The oldest cat in the world - Guinness book record holders


The article provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with who the oldest cat in the world is and what interesting information is available about it, which will be interesting for everyone who loves four-legged pets.

The oldest cat and the longest living cat in the world, the Guinness Book of Records, from Texas, a long-liver from Kostroma

The oldest cat that is listed in the Guinness Book of Records is the Cream Puff, he lived for 38 years and 3 days. This is a great time for cats. With an average life expectancy of 15-18 years.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the longest-lived cat lives in Melbourne, nicknamed Capitolina, today its age is 34 years old.

Cat Basilio from the city of Kostroma celebrated his 26th birthday, he has every chance to get into the Guinness Book of Records.

Cats centenarians breed list, a record in Russia

Most cats are long-livers outbred. After all, at the time when they were born, few more people were worried about pedigree cats, no one took them out on purpose, and most of those who were already interested no one.

In Russia today, Basilio from Kostroma is considered to be the most venerable aged cat, his age is 26 years old.

Old cat dies symptoms, signs and how to alleviate suffering

The cat becomes sluggish, eats poorly, drinks poorly, lies a lot. Health problems begin, they are all individual, someone goes to the toilet badly, another animal may suffer from vomiting or pain. You can relieve, just stay close, as much as possible giving the opportunity to calm down the cat.

Provide care and care. If the pain in the animal is very thought about sleeping, thus, you exclude further agony of the animal.

Cats, cats and kittens in the Guinness Book of Records:

The loudest cat.

Recently, the Guinness Book of Records was replenished with another “champion” from the cat breed. This is the loudest cat in the world lives in the UK. Its owners say that their 12-year-old Briton Smokey purrs so loudly that it is not possible to watch TV. And an expert check confirmed this. The cat makes sounds at 92 decibels, this is the same as the Boeing 737 makes for landing.

cat longevity lucy

Long-livers from the cat family.
In the first place is a cat named Lucy from England. For 2010 she was

about 40 years. Unfortunately, her owner Bill Thomas doesn’t know exactly the date of her birth, but veterinarians confirm the venerable age of this feline long-liver. What is surprising, the old woman is still vigorous and even catches mice.
In second place, the life expectancy of a puffy cat, from Texas. She was born in 1967 on August 3 and died in the 2005th, having lived for 38 years.
Third place is taken from Denver, in England. This cat was born in 1903 and died in 1939 on November 29th, at the age of 36 on the day after its birthday.
The fourth place belongs to the 34-year-old Burmese cat Catalina, and by now living in Australia, in Melbourne.
And, the fifth place in the cat Bleka from the UK. For 2014, she was 29 years old.

fat cat from Denmark

The thickest of cats.
Such, according to the Guinness Book of Records is the cat Himmi, from Australia. At the age of 10, his weight was 21 kilograms.
Another representative of the "width" - a cat Thule from Denmark. Its weight is over 19 kg. And this is 6 years old!

The smallest cat in the world.
The smallest cat in the world was a cat from Taylorville, USA, Illinois. This is a cross between Himalayan and Persian breed weighing only 800 grams. His height was 19 centimeters in length and only 7 in height. The name of this feline dwarf is Tinker-Toi. Unfortunately, he did not live much and died in 1997. Apparently his small height and not long life were the result of some kind of genetic failure. But the smallest cat was the pussy of the munchkin breed, which was called Phys Geel. Its growth is even

less than 15 centimeters.
Record for catching mice.
Recorded record holder for catching and destroying mice is a cat, tortoiseshell, Towser. She was born on April 21, 1963, and died on March 20, 1987. She lived and “worked” Towser in Scotland at a distillery owned by Glentarreth Distillery Ltd. During his life, this rodent hunter killed 28,899 mice (only, fixed) and other innocent animals, such as chickens and rabbits.

The richest of the cat family.
Millionaire Ben Rea, loved cats and cats always lived in his mansion. In total, he had fifteen. According to the testament, after the death of Ben, a certain amount of money left the cat. 15 million pounds went to the last of Ben's cats, who lived in his house, the Blecky cat.
The most expensive cats.
In the early 2000s, an Englishman, Esmond Gay, developed a new breed - Asian

leopard cat. Pet name was given Zeus. The price of a cat is 100.000 euros!
And in the last century, the cat of the breed was the most expensive - Californian cat. In January 1987, a cat of this breed was sold for $ 24,000.

The loudest voice of a cat.

The loudest sound was made by a cat from England. Employees of the organization "Guinness Books" recorded this "meow" in 67.7 decibels.

The first name of the cat.
The very first of the documented feline names was the name - Negem. That was the name of the cat that lived at the court of Pharaoh Thutmose III, in 1479-25 BC.

Most of all traveling cat.

Cat Hamlet, while flying on an airplane from the Canadian city of Toronto, got out of his carry. Hiding from the crew and living on handouts from passengers, he spent 7 weeks on the plane. So far 600.000 kilometers. In February 1984, was discovered and returned to the owners.

