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The company Farmina produces several lines of dog food - Fun Dog (economy class), Ecopet (premium), Cibau (super premium class), N & D (holistic), Vet Diet (veterinary feed) and Team Breeder (especially for kennels). Today in our review we will talk only about one of these lines, which one is clear from the title. Farmina feed is produced in factories in Brazil, Italy and Serbia.

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Composition of feed Farmin N & D for dogs

Consider the composition of the feed Farmin N & D on the example of the option "Chicken & Pomegranate Mini & Medium Puppy". The first two ingredients are chicken meat (fresh 28%, dehydrated 27%). And although fresh meat after cooking the food significantly decreases in volume (that is, the percentage decreases), considering that further on the composition of 27% “dried” meat and there is still “fresh herring” and “dehydrated herring”, it can be concluded that meat .

This means that your dog's body will receive more useful animal protein, not vegetable matter. Among the main ingredients are also potatoes, about the benefits of which for dogs a lot of controversy. Is it useful or not there is no definite answer, but definitely not harmful. The rest of the composition pleases - vegetables, fruits, berries and even medicinal herbs. There are a lot of vitamins and minerals in the list of supplements.

Pros and cons of Farmina N & D feed

The advantages of this feed:

  • The basis of the composition is real meat, not offal,
  • a lot of vitamins, minerals and a generally rich composition,
  • only natural ingredients
  • wide range
  • quite common, the purchase does not become a problem.

  • high cost (comparable with most analogs).

Grainless and low-grain dog food Farmina N & D.

Dog food Farmina N & D - reviews

Feedback on feed Farmin N & D, writes Tatiana. Good day. I decided to share my experience, since for almost half a year my dogs have been eating Farmina N & D chicken + pomegranate. They eat with pleasure, the output is minimal, the weight is normal. In general, we have found our food and are completely satisfied.

Feedback on feed Farmina N & D, writes Lida. I feed my dog ​​Farmina on the recommendation of the breeder, in which I took a puppy. At first it was the N & D Chicken & Pomegranate Mini & Medium Puppy, and now it is the same for adult dogs. I like a very good composition and small granules, convenient for a small dog.

For all the time on this stern, my dog ​​is cheerful and cheerful, looks great and everything is fine with health. The only minus that I noticed - An N & D dog eats less readily than cheaper feeds that sometimes have to be bought. Apparently there really are no flavors.

Feedback on feed Farmina N & D, writes Pavel. The N & D learned about the grainless feed when they were looking for a replacement for Akane. For a month of eating this food, the condition of the dog has not changed - it is still active with smooth, shiny fur. So the quality of these feeds are the same, the appearance is equally appetizing, and the price is a little, but still lower.

Findings about the feed Farmin N & D

About dog food Farmina N & D positive customer reviews, and its composition is very good. Given this, the site "Dai Lapu" recommends the feed N & D from the company "Farmina" for the role of the main food for your pets.

Farmina N & D Feed Price

  • Dry dog ​​food Farmina N & D 0.8 kg - from 500 to 800 rubles,
  • Farmina N & D dry food for dogs 2.5 kg - from 1170 to 1670 rubles,
  • Dry dog ​​food Farmina N & D 7 kg - from 3580 to 4415 rubles,
  • Farmina N & D dry food for dogs 12 kg - from 3970 to 6450 rub.

* Price depends on the option, the store and other factors, that is, the above prices are approximate.

Feed Features

The company has three factories located in Italy, Brazil and Serbia. The firm takes the beginning of its history back in 1965. Thereby combines many years of experience in producing high-quality and aimed at improving the productive life of pets feed. In 1999, the company became known as the Farmina company and reached a new level in the study of the nutritional needs of dogs.

In order to avoid spoiling of its products, the company tries to leave a limited amount of ingredients in warehouses in order to exclude low-quality goods on the shelves of stores. That is why you can be sure that every croquet you bought contains only fresh products and also has an excellent taste. A huge team of professionals on a regular basis conduct research to improve the product. This takes into account not only the taste, but also the appearance of food that attracts dogs.

