The three main types of dog breeds terrier


York is the smallest of the terriers: its height does not exceed 24 cm, and its weight is up to 3, 1 kg. It is an elegant breed, compact and sturdy. Thin, silky, shiny wool grows on two sides of the parting, which stretches from nose to tail. Its length reaches the floor. Color blue - steel with a golden head.

Character friendly, courageous, tireless.

Yorkshire Terrier

The dog is not aggressive, but may show a hunting instinct.

This is a strong, squat dog with a proud posture. Wool is black, brindle or wheat color, tough. Its length can reach the floor (skirt). On the head, wool forms a mustache and beard.

Scotch terrier

Scotch is stubborn and resolute, resourceful and restrained in the manifestation of feelings. Height is 25-28 cm, weight is 8.5 - 10.5 kg.

Jack Russell

Jack Russell has a height of 25 - 30 cm and a weight of 5 - 6 kg. This is a squat dog, slightly stretched format, flexible and stocky. The coat is smooth, hard or intermediate. The color is white with red or black spots.

Jack is fearless, agile, friendly and playful.


This breed gives the impression of power, strength and agility.

Elegant, height 43-48 cm and weighing 26 - 40 kg. Color is both solid and spotty, incl. brindle.

Staffordshire Terrier

Amstaff is bold, purposeful, stubborn and obedient.

Small, tightly knit with hard wool gray color, wheat and tiger. The appearance of the core is natural, slightly disheveled. Character bold, brave, funny and adventurous.

Cairn terrier

Height - 28-31 cm, weight 6-7.5 kg.

Compact dog with short legs and back, strong and muscular. The coat is hard, shorter on the head and ears than on the body. On the neck - a small collar. The color is black, red, grizzly, wheat and gray.

Height - 25 cm, weight - 5.5 kg.

Norwich Terrier has the courage, mobility, friendliness and ingenuity.


Weight - 11-12 kg, height - 46 - 48 cm. The constitution is strong, athletic, dry. The coat is of medium length, hard, with a small beard on the face and a brow over the eyes. Color - red.

Irish Terrier

The character of the Irish Terrier is cheerful, friendly, active and courageous.


Bedlington is a medium sized dog: height - 41 cm and weight - 8-10 kg.

It looks like a sheep. The build is strong, but elegant with a bend on the back. Wool is soft, airy, blue, liver, sandy and the same colors with tan.

Bedlington terrier

Bedlington is an aristocrat among terriers. He is restrained, affectionate and obedient. It is not timid, brave and courageous.

Kerry has a height of 44-49 cm and a weight of 15-18 kg and a sporty, muscular body. Wool is abundant, thick, saturated blue color. On the head forms a long beard, bangs and mustaches.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry is a bold, quick-witted and playful dog. Brave and gambling, has guard skills.

Tibet is a medium-sized, square-sized dog. The coat is straight, soft and long, closes the eyes. Color any, except chocolate. Height - 36-41 cm, weight 8-13 kg.

Tibetan Terrier

This is an active, friendly dog, slightly suspicious of strangers. Tibetan terriers are affectionate and playful.

This is a small working dog, tightly knit, dry, on high legs. The shape of the head resembles an otter. The coat is short, hard, tight to the body.

On the face a small beard. Color red, blue with tan, grizzly bear, grizzly bear with tan, wheat. The height of the border 28 cm, weight 5-7 kg.

Border Terrier

Temperament balanced, lively, without fuss. Tireless and agile, gentle to man.

The dog has a soft, wavy, long silky coat of wheat color. This is a strong, active pet, agile and active.

Wheat terrier

Wheaten Terrier is affectionate and friendly, has the makings of a caretaker. The height of the dog is 46-48 cm, weight is 18-20 kg.

Dandie dinmont

The dog has a stretched format and short legs. The coat is tough and rather long. On the head they cut wool in the form of a cap.

Mustard or pepper color. Height 20-28 cm, weight up to 10 kg.

Dandie dinmont terrier

Dandy energetic, mobile, affectionate and kind.

Compact, strong, squat dog on short powerful legs. The coat is hard, white in color, with small spots of brown and lemon color. On the head, wool forms a beard and mustache, on the sides - a skirt, almost to the floor.

