How to determine the sex of a puppy


A puppy appeared in your house. One of the first questions that will be asked by relatives and friends who have learned about this pleasant event: a boy or a girl? For people who have ever had a dog, there will be no problems with the answer to this question, they are able at first glance to determine whether the animal is male or female. However, for those who suddenly had a fluffy baby or a dog brought the first offspring, it is very important to learn to distinguish the sex of the puppy. How to determine who you are: a boy or a girl? Only by knowing the answer to this question, you can make the very first and one of the most important decisions: what exactly will the puppy's name be.

Strangely enough, there are frequent cases when, say, Jack or Cupid appears in the house, and after a certain time he puppies himself. In this situation, it is difficult not to guess that the dog was of the wrong sex, but the confusion and, more often, the owners' chagrin may be too strong. In order to avoid such incidents, it is important to know the sex of the puppy. How to determine who you brought to the house? If there is no experience in this matter, you can count on a breeder who sells a puppy, or, if this is not possible for various reasons, go to the vet: he certainly can help with this problem. In addition, he will carry out the necessary examination and will give recommendations on the timing of vaccinations and the basic rules of the animal.

Sex determination

If you choose an animal from another city, sometimes it will be useful to know how to determine the sex of the puppy, the photo of which was found on the nursery site. There is nothing complicated about it. If the animal’s tummy is visible, with a very little experience, you can easily distinguish boys from girls and vice versa. When acquiring thoroughbred animals, sex is of great importance, because bitches are more expensive, because in the future, with proper cultivation, care and upbringing, they can bring good income to their owner.


Many inexperienced owners believe that they will never understand how to determine the sex of a newborn puppy. But they are completely wrong: to do this is no more difficult than that of adult animals. In a sense, it is even easier, because if there is a newborn in the house, then there is also his mother. In this situation, you can simply turn it back and compare its genitals with the organs of calves. In female puppies differences will be only in size. If the appearance is not at all like, it is a dog.

However, if there is an opportunity to compare animals of any age, but of different sexes, the question is solved by itself. In dogs, even the smallest, covered with a thick coat of wool, the sex differences are so obvious that it would seem surprising, as one could doubt before the puppy belonged to a certain sex.

Puppies grow

If you know how to determine the puppy's sex (1 month of life), then there will be no problems with a more adult animal. Unless it becomes easier. After all, the older the dog, the more obvious its gender becomes. For example, adult dogs, when urinating, raise their hind paws on bushes, posts, wheels of cars, corners of houses and other objects - a great way to determine the sex remotely. In addition, looking at an adult male from behind, you can see the seed sacs - the testicles, the presence of which leaves no doubt as to what sex is in front of you dog.


To know exactly how to determine the puppy's sex (2 months or any other age), you should conduct a small test. For this baby, you need to put up a tummy or just keep it upright, back from you. Look closely at the space between the hind legs and the stomach. The male's sexual organ is located practically on the stomach, while the female's organ is located near the anus. Outwardly, the female "detail" resembles a heart or a triangle. If you hold the organs with your hand, it will seem that there is a bone in the male, while the female will be completely soft.

In addition, there is an easier way to find out the puppy's gender. How to determine the boy in front of you or the girl? It is enough just to pet the doggy tum: if there is a “disturbance” at hand, most likely, this is the penis - the sexual organ of dogs. However, a completely inexperienced animal owner can take the penis has not yet fallen navel of a small puppy. To eliminate this kind of confusion, you should repeat the manipulations after a few days: if it is the navel, then it will have time to change its shape, becoming more flat. In addition, it is close to the ribs, much closer than the sexual organ.

Taking advantage of the fact that you have already begun to study the baby, you should carefully examine all the other parts of the body: whether there are inflammations, wounds, bites, reddenings and so on. It is worth counting the fingers on the paws: sometimes it happens that puppies are born with six fingers. In this case, it is better to take the animal to the doctor as soon as possible to remove the excess. If something in the exterior of the pet, in its skin appears to be wrong, unhealthy, or painful, you should consult a specialist. He will be able to absolutely eliminate the disease or help in their treatment.

Knowing how to determine the puppy's gender is also important for the future health of the animal. For example, if you do not know that you have a dog, you can miss the moment when the testicles should be visible. In some individuals, they do not appear on their own, which can lead to infertility of the animal. If that is the case, a veterinary intervention is imperative. He will be able to determine whether it makes sense to wait or if an operation is necessary.

If you do not know that there is a female dog in your house, you can be completely unplanned and suddenly be the owner of several newborn puppies. Yes, and to heat, too, it is better to prepare in advance to ensure the necessary hygiene of the animal and save furniture from pollution.

Children's way

Perhaps, all children use this simple, but very "human" method. Many inexperienced adults also resort to this method. However, even very experienced dog breeders sometimes use this method to find out the puppy's sex. How to determine who is in front of you using the child method? Very easy: you just need to look at the animal's face. A neat little face will belong to a girl. A massive head, large features betray a boy.

