Hondartron for dogs: a description of the drug


Diseases of the musculoskeletal system in animals most often occur due to genetic propensity, strong physical exertion, hypothermia. They are not only characteristic of old dogs, although it is this category of caudate animals that suffers from joint diseases more than others. Today, to help veterinarians developed a lot of drugs that reduce the suffering of dogs and improve their quality of life. Hondartron belongs to the category of chondroprotectors. Get acquainted with its composition, pharmacological properties, indications and proper use.

Characteristics of Hondartron

First of all, we note that this is a homeopathic remedy. In its composition there are extracts of medicinal plants, trace elements. Hondartron promotes the regeneration of bones and cartilage, helps prevent the occurrence of inflammatory and degenerative pathologies in the joint bags of the limbs of dogs. The manufacturer produces the drug in three forms: droplet, preformed and liquid (solution). The latter are packaged in glass containers with a volume of 10 and 100 ml. Pills are sold in blisters of 50 pieces. None of the forms of release of the drug has no side effects and contraindications. In rare cases, allergic reactions may occur. They develop with individual intolerance to the dog components Hondartron.

So, how does the drug work? It significantly inhibits the development of the inflammatory process and edema, respectively, relieves pain. The main advantage of this medicine is that it stimulates the natural regenerative processes in a canine body. For example, when prescribing a homeopathic drug after a fracture in a dog, bone building together, the formation of callus, is significantly accelerated. That is why Hondartron becomes useful for owners of dogs with many diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system, joints. The instruction recommends using it for such diseases and conditions in dogs:

  1. Pathology of intervertebral discs.
  2. Hip dysplasia in representatives of large breeds of dogs.
  3. Bone degeneration in elderly animals.
  4. Rickets in young dogs.

In addition, the homeopathic medicine has proven itself in the treatment of fractures, inflammatory diseases of the ligamentous apparatus. It is also used when running bursitis, when using powerful synthetic antibiotics. Then Hondartron shows a synergy effect, that is, it accelerates and improves the penetration of antimicrobial components into the bursa of the sore joint. In practice, this means that the dog recovers sooner, which is especially important for older animals.

And this homeopathic remedy has proven itself in the treatment of osteoporosis in old pets. In this case, it is used in the complex treatment as a supporting drug.

Another advantage of homeopathic medicine is that it is well combined with other drugs. It can be combined with all the preparations of traditional veterinary medicine, substances of natural and synthetic origin, including strong antibiotics.

What it is?

So called special homeopathic remedy. The composition of chondartron for dogs includes extracts of medicinal plants, micro-and macronutrients. The tool contributes to the regeneration of cartilage and bone. This helps to prevent the occurrence of pathologies of inflammatory and degenerative etiology in the bones and articular bags. Of course, homeopathy among professional veterinarians and experienced breeders does not enjoy particular popularity, but nevertheless it is this remedy that, according to feedback from owners of sick dogs, sometimes gives good results.

Available in the form of a solution for parenteral administration, drops and tablets. Solutions are packaged in bottles of dark glass, 10 and 100 ml. Tablets are available in blisters of 50 pieces.

Regardless of the form of release, long-term veterinary practice did not reveal contraindications and any side effects. The exception may be perhaps the rarest cases of allergic reactions, developing if the animal has an individual intolerance to one of the components of the preparation.

What does it do?

The drug significantly slows down the development of the inflammatory process and edema, relieves pain, but its main advantage is that it stimulates the natural regenerative processes in the body. It is reported that in the appointment of the drug during the recovery of the animal from a fracture, the process of formation of callus is significantly accelerated. Simply put, the combined ends of a broken bone grow together much faster.

It is for this reason that Hondartron in many diseases, one way or another affecting the condition of bones and joints. Use it in the following cases:

  • Diseases of intervertebral discs.
  • Hip dysplasia in large breeds.
  • Destruction of bone tissue in old animals.
  • Rickets in young animals.

