Top 10 most powerful dogs in the world


Any breed of dog, no matter what character and habits it is different, has its fans. Someone is crazy about small indoor doggies, someone prefers to keep pets of medium size. But there are people who like only very large, strong dogs. And there is nothing surprising in this predilection. After all, the natural potential of the representatives of the majority of such breeds with proper training allows you to get not just a faithful friend, but also an invincible fighter and protector.

To breed a large dog, of course, is only for those dog breeders who have enough funds for its maintenance. In addition, most of these breeds require the owner to have certain skills in terms of care and training. Below we present the reader the top 10 most powerful dogs in the world.

Mastiff English

This breed should be chosen by those who want to see their pet not only brave and decisive, but also aristocratic. In the first place in our top 10 most powerful dogs in the world is the English Mastiff, a noble animal with a phlegmatic character.

The breed is quite old. Her breeding began a long time ago, around 1400. Later, it almost completely disappeared several times and was restored by enthusiasts again.

Features exterior English Mastiffs

The sizes of these dogs differ really huge. At the withers they can reach a height of 76 cm. The weight of English mastiffs, according to standards, should not be less than 80 kg. The features of the exterior of these dogs also include:

  • rectangular weighty head
  • high set triangular ears,
  • powerful body and limbs
  • massive high tail.

The color of the English mastiff can only be dark. A black mask is required on the face.

Mastiff Behavior

A characteristic feature of the breed is truly titanic calm. Outwardly, such a dog may even seem too lethargic. However, English mastiffs are still capable of expressing emotions, even if they are not too turbulent. In addition, these large dogs are deeply attached to their owners, loyal and at the same time unusually brave.

And we continue to consider the top 10 most powerful dogs in the world.

Breed alabai

These big dogs are also greatly appreciated by pet lovers around the world. Bred this breed for a long time. According to experts, the alabai were kept by peasants 3-6 thousand years ago. Moreover, the exterior of these dogs to this day has been preserved almost unchanged. In ancient times, these dogs were mainly engaged in herding sheep and goats.

In second place in the top 10 most powerful dogs in the world, alabai is placed by us, because it is inferior to the English mastiff in height as much as six centimeters (70 cm). But at the same time his weight is almost the same - 80 kg.

Exterior Features

These dogs look very impressive. The main features of the breed are:

  • massive head and volumetric face,
  • hard coat with thick undercoat.

The ears and tail of Alabai usually stop at an early age. This tradition comes from ancient times. This is exactly what the shepherds did to ensure that dogs would not freeze these parts of the body during long journeys with herds.

The color of alabai may be different. Standards allow for black, white, gray, fawn, brindle, brown, spotted and spotted.

Character traits

Caring for the Alabai, who are among the top 10 most powerful dogs in the world, is not too difficult. But some caution in keeping such a big dog must be observed, of course. The main features of the character of alabayev are:

  • restraint in the expression of feelings
  • aggressiveness towards strangers,
  • ability to get along well with other pets.

The puppy needs to immediately show who is the leader in the house. Otherwise, later there will be all sorts of problems with his upbringing. Walking with a representative of this breed on the street, be sure to use a leash.

There are large breeds in the world that are well known to everyone. In third place in the top 10 most powerful dogs in the world we represent - the Rottweiler. These dark large dogs with characteristic burners have long been loved by domestic breeders. This breed is very old. She was known in ancient Egypt.

Rottweilers can be used for the protection of houses and yards, and for hunting. Their maximum height is 69 cm, and their weight is 60 kg.

Standards exterior rottweilers

The main distinctive features of this breed are:

  • proportions of growth and body length 1: 2,
  • short paws,
  • wide head

Carrion at rottweilers can be located in different places - on the eyes, cheeks, lower side of the neck, under the tail, on the front paws, etc.

The nature of the breed

The rottweilers do not differ in special peace of mind, despite their large size. Their character is very energetic and in some ways even hysterical. Many breeders consider these animals very clever and cunning, but at the same time rather rude and cumbersome. To start a Rottweiler in a family with small children in any case is not worth it. The dog can, without even noticing it, hook and pull down even a large child, not to mention babies.