The height of the dog - 27 - 30 cm, weight - 10.5 - 11.5 kg.

Silikhem terrier

Temperament balanced, cheerful, lively and courageous. The dog is brave, not aggressive.

Toy Terrier

This is a small, graceful, elegant dog with high legs. Build dry. The coat is smooth and short or long with eyes on the ears. Weight up to 3 kg, height 20-28 cm.

Toy Terrier

Toi are mobile, inquisitive and playful. Their temper is gentle and sociable. The dog is smart and friendly.

West Highland White

Dog small size, stocky, short-legged, with a powerful physique. Wool is hard, wire-like, longer on the head, legs and forms a skirt.

The temperament of West Highland is lively, inquisitive, brave and courageous. The dog is friendly, cheerful and intelligent.

Height 28 cm, weight 7-9 kg.


The American Bald Terrier is a small dog, 25–45 cm tall and weighing 3–6 kg. Externally - it is an elegant dog with noble lines. Build athletic and dry. Color any. The coat is either absent altogether or short and smooth.

Character is lively, friendly.

American Hairless Terrier

The dog is mobile, convivial, quick-witted.

The above terriers - not a complete list. All of them, gathered in a single group, are distinguished by bright character traits inherent only in this breed. This is courage, and determination, and resourcefulness, and a sense of humor. At the same time, they are excellent companions and friends of children with whom you will not get bored.

All terrier breeds and their varieties

All breeds of terriers combine good health, cheerful disposition and concern for the safety of the owners. They are born hunters, real fighters. And, if the maintenance and breeding of other hunting dogs is expensive, terriers are dogs that can be started with any means.

Currently, the International Cynological Federation has approved 32 breeds of terrier dogs, 20 of which were bred in England and Scotland, 4 in Ireland, and the rest based on them. Despite the strong external differences between the formidable bull terrier and the little toy terrier, they are relatives. There are also terriers, whose standards are approved in different countries (America, Japan and Russia).

English terriers can be both smooth-haired and smooth-haired. Both breeds have two directions in breeding: separately for exhibitions and hunting. Norwich and Norfolk-Terriers are mainly used as burrow dogs and rat-catchers, however there are a lot of show individuals among them. The Jack Russell Terrier can also be attributed to hunting.

Five groups of terriers

The British divide all breeds of terrier dogs by region and place of origin into five groups: 13 breeds from England, 4 from Scotland, 4 from Ireland, 2 from Wales, and 4 from the border areas between England and Scotland. The vast majority of Britain's burrowing terriers have a hard coat that does not require special care. Trimming is subject to hairless Fox Terriers, Lakeland Terriers, Welsh Terriers, Sealyham Terriers, Scottish and Czech Terriers.

Terriers are universal dogs, and this section describes in detail the most popular of their breeds. Interestingly, the terriers practically do not shed, which is a big plus when the content in the house.

Giant and large breed dogs

This category includes dogs that are quite impressive in size. And some are not just big animals, but real giants.


Powerful Central Asian Shepherd Dog, the second name of which is Turkmen Wolfhound. According to historical data, this breed was formed naturally. Thanks to the harsh conditions in which this happened, the Alabai acquired unprecedented endurance and excellent physical characteristics. Today they are successfully used as watchdogs.

Alaskan malamute

Large aboriginal breed, which the Eskimo tribes brought to work in sledding. Alaskan Malamutes do not bark, but communicate by grumbling and howling. But this is not their only feature - dogs need regular physical exertion and are not suitable for everyone.

English Mastiff

Mastiffs or in other words - big pugs belong to the oldest Old English breed. In ancient times, they were used to hunt large animals, guard slaves, military service, and other, not always, peaceful, work. But today the English Mastiff is a great dog - a companion and favorite of the family.

Dogo Argentino

The pride of Argentina, as it is the only registered breed in this country. Various Molossian breeds took part in its creation, and they awarded the dog of Argentina with all the unique qualities of a fighter, guard and hunter.

Afghan hound

Top of elegance and aristocracy, with which the nature of the dog could reward, the Afghan hound has all this. Being a hunting breed for a long time, nowadays it can be seen more often, lying on a sofa or elegantly prancing on the most prestigious exhibition arenas.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernas, as the breed lovers affectionately call them, are excellent companions suitable for large, friendly families. And once, back in the 1st century BC, Bernese Mountain Dogs roamed with herds across the expanses of the Roman Empire.