In addition, the drug itself is well recommended in the treatment of not only fractures, but also inflammatory diseases of the ligamentous apparatus. In the treatment of advanced bursitis, when resorting to strong synthetic antibiotics, the drug shows the makings of a synergistic action, accelerates and improves the penetration of antimicrobial agents into the bursa of the inflamed joint. This significantly speeds up recovery and allows you to get by with the lowest possible course of treatment. This is important in the case of old dogs, the liver and kidneys of which are very vulnerable to the action of strong antibacterial agents.

In addition, the drug showed good results in osteoporosis in older dogs as a means for maintenance therapy. Compatibility with traditional medicine and veterinary medicine is good, chondartron can be combined with almost all medicinal substances of natural and synthetic origin, and with strong antibiotics.

Mode of application

It is best to use injections, as in this case the drug acts as efficiently as possible. Method of administration - subcutaneously or intracutaneously (for the smallest dogs). Twice, injections are done twice a day. The better the condition of the animal becomes, the longer the intervals between administration of the composition are made. The optimal dosage of the solution for parenteral administration should be determined by a veterinarian. Begin with doses in milliliter, and then continue the treatment according to the results of the response of the PSA organism.

And how to use the tool if it is in pills? In this case, it is given two to three times a day. One large breed dog spends up to three pills at a time. Accordingly, for “average” dogs the dosage is a pair of pills at a time, young animals of all breeds are given one at a time, and puppies are given half each.

When treating rickets in puppies, as well as sprains and weakness of the ligaments in older animals, chondartron can be administered more often. Not bad, he proved himself in the prevention of these diseases, but in this case they give drops. A day is spent on a dog for 7-10 drops, the duration of the course - at least two or three months.

Important! Homeopathy is not a panacea or a “miracle method” of treatment. In severe cases of the disease, when the condition of the dog is severe, the drug should be used only as a supplement for traditional therapy.

Does the drug described by us have an analogue? No, these are not known. Most likely, other homeopathic remedies, the market for which is currently experiencing a boom, can have a similar effect.

Description of the drug Hondartron

Hondartron is a homeopathic, completely natural and safe medicine.

Hondartron is a homeopathic medicine, its purpose is to treat diseases of the joints.

It has the following properties:

  • relieves painful syndromes
  • prevents the development of degenerative changes in bones and cartilage,
  • treats and prevents the development of arthrosis, arthritis and other diseases of the joints.

The drug favorably affects the bone, cartilage tissue and ligaments of the animal. By its effectiveness, this anti-inflammatory and anesthetic agent surpasses the analogs of drugs from the group of non-steroid drugs.

Forms of release and composition

The composition of the drug includes the macro-and microelements necessary for the strength of the joints and extracts of healing plants: wild rosemary, sabrelnik, bee venom, rhododendron, lithium carbonate and calcium fluoride.

The tool is available in three types:

  1. Tablets in cellular blisters of 10 or 50 pcs.
  2. Drops in glass vials (20 ml each) with the pipette attached.
  3. Solution for injection (vials of 10 or 100 ml and ampoules of 2 and 5 ml).

Council In the opinion of dog breeders, it is better to use hondartron in pills or injections for treatment, and the drops should be used for prophylactic purposes.

The principle of the drug Hondartron

Hondartron can be used for the treatment and prevention of dogs of all breeds. The drug stimulates the regeneration and metabolic processes of bone and cartilage tissue, improves the synthesis of collagen fibers. The drug relieves inflammation, removes puffiness and stimulates the healing of damaged bones and ligaments.

Hondartron is an indispensable helper for sprains, fractures and injuries, it effectively relieves inflammation and stimulates tissue repair.

Hondartron is successfully used for the following dog diseases:

  • bursitis,
  • gout,
  • arthrosis and arthritis,
  • rheumatism and osteochondrosis,
  • osteoporosis,
  • discopathy
  • spondylopathy
  • spondyloarthrosis.

