6 cat breeds similar to lynx


These popular semi-long-haired animals have a very rich history. According to one version, they are descended from British cats brought to Norway by Vikings returning from the Crusades. According to unverified data, over time, the descendants of these animals began to cross with Siberians and Turkish Angoras.

The Norwegian Forest is distinguished by its large size. Its weight varies within 9 kg, and the brushes on the ears impart a resemblance to a trot. Domestic cats of the breed Norwegian Forest are easily recognizable by the luxurious thick wool of different color.

They are endowed with a gentle and calm disposition. These animals quickly become attached to their owners and do not tend to conflicts. They are very smart, contact and playful. Those who are planning to bring such a pet to the house need to be prepared for the fact that from now on they will have to spend a lot of time on caring for it. Special attention requires luxurious fur. To maintain it in good condition, it is recommended to comb it at least three times a week. To bathe the Norwegian forest should be polluted. And it is advisable to do this using special shampoos.

The best domestic breeds of cats that look like lynx

Can I keep a lynx at home? At present, lovers of exotic animals even have such an opportunity - to acquire their own lynx.

But still this animal is wild and to accustom him to the house you need to pull out the fangs, claws, and this is no longer humane. But modern selection has stepped forward and brought out new breeds of cats similar to the usual lynx. These breeds are more adapted to living at home, more calm and obedient. Consider them.

Caracal looks very similar to a lynx, but slightly smaller in size. Just like a lynx, Caracal has thick, thick hair, fluffy dark tassels on the tips of the ears, and hard, bristly hair on its paws. It has a single red color with a whitish lower part. Melissas are rarely found - individuals with black wool.

Caracal is a predatory animal, the initial goal of domestication: help in hunting. Now this exotic animal is acquired as a pet. Caracals are balanced, energetic. They have a love of games and caresses, curiosity.

You need to buy a pet at the age of 4-6 years and only in specialized nurseries.

If you buy on the market or on the Internet, there is a chance to get an animal caught in the wild and not accustomed to home conditions.

Karaket is a young breed, representing caracal hydride and cats. This breed adopted a natural, natural color from lynx, black tassels on the ears, a strong, muscular body. The coat is short, smooth and thick.

Karaketa gentle, friendly, different mind and easy to train. Energetic, sometimes they note the ability to jump over high obstacles. But unlike caracals, they have a soft, pliable character. They have good health and good immunity. Some individuals prefer nocturnal lifestyle, but you can rebuild their mode, providing a sufficient load during the day.

Attention: Although the Caracals and Karakets adapted to the house, settle them on the street in a free aviary. Even if there is a large country house, it is not recommended to keep the animal inside.

Karaketa kitten

Maine Coon with tassels on the ears

Maine Coon - a cat in size and appearance is more like a big domestic animal. There is still no exact version of the origin, according to the characteristic tassels on the ears prove family ties with the trot. The slightly elongated shape of the head and the body with a developed musculature makes the breed similar to the trot.

Wool is soft, long, thick. There are a variety of shades of color. Representatives of the breed are smart, obedient, affectionate. They are mobile, but can also be quietly in the apartment. Maine Coon rarely releases claws - this makes it an ideal pet. He easily gets on with other animals, loves people. This breed gets along well with children.

Maine Coon

Pixybob is a small domestic cat. It resembles a lynx with a strong body with a well-defined deflection on the back, an oblong head, with tassels at the edges.

The peculiarity of these cats is a shortened tail, about 5 cm and the presence of 6-7 fingers, which are considered a sign of pure breed.

A characteristic color is tabby, which represents spots or streaks. The coat on the paws and tips of the tail is black and brown. Round and oval-shaped spots are allowed, and in the abdomen there are small dashed lines and crescent-shaped spots.

The inner surface of the paws, the area around the eyes, the area under the mustache, the lower part of the tail is painted a cream shade according to the standard. They have a calm character, easy to get along with all members of the family. Differ in special fidelity, friendliness.

Pixie bob

American Bobtail

In the history of these animals with a short tail there are many white spots. According to one version, they were bred by crossing an ordinary domestic cat with a wild trot. According to another theory, we owe their appearance to the natural mutation.

The American Bobtail is a relatively large breed of domestic cats similar to a lynx. The average weight of an adult individual can reach 7 kg. On a wide cuneiform head with rounded cheekbones there are slanting almond-shaped eyes and neat ears, topped with tassels. A moderately stretched body with well-developed muscles is covered with thick short or long hair of different colors. A distinctive feature of this animal is the presence of a short tail, the size of which varies in the range of 2.5-8 cm.

American bobtail endowed with an energetic and at the same time intelligent disposition. He is not inclined to damage property, does not require specific care and easily adapts to any conditions of detention.

