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There is an opinion that it does not make sense to train a dog that does not participate in exhibitions and contests. This opinion is wrong. Naughty dog ​​and small and large breed causes a lot of inconvenience and its owner, and others. So that the dog could understand its owner and, therefore, instantly obeyed him, it is necessary to train it. In addition, during the lessons of training, a man and a dog learn to understand each other and become true friends.

When to start

Teams need to start learning from the very first days of the appearance of a pet in the house. Puppies are more susceptible to new information and extremely curious. They remember teams easier and faster than adult dogs. But not all teams can teach the kid. With the implementation of some it is worth to wait up to 6 or even 10 months.

If the decision is made to take an adult dog into the house, then it can be taught to teams. This will be somewhat problematic, but quite realistic. The master will just need more diligence.

Dog training: where to start

It is necessary to immediately tune in to what will be very difficult. Beginner trainer will need a lot of patience and, of course, perseverance.

If the owner decided to train his pet, but for some reason he does not want to train him at a professional dog trainer, then the problem arises: how to teach the dog to commands at home? The first classes, of course, will be the most difficult, because the dog will not yet understand what is required of it.

The first classes should not last longer than ten minutes, but they are worth spending several times a day. Each new lesson should begin with a repetition of the past.

Fundamental rules

Before the lesson, the dog can play with the dog, let it run and frolic. But the dog should not be tired! It makes no sense to train after the dog has eaten. Also, do not teach the dog late at night before bedtime. At this time she will be sleepy, lazy and not prone to any manifestation of activity.

It is necessary to deal with your favorite every day, fixing your experience and learning new things.

Scold and punish a pet for misunderstanding and disobedience is impossible! One can only say something reproachful in a stern voice. After all, how to teach a dog commands differently than in a fun way? The dog needs to be carried away and interested, not forced.

If the dog did not respond to the command, then it is not necessary to repeat it more than 1-2 times: he will learn that the command can not be executed the first time.

It is necessary after each successful performance of the dog team to violently express their joy and praise the clever pet.

Student encouragement

If the owner gets pleasure from training, then the pet, feeling his mood, will try to please him. Praise the dog should be delicious food, play or walk.

The joy of the owner, delicacy and stroking on the head will give the dog an understanding that it behaves correctly. You can not praise the dog with a delay, during which she has already managed to perform an action not related to the team.

You can use the clicker - a small key fob that emits a low clicking sound. First you have to teach the dog to click (give a treat at each click). In due course click should replace a delicacy, and a dog, having already connected clicking with pleasant emotions, will perceive it as encouragement.

Teach the dog commands, as a rule, you can use the tips. For example, before starting a workout, you can cling to the belt a bag with your favorite dog treat. You can pick up a toy dog ​​that will be associated with a particular team or with workouts in general. When the dog remembers and learns the commands, the need for prompts will disappear.

The first and most important command for the dog is its own nickname. Nickname must be pronounced clearly and not distort! As soon as the puppy appears in the house, it is necessary to constantly repeat his name, turning to him.

It is not necessary, however, to start any other commands with the dog's name, because afterwards she will not perceive them without mentioning her name before them.

This command is very important for the safety of the dog. Perhaps she will save her life more than once. When she hears “Come to me!” She must immediately come running to her master. If the dog is not taught this team, then it is absolutely impossible to let go of the leash during the walk!

In order to train the pet to the “Ko me!” Team, you need to put a long leash on him, and then, loudly and clearly commanding, pull him to him and give him a treat. Repeat several times. When the pet figure out what to do, the distance should be increased.

Since there are various methods of dog training, it is possible to build training for this team a little differently. First, say the command, when the dog is already racing to the owner. Later, you need to use to attract a treat. Each time the distance between the owner and the dog must be increased.

The command must be pronounced calmly and firmly. In no case should we use it in case if, having called the dog, they are going to scold him or do with him what he does not like (for example, to cut or bathe).

This command is also considered one of the main ones. It is used to stop the dog. Without the knowledge of this team is also quite risky to let her off the leash.

For the first time this command should be pronounced when the dog itself begins to sit down. After several repetitions, proceed to the next stage. This command is for dogs with hand gestures. It is necessary to hold the dog treat with your fingers and, stretching out a hand forwards, show it to the dog, saying “Sit!”. Of course, the dog will jump and spin, wanting to take over the delicacy. The owner must be standing still. When the dog gets tired of jumping, he will sit near the owner, looking at the owner. Team done! The owner praises the student.

