Good food for kittens: reviews of veterinarians


The body of a kitten is growing, so it needs microelements and vitamins more than adult cats. Therefore, you need to choose high-quality feed for kittens. Caring owners try to adjust the diet of their favorite little pet with the help of delicious and healthy food.

Why should kitten food be of high quality?

As a rule, professional breeders sell (distribute) pedigree kittens at the age of about 3 months. By this period, they already have all the necessary vaccines, transferred dry to wet food and documented. A person who wants to buy a pet can only wonder what kind of food he was fed. As usual, breeders feed them with proven high-quality food, so you should not transfer your pet to another type of food.

Feed him with the same food, and as he grows up, change the food, not going beyond the selected manufacturer. In addition, it is important to know that the food that a person consumes can not be given to the ward, such an act can significantly harm the digestive system.

If you find an animal on the street, it was presented by friends or for some other reason it appeared, you need to figure out for yourself what is the best food for kittens produced on the Russian market. When choosing food, please note that the composition should include trace elements and vitamins that contribute to the development of bones, muscles, internal organs. Also, food should have a favorable effect on the quality of wool, because it is for her that determines how well he feels.

Trace elements necessary for kittens

Serve the cause of the development of pathogenic disorders can not enough beneficial vitamins. They necessarily need vitamin A, B, D, E, C. In addition, we must not forget about iron, copper, zinc, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc.

So, now we are getting to the question, what kind of food is better for kittens, so that it is extremely useful and balanced for the ward. Traders' brands of cat food manufacturers, well-known to the whole world, have already worried about this problem and have developed a special line specifically for them.

The best food for a kitten, what is it?

Most professionals discuss relatively dry and soft food: which one is better? A person has the right to choose the trademark that fits to the breed of a pet, its age, personal preferences and financial possibilities. But remember, never buy food economy class. It's no secret that they contain no meat and vitamins, and they are stored for a long time just because they add preservatives in large quantities.

Cheap food: “Whiskas”, “Meal”, “Vaska”, “DIAMOND”, “FRISKIES”, “Doctor zoo” and others. Of course, high-quality food can not be cheap, but it is better to spend a little more money and be sure that the kitten will get all the best. Remember, saving on healthy feeding your baby, in the future will have to invest in its treatment. Therefore, it is better not to bring this scenario to development.

Dry food

When the pet is 2 months old, it is allowed to feed it with different types of feed. In the diet is not prohibited to attach dry food, canned foods or succulent meat. It is worth considering that the food for small kittens and big cats have a significant difference: the first goes to much more vitamin complexes. Just do not forget to put a bowl of water closer to the food.

The simplest solution for the owner of the kitten will be the acquisition of industrial produced complementary foods. First of all, specify which diet is suitable for this pet. You can familiarize yourself with such information in the public domain or consult a veterinarian. Then it becomes more clear what type of dry food to buy for a small ward. Of course, it is better that it is of the highest quality, and as for its dosing, the rules of use are indicated on the packaging.

The advantages of dry food

They are as follows:

  1. First of all, it should be noted ease of use. It does not need to be diluted: opened the packaging, poured the norm and closed. Also, be sure to monitor the presence of water in the bowl, even if the kitten did not drink it to the end.
  2. In the best dry food there is a balanced composition of beneficial trace elements. In addition, they contain the amino acid Taurine, which the animal receives only with high-quality food. Due to its deficiency, health problems can begin: blurred vision, reduced brain activity, heart failure.
  3. Dry food contains the right amount of phosphorus, calcium, fats and proteins. Of course, you can calculate their daily rate for a kitten by yourself, picking up a computer.

Experts strongly recommend to refrain from buying cheap food or widely advertised product, as they have a very dubious quality.

The difference between the feed economy and premium

Each pet store has high and medium quality dry food. So, for the manufacture of food budget option manufacturers use cheap meat and various additives. Most often, such food is supersaturated with magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Such a mismatch can lead to joint deformities and the development of serious pathologies.

Say about the feed related to the premium class can only be that it is much better and safer formulations for everyday use. In addition, they have substances that allow to get rid of swallowed wool when licking. If the kitten is sick with something, it will be shown a diet food, which is also available as a dry food. With the right approach to the choice of cat food, it will be possible not only to preserve her health, but also to reduce costs. When doubts about the choice of food are tormented, visit forums about feeding and raising small kittens, there you can find a lot of interesting and informative things.