The main feature of Farmina is that they contain no GMOs, preservatives, flavorings, dyes, antibiotics, and animal waste. The meat that is used in cooking is taken exclusively fresh and comes from Italy. Lamb is taken from Sardinia, chicken exclusively from Amadoria. In turn, ocean fish such as herring and cod come from the seas of Northern Europe.

The main ingredients of the feed are animal proteins, and they also contain a huge amount of chicken and fish fats. Another feature of the feed is that Farmina contains only natural vitamins and mannanoligosaccharides, which are made from chicory root. Thanks to the products listed above, beneficial amino acids and fatty acids such as omega-6 and omega-3 enter the body of your pet. It is important to remember that carbohydrates of simple and complex composition are necessary for a balanced diet of a healthy dog.

All these substances together give a huge effect on the animal's body, it is energized, while it stabilizes the work of the stomach and nourishes the microflora. Farmina also contains peas and sugar beets, which, in turn, are a source of dietary fiber. Fructosaccharides are also actively used in production.

Feed line

The Farmina dog food types, such as the low-grain line as well as the grainless rations, are the most attractive for the buyer.

  1. The low grain feed has a low glycemic index and is fully consistent with the physiological needs of the animal. Reception of the line of this feed helps prevent the development of obesity, as well as diabetes in the animal.
  2. Grain-free fodder is as much as 70% made up of substances of animal origin. The remaining 30% accounts for the share of fruits, vegetables, and specialized additives. Mixtures such as pomegranate chicken are great for puppies of large and small breeds.
  3. Food for adult dogs. For your convenience, the feed is packaged in packages with a volume of 200, 800 grams, as well as 2.5, 12, and 20 kilograms.
  4. Cibau is a super premium line of dog food. The composition includes all the necessary animal nutrients and vitamins that are useful at any age. Chicken, lamb and fish are the main sources of protein in feed. Corn and rice provide the body with the necessary energy. It is very useful for animal fish oil, which contains in its composition Omega-3 and Omega-6, which provide anti-inflammatory effect. The product is absorbed in the dog's body almost completely, namely, 85%.
  5. Line for premium dogs Farmina Ecopet Natural. In terms of its composition, this is a fully balanced, balanced food that is ideal for puppies, adult dogs, as well as for pregnant and lactating bitches. Pellets are designed to cater to all sizes of animals, from small and medium to large. Food also helps with digestive problems and allergies.
  6. Vet Life is a line of diet food for dogs. Especially used in veterinary diets prescribed by a specialist for the treatment and prevention of major diseases. The bulk of the feed is made up of animal proteins.
  7. Fun Dog is an economy class feed line containing 25% chicken flour, wheat and corn flour at a rate of 10%. Also included are fish meal, chicken fat, sodium chloride.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the company Farmina is an excellent balance of nutrition.

Production stages are carried out according to all canons. There is a high percentage of protein content in the feed, the total part of fresh meat without stones in the composition, all of which are advantages of this product. It also includes a wide range of products and flavors, essential minerals and vitamins in the composition, and no harmful dyes, and third-party additives.

Yet there are drawbacks as well as in the composition of the feed, and in the policy of the company itself. On the one hand, Farmina covers all consumer markets, provides a wide range of products that any buyer can afford. The company went on the principle, since there is a demand for economy feed, you need to produce them. If you look at it more seriously, we all know that using this kind of cheap feed can lead to various problems with your pet. A company that cares about the good and the health of our dogs with you should not produce feed of such quality.

Based on the reviews of professional veterinarians, they categorically do not recommend feeding your pet house-keeper with mixtures.

Only in the case of utter hopelessness can an exception be made, but not for a long period. This type of food does not represent any balanced composition and can only harm your animal. Chicken meal, which is in the composition, often it is ground chicken bones, which have absolutely no useful effect for the animal.