How to teach a dog team? While playing with a dog, you need to tease her with a toy or bone. Then you should hold your hand over the obstacle (chair, pillow, etc.), urging it to jump over it. When the dog jumps, you must say: "Barrier!".

Dog on a leash

Leash training is an important dog skill. It is necessary to teach a puppy to a leash even before going out, walking around the apartment 2-3 times a day for several minutes. You can not let him pull yourself! If he rushes in the wrong direction to which he needs, he should be short and short of tugging on the leash a couple of times. This should be a signal to obedience, not to coercion.

For the first time to say this command should be while the dog barks. The first times the dog must be provoked, irritating with something. After - try to get him to bark at the team.

You can go the other way. The owner must hold on his outstretched hand some very appetizing delicacy. Pet, of course, begin to bark, demanding delicacy. The owner happily praises him.

When the pet has mastered the command "Sit!", You can ask the following question: how to teach the dog the command "Lie down!"?

Saying the command in a strict voice, you need to gently press the dog on the withers with your left hand, and gradually pull the dog's front paws forward with your right hand, putting him in the reclining position. The dog is forced to lie down. Now we need to keep her in this position for at least a few moments. If she tries to jump, still hold and repeat the command. To teach a dog the command "Lie down!", As a rule, the owner needs to show considerable patience.

It is best to teach the dog to this team at puppy age. Having heard the word “Give!”, The puppy must give up any, even a very important thing for him (a toy, a bowl). Teaching this team is not so difficult. When a puppy picks up a toy in the teeth, the owner must carefully but firmly pick it up, repeating the command. When the pet gives the toy, it must be praised and give back the toy.

After some time, the puppy will calmly give the owner a thing. Then you should give the toy later.

This command is already more complicated. How to teach a dog to perform a command? Say the command and put the pet in the mouth of the toy. Then say: "Give me!", Taking the toy. When the team is mastered by the dog, you can put the toy farther and farther, and after - throw.

There is a high probability that, having found himself outside the home or the usual training ground for dogs, the dog will make mistakes in already well-studied teams. This is normal, because it is surrounded by unfamiliar sounds and smells, confusing him. The owner must be patient!

Having heard this word, the dog should instantly give up any action it has begun. You can teach this team with a leash. Wearing a leash on a dog, you need to find an object that will interest her (bone, toy, sausage). Now take the dog a short distance from this object. The pet will struggle to reach out to him, but the owner, having clearly said the command “Fu!”, Must persistently pull the dog by the leash towards him.

Do not pull the leash too sharply, as the dog will be hurt. Also, do not shout loudly. Do not forget that the basis of dog training is mutual enjoyment of classes, confidence and good mood.

You should not abuse this command, because in this case the life of the dog will turn into a series of prohibitions. This may end up in that he will cease to obey and take this command seriously. When the dog masters this command, the owner should use it wisely and to the point.

The owner should remember that when teaching this team, the dog should be near his left foot.

And again not to do without a leash. Having made it very short, you need to move forward, repeating the command. The dog, of course, will try to step aside, but it will not work. Feeling uncomfortable, he will be forced to go near.

But you don't have to drive the dog all the time on a short leash. She should voluntarily go near. Therefore, with each workout the leash must be loosened. Otherwise, she develops a habit of dragging her master during a walk.

The dog must be clearly aware of its place. Usually this command is used in cases when the dog behaves badly or interferes.

You need to choose a place that will be considered a dog. To lure a dog there, you need to show him a treat, being in this place. When he comes, you should give him a treat and say the command.

Very necessary team. It is used quite often. It is necessary to teach the dog to this team not earlier than 7 months, since training it requires concentration of attention from the pet.

Having commanded, you need to lift, holding the stomach, sitting dog. In this position, hold for a few seconds. Then let go and praise.

This command is needed to change the activity of the dog. This team is usually easy to teach a dog. You need to pronounce it and show with your hand the direction in which the dog should move. If in the intervals between training other teams to say: “Walk!”, The dog will figure out what the word means to him. Therefore, this team does not need to teach him separately.

The command is optional, but useful. In addition, the performance of her pets looks very cute. This command will help a lot when washing paws and cutting claws. It is quite possible to teach a dog in a dog training class.

You need to hold a treat in your hand and set the dog in front of you. She will try to get a treat with the help of the tongue, and then with the help of a paw. At this point, you need to pronounce the command and for a few moments hold the paw in your hand. To praise and give away a treat.

