Royal Canin dog food: reviews and review of the composition


Royal Canin - originally a French company, now bought by Mars. The history of the brand goes back to the middle of the 20th century. Currently, feed production plants are located in 11 countries of the world, including Russia.

Massive advertising in all possible media led not only to the widespread recognition of the product, but also to its popularity - mainly among novice dog owners. Royal Canin feeds are in the middle price category, as for quality - Krohotun proposes not to make hasty conclusions until you get acquainted with our first analysis.

In the assortment of the manufacturer there are several dozen different names, many special "pedigree". For this review, we have selected those that will be of interest to our visitors more than others.

Royal Canin breed for:

    1. Dehydrated animal proteins (bird)
    2. brewing rice groats,
    3. brown rice,
    4. chicken offal flour,
    5. chicken fat.

Nutrient content:

Composition analysis

First of all we mention the fact that the manufacturer tries to hide the recipe of his feed. The official Russian site shows only the chemical content, without specific products. However, legislation requires the presence of a composition on Western sites. And, taking into account the repeated statements made by representatives of Royal Kanin that at the plants in Russia not only the equipment and the formulation, but also some of the products are identical to foreign ones, one can rely on these data.

  1. Dehydrated proteins are indicated as the predominant component. It is a powder obtained by chemical means from meat waste. Here is in addition from an unknown source: we know nothing, except that it is some kind of bird.
  2. The second ingredient of the feed is brewing rice groats. In essence, these are grain wastes consisting of small fragments left after grinding of whole rice. In addition to the energy value of this product is a very modest nutritional value for the dog.
  3. Next comes brown rice, which is a complex carbohydrate that is easily digested after it has been cooked. And again, besides calorie rice, Royal Canin does not contribute anything of value.
  4. The third ingredient is chicken offal flour, a dry product made from slaughterhouse waste: from what remains of the slaughtered poultry after the primary butchering. In addition to the organs (nutritional part), the mass can contain almost anything: paws, beaks, undeveloped eggs - everything except quality skeletal muscles (ordinary meat). Such offal flour is meat concentrate and contains 300% more protein than fresh chicken meat. In any case, although this ingredient contains all the amino acids the dog needs, we think chicken offal is a cheap ingredient of low quality.
  5. Chicken Fat It is produced by digesting chicken. Chicken fat contains Omega-6 polyunsaturated acid, beneficial for dogs.
  6. Wheat gluten (gluten). Gluten is an elastic mass remaining after most of the starchy carbohydrates are washed out of the wheat. In comparison with meat, gluten is a second-grade protein of plant origin, poor in some essential amino acids necessary for the life of a dog. This cheap ingredient of plant origin greatly increases the total protein level reported on the label. We will take this into account when assessing the actual meat content in Royal Canin.
  7. In the sixth place is corn gluten flour, another vegetable-based ingredient that increases protein levels. Although corn gluten contains 60% protein, this ingredient, as you would expect, will have a lower biological value than meat.
  8. Corn. This is an inexpensive and controversial grain component. In addition to the calorie content, it has a very modest nutritional value. For this reason, we do not consider corn as a desirable component of any dog ​​food.
  9. After the natural flavoring, we find in the composition of powdered cellulose, indigestible vegetable fiber, usually made from waste vegetable processing. In addition to the typical benefits of fiber, powdered cellulose carries no nutritional value for the dog.

The items that are further down the list, except for food additives, do not affect the overall assessment of the product.

