White Spitz: character, photo and methods of training


According to one version, the ancestors of the dwarf Spitz were peat dogs that lived in the Stone Age. They received their name in honor of one of the German regions located on the Baltic coast.

The first breeding work with the breed began in the middle of the XVIII century. The pioneers of modern oranges became a dog named Marko, which belonged to the English Queen Victoria. As a result of purposeful selection, the breeders managed not only to reduce the parameters of the dog, but also to make its appearance more refined and aristocratic. The fruits of their works aroused great interest among foreign breeders who decided to continue working. The result of this activity was the white Pomeranian spitz with soft fluffy fur and short muzzle. The final formation of the breed was completed in 1896. And four years later, the first official standard of dwarf Spitz was developed. In Russia, these pretty dogs appeared in the 70s of the XIX century.

Breed description

White Pomeranian Spitz - dog, different miniature size. Depending on the floor, the height of an adult dog is 18–22 cm, and its mass varies between 1.5 and 3.5 kg. Experts identify two types of oranges. The bear-type Spitz has a round, slightly flattened muzzle. In dogs of the fox variety, the nose is more elongated. On the rounded, non-heavy head, there are triangular pointed erect ears and dark almond-shaped eyes.

Under the square case with a deep chest, a tucked-up belly and not sloping croup, there are not long, even strong limbs. The whole body of the dog is covered with thick fluffy hair, forming a luxurious collar, pants and tow. As for the color, the standard allows for the existence of not only white Pomeranian Spitz. Blue, red, sable, cream, brown and black dogs are also particularly popular with breeders and ordinary owners.

Character traits

Representatives of this breed are endowed with a lively, active and fearless temper. They are able to protect themselves from their commensurate brethren. These miniature fluffy beauties have high intelligence and strong nervous system. They are extremely friendly, affable and devoted.

White Pomeranian, whose photo cannot fully convey all its attractiveness, is suspicious of outsiders. He quickly adapts to changes in conditions of detention and gets along well with other pets. At the same time he is very curious and loves to bark on other dogs. By combining all of the above qualities, it makes an excellent companion for active people who love long walks in the fresh air.

Maintenance and care

Pomeranian white color equally comfortable feeling in a small city apartment, and in a spacious mansion. Caring for them comes down to regular combing of luxurious thick hair with a poukhoderka or an ordinary comb. It is necessary to bathe the animal as it is polluted, since the white coat of the little dog becomes dirty very quickly.

Teeth are the weak points of this breed. They are recommended to be systematically cleaned with a special paste and brush. Neglect of this simple procedure can cause the development of periodontal disease.

The eyes and ears of a small dog require no less attention. They should be periodically inspected for infection. If necessary, the ears of the dog rubbed with a cotton swab moistened with warm boiled water.

Feeding recommendations

White Pomeranian unpretentious in all that relates to food. Therefore, they can be given both industrial and natural food. In the first case, it should be quality products of superpremium or holistic class, issued by proven manufacturers. It is important that the composition of the selected dry food was not cereals, preservatives and dyes.

Those who plan to give natural products to their four-footed wards need to take care that the basis of the dog's diet is fresh meat. Also, the dog's menu will have to be supplemented with rice, buckwheat, eggs, lean sea fish, cottage cheese, yogurt and vegetables. A couple of times a week, the dog must offer offal. It can be a scar, heart or liver. In addition, an orange-fed naturalum is periodically recommended to add vitamin-mineral complexes.

In the diet of the animal should not be legumes, river fish, chocolate and sweets. You can not treat the dog tubular bones, baking, smoked meats, preservation, pickles, potatoes and onions.

Representatives of this breed are distinguished by high intelligence and are easy to train. To speed up the process and achieve better results, you should start raising a puppy of a white Pomeranian spitz-dog, preferably from the first days of its appearance in a new house. Of course, you do not need to go with him a full course of training. But for a comfortable coexistence with people, the dog must know at least the main teams, including “Location”, Ko Me ”and“ Fu ”.