The team is more needed for big dogs who can really protect their owner. Although it is better perceived by dogs of small breeds because of their aggressiveness. It is necessary to teach this team only that dog which has already well learned other necessary commands. That is, the animal must be controlled and obedient, because the next skill is dangerous enough. You can not teach such a team an unbalanced and nervous dog!

It is best to teach a pet to this team at 9-10 months. Preferably the presence of a professional.

The owner must be dressed in thick special clothes so that the dog does not accidentally injure him.

The dog must be tied, the owner - to stand at a distance at which the dog can reach him. You should tease a dog with a stick, a toy or a rag. He rushes at the annoying object and grabs it. To praise.

This trick applies to unusual commands for dogs. If the owner wants to create a true artist from his beloved pet, then naturally he will need to teach the pet to many different teams and stunts.

Again, you need a leash. It should give the dog to smell the treat and sit in front of him. To the dog did not make a sharp jerk, you need to step on a leash and not let go. Then, having commanded, to hold the delicacy with lips and bend over to the dog.

How to teach a dog team at home? The owner must “draw” a circle in the air above the sitting dog's head with a piece of delicacy. The width of the circle should be such that the dog could turn in all directions. The dog will wait in vain for the owner to give him a tidbit. Then she will stand on her hind legs. Fine! The owner says the command and continues to "draw" a circle. The dog will have to spin, without taking his eyes off the treat. Done!

What are the commands for dogs, characteristic mainly for circus animals, but who so want to teach a cute pet? One of these teams - "Bow!". The dog performing this command must stand on its hind legs and lie on the front.

It is necessary to step on the leash with your left foot, at this time to pull the treat away from the dog's nose with your right hand in the direction of forward - downward. The owner must provoke a pet to lie down. When he, lying down, began to pull out his front paws, one should stick his left hand under the dog's stomach and so restrain his movement forward. At this time, the owner utters the command.


A trained dog is an indisputable reason for the pride of its owner. Particularly in need of training are large breed dogs that are planned to play the role of guards or hunters. Of course, dangerous teams (for example, "Alien!") To train a dog on their own is not safe for not only the owner, but also for all members of the household. It is better to entrust the training of similar teams to professional dog trainers. And the owner can teach the future formidable watchman the necessary basic commands.

Dog training does not require too much time, especially at first. The owner should not be lazy, because in his interest to raise an intelligent and obedient pet, who will never become a burden in any life situation. A raised dog can be taken along, on a trip, on a date, on a tour, for a walk through the main streets of the city, without fear of unpleasant surprises. The owner should remember: there are no stupid dogs, but there are ill-bred.

Why does the dog know the commands?

Teaching teams need to ensure that the pet normally existed with other animals and people, especially for large and fighting breeds. Although small dogs without education can grow no less aggressive and unmanageable. Training is also necessary in order to correct behavior, eradicate bad habits, develop the animal's natural instincts.

Is it possible to train an adult dog? It is possible, but much more difficult, so it is better to start classes from six months of life, although they spend them in a game form. The process will be much faster, as puppies are more active and love to learn new things.

But before the start of classes you need to take into account such moments:

  • pet character and habits
  • prioritize
  • do not retreat from classes, make them permanent,
  • praise and encourage the puppy, do the exercises more interesting,
  • to distinguish between work and game moments.

It is important to take into account the fact that the exercises do not need to be arranged after lunch or dinner, and conduct training only on an empty stomach.

Basic commands

Which teams need to be trained?

These exercises will be needed in order to develop mobility, agility and ingenuity and obedience.

But such commands as spin, barrier, roll, die, look and bring, are considered quite complex, not all dogs perform them and only in more mature age. For this pet it is necessary to encourage food and repeat classes constantly.

How to teach a dog team voice

Command "voice" Especially useful to those dogs that are used in hunting, when guarding the house or in the process of searching for people. But initially you need to take into account that some breeds will not be able to learn at all and make a loud barking, and Labradors and shepherd dogs learn the fastest. How to teach a dog a voice command?

Follow these guidelines:

  • tie a dog near a tree and step on a leash
  • don't let your pet jump on you when he sees the food,
  • ask for a voice and show sweets
  • encourage the pet after the execution of the command,
  • repeat the exercise two or three times.

Важно не поощрять животное в случае, если он лает и гавкает без команды, иначе упражнение будет запоминаться неправильно.

Команда «лежать» может также пригодится в обычной жизни, особенно, если вы много путешествуете с питомцем или часто ходите в гости. Обучение начинается с трех месяцев, одновременно с командой «сидеть». With the correct execution of the team, give a treat, and if there is no reaction, press down on the withers. How to teach a dog to lie down?

