Akana dog food: varieties description of acana for small breeds and veterinar reviews


The feeds of this brand are produced in the following packaging:

Thus, you can always take exactly as much feed as your pet needs. Of course, the larger the package, the cheaper the product will turn out in terms of price for 1 kg. Prices have a fairly wide variation and start from about 500 rubles. per kg of finished product.

If you are interested in the full range of Akana products and how much is feed of a particular class, you can always get the latest information at this address:

Advantages of the manufacturer and brand

  1. Feed in this class are the most balanced composition. It is a carefully selected composition of ingredients and is the main advantage of this class.
  2. High quality ingredients used.
  3. The presence of natural meat in the composition.
  4. The complete absence of unwanted fillers such as cereals or potatoes. Such feeds are, theoretically, hypoallergenic.
  5. There are also no synthetic preservatives or dyes.
  6. Well dismantled classes of the proposed feed. The difference between different classes is not only taste, but also the composition of ingredients, as well as calorie content per 100 grams of product.
  7. As a source of vitamins and antioxidants, natural berries are used, not synthetic substrates.
  8. Compliance with increased environmental requirements for feed packaging.


  1. First of all, this is of course a high price. At the same time - this is not the main thing in the content of small dogs. The amount of feed they have is minimal, so feeding high-quality feed will not be a serious blow to your budget.
  2. In some types of feed, vegetable fillers are still present. Hypoallergenic such feed in question.
  3. The assortment of dog food while there are no therapeutic and wet options.

Detailed composition of ingredients

The protein component is quite large. Judge for yourself:

  • 12% turkey meat and bone meal,
  • 12% fresh chicken broiler meat,
  • 12% chicken meat and bone meal,
  • 4% fresh offal from cattle (kidney, heart, liver),
  • 4% fresh fish,
  • 4% meat and bone meal from herring,
  • 4% fresh chicken eggs,
  • 2% sublimated turkey liver,
  • 2% sublimated chicken liver.

Thus, in summary terms, more than half of the composition of animal origin is obtained. Compared to other feed classes, this is a very high figure.

There is one more advantage of dog food of this brand.

There is a carbohydrate component. The least allergenic crops are used.

  • green beans,
  • green and red lentils,
  • yellow and green peas.

There are fat components. They must be present in any dog ​​food as a source of fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. In this capacity are used:

  • 2% herring oil
  • 5% chicken fat.

Of the other useful ingredients in the composition there are chicken cartilage, usually fresh. Collagen and chondroitin contained in them is very necessary for the healthy state of the dog's joints.

In addition, the ingredients include fruits and vegetables as a source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

This is hard to believe, but in addition to vegetables and fruits, natural berries are present in the feed. Apparently they are used there as products containing antioxidants.

We will not describe in detail all the useful ingredients that make up the Akana feed, as this is not very interesting for a long time. We confine ourselves only to the most important. In any case, you have already received an idea about the benefits and safety of the proposed range. Here we will talk about it further.

Single (singles)

This is a monoprotein type of feed, that is, each type of feed is based on only one source of animal protein. This may be fish and meat.

And, interestingly, in the composition of such feed you will not find cereals. They are completely absent. This is done on purpose and such grainless food is ideal for dogs with various digestive disorders.

  1. GrassFedLamb - literally translated lamb fed grass. Special, hypoallergenic food for universal use and all ages.
  2. FreeRunDuck - exactly the same feed for all breeds, but produced on the basis of a duck.
  3. YorkshirePork is an equally popular, versatile feed for all ages and breeds. Some buyers mistakenly believe that this is a special dry food for Yorks. No, of course, this is the brand name for low-fat pork.
  4. PacificPilchard - In this universal feed, fish are the source of protein. This is understandable even by name, as the Pacific sardine is literally translated.

Classic (Classics)

Such a name is usually assigned to those objects and concepts that are time-tested and do not age with generations. It is clear by name that these types of feed are based on the traditional concept of dog feeding.

  1. FDGrassFedLambDog is a versatile feed for all ages and breeds with a lamb.
  2. FDFreeRunDuckDog - hypoallergenic feed made on the basis of a duck.
  3. FDYorkshirePorkDog - all the same, but on the basis of pork.
  4. FDPacificPilchardDog is the most hypo-allergenic feed based on Pacific sardines.

Reginal (Regionals)

These feeds are made on the basis of three sources of animal protein, traditional for the territory of Canada

Its content is elevated, over 70%, which distinguishes this line of food from others. In addition, they are low in carbohydrates and completely lacking cereal ingredients.

  1. GrasslandsDog - hypoallergenic feed, where the base is a lamb with an apple.
  2. PacificaDog - the same option, but with Pacific fish.
  3. WildPrairieDog - no less versatile feed with chicken.

Heridage (Heritage) with separation for small and large breeds

In literal translation, this word means heritage. This name is already reflected the essence. They were first made from ingredients of local farmer production. Suppliers were Canadian farmers, which greatly reduced the cost of production, as previously it was necessary to import ingredients from afar.