The tool is well proven in adjuvant therapy for sprains, fractures, sprains. For older dogs, Hondartron is an indispensable aid in hip dysplasia and bone degeneration, and small puppies receive excellent prevention of rickets.

Hondartron pill form

Hondartron is given to the animal 2-3 times daily.

The exact dosage of the drug is calculated depending on the weight of the dog:

  • up to 10 kg - 1 tablet,
  • 10-20 kg - 2 tablets,
  • 20-35 kg - 3 tablets,
  • 35-50 kg - 4 tablets,
  • from 50 kg - 5 tablets.

The course of treatment is 2-4 weeks. In the case when the chronic disease has turned into an acute form, the tablets are replaced by injections.

Liquid injection form

Injections are given to the animal 1-2 times a day.

For treatment, the liquid form of Hondartron for injection is used; this method is most effective.

The drug is administered in two ways:

  1. Subcutaneously (to the withers).
  2. Intramuscularly (in the thigh area).

To determine the exact dosage, take into account the weight of the dog: for every kilogram of body weight you need 0.1 ml of medication. When the dog comes a clear improvement, the number of injections decreases (injections are given in a day or 2-3 times a week).

The course of treatment is 10-14 days in the acute stage of pathology and 2-4 weeks for chronic type disease.

Drops for oral administration

Droplets for the purpose of prevention are given to the animal in a course of 2-3 months. A day is enough for a dog to get 7-10 drops.

Before starting therapy, be sure to consult a veterinarian! Improperly selected dose of the drug reduces its healing effect.

Attention! Hondartron is a homeopathic drug. If the condition of the animal is serious, this medicine can only be used as a means of complementary therapy to traditional treatment.

Storage conditions and cost of the drug

The product is stored in a dark, dry place at a temperature of 0 - + 25⁰ С in a closed package. Keep the medicine away from food and dog food.

Hondartron's opened packaging (any form: tablets, drops, solution) is stored only for a month.

Shelf life in sealed packaging:

  • pills 5 years
  • injection solution for 3 years,
  • means in the form of droplets 2 years.

After opening the package, the storage time is one month (regardless of the type of product). Do not use expired medication! Do not allow animals or children to the preparation.

Hondartron is produced in Russia, you can buy it in veterinary pharmacies, large pet stores and online pharmacies. The cost of funds varies depending on the form of release and markups of outlets.

On average, the price of the drug is:

  • tablets of 50 pieces: 190-230 rubles,
  • injection solution (ampoule 10 ml): 200-280 rubles,
  • drug in the form of drops is in the range of 220-300 rubles.

Dog Owner Reviews

Sergey and Anastasia Romantsev (Yaroslavl). For almost three months, our pet has been living here - a puppy of a Great Dane. Like all caring owners, we regularly vaccinate our fat one. But about a month ago, after the next vaccination, our Yarik began to pogmryvat.Even did not go, but most of the time he lay with his legs tucked. They made an x-ray to the baby and clarified the situation - our little dog began to detach the cartilage in the area of ​​the knee joint.

Dog owners say that the drug Hondartron helped their pets: after the course of treatment, the dogs stopped limping and led a normal life.

Whether it is the consequences of an unsuccessful vaccination, or it just coincided, but we had to treat the puppy. The vet advised Travmatin and additionally Hondartron to the dog. To be honest, we heard about hondartron for the first time (before the dogs were not kept). At first, we injected the dog with injections for about three weeks, then switched to pills. Our Yarik began to revive within 5 days after the start of treatment. Hondartron took note!

Irina Kartseva (Voronezh). I have been living for five years for Cane Corso, a reliable guard at home and children. But three months ago, she noticed that the dog was limping and running badly, lying more. In the clinic we were given fibrous dysplasia of the hip joint. We were treated for about 2 weeks. The dog got better, but the limp did not disappear. I was rescued by hondartron. Monthly course of injections put our dog on his feet. This medicine has relieved my pet of lameness!

