Liarsin for dogs: instructions, readings, reviews of owners


Today it is no secret to anyone that dogs, like other animals, have diseases similar to those from which people suffer. Fortunately, there are drugs that help solve such problems. The drug Liarsin is quite often used for animals. It helps fight metabolic disorders, bronchitis, hepatitis, gastritis and many other diseases. This drug is one of the first homeopathic remedies in veterinary medicine, which is produced in our country.

Application features

This tool is prescribed to many animals in order to normalize the metabolism, as well as to improve immunity and in diseases such as gastroenteritis and gastritis. In the form of injections, it is administered intravenously, intramuscularly or subcutaneously. The duration of treatment depends on the signs of the disease. However, attention should be paid to the fact that it should not be used for more than a month. It should be noted that the tool "Liarsin", the use of which has no side effects, can be used with various drugs. Its components do not accumulate in the body.

Indications for use Liarsina for dogs

The medicine is used for such diseases as:

  • metabolic disorders in the animal,
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract (see colitis in dogs),
  • poisoning
  • joint pains (see bursitis in dogs),
  • degenerative diseases of the kidneys and liver,
  • acute and chronic skin diseases,
  • prevention of age-related diseases, etc.

The drug is designed so that it has a good effect on the entire body of the pet.

Pill application

When dosing tablets rely on the weight of the dog and its condition. If the weight is less than ten kilograms, give one tablet per day. If the weight is from ten kilograms to twenty kilograms, give two tablets per day. From twenty kilograms to thirty-five kilograms, give three tablets at a time. From thirty-five kilograms to fifty kilograms of four tablets at a time.

In the treatment of Liarsin in the form of tablets give no more than a month.

For therapeutic purposes, tablets are given for no longer than a month. In severe cases, during treatment, the drug is consumed about three times a day. The tablet can be put in food.

Application of the solution

Liarsin solution is injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously. With the introduction of the injection dose is calculated as 0.1 ml per kilogram of body weight. Dose at a time of a maximum of four milliliters.

Important. The treatment duration is a maximum of three weeks.

Three times a year, once a day, for no longer than a month, injections are given to improve the quality of life and well-being of old pets. This therapy will really serve as a good way to prevent the onset of disease. Puppies solution is introduced after the change of feed in order to prevent diarrhea.

Methods of administration: inside the muscles in the back of the thigh or under the skin near the withers.

Price Liarsina for dogs

The drug Liarsin tablets costs from 200 to 250 rubles for 50 pieces of 0.1 g.

Liarsin solution for injection is in the same price category for 10 ml.

The cost of Liarsin in the form of tablets varies from 200 to 250 rubles for 50 pieces.

Side effects, shelf life, analogues, storage

If the drug is used according to the instructions, no side effects will not appear. Individual intolerance is the only contraindication. But with a large and long-term use, there is a risk that arsenic will accumulate in the tissues, therefore, in order to avoid bad consequences, it is better to adhere to the scheme of drug use. After the use of liarsin, side effects in the form of diarrhea are not observed.

The drug in the solution for injection is stored for three years, in tablets for five years.

Important. There are no analogues to the drug.

To store a preparation at a temperature from 0 to 25 C in the place, inaccessible for children.

Owner's reviews on Liarsin

Alexey, Chelyabinsk. He gave alabay liarsin to strengthen the immunity, but it was completely sluggish, did not eat anything, was inactive. First he injected, then drove to the vet. After a week or two, Rex returned to normal. I advise you, this is a good tool, better than any vitamin tablets.

Svetlana, Yekaterinburg. The dog had acute gastritis. I honestly did not know that it happens in animals, so for a long time I couldn’t understand what happened to her - she lost weight and had an unpleasant smell from the mouth. They advised to change the diet, but did not help, the veterinarian pointed to chronic pathology and advised liarsin. She gave in pills, the acute symptoms were gone. Now sometimes I give for prophylaxis so that it does not resume. In general, I recommend.

