Dog Chow - dog food from the company Nestle


Each type of feeding has its drawbacks and advantages. With natural nutrition in the body of an animal, the ingestion of preservatives, dyes and chemicals is excluded, but in the absence of knowledge the owner of the animal will not be able to correctly and equitably form the dog's diet.

Dry food not only saves the owner time, but also allows you to correctly and properly feed your dog, as they contain all the necessary high-quality components that contribute to the normal development and growth of the animal. This does not mean that you need to buy the first dry food in a bright package and give it to the animal. First you need to find information about different brands, read reviews about dry food, for example, Dog Chau, Chappi and others, as well as consult a specialist.

Dog Chow Dog Food

Nestlé has existed for over one hundred and fifty years, and its branch “Purina” is known for producing pet food.

Dog Chau is a premium-grade dry coma that includes chicken and lamb meat, as well as by-products. Ingredients include cereals, fish and vegetable ingredients. Cereals supply the body of the dog with carbohydrates, and fatty acids contribute to the strength of bones, helping to keep muscles in tone. In addition, Omega-3 has a beneficial effect on the vision and condition of the teeth.

Reviews for Dog Chau

According to many reviews, dog food "Dog Chow" has one feature. It combines large and small granules at once. When a dog chews such food, it also brushes its teeth and develops its jaw muscles. Also, the developers have included in the product dietary fibers such as natural chicory, a source of prebiotics, which produce fermented milk bacteria that help in the normalization of digestion.

Beet fibers are added for the normal functioning of the intestines. According to numerous reviews, Dog Chow dog food is great for dogs that move a lot. It contains vitamins in a balanced form, as well as all the minerals necessary for the animal.

Types of dry food

Dog Chau produces several types of product: for puppies, for active and young animals, as well as for old pets. According to reviews of veterinarians, the dry dog ​​food "Dog Chow" was developed for each breed, taking into account the state of health, age and activity of the pet.

Puppy Food

With pets from birth to one year, you can buy food "Healthy Puppy." It perfectly selected all the vitamins and minerals necessary at this age, which are vital for active development and growth. Vitamin D is healthy teeth and strong bones, and vitamins E and C are the immune system and puppies' protective reactions. Baby food is available in three different flavors.

Adult Dog Food

For dogs older than a year, dry food is available in a variety of options. You can pick it up, starting from the breed, size, lifestyle and age of the dog. You can also buy pet food with poor digestion and sensitive skin. Veterinarians and breeders for the most part leave positive feedback on Dog Dog Chow food for dogs over a year old. Their opinions agree that the feed of this line is developed in full accordance with the age, size of the pet and its lifestyle.

Dog Chau, which contains lamb meat, is well absorbed, which is why dogs do not have a heavy stomach and a feeling of overeating. This food is best given to animals with sensitive skin and digestive problems.

Small breeds

Especially for such breeds of dogs was developed food with a high content of fat, which helps to obtain the necessary amount of energy for the normal existence of the animal. Also included in the composition of useful fatty acids, which will strengthen the bones and teeth, take care of the brilliance and beauty of the coat of your little pet.

For large breeds

If you are the owner of an animal weighing more than twenty-five kilograms, we recommend that you pay attention to the positive reviews of the Dog Chau dog food for large breeds and the advantages of this diet.

Food of this brand is different in that it contains fatty acids, which normalize the work of the pet's digestive system. It also contains acids, due to which dogs do not feel discomfort when moving.

The formula of a balanced amount of protein in dry food for large dogs helps pets to maintain muscle mass and not injure joints with age. It nourishes the dog's body with vitamins, thanks to which the pet's hair will always be smooth and shiny. Amino acids that make up the feed, support the work of the liver and heart. And granules of several types help to keep the oral cavity in order.

Despite the fact that the Dog Chow dog food reviews are mostly positive, we should not forget that this line of food belongs only to the middle class. This means that the content of meat and useful elements in it is much higher than in the lower class feed. But these same indicators are inferior to those feeds that belong to higher classes.

