The smartest cat breed


Find out which breeds are the smartest. Rating of the 10 most intelligent breeds of cats with photos and descriptions.

Does your cat bring you slippers and a fresh newspaper in the morning? Not? Maybe she knows the commands "Sit" and "Fas"? Not again? Congratulations, you got a surprisingly intelligent animal. Because your IQ most intelligent cats on such trifles do not exchange.

The intelligence of the cat is manifested in the other. Her task is to communicate and decorate. But even knowing which cats are the most affectionate and intelligent, all the same, among them there will be champions - not just smart cats, but the most brainy ones!

By the way, more than a decade, felinology assured us that the older the breed, the more reason its representatives demonstrate. That is why for a long time it was believed that Oriental cat breeds = smart cat breeds.

But in the 21st century, in the Top 10 most intelligent cat breeds, it was the Eastern breeds that had to make room.

So what is the smartest cat breed?

10 place - Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is such a smart cat that it easily entertains itself even in the absence of the owner! This fluffy aborigine from the North has got used to live in a flock, and therefore perceives the human family as his flock and gets along perfectly with all its members. Without allowing excessive familiarity, the Norwegian is able to show with his whole appearance what he thinks of you and of all these calf tenderness. Owners of cats of this breed in one voice note their amazing curiosity.

9th place - Maine Coon

These are cats, philosophers and cats, contemplators, cats-Fathers and cats-dogs. And if you expect an observant approach to life from a big cat, then we emphasized their fatherly qualities not by chance. Maine Coon cats are not isolated from kittens even in the first minutes of the appearance of offspring, because the cat giants immediately understand who was born and who it is time to “drag the mammoth into the cave”. Yes, and understanding of the teams they are also well developed. With the Maine Coon, you can walk on a leash and quietly enjoy how surprised passersby react.

8th place - Abyssinian cat

Slippers she will not bring you. And not because they do not understand the team, but because it is below its dignity. But abandoned toy - easily! In general, the intellect does not allow sitting and simply decorating the world of an African-English woman. Smart cat breeds are so good that it is never boring with them. So the Abyssinian prefers to participate in all household chores. By the way, they communicate well with dogs, and sometimes it seems that they even peel them around!

7th place - Siberian cat

Who remembers his nickname the first time? Siberian cat! Who has a great memory? Do siberian cats! Who never makes a mistake? She is. Yes, sometimes it seems that the Siberian thinks through each step before taking something. Who knows, perhaps that is the case - generations of hunters have taught modern Siberian people to be cautious in their actions and balanced in their decision making. At the same time, despite innate prudence, Siberian cats get along well with young children, sometimes fulfilling the role of nanny.

6th place - Balinese cat

They are also called “Siamese in the ermine mantle”. The breed is almost 50 years old and its representatives, in addition to appearance, are also distinguished by a sharp mind. For the Balinese no problem: open the closed door, pull out the boxes with toys, find the hidden object. Do not believe? Ask the owners of these cats. Better yet, get yourself a kitten in a robe.

5th place - Munchkin

Cats only of this breed, perhaps, experts are divided into different types of personality! Yes, shorty is not as easy as it seems. And if cats from 6th position of our Top can find things, then munchkins love to hide things! Munchkin owners say that their pets rarely meow - well, aren't they clever? Why make noise when everything is in order? And if it is not in order, will one meow really change anything? Very, very wise cats!

4th place - Oriental cat

Perhaps this is not the smartest cat in the world, but definitely the most sensitive. They are called telepaths in the world of cats and cats. Orientals are very subtle and accurately capture the slightest changes in the mood of a person and respond accordingly to them. In addition, the oriental cat is also a biotherapist - attach it to the diseased organ and she will instantly start treating it on a mental level. During free medicine, the oriental cats are playful and temperamental.

3rd place - British cat

The British are big individualists. They remember their stuff well and do not like it when someone other than the beloved master touches their toys, touches their bed or, God forbid, he eats from their bowl! In this case, everything is forgiven to the owner, only he was near. If the owner is not around, the British cat starts to get bored and even sometimes, oh, horror, lose weight. The British past has put a seal on the character of the representatives of this breed. The British imposed a taboo on familiarity and familiarity.

2nd place - Turkish Angora

Long-term observations of this breed showed that it is ideal for single people, there is always someone to talk about life and, most importantly, understand each other perfectly. Turkish Angora has a strong will, which not every person can break. She will not give up until she gets her own - this also applies to changing the food, and the toys that are kept away and what the cat decided to call her a toy. You will be surprised, but an angor cat loves to swim. She just has enough sense to figure out how this can be a pleasant experience.

1 place

At various times, the first places in such ratings were occupied by all sorts of breeds - Siamese, Persian, Burmese, and so on.

But today the most intelligent cat is unanimously recognized ...

Canadian sphinx

A thoughtful friendliness towards guests, a wise attitude towards everyday life, a small share of narcissism is all about them, about charming hairless cats. The Canadian Sphynx loves to pose and collect admiration from others, loves to play hide and seek, is completely not afraid of dogs and other animals and is easy to learn.

Of course, representatives of other breeds are also worthy to get into this rating of the most intelligent cat breeds. But only in the first 9 places, because the first is always given to the kitten who shares shelter and soul with you.

1st place - an unusual sphinx

Many people, when answering the question, which cat breed is the smartest, will call one of the most unusual representatives of the cat world - the sphinx. This is a very smart and energetic breed, which is characterized by only two states. The cat is either asleep or is actively doing something. You should not be surprised at Sphinx’s excessive appetite; this glutton loves tasty food and a lot to eat. Thanks to a good metabolism, it is not subject to accumulation of excess weight.

This feline newcomer with wrinkled skin and gigantic ears is from Canada, his origin dates back to 1966, when in Toronto the usual domestic cat gave birth to a bald kitten. Although the sphinx does not have wool, this does not mean that it cannot cause a certain reaction in people who are allergic to cats. It is important to know that the skin of the animal is very susceptible to sunlight, in order to avoid unnecessary tanning and overheating, it is necessary to limit its stay in the open sun.