Victoria, Voronezh. Liarsin well helped my poodle, he had a one-time indigestion, bought without a vet, because This medicine was advised by a friend. I gave it in tablets (inside the sausage and the animal), after 3 days everything went away, the dog was happy, and I am with it too)

Veterinarians give positive feedback on the drug "Liarsin."

Description of the drug Liarsin

Liarsin is a Russian wide-spectator homeopathic remedy for dogs and many other animals. Due to the wide range of components, it is used both as a therapeutic agent for a wide variety of diseases, and for prophylactic purposes. Homeopathic components are selected in such a way that allows you to control the work of almost all vital organs.

Active substances

Alkaloids such as lycopodium, oil of arachidic, myristic, stearic, oleic, palmitic, myristic, dioxystearic acids - all this has a beneficial effect on the functional state of the autonomic nervous system, lowers blood pressure. White arsenic, a beneficial effect on the blood vessels of the abdominal cavity. Phosphorus - is useful in metabolic disorders. See below for a detailed list of diseases.

Release form and composition of the drug liarsin for cats and dogs

The medicine is presented in:

  • the form injection solution colorless transparent liquid, volume 10 and 100 ml.,
  • tablet form, has a round flat shape of white or yellowish, odorless and weighing 0.1 grams.
Liarsin as an injection


  • moony clavoid D8,
  • arsenic anhydride D12,
  • phosphorus D3,
  • sugar grits,
  • calcium stearate.

The medicine is packaged:

  • in konvalyuta from foil material on 10 tablets,
  • in plastic or glass jars of 50 tablets.

Each package of the drug is supplied with instructions for use, marking of the manufacturer and the date of manufacture of the medicine.

Indications and mechanism of action

Health problems that are addressed by the drug are related to the disruption of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism.

Liarsin is prescribed for:

  • failure of the liver: cirrhosis, pancreatitis, hepatitis,
  • cardiovascular diseases: heart obesity, insufficiency, vascular defects,
  • bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngotracheitis,
  • nervous system disorder, perevozbudimosti,
  • chronic diseases of the body,
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tracate: gastritis, dysbacteriosis:
  • skin diseases: dermatitis, eczema, urticaria,
  • water - salt imbalance of the body: dehydration and intoxication.

The mechanism of action: the drug enhances the body's defense against harmful effects at the cellular level, stabilizes the work of all body systems, improves metabolism.

Dosage and instructions for use

The use of liarsin for animals without harm is possible only after consulting a veterinarian. Calculation of the dose and duration of treatment is calculated for each pet individually.

Taking the drug lasts two to four weeks, regardless of the type of medication. The course of treatment is annual, two to three periods.

Intramuscular injection of the drug

Preventive action. Intramuscular injection of 3 injections, the time between them is seven to ten days. Therapeutic action. Four to six injections, one injection each for two days.

Dosage per injection:

  • kittens - 0.5 ml.,
  • average build of a cat - 1 ml.,
  • large pet - 2 ml.
Regular packaging - plastic jars with screw caps

Ordinary packaging - plastic jars with screw caps Preventive action. 1 tablet daily. The course is two weeks.

Therapeutic action. 1 tablet daily. The course of treatment is four weeks.

Dosage: the tablet form of the medicine does not depend on the age and size of the cat. With chronic disease, the medicine is given twice a day.

The standard course of treatment is three weeks. In severe disease, the duration of use of the drug increases, according to the recommendation of the veterinarian.

Liarsin for dogs has a pronounced positive effect

Injection type of treatment: daily 1 injection subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

The dosage of one injection is calculated individually: 0.1 ml. per 1 kg of weight.

Tableted treatment: daily with a meal, 1 tablet per day.

Liarsin tablets prescribed for long-term use

The dosage is calculated individually, depending on the age and pedigree dimensions of the dog.

Puppies - 1 tablet.


  • Small breeds - two tablets
  • Medium size - three tablets
  • Large - four pills.

Storage conditions and shelf life

The drug is stored in a closed form, in a dry place, free from sunlight, at room temperature. To exclude access of children to the drug.