The composition of the feed Dog Chow

In the composition of the food, cereals are on the first place, despite the carnivorous nature of dogs needing large amounts of animal protein. Chicken, turkey and lamb meat, as well as offal of dubious quality are in second place. Fish and vegetable ingredients are represented by processed foods.

Dry food Dog Chow belongs to the premium class, its manufacturer is the company Nestle.

Sources of carbohydrates are cereals and rice, and the oils present in the composition supply the body with the fats necessary to replenish energy reserves during intense physical exertion.

The recipe contains beneficial Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, which provide bone strength, muscle tone, healthy teeth, as well as shine and silkiness of wool. In addition, omega-3 acid affects brain development and the formation of vision.

Important. A feature of the Dog Chau feed is its heterogeneous structure, combining both small and large granules. This is designed to chew food thoroughly, in which the jaw muscles are well developed and teeth are cleaned.

The composition of the feed provides a combination of natural dietary fiber in the form of chicory and beet pulp. Chicory includes probiotics that stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal microflora and improve digestion. Beet pulp helps to normalize the motility of the gastrointestinal tract.

The recipe contains beneficial Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, which provide bone strength, muscle tone and healthy teeth.

In the rations of Dog Chow balanced all the necessary elements for the active life of the pet. It contains vitamins and minerals for the formation of strong teeth and bones, and vitamin E strengthens the natural forces of organisms.

Pros and cons feed Dog Chau

Mark Dog Chow belongs to the premium class food segment, which means that a dog breeder should be aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of such a food when choosing food.

The advantages of Dog Chow include:

  • low cost, although lately the food has risen significantly,
  • feed is available for purchase at most specialized stores,
  • wide range of,
  • the presence of vitamin and mineral supplements in the composition,
  • specific form of croquettes.

The advantages of feed include affordable cost and prevalence.

Of the significant cons of feed can be identified:

  • poor feed composition
  • low percentage of meat in the composition,
  • it is not indicated which offal is used in production,
  • the basis of the feed is cereals
  • lack of real vegetables
  • low nutritional value of food - dogs are not saturated with them,

How is this feed better than others?

One of the advantages of Dog Chow's food over other premium dog food brands is its structure consisting of two sizes of croquettes. This makes it easier to chew and prepare food for nutrient digestibility. In addition, this structure helps to clean the teeth and develop the jaw muscles. Most of the feeds (Royal Canin, Proplan, Probalans, etc.) have different granule sizes depending on the type of feed - for small or large breeds.

One of the advantages of the Dog Chau food is croquettes of two sizes. Due to this, plaque is well cleaned from the dog’s teeth.

In addition to essential vitamins A, D3 and E, B group vitamins that are involved in metabolic processes, normalizing the activity of the central nervous system and other important systems of the body are added to Dog Chau's feed. For example, the brands ProProplan, Purina Van and Natures Protection do not include vitamin B.

Important. Sources of vitamin B in dog food are raw meat and brewer's yeast. There is not much real meat in premium class feeds, so the manufacturer Dog Chau additionally includes vitamins from this group.

Another plus feed Dog Chow - a wide range, allowing you to choose food for dogs of all sizes and ages. For example, the brand Purina Van is designed only for dogs of small breeds (for example, the Havana bichon), which significantly limits the choice of a dog owner.

Dog Chow Feed Line

The Dog Chow line of dry foods is represented by several varieties of rations, designed to fully satisfy the needs of the animal at every stage of its life. On the counters of pet stores you can find options for puppies, for adult and active pets, for large breeds, for dogs with sensitive digestion, as well as for pregnant and lactating individuals.

Dog Chow for puppies

Dog Chow Puppy puppy food contains a high level of nutrients and biologically active substances that meet the needs of puppies during their intensive growth from 2 months to 1 year. For the development of strong bones and teeth of a small pet, the optimal amount of vitamin D is added to the rations, and to maintain the body's defenses - vitamins E and C.

