Top 20 most expensive dog breeds in the world


Closes the rating "Dear Dog Breeds" animal classic forms. This cute dog is the status of the national treasure of the country. In Europe and America she managed to quickly find her admirers.

Despite the universal recognition that akina-inu is a dog of classical forms, her appearance is very original. A large head with a powerful forehead, heavy, massive paws and unusual shaped ears that make it look like a bear cub. The dog is harmoniously folded, belongs to large breeds. It is noteworthy that man did not take part in the creation of this beauty, nature has fully worked here.

The ancestor of Akita was the ancient dog Matagiina, who lived in the Odat Mountains in the 8th century. She helped a man hunt a boar and a bear. "For special merits" in this case, the dogs were called akin-inu, which translated means "respected hunter."

The breed began to actively develop in the XVIII century. The name she received from the prefecture of Akito, which is considered its homeland. Beautiful and intelligent dogs at the imperial court received a special status. Only such representatives of high society could have such an animal. Anyone who dared to offend her, much less kill her, was severely punished.

This is an amazing animal. The Japanese quietly trust her to nurse the children. This dog is very attached to the owner and his family members. She is intelligent, disciplined, balanced. But at the same time, she is always ready to fight with any rival if the owner is in danger.

Today, these expensive pedigree dogs "work" in the police and military service. You can buy such a puppy for $ 1500- $ 4500.

Bearded Collie (9th place)

Top of the most expensive dogs continues one of the oldest Scottish breeds. This is a bearded collie. In 1514, a Scottish shepherd, whose name remained unknown, crossed the commander with a Polish and Old English shepherd.

This cute "lohmach" is a kind and intelligent animal, it may well be a companion, although, in fact, it is a working dog. Collie is a great hunter and lifeguard.

This is a mischievous and mobile animal. However, sometimes it can show character, but it always remains obedient and affectionate. This is ideal for a beginner who has never had a dog.

Collies are easy to learn. More suitable for maintenance in a country house, but can live in a city apartment, provided that they will often and a long walk.

This is not the most expensive breed of dog. Its cost, depending on the availability of pedigree and the merits of its ancestors, ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000.

Pharaoh Hound (8th place)

Sometimes those who want to buy a pet turn to dog handlers with the question: “What are the expensive breeds of dogs?” Pharaoh's dog may well be considered as such. This is the oldest breed that developed without human intervention. Its history goes back over five thousand years. From Egypt, she came to the Mediterranean islands, where she was bred until the middle of the 20th century.

Today, this rare dog is a companion. This graceful, graceful animal with “aristocratic” habits and a flexible body belongs to the breeds of medium size. Her height does not exceed 64 cm.

Refined and refined representatives of the breed are endowed with qualities that are unusual for dogs. For example, when they rejoice, they wrinkle their nose funny and smile. This may seem incredible, but when they are ashamed of some kind of prank, the pharaohs have redder eye contours, a nose-nose and ears. This breed is characterized by such a feature that it is possible to get offspring from them only once a year.

The dog is very intelligent, often thinks about the commands of the owner. Sometimes it may even refuse to perform them. She prefers to make her own decisions. Therefore, from an early age the owner must educate his pet and establish itself in his mind as a leader.

These dogs get along well with other animals, but at the same time they may consider small rodents to be their prey, since they have a strong hunting instinct. Therefore, hamsters, if any, can cause problems.

They practically do not show aggression, communicate well with children, are affectionate and good-natured.

The cost of such a dog varies from 2500 to 7000 dollars.

Lyon Bichon. Levkhen (7th place)

This charming baby looks at us from many canvases of the great Francisco Goya. For example, in the portrait of the Duchess of Alba there is a dog, surprisingly similar to the modern Bichon-Lyon.

This miniature animal, which is also called the lion dog, belongs to the dwarf breeds. Their representatives are extremely attached to their master. They need warmth and affection, care and care.

Despite their formidable name, these dogs have a cheerful and peaceful disposition. They are very fond of people, but they especially distinguish children with whom they can play for hours. They are very mobile and love long walks in the air.

Despite its miniature size, Levkens are desperately bold. They do not hesitate to rush to the defense of the owner.

In the 60s, this breed was on the verge of extinction, and was listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Canine enthusiasts were able to restore it.

A rare breed of Lyon Bichon rightfully occupies the 7th place in the ranking of "The most expensive dog." The cost of charming puppies ranges from $ 2,000 to $ 6,500.

Rottweiler (6th place)

These are the most popular and expensive dog breeds in Russia as well. Over its centuries-old history, the rottweilers have changed many “professions”. They guarded flocks of sheep, defended merchants from robbers, worked in the police. This dog organically combines fearlessness and tremendous physical strength, high intelligence and fast learner.