The shelf life depends on the type of drug:

  • Tablets - 5 years from the date of manufacture.
  • Injections - 3 years from manufacturing, after opening the package - four weeks.

  1. Injection: 10 ml - 280 rubles, 100 ml - 920 rubles.
  2. Tableted form: 50 tablets - 180 rubles.

Identical analogues among drugs Liarsin has not. The most similar drug in action is Verakol.

Homeopathic medicine Verakol - the most suitable analogue

At the first signs of the disease, you must contact the veterinary clinic. When Dr. Liarsin is prescribed, the medicine should not be replaced because it has no analogues. By following the instructions of the doctor and being attentive to the pets, the owners will improve their health and prolong the lives of their pets.

In the next video, it will be described in detail what homeopathic preparations in veterinary medicine are.

Forms of release

An important advantage of the drug is that it is produced in three different dosage forms. Because of this, the owners of dogs can choose the most convenient form, taking into account the state of the animal, the duration of treatment, weight and other factors.


Externally transparent solution is packaged in glass vials. Dark glass bottles are used for 100 ml bottles, and clear glass is used for small 10-millimeter containers. Regardless of the packing volume, the bottles are sealed with rubber stoppers that prevent the ingress of foreign substances into the solution during storage and transportation. In addition to the main active ingredients, the composition of the solution for injection is purified water and sodium chloride. Substances perform an auxiliary function.

Small tablets of white color and a round form necessarily have a dividing furrow, which significantly simplifies measuring the dose for small animals. Since tablets are usually used for long-term treatment, they are packaged in 50 pieces in polymer jars with lids. Used for packing and blisters of 10 pieces, but in pharmacies to find them more difficult. Auxiliary components in the tablets are calcium stearate and sugar grains.

Drops for oral administration

Liarsin in drops has a composition almost identical to that for injection. The difference lies in the fact that water and glycerin act as auxiliary substances. Drops are packed in polymer bottles that are equipped with a dropper-pipette. Measure the right amount of medication is possible without the use of additional devices, for example, a separate pipette. Drops are a clear solution that does not have a pronounced flavor or taste.

Composition and pharmacological properties

Regardless of the dosage form, Liarsine contains three active ingredients:

  • Spores of moons. Contribute to the restoration of the liver in case of poisoning and degenerative processes, stimulate the work of this organ. The substance also removes toxins from the body, the presence of which often causes dermatological diseases, allergic skin reactions.
  • Phosphorus. Able to establish a metabolism. It has a positive effect on the organs of the digestive system, as well as strengthens the immune system. Due to the fact that the component normalizes calcium-phosphorus metabolism, bones and joints are strengthened.
  • White arsenic. In large quantities, the substance is the strongest poison, and in small amounts it can be treated, therefore it is part of many homeopathic preparations. The substance has a pronounced antibacterial effect, therefore, helps to cope with intestinal infections. It improves the absorption of other components of the drug and increases the stamina of the pet.

Plant components complex effect on the body of the animal. Liarsin has the following pharmacological properties:

  • restores the liver and normalizes its work,
  • improves the functioning of the entire digestive system,
  • helps to get rid of constipation, bloating, colic and other symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders,
  • improves the absorption of nutrients from food consumed,
  • boosts immunity
  • has an antibacterial effect,
  • contributes to the restoration of the gastric mucosa with an ulcer or gastritis,
  • suppresses inflammatory processes
  • removes toxins from the body.

In general, the drug has a positive effect on the kidneys, heart, circulatory system, musculoskeletal system. After taking a course, the skin becomes healthy, and the coat is thick and shiny. This is achieved mainly through the normalization of metabolic processes. The body receives the required amount of nutrients, the ratio of lipids, proteins and mineral substances meets the standards.

Indications for use

According to the instructions, Liarsin prescribed dogs in the following situations:

  • with metabolic disorders of any origin,
  • with gastritis and gastroenteritis,
  • with colic
  • with flatulence,
  • with constipation and other problems with the digestive system,
  • with cirrhosis, hepatitis and other liver pathologies,
  • with pancreatitis.