American Bulldog

In fourth place in our top 10 most powerful dogs in the world is the American Bulldog. Its growth can reach up to 69 cm, and weight - up to 58 kg. This breed appeared in the form in which it is represented now, not so long ago - in the 19th century. Its main purpose has always been considered to participate in battles with large animals, mainly with bulls.

The features of the exterior of American Bulldogs include:

  • athletic physique
  • sturdy compact case
  • wide square face
  • strong limbs.

The coat color of American Bulldogs should be white (or with white markings).

Appearance of kangal

The main features of the exterior of these dogs are:

  • powerful neck
  • tail bent back
  • short thick coat.

The wool of the Turkish kangala is never white, like other herding dogs. Standards allow only reddish, brown, gray or yellow shades. On the face of this kangala must be a black mask.

Brazilian Mastiff

The height in withers of these dogs can reach 68 cm, and they weigh up to 50 kg. That is why we placed on the sixth place in the Top 10 most powerful dogs in the world, the Brazilian mastiff. This breed was bred in South America around the 17th century. Used mainly for the protection of hacienda and plantations. Also, this breed often participated in the search for runaway slaves.

Dog exterior

Despite the fact that these dogs are massive, their bodies are harmonious and completely symmetrical. The features of the exterior of the Brazilian mastiffs in the first place include:

  • big heavy head
  • wide face with drooping lips,
  • the presence of forming a fold of folds in the neck,
  • short dense glossy wool.

Body color in dogs of this breed can be anything. The standards exclude only mouse and white.

Dogo Argentino

In the seventh place of our top 10 most powerful dogs in the world - dogo argentino. This breed belongs to the group of hunting. It was withdrawn in the 20s in Argentina. Hence its name. Breeding at breeding was aimed primarily at getting a good big game hunter - boars, pumas, jaguars, etc. These dogs used to chase wild animals with whole packs. The weight of Argentine dogs can reach 45 kg, and growth at withers - 68 cm.

Breed description

The main features of the exterior of these dogs include:

  • short wool that does not require special care,
  • powerful neck, strong legs, impressive body,
  • long hanging tail
  • hanging ears.

The color of Argentine dogs, according to the standard, can only be white, nutty or cream.

Breed exterior

The original feature of ridgeback is the presence of a spectacular wool comb on the back. You can also distinguish this breed from others by:

  • high ears,
  • strong muscles,
  • pretty light body
  • gradually tapering, slightly curved tail.

Standards allowed only warm, fairly light coat color.

Behavior features

Powerfulness and tirelessness prevail in the character of this dog. To keep these animals in the apartment is not recommended. For such conditions, it is too active and energetic. Animals are proud and masterful, but they get attached to their owner very quickly. One of the features of ridgebacks is that they are absolutely not afraid of heat and drought.

German boxer

Despite the rather awesome appearance, dogs of this breed are considered calm, kind and peaceful. Their sizes are quite large - 63 cm, 32 kg. That's why we put them in ninth place in the top 10 most powerful dogs in the world. German boxer was bred in the 19th century. The breed belongs to the group of guard and hunting.

Standards for appearance

German boxer looks very tight, neat and impressive. Especially impressive are his jaws, the distortions of which, according to standards, are not allowed. In addition, the German boxer is distinguished by:

  • even deep chest
  • well developed muscles
  • sinewy limbs.

It used to be that the German boxer should be exclusively white. Now standards allow only brindle or red coat color for this dog.

Character boxers

Representatives of the breed are very curious, intelligent, trusting and attached to their masters. German boxers have a strong psyche and good-naturedly behave with the weak. By the sofa this breed in no way applies. Boxers are very active and love to get new experiences. Therefore, they should be turned on only by those pet lovers who live outside the city. In the room, the unused energy of the German boxer will surely spill over into gnawed furniture, broken household appliances and scratched parquet.

Siberian Husky

What other large breeds are found on earth? In the tenth place of our top 10 most powerful dogs in the world, the Siberian Husky is also a rather large dog. Chukchi brought these animals a few thousand years ago. Unfortunately, in Soviet times, the Siberian Husky was recognized as an unpromising breed. It was possible to save him only due to the fact that even before the revolution several Americans brought such dogs to him. In our country, this breed was secondarily started to be bred only in the 90s.

