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The fastest fish


Fish is not only a source of food. These are fascinating and amazing creatures of nature that you can admire endlessly. The most exciting thing in the fish world is the ability of some of them to swim at incredibly high speeds.

The answer to the question what kind of fish swims the fastest in the ocean interests many. This article will provide a brief overview of fish swimming at tremendous speeds. This opportunity is given to them by nature in order to run away from danger and catch up with food. The ability to swim fast is a way to survive in the wild, sometimes cruel, nature, or rather, in its waters.

To find out which fish swims the fastest in the ocean, for comparison, we briefly present in the article some of the fastest fish.

Southern Bluefin Tuna

Based on the name, it can be understood that this species of tuna lives in the southern hemisphere. In length, they grow up to 2.5 meters and weigh up to 400 kilograms (they have rather large bones).

Despite such huge sizes, a fish can swim 74 kilometers in an hour.

Yellow Tuna

This fish is distinguished from the above-mentioned related species by two yellow and long fins. The relatively small size (length within 2-2.5 m, weight - up to 200 kg) of yellow tuna allows it to maneuver well and move quickly in the water.

The maximum speed he can reach is 75 km per hour.

Marlin striped

What fish in the ocean swims the fastest? The three fastest includes a representative whose habitat is the Pacific Ocean. This striped marlin - swimmer close to the water surface.

Its length is 4.2 m with a weight of 190 kg. The giant's favorite food is sardines. It should be noted that due to the complexity of his catch, marlin is included in the list of sport fishing.

Striped marlin floats at a speed of 77 km / h.

The delicious sea predatory schooling fish, which is very difficult to catch, has smaller sizes than the above-presented giants. In length, it reaches 30-50 centimeters with a weight of up to 400 grams. The weight of some individuals exceeds 1 kg. It should be noted that the largest horse mackerel was caught weighing 2 kg.

Fish reaches a maximum speed of 80 km / h.

The fastest fish in the ocean

Sailboat - the fastest fish in the world. Length - 3.5 meters, weight - 90 kg.

Its speed is similar to that of a cheetah, which is considered the fastest animal on earth. The sailboat has a maximum speed of 112 kilometers per hour.

This name fish has, thanks to its amazing dorsal fin, like a sail. It lives in subtropical and tropical seas and oceans. You can also meet this fish in the waters of the Black Sea, where it falls from the Indian Ocean through the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean Sea and the Dardanelles.

Sailboat - a predator, which is an industrial fish. Catch it with longline with swordfish and tuna.

The maximum speed of the sword-fish (order perciformes) is 109 km / h. This is a registered value. But there are also informal measurements. The value is 130 km per hour, which is larger than that of a sailboat. Fish weight is approximately 500 kg with a length of up to 5 meters.

The main distinguishing feature of a huge swordfish is that instead of the upper jaw, it has a long process (rostrum), similar in shape to a sword. Its length is 2/3 of the total body length. Mainly, this sword is convenient for hunting - it smashes fish schools.

Swordfish is found in tropical and subtropical waters. High speed is achieved due to the structure of the body An important role in this is played by the rostrum, which reduces drag.


When asked what kind of fish swims the fastest in the ocean, the answer was a bit controversial. But it should proceed from the facts ever recorded. Therefore, the sailing fish can be safely considered the fastest fish in the world.

Many species of inhabitants of the oceans and seas have an incredibly high speed of movement. These include the blue shark, albula, tiger shark, tarpon and others, whose speed in the water develops in the range of 50-69 km / h.

Fifth place - tuna

There are two types of tuna: blue and yellowfin. However, regardless of color, both species can score speeds up to 70 kilometers per hour. Not so long ago, scientists held fascinating competitions between wahoo and tuna, which resulted in defeating wahoo, and tuna took second place. Tuna can reach up to 3 meters in length. And tuna has one of the most nutritious and healthy types of meat. It is considered one of the best natural sources of phosphorus, calcium and vitamin D. Until recently, tuna meat was not perceived as a product that can be consumed in the diet. Today is a real delicacy.

Fourth place - wahoo

The fourth place in speed is occupied by the fish, which is called the wahoo. This fish lives in the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific. The main feature of the wahoo is an impressive length. The maximum length of the fish, registered in 1998, is as much as 2.5 meters. The speed of the fish wahoo is not much, not enough, as much as 78 kilometers per hour. This fish sinks to a depth of more than 12 meters. And no, not for rest.

It is at a depth of 12-20 meters that squid, tuna and other sea fines, which the wahoo likes to feast on, spread. Wahu is very exciting hunt. She is rapidly gaining speed and literally driven into a school of small fish that feeds on plankton near the surface.

Third place - black marlin

The third place in the ranking is taken by fish, black marlin. Thanks to research conducted by Air Force scientists, it was found out that marlin reaches a speed of 85 kilometers per hour. The information is based on fish caught on heavy-duty fishing line. Fish got its nickname for a reason. Marlin is very similar to the pile (metal rod with a pointed end).

