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Every second person in the house today has a pet - a cat or a cat. This shaggy ball of happiness from the very beginning becomes a family member, and accordingly, and care for him should be proper. With the appearance of a pet in the house, you must immediately take care of its nutrition. And Royal Canin cat food is best for this.

Dry and wet food "Royal Canin"

The firm "Royal Canin" produces various types of cat food. This and all sorts of dry, as well as extremely tasty wet mixture. The latter are based on fresh pieces of chicken, pork and fish meat. The company has diluted these basic ingredients with equally important vegetable fats and vitamins. “Royal Kanin” dry for cats also has nutritional properties, as it contains dehydrated meat, and the croquettes themselves are made in accordance with the age, breed and needs of cats.

"Royal Canin" for kittens and cats over 7 years old

Each age of cats, like people, has its own specific features. Therefore, the food they should be appropriate.

The smallest can be pleased with Instinctive food. After all, a tiny growing organism requires special - proper - nutrition.

Features: This is the perfect feed for kittens from 4 to 12 months. Since their teeth are still quite small and fragile, the food is made very soft and with small pieces of meat, which, thanks to a special recipe, contribute to the proper growth of the young body.

Composition: This feed ideally combines meat and dairy by-products, as well as elements of plant origin with the necessary vitamins.

Reviews:Many buyers have noted that this type of food is very useful for small kittens, since it can not cause intoxication in an animal.

For those whose pets have crossed the line at 7 years old, Royal Canin has specifically developed Indoor +7 diet food.

Features: Due to the fact that this feed contains extracts of grapes and green tea, the cat continues to feel full of vital energy for a long time. With it, everything is the same as before, you can continue to play, and at the same time the animal will not feel any discomfort. Vitamins in the feed contribute to the improvement of the skin and promote the normal functioning of the kidneys.

Composition: the basis of the feed is dehydrated poultry meat, corn, wheat, barley, vitamins A, B, E.

Reviews: owners of cats and cats, which are already more than 7 years old, were satisfied with this type of food. The manufacturer takes into account all age-related changes in the body.

Royal Canin for domestic cats

Pets who live exclusively in the home and are in a recumbent lifestyle, are very often exposed to diseases such as poor bowel work, overweight and the formation of woolen balls. Therefore, Royal Canin Indoor cat food is the best solution to this problem.

Features: This food is designed in such a way that reduces the body's fat production, and also helps the animal get rid of lumps of wool.

Composition: As with most Royal Canin feeds, dehydrated poultry, rice, corn, animal and vegetable fats are present. But the feature of Indoor is that there are proteins and additives in the composition, which are absorbed as quickly as possible.

Reviews:Most of those who buy this pet for their pet have noticed that the pet has noticeably improved wool, plus the whole cat begins to eat with great pleasure.

Royal Canin for cats on the street

If your pet is often on the street, he needs to choose the appropriate feed. Being away from home, the cat has a chance to pick up some parasites, to have time to take part in a fight, and the energy expenditure goes much more than those animals that are lying on the couch all day. Therefore, the ideal option - cat food "Royal Canin Outdoor", which is well strengthen the immune system.

Features: due to the well-chosen composition of the feed, it contributes to the development of the necessary immunity for street cats, as well as maintaining the strength of bones and joints.

Composition: as part of the feed is dehydrated poultry meat, rice, corn, as well as all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Reviews: many buyers have noticed that their pet has become more active after a long use of this feed, and the skin itself has improved.

Royal Canin for sterilized cats and cats

If you decide to sterilize your pet, then now he just needs special care. His whole body begins to work slightly differently, and this may threaten him with urolithiasis or obesity. The ideal option for a pet would be Royal Canin Sterilised Wet cat food.

Features: This type of food will significantly reduce the risk of sand and kidney stones, and most importantly, the pet will avoid obesity, due to the fact that the pieces in the composition have a balanced calorie content.

Composition: The food for sterilized cats and cats is made from meat and meat by-products, cereals, various vitamins and minerals, as well as with the addition of taurine and L-carnitine.

Reviews:Due to the fact that many owners of fluffy pets castrated them, this food was the perfect solution in terms of nutrition. Thanks to him, the animal feels great, and does not suffer from such ailments as kidney stones and obesity.

Royal Canin for the cats

Strangely enough, today many domestic cats and cats are real gourmets. Habitual food becomes uninteresting to them, and they completely refuse to eat it. For such cases, Royal Canin has 2 types of feed: Exigent 42 and Exigent 33.

Features: for such special animals, the food is made as close as possible to the natural smells of the food. He helps pets to keep themselves in shape and at the same time look amazing.

