Top 10 Strongest Animals


Today we will choose the strongest animal in the world. You will naturally say: “What is there to think about? Elephant!". Of course, if you follow a simple logic: "Stronger is the one who weighs more," then, without a doubt, the elephant has no competitors. Well, maybe a blue whale.

But we will reason like this: the force is manifested not only in body mass, but also in the ability to lift and move a load that exceeds it. Here, on the basis of this criterion, our top is built: "The 10 most powerful animals of the world." So let's get started.

10. Polar bear

It is the largest land mammal. The weight of such a predator is about 500 kg, and the strength is simply amazing: it can pull a carcass weighing half a ton on the ice, and a bear seals a huge seal with one blow of its paw.

9. Killer Whale

In the northern latitudes, there is another strong man, who is rightly called the "killer whale". In water, the killer whale swims at a speed of up to 55 km / h, even the blue whale will not be beaten off from this strong predator. And, having broken into the pack of seals, she easily nibbles 5-6 individuals.

8. Ox

Oxen have long been used by humans as pseudo-animals. These huge neutered bulls were always a measure of strength. One ox can weigh about 900 kg, which is one and a half times its own.

7. Elephant

An elephant lifts a load of 9 tons. By the way, so much was “mastered” by a five-ton male. If we argue in the above parameters, it is about 1.7 times the dead weight of the elephant. Worthy! Moreover, in terms of weight - this is an absolute record in wildlife.

6. Tiger

Tigers are very strong. They weigh up to 270 kg and can lift with their teeth a load twice that weight.

5. African Crowned Eagle

In the family of birds, the strongest animal is the crowned eagle, which in flight can carry cargo that is four times its weight.

4. Gorilla

Gorillas can not be called monkeys. These are serious, eerily-looking primates with remarkable strength.

There is a case when an adult gorilla, rescuing its cub from a tree from a lion that fell on him, broke the last neck, simply grabbing his withers. The lion died on the spot.

Gorilla - a worthy competitor in the fight for the title of "The strongest animal in the world." She can lift a load ten times her weight.

3. Ant leaf cutter

And looking at an ant, it is difficult to imagine that he is a strong man. Just think, some sort of crumbly rushing around under your feet! But take a closer look, and you will definitely see how this insect drags a load on itself, which is 50 times heavier than its weight! Imagine that an ant leaf cutter, for example, can carry on up to 50 of its brethren. Can you do it? That's it!

2. Rhinoceros beetle

In the tropics lives another contender for the title of "The strongest animal in the world." This is a rhinoceros beetle that can lift a load 850 times heavier than its weight. Obviously, these insects, despite their size, are strong men.

1. Crusade mite

And now, to the sounds of fanfare, the winner stands before us. Meet the most powerful animal in the world - an armored tick! This, of course, is not an elephant or a polar bear, but a strong one is many times more than those of the giant representatives of the animal world.

Mite easily lifts and transfers weight 1180 times heavier than its own! And imagine for a moment a tick the size of a well, at least with a cat. Good that he is so small! Cheers to the winner!

The most powerful animal in the world. 10 most powerful animals in the world.

Not all the largest animals are the strongest and most dangerous. Of course, for the most part of their enormous size, predators are quite strong and more enduring than smaller animals. And yet there are some small creatures with incredibly great power.

What is the strongest animal in the world, we will try to determine. True, this is not so easy to do. After all, it is necessary to evaluate each representative for different characteristics: parameters, speed, strength, endurance, and others.

The most dangerous insects

Despite their tiny size, some animals are a danger to people and not only. So they are strong.

In fact, there are many surprisingly small creatures that could be on the list of "Top of the most powerful animals in the world" or, for example, dangerous for the reason that most of them can simply be carriers of viral infections.

For example, ordinary flies carry about 40 million different types of bacteria. Among them may be dozens of death-bringing diseases. And mosquitoes are a danger to humans. With their bite, they are able to transmit diseases to almost 700 million people a year. At the same time about a few million of them die for sure. But it was all about danger. Below is about strength.

The most powerful animal in the world, top 10

Insects are not on their own so dangerous. This is the nature of the spread of most viral diseases. Therefore, consider a list of those deadly animals that can cause severe harm to humans and all living things consciously.

We will try to decide which of them is the strongest in the world. Moreover, this concept can be applied to different types of animal groups. We can single out the strongest beast, the strongest insect, the strongest bird, the strongest snake or the strongest fish, etc.

For example, the following animals (mammals) are among the strongest: elephants, tigers, oxen, lions, lynxes, gorillas, hippos, etc.

Below we consider what is the most powerful animal in the world. Top 10, regardless of which group or type these creatures belong to, is presented below. Consider the rating depending on the strength-to-weight ratio.