For adults

Cobb Chicken & Greens - for adult dogs of all breeds with greens and chicken as a source of animal protein.

  1. Adult Small Breed - for all adult dogs of small breeds.
  2. Adult Large Breed - for all adult dogs of large and medium breeds.
  3. Sport & Agility - designed for active dogs involved in sports or agility.
  4. Senior Dog - for dogs of all breeds and sizes in old age.
  5. Light & Fit is a low-calorie feed for dogs that are sterilized and overweight.

Feeding rate and dosage

To calculate the daily rate of feed for one day, on the package you will find a special table. To calculate the dosage you need to know the less accurate weight of your pet, so take care of this in advance.

There, at the end of the table, you can read the manufacturer's recommendations for particular cases, such as pregnancy and lactation of the dog. In addition, there are tips for older and sick animals.

And also, we recommend there to read tips on the general organization of dog nutrition, approved by nutritionists and veterinarians. Consider the individual characteristics of your pet's body. If its weight increases painfully despite compliance with the proposed norms, reduce the amount of feed by about 10%. This measure usually helps if at the moment there are no pathologies.


Akana feeds have a good, balanced composition and high quality of natural ingredients. Given the positive feedback from dog owners and veterinarians, they are recommended for daily feeding of small dogs. At the same time, taking into account the individual characteristics and a certain natural capriciousness of representatives of small breeds, it is recommended to periodically change the taste and class of feed.

Acana dog food: review of the lineup, types and reviews of veterinarians and dog owners

One of the most popular and high-quality holists is the Canadian Acana feed, produced since 1975 by Champion Petfoods.

The formula of the feed contains exclusive developments and unique formulas, which makes it possible to please the four-legged friends with not only excellent taste, but also a positive effect on the body.

Products can be used for daily feeding of pets.

Feed Overview

Acana, a feed production company, develops and produces an absolutely unique diet that replaces dogs with a complete protein diet. The basis for the creation of feed is the best and freshest raw materials, which allows products to meet all international quality standards.

Important. The characteristic of Akana feed is the process of cooking for a couple at fairly low temperatures. As a result, ready-made food preserves the nutritional value and juiciness of fresh meat, as well as the beneficial properties of vitamins and minerals.

Many modern multinational companies are engaged only in the sale of dog food, and their production is redirected to other countries. In contrast, feed producer Akana has a single factory in the city of Morinville, where food is produced and packaged. This allows you to control the safety of the production process and ensure product quality.

When developing feeds, the leading experts of Champion Petfoods are actively cooperating with the best experts in the “dog” areas and rely on their many years of experience and invaluable knowledge.

The concept of Akana's biologically relevant dog food is based on a long-term study of the habits and needs of pets, which, taking into account evolutionary preferences, need a meat diet with a high content of proteins.

That is why the whole line of Acana products has a high content of meat products supplied fresh without first freezing.

The composition of feed Akana for dogs

The recipe of Akana feed contains only fresh selected products that are distinguished by variety and high quality.

The composition of feed Akana.

Meat. The main component of all Akana rations is meat - the main source of protein and amino acids necessary for the full development of a pet.

In the production of food used meat of lamb, pork, elk and wild boar.

In addition, the composition of food added liver, heart and cartilage, supplying the body with vitamins and minerals.

A fish. Another rich source of protein, filling your pet with energy and stamina.

Fish fillets contain vitamin B12, beneficial Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which are responsible for the functioning of the nervous system and supporting the health of the digestive, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.

In the production of rations only fresh fish is used: herring, pike perch, trout, perch, flounder, salmon, whitefish and pike.

The composition of the feed consists only of fresh and selected products.

Bird and eggs. Sources of easily digestible proteins are turkey, chicken, quail and duck, which are low in calories and used for dietary purposes. There is no place for antibiotics and growth hormones in the farm of the manufacturer, due to which the meat loses its naturalness and usefulness.

Vegetables and fruits. Akana feeds do not contain wheat, corn and white rice, which have a high glycemic index and are harmful to the health of the pet.

Alternatively, vegetables, fruits and berries that are rich in fiber, vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals are used.

The formula of each diet contains at least 20% of natural vegetables and fruits: apples, currants, pumpkin, carrots, pear and others.

Healing herbs. Akana feed line contains healing herbs that strengthen and tone up organs and tissues, improve digestive processes and cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. Among the variety of such phytocomponents one can find both chamomile and mint, as well as rare ingredients in the form of brown alga, lemon balm and chicory root.

Akana's dog food recipe includes all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the full development of a pet, while there is no chemistry - taste and smell enhancers, as well as synthetic preservatives.

Pros and cons of feed

The main disadvantage of the feed is its price.

Among the huge list of benefits of dog food Acana can be identified:

  • using only natural high-quality ingredients,
  • high protein content and a low percentage of carbohydrates,
  • animal fats,
  • abundance of beneficial vitamins and minerals,
  • high content of fruits and vegetables - about 25%,
  • Canadian production as a guarantee of safety and quality,
  • wide product range for any features of the pet.