Powerful hunting dog chasing prey on a blood trail and famous for its sharp instinct. And although hunting in the Bloodhounds is a priority, from such colorful dogs you get excellent family dogs - with their charisma and character.

Dogo Bordeaux

A large dog with an athletic physique, a descendant of powerful Molossus, who perfectly does the work of a guard, watchman and bodyguard. Dogue de Bordeaux requires serious training, but with the right approach, a person acquires a fearless and intelligent four-legged friend.


So called quite a rare breed of French Shepherd. Being a shepherd for a long time, gradually Beauceron turned into a family dog. And caution and distrust of representatives of this breed allows the use of dogs as guards and watchmen.


Have you ever seen a calf-sized lapdog? This is exactly what the Briar breed looks like. It is believed that the breed appeared without human intervention, and these tireless and hardy dogs for a long time engaged in penning livestock.


These descendants of harsh mastiffs, who have a serious appearance, have been captured on the photo in the role of babysitters more than once. Yes, indeed, in bullmastiffs such qualities as good nature, devotion towards the members of their family and alertness to strangers are harmoniously combined.


The South African Boerboel is a breed of mastiff-like dogs with an interesting history. Once they were used to protect farms from the encroachments of wild animals, including lions. Of course, such a purpose left its mark on the character of the dog, but time also smoothed out some sharp corners.


Like all greyhounds, the Greyhounds are distinguished by their graceful constitution and excellent hunting skills. In addition, these dogs were in the Guinness Book of Records, and not because of their beautiful appearance, but for their ability to develop unprecedented speed and overcome the highest obstacles.


This breed of dogs, bred in Germany, was able to gain popularity around the world. First of all, the breed lovers are attracted by their simultaneously elegant and stern appearance. But the character of the Dobermans is not so simple.

Golden retriever

Goldens are dogs not only with a golden color, but also a character. Being originally a hunting breed, its representatives today have found their vocation in various professions. Golden retrievers can be found at the customs post, in the rescue team, among the sappers. Yes, and as a family dog, this dog performs perfectly.

Irish Wolfhound

This is a huge hunting dog, the breed of which appeared in antiquity. Since then, many legends and tales about their heroism and courage have developed around the Irish wolfhounds. But admirers of the breed are sure that these are not fairy tales at all, and dogs really do have similar qualities.

Irish Setter

These large athletes are great companions for people who are keen on hunting or active sports. Yes, the Irish setter is not a sofa dog, but an active, mobile animal, but it is worth remembering that the guard from such a good-natured dog will not work.

Spanish Mastiff

Giant representatives of this breed are full of contrasts, because their harsh, and even threatening, appearance does not match their character. Spanish mastiff is described as a smart, dedicated, caring dog, but devoid of malice and aggression.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Indigenous breed of Caucasian wolfhounds, whose representatives have a formidable appearance and harsh character. These huge dogs clearly distinguish between "their" and "strangers", but otherwise, how would they become one of the best guards, guards, protectors? Caucasian Shepherd is a serious dog, requiring no less serious approach.

Cane Corso

The ancestors of these stately dogs were real gladiators, but even modern Canoe Corsos did not lose their courage and courage. And although the breeding work has made them more accommodating, yet dogs remain vigilant watchmen and attentive guards.


The amazing appearance of the Hungarian Shepherd allowed her to successfully disguise in one of the sheep of the herd protected by her. But Komondor is not at all sheep's temperament, and even a few wolves could not afford to deal with such a formidable and cunning "shepherd."


Among service breeds, the Leonberger is distinguished by its large size and phlegmatic temperament. He is a successful result of breeding work to breed a breed that looks like a lion, and has become a symbol of the eponymous German city.

German dog

The Great Dane is called the Apollo of the dog world, the dog is really different in its stature and harmonious physique. But, in addition, he has qualities that make him an excellent guard, bodyguard, helps to successfully carry guard duty and be the best friend for all family members.

Newfoundland (diver)

The representatives of this breed were used by fishermen for a long time - dogs helped pull the nets out of the water, coped with small errands and were petty animals. Such close cooperation with the man made the Newfoundlands wonderful companion dogs.