A newborn grizzly weighs only about 0.5 kg, but at a mature age it reaches an impressive size (2.5 meters) weighing up to 600 kilograms.

The maximum speed with which he is able to run is 55 km / h. It is better to stay away from him anyway, a formidable beast can easily catch up. It turns out that he is dangerous.

This animal is capable of lifting a load 1.5 times the weight of its body - 900 kilograms. This ability is often used by people to carry heavy loads.

And this creature is not only the strongest animal in the world, but also the largest mammal living on land.

At the birth of this giant, its weight is 120 kilograms. And an adult elephant can easily lift a weight of 9 tons (its body weight is 1.7 times less). But elephants are just herbivores. They live in the wild almost 70 years.

These ferocious and predatory animals are also capable of carrying enormous weights that are almost twice the weight of the animals themselves.

The length of a tiger (adult) can reach more than 3 meters, and its body weight is about 300 kilograms. However, he can run at a speed of 65 km / h. Only one of his blow can kill even an adult cow.

Crowned eagle

This eagle is not only the strongest of all existing birds, but also the most aggressive. The flapping of his wings, capable of clogging anyone, reaches a width of 2 meters. This courageous eagle is able to hunt even large antelopes and monkeys.

Thus, the bird takes the place of honor in strength - in the top 10 (the strongest animal in the world) among the largest and strongest.

Of all the existing monkeys, the formidable gorilla has powerful strength. They can lift large loads, weighing more than 10 times the weight of the monkey itself.

Ant leaf cutter

These small ants easily drag and drop materials they need to build housing. They are nicknamed leaf cutters due to the fact that they themselves are cutting the leaves, which they then carry on themselves to the dwelling.

While a common ant carries a weight 20 times its own weight, an ant leaf cutter can lift a mass that is 50 times more than the weight of an insect itself.

Rhinoceros beetle

This little insect got a well-deserved 3rd place in the top 10 "the most powerful animal in the world."

In connection with the formation, which is very similar to the rhinoceros horn, this beetle received such an interesting name. The rhinoceros beetle, whose size is only 4 centimeters, is able to carry along and carry a load with a huge mass - 850 times its own weight.


The second place in strength goes to the ordinary dung beetle.

Regardless of the fact that its dimensions range from 1 to 6 centimeters, this insect is capable of carrying a mass, 1141 times its weight, which is equal to the mass of six buses (double-decker).

In ancient Egypt, these beetles for people represented the personification of the movement of the sun.

Crab mite

And, finally, the strongest animal in the world (in relation to "force-weight") is an armored tick. This creature lives practically anywhere, but due to its tiny size a person is not able to consider it without special devices.

Such a tick lifts the load 1180 times heavier than itself. With such an opportunity for a person, he could lift an object weighing up to 80 tons.

The Scarab Mite completes the list of the 10 most powerful animals in the world.

In the top of the strongest creatures on earth it is quite possible to bring a lion, a crocodile, a shark and many other animals. There can be many such lists depending on the rating criteria.

Repeatedly raised questions on such topics about who among the living beings is stronger. It has always been interesting to man to find a worthy rival in the world of fauna or simply to learn, out of curiosity, who is the strongest on Earth.

9 Anaconda

Anaconda is the most massive snake of the modern world fauna. Females are much larger and stronger than males. Anaconda body weight can easily reach 250 kilograms. Imagine its strength and huge size - it is not only the strongest, but also one of the most dangerous animals in the world.

In the brute force, elephants are the strongest mammals and strongest land animals. African elephants can weigh up to 6,350 kg, and they can carry up to 9,000 kg, which is about 130 adults.

There is a reason for the popular saying “as strong as a bull.” The musk ox can pull out and carry something weighing 900 kg, 1.5 times its body weight, over rough terrain. We would like to note that the musk ox got into the top ten of the most smelly animals.

The tiger is one of the strongest predators that can catch and haul a victim, twice its own mass, and even lift it on a tree. And the weight of a tiger can reach 550 kilograms. This is one of those animals that is better not to come face to face in the wild.

The eagle is the most powerful bird that can fly with a load four times its own body weight. Flying with such a burden requires tremendous strength, because this bird has such huge wings, a beak and powerful paws.

In addition to the awesome appearance of the gorilla is very strong. And they will not fail to boast of their strength in front of their rivals in the mating season, picking up huge cobblestones. The largest of them can exceed the weight of an animal ten times. This is despite the fact that the mass of male gorillas averages 135-250 kg and more.

The ant is considered one of the most powerful animals on the planet. Ordinary ants building piles in a garden are capable of lifting a weight 20 times their own. And the ant leaf cutter is 50! And ants are great fighters: they are able to knock out insects that are much bigger and more aggressive than themselves.