The ancestors of these dogs were fearless warriors - Moloss dogi. They accompanied the military campaigns of the Romans, fought in gladiator battles. They were fearless and cold-blooded fighters.

The homeland of the Rottweiler is the city of Rottweil (Germany). For a long time she was used as a working dog - she was transporting carts with meat, driving cattle for sale. With her menacing look, she frightened the robbers. At the end of the XIX century, meat began to be transported by rail, and the need for these dogs disappeared. If not for the national rottweiler club organized in Germany in 1921, the breed could have disappeared.

In the Soviet Union, dogs appeared after the Second World War. Today it is a great service dog. Rottweiler successfully works in the police, it is used as guards, search engines, rescuers, watchmen. This powerful, athletic handsome man needs constant physical exertion, long jogging, swimming.

Deciding to buy a Rottweiler puppy, remember that this dog is not for everyone. She recognizes the authority of only a strong spirit, a confident owner.

The cost of a Rottweiler is from $ 3,000 to $ 8,000.

Chow Chow (5th place)

There are two varieties of these animals - with coarse and smooth coat. Both of them belong to the category of "expensive breeds of dogs."

This seemingly funny "bear" comes from China. Initially, it was a watchdog, hunting and herding dog.

Many believe that among the ancestors of the Chow were bears. This version is argued by the presence of a blue language and a special article. Perhaps this idea flatters the owners of animals, but there is no scientific evidence for such a hypothesis. In fact, these dogs are descended from wolves, and over the long history have not undergone any significant changes. In addition, dog trainers believe that Tibetan dogs participated in the formation of the breed.

Despite such a good-natured appearance - it is an animal with a difficult character. The Chow is very independent, somewhat alienated, sometimes stubborn and domineering. For an inexperienced owner such a dog is not suitable. Once in good and experienced hands, she becomes a wonderful companion - a decent and peaceful. If at an early age not to pay due attention to the upbringing, its congenital suspicion towards strangers may further affect. In this case, aggression is not excluded.

Chinnye and balanced, these dogs feel more comfortable in quiet homes with an established lifestyle.

Chow-chow calmly perceive other animals, not showing aggression towards them, provided that they are introduced to other representatives of the animal world at an early age.

Often, those who want to have a dog are asked: “What breed of dogs is more expensive - a rottweiler or chow-chow?” We believe that this question is not entirely correct. These are completely different animals in appearance, purpose, temperament. They can not be compared. As for the ratings, they are formed on the basis of numerous studies and surveys of dog handlers. Therefore, today the chow-chow firmly holds the fifth place. You can buy such a dog for 3000–8500 $.

English Bulldog (4th place)

Probably, you had to see these "charming freaks", as often loving, they are called the owners. However, not everyone knows that behind this imposing appearance lies a loving and tender heart. This animal is not distinguished by aggressiveness and bloodthirstiness. The breed has lost its qualities as a fighter long ago - ever since (1835), when it ceased to participate in tough bullfighting battles.

Modern English Bulldog is a companion dog, favorite of children and adults. He loves to play with children, because in the shower he is a child himself. At the same time, he is an intelligent lover of comfort, who will not fail to take a nap in an easy chair and try something tasty.

The English Bulldog is a stocky, well-fed dog with a large head, a broad, snub-nosed face, which is covered with numerous skin folds. The body is wide and short, massive short limbs, small erect ears and a small tail.

These small dogs are very loyal creatures. They feel keenly the mood of the owner. If he feels bad, the funny dog ​​will definitely sympathize. However, the "British" are very stubborn. If your pet does not want to do something, you will not force it in any way. The price of the English Bulldog is from $ 2,500 to $ 9,000.

Samoyed (3rd place)

In the ranking “The Most Expensive Dog Breed” the third place is taken by a snow-white beauty with a charming smile - Samoyed Laika. This dog is the embodiment of friendliness. She is smart, fun, playful. It would seem that the best companion is not found. However, it should be remembered that this is not a decorative, but a working dog. She needs some kind of exercise and exercise.

Samoyed has been living with a man for almost 3,000 years. Indigenous northerners, these dogs lived with people in the same yurts, slept with them, warming the owners with their fur coats in severe frosts.

Laika is friendly and quickly finds a "common language" with all pets. True, sometimes the innate hunting instinct forces her to chase a neighboring cat or rabbits.

In the USA, “Samoyeds” are called dogs for lifting the mood. Doctors "prescribe" patients with acute depression to communicate with these four-legged clever girls. In addition, the Samoyeds themselves do not tolerate loneliness, so they really need to communicate with a person.