Giant Schnauzers

The largest of schnauzers are strong, stately, mobile dogs, with a balanced temperament. It is not known for certain whether they originated from shepherd or hunting breeds, but at present, Giant Schnauzers are successfully used as service dogs.

Russian hunting sighthound

The dogs of this hunting breed have silky hair - dog, for which they got their name. Once, every Russian landowner considered it obligatory to have a pack of these dogs, as proof of their own welfare. Today, the Russian psovy greyhound can be more often met at competitions and exhibition rings.

St. Bernard

Very popular dogs, which are often used in cinema. Not so long ago, St. Bernards were successfully used in rescue activities in mountainous terrain, today they are not only rescuers, but also actors, companions, and even nannies.

Tibetan mastiff

Not so long ago, the world did not hear about these formidable giant dogs, since the Tibetan monks who were engaged in their breeding were in no hurry to share their puffy pets. However, when this happened, Tibetan mastiffs in the blink of an eye became the most popular and expensive dogs on the planet.

Black terrier

Black terriers, or in other words - Stalin's dogs, the largest of the family of terriers. This breed was bred on the territory of Russia, trying to get service dogs capable of working in almost any conditions. As a result, the stamina, performance and endurance of black terriers can really be envied.

Medium breed dogs

This is a fairly extensive group of breeds, which includes both serious fighting dogs and harmless indoor doggies. One thing unites them - not so large sizes as in the aforementioned dogs.

American Bulldog

This breed is considered to be the closest and least touched relative of the old English bulldogs. There were two types of breed - one was used to hold a large beast, the other - as a farm dog. As a result of the selection work, the modern American bulldog is a vigilant guard and loyal friend of the family.

American Pit Bull Terrier

This breed was born as a weapon - merciless, used for bloody human fun. However, long-term breeding work was able to minimize the aggressiveness, preserving the physical data. American Pit Bull Terriers are forbidden to breed in many countries, in others not all are allowed. Но дело не в злобе собак, а в неумении людей с ними обращаться и правильно воспитывать.

English bulldog

This breed with a rich history has come a long way - from pickling dogs to companion pets. English bulldogs are notable for their extraordinary appearance - they are squat, strong, with a big head and a flat face. But, despite the heaviness, representatives of the breed are considered true gentlemen.

English Cocker Spaniel

A dog with a pleasant appearance was once used for hunting. Today, it is more often set up as the pet of the family, because the unofficial name of the breed is “cheerful cocker”. English Cocker Spaniel is a positive, active and good-natured dog that cannot be offended.

Basset hound

Surprisingly, these squat, phlegmatic dogs are hounds. Their sad appearance is by no means a sign of sadness, and some detachment does not mean that the dog is not interested in what is happening around. Previously, aristocrats went to hunt with basset hounds, but today the dog itself behaves like a representative of the upper class - a gentleman from paws to the tip of the tail.


This medium hound has a unique scent that was originally used for hare hunting, and after - for more serious work - searching for explosives. Beagles are not for the lazy, they are not able to sit still for a long time, they love games, training and are happy to participate in any fun.


Perhaps among dog dogs, boxers are the most popular breed. Breeders sought to get the ideal service dogs - disciplined, hardy, with adequate aggression and high intelligence, and, in fact, they did it.

Border Collie

Border Collies have a completely normal but pleasant appearance. However, their uniqueness is not the case. According to research, the Border Collie intelligence is at the level of development of 3-year-old children.

Bull terrier

Serious breed, whose representatives were involved in fighting with the bulls. However, for this purpose she was bred. Bull terriers are very smart, are amenable to training and get along well with everyone. However, in inept hands a dog can become uncontrollable, and considering his excellent physical qualities, this is very dangerous.


Many states still claim to be the motherland of these amazing dogs - beautiful, harmoniously built and intelligent. But Dalmatians require proper upbringing, otherwise the pet may show very unpleasant character traits. Therefore, to get such a dog is better for people with experience.


A rather rare breed of Spitz-type, whose representatives love to "smile." Like other spitz, keeskhonda have a touching appearance, luxurious fur coat and a tail in the form of a ringlet. Their curiosity and ingenuity allows them to master the most difficult tricks, especially without straining.