Of course, this method can not be considered accurate. It can not be used in situations where it is important to know the exact sex. It can be useful only in order “for himself” to give a nickname to a doggie from a neighboring yard, to be able to answer the child’s question in other similar cases. You can hit the bull's eye either by chance, or by having a very big experience of communication with animals.

Why do you need to know the floor of a puppy

Sexual signs in dogs

If you don’t care who you want to start as a pet - “boy” or “girl”, and you want to choose a suitable nickname to which the animal could get used from the very first days of your stay in your house, and you may be breeding dogs and now you need to figure out who your dog brought you to start an advertising campaign for puppies - in any of these situations you need to know the puppy's sex for sure. And, if until today you have never encountered this task, then at first you may have quite understandable difficulties, which, however, you will quickly overcome with our help, and will soon become a real expert in this matter.
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When the puppy sex becomes clear

Despite the fact that puppies are born with already formed sexual signs, Of course, determining the sex of a newborn puppy is much more difficult than determining who is in front of you, if the puppy is 1 month or more. Therefore, despite its basic knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of animals, it is better to refrain from hasty conclusions, at least for the first few weeks. As the puppy grows, your doubts as to who he is - “boy” or “girl” will finally disappear and you will be able to easily determine his gender, and not get into a mess with your verdict.
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How to determine the sex of a newborn puppy

If, despite the item above, you still can not wait to find out who there are more - boys or girls were born, you can gently pick up a puppy in your arms and examine its tummy. Most newborn puppies, no matter what breed they are, have no woolen cover in their abdomen. On the stomach, you can see the navel, And, here, attention.
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Signs of a dog in front of you

If you have a tiny dog ​​in front of you, then it should have a sexual organ just below the navel, the end of which will be hidden under the skin fold. If you raise the tail to him, then between the hind legs below the anus of the male dog, you will also find some wool. In this place the testicles will soon descend. If you want, you can feel them under the skin, but we would not recommend you to do this, so as not to injure the baby.
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How to determine the sex of a teenager puppy

To determine the sex of a newborn puppy is more difficult

When the puppies grow up a little, you just have to make sure that you have correctly identified their sex. So, in the male, the genital organ will have to be at some distance from the anus and be located closer to the stomach. The female genitals will be similar in shape to the heart, and will be placed very close to the anus.
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Other ways to determine the sex of a puppy

More alternative and less truthful in terms of their accuracy are the methods of determining the sex at the cheek are methods related to the size of the pet’s body (supposedly, dogs are always larger), with a speed of reaction (again, dogs are the most nimble), playfulness ... However, we would like to warn that these methods are not absolutely accurate, and they can be used as an auxiliary way of determining sex (if used at all), and not as the only correct one ...

Funny video about puppies

Today we talked about how you can determine the sex of a newborn puppy and a puppy teenager. We hope that thanks to our advice and recommendations you will not have any difficulties with this.

If any of our readers can share with us their interesting story, when alternative methods of determining the sex of a puppy have failed him or vice versa - confirmed his expectations - we are waiting for your stories and comments.

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Why do you need to know the sex of the dog

If the sex of a young or adult dog is not difficult for an experienced dog breeder, then determining the sex of a newborn or an older, monthly, two-month-old puppy is much more difficult, especially if you have not had experience with these animals and have never bred dogs.

To know the puppy's gender you need to the future owner because of the different behavior between individuals of opposite sexes. In different situations, ages males and bitches behave differently.

Important! It is also necessary to know the floor of a puppy if you already have a dog or other pets in your house.

In addition, you need to know the sex of newborn puppies in the event that you will be engaged in breeding.

How to determine the sex of a puppy: physiology of dogs

If the sex of your future dog still matters to you or you are not eager to find out who your pet has given birth to, consider the main signs that will help in determining the puppy's gender.

You can determine the sex of a puppy:

  • on physiological grounds
  • behavioral manners,
  • appearance

Guided by physiological data to determine the sex of a puppy is quite simple. The optimal age for determining sex is three to four weeks. Inspection of puppies at an earlier age will bring discomfort to the kids, discomfort and disturb the mom-dog.

Determine the sex of a newborn puppy

Note that the sex of newborn puppies, if you have not previously encountered a similar task, is much more difficult to determine than, for example, when the baby is 1-2 months old. Puppies are born with primary sexual characteristics, but they are not as pronounced as in older babies or young dogs.

Inspect the newly emerged kids very carefully. Remember that newborn puppies are gentle, fragile creatures and your inept movements can hurt them.

Newborn puppies have weak immunity, so if it became necessary to determine the sex, transfer the babies to a warm room, where there are no drafts, other pets.

Tip! Keep your puppy in your arms for no more than 10 minutes. If the dog starts to worry, whines, trembles, immediately take it to the mom-dog. Otherwise, it can be a psychological trauma for the baby. Before the inspection, cover the table, sofa with a warm blanket, slightly warmed with a terry towel.