2nd place - wild Bengal cat

Wild and at the same time small and domestic, Bengal cat is not dangerous, despite the fact that it is a born predator. The hair is short, with a spotty color and different tones of color, from golden and wood brown to dark chocolate and black. This is a cute and gentle pet who loves communication. Intelligent and curious, she is constantly in motion, likes to frolic and play in nature.

This is a cat that needs a lot of vertical space, the higher the better. These amazing animals love water games, which is not typical for the representatives of the feline world. Quickly learn different tricks and enjoy playing with interactive toys.

4th place - Japanese Bobtail

This funny cat brings good luck to all who are lucky to live with it - so they think in this animal’s homeland, in Japan. This playful pet is able to make friends with absolutely everyone. His wool can be both long and short. Japanese bobtail is associated with many legends and traditions. A cat with a trimmed tail is a symbol of good luck in Japan. This feature is a natural genetic mutation.

Other features of the breed are the triangular head, high cheekbones, long nose, oval blue eyes, elongated hind limbs. The Japanese bobtail is a small, active and intelligent cat whose coat is usually dyed in three colors. As the smartest breed of cats, these sociable creatures quickly find a common language with children and other domestic animals, including dogs.

5th place - the majestic Russian blue

The sparkling silver wool and the sparkling green eyes of Russian blue attract close attention to this breed. Possessing high intelligence and playfulness at the same time, this cat is an excellent pet. This representative of the cat family is very sensitive to the whims of her owners, she will gladly greet them at the door and use any chance to please her owner. Russian blue appreciates care and affection, loves gentle stroking on the head.

Very little is known about the origin of the breed. It is believed that the Russian blue hails from the Archangel Islands in northern Russia. One legendary version says that these majestic animals are descended from cats, which were kept by the Russian kings. A distinctive feature is the short, silky and shiny wool, which is practically not subject to shedding. The eyes are large, widely set and rounded, most often green. The breed is characterized by medium size, wide head shape, straight nose and broad ears at the base.

6th place - compact Singapore cat

The sixth place out of the 10 most intelligent cat breeds is the Singaporean cat. This is a natural breed. A distinctive feature of this small representative is the presence of a tail with a black tip and an interesting color. Singapore cats are calm, smart and at the same time active, they are even considered the national treasure of Singapore.

They are known for large ears, large green or hazelnut eyes. The body is small and muscular. This is a mischievous, inquisitive, intelligent and full of energy cat. An extrovert by nature, she usually gets along with everyone, including other cats, friendly dogs and children, and is perfect for those who will take care of her.

7th place - confident Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian is the most intelligent breed of cats, which is also considered one of the most ancient species. Clever, curious and at the same time very active and athletic, the cat spends its days climbing the highest places and exploring every nook in the house.

She diligently controls everything that her master is doing. This cheerful and happy animal plays with pleasure with children, as by its nature it has a rather playful character. He gladly responds to any interaction with a person, but prefers to be the only pet, since he does not accept rivalry. Abyssinians live 15 years or more.

8th place - fluffy Somali

This breed loves outdoor games, wildlife. It has a strong and athletic build, thick long hair, bushy tail, large ears and almond-shaped eyes. To maintain its wool in good condition, it is recommended to comb it 1-2 times a week. Somalian is an egoist and always likes to be in the center of attention and prefers to be the only cat in the house.

Somalis have a very harmful character, he is intelligent, curious, interesting and very active, this is not a very suitable cat for a person who is looking for a sweet and tender pet and does not want to interact with him. This is a very mobile animal that does not like rooms that are cramped in space.

9th place - hyperactive savanna

Savannahs are distinguished by their large, sharp ears, and their coat is dyed in a golden, silver or black smoky color. A distinctive feature is the presence of specks that cover the entire body, including the muzzle and paws. Savannah is a relatively new breed, it is an active, confident cat that loves to interact with people and other cats. Toys for her should choose stronger and tougher, as a playful pet can pretty pat, for example, a teddy bear.

The smartest breed of cats does not mean that the beast will behave well. If the animal is very keen, the game turns into a merciless hunt. To get along with it, you need a lot of patience from all those around her. Savannah moves closer to the family, but rarely shows its affection. A representative of this species has a long body with long legs, while the average size is the same as that of most other large domestic cats.

10th place - amazing juice

What breed of cats is the smartest of those who have not been bred by crossing different individuals? One of these natural species is the socke. This unique and rare breed has come a long way from its appearance in Kenya (Africa) to its worldwide distribution.

Juice cats are one of only a few recognized breeds that are natural in nature, without human intervention in the crossing of individuals. Clever and curious, she gets along well with children, cats and friendly dogs.

There is no doubt that the most intelligent and affectionate cat breeds may be suitable companions for humans. Cats by nature are extremely curious and quick-witted creatures. What is the smartest breed of cats? Ten tentatively most representative of the cat family can be identified, although in reality there are many more.

Research scientists

For the first time, American scientists decided to test four-legged friends using a special IQ method. Naturally, the pet owners answered the questions posed after a long observation of the animal. The behavior and intelligence of the subjects were evaluated on several points:

  • Coordination,
  • Memory,
  • Adaptability,
  • Ingenuity,
  • Sociability,
  • Socialization.

According to the results of the research, scientists were able to determine which cat breed is the smartest. Below is a table that will give the ratings of the top 10 most intelligent animals of the cat family. Data was collected from several sources and cannot be called identical.

According to the same studies, the intelligence of a pet can be compared with the mental abilities of a 3-4-year-old child. But there is no evidence of such a theory. The only thing scientists insist on is that even within the same clan, the family, the intelligence of each individual may differ. The decisive factor can be called human influence. The more the owner does with the pet, the smarter, smarter he becomes.

If you constantly conduct IQ tests using different methods, you can see that each time the results will change. From here it is impossible to draw an unequivocal conclusion, which is the smartest cat breed in the world.

List of the smartest cats representatives

If we take into account the fact that there are more than 200 breeds in the feline family, then the older the breed, the more abilities it has developed, the smarter the descendant, since genetic information is transmitted through the generations. Representatives of the feline, which owe their origin to Eastern countries, are highly valued. But this is not categorical. In the XXI century, the eastern families gave way to the championship in the top most intelligent category to other members of the cat family, although the number of cat breeds in the world is large.