Deciding the wise nature for its own good

The fastest fish in the world actively dissect the water surface for various reasons that they themselves do not realize:

  1. Protection. Having even small sizes, really survive in the world of toothed predators with fast movement. Without protection in the form of spikes, massive jaws, or a poisonous bite, fish flee. In some cases, quite successfully, if they can gain the necessary speed.
  2. Attack. Meal is definitely canceled if fins work sluggishly. A sharp attack on the victim does not leave her the slightest chance of salvation. Seals are very cleverly maneuvering in the water, but are often the victims of more active sharks and killer whales.
  3. Body structure This aspect should still be put in the first place when listing the reasons for the rapid movement of fish. The dimensions do not have special meaning. The main favorable opportunity factor with the speed of frolic in the water surface - a slight indicator of friction. Leaders of fast acceleration - owners of the lack of a swim bladder.

The fastest fish in the world have many advantages over the rest of the underwater fray. The expression "if you want to live - know how to spin" they understand in the literal sense.

Presentation of sprinter fish

Slow and steady - you will continue - not a priority statement for the following finned marathoners:

Nimble fish, who took the honorable twelfth place, is able to fit into the restriction of movement in the city in the form of 50 km / h. However, the inhabitant of the Atlantic Ocean with silvery scales is swimming quite briskly. Her choice is not great, because the brilliant uniforms of the tarpon and the weight of 160 kg attract fishermen so much that they have to deftly escape from them. Both species - Indo-Pacific and Atlantic - move in a fast mode from everyone who wants to taste their meat.

11. Tiger shark

Gorgeous predator attacks lightning speed and deservedly ranks eleventh in the ranking. 53 km / h for her - no question if you want to have lunch. If we add to the sounded index a carnivorous grin in two rows of dagger-teeth, then it is worthwhile to be careful not to meet the tiger shark.

10. Killer Whale

It should be noted that the lover of seals and other living creatures is moving quite actively, but is a mammal. Its speed of 55 km / h and steel jaws are a serious threat to the entire water world. An additional danger is the possibility of the killer whale to inhabit a rather cold aquatic environment. Sea predator hunting for seals is an impressive sight in terms of the reaction of a mammal at the sight of another victim.

9. Porpoise

The white-winged beauty from a tropical subspecies absolutely does not correspond to its name. She is a real sprinter, because if she wants she can accelerate to 55-60 km / h. One has to call it a rather frisky pig with fins.

60 km / h is the rating price in eighth place with a tropical inhabitant who is used in sport fishing. Such data allow the albula to flee from the tiger shark, which in other ways it is not interesting.

Being on the 7th position, a rather large inhabitant of the sea smooth surface rushes along it at a speed of 65 km / h. Such zeal is striking in that the swordfish can weigh up to 650 kg. Excellent result with such impressive dimensions. Some unofficial statements attribute to swordfish a speed of 110-130km / h. Everything is possible, because to keep up with a stopwatch for such zealous creatures is very difficult.

6. Blue (blue) shark

The voiced predator loves to feast on her smaller brethren, because she can reach speeds of up to 69 km / h and tears them apart. It rarely puts a person on a person, but it is better not to drink it on brotherhood and swim in a race if you wish to compete in skill.

5. Bluefin tuna

Nimble fish can accelerate its body to 74 km / h. Living in the southern seas, the prank weighs quite a lot - up to 400 kg. The Pacific dweller is still a little thing, because during seasonal migration it is able to cover an enormous distance in a short period of time.

3. Striped marlin

The sea weevil is not particularly embarrassed by its exotic appearance, because it cuts through water expanses with a zeal of 77 km / h and takes the third position in the charts. Such a high rating is not very surprising, because the body of the fish sometimes has a length of 4-5 meters. However, large individuals and weigh not a little.

2. Scad

Skeptics will smile at the voiced statement that the fish familiar to everyone works fine with fins and tail. However, it is difficult to keep up with her when she rushes through the water at a speed of 80 km / h. To keep up with the scad, you have to work hard. The price for her carcass corresponds to the effort expended, but the wallet will obviously suffer if you wish to feast on the stroptivitse.

1. Sailboat

First place - the most admirable fish. The name itself dweller of the seas suggests that the sailboat is carried on the waves at the speed of sound. The maximum speed of the wonderful fish is 112 km / h.

The fastest fish in the world are amazing creatures that never cease to amaze humanity. No matter why they move so fast. One sight for their lightning movement makes you think about your own slowness.

the fastest fish in the world

Tarpon live in the Atlantic Ocean, some tropical or subtropical regions of the globe. They have a well-rounded body, allowing the tarpon to swim very quickly. Also, the tarpons are “equipped” with thick silver scales, which make them very shiny and attractive for fishermen.

Max Tarpon Speed - 50 kilometers per hour.

9. Tiger shark

The incredible speed of the tiger shark makes it one of the most dangerous predators in the world. According to statistics, the tiger shark is the second largest of its kind, second only to the white shark. The length of these terrible predators reaches 5 meters.
The maximum speed of tiger sharks is 53 kilometers per hour.

Albula also belong to the list of the fastest fish in the world. For the most part, this fish is used as a catch for sport fishing. They are found in the shallow waters of tropical and subtropical regions.

Max speed albula - 60 kilometers per hour.

One of the most popular fish when talking comes before sport fishing. Swordfish can reach incredible sizes - about 4.5 meters in length, and weight - 650 kg.

Maximum speed swordfish - 65 kilometers per hour.