Of the negative sides can be identified only the high price., which makes the feed inaccessible to many dog ​​breeders. However, the cost of the Acana ration is quite competitive with holistic class counterparts.

Acana classics

This line contains as a part up to 50% of the meat component, is rich in proteins and has a small amount of carbohydrate sources. Instead of cereals in the production of feed used ground oats with elevated glucose levels.

Line Acana Classics.

The AcanaClassics series includes:

  • Acana Prairie Poultry - biologically suitable food for dogs of various breeds and ages based on poultry, fruits and vegetables,
  • Acana Wild Coast is a diet suitable for all pets of all ages and breeds, the main ingredients of which are fish, fruits and vegetables.

Acana singles

A series of hypoallergenic feeds with a limited set of components that fully meet the biological needs of pets with sensitive digestion. The main ingredients here are duck and lamb meat, saturating the body with all the necessary vitamins and amino acids. Formula feed does not contain sources of fast carbohydrates - potatoes, cereals and tapioca.

Line Acana Singles.

This series is represented by the following options:

Acana Regionals

A line of grainless feeds made from high-quality ingredients that contain an increased amount of protein and low carbohydrate levels. Rations do not have cereals, and are represented only by the balance of fresh meat, vegetables and fruits.

Line Acana Regionals.

This series is designed for dogs of various breeds and ages:

  • Acana Grasslands - food containing 60% of the meat component and 40% of the fruit and vegetable cocktail and medicinal herbs,
  • Acana Pacifica - a diet with a high content of fish fillet (60%), supplemented with fruits, vegetables and phytocomponents,
  • Acana Wild Prairie - food based on chicken meat, eggs and fruit and vegetable mix.

Acana heritage

The most extensive series of high-protein feed Acana, containing from 60 to 75% of fresh meat and 30-40% of carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables in the absence of cereals.

Line Acana Heritage.

The ruler includes several options:

  • Acana Adult Large Breed - food for adult pets of large and giant breeds, weighing more than 25 kg, based on chicken, eggs and fish.
  • Acana Adult Small Breed is a chicken, egg and fish fillet based ration designed for miniature pets, not more than 9 kg.
  • Acana Cobb Chiken & Greens is a menu for all sorts of breeds, the main component of which is fresh and dehydrated meat.
  • Acana Ligft & Fit is a high protein feed, designed for overweight dogs and containing 65% meat ingredient.
  • Acana Puppy & Junior - food for puppies of medium breeds, which in adulthood will weigh from 9 to 25 kg. It is composed of 70% of poultry and fish.
  • Acana Puppy Large Breed - food for puppies of large and giant breeds over 25 kg.
  • Acana Puppy Small Breed - diet for puppies of small breeds weighing less than 9 kg.
  • Acana Senior Dog is a special menu for pets over 7 years old, designed on the principle of Whole Prey, i.e. the composition contains cartilage and viscera in their natural proportions.
  • Acana Sport & Agility is a special food for sports and highly active dogs of various breeds. 75% consists of meat components of poultry and fish. And the absence of highly glycemic foods (rice, potatoes, and grains) is very important for pets that are sporting.

Attention. None of the feed options contains wheat, corn, rye and gluten, which often provoke digestive disorders. Instead, they contain fruits and vegetables collected from neighboring plantations, as well as steamed oats as low-glycemic carbohydrates.

How is this feed better than others?

Akana compares favorably with other feed.

One of the main advantages of Akan's dog food is that there are small amounts of carbohydrates in the composition, and they are derived from low-glycemic fruits and vegetables.

Rice and tapioca are absent in the formulation, which have the ability to dramatically increase blood glucose levels, which can cause overweight and heart problems.

For example, you can find rice in the holistic class of Savarra and Belkando, and tapioca in the Pronature Holistic diet.

Nutrition Akana for adult dogs with a normal level of activity has the necessary amount of protein (29%) and fat (17%). В холистик корме Белькандо содержится 23% белка и 12,5% жиров, а в рационе Грандорф эти показатели достигают 25 и 14%.

Еще одним весомым плюсом пищи для собак Акана является наличие высокого уровня клетчатки, которая положительно воздействует на пищеварительные процессы и нормализует стул питомца. Thus, Akan rations for aging dogs, which are more susceptible to constipation and intestinal diseases, contain 6% fiber, 4.5% in Belkando feed, and only 3% in Piccolo feed.

Vet reviews on feed

Marina, the vet, 42 years. The development of dry dog ​​food Acana was made taking into account the peculiarities of the health and life of the animal. This kind of food is suitable for both grown-up pets and small puppies.

For each age and features of the four-legged friend, there is a separate specialized ruler, which is very convenient.

Foods are complete and satisfy all the nutritional needs of a dog's body, because they contain the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals.

Veterinarians note that Akana feed is of high quality.

Sergey, vet, 37 years. The main advantage of Akana's dog food in the high content of meat in the composition, because our true friends are predators in nature, and they simply need protein.