Also, the drug can be used in complex therapy for kidney diseases, viral infections, atopic dermatitis, skin pathologies, blood diseases, etc. It is allowed to use the drug for prophylactic purposes - to prevent constipation, colic, diarrhea and other problems with the digestive system.

How to apply

The dose and method of administration depends on the dosage form of the drug. The solution for injection is administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously. To calculate the dose correctly, take 0.1 ml of the drug liquid for each kilogram of weight. It is not recommended to inject more than 4 ml at a time. If the drug is used in acute diseases, the injection is done 3-4 times a day until the clinical signs disappear. For prophylaxis, 4-6 injections are made at intervals of 1–2 days. The duration of use and the frequency of injections is usually determined by the doctor in each case individually, depending on the condition of the animal, the symptoms and other factors.

Liarsin tablets given to dogs in such quantities:

  • puppies and pets of small breeds - 1 pc.,
  • animals of medium breeds and large puppies - 2 pcs.,
  • Large breed dogs - 3 pcs.

If the disease is acute, it is allowed to give tablets 4-6 times a day until the condition improves. In chronic pathologies, they are given 2-3 per day, until a positive effect is noted. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor.

Note! Taking pills for more than 1 month is not recommended.

Liarsin drops are given orally to dogs at a dosage of 1 drop per 1 kg of weight. In acute forms of the disease, the drug is taken up to 6 times a day, in chronic pathologies - 2-3 times. The duration of treatment, as in the case of tablets, is determined individually by a doctor. To relieve symptoms in the acute form of the disease, drops are given every 15 minutes for 2 hours.

The drug can be used in conjunction with other drugs whose action is aimed at eliminating the cause of the pathology or symptoms.

Contraindications and side effects

Liarsin does not cause side effects and is always well tolerated by animals. It is allowed to use a homeopathic remedy for all dogs, without exception, regardless of weight, breed and age. The drug is contraindicated only in animals that have an individual intolerance to the components. In this case, the pet may be allergic. В связи с этим при первом применении необходимо наблюдать за реакцией собаки на лекарство. В случае аллергической реакции дальнейшее применение отменяют, а животному назначают симптоматическое лечение.

Цена Лиарсина для собак зависит от нескольких факторов, а именно, лекарственной формы и объема упаковки:

  • injection 10 ml - 270-290 rubles,
  • 100 ml solution - 950-1000 rub.,
  • tablets 50 pcs. - 190-235 rubles,
  • drops of 20 ml - 240-260 rubles.

Prices may vary slightly in different pharmacies and regions.

Owner reviews

Angelina, the mistress of the Doberman:

“Our dog was very poisoned, found something on the street. Severe vomiting with mucus, complete refusal to eat and apathy made us turn to the vet. He prescribed Liarsin and Hepatodject. Already on the second day of injections, the dog began to eat canned dog food, and after 4 days he returned to his usual life. Excellent plant-based drug. "

Zina, the mistress of a 12-year-old pit bull:

“Our dog got into a fight with another dog, as a result of which a paw was torn. The wound did not heal for a long time and began to fester. The doctor prescribed a prick Liarsin along with Travmatin. In just a couple of days, the dog again began to put on its paw, and soon it completely healed. I noticed that after the course of treatment, Barca's appetite improved, her stool normalized (small problems were observed earlier). There were no allergic reactions or other side effects. ”

Veterinarian reviews

Andrew, a veterinarian with 11 years of experience:

“I have great distrust of homeopathy, but on personal experience I have made sure Liarsin is effective. On the advice of a colleague and part-time friend, he began to include this drug in therapy for poisoning, ulcers, gastritis, and noticed how much faster the animals recover.

Artem, a veterinarian with 8 years of experience:

“Liarsin is an excellent herbal preparation from domestic producers. I have been using it for a long time in my practice. In case of acute pathologies I recommend injections, and in case of chronic pathologies - tablets. Always both I and the owners of the animal are satisfied with the result of the treatment. I have no complaints about the quality of the drug or its effectiveness. ”