What you should pay attention to

  • First, Royal Canin beet pulp is a controversial ingredient, a by-product of sugar-beet fiber processing. Opponents consider beet pulp to be a cheap filler, supporters point out its positive effect on intestinal health and blood sugar levels. We only pay attention to these contradictions and consider the inclusion of beet pulp in dog food in reasonable quantities quite acceptable.
  • Next, we find the yeast from dry bards, a byproduct of the fermentation of grain, separated from the purified wort during the production of ethanol (biofuel). Despite the content of over 40% protein, this ingredient has a lower biological value than meat. In fact, this fodder yeast is a filler for beautiful numbers of protein content on the label.
  • In addition, we note the inclusion in the composition of vegetable oil of unknown origin. The ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in any oil determines its nutritional value and may differ significantly depending on the raw materials of its production. Without knowing anything else, it is impossible to judge the quality of the product so vaguely described. However, in comparison with animal fat of any kind, markless vegetable oil cannot be considered a quality ingredient.
  • Further, this recipe contains fructooligosaccharide, an alternative sweetener, possibly used here as a prebiotic. The action of prebiotics is aimed at the growth of healthy bacteria in the large intestine.
  • Finally, this feed also contains chelated minerals - minerals that are chemically bound to protein amino acids. This contributes to their better absorption. Chelated forms of minerals are usually included in the best quality dog ​​food - a bright spot in the recipe.

If we take into account the above, Royal Canin dog food for different breeds belongs to the class of dry food below the average.

The summary table shows the content of dry protein in the amount of about 28%, the level of fat - up to 16%, carbohydrates are not indicated. Here, in comparison with typical dry dog ​​food, the average protein and fat content is 15%.

Taking into account the effect of wheat gluten and corn gluten flour, which increases the protein level, there is very little meat here.

Our verdict

Royal Canin Breed-Specific "Royal Canin for Adult Dogs" of various breeds is a vegetable-based dry food that uses below-average chicken products as its main source of protein. In the composition there are controversial components. The food receives a rating of 2.5 stars, and we strongly advise to avoid it..

Review of Royal Canin Dog Food

One of the most popular feeds in Russia for many years is Royal Canin. It is produced in Russia (for the local market), France. The composition of food produced in our country is similar in composition to the French.

Many dog ​​owners in their reviews praise a very good composition of this feed, whether it is so - we will analyze in more detail below. Royal Canin is a premium class, which means that in addition to meat, offal is used, and the composition is not rich in vegetables, fruits, berries.

The composition of the feed Royal Canin for dogs

Consider the composition of the feed Royal Canin for dogs on the example of the variant Adult X-Small (for small breeds). The first is rice - a source of carbohydrates, followed by dehydrated poultry meat - a good source of protein. It should be noted that in many other cases the main source of proteins is different.

For example, an option for dogs of large breeds: there may already be either corn or “dehydrated animal proteins” in the first place - they are obtained from meat and by-products.

Corn - a source of carbohydrates and many amino acids, animal fats - fatty acids, corn flour, corn gluten - sources of carbohydrates and vegetable proteins. Next come the "hydrolyzate of animal proteins", "isolate of plant proteins", followed by mineral and vitamin supplements.

Pros and cons of Royal Canin feed

The advantages of feed of this brand include:

  • very wide range (for dogs of small breeds, large breeds, etc.),
  • availability of medical (veterinary) line,
  • the presence of meat in the composition (but it is a bit and there are only some variants),
  • widespread, there are in most pet stores,
  • good content of vitamins and minerals.

Among the disadvantages of feed Royal Canin:

  • a lot of corn (but in different feeds a different percentage of its content),
  • the percentage of meat and other major components is not indicated
  • An antioxidant, propyl gallate (E-310), may cause allergies and gastric irritation (but, for example, it is not present in hypoallergenic flavors).

Royal Canin dog food: reviews of veterinarians and buyers

Reviews about feed Royal Kanin for dogs, writes Anastasia. Good day. I feed my dog ​​Royal Canin for more than six years, almost from the moment when she appeared in my house. During this time, only once tried to move to another, more expensive food, but it did not fit and decided not to experiment anymore.

Now prices have risen significantly, so super premium fodder can’t be bought anymore, it's good that RK is suitable. In general, my dogs grew up on him, he eats all his life and there are no problems, and therefore there is nothing to complain about. By the way, the dog breed is the Brussels Griffon.

About feed for dogs Royal Canin review writes Tatyana. I have a Yorkshire terrier, from whom this breed knows that he knows what she likes in food. I bought a lot of different food, but there were constipations, dryness and brittleness of wool. The turn came to Royal Kanina, for a couple of days it became clear that there would be no constipation (with the previous one too), and by the end of the package the brittleness of the wool was gone. In general, my York food went perfectly. Try it!

