treatment, the treatment is prolonged until the symptoms disappear.

As an immunostimulant, Fosprenil is given to young animals during the first month of life. The dose is the same. The course consists of a 5-time medication. The numbering of days: 2, 5, 10, 14, 20. The route of administration is any convenient.

For fur animals standards differ. Fosprenil is administered with food once a week for a month after jigging, then once every 2 weeks. down to slaughter. Standards for cats and dogs:

  • daily dose - 0.6-0.8 ml / kg (adults), 0.9-1.2 ml / kg (puppies and kittens),
  • single dose - 0.2-0.3 ml / kg.

Veterinarians do not prohibit giving Fosprenil animals before slaughter. Also, a natural product does not affect the quality of eggs.

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