Composition: The food for the front consists of fish or poultry meat, corn, wheat, as well as all the necessary proteins and minerals. The composition also includes vitamins A, D, E and copper.

Reviews:often even cats taken from the street can be terrible choices in food. Thanks to this feed, they will not go hungry and will definitely look healthy.

"Royal Kanin" medical food for cats

No matter how hard we try to protect our pets from various diseases, quite often this cannot be avoided. "Royal Kanin" for cats healing does not completely eliminate the entire problem (since it is not a medical preparation). But then he will help his pet very well to cope with the disease.

1. "Royal Kanin Urinari" for cats: this food is the best that French developers could come up with. It is ideal for already sick cats, as well as for the prevention of MPS disease.

Features: This product has been approved by specialists all over the world, as it has been developed using a special technology. "Royal Kanin urinari" for cats consists of fresh meat, which is easily absorbed by the body. Treatment takes about 5 to 12 days. But there are some contraindications to its use. These are: pregnancy, lactation, renal or heart failure, hypertension.

Composition: The feed contains poultry meat, wheat and corn gluten, rice, corn, and fish oil. Especially this food is rich in vitamins and microelements.

Reviews: buyers, whose cats have suffered such a disease as the IBC, are still satisfied with the food, as the pet eats it with pleasure and does not harm its health.

2. Royal Kanin Renal for cats: cats diagnosed with renal failure need very special care. Since the pet's body does not work at the right rhythm, it must be provided with proper and fresh food.

Features: Such food is necessary for pets with various kidney diseases, because their appetite is very much reduced. Giving "Royal Canin Renal" for cats can be up to 6 months. After this period, the cat is examined, and if the disease does not go away, this feed can be used until the end of life.

Composition: The main ingredients of this feed are chicken pieces, chicken and pork liver, egg white and fish oil.

Reviews: although this ailment is rare, it can still spoil the life of a pet. That is why, along with the main treatment, doctors advise to feed your pet with such food.

"Royal Canin" for thoroughbred cats and cats

The French company "Royal Canin" manufactures special food for pedigreed cats. The formulation of each feed is chosen specifically and based on the needs of certain breeds:

  1. Royal Canin Sphynx helps the skin of Sphynx cats to be moderately moist and protected. The stern also contains the necessary croquettes for the jaws of pets of this breed.
  2. Royal Canin Maine Coon contains croquettes for large jaws and contributes to the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals of the feed itself.
  3. Royal Canin Siamese helps preserve the graceful and muscular body of cats of this breed and helps to improve the color and quality of wool.
  4. Royal Canin Persian makes the fur of Persian cats smooth and long, and also contributes to a better elimination of wool clumps from the stomach.

Royal Canin cat food is an ideal food for pets of any age and breed. Each species has a number of advantages over other feeds, but most importantly, it is enriched with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. The fact that this is the best food for a pet family, indicate the subparagraphs of our article "Royal Canin" for cats: reviews. " So feel free to buy it, and you too will not regret it!

Canned food for cats royal canin for sterilized cats what to choose and their price, where to buy cheap, composition

Sterilized cats often become lazy, from which they get fat and as a result they get sick more often. To prevent such a sad scenario, the owners of such a cat should think carefully about the diet of the animal.

In the royal canin product line there is food developed specifically for castrated cats and stabilized cats - Royal Canin STERILISED 37. You can buy this food in specialized pet stores, veterinary pharmacies or on the Internet.

The cost of packing food directly depends on exchange rates, since these products are not manufactured outside the territory of our country. Also on the price may affect the size of the package, mark-up store and shipping costs. The average cost of packing dry food weighing 400 grams. makes 250-300 rubles. If you want to make a purchase at a cheaper price. Then you should use the services of online stores.

Pick up food is, given the age of your cat. In the line of feeds from royal canin there is food for sterilized kittens up to 12 months, from 1 to 7 years old, older than 7 years old, older than 12 years old. Each feed is designed to meet the needs of each individual age group.

The composition of food for sterilized cats includes: animal proteins (poultry), cereals, plant fiber, animal fats, fish oil, rice, yeast and other fermentation products, plant protein isolate, animal protein hydrolyzate, minerals, ammonium chloride, fructooligosaccharides, as well as nutritional supplements in the form of vitamins and microelements and technological additives in the form of preservatives and antioxidants.

Canned food for cats royal canin light, renal, urinari, fayber how much it costs and a description of what is included

Royal kanin light feed is for overweight cats. It consists of proteins and animal fats that provide the cat's body with all the necessary components to maintain a healthy physical form. And L-carnitine, which is part of the amino acid feed, has a positive effect on the process of splitting the animal's fat reserves. The average cost per pack weighing 400 g - 250 rubles., 10 kg - up to 5000 rubles.