Feedback on feed Royal Canin for dogs, writes Irina. The new food for our dog (breeds of Bernese Mountain Dog) was chosen at random (for some reason he reluctantly eats the old one), they took what was not too expensive and not frankly bad. In addition to drying, we feed with cereals, and you can’t get enough for a giant weighing half a centner of the finished feed. The appearance of the dog is excellent, with health problems were not observed, then the food is really good.

Conclusions about Royal Canin feed

About Royal Canin dog food reviews are different - there are a lot of positive, there are also those who do not like the food, although the first is still more. In general, the site "Give Lapu" before choosing feed as the main advises to consult with a veterinarian.

Price of Royal Canin dog food

  • Dry feed Royal Kanin 0.5 kg - from 250 rubles,
  • Royal Canin dry food 3 kg - from 1240 rubles,
  • Dry feed Royal Kanin 10 kg - from 3200 rubles.

In addition to the packages above, there are other packages (1.5 kg, 4 kg, 9 kg, 15 kg, etc.). The price depends not only on the size of the package, but also on the version of the feed. Veterinary line more expensive than usual.


More than one hundred positions of various menus include only Royal Canin dry food for dogs. Reviews of most of them can be found at each forum dedicated to feeding dogs. To simplify the task of choosing a menu for your pet, they are divided into several main lines.

Veterinary diets (Veterinary Diet) can be attributed to a separate category, the purpose of which is to maintain the health of pets during treatment, as an adjuvant therapy, during the recovery period, or as daily rations for various chronic ailments. Among others, there are diets for dogs with kidney and heart failure, diabetes, liver disease and gastrointestinal tract. Royal Canin's dog food for dogs has a lot of positive feedback from veterinarians, and is recommended for use only by appointment of a veterinarian.

Breed Health Nutrition These are specialized diets for more than 20 different breeds of puppies and adult dogs. Here you can find food for both the giant Rottweiler and the miniature chihuahua.

Lifestyle Health Nutrition - a series of formulations, developed taking into account the conditions and lifestyle of the pet. For example, for a pet with large and regular physical activity there is an Endurance diet, and for those who spend most of their time indoors - Indoor.

Ruler Size Health Nutrition is the main and largest segment of the Royal Canin dog food, and judging by the feedback from customers, it is also the most sought after. It is divided into five subcategories based on the size of the dog. In each of them, you can find a menu that matches your pet's age, as well as nutritional options for animals with special needs, for example, Dermacomfort for sensitive skin or Digestive Care for problematic digestion.

In each line of the Royal Canin brand ration, wet dog food is presented. Especially he is given a significant part of the range of veterinary diets. For daily meals, there are seven types of canned and wet food, grateful reviews about which leave mostly admirers of mixed feeds or owners of fastidious pets.

Analysis and evaluation of the composition of the feed

The company's website stated that Royal Canin dog food belongs to the super premium class. A large number of reviews on different resources claims that this is not the case. We will not make hasty conclusions until we analyze the composition. To do this, food was taken from the leading line for dogs older than one year, medium size (Medium Adult).

Guaranteed nutritional value of the diet:

Who is the manufacturer?

One of the pressing issues of concern to dog owners. Who produces pet food?

In the case of the "Royal Canin" for large breed dogs, option two. This is France, which initiated the release of this feed. And Russia, which produces food for its own market.

Our quality is inferior to the French. Although produced by analogy with him.

Feed advantages

Positive sides can be found everywhere. They have the feed "Royal Canin".

Wide range. The manufacturer manufactures products for puppies, young dogs, adult dogs. There are both universal feed and specific species for a particular breed.

Availability. Buy "Royal Canin" for dogs of large breeds can be in any pet store. It is sold not only in packages, but also by weight.

Cons feed

Should I put your pet on such a diet? Judging by the shortcomings of the claimed feed - no.