Long haired collie

These shepherd shepherds, although they have lost their former popularity, still have many admirers. Long-haired collie are dogs with an elegant appearance, calm and sensible, because once they had to make decisions on their own.


This is a unique breed of the cops, whose representatives are ready to participate in any hunt, regardless of weather conditions. Their purpose influenced the excellent physical shape of the dogs, and the interaction with the person made the Kurzhaars very accommodating and intelligible.


This breed is on the top lines of the popularity rating. It has the same qualities as the Newfoundlands (they are still close relatives), but it is more compact in size. Labradors are good-natured, docile and very intelligent, they make the best guides for blind people.


One of the rare working dogs, which still has not lost its purpose. Huskies are driving dogs, as well as hunters, they are very well developed physically and intelligent. But the husky is not recommended to get owners who are not going to use the pet for its intended purpose - these dogs are freedom-loving and not very amenable to training.


The average representative of bearded and brovasti schnauzers. Once they were used for the protection and extermination of rodents, therefore, mittelshnautserov protective instincts are quite developed. Another of the features of these dogs is their unprecedented activity, they need regular games and activities.

German Game Terrier

A rare breed of burrowing hunting dogs, which appeared only in the 20s of the last century. Breeders have tried to get excellent working dogs, and jagdterriers are still subject to mandatory checks of their specific qualities.

Western Scottish Retriever (toller)

Although the breed was bred relatively recently, its purpose is still controversial. But the fact that Tollers are excellent duck hunters is no doubt about that. In addition, the Novo-Scottish retrievers have pronounced protective qualities.

German Shepherd

If you ask people the name of the most popular dog breed, then most likely, most would call it. And so that many children dream about a puppy of a German shepherd, in this there is no doubt. To this day, they are considered the best service-search dogs, and this title is not so easy to earn.


The oldest breed of English hunting dogs, whose representatives combine aristocratic appearance, confidence and developed intelligence. Once, Pointers were reputed to be quite aggressive dogs, but thanks to breeding, they became more docile and affectionate.


Service breed of dogs that has gained worldwide popularity. Today, the Rottweilers, these powerful dogs with a formidable appearance, are used in various services, are brought up for protection and as a companion. But it is worth remembering that such large dogs with pronounced protective qualities need socialization and education.

Samoyed dog

Samoyed dog or Arctic Spitz - a beautiful white dog that once lived in the northern nomadic tribes - grazing cattle, hunted, drove a sleigh, and even watched the master's children. And although the Samoyed dog has not lost its working qualities, today it can often be found at exhibitions.

Siberian Husky

The breed of dogs, bred from the aboriginal dogs of the Far Eastern region of Russia. Today she has a lot of admirers, but future owners should know - Siberian Huskies are working dogs that value freedom and love work.

Chow chow

These Chinese bear dogs require a special approach. Despite the fact that dogs of this breed are not at all similar to their wild ancestors, their DNA is as close as possible to the DNA of wolves. For many centuries, Chow Chows were bred in the monasteries of China, and thanks to their isolation, they retained their original appearance.

Czechoslovakian wolf dog

People for a long time returned to the issue of breeding a hybrid dog and a wolf. And although these two species are genetically close, it was impossible to get a full-fledged dog with unique wolf qualities. Czechoslovakian wolf can be called the most successful hybrid, which was recognized by the International Cynological Federation.

Shar pei

One of the ambiguous Chinese dog breeds is the Shar Pei, which combine a rather amusing appearance with a serious character. It is hard to believe, but these small funny dogs with many skin folds are, in fact, formidable watchmen and guards.


These dogs were taken out for hunting, and they coped well with their duties. Later, their excellent flair was useful for working in the police, and then - they turned into companion dogs. Airedale terriers are very active, inquisitive and temperaments, therefore, it is not recommended to start them with homemates - the dog will definitely get bored.

Small dog breeds

In today's world there is a tendency to increase the popularity of small dogs, and the smaller the pet, the better. This leads to the emergence of new breeds and the improvement of existing ones.


Amazing breed, it is also called "African barking dog", which the tribes of Africa still use to hunt lions to this day! The basenjies do not bark, but make a variety of sounds - croaking, meowing, howling, and, moreover, these dogs wash their faces like cats.