Royal royal canin renal is intended for cats suffering from chronic renal failure. A feature of this dietary series is the right combination of carbohydrates, proteins and phosphorus. Such an optimal set of trace elements allows the cat to cleanse the body of accumulated harmful toxins and help with the adjustment of the functioning of the kidneys. Part of the chicory root helps to normalize the functions of the pancreas and accelerates the process of metabolism and trace elements.

The average cost per pack weighing 500 g - 450 rubles., 4 kg - 2650 rubles.

The royal canin urinari feed is intended for cats with diseases of the lower urinary tract. If a four-legged friend eats this dietary food, his metabolism will be normalized, excess fats will be released from the body, the digestion process will improve, the animal's body will become more resistant to diseases, and this series of feeds will help control the weight of the animal. Food can significantly assist in the elimination of struvites and dilution of urine. The average cost per pack weighing 400 g - 320 rubles., 7 kg - 3950 rubles.

Royal kanin fayber feed is given to cats suffering from digestive problems. Competently selected composition of fiber of different types has a beneficial effect on the bowels, makes a significant contribution to the fight against disorders in the form of constipation. Present in the composition of the feed, yeast extract contributes to the rapid digestibility of food, and also triggers the functionality of the stomach. The average cost per pack weighing 400 g - 380 rubles, 2 kg - 1550 rubles.

Canned food Royal Kanin Excedent, Junior, Young Mail, Low Fat What are and how much

Royal Canin Excedent - cat food choosy for food. There are several types: Exegent Seyor - for cats choosy for the taste of the product, Exegent protein - for cats - Lead to the composition, Exegent Aroma - food for the fastidious cats in flavor Packing 0.4 kg about 250 rubles.

Royal Canin Yang mail is intended for feeding neutered cats from the moment of surgery to the age of 7 years. The composition of the feed is a sufficiently large amount of protein, helping to maintain the muscle mass of the animal and replenish the body with enough energy. The average cost per pack weighing 400 g - 270 rubles., 10 kg - 5150 rubles.

Canned food Royal Canin Junior and Low Fat are designed for feeding puppies and dogs with digestive disorders.

Canned food Royal Kanin for kittens and cats after surgery which give

During the postoperative period, the cat can be fed with royal canin recovery special food. Its composition is specifically designed in such a way as to help the animal get all the necessary fats, minerals and trace elements, which it needs during the rehabilitation or intensive therapy period. The daily dose indicated on the package, depending on the weight of the animal, should be divided into several doses.

Canned food royal canin pediatrician, recovery, starter price and composition, storage

Royal Canin pediatrician - complete nutrition for kittens from 4 weeks to a year. Divide into several species depending on the growth phase of the kitten (1-4 months, 4 months - 1 year). Ingredients: chicken meat, pork, wheat gluten, rice flour, fish oil, minerals, vitamins, yeast and marigold extract, taurine, L-carnitine.

Royal Canin Recovery is a diet designed for cats and kittens in the period of anorexia, intensive care, recovery after an illness and the postoperative period. Ingredients: meat and meat products, cereals, vegetable by-products, fats, oils, milk and dairy products, eggs, minerals, carbohydrates, yeast.

Royal Canin starter - feed intended for feeding puppies. The cost of one can of canned foods weighing 195 g is about 120 rubles.

Cat food royal canin release form, instructions for use, the daily rate, the rate of feeding per day

Cat food royal canin belongs to premium class feed and is presented in a dry and wet form. Wet food is presented in the form of a pouch and canned food.

Manufacturers recommend that the daily feed rate be divided into several methods. The dosage directly depends on the weight and age of the animal and is indicated on each package on the reverse side.

Royal canin for neutered cats prevention of urolithiasis, for wool what to choose

In the royal canin feed line, there are separate diets for castrated cats (Neutered Young Male), for cats and cats suffering from urolithiasis or for its prevention (Urinary, for the care of cat hair (Hair & Skin), for long-haired cats (Indoor Long Hair ), for the withdrawal of wool (Intense Hairball).

Royal royal canine for kidney failure, constipation, pancreatitis, oxalate, diabetes, allergies, diarrhea, obesity, pancreatitis

Chronic Renal Failure - Renal
Constipation - Obesity Management, Hypoallergenic, Fiber Response
Pancreatitis - Gastro Intestinal Moderate Calorie
Oxalates - Renal, Olinary History Attraction, Urinary S / O, Urinary S / O High Dilution
Diabetes - Diabetic
Allergy - Hypoallergenic, Sensitivity Control
Diarrhea - Hypoallergenic, Sensitivity Control, Gastro Intestinal, Gastro Intestinal Moderate Calorie
Obesity Management

Royal Canin for cats of British breed that gives and how much it costs

For cats of British breed in the royal canin feed line, a special British series has been developed. Среди кормов этой серии можно найти корма для короткошерстых британцев до 12 месяцев и для представителей породы старше 1 года.