You also need to teach the dog not to bark for no reason and not to jump on passersby. In order for an animal to calmly react to external stimuli, it is recommended to walk more often in different places where transport and other people walk.

Oranges differ in extremely good health, but under certain circumstances, their body may fail. Occasionally, they are diagnosed with cryptorchidism, hypothyroidism, tracheal collapse, cataracts, entropion, progressive retinal atrophy, sick sinus syndrome, and medial dislocation of the patella.

In addition to the breed ailments, the spitz can be sick with plague, parainfluenza, leptospirosis, adenovirosis, rabies, parvo and coronavirus enteritis. However, these health problems are easily prevented by routine vaccination. In addition, they can be infected with helminths or fleas. therefore, they need to be systematically processed from external and internal parasites.

White Pomeranian Spitz: owner reviews

People who managed to acquire such dogs, assure that these animals are ideal for keeping in urban environments and do an excellent job with the role of a companion. They have good health and live 12-16 years. Oranges are especially good because they do not require special care and specific nutrition. In addition, properly educated dog will bring a lot of joy from communication and will be a source of excellent mood.

Spitz features

Do you like white spitz? Do you want to have such a dog? But before you opt for this breed, you need to know its features. If you like an active, energetic puppy that will constantly attract attention and demand it, then a white-colored spitz is what you need.

This breed of dogs will easily take root in the country house and in the apartment. But in the latter case, we should not forget that because of its hyperactivity, it can be said that the spitz-dog should be spent as much time as possible in open areas.

Character Spitz

Spitz dogs are small breed dogs. They can be different colors - from white to black, from cream to orange and mixed. White spitz is the most common breed. But not infrequently there are also those whose spots are spread all over the entire length of the coat (black, gray, red, and brown). In the latter case, black and white spitz are in great demand.

A dog of this breed is very loyal to its owner. White German Spitz will never miss a single stranger. She immediately notifies you of the danger of her loud barking.

What does a spitz look like?

This dog is unique. If you mentally place it in a square box, you will see that the height of the pet's withers is the same as the length of its body. The exception is the dwarf Pomeranian white Spitz.

By themselves, these are small fluffy pets with a pronounced upward tucked up crested tail, located directly above the back, and a small mane, like a lion. Black nose and dark eyes on a small muzzle look very expressive. The exception is brown spitz. Their noses are the same shade as wool.

White German Spitz, like all species of this breed, does not have a single fold on its face. His small ears, triangles are always raised up. Their small paws somehow remind cats.

Due to the small parameters, the movements of this dog are smooth and light. Often it may give the impression that, while running, it almost does not touch the ground.

With its agility and appearance, the spitz always brings a smile to the faces of the people around it.

Spitz character

This breed of dog is easy to train. They are easily attached to people and always listen to their master.

German Spitz is very affectionate, without a team, he will never throw at a person. Therefore, this breed is often given birth in families with children. For a child, this dog will become a true friend. Baby will not be bored with such a "nurse". After all, thanks to playfulness and playfulness, the younger friend will always cause a positive. It is also worth noting that the spitz is very sensitive to the mood of the owner, so it always adapts to it, like any other dog.

Despite their goodwill, Spitz puppies are white (as well as their other species) are wary of new people. In addition, they well remember the attitude of others to them. Therefore, it is necessary to treat such dogs at the same time tenderly and persistently if you want to train it properly. Spitz dogs love attention and perform all sorts of tricks for delicacy. Often they are trained to perform in the circus arena.

Food for spitz

In feeding the spitz it is necessary to follow several rules.

First of all, you should remember that if you choose a puppy, it is imperative that he need to eat the food he ate in the kennel. If you want to change the diet of his food, then you need to do it gradually. Only in this way the puppy will painlessly switch to a new feed.

Secondly, whether it is white Pomeranian spitz or another type of this breed, it needs to be fed daily with meat, which will provide its body with useful substances and vitamins. In addition, the daily amount of this product should be at least 1/5 of the weight of the dog. Do not forget about milk and cottage cheese.

Thirdly, this breed of dog does not accept vegetables. Therefore, they must be minimized, and in some cases - to zero.