Canned and wet food

Often, the owners combine wet food with dry food, especially if the cat is a real gourmet. In particular, we are talking about the British and Scottish breed. With such feeding, the kitten gets a sufficient amount of liquid, so he drinks plain water less.

As a rule, canned food is sold in hermetic jars, and have a long shelf life, if, of course, all conditions are met: air temperature and so on. When the container was opened, try to feed the ward faster. Put the pet as much as he can eat at one time, put the remaining feed in a container and put it in the refrigerator. It is best, as advised by experts, to be stored in a glass or plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. Then he will retain his “wet” consistency, and with it the nutrients.

Wet form of feed is considered intermediate between canned and dry food. He has almost no negative reviews, so he is considered an ideal option for feeding small kittens. Its pieces are covered with a damp, appetizing sauce. The total moisture percentage is about one third of the feed mass.

How to choose the right food for a kitten?

First of all, the owner must take into account 3 factors:

  1. Animal health record.
  2. The composition of nutrients, vitamins, microelements.
  3. Pet's age.

After that, go to the counter with the proposed feeds for the Fuzzies. The recommended list, see below, also if you wish, there is an opportunity to take into account other trademarks, which can also be found in the public domain. It is better, of course, to select several quality feed producers at once, then the choice will be made even easier.

Food "Choice"

The range is not so diverse, so on the counter there is only one type of dry food, specialized for kittens from 2 months to 1 year.

Pros: it can not be allergic, there is a large amount of natural meat and a minimum of vegetable components. With him, the pet will receive all the necessary substances to strengthen the nervous system, brain and vision. It is important to note the presence of salmon fat, which is so vital for the development of a kitten.

Cons: find on the shelves in pet stores is extremely problematic. But you can easily buy it through the online store. By the way, some owners say that prices there are much more acceptable than in ordinary shopping centers.

Hines Conscience Feed

This brand has 2 types of dry food and 1 wet mousse, so this variety is the manufacturer. Designed feed for kittens up to 12 months.

Pros: excellent brand reputation. This is due to the manifestation of care about small kittens, which are just beginning to "delve into the taste." For dry food, it is best to translate gradually, starting with mousse, the manufacturer gives this advice.

Cons: a large amount of protein and vegetable carbohydrates. If batches of this product come from different countries, this affects the unevenness of quality indicators.

Royal Canine feed

The choice is represented by one type of dry food, milk substitute and canned food for feeding kittens up to 4 months.
Pros: a balanced composition, a lot of useful vitamins. It should be almost on par with budget class feeds, so before looking for cheap food, pay attention to this brand. It is important to note that it also contains a milk substitute, which is a special advantage of the manufacturer.

Cons: feed, which are produced in different countries, can not always boast the same quality indicators. Unfortunately, even premium food is not always available in pet stores. Buy it through the online store.

Feed "Purina ProPlan"

As for its range directly, it is presented in the form of dry food up to one year old kitten.

Pros: The advantage is the availability and low cost of feed. Since the majority of the owners are chasing savings, this food can be purchased in balance.

Cons: contains a sufficient number of components of plant origin. Therefore, it belongs to the budget option of feeding kittens. Be careful, because a pet may have an allergic reaction to this type of food. After the first feeding, observe its reaction, behavior and appearance. If suspicions are confirmed, consult with a specialist, and this feed will have to be replaced with something else.

Feed "Josera"

It is presented in one form - dry food for kittens up to 12 months.

Pros: availability in pet stores, quality and low price. The fact that the manufacturer is in Germany, this only indicates the high quality of the feed. After all, he produces food not only for kittens, but also for farm animals.

Cons: The main ingredient is ground meat. Not as popular as the usual domestic brands.

Evaluation of these feeds is carried out only by their mutual comparison with other varieties. For example, the “Holistic” feed was not included in the list, because they have a high price, and it is not always possible to find it in stores. In addition, ordering them through the site is also very expensive, so not every average citizen of Russia can allow them.

What homemade products can feed a kitten?

First of all, you need to remember that the food that goes into the bowl of a kitten should not be too cold or hot, only at room temperature. As for its consistency, the first portions are mushy, without the content of hard lumps. In the kitchen you can use a grater or blender, depending on what is at hand.