Cost from 4000 to 11 000 $.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The undisputed winner in the ranking "The most expensive small breeds of dogs", in the general list is in second position.

These miniature dogs come from the East. Their ancestors in the Middle Ages were brought to Europe, where they crossed with Spaniels. In the XVI century, they came to England, where the breed was born in its current form.

The dog was a favorite not only of secular women, but also of King Charles II himself. These animals are docile, not at all aggressive, perfectly adapted to their master and the rhythm of his life.

The British believe that these small animals are able to relieve stress. They are companions of many royal persons of Holland and Great Britain.

The breed is shrouded in many legends and amazing stories. It is said that one of these dogs accompanied Maria Stewart, the Queen of Scotland, to execution. The breed was named after the English King Charles II, who lived in the XVII century.

This is a graceful dog no more than 30 cm tall, with an elongated muzzle, huge round eyes and high-set ears.

The nature of the spaniel is peace-loving, he loves the company of children, is friendly to other animals.

The price of this dog is from $ 2,000 to $ 14,000.

Tibetan Mastiff (1st place)

This amazing dog occupies the first step in the ranking of "The most expensive breed of dogs." Some members of this unique breed, such as the extremely rare white mastiff, were sold for $ 1,200,000, and in March 2011, his fellow tribe, but already a red mastiff named Hong Dong, was sold to a multimillionaire whose name for security reasons not disclosed. Thus, this Chinese dog is the most expensive.

At the age of 11 months, Hong Dong weighed 80 kg, and some adults reach a record weight for dogs of 130 kg.

Tibetan mastiffs are very neat and clean. Without the slightest labor are trained. To deal with them should start from a very early age. The character is calm and friendly. But at the same time they have a real hunting grip. They usually sleep during the day and bypass their territories at night so that nothing will disturb the host's sleep.

These are the most expensive dogs in the world. The average cost of such a traditional black dog is from $ 3,000 to $ 7,000, and puppies from record breakers are much more expensive. Now you know that this Chinese dog is the most expensive in the world.

Today we presented you the most expensive breed of dogs. Photos of many of them are posted in this article. If you need more detailed information, you can find it in dog handbooks.

2. Irish Wolfhound

Representatives of this breed are perfectly characterized by such words: gentle, when they are stroked, cruel, when they are provoked. However, each of them is so different from the other that it is impossible to accurately determine the features inherent in the breed. Because of their size, these dogs look rather menacing. But at home they are careful enough and, if they are not provoked, they rarely destroy everything in their path. In addition, these are great companions.

Approximate cost: about 2 thousand dollars.

3. Maltese

This little dog (in the main photo) has long been the most popular companion. Representatives of the breed are lively and very playful, easy to get along with. Their love for the game does not pass to old age. This dog is great for living in an apartment, because it does not need a lot of space. But there is a significant disadvantage: she loves to bark and does it very often.

Approximate cost: the most expensive representative of the breed was sold for 5 thousand dollars.

4. Canadian Eskimo Dog

This breed today is one of the rarest and oldest. Unfortunately, the number of its representatives gradually tends to zero. These dogs are strong and intelligent, very affectionate and gentle.

Estimated cost: due to the reduction in the number of representatives of the breed, a puppy may cost more than 6 thousand dollars.

5. English Bulldog

This dog is known for its relaxed approach in life. This is not the most athletic breed. However, its representatives love their owners and get along well with children, if there are any in the family. Unfortunately, the English bulldog has a lot of health problems, so you should only buy a puppy from a trusted breeder.

Approximate cost: about 3 thousand dollars.

6. Yorkshire Terrier

These doggies are also known as yorkies. This beautiful breed has become popular due to its small size. This dog likes to live indoors. However, York is still a terrier, therefore in its heart it is a hunter. Dogs get along well with children if they come into contact with them from an early age.

Estimated cost: from 600 to 3 thousand dollars.

7. German Shepherd

True, fearless, playful and gorgeous - the German Shepherd, being an excellent companion, will also be an excellent protector for you and your family. These dogs are very active, but because they need exercise in large quantities.

Estimated cost: German Shepherd Dogs can sell for over $ 6,500, especially if they are trained.

8. Rottweiler

This cruel breed is known for the fact that its representatives are confident and, according to statistics, are among the most terrible. They are courageous and very calm. Rottweilers have a highly developed protective instinct. If they are mistreated, they become aggressive.

Approximate cost: they can sell representatives of the breed for 6 thousand dollars and more.

9. American Staffordshire Terrier

Representatives of the breed are athletic and stubborn. Their sizes can vary from medium to large. Mostly dogs need moderate daily physical activity. Amstaffs are known as one of the most aggressive dogs. Early socialization of the puppy will help to avoid the development of such a character trait.