Kuril Bobtail

This is a native breed, the formation of which took place on the islands of the same name. Her ancestors were crossed with Japanese Bobtails and taken to the mainland.

Due to the relatively large size and the presence of brushes on the ears, they are compared to a trot. What is the name of the breed of domestic cats, endowed with the appearance of a predator, many of you probably hear for the first time, which means you will be interested to learn about their main features. Kuril Bobtails are massive animals weighing between 5 and 10 kg. On the wedge-shaped head with wide cheekbones there are bright walnut-like eyes and triangular, ears bent forward. The compact body is covered with short or long hair of almost any color. The standard does not allow for the existence of chocolate, chinchilla, lilac and cinnamon individuals.

Kuril bobtail endowed with an active disposition, high intelligence and well-developed hunting instinct. He perfectly adapts to different conditions of detention and does not need special care.

Instead of conclusion

From the foregoing, it becomes clear that all breeds of cats that look like lynx have several common features. Each of them has a relatively large size and has a fluffy brush on the ears. At the same time, they have a rather freedom-loving disposition, not all of them are suitable for living in city apartments.

Lynx and Domestic Lynx Cats

Lynx are the closest relatives of domestic cats.

Zoologists consider the lynx the closest relative of wild and domestic cats.

There are only four species of lynx (Lynx) or lynx cats (Lynx cat):

  1. Ibiryan (Spanish, Pyrenees, Sardinian). Very rare and beautiful view, with tassels not only on the ears, but also on the chin.
  2. Red Lynx (bobket) - the smallest. It lives in North America.
  3. Ordinary (northern, Russian, Eurasian) - the largest representative of spotted cats. On the territory of the Russian Federation there are several subspecies: steppe (caracal), forest, Amur, reed, Caucasian, and pale.
  4. Canadian lynx. Differs fuzzy white specks specks on a gray coat.

The lynx is practically not amenable to domestication and training. The only exception is the “semi-homemade” caracal, which it’s safe to keep in the apartment, perhaps, a fan of extreme sports.

However, catching public interest in cats with a “lynx” in appearance, breeders do not cease to attempt to cross savages with pets or to bring out a similar breed.

To date, there are several breeds, in the exterior of which there are distinctive signs of lynx:

  • caracal,
  • karaket,
  • home lynx
  • Norwegian Forest Cat,
  • Siberian cat,
  • Maine Coon,
  • pixie bob (short-tailed elf),
  • American Bobtail,
  • Kuril bobtail.

Important. For all species of lynx cats, camouflage spots on the red, brown or gray skin, round head, tassels on the ears, a short dense body with long hind legs, short tail are characteristic.

Steppe lynx or Caracal, capable of catching birds in the high jump, was tamed in ancient Asia. The steppe lynx is bold and can hunt prey twice its size. Animals are still successfully used for exotic hunting of peacocks and small antelopes.

For a pet, the caracal is too big - it weighs up to 15 kg, the height at the withers reaches half a meter. Caracal kittens are born spotted, but with age the spots disappear. The main decoration of the steppe lynx is high ears with black tassels-plumes up to 5 cm long.

Tamed caracal caresses with the owners, but is ready to stand up for himself, if it seems to him that he was unjustly offended. To keep the steppe lynx in the house is not an easy task: the owner must constantly remember the pet's fierce nature and prevent its presence next to children, guests, and pets. It is best to keep steppe lynx in spacious enclosures, giving them the opportunity to run from time to time. The wild nature of Caracal is also manifested in its food preferences. He likes raw beef, poultry, fish and eggs more than dry food.

Important. Animals less born in captivity from tamed parents have a less impertinent disposition.

More friendly karakety - breed, bred by crossing the Caracal with domestic Abyssinian cats. For a long time it was not possible to breed a hybrid capable of producing offspring. Only at the end of the twentieth century, the Krasnodar breeder Irina Nazarova managed to create a new breed that combines the natural beauty of the Caracals and the peace-loving nature of the Abyssinian cats.

Externally, karakety are very similar to wild relatives. They have the same size, color, tassels on the ears, high hind legs, expressive eyes. Buttheir disposition, unlike the Caracals, is peaceful and calm. Karakets rarely show aggression, love to play, get along well with other pets.

Karakets easily get used to harness and walks next to the owner. Considering their activity and the preserved hunting instinct for these large cats, an equipped game complex, a large number of toys for fun, is simply necessary.

Domestic lynx

What is the name of the cross between Canadian lynx and domestic cats of “lynx” color? This is called home lynx. The domestic lynx has high legs, a muscular body, a beautifully curved back, a short tail. On the triangular face with pronounced cheekbones are beautifully set almond-shaped eyes, a wide nose, large ears with characteristic tassels at the ends.