Homemade products for a kitten:

  • meat. It is allowed to give it raw, boiled, scalded or frozen. The meat of low-fat varieties accounts for 60-80% of the pet's daily diet. For example, a liver should not be given more often than once every 1-2 weeks,
  • porridge. Of course, in their pure form they are unlikely to eat them, but if you add beef or pickles, it is quite another matter. Add meat to porridge in a 1: 2 ratio,
  • vegetables. They can be either pure or boiled. It all depends on how you like them to have a pet. Animals that have never consumed raw vegetables may not eat them after heat treatment,
  • egg yolk. It is important to know that quail eggs, unlike chicken eggs, can be given entirely. Such a dish is amenable only 1 time in 7 days,
  • lactic acid products with a minimum fat content,
  • Brewer's yeast.

In addition to all of the above, a plant oil is banned. But it is allowed to replace it with Vaseline oil.

What to feed a kitten up to 1 month?

A full kitten when he sucks a cat or sleeps. The other side of the medal, when the mother throws her kittens, then the question arises, what to feed him if only he did not squeak. Moreover, very little kittens are practically unable to eat anything, except for mother's milk.

Pet Feeding Equipment:

  • bottle with pacifier
  • syringe or pipette
  • mix - replacement cat milk.

You can prepare the mixture at home, not necessarily go to the store. Their recipes will be described further in the text.

  • yolk (raw) mixed with 0.5 liters of concentrated milk,
  • Mix 50 ml of whole milk with corn oil (small spoon) and ½ part egg yolk,
  • boil an egg hard, mix with whipped protein and vegetable oil (it needs literally one drop). All this is well mixed, then add grape sugar - 2 teaspoons,
  • Take whole cow's milk (half a cup), dissolve dry yeast (dessert spoon) and dry milk (2 tablespoons) in it.

These recipes are great help out if the kitten will grow independently, and the owner will be engaged in feeding.

What should not be given to the kitten is:

  • salt, sausage, spices,
  • fat milk,
  • wet / dry food,
  • cheese, pork, fish.

In addition, it is forbidden to give fatty meat, legumes, sour cream, bread, chocolate and flour products. Take the kitten feeding responsibly before you give him something, ask him if he can or not. If you can’t figure it out on your own, step-by-step instructions that are available to the public will come to your aid.

The importance of feed quality

Often kittens get into a new home at the age of 2-3 months. Usually, responsible breeders have already done the necessary vaccinations by this time and have taught the animal to regular food. Choosing food for kittens, reviews of veterinarians should be studied by the owners very carefully, especially if the pet is considered pedigree. But it is also important for an ordinary kitten to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals with food for harmonious development.

There are many products from different manufacturers on the pet market. Sometimes, an ordinary cat lover can have trouble understanding them. But the feed must contain the necessary micronutrients and vitamins so that the pet does not suffer from the digestive, muscular and bone system. Food for kittens (reviews confirm this) has a great influence on the quality of wool.

Mandatory composition of good feed

The lack of nutrients and vitamins leads to a lag in the growth of the young individual and can provoke the appearance of various diseases.

Veterinarians in reviews about kitten food indicate that they should have the following components:

  • Trace elements for growth and development: taurine, iron, iodine, zinc, L-carnitine. Without them, the growth of the animal and the full development of all systems of its body is impossible.
  • Vitamin A, which is responsible for the kitten's vision and bone growth.
  • Vitamin C is indispensable for the development of the digestive system, excellent immunity and contributes to the elasticity of the vascular walls.
  • Vitamin D is responsible for blood circulation.
  • Vitamin E is responsible for the kitten's future reproductive function.
  • B vitamins improve metabolism, help strengthen blood vessels and muscle tissue.

Therefore, to choose a good feed for kittens, reviews of veterinarians should be taken into account. Experts, on the other hand, have different opinions on the animal’s dietary types, which will be discussed below.

Even experts sometimes argue which feed is best for a small pet - dry or wet. In this case, it is better to focus on the breed of the animal, its age, personal preferences of the owner and its financial capabilities.

But it should be remembered that it is not necessary to feed the animal feeds of economy class manufacturers. In their composition there is no natural meat, and the amount of vitamins and nutrients is negligible. In addition, for the duration of storage and improve taste, they are added flavoring and preservatives.

Dry food

Veterinarians in reviews about good feed for kittens argue that the product of quality brands, as a rule, is fully balanced.

It should be remembered that this type of food is suitable for a pet from two months of age. The pieces themselves are quite tough, so it will be difficult for the kitten to cope with it if it is too small. Зато, по мнению специалистов, поедание твердого корма является хорошей профилактикой такой напасти, как зубной камень.