Easy, for this you need:

  • go to a quiet place, even to the street. But damp and snow on the ground should not be,
  • press on withers and back saying “Lie down”,
  • In this time you need to show the snack in the other hand at ground level,
  • after completing the instructions, let the animal go for a walk.

Remember that training can take up to a year, but it must pass without coarseness, gradually becoming more complicated. If at first the pet is trained at home, then after, on the street or in a public place. And do not expect that the dog will be able to lie on the ground for the first time.

How to teach a dog team "near" almost everyone knows, but not everyone knows how to do it right. Training begins with six months, when the pet has become accustomed to walking on a leash. Note that the exercise is considered the most difficult and is remembered for a year.

It is important that the puppy is on your left side and walk beside it until you let him go for a walk.

Start training should be as follows:

  • Take the dog on a leash and get as close to you as possible,
  • say "next" and take a pet near you a few steps,
  • then release and say "Walk",
  • give a treat as a reward
  • then call your puppy and repeat the exercise a few more times,
  • each time you need to loosen the tension of the leash and more and more let the dog free.

It is necessary to remember that in case of non-fulfillment of the command, it is enough to pull the leash closer to you and repeat the exercise.

Team "front" It is considered one of the most difficult and dangerous, but training must begin with three months of life, when the pet has lost the habit of mothering.

Remember that a pet spoiled by attention and affection may not fulfill your commands or do it with stubbornness. Therefore, try to pamper him less and be more strict.

How to teach the dog team "face", tell below.

For this you need:

  • find a closed area on the street without people
  • put on a protective suit,
  • find props in the form of sticks, tires, stuffed animals,
  • further tie the dog on a leash and sit next
  • further tease the pet with the chosen object and say face,
  • each time it will annoy more, and the dog will rush,
  • after performing the command, encourage the dog with a treat.

Before describing how to teach a dog team "sit"let's highlight a few important points. For example, learning begins in early childhood, from three to five months. To perform the exercises, use the method of encouragement and punishment - press on the sacrum with non-performance and let us have a snack when doing it.

The training scheme is as follows:

  • call your pet to you
  • call him by name say "sit" and press down on the sacrum,
  • keep the dog in that position for a few seconds, and then give a treat,
  • complete the exercise with the words walk
  • repeat the exercise every five to seven minutes.

How to teach a dog team "give a paw" Canine can tell, but this is easy to teach at home. Then the pet at your request will give you his paw.

The exercise is as follows:

  • put the dog near you
  • call by name and say “Give paw”,
  • point to the paw and show the delicacy in your hand,
  • Take a paw in your hands,
  • Repeat the command several times and after the execution, give it a snack.

Few people know, but the team needs to start learning from six to eight months, and decorative rocks are trained the worst.

How to teach a dog commands and fu can not

Team "fu" considered one of the most important, similar with command "no"because it forces the dog to give up your things or certain items. It will be useful on the street, at a party or at home. How to teach a dog team "Fu" and "No"?

  • show or give your pet the forbidden thing
  • point it or take it in your hand and say "Fu, you can not",
  • take the thing and repeat the command
  • get the pet to give the thing and not take it without your permission,
  • give a treat as a reward.

Note that you need to start the exercise at the moment when the puppy decided to perform the action, but has not done anything wrong yet. Speak with him just looking in the eyes.

Team "aport" can be trained quickly, although some breeds have difficulty. Exercise implies that the puppy returns the thing that the owner has thrown, then the dog sits down and waits for further instructions. Training begins with the eighth month of life, after the teams "sit and close." How to teach the dog team "aport", we will consider together:

  • find a stick or a bone
  • show her to the dog, tease a little
  • throw a thing and say aport,
  • let the animal run after the thing and return it to you
  • praise and give a treat
  • repeat the exercise three to five times.

This team needs to teach both an adult and a small pet. Although there are two types, when the dog falls into place in the house or near the specified object. How to teach a dog team "place"? Simple enough, for this you need to lure a puppy with a snack or point there with a finger, saying “place”. After execution, the dog is encouraged. And in order for the dog to stay in place longer, throw his favorite toy there.

It is also important that when returning from a place without a command, you need to return the pet there, pointing there with your finger, sentencing in a formidable voice.

Before determining how to teach a dog team "alien", we define that it is important for many pets, because it notifies that an unknown person with bad intentions is in front of them. Then the dog must give a voice, growl or go away.