Tenth place - Canary Great Dane

This dog breed was bred in Spain. Dogs of this breed have a very strong and powerful bite. The Canarian Great Dane looks eerily and very menacing, however, despite this, the dogs of this breed are very kind and friendly. Dogo Canaria very quickly gets used to its owner, it easily remembers new commands and assimilates any information. Animals of this breed are excellent and loyal friends.

Ninth place - Doberman

As you know, Doberman is a service dog. The dog of this breed is very fast and strong. Doberman has an amazing appearance and stunning grace. Animals of this breed will become excellent guards, and thanks to their service past, they will also be stunning bodyguards. Dobermans are very intelligent and reasonable, in case of danger, they are transformed in one instant, and from a lovely pet, turn into an aggressive furious beast. To never have problems with dogs of this breed, they must be raised from puppyhood.

Seventh place - Great Dane

This breed of dog was bred for service. That is why the Great Danes are very strong and hardy. However, despite this, the Great Dane is absolutely not aggressive. Therefore, if you choose such a dog as a guard, then you need to raise it properly. Great Dane is a great friend and reliable companion, he loves children very much and gets along well with other animals.

Sixth place - Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a great guard and reliable bodyguard. Dogs of this breed are very strong, hardy and have a powerful bite. Rottweilers are fearless and brave animals, they can always protect their family. Pets of this breed are good-natured and affectionate, they quickly get used to a new family and all households.

Fourth place - Boerboel

This is a South African dog, it was bred specifically to protect the plantations and escort slaves. Boerboel is very aggressive, and in some countries, dogs of this breed are forbidden to breed. These pets are incredibly strong and have a very powerful bite. Keep this dog in the house is not recommended.

Third place - Boxer

This breed of dog was bred in Germany, it is one of the strongest in the world. Boxer has a strong grip, a powerful bite and wayward character. Such a dog must be well raised, and then it will become a faithful and devoted friend, both for adults and for children. Animals of this breed are very playful and fervent, they are happy to run on the lawn and play with the ball.

Second place - Staffordshire Terrier

Stafford is a faithful dog, for the sake of its owner, it is ready for anything. Dogs of this breed practically do not feel pain and absolutely do not know fear. This is one of the most powerful and strong-willed dogs in the world. Many consider Staffordshire terriers to be very aggressive, but this is absolutely not the case. The dog will grow up the way the owner will raise it.

First place - Bull Terrier

In the first place, an amazing dog breed bull terrier. This breed of dogs was bred for dog fighting. The bull terrier has an incredible grip and a very strong bite. However, despite this, the pet has a friendly character and a calm disposition. The bull terrier is the strongest dog in the world, which will be an excellent friend and reliable bodyguard for its owner.

A person who maintains a strong dog should be able to properly raise her. Otherwise, a pet may turn into an aggressive and uncontrollable beast.


One of the most popular dog breeds was bred on the island of the same name, although dog handlers did not reach a consensus about the time of appearance and the direct ancestors of a strong and beautiful breed.

Like the St. Bernards, they are lifeguards, but they only save people on the water, they are so good at swimming and diving. Newfoundlands have practically no hunting instinct and aggression. We can confidently speak about them - strong but good-natured.

In addition, it is one of the smartest dogs, capable of independent decision-making.

We remind you that our site has already written about the most beautiful breeds of dogs, we strongly advise you to read it!

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is one of the oldest breeds of Central Asia, from where it spread throughout the world. It is an aboriginal breed, and the name “Alabai” is secondary.

Training and training should be carried out up to 3 years, it is by this age that alabai are fully formed, both physically and intellectually - psychologically.

Appreciated as a great guard, and can easily withstand any fighting breed and wild predator.

The native land of the original Japanese dog breed is Honshu Island, and it is the largest spitz-shaped dog. Archaeological research has proven that Akina-itu is one of the 14 oldest dogs on earth.

In Medieval Japan they were actively used in dog fights, but in the early twentieth century, the use of these strong dogs in battles was prohibited.

Akita feels great both in a city apartment and in nature. Note that the famous Hachiko, a symbol of loyalty and devotion, was precisely this breed.


This unusual breed closes the Top 5 most powerful dogs in the world, and the breed itself belongs to mastiff-like dogs. The ancestors of the Leonbergers were brought from Asia, and the breed itself was bred in Germany and Switzerland.