These rations contain from 50 to 75% of meat components, which covers the "carnivorous" needs of dogs in full. There is an opinion that high-protein feeds are harmful and their weight increases. This is just an invention of poor-quality producers who add not more than 10% of meat to their feed.

So feel free to recommend this nutritious and healthy food for daily pet feeding.

Dog breeder feedback on feed

Many breeders are satisfied with this feed.

Lily. My parents bought a Yorkshire terrier, who is now 11 years old. This breed is characterized by frequent food allergies, so in the process of finding a suitable feed, the choice fell on Acana Lamb & Okanagan Apple.

There are no chicken meat and other allergens in the composition, and only natural tocopherols are used during preservation. The food was perfect for our York: food is well digested, the chair is nice and decorated, and the pet is playful and looks better than ever.

The food itself stupefies a very pleasant aroma without unnecessary sharpness.

Andrew. Currently, I have a dogo de Bordeaux, he is now 7 months old. For four months, they fed him inexpensive food, which he ate in huge portions, and the wool looked unhealthy. We decided to change the feed to a more expensive one, hoping for better quality, and we stopped on Acana Sport & Agility dry food.

For our dog, this diet turned out to be just a godsend: a high-quality natural composition, over time, the wool became very soft and shiny, the chair improved, and the daily rate of feeding also pleased. Immunity increased, and our dog stopped hurting. There are feed and cons - this is the price that hits the pocket, but it corresponds to its high quality.

Conclusions about the feed

Reviews of Acana feed are overwhelmingly positive, because the composition of the diet contains only natural products without the addition of any by-products or preservatives.

The cost of feed is high, but it corresponds to its quality content.

On average, for a small package weighing 2 kg, the owner of the dog will give from 1430 to 1650 rubles, and for a large pack of 13 kg from 6430 to 7710 rubles.

Parse the composition

  1. The first ingredient in Akane for Small Breeds is chicken meat flour. It is considered a meat concentrate and contains 300% more protein than fresh chicken meat (read more).
  2. Oats are in second place. It is rich in B vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  3. Next is the chicken. Raw chicken meat contains about 80% water.

After cooking, most of the moisture evaporates, reducing the meat component to a small part of the original weight. Despite the fact that this is a qualitative component, in the final product, after processing, chicken will constitute only a small fraction of the total content. The fourth ingredient is potatoes.

Given that it has been heat treated, it can be considered a gluten-free source of easily digestible carbohydrates. However, even with the high calorie content of the potato, it is of low nutritional value for the dog. Next is the pea. This is a quality source of carbohydrates. Like all legumes, it is rich in fiber.

In peas, about 25% protein, it must be considered when evaluating the protein content in the feed from Acana. Chicken Fat It is produced by rendering chicken (the process is similar to cooking soup, during which fat is collected from the surface of the liquid). Chicken fat enriches dog food with linoleic acid, Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid, important for the functioning of the body.

Although the name does not sound very appetizing, chicken fat is a quality ingredient.

  • Whole eggs. They are easily digested and have exceptional biological value.
  • The eighth ingredient is flounder. This item is usually derived from pure nerazladivsheys fish or fish trimmings, waste fish industry. Like chicken, raw fish contains 80% water.

    After cooking, some of the liquid is lost, reducing the meat component to a small part of the initial weight. As a result, after processing, the fish will make up only a small fraction of the total feed content. Strange item is dried alfalfa. Although this herb is rich in protein (18%) and fiber, it is rather unusual to see it in dog food. It is more commonly associated with horse feed.

    On Akan's packaging, the list of ingredients continues and includes other ingredients. But from an objective point of view, positions that are further down the list do not affect the overall assessment of the product.

    Interesting products

    • First, we find herring fat. Fish oil is a natural source of valuable eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and docosahexaenoic (DKG) omega-3 fatty acids. These two high-quality types of fats are distinguished by the highest bioavailability for humans and dogs. With an adequate level of freshness and purity, fish oil can be considered an excellent additive.
    • Next comes chicory root, rich in inulin, a starch-like substance consisting of a chain of repeating fructose units. Inulin is not only a source of soluble dietary fiber, it is also a prebiotic that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the dog's digestive tract.
    • In addition, the recipe contains selenium yeast. Unlike the more common inorganic form of selenium (sodium selenite), this natural yeast supplement is considered a safer anti-cancer alternative.
    • Akana for small rocks also contains chelated minerals - minerals that are chemically bound to protein amino acids (which contributes to their better absorption). Chelated minerals are usually found in more expensive feeds than Akana.

    Nutrient Content Indicators

    Judging only by the ingredients, the “Acana Adult Small Breed” feed belongs to the class above average. But the quality of the ingredients alone cannot provide complete information about the feed. It is necessary to evaluate the meat content before determining the final rating.

    The composition of Akana shows the content of dry protein in the amount of 32%, the level of fat - 19%, carbohydrates - up to 30%. The ratio of fat to protein - 59%.

    As a result, we observe a high level of protein and fat and a relatively low level of carbohydrates in comparison with feed from other manufacturers.