For training you need:

  • find an assistant who will attack you
  • then look at the animal and repeat the command "Alien",
  • repeat this for five to seven minutes,
  • after the pet gets close to you and growls or barks, praise.

Team "stand" need to be taught from the age of seven to nine months, after mastering the basic exercises. For training use a contrast method of encouragement and punishment. The team is necessary for the animal to listen to you while bathing, combing or a doctoral examination. How to teach the dog team "stand"?

  • take the pet to you
  • push him under the belly so that he gets up and listens to you
  • as a promotion, give a treat,
  • if the dog lies down, raise the wool,
  • combine the command with the words "Walk".

Team "bring" has a lot to do with "Aport"but in this case it is not necessary to throw the thing.

To perform the exercise will have:

  • set a pet near you
  • point to the thing and say bring it
  • if necessary, come up and hold the thing in your hands,
  • show delicious, sit down and repeat the instructions again,
  • after doing, encourage.

Command "search" Especially important for hunting and guard dogs, bloodhounds. She has been taught since the age of her life, after the exercises “aport, sit, alien and fu”.

Training is conducted as follows:

  • take a certain thing
  • let the dog sniff it
  • hide the thing
  • give command "Search", repeat several times
  • if the dog chooses the wrong thing, say "Fu"and repeat "Look good",
  • after finding, repeat the exercise and praise the animal.

Interestingly, you need to start learning by finding things with your smell, further complicate and make the search for a stranger’s thing.

Team "serve" also called "Bunny", and it is easier to perform it for small pets. Because it will be more difficult to hold a large body with a straight back.

Teaching is not difficult for this:

  • call your puppy
  • pick up a treat,
  • place a hand with a delicacy above the head of the dog and say "serve",
  • after the pet tears off the front paws from the floor, encourage it,
  • each time force higher to rise and hold position longer.

Training wait team implies that the pet will remain stationary until you let go. Training begins at nine months, using a contrast method with encouragement and punishment.

Training is conducted as follows:

  • call your pet
  • seat him or lay him down by pressing on the sacrum,
  • tell me "Wait" and hold your hand
  • show delicacy
  • after a couple of minutes, give me a treat and say "walk",
  • repeat the exercise several times.

Few people know, but learning team begins at home, and only after a couple of months of classes, you can transfer classes to a noisy street.

Team "walk" most needed for pets used in the security or detective service. Most often used after the execution of other commands as promotion. For training, just pat the animal on the back, let go and say "Walk".

Training team "flip" not difficult, if the puppy already knows how to lay on its back, the exercise is very similar to die command.

To perform the need:

  • put the dog on his back
  • show dainty, give it a sniff,
  • sweep along the ridge,
  • don't let the dog get up,
  • it is important that the dog watches the meal and turns smoothly on its side,
  • and this is repeated several times.

How to teach dog team die

Start exercise "Die" can be from any age, even with an adult dog. To do this, just throw the pet on his back or give him the appropriate command, take a snack in his hand and give it a sniff. After that, hold your hand with food to the side, then along the ridge. When the animal rolls over to the side, give the reward.

Exercise "barrier" you need to perform after a year of life, and then your pet learns to overcome obstacles. It is important that the first height be no more than 45 cm, even for a large breed.

Training is conducted as follows:

  • find a small horizontal bar, an obstacle or a rope,
  • stand on the other side and show the puppy a treat;
  • beckon him and call to yourself
  • after the dog jumps, give a reward.

Not everyone knows, but even a hoop, a living barrier from a person, can be used for training. But each time the load must increase, putting several barriers in a row.

Exercise "Spin" similar to somersaults, because the technique is the same. In this case, you need to lay the puppy on your back, show a treat, hold your hand along the ridge. After the dog collapses on its side and turns over, repeat the manipulation. When the dog takes a few turns, give the reward.

To educate "Snake" it will be easy if the puppy can already perform "Eight". The exercise itself implies that the owner goes forward and the dog passes between his legs.

The method of training is as follows:

  • say "near" and seat your pet near your left foot,
  • show you a treat
  • step forward and show the food to the dog,
  • wait for the dog to take a step
  • next step with the other leg and again show the food,
  • after the first five steps and the execution of commands, give the reward.

It is important that you do not move quickly and give food not in one step, but in full fulfillment of the conditions of the exercise.

Exercise "high five" suitable for large and small breeds, the point is that the pet brought both paws to your hands on command.