При помощи корма для британцев можно проводить профилактику избыточного веса животного. Корм обеспечивает стабильную работу сердца, нормальное пищеварение, препятствует развитию кариеса и кровоточивости из десен кота, а также обеспечивает повышенную устойчивость организма британца к различным кошачьим болезням, свойственным его породе.

Средняя стоимость одной упаковки корма: 400 г. – 270 руб. 2 кг – 1120 руб. 4 кг – 2100 руб. 10 кг – 5100 руб.

Medical royal canin for cats with digestive problems, sensitive digestion which one to choose and a brief description

Sensible diet diet food is perfect for cats with sensitive digestion. It is intended for animals older than one year old suffering from chronic eating disorders. This dry food should not be taken as a substitute for drugs, but it works great in combination with them, providing a softening effect.

What kind of food is better than a plan or royal canin for cats?

Royal kanin and proplan feeds are premium class feeds, which means that they are about the same in quality and nutritional content. In order to choose the best of them, you should observe how the cat likes more and how the cat reacts to each of them in terms of stool (if there are any eating disorders).

What to look for when choosing cat food

Getting into the zoological store for the first time, it is not surprising to lose your head from the huge variety of presented cat food. But to make the right choice, you still need to have a cold head on your shoulders and, when choosing food for a family pet, you should focus not only on beautiful packaging and an acceptable cost, but also on the analysis of cat food in the following points!

  1. If you still do not understand the brands of food, then pay attention to the country of origin. Admittedly, the best feed is made in Denmark, Germany, Canada, USA and in the UK.
  2. Advanced cat owners need to pay attention to the brand of feed. The reputation of some of the feed is very dirty, while others, on the contrary, are unfairly deprived of the attention of buyers. Details about this can be found in the article-rating of dry cat food.
  3. But the most important thing in any feed is the composition. We will teach you to read, analyze and compare cat food and instantly evaluate its real benefit or harm.

Analysis of the composition of cat food

In what cases it is better to put the jar (bag) with food back on the store shelf?

  • If you read that in cat food there is cellulose, sugar, caramel and, attention, Propylen glycol. The latter is considered a sweetener, but in fact it is a means of icing, very harmful to the health of the animal.
  • If the composition of the feed contains E127 (artificial dye), which often provokes oncological diseases.
  • If the composition does not hide a large percentage of offal. Good by-products are useful for the cat, but often under this name, manufacturers mask such unappetizing things as, say, beef skin or simply garbage from slaughterhouses.
  • The inscription "meat" does not mean that meat is part of the feed, but that the manufacturer is trying to hide the true essence of this component. Only if there is a transcript, that is, a detailed list of meats, can we expect that your cat will eat exactly the pure product.
  • Do not buy feed if you saw Ethoxyquin, BHA (E320) and BHT (E321) as part of it. These are artificial antioxidants that can affect the liver, cause depression, seizures, and skin neuroses.
  • Chemical preservatives are also not the best food for your cat.

What does good cat food consist of?

  • In the first place in the composition of a good feed will be meat! It must be at least 35%! Beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit or fish are useful meat components.
  • The next component to be present in the feed is protein. 20% protein is a good number. Egg or milk protein is an excellent natural filler.
  • Only 10% comes from high-quality offal.
  • Plant fibers needed by cats should not exceed 25% of the composition. Oats, wheat, rice, corn - cats are useful only if the manufacturer does not add them in order to save on meat.
  • Additional mineral and vitamin supplements are only a plus to the manufacturer’s karma.

To the safe and necessary additives belong:

  • vitamin C,
  • vitamins H, K, B3, I15, B5, B6, B2, B1,
  • Calciumoxid, Calcium phosphate, Calciumcarbonat (calcium),
  • Calcium pantothenat (vitamin B5),
  • chloride, choline chloride,
  • cobalt, copper, copper carbonate, copper sulfite, iron sulfite, iron oxide, manganese, zinc and copper,
  • the presence of an amino acid such as taurine in the composition is also a good indicator and incentive to buy food,
  • natural antioxidants (vitamins E and C) will not harm your pet.

Comparing types of cat food

Keep in mind - the price depends on the quality of the feed!