The composition leaves much to be desired. Even in cheap economy class feeds the amount of one or another product in the composition is written. In the dry ration for large breed dogs "Royal Canin" no figures even stand close.

With vitamins and minerals the same song. How much, what - it is not clear.

Price category. Pay the price you want in stores for something incomprehensible? It is not necessary to feed this.

Puppy Food

Despite all the shortcomings of the product, let's talk about its lineup. The market offers food for puppies, adult animals, and veterinary food.

Royal Canin Junior for large breed dogs. He goes for each individual breed: German Shepherd, Dalmatian, Labrador, Rottweiler and other pets.

Royal Canin Junior Maxi - for all large breeds.

Royal Canin Junior Active. This feed is designed for very agile puppies.

Royal Canin Starter. Suitable for puppies from 2 months old.

Royal Canin Urban Junior. Manufacturers characterize it as a complete diet for puppies living in urban environments.

Adult Dog Food

With the line of feeds "Royal Canin" for puppies of large breeds of dogs, we figured out. What is offered to adult representatives of certain breeds?

Royal Canin Adult. For each breed there is its own food. Need good nutrition for German shepherds? In the store you need to pay attention to the packaging of this feed, where the shepherd is painted. Looking for food for dalmatian? You need a package with the image of a representative of this breed.

Royal Canin Adult Medium or Maxi. Designed for dogs of medium breeds and large.

Royal Canin 5-8 +. Animals that are in the age group of 5-8 years can eat this type of food.

Royal Canin Agility - food for active pets.

Royal Canin Indoor Adult. Food for dogs - couch potatoes.

Medicated feed

Dogs, like people, are prone to various diseases. When a pet is sick, it needs special nutrition. And the owner has to wrestle with his head: how to satisfy the food instincts of an adored pet and not to harm him.

The Royal Canin feed line includes a medical series. This also includes the feed "Royal Canin" for castrated dogs of large breeds. It is called Royal Canin Neutered.

For pets suffering from excess weight, the manufacturer offers Royal Canin Weight Control.

Does your pet have digestive problems? Royal Canin Gastro Intenstila Low Fat, according to the manufacturer, contributes to their decision.

Among the medical feeds of our line is Royal Canin Cardiac. From the name it is clear that this diet is intended for animals with heart problems.

And what about those owners whose dogs are diabetics? Feed them Royal Canin Diabetic.

У пса частенько возникает дерматит? Для такого любимца подойдет Royal Canin Skin Care.

Любимец мучается с опорно-двигательным аппаратом? И для него есть корм. Обратите внимание на Royal Canin Mobility.

Пироплазмоз - опасное собачье заболевание. Оно предусматривает полное изменение жизни животного. Придется отказаться и от привычного корма. Но не стоит унывать. Royal Canin Hepatic предназначен для собак, имеющих проблемы с печенью и пострадавших от пироплазмоза.

Royal Canin Renal. Больные почки бывают и у собак. Данный корм - оптимальный рацион для псов с почечными болезнями.

Royal Canin Sensitivity Control - идеальное питание для собак-аллергиков.

Кто-то спросит: при чем здесь лечебные корма, когда статья посвящена питанию собак крупных пород? Но и крупные питомцы не застрахованы от болезней. In addition, they most often suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The same German shepherd show class, for example. As well as allergies occur in representatives of large breeds.

How to feed a pet?

What is the dosage of "Royal Canin" for large breed dogs? And how often to feed the dog?

It all depends on the age of the pet. If you have a puppy for two to three months, feed him six times a day.

From three to four months, the puppy eats five times a day.

At the age of four to six months, four meals a day are provided.

From six to nine months, the pet is fed three times a day.

From nine months, the pet is transferred to two meals. Sick dogs and pregnant bitches need to increase feeding up to three times.

As for the dosage, then on each package of feed recommendations on this matter. Also sold measuring glasses. They are very convenient to measure the necessary portion.

Many owners before giving their pet food soaked in warm water and allowed to infuse. More dosage than indicated on the package is not required. In the stomach, the feed will swell up, and a large amount of it can cause discomfort in a pet.