Approximate cost: Amstaff can cost about 1200 dollars.

10. Pharaoh Hound

This greyhound is a very sensitive breed. These are amazing observers, but not guards at all. Фараонова собака любит находиться рядом с хозяином и легко может жить в квартире, если ее ежедневно водить на прогулки и пробежку.

Примерная стоимость: 6500-7000 долларов.

11. Перуанская орхидея инков

Это красивая гончая, которая ласкова с хозяевами и детьми. Эта порода дружелюбна по отношению к другим собакам. Однако это и одна из самых дорогих пород на планете, т. к. она очень редкая.

Примерная стоимость: около 3 тысяч долларов.

12. Бишон фризе

Еще один пушистый комочек. Representatives of this breed are funny and playful, thanks to which they get along well with children. Excellent get along with other animals.

Approximate cost: about 1,5 thousand dollars.

13. Samoyed dog

The dog is very friendly, and therefore is a bad guard. The breed is not aggressive at all. At an early age these are happy and active puppies that get along well with other animals and with children. Playful character remains with them until old age.

Approximate cost: from 4 to 10 thousand dollars.

This interesting dog looks like a greyhound, but much more enduring. Also being a greyhound, Azawak establishes an amazing bond with the owner. Due to its gentle and extremely gentle nature, it is an excellent companion. Dogs are not aggressive, but do not like being touched by strangers.

Approximate cost: about 3 thousand dollars.

15. Tibetan Mastiff

This dog prefers nightlife. However, it is not recommended to leave her in the yard at night - she barks at everything that moves. Very clever and extremely stubborn, the dog is not suitable for everyone. She will only submit to someone who can show who is in charge.

Approximate cost: from 7 to 10 thousand dollars.

Also known as the Persian Greyhound. Breed independent and sensitive. Its representatives are one of the best hunting dogs, but have a stubborn character, which is why it is difficult to train them.

Approximate cost: about 2.5 thousand dollars.

17. Bearded Collie

These are lively and playful dogs with plenty of energy. So that the puppy does not destroy your house, you will often have to take him for a walk and play active games with him.

Approximate cost: 1600 dollars and more.

18. Chinese Crested

These small dogs are elegant and elegant. Possess a playful character, very energetic. However, a representative of the breed will require increased attention. Because of this need, a dog can envy other animals in the house.

Approximate cost: about 5,000 dollars.

19. Dogo Argentino

A great white dog dog is a smart and stubborn dog that will be an excellent choice for a family with adult children. He has a lot of energy, so he will be an excellent companion for a morning run. This is a working dog. She constantly needs to do something, otherwise she will be bored. And this can already lead to restrained aggression and destructive behavior.

Approximate cost: more than 3900 dollars.

20. Portuguese water

This is a fairly rare breed, therefore, is among the most expensive. Loving and intelligent, such a dog is actually friendly even to strangers. She quickly learns. Often used as a service dog.

Approximate cost: about 2.5 thousand dollars or more.

20th place is Bichon Frize

Miniature French breed from the category of lapdogs. Translated Bichon Frize - curly lapdog. They are known from the XVI century. In those days, playful snow-white bichons followed European navigators and were used as rat catchers. Then they gained popularity at the royal court and among European nobility. Small and rather courageous, obedient and active dogs of French origin cost from 550 to 1600 dollars.

Bearded collie or border collie ranks 19th in our top-20

The bearded collie is the oldest breed of shepherd British shepherd dogs. Slender, strong, active, bold, attentive shepherd with shaggy long hair, forming a mustache and a beard on the face. The dog is pretty quick and easy to learn everything, polite with people and animals. Agility and quickness combined with obedience made this group stars of agility and other sports. See photos on our website. Excellent health allows the collie to live for 16 years, while maintaining performance.

The bearded collie loves children and is trained. The price of such a puppy ranges from 800-1400 dollars.

18th place is occupied by chow-chow

In China, the chow-chow has been known for more than two thousand years. These dogs were used for hunting, for military purposes, as a watchman and as a stronghold. They were even eaten. After all, chow means food. Chow-chow skins used for tailoring. The chow chow belongs to the spitz. Breeding purebred representatives engaged in Buddhist monasteries. Now chow-chow - this is the usual pets. They are difficult to train, grow gentle and kind. Prices for puppies reach 600-1700 dollars.