Fourthly, in any case dogs should not include unnatural products (for example, chips or sausage), flour products, and pasta. All this may contribute to improper metabolism, which further threatens the pet obesity. And the spitz, like no other dog, is easily exposed to it.

Fifth, portions of food should be small. The owner must follow a clear feeding schedule.

Variety of Spitz

To date, 5 species of Spitz have been brought out:

  1. Wolfspitz, or keeshond. This name comes from the English word "wolf", which in Russian means "wolf". This type of Spitz was so named because they are very similar to wolves. The largest dogs reach the height at the withers up to 46 centimeters. Usually these are gray animals, very often with multi-colored spots on the sides.
  2. Grosshitz, or large German Spitz, the largest representative of this breed. It grows to 50 centimeters at the withers and, as a rule, has a white color. This was achieved by scientists about 20 years ago. Initially, grossshpitsev was red or black wool.
  3. Mittenspitz This is a medium dog, reaching a maximum of 38 cm. In addition to white dogs, today you can meet ginger, gray and black. The spitz is white-red - the most common version of this species.
  4. Domestic or small German Spitz. It grows from 23 to 29 centimeters at the withers. As a rule, these are small dogs of gray, white or ginger shades.
  5. White Pomeranian Spitz. It is distinguished by its miniature. His height at the withers is from 18 to 22 centimeters. They are like little bears that will melt the hearts of even the most sullen people.

General spitz care

White Pomeranian Spitz, like all other species of this breed, lives long (up to 20 years). But in order for a pet to be healthy and to please with its infinite energy, it is necessary to properly care for it.

First of all, you should understand that this dog requires a lot of attention, and it is very strongly tied to its owner. Therefore, it should not be left alone for a long time. Otherwise, the dog will be very bored without intercourse, thus, it will break the psyche.

Secondly, the white pomeranian should be provided with enough time for a walk, where he can spill out his emotions and how to frolic in the fresh air.

Thirdly, do not forget to make the necessary vaccinations on time and visit the vet.

Grooming white dogs

As we have said, the spitz is quite a fluffy breed of dogs, but it is quite simple to care for its fur. To do this, bathe your pet as it gets dirty and brush your hair once every seven days or so. For bathing, use high-quality shampoos for long-haired dogs. The highest quality are considered American or European funds. Often, while bathing long-haired pets and use the conditioner for wool.

If spitz are formed on spitzs, which is unlikely in a healthy dog, in no case should you pull them out. To do this, you will need a special tool for disentangling and a little time. Gently slide your fingers into the “ball”, then comb.

In addition, do not forget about the timely cutting of wool. Special attention should be paid to the places between the fingers and around the anus. You can perform this procedure yourself or consult a specialist.

Care for nails, eyes, ears and teeth Spitz

The spitz also needs to cut its claws. Do not miss it. Otherwise, there is the likelihood of damage to the finger or its inflammation.

Often, light dogs have very teary eyes. In order to remove secretions, it is necessary to wipe the eyes with a cotton swab, previously moistened with a special solution.

Spitz's ears, like any other dog, are cleaned as they get dirty. It should be noted that this should be done both outside and inside the auricle. If during this procedure the dog has pain, then this is a reason to contact the veterinarian.

Dwarf Pomeranian white Spitz are prone to the formation of tartar, which causes not only aesthetic discomfort, but also internal, periodontal disease and even tooth loss.

How to train a spitz

White Spitz with ease carries out commands of the owner if it is trained in it correctly. Of course, you need to teach the dog as soon as possible. To do this, do everything possible so that he gets used specifically to you, his master: feed yourself, water it, walk it and caress it. Do not allow outsiders to do it all for you.

Black and white spitz (or other species of this breed) should know their place well. Since in the future the team "place" he should follow it there. In order for him to know where his corner is, you need to bring him to his rug a couple of times a day and say "place." Thus, in a short time, the dog will understand what this command means.

In order to avoid problems during the walk, the spitz should master the command "next". Teach him to go only on one side of you. In this case, his shoulder blades should be at the level of your feet. If the dog lags behind or runs forward, pull the leash towards him a little and say: “Next!”