Make it easy:

  • show you a treat
  • raise your hands and bring them to the animal,
  • say "give me five" and wait for the reaction
  • after doing, give away the food.

For the first time, it is enough that the dog simply holds the paw to your palms..

How to quickly learn to perform basic commands at home

Training a dog requires from the owner not only patience and the desire to train his dog, but also knowledge of the intricacies of the process. Starting training sessions is best at a young age. As a rule, dog training starts at 10 - 12 weeks. The duration of training with puppies should not exceed 10 minutes, as the kids get tired quickly. The most correct tactics of dressage at this age is the game method.

The owner, independently engaged in dog training, should adhere to the principle of consistency. Each team is worked out, as a rule, in several stages. It is necessary to achieve perfect execution of each segment, and only then proceed to the next stage.

Training sessions should be carried out from simple to complex. Experienced dog experts recommend dog breeders to train the dog only to one team. The transition to another exercise should be done gradually, after strengthening the skill of the previous lesson.

During training, you should not shout and scold the pet, if he does not immediately understand what the owner requires of him. The effectiveness of the lesson will significantly increase if the owner uses the promotion in the form of affection, a delicious treat. Undesirable behavior of the dog during training can not be stopped by force and rudeness. It is best to divert the animal from the wrong actions and send the dog's energy in the right direction.

Equally important in the successful training is the regularity of the classes. Engage with the pet should be daily, consolidating the learned skills to their unquestioning implementation. Exercises should be alternated with periods of rest, avoiding overworking the dog. Four-legged friends study most effectively 3–4 hours after feeding.

Classes with a pet should be conducted in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. As the skill strengthens, the team can be moved to a place unfamiliar to the dog, inviting other people, and connecting with distractions.

The voice command is most effective to work out if you stock up on your favorite shaggy friend's delicacy. The best time for a lesson is before feeding the dog. Occupation should be conducted in a quiet environment. Dog should not distract or disturb anything. Holding a treasured piece in your hands, you need to show his pet and give the appropriate command.

Exposure required from owner. Only after the dog gives a voice (does not whine, but bark loudly), can he be encouraged with a delicacy.

One of the most common commands in dog literacy is the ability to sit at the request of the owner. You can teach the dog as follows: lightly press the pet's croup with your left hand, pull the leash up with your right hand. At the same time you can hold a piece of food in your right hand. Typically, such a manipulation causes the dog to adopt the desired posture.

At the same time, the Sit command is clearly and calmly given. With proper exercise, the dog is encouraged by a treat, stroking, encouraged by his voice.

This team should be trained only after perfect fulfillment of the “Sit” requirement. When the dog executes the command, you should take a delicacy in your right hand and give the command “Lie”. At the same time with the voice signal, the hand with a treat dips slowly down. At the same time, the left hand must hold the croup of the pet, preventing rising.

As a rule, the dog reaches for a treat and assumes a recumbent posture. When properly fulfilled, the animal is encouraged by the treat.

The “Nearby” team is one of the most difficult and requires maximum concentration and attention from the owner and the pet. At the first stage, you can work it out on a leash during a walk. If the pet is quietly close, you need to give the appropriate command and praise, treat you with a tasty piece. This will help the dog understand exactly what is required of him.

The best time to learn the skill is after the walk, when the dog walked up and spilled out his energy. Having taken a delicacy in your right hand, you should call your pet to yourself, order “Near” and go. Pet, following the proposed treat, as a rule, selects the same pace as the owner. Proper execution of the lesson is encouraged.

One of the main commands that characterize an educated and devoted dog is the impeccable fulfillment of the “To me” requirement. If the pet belongs to the category of animals who love to eat, then the best motivating factor would be a delicacy. It should be placed in the hand so that the dog can see the tidbit. In a friendly voice call the walking dog "Ko Me." If the pet fulfills the requirement immediately, it is encouraged.

Food factor in dog training does not work for all pets. Some individuals are more pleased with caress, attention from the owner, than the proposed treat. In this case, you can motivate the dog, offering its favorite game. Holding a toy or a ball in his hands, the owner gives the command “To me”. After the dog ran, he was praised and played with him for a while.

In order to fulfill the requirement “To me” at a pet only with positive moments, in no case should one take the dog on a leash and stop the walk after the command is executed

To teach the team "Place" a dog should be from puppyhood age. It is best to wait until after the feeding and the intensive walk the young pet begins to rest. Having noticed that the dog wants to lie down, it is necessary to bring it to the territory chosen in advance, to lay down and give the command "Place". Encourage the correct implementation of the lesson is possible only when the dog settles and does not leave the lounger or bedspread.

