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Detailed instructions for use of the drug Otopheronol Gold


Often it happens that the owners of dogs and cats, not the tea of ​​the soul in their pets, sometimes do not notice the development of quite serious, bringing great discomfort and suffering to their pets, diseases. One of these diseases, at the initial stage that goes unnoticed, is otodectes. Let's see how dangerous this phenomenon is and how effective is the treatment of this pathology with drops of Otoferonol Gold.

What is otodecosis?

Otodectesis, or in other words, ear scabies, is a fairly common disease in pets. The causative agent is an ear mite belonging to the class of arachnids. Having settled in the ear of a dog or cat, the tick feeds on the host’s blood and epidermis. Pets experience severe itching and discomfort during the parasite's breeding season: the wound formed during its movement is also a source of infection, it becomes susceptible to colonization by microorganisms and fungi. As a result, pets have all the signs of inflammation, namely, local redness of the ears, fever, severe itching. In the absence of timely treatment, purulent effusions from the ears and swelling of the auditory passages are observed up to the complete loss of hearing to the animals. Not a bright prospect, you see. Therefore, treatment should begin as soon as possible.

How to recognize otodektoz?

There are a number of clinical signs that can accurately determine the progressive disease. You should pay close attention to the behavior of your pet, namely: if the animal shakes with ears, head, often scratches or tries to “rub” the disturbing place about the furniture, immediately look inside the pet's ear. If during examination of the auditory canal, bleeding wounds, scabs, brown or black fetid discharges are revealed, then there can be no doubt about the diagnosis of otodectes.

How to treat?

When you find a pet disease, the most important thing - do not panic. It should be borne in mind that self-treatment in this case is strictly prohibited; it is necessary to urgently show your ill friend to the vet. The doctor will give all the necessary recommendations and advice on treatment, prescribe the necessary drugs. One of the medications recommended for this disease is Otoferonol Gold ear drops. For effective treatment, you must carefully study the instructions and follow the recommendations of the veterinarian - then the treatment will be correct and as safe as possible for your beloved pet.

Properties drops "Otopheronol Gold"

This is a veterinary drug used for the prevention and treatment of otodecosis. In addition to the alcohol base, it contains cycloferon, propolis and synthetic pyrethroid deltamethrin. About the toxicity of the last specified component in the composition of the "Otoferonol Gold" has long been controversial. However, numerous studies and reviews of breeders who constantly use the drug confirm that this component bears absolutely no harm to cats and dogs. The deltamethrin present in the preparation of the pyrethroid is too small to affect the animal, its effect applies only to parasites.

Drops "Otopheronol Gold" have a strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the use of drops activates tissue regeneration, promotes wound healing, and has a powerful bactericidal effect.


Like any therapeutic drug, "Otopheronol Gold," has a number of contraindications. The drug is prohibited:

  • pregnant and lactating animals,
  • puppies and kittens (under the age of 2 months)
  • animals, in addition to otodektoz, suffering from infectious diseases,
  • with a weakened immunity of the pet after illness,
  • during perforation (perforation) of the eardrum.

Instructions for use

One of the most effective tools in the treatment of otodectes, as was established earlier, is Otoferonol Gold. How to apply these drops, we describe below. The dosage of the drug depends on the size and weight of pets. For example, small dogs and cats need 3 drops in each ear, 4 in the middle ones, and 5 drops of medicine for large breeds of dogs. The course of treatment consists of a double application with an interval of 5-7 days.

Treatment Tips

Before you bury the drops, you need to make sure that the ear canal is free of secretions. To do this, you must use a cotton swab (or a cotton pad or swab) with hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to carry out the procedure as carefully as possible so as not to frighten or deliver the pain to the four-legged patient. Only after a thorough cleansing should use the drug "Otoferonol Gold." Reviews of this tool confirm that the therapeutic effect of drops during pre-cleaning is more effective.

Why choose this medicine?

Numerous reviews confirm that one of the frequently used anti-ear mites is "Otoferonol Gold". So why experienced vets recommend it? The fact is that the drug, unlike many others, has a triple effect: in addition to treating an infection and a fungus, the drug also has an acaricidal effect. This means that the main task of the ear drops is not only the treatment and healing of wounds, but also the destruction of the parasite itself. If the breeder has several pets, this action guarantees safety and reduces the risk of tick infestation of other animals.

No matter how good the ear drops mentioned earlier are, one should not forget about preventive measures. First of all, in any case, do not allow the contact of your pet with infected animals. Of particular danger are homeless cats and dogs. In addition, the key to health is timely hygiene, as well as tick-borne treatment.

