Royal Canin Fiber Response: composition of food for kittens and adult cats

The French premium feed brand Royal Canin was one of the first to enter the Russian market and continues to hold strong positions on it. The brand’s success is facilitated by competent marketing, a wide range of products including specialized medicinal food and delicacies. Convenient packaging, a variety of tastes and textures, special offers with very interesting prices - all this provides the company with many loyal fans.


It is very important to mention here that Royal Canin Renal has certain contraindications for use:

The use of this feed under any of these conditions will be accompanied by very serious problems for the cat.

It should be quite obvious that Royal Canin Renal must have a certain composition in order to comply with the information specified above. Therefore, along with such natural substances as rice, cornmeal, vegetable fiber, wheat gluten and others, this diet contains various vitamins and minerals. It is the presence of substances such as vitamin A, vitamin D3, iodine, copper, manganese and zinc that allows cats to cope with the serious health problems mentioned above. Moreover, do not forget that the composition of the cat food Royal Canin Renal includes antioxidants synergistic action, which further enhances the positive functions of this food.

It is thanks to the above information you can absolutely not worry about the fact that the food can further harm the health of the cat. The perfect combination of healthy ingredients and nutrients allows you to confidently say that Royal Canin Renal is only useful.


As can be seen from the above, you can treat your pets not only with drugs, but also with special foods. Thus, Royal Canin Renal cats for cats are the best way to treat chronic renal failure in cats. The composition of the feed and its features allow you to have a significantly positive effect on the body of cats suffering from this disease. In order to safely and quickly cure your pet, you need to strictly follow the recommendations of the veterinarian about the necessary diet.