    Even with the influence of peas and alfalfa, increasing the level of protein, there is a large amount of meat.

    Akana dog food: Reviews and detailed composition of holistic-class nutritional mixtures

    The Canadian manufacturer represents the Akana brand - dog food, reviews of veterinarians and owners which indicate its quality and balance.

    For its production take fresh ingredients.

    This mixture, which belongs to the holistic class, is not cheap, but it provides the dog's body with all the necessary substances.

    A wide range of feeds is presented.

    Manufacturer Details

    This brand was created about 30 years ago by the Canadian company Champion Petfoods, which is located in the largest farming area of ​​Canada - in the Alberta region.

    Now their products are known worldwide, and are exported to dozens of different countries under the Acana (Akana) and Orijen (Origen) brands.

    Many grateful owners of animals from different parts of the world leave reviews calling Akana dog food the best in the world. Let's see and we - is it all so clear.

    Opinion of satisfied customers is certainly a weighty argument, but somewhat subjective, therefore, it is worth noting that Champion Petfoods company products have repeatedly received awards for the highest quality from Canadian and American independent pet nutrition associations.

    Also Akana feed for dogs received reviews from veterinarians of Canada (CVMA organization), which approves and recommends this product for daily feeding of pets.

    It is also important to mention that all products used to manufacture Akana dog food are only supplied fresh or chilled. They are subject to mandatory quality control, are not frozen, and are grown in ecologically clean areas.

    The products of Champion Petfoods have one more indisputable advantage over many other brands: all stages of feed production, starting with the development of the formula, the preparation process and ending with the packaging of the finished product, take place exclusively in their personal factories. This fact is undoubtedly reflected as Akana dog food, and consumer reviews regularly confirm this opinion.

    Feed composition analysis

    Before we assess the specific composition of Akana feed, we want to highlight several important aspects related to all products of this brand.

    The company is proud of its patented formula "Biologically relevant" food, meaning that each component separately and a combination of all the ingredients as a whole, benefit the dog's body and reproduce the animal's natural diet as much as possible.

    In addition, all the raw materials that are added to Akana dog food, the manufacturer buys fresh from local farmers and suppliers from the Alberta region. It is not subject to long carriage, and therefore does not require freezing or exposure to chemical preservatives (the exception is the lamb from New Zealand).

    Only natural preservatives, such as rosemary, are used for the preservation of products, therefore the shelf life of Akana feed is only 15 months.

    All useful supplements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) contained in Acana products are obtained from the freshest vegetables, fruits and medicinal herbs, there are no synthetic impurities in these diets.

    Acana (Akana) dry dog ​​food belongs to the holistic class, there are no cereals, potatoes, and only in one line is oat, which is a hypoallergenic cereal.

    For a detailed review, the Heritage diet was selected; the Cobb Chicken & Greens option - Akana "Cobb chicken and greens" dog food.

    The description of the balance of essential nutrients is as follows: proteins - 29%, fats - 17%, ash - 7%, fiber - 5%, moisture - 12%, and also 30% carbohydrates.

    Note that the indicator of fiber is excellent, not all brands can boast of such a figure, as well as a rather low percentage of carbohydrates. After all, an excessive amount of carbohydrates often leads to obesity and is the first cause of diabetes in animals.

    This Akana feed, whose composition is essentially an improved version of the formula Chicken & Burbank Potato, does not contain oats, potatoes, white rice or starch. The first five components look like this:

    Proper nutrition

    What kind of food you give your dog, such she will eat. You decide for the animal: feed it with tasty and healthy food or fill the bowl with the first food in the store. You need to take very seriously the choice of food for your pet, because not only what your dog will look like, but also its health depends on it.

    Proper, healthy, balanced nutrition will help your pet to be healthy and live an active, joyful life.

    Dog food "Akana"

    Each of the feeds is different in quality, percentage of meat in the diet and the presence of grain crops in the composition. The best and most useful is holistic feed. To him and refers "Akana." Feedback on this composition will be given in this material.

    Produced feed since 1975 and developed with the direct participation of scientists, specialists and practicing veterinarians. As a result of this joint effort, Akana dry food for dogs was launched. In the reviews of veterinarians almost immediately, emphasis was placed on the nutritional value and usefulness of the feed. Confirm its quality and numerous awards received from independent American and Canadian associations.

    The composition of dog food "Akana"

    Akana products are made in Canada by Champion Petfoods and include fifteen different types of dry food, which consists only of high-quality ingredients. This food for animals can be consumed even by humans. The main component is meat, which is quite logical, because dogs are by nature carnivores. According to the owners, the Akana dog food is perfectly balanced. It fully satisfies all the needs of the animal.

    Also the company "Champion Petfuds" has developed a line of feed for pets of different sizes, and also, importantly, of different ages. Reviews of veterinarians about the food "Akana" for dogs agree that which type you choose will not always be a quality food for your pet. You can see the example of one of the feed.