The dog must have its own leash, which is fully consistent with its height and weight. With its help, you will teach your pet also the commands to “lie down”, “sit down”. To do this, pull the halter in the right direction. For example, if you tell a dog to "lie down", then, accordingly, pull the leash down to the ground.

Another main command is the fu command. In order for the puppy to understand its meaning, put delicacies next to it and, when the pet runs to them, command the "fu". In case of disobedience, strike the dog a little with a twig. It is very important to use this item. You can't beat younger brothers with your hand, because their palm is associated with affection.

Remember that any animal will please you only if you properly educate and care for it properly.

Types of Pomeranian Spitz

The miniature breed of Pomeranian Spitz is divided into three types:

  • "Bear"
  • "Chanterelle",
  • "a toy".

All three types of micro spitz have the same growth limits - up to a maximum of twenty two centimeters. You can learn more about this in the article “Types of Pomeranian Spitz”.

Each type differs in the following parameters:

  • форма головы,
  • форма мордочки,
  • форма ушей,
  • качество шерсти,
  • длина шерстяного покрова,
  • расположение глаз,
  • расположение мочки носика.

«Медвежонок» померанский шпиц

Мини «мишка» — это искусственно созданная порода померанских шпицев, которая имеет ярко выраженные отличия от стандарта. You can recognize them by a slightly flattened face and a wide, rounded head shape. The location of the eyes is close in relation to each other and to the nose. Chin and nose slightly torn up. On the cheekbones thick wool, which gives the "bear" an exclusive look. This is the most popular type in the modern world.

You can learn more about this type of mini pomeranian dog from the article “Pomeranian Bear Spitz”.

Chanterelle Pomeranian Spitz

An American standard fox type mini spitz has an elongated muzzle with a narrow lower jaw, very similar to a fox muzzle. The proportionally harmonious body has long legs and an elongated tail. Ears of a triangular shape and a small round nose.

Read more about the fox-type Spitz in the article “Pomeranian Spitz-dog of the chanterelle”.

"Toy" Pomeranian Spitz

This mini type of dog is usually called intermediate. Toy micro Spitz brought the Japanese, becoming interested in super white color breed. Due to the tremendous work of Japanese breeders turned out a miniature dog. At first glance it is impossible to determine whether it is a real dog or a toy.

From other types of mini spitz "toy" distinguish flat muzzle and located slightly above and slightly apart from each other, buttons, buttons.

Features of the same color

Breeders from different countries became interested in a super white micro spitz and began to produce mini-dogs of other colors. But, like the Japanese, faced with the problem of removing white tint. This color, like black, is very hard to get. By crossing mini Spitz of the same color, white or black, it is not always possible to achieve a miniature size. Often the growth of born puppies exceeds the standard of super micro breed. There is also a risk of deterioration in the quality of wool cover.

Mini dogs of super black color should ideally have a black shiny coat, not having spots of other shades. The fur of a small Pomeranian Spitz on white color should not have other markings. According to the standard, stains are a clear sign of a defect.

At birth, puppies of a mini black dog may have a brown undercoat. This is quite common. But if the ancestors of the small Spitz were of other colors, then there is a possibility that after the first shedding the black puppy will change the color.

Baby "orange" in your home

After you have chosen a small spitz puppy and reserved it in a specialized kennel, you must prepare in advance for the arrival of the little Pomeranian spitz-dog.

It should be noted that a miniature dog may not be suitable for everyone. This is especially true for families with children and the elderly..

Read more about how the selection should occur in the article “How to choose a Pomeranian puppy”.

Home security

Pomeranian dwarf spitz, especially toy type - super micro dog. Therefore, first of all you need to close all dangerous passages and cracks, not forgetting about the balcony and the trash can, to isolate the wires. All bad or small objects must also be removed, as well as containers with chemically hazardous substances.

Place to sleep

The content of the Pomeranian Spitz does not make much trouble. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a private house or in an apartment - choose a suitable place for your puppy to rest, show him where it is and the little obedient dog will always sleep there. The nook should not be in the draft, or near heating devices.