What are the reviews of "Royal Canin" for dogs of large breeds? Despite the poor composition, the owners of this feed are satisfied. If you summarize their words, you get something like this:

quality, dogs eat with pleasure,

diarrhea and constipation are not observed: the litter is good and it is little, as from other feed,

praise food for dogs with allergies: about allergies pet forgets, eating them

There is a good tolerance to pets.

Among the disadvantages emit high cost.

Where to buy and the cost of feed

You can buy Royal Canin for large breed dogs at any pet store. If you do not have time to travel there, order in online pet stores.

The price category comes to 4,500 thousand per 15 kg package.

Everyday Puppy Food

A fast-growing puppy organism requires a special diet that focuses on the increased content of protein, vitamins and minerals. Royal Canin offers the following menu options for puppies:

  • Royal Canin Junior - food for daily feeding of puppies of specific breeds: poodle, German shepherd, Dalmatian, Dachshund, Labrador, Rottweiler, Chihuahua and others. For each breed, the age of consumption of this diet is limited: some breeds can feed on it before reaching 8 months, others up to 10, third to one or one and a half years.
  • Royal Canin Junior (Mini, Medium, Maxi) - rations created taking into account the dimensions of pets. The Mini series is designed for small breeds, the Medium for medium, and the Maxi for large dogs.
  • Royal Canin Junior Active - food for puppies of huge breeds with an increased level of activity that consume a lot of energy.
  • Royal Canin Starter - a diet for puppies from 2 months and dogs in the period of lactation, which will help to accustom the baby to further adult nutrition, at the same time catering to maternal inquiries.
  • Royal Canin Indoor Junior is a food for miniature lap dogs containing ingredients to normalize the digestive process.
  • Royal CaninUrban Junior - a menu suitable for puppies that live in a noisy and polluted city. There are options for Pomtsev over 10 kg or less.

Daily food for adult dogs

For adult pets, the owners try to find food that the animal will consume throughout life. In this regard, it is necessary to choose natural products with an optimal content of vitamins and minerals, and at the same time take into account the specificity of the age and behavior of the pet. The line Royal Canin for adult dogs is represented by the following options:

  • Royal Canin Adult - food for dogs of various breeds. The label on the feed shows which breed the food is intended for.
  • Roya lCanin Adult (Mini, Medium, Maxi) - menu for small pets, medium, large and giant sizes.
  • Royal Canin 5-8 + - a diet created for dogs in the age group from 5 to 8 years.
  • Royal Canin Agening 10-12 + is a special food for older dogs.
  • Royal Canin Urban Adult - rations for adult pets of small and large size, living in urban environments and experiencing the effects of noise, environmental pollution and stress.
  • Royal Canin Agility is a dog food characterized by fast-moving increased activity. There are options for animals up to 10 kg or more.
  • Royal CaninIndoor Adult is a diet for adult dogs that are mostly at home.
  • Royal Canin Endurance 4800 - food for overly active pets in constant motion.

Veterinary diet for dogs

Diseases can overtake pets, as well as people at any age. They may be congenital or appear over time. The line of special veterinary feeds Royal Canin helps pets maintain their health by supplying the body with useful vitamins and eliminating products that are contraindicated for dogs from the menu. Royal Canin produces a huge amount of medicinal feeds:

  • Royal Canin Cardiac - for dogs suffering from heart failure
  • Royal Cani nCalm - for pets during the adaptation period and to reduce stress,
  • Royal Canin Weight Control - to regulate the weight of an obese animal,
  • Royal Canin Gastro Intenstila Low Fat - for pets with stomach sensitivity,
  • Royal Canin Fiber Response - nutritional foods with elevated levels of fiber,
  • Royal Canin Diabetic - for dogs suffering from diabetes,
  • Royal Canin Skin Care - for pets whose skin is prone to dermatitis,
  • Royal Canin Mobility - for dogs with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system,
  • Royal Canin Hepatic - the most popular series of healing dog food with liver diseases, piroplasmosis,
  • Roya lCanin Dental Special - for dogs with lesions in the mouth,
  • Royal Canin Renal - for pets suffering from renal failure,
  • Royal Canin Sensitivity Control - for dogs with a predisposition to allergies,
  • Royal Canin Gastro - for animals with digestive disorders,
  • Roya lCanin Urinary - to prevent dogs with urolithiasis,
  • Royal Canin Satiety - for obese dogs
  • Royal Canin Neutered - for castrated dogs of all sizes.