    Quality food - the guarantee of health

    Everyone knows that the quality of life depends on how well the diet of an animal is made. If a dog does not systematically receive, for example, vitamins, proteins, fats or trace elements, this will affect its health and can lead to diseases and, in some cases, to the death of the animal. To avoid this, you need to feed your pet correctly. This will help in this high-quality dog ​​food "Akana", reviews of which can be obtained from experts or other dog owners.

    Food for different breeds and any age

    If the dog does not have a certain breed, and its size does not exceed the average indicators, then it does not need any specialized food. Her body itself produces the necessary amount of energy to maintain in tone.

    But this does not mean that for purebred dogs do not need to buy high-class food. Their body, like any other, is prone to disease. Therefore, based on the reviews on dog food "Akana", it can be concluded that the company has taken care of creating proper nutrition for average dogs.

    Food for such pets for seventy percent consists of chicken and turkey meat, as well as eggs, fish and so on. The structure includes the necessary vegetables for dogs and fruits. It is worth noting that "Akana" has created for dogs of medium size several types of food with various tastes.

    Food "Akana" for small dogs: reviews and composition

    As well as big relatives, small dogs spend a lot of energy. To feel confident and not get tired, they need to maintain the level of protein in the body and maintain weight in strict limits.

    Manufacturers have developed a special food "Akana" for small breeds of dogs. Reviews rate it positively, because the food for puppies at seventy percent consists of chicken, flounder and eggs. Another thirty percent are fruits and vegetables. The composition does not include cereals and potatoes. The same food, but designed for adult dogs, consists of sixty percent of meat, eggs and flounder. Forty percent are fruits and vegetables.

    For medium breeds

    Of course, relying only on reviews on dog food "Akana" is not worth it. Each dog is unique. Even pets of the same breed can react differently to the same food. Therefore, the selection of daily food should be taken very carefully.

    However, reviews about dog food "Akana", which are left by the owners, agree on one thing. Food is suitable for almost all animals. Allergic reactions are very rare. They also note that, although the composition has a high cost, its price corresponds to quality. This also applies to food for medium breeds of dogs.

    Seventy percent of the puppy food consists of chicken, turkey, flounder and eggs. Thirty percent of the diet is vegetables and fruits. Food for adult dogs of medium breeds consists of chicken meat, which were grown in the wild, flounder and eggs. All this is about sixty percent of the composition. The remaining forty percent is various vegetables and fruits.

    We feed large dogs

    Dogs differ not only in breed, age, lifestyle and habits. Each of them has a different height. And the food that is ideal for small dogs may not like pets of large breeds. Therefore, Akana has developed a special food for puppies and adult dogs, designed for large breeds. Reviews about dog food "Akana" - almost completely positive. The owners note that their fluffy pets eat their ration with appetite. A high energy value allows dogs to get enough for a long period.

    Корм для щенков состоит мяса цыплят, внутренностей курицы, мяса сельди, камбалы, индейки – всего около семидесяти процентов. Все остальное – это полезные и необходимые для нормального роста овощи, и фрукты.

    Что же касательно взрослых собак, которые относятся к крупным породам, то на шестьдесят процентов их корм состоит из яиц, камбалы, мяса курицы и индейки. И, конечно же, сорок процентов составляют фрукты и овощи.

    Питомцам с чувствительным пищеварением

    If a pet cannot digest even the most refined food, if it often has vomiting and any food intake turns into a painful process, then the owners of such animals should pay attention to the Akana dog food. The reviews indicate that the company has developed a specialized feed designed for pets with a sensitive digestive system.

    Fifty percent of the food consists of dehydrated and fresh meat, fat and duck entrails. Another fifty percent are fruits, plants and vegetables, which provide normal digestion and do not cause discomfort in dogs.

    For weight loss

    Sometimes, due to the owner’s fault, due to improper diet, sedentary lifestyle or poor-quality food, dogs experience weight problems. Extra pounds cause discomfort in pets. They cannot move freely, breathing is difficult. The dog can not only on their own to cope with excess weight. Undoubtedly, in such cases it is necessary to spend more time on the street, playing with a dog in outdoor games. But besides this, it is important to choose the right type of food that will help your pet lose weight.

    Akana has also taken care of overweight dogs. For this purpose, a special type of feed was developed that helps preserve muscle mass. And thanks to the reduced amount of carbohydrates, fat will no longer be stored in the pet's body.

    This sixty-five percent feed consists of the meat and bones of chicken, turkey, flounder, and guts. Another thirty-five percent are vegetables and fruits.

    Food for active dogs

    The opposite situation develops with dogs that lead a very active lifestyle. In feed for such pets should be a lot of protein, which will help keep the dog's body in good shape, will not allow the animal to tire too quickly and saturate the body with all the necessary vitamins.

    Food "Akana" for such dogs for seventy-five percent consists of fresh and dehydrated chicken, turkey meat, poultry entrails, herring, whole eggs. Another thirty-five percent are fruits and vegetables.