Отзывы о корме котят показывают, что лучше выбирать марки премиум-класса. Только в них есть все полезные вещества, необходимые для развития питомца.

Лучшие марки сухих кормов

Как правило, ветеринары рекомендуют выбирать следующие виды сухих кормов:

  • Royal Canin. Состав по большей части состоит из мяса, кроме того, из него исключаются неусвояемые вещества. Корм сбалансирован и легко переваривается желудком.
  • ProPlan. Premium class kitten feeds (reviews by professional breeders confirm this) do not contain preservatives and have a natural composition.
  • Eagle Pack Holistic Select. The most suitable for kittens food, according to veterinarians. It consists of probiotics. Enzymes are easily digested. Contains a fully balanced vitamin and mineral complex. Meets the requirements for the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • Canidae. The food is devoid of preservatives and has a natural composition.

Professional cat breeders are not advised to buy food in supermarkets, because only brands of economy class go there. To buy better go to a specialized pet store or veterinary pharmacy.

The advantages of dry food and its disadvantages

Cat breeders respond positively in reviews of dry food for kittens. Many of them seemed convenient in terms of use. They highlight its following advantages:

  • Balance Each piece contains a lot of nutrients necessary for the development of a kitten.
  • Eliminates the error in the feed. This means that the owner can not accidentally include in the diet inappropriate food, which will cause disorder of the digestive tract.
  • Dry food does not need any processing and is ready to eat.

The main drawback of such feed is the high cost of a quality product. Veterinarians are advised to feed the kitten only with premium brands, so for some, their price can be a repulsive factor.

But cheap feeds contain too many preservatives, increasing their shelf life. Instead of meat, as a rule, veins, bones and skins are included.

Wet bait

The main difference between these types of food is in their constitution. The composition of wet products is almost the same as that of dry. As in the previous species, there are economy and premium class feeds.

The main advantage of wet food is that it can be offered to the kitten a little earlier. Soft pieces are easily amenable to the weak jaws of a small animal, so a month-long pet can cope with them.

When choosing, you should pay for the label "for kittens." Pieces for them do even less and enrich with an additional complex of nutrients that promote growth and development.

Manufacturers produce a variety of wet cat food. Reviews show that mousses and tender creamy meat purees are very popular with pets and prepare the animal well when switching from mother's milk to adult food.

Recommended wet food

Among manufacturers there are many companies that produce quality products. However, there are also fakes, so it is imperative to pay attention to the quality of the packaging.

The most popular brands of wet food are:

  • Flatazor. It includes dietary meat and phytoactive ingredients.
  • Doctor Alders. It has a wide range of different tastes. The composition contains only natural ingredients, precluding the development of allergic reactions.
  • Felidae. Inexpensive and good food for kittens. Reviews of breeders confirm that the composition is natural, it contains all the necessary trace elements and recommended vitamins.
  • Hills. In the composition there is only natural meat. It is enriched with magnesium, phosphorus and calcium, essential for a growing body.

Feed for premium kittens feedback breeders have only positive. Their composition meets all the requirements of specialists and does not cause problems with the kitten’s digestive system.

Pros and cons of wet food

The advantages of a wet feed are usually exactly the same as those of a dry product. But its main difference is that it can partially satisfy a pet in a liquid. In addition, after drinking does not require as much water as after the dry.

The disadvantages of the wet version are also related to its price, especially if you purchase a premium quality brand. It should be borne in mind that with constant feeding in moist pieces, it is necessary to take care of anti-tartar agents.

What is the best food for kittens? Reviews on the network can be found contradictory. The choice primarily depends on the composition of the product and the personal preferences of the pet.

Selection rules

Despite the same merits of dry and wet food, many pet owners face the challenge of choice. Professional breeders advise choosing the following brands of dry food:

  1. Royal Canin.
  2. ProPlan.
  3. Eagle Pack Holistic Select.

These manufacturers offer a wide range of feed, but their value is not suitable for everyone. It is worth noting that feeding with cheap analogues can negatively affect the kitten's health. The thing is that the economy version always contains too much salt and preservatives.

Many prefer canned food for kittens. Which is better? Reviews of veterinarians suggest that it is better to prefer the kind that completely excludes flavors. Of course, premium brands cannot be stored for long. Therefore, they are placed on a plate just before use.