17th place top-20 belongs to the Samoyed dog, its other name is Samoyed

Samoyed dog is an old service dogs that have retained their historical characteristics. Danae breed never confused with others. Samoyed, an elegant white dog, is of medium size, has strength, power, endurance, self-confidence and dignity. For more than three thousand years, the Samoyed served as a companion to the northern tribes, where he helped in hunting, guarding the home and herding sheep. He was trusted to nurse the children. Samoyed dog has a calm character, intelligent, cheerful, sociable and balanced. It is possible to buy a puppy of this breed for 600 dollars, but the cost with a good pedigree will draw for 1,800 dollars.

On the 16th place is the top 20 Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terrier belongs to the group of the smallest dogs. He appeared in the UK in Yorkshire at the end of the XIX century. For breeding, a Maltese, Skye Terrier, Manchester Terrier and several others were crossed. The farmers of England used them as rat catchers. This is one of the most popular decorative breeds, has an open, lively, cheerful and friendly nature. Despite their small size, they are very energetic and courageous (see photo). These are very dedicated dogs that get along well with adults and children. Learning is quite easy. The price of small puppies ranges from 750-2200 dollars.

At the 15th place is the top 20 Komondor

Komondor is a Hungarian watchdog, which has been serving humanity for more than a millennium. According to legend, the Serbian shepherds gave the water to the wolf cubs and watched them drink. The cubs, swallowing water, were killed, and the rest were taken away and taught to protect the herds. Having crossed with these wolves of dogs, they bred a new breed of Hungarian shepherd. Komondor is the king among Hungarian herding dogs. He attacks with a fury, almost invulnerable because of his coat. Surely, this feature helped in the fight against a large predator.

Komondor is a very obedient, kind, calm dog. Having a developed intellect, it is easy to learn, caring with children. Price Komondor puppy reaches 1400-2000 dollars.

Irish Wolfhound ranks 14th

Irish Wolfhound representative of large hunting breeds. His height reaches: bitches 72 cm and males 80 cm. It originated when crossing Irish pickling dogs with dogs brought by the Celts. In the XIX century, the Irish Wolfhound was almost on the verge of extinction, but at the end of the century, J. Graham's efforts revived the breed, registering in a special dog breeding club. Brave, hardy, strong dog with a kind and calm character. Photos can be viewed on the site. The Irish Wolfhound has a majestic, muscular and elegant appearance. The price of a puppy reaches 1400-2400 dollars.

13th place in the top for the English Bulldog

English Bulldog is a representative of short-haired. This group of dogs, which are quite serious and devoted to their owners, was bred in England at the end of the 19th century. At the heart of it is an extinct Old English Bulldog. English Bulldog, an excellent companion, as well as a bodyguard - the national dog of England. She is considered the embodiment of a true gentleman. An elegant, aristocratic, imperturbable breed requiring special attention and responsibility.

Today to keep the English Bulldog fashionable around the world. His puppies are in demand. Anyone can buy an American bulldog for 600-2500 dollars.

At the 12th place biver york or biver-yorkshire terrier

Beaver-Yorkshire terrier is a new breed of lapdog from Germany. The firstborn Biewer-Yorkshire terrier was bred by Werner Beaver and his wife in 1984. Beaver Yorkie can be attributed to companion dogs. In the photo we see very affectionate and cute dogs, good by nature. They give warmth, love and comfort to their owners. The price of puppies is 750-2400 dollars.

11th place in the top 20 is King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel is a small dog that appeared in the 16th century and has not been officially recognized until now. The first owner of the King Charles Spaniel was an English lord. After that, they were recognized around the world. King Charles Spaniel is a very dedicated dog, courageous and hardy, clean, cheerful and mobile. She needs constant physical exertion to maintain her health and fitness. He loves children and is easy to learn. Buy King Charles Spaniel possibly in his pocket 700-2400 dollars.

Saluki or the Persian Greyhound in 10th place top-20

The Persian Greyhound is a slender and graceful dog with sagging ears. Her appearance indicates speed, grace and endurance. The first memory of the greyhound is found on the monuments of ancient Egypt, about III millennium BC. These are majestic, graceful and rather fast greyhounds. Representatives of this breed have a calm and affectionate character in relation to their owner, but strangers can cause aggression. Photos can be found on the website. The price of this elegant dog is 800-2500 dollars.

9th place for Norfolk terrier

Norfolk Terrier is a breed of burrowing hunting dogs. Their homeland is the county of Norfolk in England.

Norfolk terriers belong to the category of the smallest terriers. Very sensitive, funny, courageous dogs, with a calm and friendly disposition, feeling great even in a small apartment. Does not require special care and attention, daily walks in nature. An excellent hunter of rats and small predators, can deftly expel any animal from the hole. The price is 1000-2500 dollars.