    Food for older dogs

    Older dogs also require specialized nutrition. Their bodies should be saturated with proteins, but at the same time the level of carbohydrates should be strictly limited. In order to keep the aging body of dogs healthy, Akana has developed food, which is sixty percent meat, and thirty-five - from fruits and vegetables.

    Dog food which company choose

    We have compiled the best dog mixes ratings based on feedback from dog owners who fed their pets. In addition, for each product, we analyzed the composition, given its balance, content and quality of meat, as well as price.

    As a result, we will consider the following feed:

    1. The best dry food - German Wolfsblut, Czech Brit Care for large breeds and domestic Probalance.

    2. The best wet foods and canned foods - the Brit brand has again distinguished itself, the cheap and affordable Puruchi One, as well as German canned food Belcando.

    3. Best Puppy Foods - NOW Natural class holistic, hypoallergenic Acana Puppy & Junior and Italian mix from Almo Nature.

    In our ranking, there are no economy class feeds, since they do not meet the requirements for the balance of nutrients and vitamins, and the meat in them is, at best, represented by food production wastes. For a complete nutrition of domestic predators need a mixture of premium and holistic.

    Most of the presented feed can be found in pet stores and even supermarkets. These are products of brands:

    Some are more difficult to find in the free market, but they can be ordered in specialized online stores. Alternatively, contact the breeders - they will help to reach the suppliers.

    We are talking about products of foreign firms:

    Best dry food

    For daily meals it is most advantageous to take exactly dry food. It is more economical and is stored for a long time even in an open bag. But here you need to carefully read the composition. In the quality mixture should contain about 50% of the sources of protein (meat), but the artificial flavor and aromatic additives in it are undesirable.

    Wolfsblut - perfectly balanced

    Excellent German holistic feed. According to the manufacturer, animals for its preparation are grown on special farms without the use of hormones. Products favorably different extensive meat menu, sometimes very exotic. In addition to traditional lamb, duck and rabbit, you can find mixes with pheasant meat, deer, camel, ostrich, wild boar - just 15 items. And for the summer and diet food manufacturer offers dry food with six types of fish.


    • The meat content is 25-50%, if necessary, the rate of proteins “gets” at the expense of fish,
    • The average size of the granules
    • Virtually no allergies,
    • Interesting and varied tastes that dogs will like,
    • Contains a minimum of cereals or does not contain them at all,
    • Enriched with phytocomponents,
    • Three "format" packaging - 2, 7.5 and 15 kg.


    • The content of animal fats in most products of the line reaches 18%, which can cause constipation in some dogs and certainly does not suit sedentary and obese dogs,
    • High price with sharp jumps when changing exchange rates,
    • Tomato mixes can cause allergies.

    Wolfsblut dry food does not have any bad reviews: the worst comments are neutral. In general, this is an interesting line of useful products for dogs of different breeds. After their use, owners note a general increase in the activity of their pets, an improvement in the condition of hair and teeth.

    Brit Care Adult Large Breed - the best feed for large dogs.

    Czech fodder super premium. In the line there are mixes with chicken and salmon, but products for animals with allergies are of more interest. It is made from lamb with rice.


    • Hypoallergenic,
    • Zip-lock on the packaging to preserve the smell after printing,
    • Contains chondroprotectors to protect joints,
    • The composition includes fruits and phytocomponents,
    • A large package of 12 kg is equipped with a convenient side handle.


    • Relatively high cost
    • Fatty.

    A great option for dogs with digestive problems or a reaction to other foods. It is suitable for medium, large and especially large animals over 2 years old, as well as for representatives of breeds prone to allergies (Labradors, Bulldogs, Shar Pei, etc.).

    Probalance - the most inexpensive

    Despite the foreign name, it is a mixture of Russian-made - just a Danish brand. In the domestic market, Probalance appeared relatively recently, so the dealer network has failed so far. Premium class.


    • Dehydrated meat in the composition instead of the dubious "poultry meal",
    • Affordable price for this quality
    • Does not contain corn and soybeans - oat or flaxseeds are used as sources of carbohydrates,
    • Contains phytocomposition from medicinal herbs, chondroprotectors and prebiotics,
    • 12 vitamins instead of the standard 3.


    • Supply difficulties
    • Low meat content - up to 30%,
    • It includes the synthetic antioxidant E321 - its use is permitted in many countries, but it has not yet been recognized as absolutely safe.

    In general, Probalance honestly fulfills the requirements for premium feed. However, dog owners recommend giving it to their pets to a lesser extent than indicated on the package. It is too high in calories, which can cause problems with emptying.

    Brit - the most natural

    The brand has already appeared in our review, as the best among dry fodder. Her canned food also collected a lot of good reviews and not a single bad one. True, this line is already produced in Russia - at the Yelets Meat Processing Plant. It belongs to the premium class.


    • Natural composition (only meat, offal and liposoluble vitamins),
    • Does not contain cereals, although some products have rice,
    • The share of meat products is 80%.


    • There were reviews that recently there was more jelly in the banks - it seems that technologists are conducting experiments.