Kitten feeding highlights

Veterinarians in reviews about feed for kittens indicate that it is better to prefer premium products. Quality brands are fully balanced and meet the needs of the young animal body.

But often the owners want to pamper your pet with homemade food. In this case, you should follow some rules:

  1. Do not salt the finished product.
  2. Raw meat can be given only after a frostbite. This way the possible microorganisms are destroyed.
  3. If an animal is neutered, then it should not be offered fish.
  4. Fatty foods and butter are not recommended for kittens.
  5. Fish before serving must be boiled to prevent the appearance of worms.
  6. Sausage, sausages and pork to give kittens categorically impossible.


When a fluffy ball appears in the house, it becomes necessary to purchase feed for kittens. Which is better? Reviews of veterinarians indicate that it is better to lean towards premium brands. Only they are as close as possible to natural products and at the same time are balanced and enriched with everything necessary.

If there are difficulties when choosing or the kitten does not fit the proposed diet, you should consult a veterinarian. When buying, be sure to review the composition, data on the manufacturer and recommendations for feeding. Packaging is important because, unfortunately, now there are fakes of expensive feed.

Whatever kitten food you choose, do not forget that there is always fresh water in an accessible place. If the wet option is chosen, you should purchase a plaque remedy at the pet store. When a kitten eats dry food, water is required a little more than in the first variant.

Super Premium

Among the nutritional class superpremium the best according to experts are the feed:

They are somewhat inferior in quality of raw materials, but they are quite suitable for balanced nutrition of an adult pet.

In the premium class, the greatest favor is deserved:

Royal canin kitten

Such feeds are cheaper than superpremium, but are made from raw materials of satisfactory quality.

Wet food

This type of food for kittens is divided into age and breed of animals. Marking on the product packaging indicates the age at which the feed is calculated. Some firms make selected species specific to the breed. This approach satisfies the demands of strict breeders. Lovers of animals with less requirements can feed their pets with food based on age.

Many cat owners who fed a kitten with wet food from an early age were satisfied with the result. The baby is well adapted to the new diet, as it maximally takes into account the needs of the growing organism.

Features of wet food in their composition. In such feed include natural products - meat, fish, vegetables. Jelly or broth, in which there are soft pieces, makes it possible without effort to cope with the food of young, still emerging teeth. In addition, the packaging of food is designed for 1 meal. This is convenient because the contents deteriorate quickly during storage. The composition of the wet feed does not include preservatives, other chemical additives. This type of food is safe for the health of the animal.

The rating of wet foods does not differ from the rating of dry feeds. All companies produce a separate line of food for animals, calculated on the age of animals. But still the best wet food in the opinion of veterinarians - Akana. He deserves the highest accolades of breeders.

This is expensive, rather, this kind of food can be defined as high-quality kitten bait. Canned food is the most expensive type of food available on the market. This is due to their composition. Often, they include from 90 to 60% of natural meat - animal or fish.

Pluses canned:

  • High calorie. Crumbs enough to eat 100 grams of such food to satisfy hunger for a long time.
  • High quality raw materials used in production.
  • Disposable packaging.
  • Well thought out composition - if vegetables and meat are included, then they complement each other as much as possible.

Disadvantages of canned:

  • High cost.
  • Small list of components. Often the packaging may consist of 1 or 2 components. Such nutrition is hardly fully balanced.

Many veterinarians consider canned food a delicacy for animals. Top best canned food for kittens looks like this:

  • Alma Necher Alternatives.
  • Leonardo.
  • Aplus.
  • Evanges Signes Series.
  • Petit Cuisin.

Almo nature alternate

There is no feed in this category, and there cannot be an economy class feed. This is an expensive meal that a very wealthy person can afford.

Should I feed a kitten with natural food

This is not an idle question. Many generations of animal lovers fed their kitten with natural food. Now this approach also exists. At the same time, owners of fluffies who prefer this kind of food of their pet, should take into account the specifics of the animal. Cats are predators by nature, so they need meat, fish. In addition, the formation of wool is an important factor. With improper feeding, it begins to climb abundantly. This creates a lot of inconvenience.

Not all owners can fully balance the power of a little mustache. Even if you feed your baby homemade food, you must consider a number of nuances.

Feed the kitten raw fish can not. It may contain worms, worms eggs, worms.

Without heat treatment, all this “charm” will fall into the stomach and then it will be difficult to fight it. In addition, it should be borne in mind that in fish a lot of small bones. A baby (and an adult cat) often suffers from bones digging into the throat, sky, etc. Therefore, feeding fish should be very careful.