II place also claim:

  • shorthair color-point
  • eastern shorthair,
  • Balinese
  • Javanese

Russian blue / Siberian / Burmese / Norwegian Forest.

List of III places supplement:

  • Devon Rex
  • Japanese bobtail,
  • Egyptian Mau,
  • Turkish Angora and Van.

Maine Coon / Manx tailless / American Curl / Cornish Rex.

List IV places complement:

Since the number of represented breeds is large, the reader will be presented with the top 5 most intelligent (according to the data from the table) cat breeds in terms of frequency of mention and popularity.

Canadian sphinx

Almost unequivocally, you can say that the first place is given to the Canadian Sphynx. Interestingly, this species of the feline family not only heads the top 10 breeds in intelligence, but also occupies the best positions in the category “Most Popular”. Than sphinxes won invaluable trust of owners and the best minds among felinologists?

  • Unlimited kindness and devotion amazes the imagination. These pets love to “hug” the owner, quite strongly attached to him. If we compare it with the character of other animals, only dogs can become “companions” for such loyalty and affection.
  • Легкость в дрессировке также позволяет сфинксу получить золотую медаль в категориях «Самая умная и самая популярная порода котов в мире».Любимыми занятиями животного можно назвать игру в прятки и догонялки.
  • Сфинксы обожают быть в центре внимания и совершенно не переносят одиночества.
  • Храбрость и отсутствие страха позволяет питомцу не бояться крупных собак и прекрасно уживаться на одной территории с другими животными.

Бенгальская кошка

Бенгальцы – умные коты, эта порода предпочитает вести активный образ жизни. Далеким предком данной семейства является леопардовый кот, поэтому эти питомцы обладают недюжинными интеллектуальными способностями. Среди достоинств можно выделить следующие:

  • Наблюдение за человеком и последующие попытки повторить те же действия. In the arsenal of prohibited methods are: opening doors, cabinets, windows.
  • The presence of ingenuity and ingenuity allows the animal to get out of virtually any situation.
  • If you do not engage with the Bengal cat, then she will grow up to be a very kind pet: will play with everything that “lie awake”, incl. with electronic devices. The Bengalis are able to remember how and when the owner uses the switch, and subsequently turn on / off the light when they become ill-disposed.
  • Enviable intellectual abilities and unshakable loyalty conquer at first sight. One thing is bad - Bengalis are experiencing hard separation from the owner.

Scottish Fold Cat

The third place in the nomination "The smartest cat breeds" is given to the top Fold Scot. His personality, cleanliness, high intellectual abilities, ingenuity and independence have done their job. No one, except the beloved master, can touch the toys, the house, the sleeping place and, especially, the bowl. The British past has left its mark.

In addition to the listed advantages, the distinctive features of the Scotchman are the ability to stand on their hind legs and the special structure of the ears. Pets of this breed just love to actively play, defend their territory and learn new tricks. When the Scottish Fold cat stands on its hind legs, it looks sweetly with large round eyes and at the same time tries to meow and purr at the same time, a wonderful sight unfolds before the owner.

Personal observation. Scots, I think one of the most intelligent, because:

  • in a fairly short period, my cat Scot learned some commands,
  • understands everything from a half-word, one glance,
  • perfectly feels the mood of the owner (with what in the family for him, not all pets, but only one person),
  • he only meets me, sleeps quietly before and annoys no one,
  • requires increased attention to my modest person on my part.

There is no question in front of me which breed of cats of the world is the smartest. I give the palm to the Scottish Fold cat.

Siamese cat

The excellent features of the Siamese, trapped in the top of the most intelligent cat breeds, are not only outstanding mental abilities, but also obstinacy and independence. The main thing to remember when communicating with Siamese cats is:

  • they categorically reject a careless and disrespectful attitude towards themselves,
  • they cannot be called conscientious and responsible nannies for children,
  • suspicion of strangers is in the order of things
  • jealousy and single-handedness in character appear when another animal appears on the territory,
  • the curiosity of these pets knows no bounds
  • obedience to the master, devotion and loyalty is the law for the Siamese,
  • with good training, Siamese cats are able to perform various tricks.

Formerly, the Siamese led the top 10 smart cat breeds around the world, but the Canadian Sphynx pressed them. It is a pity, but it is a fait accompli.

Burmese cat

How does a Burmese cat differ from other representatives of the cat world? Uniform in the named breeds: they fell into the category "Smart breeds of cats", and the rating depends on a set of research results.

  • Burmese pets like to communicate, but not in such volume as Siamese.
  • Caress and attention should always be present.
  • Mental training, as well as training and physical activity should be held daily.
  • In front of the guests, the Burmese pets are ready to demonstrate their skills and abilities, performing various tricks with joy.
  • Obedience to the owner, as well as enviable patience towards children is an invaluable quality.
  • Pets perfectly feel the slightest change in the mood of the owner.

An amazing discovery is the list in the category “The Smartest Cat Breeds in the World”, where the top 10 are led by the Canadian Sphynx, Bengal and Scottish Fold cats. There is something to read, there is something to think about.

Rating of the smartest cat breeds

They say the cat is smart, and the dog is just a devotee. It seems that science is ready to refute this assertion.

Scientists from Vanderbilt University in the United States decided to find out who is smarter - dogs or cats. They compared the neurons of animals and found out that there are twice as many dogs in the cerebral cortex ... There are approximately 530 million neurons in dogs' cortex, whereas in cats there are about 250 million. Scientists believe that the number of neurons in the cerebral cortex affects the animal's ability to draw conclusions, guided by its own experience. For example, a person has about 16 billion.

Scientists have figured out who is smarter - dogs and cats

The question of who is smarter: a cat or a dog - people care for a long time

But if you compare cats not with dogs, but with each other, then the intelligence of some individuals is really amazing. And so we represent the top ten breeds, among which, judging by the reviews of the owners, “clever men and clever girls” are most often found.

We emphasize: this is a non-scientific study. We did not try to determine which breed is smarter, did not assign them a place. Each of these breeds has every reason to be considered “primus inter pares” - the first among equals.