Puppy food has four options for:

  • all breeds based on chicken and rice,
  • all breeds with taste of lamb and rice,
  • large breeds with turkey,
  • small breeds with chicken.

Line for adult dogs

Dog Chow Adult adult pet foods are designed according to age-related changes and a pet's lifestyle. The optimal energy level helps the dog to stay in good physical shape, and the special structure of the granules is a means of preventing oral diseases.

The adult pet line includes options designed for:

  • pets of all breeds,
  • large breeds, such as the Caucasian Shepherd,
  • small breeds
  • dogs over 5 years old
  • active pets involved in sports (see Dog Agility),
  • dogs with sensitivity of the skin and digestion.

The ration for large adult large breed dogs is designed for adult pets over 25 kg with normal activity. Its composition helps to maintain optimal weight and prevents the risk of obesity. Included in the natural sources of glucosamine protect the joints and ligaments from inflammation.

In the Dog Chau lineup for adult dogs there is food for animals of all sizes and ages.

The Dog Small Animal Breed Dog Chow contains a higher amount of fat to meet the energy needs of small dogs. The strength of the backbone and teeth provide minerals, and the beauty and shine of the wool give fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Dog Chau rations based on lamb meat are highly digestible, so that the animal does not have a feeling of heaviness and overeating. This food is suitable for pets with sensitive digestion and skin, as well as inactive dogs. In the Dog Chow line there are several options with a taste of lamb: for adult dogs, for puppies, for older dogs over 5 years old and over 9.

Reviews of veterinarians about the feed Dog Chow for dogs

Anastasia, vet, 48 years old. Dog food Dog Chow can be attributed to the middle link between the premium class and economy. It contains very little real meat, offal is of dubious nature, since the manufacturer does not specify them. The main place in the composition of the food is occupied by cereals - this is also a significant minus, because predators first need meat. But apart from the minuses, Dog Chow has some positive aspects. In the formula of feed there are amino acids that are indispensable for supporting the heart, fatty acids for skin and hair care., natural prebiotics for good GI motility, as well as important vitamins and minerals. I will not recommend this food, but if the dog owner has the opportunity to buy only cheap food, then Dog Chau is quite suitable for this role.

Alexander, a veterinarian, 53 years old. Choosing premium class dog food, the dog breeder considers such an option as a kind of compromise between price and quality. Dog food Dog Chow has a composition that is significantly better than economy class. But here, the manufacturer can not boast a sufficient amount of this meat. The basic structure of the diet consists of cereals, and in general the composition is very poor. There are offal of animal origin, even vegetables and fish are presented in the form of processed products. As for the vitamin-mineral complex, then everything is normal. I would not call Dog Chow's feed dangerous to health, but I will not recommend it either.

Dog Breeder Dog Dog Reviews

Oksana. We are currently in search of food for the constant feeding of our Australian Shepherd. The praised Royal Kanin did not suit us: eyes flowed, irritations started on the skin, there was an unpleasant smell from the mouth, and dandruff appeared on the hair. The store advised dog chow food, took a sample. Immediately I noted a minus for myself - the packaging does not close tightly, so you have to use a clip. I liked that the feed does not have a sharp smell, on the contrary, it is rather pleasant. The granules are two sizes, which for me was unusual. The dog ate food with an appetite, after a few days there were problems with eyes, skin and hair, the fetid odor from the mouth disappeared. As for the composition of the feed, then for such a price it is quite expected. The output of the dog is large, but of normal consistency. In general, I am pleased with this brand.

Natalia. My dog ​​Basenji has a very sensitive stomach, so often it is not recommended to feed them with dry feed. But sometimes it is simply necessary. I had a sad experience with Pedigri, after which I decided to try Dog Chow. He liked the dog food, there was no vomiting and diarrhea, digestion was normal. Another plus is low cost. The composition of the feed, of course, is not the best, but there are all the necessary vitamins. We use now only Dog Chow and we are not going to change it for another brand.