8th place in the top 20 is a Chinese dog Chongqing

Chinese dog Chongqing is a very rare, almost extinct breed. According to one version, the first Chongqing appeared in China. Statues of identical dogs were found in the tomb of the Han dynasty. This dates back to about 200 BC. These dogs belonged to noble people, and characterized their owner as a high-ranking person in society. However, many representatives of this ancient breed were destroyed in the last century. Today in China they can be counted on the fingers - there are about 2,000 individuals left. The representatives of this group are very friendly and calm, get along well with children. These longevity among dogs live about twenty years. Photos say a lot. All of the above factors affect the cost. Chongqing puppy is very expensive. The price reaches four thousand dollars.

7th place for Akita Inu

The large Japanese dog Akita Inu is a member of the Spitz category service dogs. Her homeland is Akita province. Breed that has declined, regained popularity when it was considered as part of the national wealth of Japan. Akita Inu - is the largest representative of Japanese dogs. Now contained exclusively as a companion dog.

In Europe and the United States, the largest and heaviest breed, weighing 50 kg, was bred. Representatives are smart, courageous, restrained and loyal. The noblest animals are trained easily and have the excellent qualities of a watchdog. The price of Akita Inu puppy is 1000-4000 dollars.

On the 6th place is the top 20 Pomeranian spitz or dwarf spitz

Dwarf Spitz refers to the breed of decorative German dogs. Their homeland is Germany. On ancient Roman and ancient Greek monuments, coins and vases found images of these dogs. Pomeranian spitzs with Queen Victoria hit England. The queen adored these little dogs. It was at that time that they thought about creating a more miniature form and a better appearance. Modern Dwarf Spitz different square format, compact physique and sustained proportions. They are funny, loyal and quick-witted. The best pet is not found. This is a frequenter of exhibitions. The tender character of the dwarf Spitz attracts many, and quick-wittedness and liveliness are offset by small stature. The price for puppies is 700-3800 dollars.

5th place belongs to the Thai Ridgeback

As the name implies, the homeland of the Thai Ridgeback is Thailand. On the origin of the Thai breed with a belt (ridge) on the back there are several versions. Thai Ridgeback is a national breed of hunting dog in Thailand. According to eyewitnesses, even in the caves of Thailand there are still preserved drawings of more than three thousand years old with pictures of dogs similar to Thai Ridgeback. In Thailand, the dogs guarded the house, and in the house they caught snakes and rodents.

Thai Ridgeback is quite a strong and active representative, has a sharp mind and his own opinion. For him are required long walks. However, these dogs are so cunning that they can persuade their owner. Price from eight hundred dollars and comes to four thousand dollars.

4th place at Affenpinecher

Affenpinscher refers to the miniature dogs. Affenpinscher, translated from German, is a “monkey pinscher”. Representatives received such a name because of their similarity with monkeys. A dog with a small head and a monkey expression of a muzzle. There is a version that it originated from the Brussels griffin. Antiquity is confirmed by Renaissance paintings, where you can see similar dogs. If earlier they served as rat catchers, now they are excellent watchmen giving a loud voice in case of danger. Very curious, active, friendly and loyal dogs. Price puppy affenpinecher can reach four thousand dollars.

In 3rd place is the top 20 Pharaoh's dog

Pharaoh Hound is a representative of an ancient breed of hunting dogs with a 5000-year history. Images of pharaoh dogs were found on the tombs of ancient Egypt and ancient Egyptian frescoes. According to legend, Phoenician merchants brought them to the islands of the Mediterranean. They received official recognition only in 1975 in Great Britain. In our country, these representatives can be met very rarely. These are companions, smart, playful, kind. The price reaches seven thousand dollars.

2nd place given to Bichon or Levkhun, or the lion dog

Lyon Bichon belongs to the decorative small dogs, originally from France. The lion dog is depicted in the canvases of the famous artist Goya. And in 1960, Levkhun entered the Guinness Book of Records in the nomination the rarest breed in the world.

To date, dog trainers actively began work on the breeding of the Bichon Lyon. Its name Lion's head was due to a kind of haircut, which makes it look like a lion. Affectionate, intelligent, fearless and faithful dogs. It is possible to buy Lion Bichon puppies at a price of 2000-6500 dollars.

Top palm - the 20 most expensive dogs in the world given to the Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff is one of the most ancient breeds of dogs, which is a direct descendant of the Asian mastiff. These dogs guarded the settlement from enemies and predators when the men were on the hunt. They are distinguished by the strength and power given to them from nature. Tibetan mastiff - the owner of a thick even coat. Male growth from 77-86 centimeters, female from 72 to 78 centimeters. Their weight can reach 85 kilograms. The character is calm and restrained, friendly and obedient. Representatives can live in a family, perfectly guarding the house.