Oleg Kornilov (Vitebsk). I have a German Shepherd, beloved Polly. The dog is large and active. Recently I began to notice on a walk that the dog stopped running, only walks carefully and limping. Thought twisted leg, but the vet revealed dysplasia of the hip at an early stage. Began to undergo treatment, but the condition is not much improved.

At the forum, I learned about chondartron. Unfortunately, in Belarus, I have not found a cure. Had to order on the internet. And did not regret! He studied the treatment regimen and conducted it according to the rules. My Polly now runs even better than before, but there is no trace of the limp! In any case, I ordered more pills and drops of Hondartron, let them be in the first-aid kit - I feel more comfortable.

Active substances

In this homeopathic medicinal product (injection solution), the active ingredients are Rhododendron D4, Rhus toxicodendron D30, Rhus toxicodendron D4, Ledum D6, Causticum D8, Symphitum D4, Causticum D30, Apis D8, Calcium fluoricum D12, Sulfur D6, Ca6, 6.6, Ca6, D6, Causticum D30, Causticum D30, Caus. Comarum palustre D6, Sulfur D30. Sodium chloride and water for injections are used as auxiliary components of the components.

Instructions for use tablets Hondartron

  • Large breed dogs - 3 tablets per day,
  • Medium breed dogs - 2 tablets per day,
  • Small breed dogs and puppies - 1 tablet per day.

The course of treatment lasts from two to four weeks. Other drugs of pathogenetic, etiotropic and symptomatic therapy can be used along with Hondartron.

Instructions for use injections Hondartron

The solution for injection is administered to the dog subcutaneously or intramuscularly, in the following dosage:

  • for dogs of large and medium breeds - 2-4 ml,
  • dogs of small breeds and puppies - 0.5-2 ml.

In acute cases of the disease, the Hondartron agent in the form of an injection solution is used 1-2 times a day, and in the case of a chronic course of the disease, 2-3 times a week. The course of treatment lasts 10-14 days for acute, and 2-4 weeks for chronic disease.

Instructions for use of gel Hondartron

Hondartron gel is intended for external use, it is applied to painful or damaged areas with a thin layer. The procedure is carried out twice a day (morning and evening) and only after preliminary sanitization. Duration of treatment - until recovery. Gel can not be applied to an open wound.

Reviews about the drug Hondartron

Review of Hondartron for dogs, writes Catherine. I work as a veterinarian and with injured animals, including dogs, I face all the time. Usually for the treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system I use Hondartron and Travmatin. Almost always injections Hondartron perfectly copes with the task - relieves pain and helps the bone tissue to recover. It is also important that it is completely safe because it is homeopathic.

The price of the drug Hondartron for dogs

  • Hondartron injection (vial 10 ml) - 287 rubles,
  • Hondartron injection (vial 100 ml) - 1221 rubles,
  • Hondartron gel 75 ml - 334 rubles,
  • Drops Hondartron for oral administration (20 ml bottle) - 302 rubles,
  • Hondartron tablets (pack 50 tab.) - 1140 rubles.

In a dry, dark place and out of reach of children and animals. Separated from food and feed at a temperature of from 0 to 25 ºС. Срок годности: таблетки — 5 лет, раствор для инъекций — 3 года, гель — 2 года.

Состав и форма выпуска

The drug is available in several forms:

  1. Раствор для инъекций. Прозрачная и бесцветная жидкость фасуется в ампулы или стеклянные флаконы, объем которых бывает 10 и 100 мл. The vials are sealed with rubber stoppers to maintain sterility of the solution.
  2. Drops for oral administration. Clear medicinal liquid is packaged in polymer bottles, equipped with a dropper pipette. Closed screw cap.
  3. Pills. Externally, small tablets have a white color. They are packaged in blisters of 10 pieces or jars made of polymeric material, 50 pieces each.
  4. Gel. Transparent light yellow or brown gel is used for external use. It is packed into polymeric jars of various volume.