The dog inherited its strength and endurance from its Asian ancestors. Easy to train, great guard and shepherd. Breed abilities are widely used in the EMERCOM divisions, as leonberber is an excellent lifeguard on the water.

Adults grow to 0.7 m, while the weight is slightly more than 70 kg.

The African breed of dogs, which is not yet recognized by the IFF, but because of its aggressive nature is prohibited in some countries of the world. A very strong and enduring dog grows at withers up to 80 cm, and besides, it is plastic and has a lightning reaction.

Powerful dog with developed muscles can develop great speed. It is necessary to deal with it, otherwise the lack of physical exertion can cause aggression.

In the world, including Russia, there have been reported cases of attacks on people, which is why the Boerboel is listed as dangerous dogs.

Service breed was bred in Germany in the middle of the XVII century, and one of the legends says that these first rottweilers took part in the Seven Years War.

Rottweilers are strongly attached to the owner and the house, very jealous, and therefore require special attention from the person. Ведь не зря за ними прочно закрепился стереотип «собака одного хозяина»,

Несмотря на свой грозный внешний вид, при правильном воспитании и дрессуре, они великолепные помощники инвалидов. Кроме того, они служат в таможне, и используются в подразделениях Вооруженных сил.

Американский питбультерьер

Making up the rating of 10 fighting dogs, undoubtedly, the first place in it is occupied by the pit bull, which has the strongest jaws. Let us compare, for example, that the force of compression of the jaws of a person is 25 kg, while the force of compression of the jaws is equal to 126 kg per square centimeter, which is called “deadly grip”.

The very name “pit”, which translates as “pit for fights,” speaks of the fighting qualities of this breed. The International Cynological Federation still does not recognize the fighting breed, despite the fact that the ancestors of the Pit Bull Terrier is an officially recognized American Staffordshire Terrier.

Due to its qualities, it is quite a popular dog, and is widely used in police service around the world. A bite in 25 atmospheres makes it one of the best in battle.

Tibetan mastiff

Quite a rare breed, which is known since antiquity. A beautiful and calm dog is surrounded by many legends, and it is said that its barking is even capable of stopping the snow leopard.

Since ancient times, mastiffs have been used in the mountains to search for missing people, guard herds and houses. She perfectly orientates herself on the terrain, and served as conductors of caravans.

Grow up to 80 cm, and the maximum weight ranges from 65 to 80 kg. Note that this is also the most doggy dog, a puppy which once acquired for the fabulous price of 1.5 million euros.

Siberian Huskies

For the sake of justice, it is worth mentioning sled dogs, as among the strongest and coolest dogs, they are the most enduring. The Husky breed undoubtedly belongs to this category.

Experts believe that they first appeared among the peoples of the North, namely the Chukchi, when the nomadic people began to expand the territories of their hunting possessions. Huskies easily tolerate long passages, and are capable of pulling heavy loads and riders together.

In addition, Siberian Huskies, one of the most intelligent and courageous dogs, more than once rescued their owners in difficult situations.

And now let's imagine the individual representatives of the world of dogs, who are absolute champions in various fields.

Big Wendy

Due to genetic abnormalities, the English Hound breed dog has an unusual and formidable appearance. Her name is Big Wendy, and she is the most muscular dog in the world, who was nicknamed "Arnold Schwarzenegger" for her appearance. This unusual dog weighs almost 28 kg.

Another record holder living in England. The female named Büdel, which weighs 95.5 kg, is currently the largest rottweiler. Due to its weight, the devouring dog has even become the star of the British television show “The Fatest Pets”.

Barbara Allens Dark Hans

Newfoundland, and, moreover, a “girl” a year later, in 1979, dragged the same distance into a load of 2,289 kg. A little less than the previous record, but we will write off the dog on the floor. But she is the strongest dog in terms of weight-to-weight ratio.

Pitbull from Donetsk, the owner brought to the competition, as they say, from the street, without special training. A clever and kind dog won in dragging a load, and today it is the strongest dog in Europe.

So we learned what breed of dogs is the strongest. But, being strong, they remain loyal and friendly.

Dogs of any breed, what qualities and strength they did not possess, deserve respect and admiration. After all, dogs have been protecting a person for more than 10 thousand years, helping in public and economic life, doing military service and saving people during natural disasters.