Remember: the most effective treatment for a disease is prevention, that is, prevention. Love your four-legged friends, pay them as much attention as possible and let them be healthy and happy for your joy!

Release form and composition of ear drops otoferonol gold

Available in bubbles of small volume plastic. Nominal volume - 10 ml. A comfortable tip will be installed at the top. It allows you to provide comfortable use of medication. Packaging of the medicine is made of cardboard.

Inside there is a necessary instruction in which there is all the data on the composition of the drug, the conditions of its use, as well as the dosage.

The composition of the ear drops includes the following components:

  1. Permethrin (instidicide),
  2. Dexamethasone phosphate disodium salt,
  3. Dimexide,
  4. Medical glycerin,
  5. Cosmetic flavors,
  6. Isopropyl alcohol.

The first three substances allow you to actively fight ticks, which are the direct causative agents of otodecosis. The main function of the latter is the regeneration of the affected skin.

After application, burns and skin irritation are not formed. It is necessary to avoid getting the medicine inside. Poisoning can be fatal.

Indications for use and mechanism of action

Otoferonol Gold is a drug that is used only in the fight against the ear mite. Otodektoz is transmitted from a sick dog to a healthy one.

A cat or dog may begin to comb an infected ear. The head is tilted to the side. A more accurate diagnosis can put a veterinarian on the results of tests.

Otodektozom can get sick and cats. The drug Otoferonol Gold perfectly helps to fight this disease.

There are basic rules, adherence to the sequence, which will lead to a faster recovery of a pet.

  1. Animal preparation to the treatment procedure. Here it is necessary to remove the dirt from the patient's ear and hold a small and neat massage of its base. This will allow the drug to be absorbed better.
  2. Drug bottle should shake. Heat in the hands. And put in the ear 3 - 5 drops.

Dosage and instructions for use

Cats and small breeds of dogs drug is injected in the amount of 3 drops in one ear. Average breeds of dogs - 4 drops, and large - 5 drops in one ear.

The drug must be administered in both ears of the animal, even if the second is not infected. Otoferonol Gold Premium has a preventive effect and prevents re-infection of the animal.

This drug is endowed with the enteric - contact action of acaricides. It is an active anti-tick agent. Its main advantage is that it penetrates perfectly to the infected areas.

The treatment is fast enough. Convenience in application is provided by production packing with a sharp tip. When using medication, you do not need to buy additional medical devices, such as a pipette.

Side effects

Side effects in the treatment of drug veterinarians have been identified. Only ingestion can lead to poisoning and further death of the animal.

No side effects in drug treatment by veterinarians have been identified.

Price and analogues

The cost of the drug otoferonol gold is currently 95 rubles. You can buy it in veterinary clinics or pharmacies.

Analogues of the drug are:

According to experts, the therapeutic drug otoferonol gold is the best drug in the fight against ear mites. The recovery of the animal occurs quickly in a short time.

Let your pets do not get sick and be healthy and active throughout their lives. Pleasing you with its excellent mood.

Otoferonol Premium, 10 ml, instruction

Otoferonol Premium contain permethrin (0.2%), dexamethasone phosphate disodium salt (0.05%), dimexide (dimethyl sulfoxide), glycerin, cosmetic fragrance according to TU 16-18-121 -90 and isopropyl alcohol.

Otoferonol Premium has a contact-intestinal acaricidal action, it is active against sarcoptoid ticks - pathogens of the otodectosis of dogs and cats. The auxiliary components included in the preparation have an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, activate the processes of regeneration in the tissues.

Dosage and method of use

Otoferonol Premium is used to treat cat dogs with otodectes (ear scab). Before treatment, thoroughly clean the ears from surface crusts and scabs with a tampon moistened with the preparation, and then instill 3-5 drops of the preparation into each ear (cats, small dogs) 3 drops, medium dogs - 4 drops each and large dogs - 5 drops each). With the aim of more complete treatment of the entire surface of the ear and the ear canal, the auricle is folded in half and lightly massaged its base. The treatment is carried out twice with a 5-7-day interval. If necessary, repeat the treatment. The drug must be administered in both ears, even in cases of defeat otodektoz only one ear.

The composition of the drug

The composition includes droplets deltamethrin substance. It is an insecticide that acts detrimentally on the pathogen otodektoza. The second component of the drug is cycloferon. It is an antibacterial substance with immunomodulating properties. Ear scabies in domestic animals are often accompanied by purulent otitis. Cycloferon helps relieve inflammation and strengthens the body's defenses.