Brussels Griffin

Decorative Belgian dog breed, with a mischievous, and in some places, funny appearance. Once they were favorites of monarchs, but today anyone can make such a nice and funny Brussels griffin.

Welsh Corgi

These are tiny shepherd dogs, which are only smaller in size than their larger fellows. In carrying out the work of the shepherd, they managed to bite the cattle by the extremities, driving them to the herd and not falling under the hooves. There are two types of breed Welsh Korgov - cardigan and pembroke, the first larger and more serious, but the second one just kind of cause joy.

Jack Russell Terrier

Initially, the dogs were bred for burrow hunting, and it was not difficult for them to chase away any animals, directing them into the hands of a hunter. But quickness, activity and cheerfulness allowed Jack Russell Terrier to become an excellent companion dog.

Yorkshire Terrier

Among the decorative crumbs, the Yorkshire Terrier is in first place in popularity. At first glance it may seem that these lovely creatures were bred to please their owners, but no. Once yorkies were kept in coal mines and fought with huge rodents.

Chinese Crested Dog

The dog of this breed today can be found in any state, even with a not very warm climate. And, naturally, the dog, which has a minimum of wool, always attracts the attention of others. By the way, in China, the Chinese crested dog was a symbol of family well-being.

Italian greyhound

This little greyhound with a graceful body structure and a cute attractive face causes only positive emotions. Italian greyhound has a keen sense of smell, eyesight and the ability to run fast, but still her vocation is to be a companion and friend to humans.

Lhaso apso

The oldest breed of dogs with a funny and cute appearance. Certainly, lhaso-apso cause a smile, and their owners unanimously argue that it is unlikely to find a more sensitive and understanding four-legged friend. Once they guarded the monasteries, therefore, the pet invariably greets with an involuntary barking at the homes of uninvited guests.

Maltese (Maltese)

Representatives of this breed are called the most beautiful decorative dogs. Their snow-white luxurious wool, beady eyes and black button-button can not leave anyone indifferent. Maltese lap-dog is very playful, affectionate creature that even beginners can wind up.


These little dogs with a funny little face once guarded the temples, of course, at that time they were somewhat larger. A modern pug will also guard its owners, but if they climb on their knees or sit at the feet of the TV.


The oldest Chinese breed, around which hovers a lot of legends. For example, in one of them, the Pekingese descended from lions and butterflies, on the other - a lion and a monkey. In the ancient state, only the emperor and representatives of noble families could have the Pekingese. When China came out of isolation, members of the breed quickly gained popularity and spread throughout the world.

Peruvian Hairless Dog

At home in Peru, it is considered a sacred animal and believe in the magical properties of a dog. As the name implies, representatives of the breed have no coat, which undoubtedly gives them an original look. Peruvian hairless dog is a gentle animal with a calm temperament, an ideal companion dog.

Pomeranian spitz

This dog has the appearance of toys and, indeed, such a pet can be made for a child. The spitz is quickly attached to its owner, but will not tolerate carelessness. In addition, this crumb shows vigilance and can even rush to the defense of its owner.


One of the most widespread breeds which representatives are on the second place on intellectual abilities. There are several types of breed, but all of them are distinguished by curly hypoallergenic wool. Poodles love to learn, maybe that's why they are often found in arenas of circus performances.


Norn short-legged hunter who has gained popularity around the world. Dachshunds are very curious, inquisitive and playful, however, it is worthwhile for owners to be more attentive on their runs, as the hunting instincts of a pet may suddenly play.

Fox terrier

The breed of dogs, bred for burrowing, today successfully plays the role of a pet family. Fox terriers are extremely active, cheerful and playful, so walking with such a pet will never be boring. The owner will have to pay due attention to his four-legged friend, otherwise he may be a real disaster for housing.

French Bulldog

These small, stocky little dogs with attentive eyes are highly intelligent. This allows them to easily build relationships with all family members, but for training, developed mental abilities can be harmful. The fact is that the French bulldog understands what they want from him, but he is not sure that he needs it. The owner needs to motivate this cunning man correctly.

Miniature schnauzer

The smallest, agile and restless among the schnauzers, who along with their larger counterparts can do official work. Given that the Miniature Schnauzer is a clot of energy, you will not be bored with it, but you need a firm hand to contain the pet's ardor.