To understand the puppy's gender, look at his genitals. In babies who have just come into the world, they have a naked, pink, smooth tum. Take the baby gently in your arms and turn it over backwards. On the tummy you will see the navel and genitals.

Signs of a boy:

  • Up to 8-9 weeks in males have no testicles, but you can see a tiny penis. The penis is approximately one centimeter from the navel.
  • Just below the navel you can see a small skin fold, a small protrusion. Long-haired dogs also show a long bundle of fur.
  • Under the tail, the boy will only have an anus, and between the hind paws, in the crotch, there is also a bundle of wool. Here the testicles will be located later. The scrotum and testicles can be well seen when the puppy is 6-8 months old.

Important! The navel of the puppies is under the sternum, approximately in the center of the tummy. Dogs (dogs) will have two bumps - one of which is the navel, the second - the penis.

Signs of girls:

  • On the abdomen except the nipples and navel there are no genitals.
  • The urethra, the entrance to the vagina is located just below the anus.

Physiology will determine the puppy's gender, but there are other indirect signs that will help you distinguish boys from girls.

In 1-2 months

Gender is much easier to determine in puppies at 1-2 months, although at this age there are few differences in the behavior of puppies. Kids playful playful, active, with interest learn the outside world.

In two-month puppies, the primary sexual characteristics are more pronounced than in newborns. To determine the puppy's sex at this age can also be based on physiological signs.

In monthly puppies, the umbilical cord is clearly distinguishable, has the appearance of a small tubercle located almost in the middle of the tummy. In this place, the skin is more dense and mobile, which can be determined by careful palpation.

At doggies immediately near the navel is the foreskin of the penis. In girls, the genitals are located just below the anus, at the base of the abdomen.

In 3 months and older

Determining the sex of three-month-old babies and older puppies is much easier. After 2 months, the dog has a scrotum into which the testicles must descend. If the puppy is cryptorch, the scrotum may be imperceptible, but on palpation, an “empty” leathery pouch can be felt. The size of the penis in dogs depends on the breed and size of the dog. Long-haired dogs will have a bunch of long hair at the tip of the penis.

In females, the white line on the tummy is completely smooth. If you hold your fingers from the sternum to the base of the abdomen, in the navel can feel a little seal. Looking under the tail of the dog, near the anus, you can see a leaf-shaped formation. This is the vulva (the entrance to the vagina).

Even older puppies, starting from 5-6 months, even a novice dog breeder will be able to identify sex. In doggie testes are well visible, and the penis is at some distance from the anus, closer to the base of the abdomen. Sex males emphasize the testes (testicles).

In puppy girls, the shape of the genitals will resemble a leaf or a heart. The vagina is located under the anus almost at the base of the abdomen.

The older the dog becomes, the easier it is to determine its gender. The dog can be recognized by the characteristic "rack". When urinating, they raise the foot near the bushes, pillars, corners of houses. Males, especially non-castrated, tend to mark their territory. Females defecate in the position of a small sitting.

A bitch after 6-9 months once in five or six months comes estrus. During this period, the cat needs special care and control from the owners.


It is believed that dogs are larger than females. Indeed, the doggie has a larger build, massive bones. The muzzle looks more severe, rough. Somewhat larger than the females.

Девочки более мелкие, имеют деликатную, более легкую конституцию тела. Мордочка меньше, чем у самцов, лапки и костяк мельче. К тому же девочки имеют более миловидное выражение мордочки.

При этом нужно понимать, что внешние признаки маленьких щенят зависят от породы и от того, каким по счету родился щенок. Самые крупные детки, как правило, рождаются в первой тройке. Although there are exceptions, especially if the bitch was pregnant with complications.

Differences and behaviors

Behavior in newborns and older puppies are not much different. Healthy puppies are mobile, active, inquisitive. Therefore, this feature does little to help in determining the sexual characteristics of small puppies.

In infancy and even in adolescence, the differences between the sexes of puppies are insignificant in behavior, reaction speed and appearance.

The characteristic behavioral signs of dogs and females appear only after four to five months. Features of behavior also depend on the type of the nervous system, individual, pedigree features of the organism.

Common mistakes

Inexperienced breeders or novice dog breeders make frequent mistakes when determining the puppy's sex. For example, by the way the baby goes to the toilet.

Up to 4-6 months, puppies of both sexes cope with their need, crouching, and only after 5-7 months the little dogs raise their paw during urination.

Many people mistakenly believe that dogs do not have nipples. This is not true. Dogs of both sexes have 8-10 nipples (depending on the breed). At the same time, in small puppies up to 3 months the nipples are mild and only two pairs of abdominal nipples are clearly visible.

Do not be too focused on the behavior and appearance of puppies to 3-4 months of age. As already noted, the first born puppies are always larger in the litter. And the behavior of healthy puppies depends on the type of nervous system, temperament. Kids up to three months active, cheerful, inquisitive, playful.