Norwegian Forestry (Skogkatter)

This cat, from our point of view, has two main advantages necessary for a pet:

  1. The “author” of the Norwegian forest is nature itself, these cats were not taken out by people by crossing representatives of different breeds or artificially fixing random mutations. Such animals always have good health, they are organic and natural.
  2. Despite their name, Norwegian Forest cats are absolutely domestic cats, they have been living among people for many centuries and have long been socially adaptable.

Norwegian Forest Cat - A Real Scandinavian Miracle

Once these predators lived in the Scandinavian forests, where, according to one version, they came from Turkey in the 16th century (such an “unscathed” version of the Turkish Angora), according to another, they were brought to Scotland by the Vikings earlier. However, as forests settled, wild cats gradually settled down on farms, where they deserved fame as excellent hunters for mice and even rats and therefore quickly found a common language with people.

Once these cats really lived in the woods

Skogkat is a rather large animal, an adult cat weighs from 5 to 9 kg.

Externally, the Norwegian Forest is very similar to the Siberian cat, as well as the Maine Coon. The main feature is a very thick double wool with a dense water-repellent undercoat (skogkets have always been excellent anglers) and long guard hair hanging down the sides.

In the Norwegian forest without such a coat can not do

Almost all owners of skogkat with enthusiasm speak both about the nature of their pets, and about their mental abilities. These cats are brave and independent, but at the same time intelligent, friendly and affectionate. They perfectly understand what they want from them, they easily remember the “rules of the game” and follow them in a disciplined manner. Causeless aggression is not shown, but the obsessive tenderness is bad. At first, a warning hissing (“shot in the air”) follows in this situation, but if the hint was not perceived, a more intelligible explanation of the state of things with the use of teeth and claws will follow.

All that has been said about the benefits of skogkata, fully applies to the Maine Coon - a raccoon cat from northeastern Maine, USA.

Maine Coon - a big cat from North America

Legends are called the ancestors of these giants raccoon (because of the striped tail) and the North American lynx (because of the tassels on the ears), but in fact the Maine Coon is the original North American cat, like many years ago, nailed to human habitation.

By the way, the mythical relationship of the Maine Coon with the raccoon in the light of the topic of our research looks particularly curious, considering that, according to the above-mentioned scientific research, the raccoon neurons in the cerebral cortex are almost as many as the dog, and in their density the raccoon can even compete with a monkey. Although the raccoon, according to scientists, could not “cross” with the cat, it is still surprising that it is the cat, in whose veins the raccoon blood is supposedly flowing, the owners almost unanimously consider one of the smartest!

Raccoon - the mythical ancestor of the Maine Coon, one of the smartest animals in the world

Maine-coons are much larger than their Norwegian counterparts, the weight of males ranges from 7 to 10 kg, otherwise the appearance of these animals is very similar. As for mental abilities, Maine raccoon cats are distinguished by:

  • propensity for thoughtful contemplation,
  • consistency and consistency in actions
  • ingenuity
  • great memory
  • the ability to distinguish between the intonation of the host and even his facial expressions (in tests for feline intelligence is rated as "aerobatics"),
  • readiness not only to understand, but also to execute commands (also a rarity for a cat).

Friendly Maine Coons very easily find a common language with all members of the family and, as the owners notice, they are happy to nurse with children, demonstrating a serious attitude to the matter and great responsibility.

Maine Coons get along well with children

Siberian is another wild northern cat that has long become domesticated. The external similarity of Siberians with Norwegians and Meinas is so great that felinologists are forced to make special comparative tables, allowing to distinguish one breed from another.

Siberian cat looks very similar to the Norwegian forest

But we do not need these subtleties. Enough to know that we are talking about the so-called "forest-type cats." They do not have bright breed signs precisely because a person has nothing to do with the creation of these breeds.

The Siberian cats are smaller in size than the Maine Coons, but with the scogcat are quite comparable. Like their European and North American counterparts, Siberians have a large muscular body and thick hair with a double undercoat, which adorns their neck with a huge collar.

Fluffy and thick wool - a mandatory attribute of life in Siberia

As a rule, these cats have a lively mind, they learn easily and with pleasure. They like games related to the need to solve some riddle (find an object, get out of a maze, etc.) or master a new trick.

However, like the Norwegian forest, Siberians highly value their independence and do not tolerate unnecessary squeezing. And the opportunity to hunt in nature such a cat can easily exchange to communicate with the "beloved" owner.


This is someone who does not need a person at all - this is a Bengal cat.

Unlike the three breeds described above, this one was bred artificially, and in its “creation” a real wild predator took part - the Asian leopard cat (inhabiting, apart from other regions, in Bengal, the historical territory in South Asia, hence the name of the breed).

The wild ancestor of the Bengal cat is an Asian leopard cat

Bengals are stunningly beautiful, medium-sized cats with a strong athletic body and smooth-haired, distinctive leopard-colored hair.

Of course, all domestic cats were once wild, but the ancestors of the Bengal, if only along one line, had practically no experience in communicating with people, much less living with them. This fact, no matter what the breeders say about the friendliness and tenderness of their pets, is very clearly reflected in their character.

Bengals have leopard color golden or silver.

If the Siberian or Norwegian cat tries to get away from obsessive affection or with a disgruntled hiss to explain the inadmissibility of such a relationship, then the bengal woman could well do without all these unnecessary conventions. We are not talking about inadequate, unmotivated aggression, just an idea of ​​what behavior is normal, in humans and wild animals can vary greatly.

Bengals are not very fond of being squeezed

Bengal cats, of course, have high intelligence (hunting without this in any way!), However, these animals will rather direct their mental abilities to expanding their own space and getting what they want (the ability to open doors, windows, wardrobes or, say, a refrigerator) than to some teams that a strange biped for some reason tries to train them.

Somehow a woman from whom the Bengal woman lived bought an Abyssinian kitten from me. The hostess told me that this is a very active and quick-witted animal, but its nature is completely wild. Not that the cat was throwing at people, no, she just ignored them. And the household so wanted a pet who would fit, look into his eyes, jump on his knees and in general at least somehow show his love! Nothing like this from the Bengal cat was expected.