In care and feeding, the dwarf spitz is also unpretentious. Let us consider in more detail what the maintenance and care of the Pomeranian spitz are about.

How to keep a baby

Having decided on a place for a puppy, put there a basket or a cute house from any pet store. Now you have to keep your baby's bed clean. To do this, use a diaper, put a mattress with a pillowcase. As you pollute, change the pillow cases to make the puppy feel comfortable.

If you plan to leave sometimes without your mini puppy, then purchase a small aviary for him. Otherwise, in your absence, the baby will ruin something or hurt himself. But never leave a little puppy alone for a long time - the Pomeranian is a very dedicated dog, he will suffer from loneliness.

Required items

In a securely constructed aviary there should be enough space not only for sleeping and eating, but also for toilet and toys. The rest of the territory should be free for active games.

Mini doggie toys should be safe, best of all, if they are made of soft and durable latex, without metal or plastic parts. If the puppy still manages to bite off a piece of the toy, it will not cause any harm to the stomach - the bitten off piece will come out naturally.

Food bowls must be made of metal or ceramic and securely fastened to the floor.

Special dog tray can be purchased at the pet store. A good option would be a tray with attachments for disposable diapers, which perfectly absorb liquid and odor. If you have a mini dog of the Pomeranian Spitz, then he will appreciate the tray with a column.

Adaptation of the Pomeranian Spitz

While the puppy is small, he behaves like an infant: he often goes to the toilet anywhere. At first, you will have to constantly clean piles and puddles, but you cannot blame the puppy for it. Better be patient and gradually begin to teach your pet to the toilet.

Since the puppy does not immediately get used to the new place, you need to keep an eye on him. If you see that the baby began to spin in one place, immediately carry it to the tray. Usually puppies celebrate natural need after eating and sleeping. As soon as the pet went to the toilet in the proper place, in a calm and gentle tone, praise him and encourage a good deed with a delicacy.

Feeding mode

At first, it is best to feed the puppy with the same food that he ate at the breeder, for a different type of food the mini dog is transferred gradually, otherwise there will be problems with the stomach. Care for the health of a small dog must be correct.

Products included in the diet of a puppy, usually recommended for children up to six years. A few helpful tips for proper feeding:

  • organic foods and dry food - the best option
  • do not save on dry food,
  • fruits, vegetables, meat should always be fresh,
  • Before you make a diet, consult with a veterinarian,
  • do not feed the puppy just before the walk - after eating a meal must pass at least an hour,
  • do not overfeed the dog, it will badly affect her health,
  • food should be at room temperature
  • After half an hour, take away the food, even if the micro dog has not eaten and never feed the puppy - teach it to the regime.

Walking with spitz

The first walks should take place in good windless weather, without rain or frost. And only after planned vaccinations and quarantine. First go out for a few minutes, gradually increasing the duration of the hikes to two or three hours.

Make sure your puppy does not pick up anything from the ground, do not run after cats and stray dogs. For this purpose, perfect leash or harness. You can allow your pet to eat grass or gnaw the bark of trees.

As soon as the puppy adapts on the street, begin to visit the special areas where he will be able to run around without a leash and talk with other dogs. All this will have a great effect on the health of your little dog.

Weekly inspection

Caring for a miniature dog is not only necessary actions, but also the basics of education. Thanks to the maintenance procedures, your puppy will quickly learn not only to stand still, but also to open the mouth for inspection in time. Twice a week carefully inspect the baby:

  • check your eyes for inflammation, wipe them with boiled water for prophylaxis,
  • check the condition of the auricles - as the sulfur accumulates, clean the ears with a special tampon,
  • during the change of teeth, control their loss. In case of a late shift, consult a doctor, otherwise the baby teeth will interfere with the normal growth of the indigenous,
  • Tooth care must be permanent, otherwise the dog will get tartar. For this purpose, you will need a dog paste and a special brush.
  • check the length of the claws and trim them in time,
  • Read the contents of the kit at the breeder and, just in case, get yourself a similar composition.