This tiny little dog can be met at a social event, because accompanying its owner is its direct responsibility. Without affection, attention and friendly attitude dogs languish. Therefore, choosing a chihuahua as a pet, it is worth considering that the baby cannot be left alone for a long time.


Sheltie - Scottish shepherd dogs who successfully coped with this work. Many consider them a type of collie, however, the two breeds developed in parallel. To improve the quality of these small doggies, the Scottish shepherd was used in breeding work.

Shih Tzu

A Chinese breed of dog with a luxurious appearance, imperial tranquility and a certain arrogance in his eyes. It is not surprising, because for a long time dogs-lions were forbidden to keep mere mortals, and they lived exclusively in the imperial palaces. The modern shih tzu is an exclusively family dog ​​who loves to be in the center of attention.

Scottish Terrier

This little terrier from Scotland was a fairly successful hunter, and today he turned into a pet. However, the scotch terrier has not disappeared his instincts and habits, about which future owners should know in advance.

Japanese hin

The name of the breed is translated as "precious dog", but it is not known for certain where it originated - in Tibet or in Japan. Japanese hin is a decorative doggie, which, despite its modest size, can stand up for itself and its owner.

A large number of breeds allows everyone to choose a pet in accordance with their preferences and wishes.

Breed description

Everyone who decides to acquire one of the dogs of the terrier variety should know what features this breed of animals has. Currently, you can count about thirty different breeds of this species, each of which due to the work of breeders differs not only in external characteristics, but also in character.

When keeping such pets, it is necessary to bear in mind that they need to ensure special loads, professional training and systematic training. Among other things, these dogs absolutely can not be kept alone.

Nowadays, all breeds of such dogs as terriers include about thirty varieties.

A feature of most terriers is that their coat is not prone to shedding, but this does not mean that the dog does not need to care for. If you do not systematically comb your pet, this can lead to the fact that the wool will look neglected and unattractive.

Breeds of small dogs

Of all the types of terriers, ten breeds belong to miniature representatives. These animals differ in that their weight does not exceed ten kilograms, and in height they reach only an average of 25 centimeters. These dogs are mainly used as decorative pets or for hunting.

The peculiarity of small terriers is that they have a sufficiently long torso, as well as a very hard coat, which requires careful maintenance. In addition, they are friendly, clever, and learning.

Russian toy terrier

Different miniature size. Toy terriers grow only up to 28 centimeters, and weigh no more than three kilograms. A feature of these animals is that the hair on their body grows into a length of about five centimeters, while they have a kind of long hair on the limbs and on the edge of the ears.

Seeing this species, immediately it seems that these little dogs are very mobile, harmoniously folded animals.

As for their color, they can be completely different shades, except for white, black, blue, brown, black-haired, zoned or with large tan. All dogs with such coat color are disqualified.

Русский тойчик обладает дружелюбным и покладистым характером, благодаря чему вызвать агрессию у него практически невозможно.

Dogs of this species are very easy to train, so absolutely anyone can raise a pet. But it must be borne in mind that the dog requires constant attention and control, as otherwise unreasonable attacks of aggression may occur.

Note! If you have small children in your family, then it is best to refuse to purchase a Russian toy terrier. This is primarily due to the fact that the representatives of this breed of dogs have a very fragile body, so even a small, inept movement of a child can harm your pet.

West highland white

This type of dog is originally from Scotland. With the growth of no more than 28 centimeters, these dogs are distinguished by a strong and powerful physique, with a perfectly flat back. These dogs weigh an average of about eight kilograms.

West highland white

The body of these animals is covered with stiff white wool. As for the character traits, they are restless and mischievous, stubborn and self-confident, but at the same time they are very affectionate towards children. Such animals are great for keeping in apartment conditions.

Australian Terrier

They are rightfully considered one of the smallest working dogs. But, despite their miniature size, these little dogs are often used as hunters, guards, shepherds, and just companions.

All dogs of this breed are distinguished by vigor and curiosity. Perfectly get along perfectly with any pets, do not feel aggression even to cats and love children very much, while they are wary of any stranger.

In addition to all the above varieties of miniature terriers, they can also be attributed to the scotch terrier, sky-terrier and norwich.