But the Abyssinian all their mental abilities willingly devote to your loved one!

Abyssinians - absolute extroverts

The history of this breed is shrouded in mystery, but, apparently, no one took it out specifically. Abyssinia is the old name for Ethiopia, although, most likely, the ancestors of the Abyssinian cats were nevertheless imported from somewhere in Southeast Asia or, possibly, South America, where cougars live - the only wild member of the cat family who has a ticked color, a kind of "calling card" of the Abyssinians.

Ticked cougar color is exactly the same as that of the Abyssinian cat.

It is important that. Abyssinians became home for a very long time, at least at the world's first exhibition of cats, held in London in 1871, this breed was already represented.

No matter how beautiful the Abyssinian cats are, their main peculiarity is character. Despite the obvious similarity with puma, there is nothing wild about Abyssinians. These are full-fledged companions! It seems their whole being is “ground” for living together with a person. And even the independence, so peculiar to cats, this breed is completely inherent. All owners of Abyssinians in one voice say that their pets are happy and willing to participate in all household chores, just to be with their beloved master.

Abi always follows the owner of the tail

When my daughter picks up an abyssinian adoring her, the gaze of the animal becomes clouded, but on the face you can not believe it! - The thought is clearly readable: look and envy, God has noticed me! The daughter does not need any difficulty in teaching her "girlfriend" to any commands: the cat grabs everything on the fly, remembers once and for all and willingly demonstrates her skills, sincerely glad that the mistress is happy. One nuance. Love and devotion are meant only for one person. To the rest, the attitude is politely benevolent, they say, my friend's friend is my friend. It is in the presence of the hostess. When the daughter leaves, and we come to feed her girl, at best, she graciously allows herself to be stroked, and if there is no mood - an eloquent hiss: stand back, I do not like! If the mind of an animal is determined by its ability to convey its feelings and desires to humans, then for me the Abyssinian cats are definitely the most intelligent.

Abyssinian cats are well able to convey their feelings to the person

The history of these long-legged blue-eyed beauties, in contrast to many other breeds, is well known. Homeland Siamese cat is Thailand, until the mid-twentieth century, called Siam. In 1884, these animals were first imported into the UK, and a rather funny story is connected with this circumstance.

Siamese cat came to Europe from Thailand

At the court of the Siamese monarchs lived very beautiful cats, which were considered national treasure and could not only be taken out of the country, but even belong to someone who is not a member of the most august dynasty.

And as for the Oriental, the cunning Thai King Rama V presented as a gift to the British representative several such cats and even allowed them to take them home with them. Cats instantly became popular, first in Britain, and then throughout Europe, called Siamese, and, of course, as it should be for “royal animals,” were very expensive. And only a few decades later it turned out that under the guise of precious cats of the breed, the kao-mani, which even today rarely occur to the British, they have slipped the usual aboriginal animals, which are quite accessible to almost anyone.

The true precious royal cat of Siam is called kao-mani.

Yet this historical anecdote does not make the Siamese cat any less interesting. These animals are characterized by good health, they are proportionally built, athletic and graceful.

Siamese cats are very active

In addition, Siamese cats are considered to be one of the smartest breeds. Their high intelligence is noted by almost all owners. Barely acquainted with these amazing creatures, the British were amazed at their ability to walk on a leash, like dogs, to perform various commands (for example, to bring objects in their teeth) and acrobatic tricks, up to the backflip.

Many consider Siamese cats evil and aggressive, but this is not the case. The breed is distinguished by incredible activity and perseverance, and it is these traits that sometimes cause an animal to perform acts that do not cause delight in the owners. Изворотливый ум и отменная наблюдательность позволяют сиамцам улавливать слабость в поведении людей и использовать её в своих целях, применяя для этого любые методы — от открытого шантажа до обходных манёвров.

Однако в сильном, уравновешенном и, что очень важно, последовательном хозяине сиамская кошка с готовностью признает лидера и будет уважать и любить его всю свою жизнь.


Балинезийская кошка — это длинношерстная версия сиамской, очень красивое животное, по характеру и темпераменту почти ничем не отличающееся от своего длинношерстного сородича.

Балинез — длинношёрстная сиамская кошка

Невероятная активность, игривость и коммуникабельность создают балинезам славу очень смышлёных созданий. Всё просто: кошка, целыми днями греющая бока на батарее, выглядит немного туповато. When, in the eyes of a pet, there is a burning interest in everything that happens around, when the animal is constantly fascinated by something, its natural acumen is much more noticeable.

An interested look always seems sensible.


The British cat is probably one of the most popular breeds in the post-Soviet space. It is very easy to recognize by its massive broad-boned body, thick plush wool and a round head with characteristic cheeks.

British cat is difficult to confuse with another breed

The character of these animals is quite consistent with the country of origin (the British are indeed aboriginal cats, who have lived in the United Kingdom for centuries). The breed is characterized by restraint, calmness, and even a certain stiffness. You should not try to grab such a cat in your arms or stick to it with arrogant tenderness. However, the British would most likely respond to such behavior not with an aggressive hiss and, all the more, he would not use his teeth and claws, but would simply withdraw with dignity, glancing at her with an icy and disdainful look.

The British do not like being arrogantly seized by their hands.

If active Abyssinians and Siamese acquire new skills, so to speak, by trial and error, then the British learn by observing. Their principle - measure seven times, cut once. But this approach gives its results: you will not have time to understand how your pet has learned to open doors or turn the lights on and off. It is only important that such a skill be necessary for the cat itself, to train it, forcing it to indulge the whims of its owner, is completely useless.

The British are learning by watching

As you know, the main thing for an Englishman is not to lose self-esteem. Look into the eyes of the British cat, and you will understand: this is the true child of his country!

In nature, hairless cats do not exist. The absence of wool is a strange mutation, which sometimes manifests itself in the form of the birth of a naked kitten in an ordinary domestic cat, doomed to die soon from the cold.