Caring for the coat properly

Caring for a woolen cover is extremely simple - twice a week, brush your wool with a special comb with sparse teeth and a massage brush. During the molting of a small dog, use a soft brush-binder.

For a homely haircut, you need blunt-pointed scissors; for professional grooming, it's best to go to the salon.

It is necessary to bathe a puppy no more than two times a month, using special dog shampoos and conditioners. For dirt, you can use dry shampoo. It is necessary to dry a micro puppy only with a hair dryer, with natural drying a fungus may appear on the skin of a dog.

Clothes for dogs

The miniature spitz has a double “fur coat”, so he does not need warm costumes. To protect from dirt in the rain, you can wear a pet nylon overalls.

If you have a mini girl Spitz, then during heat you can buy special panties to protect the furniture and carpets in the house from stains. But on the street they don’t wear.

Tell us what type of spitz you have purchased and how you care for it?

Owner reviews

Almost all owners of oranges speak positively about them - such a creature gives them a lot of positive and positive emotions. Someone claims that too nervous people shouldn’t start it - they can be driven to despair by his barking. But if you like fun and when the house is moderately noisy and joyful, then this is the right option for you.

Some advise you to immediately buy a special overalls for your pet - it will protect against dirt in autumn dampness, and you will not have to constantly bathe your pet, because on its white fur all stains are noticeable immediately. Such overalls are made of caprone - they do not need warm clothes, the fur coat is already warm. For girls, there are special panties that are worn during heat in the house.

The owners of these little girls say that those have a restless temper, constantly play and love to communicate. They are brave and courageous, on the very first occasion they rush to protect their owner, they can bark even a huge street dog. It is important to prevent conflict in time. Fluffies love long walks and get bored if you take them only to the courtyard for a while. At least once a week you should choose the time and go with your favorite to the park or the forest.

The history of the formation of the breed

Dwarf Pomeranian Spitz has an ancient, but unclear origin.

With this breed associated images of ancient Egypt and Greece, finding similarities with the description of those dogs.

Another version considers the origin of the northern breeds that live in Iceland and Lapland, indicating a special thick coat characteristic of them.

In the 15th century, the Pomeranian Spitz had a larger size, but as a result of selection work, a new standard was developed.

Initially, the dogs had a white, black and cream color, and weighed about 14 kg. The closest relatives of the breed are Samoyed Laika and American Eskimo dogs.

Officially, the country of origin of the breed recognize Germany, but it is in England that the miniature spitz has gained real popularity.

This happened thanks to Queen Victoria around 1800, when she brought a representative of the breed to her country, and took part in several exhibitions with him.

In 1870, he was recognized by the English Kennel Club, and a year later his own Pomeranian Spitz Club was created. At the same time, the first nurseries began to open and the breed standard was deduced.

The dwarf spitz didn’t immediately become micro-sized: at first its weight was reduced to 9 kg, and it had mostly black and white shades.

Thanks to the work of English nurseries, the miniature spitz was bred in two forms: micro, with a weight of less than 3, 2 kg, and a larger one, whose weight exceeded 3,17 kg.

Characteristics of the standard

There are three types of breed: the standard with an elongated muzzle of a “fox” type, a “baby doll” toy, a “teddy bear” - a bear-type spitz.

The breed standard fixes a description of an elongated muzzle with a narrow lower jaw structure and an almond-shaped eye slit.

Toy type has a wide muzzle and a higher lift.

The Pomeranian bear-type spitz have a round-shaped head, a short and oblate muzzle, and round, closely spaced eyes. Appearance resembles a toy bear.

The differences of the breed types are only in the shape of the head, otherwise they have the same parameters.

Description of the body: a compact, short body with strong bones, a well-developed chest, a tucked up belly and a high-set tail that twists into a ring on the back.

Limbs straight with parallel delivery. Paws are small and rounded, fingers tight.

Description of the hair of the Pomeranian Miniature Spitz: the guard hair is straight and long, the undercoat is short, but very dense.