Attention. Medical feed can not be used for a long time, it can only aggravate the situation. For long-term use, there are special preventive diets.

How is this feed better than others?

The undoubted advantage of feed Royal Canin is a wide range of food. A dog breeder can choose a diet for a particular breed, taking into account the peculiarities of its vital activity and age. The assortment is represented by rations for puppies of 16 breeds and for adult pets over 20 breeds, which cannot be found in any premium food. For example, the menu of the similar category Probals, Chikopi, Pro Plan and Ros Dog has a more modest line that does not meet the needs of pets of certain breeds.

Another significant advantage of Royal Canina - the presence of a rich medical line. There are veterinary diets for treating a variety of problems, ranging from heart failure to banal stress. The bulk of the premium feed category - Pronatur, Probalans, Hills, Brit Premium, have lines for allergic dogs and pets with sensitive digestion. Such an abundance of medicinal feed, like Royal Canin, is not in any premium food.

Vet reviews on feed

Anatoly, a vet, 38 years. All dogs, regardless of age and size, spend a lot of effort on a walk. Such enormous energy costs require prompt and high-quality restoration. French feed Royal Canin have an optimal level of calories, so they do an excellent job with the task. In addition, rations are abundant in vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy growth and development of the dog's body. If you choose the right food, you can avoid problems with the cardiovascular system and metabolism. In addition to the availability of essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids, Royal Canin has the ability to improve the skin and coat of a pet. The food has a pleasant taste and a convenient consistency for feeding. I recommend this feed for everyday feeding your pet.

Tatyana, vet, 53 years. Royal Canin dry food produced in France is not bad quality and excellent balance of components. Formula feed adapted to the specific needs of any pet. In the diet there is a large amount of nutrients, several sources of protein, and protein of plant origin, in my opinion, prevails. There is no data on feed packages, so it is necessary to independently analyze the components. Royal Kanin is easy to use and practical, it is easily dosed and does not require additional power.

Dog breeder feedback on feed

Helena. With feed RoyalSaninMedium faced out of necessity, because I was looking for a temporary replacement for another feed (it was not on sale). I want to note that my Weimar Pointer did not particularly feel the difference, except that she lost a little in kilograms. I believe that this was due to the low protein content of animal origin. My first impression of the feed after opening the package is very greasy and moist to the touch. But in general, the dog eats with pleasure, no side effects were found. The diet has little consumption and low price, which is a huge plus for him.

Timofey. I want to tell about the personal experience of feeding the dog Royal Canin. When I was given a South African burbuli, I immediately had a question about its nutrition. First, they used cheap food, which lacked at least something useful. This did not suit me, and I decided to try the Royal CaninX-Small Junior advertised French food. This option fits my pet's weight category - up to 9 kg. I like the composition of the feed: eating meat, essential crops, vitamins and minerals. Food did not cause negative manifestations, the dog is fed and healthy. However, at first he was naughty and did not want to eat, he had to mix food with cheap food, which he fed before. But over time, all the whims ceased, and the Boerboel began to devour with pleasure. The price, of course, hits the price, but the quality of the feed is worth the money.

Yuliya. Finally, my dream came true, and I acquired a second dog - an East European Shepherd Dog. Since she was transported from another city as a baby, changing her habitat was a great stress for her. Therefore, it was very important to observe the correct and accurate diet. Made the feed Royal Canin Starter Medium and were satisfied. Pet eats it with pleasure, the chair is in good condition. The puppy is well gaining weight, growing active and inquisitive. The only problem for us was the purchase of feed - it was not so easy to find it in our city.