Regardless of the form of release, the following components are included:

  • Rhododendron. Contains a large amount of essential oils, tannins, glycosides and other useful components. Reduces pain and favorably affects the tendons and ligaments.
  • Sumy poisonous. The action is similar to rhododendron, not inferior to the composition of unique substances. Reduces congestion in the connective tissue, helps get rid of pain.
  • Ledum is marsh. It is widely used in homeopathy in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, not only in animals, but also in humans. It has a positive effect on the joints.
  • Comfrey chemist. It starts the processes of regeneration, therefore, it is most effective for fractures and other injuries that are accompanied by injuries of bone and muscle tissue.
  • Caustic soda. Contains several minerals needed for bone tissue. In homeopathy, it is used for chronic pathologies accompanied by slow tissue destruction. Eliminates cramps.
  • Bee venom. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates swelling and helps reduce pain.
  • Lithium carbonate. Promotes the excretion of uric acid from the body. Usually used in diseases of the joints caused by impaired oxidative processes.
  • Sulfur. Normalizes metabolism, promotes protein synthesis, removes toxins from the body and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Calcium fluoride. Participates in the formation of solid bone tissue, makes the connective tissues more elastic. Used for injuries or various pathologies of the joints and bone tissue.
  • Sabelnik swamp. It has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties.

Auxiliary components in the solution for injection, gel, drops and tablets are different.

Due to the complex of mineral and plant components, Hondartron has the following effect on the animal's body:

  • reduces pain,
  • relieves swelling,
  • stops or prevents degenerative processes in cartilage and bone tissue,
  • starts regeneration processes,
  • restores metabolism and improves blood circulation in the joints,
  • eliminates inflammation.

In acute pathologies, it is usually used in combination with other drugs that enhance its effect.

Indications for use

Hondartron is prescribed to dogs for the treatment of the following pathologies:

  • arthritis
  • bursitis,
  • synovitis,
  • hip dysplasia,
  • osteochondrosis,
  • tendovaginitis,
  • myositis
  • discopathy
  • rickets and others

Also, the drug is used for fractures, dislocations, sprains and other injuries of the joints, bone or connective tissue. Appointed in the rehabilitation period after surgery for the fastest recovery. It can be used for the prevention of the above diseases.

Contraindications and side effects

The drug has no contraindications except for the individual intolerance of the components. According to the instructions, Hondartron in dogs does not cause side effects.

If you are sensitive to the components may cause allergic reactions. In this case, the medication is stopped, the dog is given an antihistamine. If necessary, carry out symptomatic treatment.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hondartron has many advantages:

  • Available in several dosage forms, you can choose the most convenient option for treatment,
  • has a pronounced chondroprotective effect,
  • used for treatment and prevention,
  • characterized by high efficiency
  • no contraindications, suitable for dogs of any breed and age,
  • no side effects
  • drug components are non-toxic and do not accumulate in the body,
  • eliminates the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics.

The only drawback is the need for long-term treatment. The course can last from 10 days to several months.

You can buy Hondartron for dogs without a prescription at your nearest veterinary pharmacy or online pet pharmacy. The cost of the drug depends on the dosage form:

  • injection 10 ml - 290-375 rubles,
  • 20 ml drops - 280-350 rubles,
  • gel 75 ml - 300-350 rubles,
  • 50 tablets - 160-220 rubles.

Veterinarian reviews

Gennady, a veterinarian with 12 years of experience:

“Hondartron is a worthless homeopathy. If a dog has problems with the musculoskeletal system, surgical or medical treatment is necessary, and the use of homeopathic remedies can only aggravate the pet's condition and lead to serious complications. ”

Marina, a veterinarian with 8 years of experience:

“I know that many of my colleagues are skeptical of homeopathic medicines, although their effectiveness has been repeatedly confirmed. Often I appoint Hondartron for problems and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Animals tolerate it well. After the course, an improvement is usually observed, the dynamics are positive. For greater efficiency, combine with other drugs. "