Ability at the request of the owner to submit a paw is mostly for entertainment than for obligatory training. However, learning this skill promotes concentration, develops memory, and emotionally brings a four-legged friend closer to its owner. The lesson is conducted according to the following methodology:

  1. the command "Sit" is given to the pet, the treat is clamped in the hand,
  2. владелец дает голосовой сигнал «Дай лапу» и одновременно берет в свою руку переднюю конечность собаки,
  3. пес получает заветное угощение.

Immaculate fulfillment of the requirement of "Fu" or "No" is a prerequisite not only for raising the dog. Food waste picked up on the street, undesirable behavior towards a person or other animals - a threat to the safety of the health of the pet and others. Teach the team should be a dog from 2 months. A puppy needs a strict voice to submit the request "You can not" or "Fu" at the time of the undesirable action.

The effectiveness of the lesson will increase if, immediately after the command, to divert the animal’s attention from an unseemly act and take on something interesting, for example, a game. You can give your puppy his favorite toy, start an interesting activity with him. In the event that the dog does not respond to the command, stop the unwanted actions should be a slight slap, a sharp sound.

Teach your dog to bring things specifically abandoned best of all using a phased methodology. To begin with, the dog must know and execute the command “Give” and “To me”. Whenever an animal plays with its toy, for example, a ball, picks it up in the mouth, the dog should be called up, give a command “Give” and reach out with a treat.

As a rule, the dog chooses treats and produces a toy. During the exercise, you must ensure that the object was thrown by the dog next to the owner.

After the pet acquires the skill to give the item to the owner, you can start working out the next stage. Throwing a ball or other object, you should wait until the pet picks it up, and command “To me”. After the dog fulfills it, the order “Give” is given. After completing the exercise flawlessly, you can proceed to working out the skill under the command "Aport".

To learn how to train a puppy at home, see this video:

Unusual teams

Many owners, having successfully taught their four-legged friends the basics of canine literacy, do not stop at what has been accomplished and teach dogs a variety of commands and tricks. Such exercises strengthen friendship and mutual understanding between the owner and the furry pet.

Work out a "slobbery" team with a pet is easy. To do this, sit the dog in front of you. So that the animal does not sharply explode and cause no injuries, you should step on the leash with your foot. After the command "Kiss" you need to squeeze a dog treat between your teeth and bend over to the dog. Performing a maneuver implies that the dog may become paws on the owner's chest.

If you attach a treat on the cheek, you can teach the dog to perform the command "Kiss on the cheek."

Teaching a four-legged pet can be served as follows. Having set the dog, take the leash in hand. In another hand, hold the treat and bring it to the dog's nose. At the same time with the help of a leash to induce the animal to rise. After waiting for the dog to tear off its front paws from the ground, give the command “Serve” and treat you with a delicacy.

The spectacular trick "Circling" resembles a circus number. Training the team should be done after the dog learns to serve. By submitting the command "Serve", you should raise your hand with a delicacy at the height. Performing circular movements with his hand, it is necessary to ensure that the dog repeats them. The command "Circling" is served. After the dog learns to turn around its axis on command, it can be taught to do it only by the movement of the hand, without voice guidance.

Spectacular for outsiders is the dog bowing before the owner. Teaching this team is similar to practicing the “Lie” skill. The difference is that the owner ensures that the pet does not lower the back part of the body during the exercise, but only pulls the front paws. If the dog, according to habit, executes the “Lie” command, then it is necessary to substitute a hand under the stomach.

Exercise, as a rule, does not cause difficulties for the pet. To teach the owner, place the dog on your left. Taking in his hand a favorite treat, with his help "guide" the animal. Having made one step, they invite the dog to go between the feet of the owner. Steps must be performed slowly so that the dog has time to understand what is required of it. The unlucky dog ​​can be gently sent with the hand in the right direction, but it is better to use a treat for this.

Teaching a dog to back up on command is quite difficult due to the fact that this behavior is unusual for animals. However, by setting a goal and armed with patience, you can teach the dog the command "Back." For this you need a collar and a leash. The owner keeps the dog on a short leash near the collar, gives the appropriate command and begins to move backwards, pulling at the same time the leash.

When performing the exercise, it is necessary to stop the pet turning and moving sideways. With proper fulfillment of the requirements is given treats.

Some dog experts for working off this team use a narrow and long corridor, in which it is extremely difficult to turn around, and the pet with the owner is forced to move backwards.