Conclusions about the feed

Despite the abundance of positive reviews about Dog Dog chow, it is not recommended to use it as the main food. The composition of the feed is not complete, and it will not bring any special health benefits to the pet. Many dog ​​breeders are attracted by the Dog Dog Chow brand cheapness, but it is caused by not the best product quality.

The average cost of a small 800-gram package is about 180 rubles, and for a large pack of 14 kg the buyer will give from 2,230 to 2,420 rubles.

Dog Chow Dog Food Review

Each Dog Chow package says that it is “complete feed containing a balanced combination of nutrients.” But you should not believe this, because the composition says something completely different. Dog Dog Chow dog food is something between an economy class and a premium class, and there is no reason to expect good quality and high utility for an animal. Country of origin - Hungary.

Useful feeds:

The composition of the feed Dog Chow

It would not have praised this or that food, before you buy, you must see its composition. This case is no exception, especially since Dog Chow's feed composition is far from the best: cereals in the first place (source of carbohydrates, but which cereals are not specified?) quality). For example, in super premium class feeds, offal is always indicated - heart, liver, etc., although it is difficult to call them offal, because these are high-quality and useful components.

In addition, in the Dog Chow feed, instead of vegetables, offal is used - “vegetable processing products”. Dry beet pulp - a source of fiber, but from the vegetables there is only it or is there more? Fish ingredients - also offal. Oils and fats are sources of fatty acids, but again it is not indicated what kind of oils and fats it is.

Yes, and look at the number of ingredients, where is the "full-ration" composition? For example, look at the composition of Orydzhen feed for dogs - there are vegetables, fruits, berries, and even medicinal herbs! Although in all this there is one drawback - you have to pay many times more.

Среди добавок кроме витаминов и минералов указано «с антиокеслителями» — опять не уточняет какие именно антиоксиданты используются.

Плюсы и минусы корма Dog Chow

К преимуществам этого корма можно отнести:

  • низкая цена и наличие в большинстве магазинов,
  • добавки витаминов и минеральных веществ.

Среди недостатков корма Дог Чау:

  • едва ли не все ингредиенты — субродукты,
  • не уточняются ни используемые злаки, ни жиры, ни мясные субпродукты,
  • относительно бедный состав в целом.

Отзывы о корме Дог Чау для собак

Отзыв о корме Dog Chow для собак, пишет Евгения из Новосибирска. DGood day! I want to express my opinion about the Dog Chow feed from the firm of Purin. For the first time I bought it on the recommendation of my friend, she has been feeding her dog for quite a long time and there have been no health problems yet, although she did feed in alternation with a naturalk. In order not to delay the case.

The most pleasant thing about this feed is the price (a 800 g package costs only 170 rubles) and a beautiful package design. But the most important - the composition - not very, leaves much to be desired. But I use dry food only as a treat to train my dog ​​(I have it cool, French bulldog breed), so I don’t worry, because the composition is not so bad that it’s impossible to feed dogs at all. Well, that's all. Thanks for attention!

About feed Dog Chau review writes Natasha from St. Petersburg. Hello! I have a pug dog, this breed has tender stomachs, but sometimes it is still necessary to feed it with a dryer. Dog Chow passed on to feed with Pedigri due to a bad experience (caused vomiting and diarrhea). This is not bad, the dog eats with pleasure, at least it looks like it. Digestive problems are gone, and the price is not much higher than the past. I liked that as part of a lot of vitamins and other things, I'm not going to switch to another feed yet. Therefore Dog Chow recommend, your dogs like it!

Findings about dog chow food

Despite the fact that the reviews about Dog Chau are mostly positive, Dai Lapu website cannot recommend it for the role of basic nutrition for your dogs (the composition does not specify cereals and by-products, used antioxidants), unless as a temporary solution. If you have the opportunity - buy super-premium food or holistic feeds, and if you cannot afford it, then at least premiums (Probals, Royal Canin, Proplan).

Dog Feed Chow Price for Dogs

Prices are approximate and can vary depending on the dollar exchange rate (since the feed is imported). Also, prices vary slightly depending on the store.