Dwarf spitz can have shades of black, brown, white, orange, zone-gray color.

The black dog is characterized by the absence of spots, the undercoat has the same color as the guard hair.

This rule also applies to white, orange and brown representatives of the rocks.

The zonal color has a silvery gray shade, the tip hair on the tip is black. A muzzle with ears have darker tones.

Allowed strokes that create the illusion of eyebrows in a dog, dark or black strokes near the fingers, the tip of the tail is black.

The smallest spitz has a height of 20 cm, deviations of 2 cm are permissible.

The Pomeranian bear-type spitz has gained great popularity due to the Internet; it costs a lot of money to buy such a species in America.

But kennels note that a bear-type Pomeranian spitz dog impoverishes the breed. The structure of its respiratory system has many defects, which makes dogs weaker, rapidly reducing their lifespan.

Many kennels refuse to breed bear-type Spitz to keep the breed clean.

What determines the cost

To choose and buy a Pomeranian spitz-dog correctly, you need to contact a verified kennel.

It should be remembered that buying puppies that look like a bear in Russia is very difficult.

While the dog is small, it is impossible to predict how it will grow, so if the nursery confidently promises a Pomeranian bear-type spitz-dog, then it is better to choose another breeder.

Price Factors

The miniature spitz is a small-fruited dog, and this is one of the determining factors in how much it will cost.

The average for Russia does not fall below 20 thousand rubles.

Also determining factors include:

  • exterior quality
  • half the dog (the boy is cheaper)
  • class,
  • pedigree,
  • age (a puppy at the age of six months can be bought in a show-class, which significantly raises its value),
  • sizes,
  • kennel reputation
  • fashion breeds.

Dwarf oranges like a bear will cost on average: boys from 25 to 130 thousand rubles, girls from 45 to 160 thousand rubles.

The standard is cheaper, but here the determining factor is more fashion, so how much is a puppy, it is better to find out directly in the selected nursery.

Help in choosing a baby

Choosing a show-class puppy intended for exhibitions, or a delusional class for breeding, it is necessary to invite a specialist.

This will help not lose with the choice of the intended champion.

The advantage is better to give puppies "linear mating", which repeat the features of the ancestor.

Buy a puppy as a pet can and pet class.

These dogs usually have flaws or blemishes that do not interfere with their normal life.

The choice of sex also has its own nuances: the boy looks more advantageous, he has a more lush and rich wool.

The structure is also stronger, but it is more restrained in the manifestation of tender feelings. But boys can deliver a number of problems, because their temperament is more violent, they more often become instigators in a fight.

The Spitz boy is more often than a girl trying to establish himself as a leader, to consolidate the territory and subjugate other dogs.

When choosing a bitch to reproduce offspring do not need to take a dog with appearance for exhibitions. It should be well-built and able to feed offspring.

When choosing a boy, they follow the rule: “a dog is smaller than a bitch”.

It is important to find out the growth of parents in the kennel in order to avoid acquiring a puppy from a mating of a dwarf and small spitz.

Honest owners of nurseries usually make a note on the map on the revision of the size of 6 months.

An important role is played by the puppy's age. It is best to buy a dog after 2 months of life, because before that there is a high probability of illness.

Before you buy a pet, make sure that:

  • he eats himself
  • has a clean shiny coat without large yellow dandruff,
  • skin tight, without wrinkling,
  • no wounds, redness, skin without hair,
  • ears are erect, clean and smooth,
  • non-convex black or brown eyes with no discharge,
  • clean nose
  • pink tongue, gum without whitish spots,
  • важно проверить сколько зубов: должно быть не меньше 12, прикус прямой или ножницеобразный,
  • у девочек проверяют отсутствие паховой грыжи, у мальчика допустима, но потребуется операция,

Щенок должен быть активным, хорошо и быстро двигаться, не иметь проблемы с суставами, а также охотно идти на контакт.


In the gallery below, you can once again look at the representatives of this variety of Spitz, so similar to the little cubs.

In conclusion, we offer a small video featuring a funny pet Pomeranian dwarf spitz. With this creation you will never be bored.