Many experts advise to feed your pet balanced feed, which is offered by various companies. The choice of food is great and is designed for various financial opportunities. The best food for a kitten according to veterinarians is wet., matched according to age and breed. It will help the baby to move normally from breastfeeding to a denser food, to develop, without damage for digestion.

The owners who have chosen to feed the kitten natural food, must take into account the specifics of the growing organism. It is good to allow a pet even occasionally a special dietary food in the form of canned food.

Is it necessary to separate the food of the mother cat and her children?

Surprisingly it may sound, but most kitty food is really suitable for feeding cats. Moreover, in the period of pregnancy, the expectant mother is better to translate into such a diet. The meaning of this diet for an adult animal is that kittens, being not yet born, take all the necessary substances from the mother cat, which means it should be fed with a set of vitamins and minerals necessary for her offspring. In the next ranking, all feeds are recommended by manufacturers for both children and their parents, so this fact cannot be taken out separately for the advantages of a brand.

How to choose the best feed for a kitten?

Food for the smallest and fluffy brands offered by different brands both in dry form and in soft pouches (portion sachets). To select your option, you should pay attention to such items:

  • feed composition
  • age range
  • individual health indicators kitten.

It is on these criteria that the rating of the best feeds for kittens will be based, but for a start, it will not be too much to compare the prices of dry food for selected manufacturers.

Feed name



1 st Choice

From 150 rubles. for 350 g


Hills science plan

From 190 rub. for 400 g


Royal canin

From 180 rub. for 400 g


Purina proplan

From 200 rub. for 400 g



From 260 rub. for 400 g


Leader rating - food for kittens 1 st Choice

Best in category: high quality.

Feed class: super premium.

Variety of assortment: there is only one type of dry food for kittens from 2 to 12 months.

Virtues: excellent composition. This brand has a very high quality, almost at the level of a holistic, but the price is kept at the premium class level. A maximum of meat ingredients and a minimum of vegetable are perfectly balanced, and, especially for the health of the nervous system, brain and eyesight of fluffy babies, salmon fat they need is also added. Allergies to such foods are practically excluded. It is also worth noting that a kitten, accustomed to dry food from early childhood, in the future shows much less moodiness with regard to its food.

disadvantages: the lack of a spider and difficulty in buying - food is not always available in ordinary pet shops, so you have to order via the Internet.

Feed Reviews1 st Choicefor kittens: “It is convenient that one food is suitable for both kittens and their mothers. And in online stores you can pre-order a large amount once and not to worry every month where to get more feed. ”

Hills science plan

Best in category: variety of assortment.

Feed class: super premium.

Variety of assortment: there are two types of dry food and wet mousse for kittens under 1 year old.

Virtues: the brand has long established itself as a serious producer that cares about animal health. Nutrition for kittens is even better than the rest of the Hills Science Plan. The food for fastidious cats can be transferred gradually, starting with a mousse. It is worth noting that the Hills have a veterinary line, so if in the future pets suddenly need specific food, there will not be a long habituation when switching to another feed.

disadvantages: for the manufacturer noticed "love" for vegetable proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, the Hills plant in Russia has long been opened, which does not guarantee the same high quality of the composition in batches from different countries.

Feed ReviewsHills science planfor kittens: “It is very easy to teach a kitten to mousse, as it is rather soft and smells delicious. In order for the baby to taste it, you need to put the mousse on your finger and bring it to the very nose - the kitten will start licking the tasty food itself. ”

How to understand the ratings of this rating?

Estimates in this list are exhibited, based on a comparison of the five manufacturers named among themselves, but by no means in general among all the feeds on the market in a given class. So, holistic feeds didn’t get into this top-5 at all because they are very expensive and there are still difficulties in buying them in Russia - not everyone can order cat food via the Internet on foreign websites. It is much more expedient to compare products for animals present in the domestic sale, about which there are already quite a number of reviews.

So how do you treat your kittens and what kind of food is better to buy?

The choice of food for kittens should also be based on how well it suits their mother - after all, she will teach them to eat "adult" food. In addition, when buying a first feed for tiny fluffies, you need to soberly assess how affordable the option is and whether it is easy to buy. An abrupt change in the manufacturer of food can lead to food allergies in cats, as their digestive system is extremely sensitive. And the most important selection criterion is love, from which the owner will approach the purchase of food for their kittens.