The product contains bee glue - propolis. This substance contributes to the healing of scratching. As well as the composition of the droplets includes a solvent - isopropyl alcohol and polyethylene oxide. These are auxiliary components that help clean the ear canals of sulfur and dirt.

Vetpreparat is available in dropper bottles of 10 ml. The line of drops "Otopheronol", except for the option "Gold", includes the drugs "Plus" (without propolis) and "Premium" (with the hormone dexamethasone). Before choosing the best pet care product, you need to consult a veterinarian.

Side Effects and Overdose

Side effects are rare. With individual hypersensitivity to the components of the drops, allergic manifestations are possible: itchy skin, excessive drooling. Instructions for use "Otopheronol Gold" recommends in such cases, stop using the drug.

Cases of drug overdose are extremely rare. In user reviews there are reports of neurological symptoms in cats under the age of 1 year when the number of drops is exceeded. It is important to adhere to those doses that are recommended by the veterinarian and instructions.

How to apply drops?

Before treatment, moisten a cotton swab with drops and clean the animal's ears from dirt, scabs and crusts. Then drip the drug into each ear.

Instructions ear drops "Otoferonol Gold" recommends the following dose means:

  • cats and small dogs - 3 drops,
  • medium sized dogs - 4 drops,
  • dogs of large breeds - 5 drops.

In order for the medicine to be evenly distributed over the entire inner surface of the ear, it is necessary to fold the auricle in half and gently massage it at the base. Processing must be repeated in a week. If after this ticks in the ears still remain, the treatment is continued. After the end of therapy, you should visit a veterinarian and test for demodicosis.

It is necessary to bury the drug in both ears, even if the tick affects only one thing. After the drops are applied, the animal may shake its head and spray the medicine. In this case, the pet's head needs to be held. If the tool accidentally gets on the coat, you need to remove the drug and make sure that the animal does not lick.

Precautionary measures

Instructions for use "Otoferonola Gold" recommends precautions when using drops. While working with the medicine, one should not drink and eat, since the drug is an insecticide, and its particles should not enter food. After using the product, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

If the drops accidentally hit the skin or mucous membranes, then you need to wash this area under running water. People who are hypersensitive to any component of the drug should avoid contact with this drug. If drops get inside the body, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Instruction drops "Otopheronol Gold" prohibits the use of vials from the drug for food storage. Empty packaging should be put in a plastic bag and discarded in a waste container.

Storage conditions and reviews of drops

The bottle with drops must be kept separately from food and feed for animals, in a cool and dark place at a temperature of 0 to +20 o C. Means remains valid for 2 years. Such storage conditions are recommended by the instructions for use of "Otopheronol Gold". Feedback on the drug is mostly positive. Owners of cats and dogs note that after using the drops, pets have significantly reduced itchy ears and brown peels from ticks disappeared. Many animals had one course of treatment to completely get rid of parasites.

Often, drops of "Otopheronol Gold" helped when many other remedies for ticks were tried, but the effect did not come. The tool removes parasites even when running demodicosis.

You can also find negative reviews about "Otopheronole Gold." This is mainly due to side effects from the use of drops, which were observed in some animals. There is a message about redness in the cat's eyes after applying the drops. Most likely, inflammation of the conjunctiva was associated with the ingestion of funds on the mucous membrane of the eyes. Some users write about irritation in the ear canal, allergic manifestations. The owners of the animals note that their pets broke loose and did not allow the ears to be treated because the drops burn the ear canal.

Perhaps this reaction of pets is associated with individual intolerance to drops. Means does not contain irritating or burning substances. It can be assumed that these animals had a neglected form of demodicosis with strong scratching in the ears. And the ingress of isopropyl alcohol on the wounds caused a burning sensation.

If this reaction is repeated continuously, you should contact your veterinarian and consult about the replacement of drops. You must also not forget that the drug is an insecticide, and carefully adhere to the recommended dosage.

Release form, composition and packaging

International non-proprietary or chemical name:
permethrin, dexamethasone

JSC "Top-Vet", 192171, St. Petersburg, Zheleznodorozhny prospect, 20, letter "A"

JSC "Top-Vet", 192171, St. Petersburg, Zheleznodorozhny prospect, 20, letter "A"

Dosage Form:
solution for auricular use

The qualitative composition and quantitative composition of active ingredients and the qualitative composition of excipients:
перметрин - 0,2%, дексаметазона фосфат динатриевую соль - 0,05%, а в качестве вспомогательных веществ диметилсульфоксид - 6,0%, глицерин - 14,0%, ароматизатор косметический 222561 Морская волна - 0,05%), спирт изопропиловый до 100%

Количество в потребительской упаковке:
on 5, 10 and 15 ml in bottles