In 1950, on September 6, not only climbers climbed to the top of the Matterhorn mountain (4478 m), but also four-month-old kitten Josephine Aufdenblatten from Switzerland. Of course, not alone, but in a climbing backpack.

tallest cat

The highest of domestic cats.
This is a cat named Trable. The height of her body, from the shoulders to the floor, is 48 centimeters, with a small weight relative to height of 9 kilograms. It belongs to the Savannah breed (a mixture of domestic purebred and wild African cats.)

The longest cat in the world.
The longest cat is a Maine Coon Stewie cat. Living in Nevada. The length of this record holder from the tip of the tail to the nose 123 centimeters 19 millimeters.

A lot of fingers on their paws.

A cat from Canada, Ontario has 27 toes. It is true there is a cat, nicknamed Maine, from the United States, which has 28 fingers. But he is not listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as his master refused to provide evidence of this phenomenon.

Cats with excess fingers, like people, are called polydactyls. This deviation is caused by abnormal gene changes. In some countries they are also called “snowmobiles”, because of their ability to deftly glide over the snow, many toes on their paws make them wider. And even earlier, polydactyls were appreciated by all seafarers for their unique ability to quickly catch rodents, and they were even considered sea talismans.

The largest litter.

In England, in 1970, a case was recorded when the cat gave birth to nineteen kittens. But, only fifteen survived.

Tabby's cat from the USA, Bonema, in the state of Texas, gave birth to 420 kittens in her life!

The oldest childbirth.

Such is the cat Englishwoman Kitty from Staffordshire. This "pensioner" gave birth to two kittens at the age of 30. In total, she was born 218 "kids."

The cat that fell from the highest altitude.

Andy's cat, in America, fell from a height of a 16-storey building and remained alive. This is still the highest, recorded cat fall.

After a terrible earthquake in Taiwan in 1999, a kosh was discovered in one of the destroyed houses. The poor animal stayed under a blockage of 80 days.

The biggest cat dorm.

The Wright couple from Ontario, at the same time lived 689 cats, cats and kittens. This is the largest recorded cat dorm.

And a little about the secrets.

The story of one of our readers Irina Volodina:

My eyes were especially frustrating, surrounded by large wrinkles plus dark circles and swelling. How to remove wrinkles and bags under the eyes completely? How to cope with swelling and redness? But nothing is so old or young man as his eyes.

But how to rejuvenate them? Plastic surgery? I found out - no less than 5 thousand dollars. Hardware procedures - photorejuvenation, gas-liquid pilling, radio lifting, laser facelift? Slightly more accessible - the course is 1.5-2 thousand dollars. And when to find all this time? Yes, and still expensive. Especially now. Therefore, for myself, I chose another way.

About the record holder

The couple did not even suspect that sometime in the future their pet would be made public by hitting the pages of many magazines and newspapers. They just loved and cared for him, creating all the conditions for a comfortable life. Interestingly, in translation from English the nickname of the oldest cat in the world means "Nutmeg". Before getting into the house, the animal had to suffer a lot in freedom and fully experience what cold, hunger and all kinds of diseases are like.

Unhappy and weakened, he was picked up on the street, and the sight of Natmega was, frankly, deplorable. Stripped fur, emaciated body and non-healing ulcers on the neck - this is how he appeared before the veterinarian, where Liz and Ian carried him after the “adoption”. Perhaps that is why the melancholicity and depth appeared in the cat's view, which was repeatedly noted in the comments under the photo posted in the press.

After medical examination, the cat was determined to be at least five years old. Events took place in 1990, and it was this date that became the new point of reference for the animal. The owners have repeatedly admitted that it is not they who manage the house, but their precious Natmeg, subordinating all family members to their desires - have a good sleep, have a tasty meal and make a mess around. With age, he got the affectionate nickname of "grandfather", grumbling and purring, when he does not like something.

When it became clear that the cat could be on the oldest list in the world, the Finley couple decided to start collecting the necessary documents for official confirmation of their pet's age. Unfortunately, in the fall of 2017, Natmeg died of heart failure, but his memory remained not only in the hearts of his family, but also in the archives of history.

Other famous long-lived cats

The 31-year-old "Nutmeg" is not the only cat that has the honorary title of the oldest in the world. This status at different times received such representatives of the cat world:

  • Puffy the cat has long retained the status of long-lived, lingering in her right mind and blessed memory for 38 years. She died in 2005 in Texas, passing the baton to other meowing followers.

  • A cat from Devon (the nickname was not preserved for the prescription of time) died at the age of 37 in the hands of his mistress literally the next day after his next nameday. It happened in 1939, and the date of birth of purrs is fixed in 1903.
  • Cat Velvet is considered one of the oldest living in the world, recently celebrating its 25th anniversary. Live mustache handsome in America, near Porland. His mistress is sure that the secret of animal activity lies in long walks in the fresh air, good nutrition, love and attention, which Velvet receives in full from its household.
  • Lucy the cat from the UK can also claim the medal "For a long life." If you believe her guardians, then the age of the old woman has already crossed the mark of 40 years, which by human standards is equivalent to 180 years. She was picked up near the store in 1972, and then she was about 2 years old. But since there is no official data confirming such astonishing longevity in the hands of the owners, the cat cannot yet get into the Guinness Book.

Many miracles happen in the world, so it is possible that soon we will learn about new interesting life stories of cats - some of their most popular and beloved pets of all times and peoples.