This is the most expensive breed in the world. In the CIS countries, the price for puppies of the Tibetan mastiff varies from 3000 to 12000 dollars. If the puppy is brought directly from his homeland - Tibet, the price increases 10 times. According to statistics, rich people prefer this particular breed, in order to emphasize their status. More recently, an eleven-month puppy of a Tibetan mastiff named Hong Dong weighing 80 kilograms was sold for a record price of one and a half million dollars.

1. Tibetan Mastiff

This breed is now valued the most expensive, especially very rare white specimens, one of which was sold for 1.2 million dollars. A red mastiff Hong Dong in 2011, one who wished to remain anonymous, a multimillionaire bought for $ 1.5 million. It is this dog from China that has become the most expensive in the world. At the age of 11 months, Hong Dong already weighed 80 kg, although representatives of this breed can gain up to 130 kg.
Tibetan mastiffs are clean and very neat, easy to train, but should be dealt with with puppyhood. They have a friendly, calm nature, but there is also a hunting grip. They prefer to sleep during the day and bypass the property at night, keeping the owner's sleep.
On average, even a puppy of the Tibetan mastiff of standard black color costs 3000-7000 dollars, and the offspring of record-breakers of the breed is much higher.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The second cost dog is not at all striking in size, as the leader of the rating. But she also comes from the East. Once their ancestors were brought to Europe and crossed with spaniels. In the XIX century, they reached England, where this breed was finally formed. The English ladies and King Charles II himself were crazy about her. These dogs are absolutely not aggressive, docile, able to adapt to the rhythm of life and the interests of the owner. According to the British, they can even relieve stress. Кавалеры-кинг-чарльз-спаниели были компаньонами многих монархов Великобритании и Нидерландов. Название порода получила в честь Чарльза II, правившего в XVII столетии.
Рост собаки не выше 30 см, у неё удлинённая мордашка, высоко поставленные уши и большие круглые глаза. Миролюбивые по натуре, они являются отличными няньками для детей, дружелюбны с другими видами животных.
Щенок кавалера КЧС стоит 2000-14 000 долларов.

3. Самоедская лайка

Следующей в рейтинге дорогих собак идёт белоснежная самоедская лайка, обладающая очаровательной улыбкой. She seems to embody friendliness, fun, intelligent, playful. But still it is worth remembering that, first of all, she is not a great companion, but a working dog, therefore she needs compulsory physical exertion and some kind of occupation. This breed is about 3000 years old. This primordially northern dog, always lived in the same yurt with a man, slept with him, warming him in severe frosts.
The friendliness of the husky allows her to quickly find a common language with any pets. But her innate hunting instinct pushes her to start up after the neighbor's cat. Americans call "Samoyeds" dogs that are uplifting, even doctors recommend that when exacerbated depression more to communicate with these likes. Samoyeds are unable to endure loneliness, they need to communicate with a person.
They cost 4000 - 11 000 dollars.

4. English Bulldog

The owners themselves often call their pets "charming freaks." But behind their clumsiness there is a tender and loving heart. English bulldogs are not bloodthirsty and not aggressive, and fighting qualities have been lost for a long time - after 1835, when they were forbidden to be used in cruel baiting of bulls. The current English bulldog has become a companion dog, the pet of the whole family. Staying inside a puppy, he loves to play with children. At the same time, he very much appreciates comfort - he will take a nap in the easy chair of the owner with pleasure and enjoy the master's table.
This breed is rather stocky, well-fed, the head is disproportionately large, the snub-nosed face is wide, generously covered with skin folds. With a short and wide torso the same short and massive paws, the tail is small and small standing ears. English bulldogs are very loyal and subtly capture the mood of the owner, and if that is bad, then the dog will certainly sympathize. But they have stubbornness - the English bulldog can not be forced to do what he does not like.
They cost 2500 - 9000 dollars.

There are two types of Chow Chow - with smooth and coarse wool, and both are very expensive. A very funny little dog resembling a bear came to us from the same China. Some seriously believe that among her ancestors there are bears crammed in, paying attention to the particular to become blue language. She was originally a shepherd, hunting and watchdog.
The good-natured appearance of the chow chow is deceptive, it has a complex character - somewhat alienated, independent, and sometimes domineering and stubborn. Inexperienced owners should not start with this breed, but having got to an experienced host, the Chow Chow becomes a peaceful and dignified companion. From an early age, you need to seriously engage in the education of such a dog so that its innate suspicion of strangers is not fixed, which may even result in aggression. Balanced chow feel better in families with established lifestyles. They are tolerant of other animals, and will not be aggressive with them if they were introduced to other species in childhood.
Chow-chow cost 3000 - 8500 dollars.