Ring jump

To train an animal to jump through a hoop or ring, it is necessary to stock up on inventory. The hoop must be of such a size that the dog runs unhindered in size through it. At the first stage for the execution of the command, the object is placed on the ground. A voice is called "to me."

With the help of a treat in his hand, the owner guides the dog through the hoop. If the dog passes it calmly, it can be treated. Then the hoop rises above the ground level - and the lesson is repeated. Learning should be phased, gradually lifting the device above the ground.

To learn how to teach a dog to different teams, see this video:

How to teach an adult dog commands

There are situations when it is necessary to train and raise an adult dog. Of course, the process of teaching teams is easier and faster from a young age. But adult pets with the right approach and patience acquire the required skills. First of all, the new owner must be given time to adapt the animal in new conditions for him and only then proceed to the training.

Many dog ​​experts recommend using a clicker as a device for training an adult dog. The device emits a beep that the dog should associate with the correct actions on its part. As a rule, the sound of the clicker with the correct execution of the command is supported by refreshments. This produces certain conditional signals in the animal, contributing to successful training.

Training dogs in teams is an exciting and useful exercise. Educated dog will not cause inconvenience to others, will not harm their health. Training of the animal should be carried out consistently and regularly. Patience, positive motivation, the right approach of the owner to the elements of dressage is the key to successful mastering the required skills and impeccable execution of commands by the four-legged friend.

Useful video

To learn how to teach an adult dog commands, see this video:

Recommendations how to teach a dog to a place are many. It all depends on which one you need - a toilet, a sleeping place, a new team. Important and the age of the animal.

Competent recommendations on how to teach a dog to a place (a team, territories are needed. Vaccination of dogs is one of the effective procedures that allows you to prevent a pet from having a dangerous infection.

How to teach to walk on a leash and with a collar. . By this time, the dog must know and follow the “Ko me” and “Near” commands on demand.

How to teach the dog team "Lapu".

Not the most necessary command, distinguished by its simplicity. At the initial stage of training, she is trained to establish contact with the pet, teaching her to obey her master. To consolidate the skill using a treat, as well as praise. When giving the command for the first time, the dog is given to understand what they want from it. Take a paw with a hand and slightly shake it, after which a treat is given. In subsequent times, the dog gives the paw much more willingly.

How to teach the dog team "Sit".

The command is given both by voice and gesture. The right hand is bent at an angle of 90 degrees, its palm is turned forward. The initial performance is accompanied by pressing on the back of the dog's body with one hand, as well as holding the collar, or the tight leash, with the other hand. The command is pronounced clearly and loudly enough. During the following classes the number of repetitions gradually increases. The procedure is the same for all dogs of any age.

How to teach the dog the command "Lie".

After confidently performing the "Sit" command, you can start learning the "Lie" command. The initial execution begins with the command "Sit", after which the next one is given, with simultaneous pressure on the front part of the back. So that the dog does not try to get up, hold the back of the case with a hand. After successful completion, the pet is praised and given a treat. In the future, the time of working out and the number of repetitions increase, without going beyond the optimal time frame of classes.

How to teach the dog team "Place".

Puppy begin to teach this team almost from the moment of appearance. The process takes place gradually, at the age of several months, he already knows his place, and the meaning of the word. If you need to consolidate the skill or the dog went to the owner as an adult, then you need to conduct classes. The training is performed as follows: his place is shown to the pet (the corresponding command is given) and after he remains there he is praised and given a treat. It will be good if the place is marked with a litter or rug.

How to teach a dog team "Next."

The team is relevant as with the movement of the dog on the leash, and without it. At the initial stage, the movement is carried out with a fastened leash. It is served at the beginning of the movement, followed by a repetition in case of the host’s lead or lagging behind. If it is necessary, the giving of the command is not accompanied by a strong tug of the leash. After the passage of a short segment, be sure to praise the dog and give a treat. After he learns to walk alongside on a leash, they proceed to learning without a leash. The procedure is the same; at the initial stage, you can hold the pet by the collar.

How to teach a dog to the team "It is impossible".

Teaching the prohibiting team will help avoid unwanted actions by the dog. Training occurs when she is on a leash. If a dog tries to take some nasty stuff in the mouth, come into conflict with another dog or chase a cat, then the command "Fu" is given. It is advisable not to use the command "It is impossible", since this word often meets people in conversations and your ward may not correctly understand it. Accompanied by the team pulling off the leash, or light slap on the back of the body.