Dense short hair is predominantly gray-red with white camouflage markings that make the lynx invisible in winter. Blue and white animals are especially beautiful, as if powdered with snow.

A beautiful homemade lynx coat requires regular combing, otherwise the animal, licking and swallowing wool, can choke. The rest of the care is similar to the care of caracals and carapaces - a lot of movement, attention, raw foods.

American and Kurilian Bobtails

The photo shows the American Bobtail.

All bobtail species have short tails, but only two look like lynx - American and Kuril.

Both breeds appeared relatively recently. The American Bobtail breed was registered in 1989, the Kurilsk was officially recognized a bit later.

The Americans, “obtained” by crossing a short-tailed cat from an Indian settlement and an ordinary yard cat, have an average size and weight from 6 to 8 kg. They are valued for their beautiful color (tabby, colorpoint, shades of black, red, chocolate, ashen, blue), a kind of swaying gait, affection for the owner.

From their first parents, American Bobtails inherited good health. They rarely get sick and live from 11 to 15 years.

The photo shows a representative of the Kurilian Bobtail breed.

In the Kuril bobtail, the noble blood of feral Japanese temple cats and Siberian cats, brought to Kuril by Russian merchants, merged. Animals are surprisingly light in character. They are smart, quick-witted, easy to train, they love fishing, they are not afraid of water, they know how to predict bad weather and earthquakes.

Cats are especially expressive given luxurious wool, a tail-pompon, large round eyes.

Read about unusual cats with short tails:

Breeds of cats like a lynx

  • Maine Coon,
  • Kuril Bobtail,
  • American Bobtail,
  • Siberian cat,
  • Norwegian Forest Cat.

All domestic cats resembling a trot are characterized by “wild” colors, although there are also animals with even coat color.

In literal translation - "a raccoon from the state of Maine." It is of North American origin. It is considered the largest domestic cat of non-hybrid origin - the average weight of males is about 7 kilograms.

Maine Coon is very popular due to its large size and exotic appearance. It has characteristic tassels on the ears and a recognizable look.

Club Maine Coon kitten costs about 20 000 rubles.

Siberian cat

A large cat with a long thick and very warm coat. It has large and almost round eyes and a barrel-shaped body on the paws of medium length.

Claim that this animal, unlike other cats does not cause allergies. Very early, at an average of 5 months, enters the reproductive age. A kitten of this breed can be purchased at prices ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 rubles.

Exotic Hybrids

If domestic cats look like a lynx due to ordinary breeding, then these cats are the result of the crossing of a domestic cat and its wild relatives. Such hybrids combine an exotic exterior and the peace-loving, non-aggressive nature of a pet.

Hybrids of the domestic cat and its wild relatives are not particularly common. Not least this is due to the difficulties of breeding such animals. As a rule, interspecific hybrids have difficulties with obtaining offspring.

Hybrids were obtained by crossing with species close to a domestic cat, such as:

The genetics of these animals is close to our domestic cats, which made it possible to obtain viable offspring capable of breeding.

Of course, some lovers of the exotic keep at home tamed manul or caracal, but these animals are extremely difficult to maintain, since they are very demanding to the conditions, and the nature of the wild animal makes itself felt.

The hybrid of the serval and the domestic cat is called the savannah.

You can look at this animal in the video:

In Russia, savannah kittens are offered at prices ranging from 300,000 to 1,000,000 rubles for a kitten.

"Short-tailed Elf" in Russian translation. Obtained as a result of crossing a cat with a short-tailed forest cat living in Canada and the United States. The phenotype of this animal has not yet been settled, in particular, it is “allowed” to have a tail of different lengths and a multi-blade. Differs almost perfect character.

To buy such a kitten in Russia is quite difficult. Internet on the request for the cost of a kitten gives prices in the range from 20 000 to 80 000 rubles.

A hybrid caraket cat was obtained by crossing a caracal and a cat, which is reflected in the name itself (caracal + cat).

It features original tassels on the ears and short hair of an even, reddish color. In Russia, this breed was officially introduced only in 2015.

In the video you can see how much a regular domestic cat and a caraket differ in size.

Breed is very rare, and in Russia these animals are inaccessible. The Internet calls the price for a kitten about 800 000 rubles.


So, if you want to have a cat in the house that looks like a lynx, the most affordable option would be to purchase an ordinary domestic cat of the corresponding breed.

Choosing an animal, remember that each breed has its own character, and the same Maine Coons are famous for a more wayward disposition than Kurilian bobtails. It should be noted that among the advantages of these breeds are not only the exterior, but also high intelligence, coupled with good health.

If you set out to purchase an animal “with a piece of wildlife”, the most affordable option in the Russian context would be to acquire a pixie bob. Although a breeder offering such a kitten will have to look.

And a little about the secrets.

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