Manchester Terrier

There is a lot of conflicting information about this breed. Many dog ​​experts agree that these doggies are owners of a very controversial nature. But despite this they are very active, loyal and freedom-loving dogs. That is why it is necessary to ensure your pet systematic walks in the fresh air.

These dogs are also called the Rat Terrier, as previously they were widely used specifically for hunting rodents, but now everything has changed completely and the little dogs are exclusively companions.

Welsh Terrier

This breed was bred in the UK, it happened at the end of the eighteenth century. Currently, representatives of this breed are even more popular in the United States and Russia than at home.

These relatively small dogs are distinguished by their endurance and strength. As for the coat, it is very hard for the welsh terrier and is often compared to wire. But thanks to this, their body is perfectly protected from various weather cataclysms.

Despite the fact that they look elegant and light, the Welsh Terriers are very agile and mobile. The height of the cables at the withers is about 39 centimeters, while they weigh no more than ten kilograms.

Fox Terriers

Dogs of this breed differ in proportional build and strong muscles. The coat of these little dogs is straight, hard and very thick. Homeland of this species is England.

Animals grow to a maximum of 39 centimeters and weigh from 19 to 30 kilograms. As for their character, they are a faithful and courageous dog. During the war, Fox Terriers deserved a huge number of medals. Currently, these doggies are excellent companions and treat children with special tenderness and care.

How to choose a puppy?

Regardless of what kind of terrier you are planning to buy yourself, be sure to first get acquainted with its characteristics and standards. Choosing a puppy you must carefully look at the fact that it fully complies with all breed standards.

As for the cost, it will vary depending on the breed, pedigree and the place where you plan to buy a pet. As practice shows, the cost of puppies terriers ranges from ten to sixty thousand rubles.

Distinctive features

England is considered the birthplace of a large family of domestic dogs. Initially, the group included all pets with powerful jaws and natural courage. This helped them fight against the foxes in their own home.

All members of the family have good health, cheerful character and love for the owners. They are born hunters, great fighters. Puppies will suit even those who have low income.

What qualities do pets have? Hunting foxes and badgers is complex, dangerous. It requires independence. At any time, the persecution can end with the death of a domestic animal. Therefore, representatives of the group are united by the presence of courage, excitement, strength, endurance and aggression towards the enemy. This has even puppies.

Great companions

The Australian Silky is a faithful and reliable dog that can become a true companion and friend. American Toy was launched in 1936. For this breeders crossed small Fox Terriers with Toy Terriers. English Toy is a great friend. As the description of the breed shows, it copes well with its hunting duties.

Beautiful hunters

The Bedlington Terrier perfectly copes with catching small rodents at home. But at the present stage it is often used from the perspective of a security guard, a companion. Differs loud barking. Border Terrier was brought out in order to assist farmers. Protected the economy from a variety of pests. Gradually began to be used in order to pens and other animals.

Bull Terrier is a very popular breed of dog. Puppies and adults are not only wonderful pets, but also protectors. The video shows what Bull Terriers can be. The Welsh Terrier is a hunting variety of dogs, bred in the 18th century in England.

Miscellaneous pets

Irish Soft Coated Wheat. As the description shows, a dog with this name is versatile. She can graze animals, guard housing and stables, hunt small rodents. In the XVIII century, the Irish Terrier appeared. Its main purpose was considered burrowing and fishing of the water beast. Puppies have gained popularity in different countries of the world.

Decorative breed is York. Weight can reach only 3 kg. The minimum mark is 900 grams. For the first time the Cairn Terrier breed originated in Scotland. The goal of the dogs was to capture the burrowing rodents. At the present stage, in most cases it is used from the perspective of a decorative dog.

Companions in sports and entertainment

Lakeland Terrier is a wonderful dog who will make jogging and cycling with the owner. Manchester pet has high speed, beauty, activity and intelligence.

German Jagdterrier was used mainly for rodent fishing. At the present stage, this task is practically not part of his duties. As the description shows, has unpretentiousness, courage, endurance.

Norwich Terrier - a great companion. As the description of the breed says, he will always be with his family. Norfolk Terrier is a tireless and hardworking dog, full of inspiration. Copes with watchdog duties.

Parson Jack Russell - a great hunter, a wonderful companion and a great watchman. The Russian Toy and Russian Black Terrier have the same qualities.