  • Dry food Dog Chow 800 g - about 175 rubles,
  • Dry food Dog Chow 2.5 kg - about 520 rubles (140-150 UAH),
  • Dry food Dog Chow 14 kg - about 2200-2400 rubles (650-700 UAH),

* The above prices are only indicative and may differ depending on the version and the store, as well as vary with time.

Dog Chow for older pets

Food for elderly dogs with a lamb. Recommended for animals older than 9 years. Designed specifically taking into account the characteristics of an aging body, it provides the necessary amount of fat and protein, normalizes digestive processes and provides a good type of wool.

For dogs aged 6-8 years old with chicken or lamb. The perfect balance of meat and cereal components throughout the day provides enough energy at a specified age. Contains 8% of processed meat products.

Advantages and disadvantages of dog food Dog Chow

The advantages of Dog Chow food include the following features:

  • Affordable cost.
  • The widespread prevalence - you can buy dry food not only in specialized stores, but also in ordinary supermarkets. Also, a wide selection is presented in almost all online stores dealing with goods for animals.
  • Supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals.
  • Large assortment in which every dog ​​owner has the opportunity to choose products in accordance with the age and size of the animal.

The price of Doga Chow dog food is really affordable. On average, it is:

  • 800 g - from 170 r.,
  • 2.5 kg - from 620 p.,
  • 14 kg - from 2360 p.

The main disadvantage of the Dog Chow feed is its composition, which is rather poor and not accurate. We are not able to find out exactly which meat products were used as a source of protein, the origin of oils, fats also remains unknown. The list contains antioxidants, but it does not say which ones. There are vegetables, but they are few - only chicory root and dry beets. The list of vitamins and minerals could be much more impressive, the product for large dogs lacks glucosamine and chondroitin, which are very important for pets weighing more than 25-35 kg. It should also be noted that in the composition in the first place are cereals, and not protein-containing components, which are much more important for proper nutrition of the dog.

Reviews of dry dog ​​chow food for dogs

First of all, all pet owners are interested in reviews of veterinarians about Dog Chow dog food. Anastasia, a specialist with experience of over 20 years, speaks about it as follows:

Dog Chau is ranked as a premium class, but in its composition he rather takes a position between him and the economy class. It contains a very small amount of natural meat, and the quality of by-products remains unknown, since the manufacturer did not specify them when writing the composition. In the first place are the cereals, and in fact predators first need meat products and protein sources. However, the products also have advantages - the presence of vital minerals and vitamins, fatty acids necessary for good skin and coat, amino acids that improve heart function. For a wide range of consumers, I will not recommend this product, but if the dog breeder does not have the opportunity to purchase more expensive food, then Dog Chow will be quite a normal choice.

A similar opinion was expressed by another vet named Alexander, working in the zoo sphere for over 25 years:

Of course, Dog Chow's feed is slightly better than economy class products, but it doesn’t have many advantages either. The amount of real meat is clearly insufficient, most of the diet is cereals. It contains a large amount of animal by-products, even fish and vegetables are processed products. Vitamin and mineral complex is normal and is quite sufficient for normal life of dogs.

It will also be interesting to know dog breeder reviews on feedDogChow. They are quite diverse, but in general, are quite good.

Julia, owner of a pug breed dog:

My animal has a rather tender stomach, like many members of its breed, so not all dry foods are suitable. Pedigri tried to feed, but the dog reacted negatively, she developed vomiting and diarrhea. Korm Dog Chau was recommended to us by a friend, we bought a product with salmon, as it was intended just for our case. It seems to me that the food is not bad, the dog eats with appetite, and there are no more problems with digestion. Very pleased with the price - they bought a bag of 800 g for only 180 rubles, which is quite affordable for many dog ​​breeders.

Anfisa, the owner of a large husky.