10 place - Alaskan Malamute

A guest from the far north opens our Top 10. In the body of an already habitual city dweller, power and courage rages, and with proper training, Malamut can surprise. A pair of dogs easily pulls a tire from Belaz, it can be said, an ordinary, daily entertainment for the Malamutes. The breed belongs to the northern and driving, bred for the transport of heavy loads, with an average speed.

It is interesting! Siberian Huskies, which are also commonly considered "strong men", were bred for the transport of light loads, but at high speed.

Proper upbringing and regular exercise are the key to cultivating a mentally stable, obedient dog. It is important to understand that the load must be increased gradually, without overloading the "young" joints of the puppy. In addition, you will need a special ammunition, harness, harness or harness for the bike. Malamute does not necessarily teach riding sports (although this option is optimal). Alternatively, dogs are biked or charged with running alongside the bike.

8th place - Staffordshire Terrier

Terrifying in many inexperienced dog breeders and ordinary people, the Staffordshire Terrier, in fact, does not pose a threat to humans. The breed was bred for fighting with dogs and with proper upbringing, gets on well with children and even tolerates their “care”.

The indiscriminate uncontrolled breeding on the principle of the angrier, the better, brought the stuff to the title of "killer dogs." In some countries, the breed is forbidden to breed, and to buy a puppy, you need to get permission (as a weapon).

It is interesting! A Staffordshire Terrier who escaped the half-breed misery kept the whole block of a small American town at bay. People locked up in houses and called the police. The cop who arrived at the place was surprised to find that the dog is friendly, playful and tries to lick his cheek at every good moment. The owner got his dog back by paying a substantial fine. There is no point in saying that the situation is “tense”; such cases only confirm the “strength” of the media.

Turning to the breed standard, we find out that the caudate are balanced, friendly in the family and indifferent to strangers. In fairness, we note that with appropriate training, the staff will be an excellent bodyguard and guard for the apartment.

It is interesting! The title of the most powerful dog in Europe and the honorary title of the Guinness record holder, wears the half-breed of the Pit Bull Terrier, Tyson. The dog has long been street and wandered through the streets of Donetsk (Ukraine)! With his own weight of 38 kg, he stretched the 385-pound load at 4.5 meters in 90 seconds!

7th place - South African Boerboel

Powerful, hard-hitting dog. The breed was bred in Africa, despite the removal of pickling rocks, Boerboel is considered service and guard dog. The trick is that even an experienced full owner does not know what his pet is capable of. When the situation requires decisive action, Boerboel is impossible to stop physically. The strength, aggression and courage with which the dog rushes into battle, amazes and scares.

Naturally, such a serious pet requires high-quality education ... a high, strong fence is also important, since Burbuli is inclined to “occupy” neighboring territories and take them under protection. Outside its site, the four-legged switches to the protection of the owner or his family members. Under special care are children, with whom Burbuli is very gentle and patient.

6th place - Rottweiler

There are legends about the strength and formidable character of these dogs. To realize the power of the Rottweiler, only two facts are enough: the early members of the breed led adult bulls to the slaughterhouse and were used as dogs (carrying goods).

It is interesting! Faithful and brave dogs were spotted by the masses, after one Rottweiler had coped with a crowd of raging, drunken sailors in one of the major cities of Germany. Whole police detachments were afraid to get involved with the hooligans, and the four-footed ones dispersed them in a matter of seconds.

Terrible giants guarded houses, owners (mostly butchers) and their property, helped to drive cattle and even guarded the "tax" carts.

5 place - Doberman

The hero of the Second World War, awarded the title "Always Loyal" - this is Doberman. Relatively easy, frying dog, competes with its large counterparts due to the speed of reaction and agility. Dogs very territorial, work fine one by one, but the guard in a pair or group deserves the highest praise.

It is interesting! The breed was bred exclusively for tax collectors. A serious, frightening-looking dog stimulated the solvency of the population and scared away brave souls who want an easy money.

An employee of the special services, a bodyguard, a security guard, and just a pet is striking in its bravery in critical situations. Despite the low weight, the Doberman attack is very dangerous, as the dog takes on acceleration and knocks the enemy down. It’s not worth talking about the power and consequences of bites, Doberman has a deep, developed jaw with large teeth.