Sphynx - a cat from another planet

For people (first Canadians, then French, Americans and Russians) such an unusual appearance seemed interesting, and they not only allowed unhappy creatures to survive, but, through long and not always successful experiments, fixed this mutation, thus creating a new breed. Actually, not even one, but three: today it is customary to distinguish between Canadian, Don and St. Petersburg sphinxes.

Photo Gallery: Sphinx species

Nature is difficult to deceive. Sphinx in the house - it is always a problem. The lack of wool makes these cats cold in the winter and in the off-season, and in the summer they instantly burn in the sun, barely settled down to warm themselves at the window. For this reason, many owners say that their pets almost spend their entire lives hiding under a blanket, and are chosen only to desperately demand food (the increased metabolism necessary to maintain the temperature of the body that is unprotected with fur causes a constant feeling of hunger).

Sphinxes are almost all the time cold

Yes, sphinxes are affectionate. As soon as the owner occupies a comfortable sitting position or a recumbent posture, the cat immediately settles at his side. But, as my friend subtly noted, in the eyes of her pet she clearly reads at such moments: I hate you, but you are warm.

With such a life, sphinxes find it difficult to demonstrate to people the wonders of intelligence. And yet fans of the breed enthusiastically respond to the mental abilities of their favorites, while distinguishing their remarkable memory. However, as an example, the ability to quickly remember your nickname is given, but, let's agree, for a cat that has to constantly overcome so many difficulties, this is already a lot!

Russian blue

This breed has Russian roots, but was bred in Britain, where the first breeding material sailors brought from Arkhangelsk.

Russian blue cat won the hearts of the British

A more graceful body, a slightly elongated muzzle without the well-known Cheshire cheeks and a must-have feature distinguish the British from the same color of the Russian blue. - emerald eye color.

Fans of the breed note in these cats a light and easygoing temper, amazing charm and even some sense of humor. For example, having received at full disposal a comfortable house and a set of expensive toys, a gray hooligan, as if in mockery, will rush in pursuit of a mop having fun moving across the floor, and will go to sleep in a basket with dirty laundry. Needless to say, he thought that he would definitely prefer the collection of violets, which had been noted on the window-sill for a long time specially planted for his beloved pet, is a matter of pride of his beloved mistress.

Russian blue - hooligans and fidgets

Russian blue cat once lived in our house. I remember very well that the little burglar very quickly learned to open all the interior doors. He bounced, one paw turned the handle, and the other managed to push the door. True, this skill once played a cruel joke with a cat. Shmugnuv imperceptibly into the bathroom and being locked there, the little naughty boy decided to act in the usual way. However, the lock on the door was arranged differently and instead of turning the handle, the cat pawed the latch. At first, having heard the characteristic sound and making sure that the door to the bath was closed from the inside, we thought: an intruder had gotten into the house. But everything was put in its place by a gray paw with claws released, which protruded from under the door in an attempt to make a tunnel. In a word, I confirm: Russian blue doesn’t exactly keep up with quick-wittedness!

Cat's intelligence: let's see soberly!

Looking for a relationship between the level of intelligence of a cat and its breed is chauvinism. In any breed there are both very intelligent and completely stupid individuals. As for the objectively existing relationship between the breed and the number of admiring reviews regarding cat intelligence, there is an explanation. It can be assumed that the whole point is what meaning we put into the concept of intelligence, speaking of a cat. It is possible that those animals that understand us well seem to us clever, and even better - they follow the rules that we set (commands, requests). And here on the breed, in fact, much depends. The average cat walks by itself, the man she, in general, is not needed, but this does not mean that she is stupid.

Still, there are cats that need to communicate

The owner of the Abyssinian cattery told me that the Persians had lived for many years before her. She decided to start Abyssinov solely as a business project, about which particular love was initially out of the question. But when, in addition to their own cat, the first pair of abi appeared in the house, the owners simply forgot about the existence of a Persian. Fluffy goof off appeared near the refrigerator in the morning and in the evening, ate indifferently and went to bed again, while red lightning constantly rushed about the house and stuck their noses in everything. The Persian cat has always been lazy and passive, just before people did not know what happens differently. It is quite possible if the Persian needed extraordinary ingenuity to extract food, he would do it. But this animal does not consider it necessary to amaze its owners with the wonders of intelligence.

This cat does not have to try to look smart

Criteria for evaluation

Strangely enough, tests for determining IQ of cats exist, and anyone who wants can check the “IQ” of their pet at any moment. True, having run through my eyes a long list of questions and tasks (the first for the owner, the second for the cat), I came to the conclusion that all the cats in my house were brilliant. And this only confirms the theory put forward by me: I do not like passive and lazy animals, and our pets, even outbreds, have always been a bit hooligans.

Cats can not be trained not because of a lack of intelligence. Any of these animals is quite able to understand what they want from him, the whole thing in the motivation.

The cat plays a game that interests her.

If you watch the cat, you will see that it performs some tricks on its own. Your task is to fix these tricks so that she does them all the time. It takes a lot of time and love.

How to train cats Kuklachev

In order to understand whether your cat is smart, you need to stop comparing it with a dog. Cats have their own outlook on life, their needs, their instincts. For example, cats in the wild do not hunt in packs, which means that they need socialization to a lesser degree. On the other hand, the cat alone can hunt down and kill a large beast, that is, to complete the task that the wolves decide together, and this cannot but cause respect.

Cats hunt alone, so they don’t need company so much

In a word, let the scientists recount the number of neurons in the brain of different animals and compare their intelligence on the basis of the numbers obtained. But we, cat owners, know for sure: it is impossible to measure harmony with algebra. Cats are no more stupid than dogs. They are just different.

Innate abilities or acquired skill

It is impossible to raise a smart cat. But if the animal is locked up all day long, and all the attention paid to it by the owner is limited to issuing the prescribed portion of food, the pet quickly turns into a limp rag, an additional fluffy pillow on the sofa. Or finds the opportunity to leave a boring house, if such a lifestyle is incompatible with its active kind.

From idleness sharpness of mind is lost

The brain, like muscles, atrophies without constant training. Cat need to do. But if dogs can be trained in a uniform, well-developed and previously known program, then an independent approach to independent cats should be sought.