The advantages of this feed include low cost and ease of storage. The claimed composition is pretty good. After lengthy experiments with various products, Dog Chau bought his dog, which was taken from a shelter several years ago. There she ate exclusively natural food, but that didn’t fit her well, and she had constant diarrhea. We tried many products, but far from all she ate with pleasure, a large number of proposals were simply rejected. Once decided to tryDogChow, who accidentally saw on the counter in the store, and decided to stay on it. Husky eats with pleasure, frustration practically does not happen, allergic reactions are not detected, and the wool has become more brilliant.

Dog Chow Dog Food Types

Dog Chow dog food is premium, although the meat share in it is no more than 20%, and vegetables are often replaced by offal. There are lines for puppies of large and small breeds, for sick and sensitive pets, for adults and active animals. Food in one form is sold - dry food (croquettes of two sizes).

In the composition you can find the following ingredients:

  • chicken or lamb meat,
  • a fish,
  • vegetables or offal,
  • rice,
  • cereals,
  • fatty acid,
  • beet,
  • chicory,
  • mineral complexes.

It is important that dry food is represented by croquettes differing in size, which allows for the prevention of tartar and the development of the jaw.

Disadvantages of Dog Chow Food

But no less a list of cons and nutrition:

  • poor nutritional composition,
  • a small proportion of this meat,
  • lack of information on offal on packaging,
  • a large proportion of cereals,
  • The minimum proportion of real vegetables
  • low calorie and nutritional value.

Also note that cereal crops can cause allergies in many animals, especially puppies. Therefore, before use, it is better to consult a veterinarian.

Puppy Series

This line is suitable for babies from two months to a year of life, the main feature - a large amount of vitamins and nutritional components for full development. The nutritional components are designed to protect against diseases, strengthen bones and teeth, and stimulate the development of a puppy.

There are several options:

  • universal feed with chicken and rice, not counting minerals, vitamins,
  • universal food with lamb, rice, minerals and vegetables,
  • for large breeds with meat and cereals,
  • for little ones with chicken and rice.

Mature dogs

Croquettes for mature dogs are used in the period from one year, designed for maintaining energy and immunity. A special form of croquet eliminates tartar and plaque.

There are also several feed options to choose from:

  • for all kinds of dogs,
  • big dogs
  • small dogs,
  • pets from five years old
  • mobile dogs,
  • sick pets with indigestion.

Few people know, but the Adult Large Breed feed is designed not just for large dogs, but giant ones weighing from 25 kg. As part of the correct ratio of components, so the dog will replenish the entire supply of energy, without risk to obesity.

The food for giant breeds includes:

  • lamb or chicken,
  • offal with vegetables,
  • cereals,
  • porridge,
  • carrot,
  • mineral complexes.

It is important that for aging dogs, after nine years, there are separate lines with the maintenance of immunity.

Reviews of Dog Chow Dog Food

Arina: I saw reviews of dog owners and decided to buy this fodder for her. I can not say anything bad, but nothing good. If you give extra with a different diet, then a good option. Although I would not advise puppies, because there are few vitamins, but allergies to cereals and by-products can be. And I would not say that this is premium food. In the economy there are better options.

Valya: And here we are quite satisfied, because our Courtney eats with pleasure, although in addition we give meat and vitamins. If you choose food, according to the breed and age, and always put water near, then the pet will be pleased. There is no allergy to cereals, but there is enough energy and strength right up to the night. For the price - a good option.

Oleg: We thought for a long time whether it was worth buying Dog Chow's feed, because the reviews everywhere were different and ambiguous. But since we have a healthy and adult dog, we decided to take a chance. They decided to choose a universal feed for large breeds. Additionally, nothing was given, but three meals a day is enough. If Tony didn’t always eat other feeds, then this one would burst with pleasure. I would recommend.

There are three options for packing dry food - 0.8 kg, 2.5 kg and 10 kg.


  • 800 g - 195 rubles (100 UAH),
  • 2.5 kg - 512 rubles (250 UAH),
  • 10 kg - 2406 rubles in Moscow (1200 UAH in Kiev).