Budgetary feeds are economy class. You will instantly recognize them on the shelf, because these feeds are actively advertised, are most widely represented on the market and can be bought at almost any supermarket. Economy class feeds include Whiskas, Kitekat, Darling, Friskies, Oscar, Four-legged Gourmet, etc.

The economy class feed contains many artificial additives (flavor enhancers, dyes and preservatives), but the meat is offensively small. It is designed to replace low-quality by-products and vegetable proteins. Such feed will never be properly balanced and the differences in the line are only in tastes, and not in filling. The digestibility of feed economy class - 60-65%.

Higher level - premium food. They are also inexpensive and do not have a high content of meat. Of those that are presented in our stores, Royal Canin (Russia), Pro Nature, Nutra, Happy Cat, etc. belong to premium class feeds.

It is assumed that there is a little more meat in them than in the feed of the previous class, and by-products are better. In the premium class feed, division by appointment is already encountered (kittens are elderly cats, and for the production of wool, common foods). The digestibility is 70-75%.

The price of super-premium cat food is already palpable for the family budget. These feeds are practically not advertised, since it is believed that the reputation of the Hills, Royal Canin (France), ProPlan, Nutra Nuggets and other brands speaks for itself. Super premium feeds can be bought exclusively at pet stores and vetchredenie.

There is a lot of meat in them, vegetable protein is not enough, artificial additives are not at all. It is absorbed by 85-95% and already takes into account the breed of cats and cats.

Our cat "Pyramid Maslow" of the Human Grade (Holistic) class feed completes our collection, which can be purchased only by reservation. Eagle Pack Holistic, Evo, Orijen, Felidae - these are all Michelin stars in your pet's bowl.

Elite food in the composition have vegetable components, expressed without treatment with harmful substances (n / p pesticides). Sources of animal origin are grown without the use of hormones and antibiotics. By the way, if you wish, you too can taste this food for a couple with your pet without harming yourself.

Features of the composition of dry cat food

Leave the myths about the uselessness of dry food in the past, because, in fact, the compositions of wet, semi-moist and dry food are the same. The difference is only in proportions.

To understand this, let's imagine how the process of production of dry food.

First, nutritionists develop a recipe. Its components are mixed with the help of automatic machines and this raw material is baked and pressed through “sieves” determining the future form of dry food. The following is a decorating process. That is, the dried pieces of food are “pollinated” with fat and digestives, which make the dry product more appetizing. These are the main processes for the production of dry food.

Therefore, in good dry food it will not be stated that the percentage of the meat component is too high. By law, the manufacturer indicates the proportion of the final product, and dried meat can not occupy more than 50%. Normally and usually it is 35%.

If you do not find dry meat in the first place, do not worry, its weight after drying determines 4, 5, and even 10th place in the composition.

The lack of dyes and flavors suggests that the food is not harmful to the cat.

In addition to the composition of cat food is to look at the daily rate of feeding. That feed is more nutritious for an animal whose producers have declared a low daily intake rate.

Features of wet cat food

As we have said, the compositions of dry and wet cat food are almost always the same, but what distinguishes wet food from drying is how, as the captain claims, humidity! Canned food, it sometimes, up to 80% moisture (dry food - 6%). This indicator is important for those who want to understand exactly how much and what his cat will eat. For this, knowing the percentage of moisture (it is necessarily indicated on etiquette), you need to calculate the correct percentage of protein and fat. There, on the etiquette, you can read a fraction of the dry residue.

And now we recall the school course of mathematics and using the example of canned food with a humidity of 80%, let's calculate, say, the amount of fiber.

So, the composition tells us that in canned cat food moisture is 80%, dry residue is 20%, fiber is 5%. We divide 5% by 0.2 (this is our 20% of the dry residue) and we get an amazing figure - in fact, the fiber in the bank is 25%! In the same way you can try to count the amount of protein, fat and so on.

What else can you learn from the composition of wet cat food? Of course, according to the rules, ahead of the list of ingredients should be those products that are larger in composition, but manufacturers are often cunning. For example, at the very end of the list you see wheat flour, bran, and ground corn, which are represented by small percentages. But you add these percentages together and, it is possible that their weight exceeds the weight of meat.

One of the producers' tricks is the word flavor. If the canned food is “tasteful,” then you can be sure that the source of taste (beef, shrimp) in the composition is not perfect, but artificial additives imitating snacks have a surplus.

By the way, the words all ("completely") or "100%" are also insincere. Moreover, in some countries they are prohibited by law from placing canned food on animals on labels. 100% means only one product in a jar, and this is technologically impossible.

Cold mind and warm heart - this is what you should be guided in when choosing food for your pet. After all, good nutrition and your love is the key to a good and healthy life!