    A rather small can weighing 850 g is suitable for feeding medium and large dogs. Small breeds may not have time to “master” all the container in two days, and canned food will have to be thrown away. Veterinarians recommend giving Brit wet food to restore immunity after animal diseases and surgeries.

    Purina One "My Dog" - the most affordable

    A fairly common type of wet pet food for dogs that you can buy even in the supermarket. In general, the Purina brand produces good products of the budget and middle price segment, but the quality here is not premium.


    • Availability and low price
    • Standard composition of useful components is maintained: 6 minerals and 3 vitamins,
    • Natural vegetable side dish,
    • Convenient packaging in sealed packs.


    • The label vaguely prescribed composition,
    • Contains potential allergens like wheat and corn,
    • The presence of flavor additives without explanation of their origin.

    Purina One is suitable for small and medium dogs, but the composition is not perfectly balanced. Vitamin complexes and natural meat will have to be additionally introduced into the pet's diet.

    Belcando - the most meat

    German canned dog food is produced in 400 and 800 g cans. Meat and liver are ground into rather large pieces, so that the owners can visually assess its naturalness. Rice and vegetables are added as a side dish.


    • The content of meat ingredients 60-90%,
    • Optimum volume and convenient cover with key,
    • Rich, rich ingredients
    • Contains calcium and phosphorus,
    • A standard set of vitamins and minerals, plus lecithin, necessary for older dogs.


    • Fat and over-calorie,
    • Not always combined with vitamins,
    • High price,
    • Not all pet stores can be found.

    Belkando canned food is suitable for large and mobile dogs, as well as animals kept outside. Prior to the super-premium manufacturer, it is a little under-priced, according to the dog breeders themselves, but the quality is generally good. But the dry mixture of the same company did not inspire enthusiasm.

    The best puppy food

    For the growing organism of the dog, as well as for our children, balanced nutrition is especially important: with a high protein content, a powerful complex of vitamins and minerals. However, it should be hypoallergenic, since the immunity of a small pet is still too weak. The best option for puppies will be holistic feed, as well as premium-class mixes corresponding to their size and breed.

    NOW Natural holistic New - the most useful

    Canadians have made this seedless super-premium food bezzernovom specifically for puppies. In addition, Now Fresh is trying to maximize the use of potentially allergenic products, replacing chicken meat with duck and turkey.


    • Absolutely natural - made from meat fillets, eggs, vegetables and fruits,
    • Not in the composition of the beets, which is important for dogs with white hair,
    • Does not contain grains - instead of them, the suppliers of fiber are potatoes, peas and apples,
    • Fine granules
    • The optimal fat content is 16%.


    • Almost does not occur in the free sale, although you can order it through the Internet,
    • Dry and for some puppies need to soak,
    • The price is too high.

    Excellent food for puppies with a balanced composition. Normalizes digestion due to lactobacteria and does not cause any negative reactions.

    Acana Puppy & Junior - Absolutely Natural

    One of the most famous and expensive brands of dog food produces a line of dry mixes for puppies of small, medium and large breeds. They collect a lot of positive feedback and have already earned the favor of veterinarians. The only problem that can arise with Akana is typical for any feed that just doesn’t suit your pet.


    • Made from dehydrated meat,
    • Small and not too hard granules
    • Does not cause food allergies,
    • Contains vegetables, legumes and a whole bunch of phytocomponents, from cereals - only oats,
    • Enriched with chondroitin.


    • High fat content - 19%, which can cause intestinal problems,
    • The price is too high.

    The owners buy Acana Puppy & Junior food not only for puppies, but also for adults of small breeds - the composition is well balanced, and the small size of the granules is just in the teeth for indoor dogs.

    Almo Nature Medium Puppy - the most popular

    Italian-made dry mix is ​​declared as a holistic product. In fact, the composition here is poorer - rather, it is a premium.


    • Meat content 53-55%
    • From cereals - rice, oats and barley,
    • There are no preservatives and flavors,
    • Available at many pet stores,
    • Not too fat
    • Contains fruit and herbal extracts.


    • The price is higher than it could be
    • The "understatement" in the description of the composition by the manufacturer, which causes the owners to doubt the quality of the mixture.

    In general, the food is not bad - neither the owners of the dogs, nor the puppies themselves show any discontent about it. But the self-confident inscription holistic does not correspond to the declared qualities and, most likely, is just a pretext to inflate the cost of the mixture.

    What dog food to buy

    1. For a dog's daily nutrition, it is better to choose good, but inexpensive foods: canned Brit, pui Purina ONE, dry food Probalance.

    2. Animals with digestive problems and a tendency to allergies buy dry mix Brit Care, Acana.

    3. For active dogs (hunting, service and fighting breeds) fatty and high-calorie mixtures of Wolfsblut, Belcando or more affordable options from Probalance are suitable.

    4. Puppies up to a year or two is better to keep on expensive, but balanced holistics: Now Fresh or Acana Puppy. If you can not find them on sale, you can kill a mixture easier, such as Almo Nature. These same brands produce good food for decorative dogs.


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