4 place - Laika

As it is known, quite a large number of hunting (hounds) dogs are registered in the world, they include huskies. The main skill is the paddock of the beast and chasing it until the hunter approaches. Speaking about the strongest Likes, one should mean bear cubs, which include a small Finnish-Karelian husky (Finnish Spitz).

In addition to the bear, the Huskies work on moose and boar, and one should not doubt the strength of these animals. The fact that the strongest likes of East Siberian and East European (not recognized by FCI) are still in the development stage, that is, considered breed groups, is interesting.

3rd place - Dogo Canary

The honorable trio opens unsurpassed Canary Great Dane. Breed rather rare, by analogy with many athletes, is considered dangerous and in some countries forbidden.

The uniqueness of this dog is that its strength and power is almost impossible to “spoil”. Even if the owner does not deal with the pet, the caudal grows up as an athletic, tightly built dog. Naturally, the factor of proper and balanced nutrition is important.

1st place - Central Asian and Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Two more "frightening the whole district" breed and our part-time leaders - Alabai and Caucasians. People are afraid of these giants, and probably not in vain. Breeds refer to service and security, with the right upbringing, they are calm in everyday life, but fearless in battle.

When choosing such a serious breed, it is necessary to take into account only two conditions: cleanliness of the blood and health, since the mestizas of Alabayev and Caucasians may indeed pose a threat.

The breeds are bred for transhumance and protection of cattle flocks in the mountains. It is interesting that Alabai works better in a group, and Caucasian Shepherd Dogs work one at a time. Both breeds are not picky in their care, but require a vast area for protection. It is strictly not recommended to keep all dogs of this type in an open-air cage or on a chain, since such treatment destroys the psyche of the caudate.

If everything is more or less clear with the Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, many potential owners have a number of questions about Alabayev. It is easy to see that within the same city (where the breed is common) or even a district, there are different types of Alabai. Some are more powerful, larger and with a suspension around the neck, the latter are taller, lean and nimble.

The first type is a real Central Asian Shepherd of the mountain type. Such dogs are widespread in the vastness of Asia, but not in cities. The reason is not only impressive strength, but also aggression.

Second type - lightweight, this is the result of commercial breeding, which the urban residents liked in a good way. They called this type of steppe and today, such dogs are successfully bred.


I would not want to offend the owners of dogs of other breeds, since it is very difficult to single out the top ten. Relying on statistics it is impossible to take into account all factors, no matter what rating is made. As mentioned above, Guinness record holders are St. Bernard and Newfoundland, which are not on our list. Undoubtedly, strong dogs can be called Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, Akita Inu, American Bulldog, Bordeaux Mastiff, Mastiffs of all kinds and styles, Tosa Inu.

Note! The concept of force is measured by the ratio of the weight taken to its own, so any well-built dog can claim to be a strongman with proper training.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Ridgebacks were originally bred for hunting lions, and good physical performance for this breed is not at all surprising. If you want to know which is the strongest dog, you should pay attention to this breed, which, in addition to strength, has excellent maneuverability. At the moment, this dog is actively used to protect the house, and there is no doubt that it does its job perfectly well. A puppy can be found in the nurseries of large cities, it is not the cheapest pleasure - the cost of an individual is about 30 thousand rubles.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

This powerful, massive, well-built guard dog, which draws attention to its article. In addition to strength and size, it can please with excellent intelligence. She is attached to the owners, well socialized and successfully protects people and property. Some individuals are independent, they are very difficult to train. You can buy a puppy in the nursery of a large city at a price of several tens of thousands of rubles.

The strongest dog in the world is alabai

The Alabai, which is able to successfully perform the functions of a guard, defender, and a fighting dog, is rightfully recognized as the strongest dog. In addition to strength, there is also endurance, and most importantly, a calculation that allows you to spend strength competently and without frills. This dog is designed for heavy loads, but it is not difficult to raise it in a decent manner so that it does not bring harm to others.

Each dog, even a simple mongrel, has considerable strength - the exception is only the smallest breeds. And a properly educated beast will always come to the defense of its owner, putting all its strength, endurance and intellect to do this - this is worth remembering.