6. Rottweiler

Among expensive dogs, this breed is considered the most popular. For a long time the breed lived, the rottweilers tried various professions: they defended merchants from robbers, guarded flocks of sheep, and worked in the police. Rottweilers organically combine great physical strength, courage, fast learning and high intelligence. Bred this breed in the German city of Rottweil.
For a long time it was a working dog, carrying carts with meat or driving cattle for sale. Only one formidable she scared intruders. When in the XIX century, meat began to be transported by rail, the original profession of rottweilers became unclaimed. The organization in Germany in 1921, the national rottweiler club, saved her from the disappearance of the breed. After the Second World War, this breed was brought to the USSR.
Now rottweilers are doing an excellent job with the duties of bloodhounds, search engines, guards, watchmen and rescuers. This athletic beautiful dog constantly needs physical exercise, swimming, long runs. Therefore, we must be ready to provide all this to her. She will obey only the authority of a self-confident, strong-willed person.
The cost of this breed of 3000 - 8000 dollars.

7. Lyon Bichon, or Levkhen

This miniature dog belonging to the dwarf breeds, sometimes referred to as "lion dog." Dogs are very attached to the owner, because they need care, care, affection and warmth. The terrible name is only a screen, in fact, the character of the lions is very peaceful and cheerful, they love people, but especially children, who can play with the clock for hours.
Dogs are mobile and love a long walk on the street. These tiny dogs are desperate brave souls, and without hesitation ready to rush to the defense of the owner. In the 1960s, the breed that fell into the Guinness Book of Records was threatened with extinction, but enthusiastic dog handlers were able to restore it.
Lyon-Bichons today are a rare breed, and therefore cost 2000 - 6500 dollars.

8. Pharaoh Hound

This is one of the oldest dog breeds (over 5000 years old), which has developed without human help. From ancient Egypt, it spread to the Mediterranean islands, where the rock was maintained until the middle of the last century. Now she has become a rare companion dog. Pharaoh's dog looks elegant, even graceful, with a medium-sized body (not more than 64 cm tall) and aristocratic habits.
The distinguished representatives of this breed have unique qualities that are not typical of other dogs. When they rejoice, they smile and wrinkle their nose. Moreover, when they are ashamed of some kind of misconduct, their ears, the tip of their nose, and their eyes turn red. They are able to produce offspring once a year. The unique intellect of the pharaoh dog makes her think about the orders of the owner, after which she can even refuse to fulfill them, having made an independent decision. Therefore, the owner of this dog should be engaged in raising her from a puppy age to become a leader for her. Pharaoh dogs are almost never aggressive, with children communicate good-naturedly and tenderly.
They cost 2500-7000 dollars.

9. Bearded Collie

This clever and kind shaggy dog, although a worker by profession, may well be a good companion. She is first of all a lifeguard and a great hunter. Bearded collie are mobile and playful, and even when they sometimes show their character, they still remain gentle and obedient. For beginners who have not yet had a dog, it is best to pay attention to this particular breed. Collies are very easy to train.
They are more convenient to keep in a country house, but you can put them in an apartment, the only thing that they often have to take for long walks.
Depending on the pedigree, the cost of a bearded collie varies between 1,000 and 5,000 dollars.

10. Akita Inu

This is not just a cute Japanese dog, but a real national treasure of this country. Their admirers of Akita Inu were quickly found in Europe and America. Although the forms in dogs of this breed are considered to be classic, their appearance is still very original. The head is large, with a powerful forehead, ears of an unusual shape, making the dog look like a bear cub, massive paws. The breed is large, having a harmonious addition. Surprisingly, man has no part in the appearance of such a beautiful breed - nature has done everything herself.
The ancestor of the Akita Inu were the Matagi Inu dogs, who in the 8th century lived in the Odate Mountains (now Akito Prefecture) and helped people hunt bears and boars. It was for assistance in hunting that the Japanese called the Akita-Inu breed, which means "respected hunter". Only from the XVIII century began the active development of this breed. Smart and beautiful dogs were given special status in the Japanese imperial court, so only a representative of high society could lead such a dog. If a commoner killed an Akita-Inu or even simply offended her, he was severely punished for it. The Japanese trust Akita Inu to nurse their children. The dog is very attached not only to the owner, but also to family members. Her character is balanced, disciplined. But this does not prevent her from engaging in a fight with any enemy threatening the owner.
Currently, Akita Inu are used in the army and police, and you can buy their puppies for 1500 - 4500 dollars.