Watch your pet, pick up a lesson that is interesting to him, not to you, forget about the vain desire to "show the focus" to friends and acquaintances. Accept the cat for what it is - and this beast, regardless of the breed, will never allow you to doubt your mind and cleverness!

Reviews of the owners of the "smartest" cat breeds

[Norwegian Forest] My most beloved cat dog! Affectionate, intelligent, educated, once again will not scratch, but in his heart remains a hunter! We call him a cat boot, because his favorite activity was to run after the ball and bring it to your feet so that you could run him away through two rooms again. It was even the case a couple of times that the two comrades caught at night on the balcony and dragged bats into the apartment. The balcony is open and we have to stretch the net for the summer.


We took the first half-kitten from the forest Norwegian cat 2 years ago. Previously, of course, studied the nature of this breed. Particularly pleased in the description that these cats do not meow for nothing, they are very attached to all family members and are friendly to children. Called the girl Alice. It was a miracle, not a cat. Meowing is very rare. Incredibly affectionate. And on the street (we have our own plot) walked on the heels like a little dog. With other cat and dog quickly found a common language. And she loved to ride trees like a real forest cat. But, alas, the happiness did not last long. She was barely one year old when a hawk attacked (presumably) and killed our pet. Without thinking twice, I again took up the search and found a kitten (also a half-breed from the Norwegian forest) in St. Petersburg, even the color was similar - classic black and white. Cat - beautiful and clever. To the children is patient and calm, like a tank. Extra does not meow. If he goes out with someone from the family, he follows him like a loyal friend. I don’t even notice wool from her, although the same tail is decently fluffy. In this case, specific grooming is not required, no tangles are formed, although we do not comb it out. And she's playful. She loves candy wrappers from sweets: you throw a candy wrapper on the floor and she walks with him like mad. By the way, the hunting qualities of a cat are in order - it catches mice, rats, birds, frogs and other animals. I am very glad that I found my favorite breed among cats. Before that, since childhood, there were Siamese, Siberian, and courtyards, but the Norwegian forest (even as a half-breed) won my heart.


My “Norway” is love for life. The very first one was given to me by a kitten back in school. Clawed ball. Just beautiful. Quiet silent, purring at the gentlest touch. And his actions amazed the whole of our family in such a way that they subsequently influenced the choice in favor of this particular breed. By March 8, the “lump” was left alone in the apartment, in which he lived only for 5 days. We left for the whole day to visit. It so happened that he got into the room and the door closed. HE PATED ALL DAY! When we arrived, we heard an incredible squeak from the bedroom, when the door was opened, Tikhon flew out of the room with a bullet and rushed from every paw into the box that had his toilet. It even seemed to me that now he would humanly say: “ffuh!” There was so much relief on his attractive face, and he was only 2.5 months old. Our cat was very independent. And he left the stairs himself, went up in the elevator with his neighbors, and learned to open the refrigerator and even call it with his nose at the doorbell. He had a PERMANENT cat with whom he introduced us. He took care of the KITTENS, and dragged the cat food. I have never seen anything like that in cats. He brought a cat to meet us and brought the kittens to see, after which they dragged them again. This is not a cat. This is some kind of dog! He never violated the prohibitions in the house, but also brought me birds and mice. And what struck me to the very heart, he PROTECTED ME! (during the period of perestroika it was dangerous to even enter my own staircase. Once he grabbed a man in the throat who tried to show me certain intentions at the entrance and kept him until I ran up the stairs right up to the apartment.) And also he met dad from fishing. When he died, we could not even look at other cats for a long time. And how beautiful they go down from the tree you saw? Like squirrels, DOWN HEAD!


It turned out that last year my husband and I bought it as a gift to my father, because our favorite, Musya, a Norwegian forest cat, who, by the way, turned 21 at that time, passed away some time before that. For a long time they were looking for a breeder, in the end, after our little one, we went to the very border with Finka (we are from St. Petersburg). And when I saw her, I realized that this baby would still be our favorite, I just can not give it to her parents. I think that with their animals only the way it always happens. In general, now it’s already a small year and on the basis of the fact that I actually grew up with a cat of this breed, I think you can describe the main features of this breed: 1. Very loyal. In this breed strongly reminds me of dogs, our cat knows for sure who is her, who is a stranger. With the family she is gentle, gentle and very playful, most of the others ignore strangers, showing complete indifference, and climb - and can scratch. 2. Very smart. Sometimes it seems to me that Lucy understands more of ours)) I know that many people say so about their pets, but in this breed reminds me of dogs very much, her eyes are far from empty in every moment she understands exactly what I'm saying: I praise or swear . 3. Very capricious. In the event that something happens not according to its laws and rules, it is offended and it may not be appropriate for days. For example, some time ago she changed her favorite bowl, because the old one was made of plastic, cracked around the dirt all the time, so for two days she ignored any food appearing in a new bowl. She didn’t purr, she didn’t ask, she simply showed with her whole appearance that she should have been asked. Despite the rather long hair, the cat doesn’t climb much, the fur is soft, silky, the animal is very clean, so the apartment doesn’t have any additional cleaning need Cats of this breed are very mobile and playful. Our previous baby in 20 was jumping on the trees in the country, as not every kitten can! In general, everyone who looks closely at this breed, I want to give only a green light!


Cat sooo affectionate. I will say objectively, many friends and acquaintances have cats and cats. And they all say in one voice that my cat is the smartest) And smart because they always understand when they play with it, never throws it with claws, it’s very gentle and it doesn’t have the feeling that “you are a stranger, I don’t know you”. He treats all those who come to us very well. He plays with the guests, my friend sits on the couch, and he looks out from around the corner, sees that he was noticed, and begins to run and play) But when we watch a movie or something, it never bothers. Never in my life did I clean him (I mean, except for the toilet). Absolutely honest, even when he was small, he had NEVER written or poked anywhere except his own tray. Girls, but how he pities me ...) This is something. If I cry, it always climbs on my knees and licks the tears. No matter how I sit, he stubbornly climbs to me. And he looks at me like that - he curses that I cry. And he has such a face at this moment, like a caring strict mother - as I look, I immediately want to laugh, what kind of tears there are. And we once had a fight with a loved one and sat in different rooms. Так он с таким вииидом пошёл туда где любимый…) Он мне рассказал,что мой кот приходит к нему в комнату, садится ровно напротив, сидит минуты 3 и такими глазами смотрит…типа «ты что,вообще обалдел её обижать?» А потом задрав хвост, гордо подняв голову ушёл ко мне всё те же слезы слизывать..) Еще одна его очень приятная черта — он никогда не орёт, когда хочет есть. Ни разу не слышала. Видит, что я иду на кухню, бежит за мной. Сядет возле своих мисочек и сидит. Если не положу еду — с расстроенным видом идет в комнату, но никогда не кричит. Вы ему не положите еду — он будет час, два, три, десять ждать, но никогда не требует и не орёт. Всё время садится к моему мч на коленки, когда тот сидит за компьютером) так смешно, голову на стол положит и смотрит вместе с мч фильм или в игру играет))

Jenny Frost

[Abyssinian] Character is good. Immediately went to the tray. Accustomed to claps and clicks - this means it is impossible. I understood everything: you can’t scratch furniture and curtains, meow loudly, play with your hands (play with the kitten only with toys so as not to scratch), do not scratch the dog, wake up early in the morning, bury the toilet for a long time and loudly and so on ... We are all strict, we are people nutty, Banana takes us (never beat the pussy otherwise break the psyche of the animal!)


Quickly understands everything! At first, they were frightened by the newspaper, and then by the fifth month he was used to scaring in the form of “Sh-shhhhhh”, he responds immediately. Claws sharpens only on the claw, very rarely applied to the favorite corner on the fabric sofa. He jumps onto the table only when he thinks that we do not see - he knows what is impossible. Likes to beg for food while cooking. I can not resist, and he knows it =) But while eating, begging is taboo, and he also knows this very well - either he is quietly sleeping on his knees, or he is looking attentively from any convenient place. At three months I was still jumping on the curtains behind mosquitoes, but I don’t understand - we didn’t have weaned it, or lost the interest. But if a fly or a butterfly, then by the nature of the meow, we understand that we need to watch, otherwise it will strike somewhere =) He also likes to play with everything in the world, he steals my hairpins from the bathroom. But the paradox is in the office, where a cat's paradise in the form of all kinds of souvenir pens is just a cat's paradise, it never plays alone when it's there! It is also a very valuable feature - it understands very well when we are not in the mood to play, then the cat goes to its cork-tube mice =) Likewise when we sleep (with the door closed alas) - leaves to play on its own and quietly waits in the morning while the door will open! Sits under the door in the corner every morning =)))


Actually, I do not like cats and dogs. But my husband is categorically against keeping dogs in the apartment. I can’t imagine a life without animals for myself, which I wish for my children, so I began to look closely at cat breeds. I went to exhibitions, watched ads, climbed to nursery sites. As a result, I realized that the only breed of cats that I like is the Abyssinian one. I have a lot of small children, a friend convinced me that they would torture the cat. And my husband was sure that it was not with our way of life to start any animals. I spent more than one month on explanatory work among the population, in the end I won and brought the Abyssinian kitten home. The kitten turned out to be an absolute dog in character, only he had a feline attitude toward food: take it out and put it down immediately! He is my true gentleman, it is impossible to offend him - he forgives everything! She loves to hang out next to a man, purrs loudly and expressively. He insists that his chin be brushed for a long time and behind the ears. Hates loneliness, loves to mess with children. He is satisfied with any level of communication up to dragging the tail - just not to be alone. Sleep is attached either under the bed or on the ceiling. Sleeps at night only in our bed, in the legs. Never wakes owners walking on their unfeeling bodies. Always waiting for someone to wake up to leave the room in the kitchen. Water from a bowl does not drink ever - only from the toilet. I tried to put water in a large container, because many cats despise small bowls - it's useless, just give a toilet! The Abyssinian cat practically does not fade, practically does not smell and very little scraps the scraper. He treats the toilet very carefully - no problems have ever arisen with this. Another manifestation of the dog's spirit - a cat heart-rending rushes into the street for a walk. I completely disagree that he is kept locked up, hangs for hours on a cold balcony or in the corridor of the floor. I plan to buy a harness and take it for walks when the snow melts. At first, the cat loved to dig the earth in pots, but after a couple of suggestions it stopped - very quick-witted. He is also completely unplayable - he doesn’t like to chase mice-squeakers, he doesn’t perceive bows on a thread. The best entertainment is playing with children when they build houses for him. Children, he does not scratch and never bites. Often strokes the younger on the head with a soft foot - expresses his love. Upd: The cat began to eat meat with its paw! Puncturing a piece of stuffing on claws and slowly licking. As if he took the fork in his hand. He really liked, now he eats only that way.

Battle angel

Kotopes exists!)) My cat's name is Simba, he is 4 years old. His character is like that of a dog, but the cleanliness of a cat. From his first day at home, he never tore off anything, never went past the tray, gnawed anything and did not spoil it. Insanely affectionate, very friendly. Loves guests, never let claws. He likes to sleep with us and not at his feet, but stretches along the body) Have you seen a cat that growls when he hears noise behind the entrance door? Protects) In the summer, I often take him out of town with him, he runs around the site, climbs trees, runs after bugs, in general, he doesn’t get somewhere in the corner and doesn’t hide. (But with such walks, do not forget about the annual vaccinations) Moreover, I am not afraid that I will lose it - Simba, like a dog: when he sees that I enter the house, he runs after me. Abyssinians are always interested in everything: what are you doing, what are you doing. He is always there and carefully studying everything.


Stupid cats, like stupid people, surely exist. But if your pet does not rush to you with slippers at the ready or is not in a hurry to find and carry a ball for some reason abandoned in the far corner of the owner’s teeth, this does not at all indicate a low level of animal intelligence. It would probably be too bold to talk about self-esteem in this case, but it is very likely that the cat simply does not want to play your games. And despite the obvious “uselessness” and sometimes obvious “harmfulness”, we still keep these independent animals in our own house, feed them and look after them, it may be worth thinking about who is actually smarter. - the cat or her master!