Hills dog food - a recipe for a better life from the American manufacturer


Owners of dogs, having decided to feed their four-sided friend with production diets, are faced with a problem, what kind of food to choose, so that the pet gets everything they need, and at the same time there are no health problems? First of all, you should pay attention to high-quality quality products. Hills dog food is considered one of the best in this segment - pet owners, breeders and veterinarians trust it. What is the reason for the popularity of these rations, and what should dog breeders know about them?

What is known about the manufacturer?

For nearly a hundred years, there has been a Hills trademark specializing in the manufacture and sale of pet food. During this time, the manufacturer has proven that its products deserve attention. Hill’s Pet Nutrition was established in 1907 in the United States, and was initially lost on the background of hundreds of similar, unremarkable brands.

The breakthrough came later - in the 60s, when one of the owners of the company, enlisting the help of a veterinarian, took up the development of specialized diets, called the “Scientific Diet”. The result was so great that the first product in the line, Prescription Diet k / d, is still present in the Hills assortment.

Having achieved their first success, the Hills owners took the idea of ​​“healthy” nutrition as the basis for their production by launching extensive marketing activities to promote veterinary and medicinal feed.

Today, products of this brand can be found in hundreds of countries around the world. At the end of the 20th century, the company entered the larger group Colgate-Palmolive.

Hills science plan

Feed in this series are complete daily rations. In it you can find food for dogs of various ages, breeds and characteristics of the body:

  1. Kanin Edalt Advanced Fitness - can be recommended to dogs of any breed, designed to stimulate the digestive system and the development of muscle tissue.
  2. Kanin Edalt Advanced Fitness Large Breed is a balanced food for large dogs that cares about the state of muscle and joint tissue.
  3. Kanin Edalt Advanced Fitness Mini is a recipe suitable for adult dogs weighing no more than 15 kg.
  4. Kanin Edalt Light - an excellent food for pets who love to eat, with its regular use, the dog will not gain extra kilos.
  5. Kanin Edalt Perfect Veit is a food that takes care of the pet's “shape” and ensures a long, healthy life, owners can choose a diet for small or medium dogs.
  6. Kanin Edalt Performance is a special diet for “working” dogs - servicemen, rescuers, athletes, hunters, etc.
  7. Kanin Edalt Sensitive Skin - food suitable for animals with sensitive skin, especially if they are often concerned with itching, dryness, redness, etc.
  8. Kanin Edalt Sensetiv Stamak - diet contains a lot of fiber, which improves digestion.
  9. Kanin Edalt Smol & Miniatures - suitable for small and tiny dogs, maintaining the health of the mouth, skin and digestive tract.
  10. Canine Mature Adult 5+ Active Longevity ™ Large Breed - feeding this diet allows large pets over 5 years of age to maintain activity, muscle tone and improve overall condition.
  11. Canine Mature Adult 7+ Active Longevity - this food should be paid attention to owners of older dogs, there are several formulas for pets of various sizes.
  12. Puppy Healthy Development - three diets for regular feeding of puppies - for representatives of small, medium, and also large breeds and giants.
  13. Puppy Small & Miniature - food provides all the necessary puppies of decorative breeds of small sizes.

Hills prescription diet

The feeds of this line are dietary, intended for animals suffering from any diseases affecting the heart, digestive, urinary system. In addition, it includes dog food with obesity and dermatological ailments:

  1. Multicare Caninec / d - a diet that protects dogs from recurrent urolithiasis.
  2. Canined / d - food that improves the condition of the pet, which is disturbed by unpleasant signs of allergic reactions.
  3. Caninet / d - like food allows you to maintain a healthy oral cavity of the animal.
  4. Canineu / d - a diet that supports the health of dogs with urolithiasis.
  5. Caninew / d - food that keeps the dog's optimal weight.
  6. Caninez / d - this menu is adapted for animals that often have allergic reactions.
  7. Derm Defense Canine is a diet that reduces the effects of allergens in the environment.
  8. Canineh / d - this food is recommended for feeding dogs suffering from heart diseases.
  9. i / d Canine Low Fat - recipe containing a small amount of fat, is shown to normalize the work of the digestive system.
  10. ii / d Canine Stress Mini - small dogs are often stressful, which causes digestive disorders, so this food is suitable for pets.
  11. Caninej / d is a diet that supports articular, bone and cartilage tissue, which improves their condition.
  12. k / d Canine Original - health food for dogs with kidney disease.
  13. l / d Canine - a special diet for pets with liver disease.
  14. Metabolic + Mobility Canine Original is a formulation designed to reduce the body weight of an animal and increase its activity.
  15. Metabolic Canine Original is another food that takes care of the good shape of the pet.

Dog owners should be aware that feeding a pet with medicinal diets is not recommended for good reason. It is desirable that a similar veterinarian appointed food, based on the condition of the animal.

Hills Nature´s Best

The line of these feeds is designed in such a way that it includes only natural ingredients of high quality and balanced vitamin-mineral ingredients. The main goal is to strengthen the immune system of the dog and activate all body systems:

  1. Kanin Edalt Large Breed / Giant - food that satisfies the nutritional needs of an adult representative of a large or giant breed, can be fed from 12 months.
  2. Kanin Edald Mini / Medium - natural food of dogs from 12 months, small or medium size.

Composition analysis

Hills is a large assortment of rations, each of which is developed according to an individual recipe. However, to find out whether the products correspond to the stated super-premium class, it is enough to disassemble the composition of one of them, for example, Hill’s Science Plan, designed for decorative small dogs:

  • 34% - dehydrated chicken meat,
  • 4% - turkey meat, dehydrated,
  • corn, wheat,
  • brewing rice,
  • animal fats.

By-products are added to the composition, as well as natural preservative ingredients. But the recipe does not contain artificial flavors, dyes, flavor enhancers and other products harmful to the dog’s body. Other components can be found in the list, however, their number is small and does not bear a special burden.

As for the percentage of nutritional components, it looks like this:

  • proteins - a little more than 23%,
  • fat - 15%,
  • carbohydrates - 47.8,
  • fiber - 1.5%.

If you consider each product separately, you can understand whether it is important for the animal’s body or is, at best, a “dummy” that has no nutritional value:

  1. Sources of animal protein are dehydrated chicken and a small amount of dried in the same way, turkey meat. In this form, it is quite a valuable ingredient, as it does not contain excess moisture.
  2. Corn and wheat are cheap grains, which are not valuable components, and wheat is also an allergen. However, they still contain fiber.
  3. Brewing rice is a crumb, which contains even less nutrients than polished grains.
  4. Fat of animal origin is necessary for feeding the dog, but the downside is that the manufacturer does not indicate its source.

Manufacturers take into account the needs of small pets, so they include in the composition the right amount of high-quality protein, but, according to experts, there is less fiber in it than is required.

On the pros and cons of rations Hills

Products of this brand have a number of advantages, but they are not without drawbacks. The advantages include:

  • a wide range of both everyday and therapeutic diets for animals of various categories,
  • the first ingredients are meat,
  • contains vitamins and minerals
  • feed distributed in most countries and it is easy to get it in many pet stores,
  • product price is available when compared with other brands of this class.

The disadvantages include:

  • veterinarians have a number of questions concerning the composition, which can be resolved if the manufacturer specifies some details,
  • the presence of grains is not the best quality,
  • The composition is considered quite modest, if measured by the number of ingredients.

Another nuance - due to the popularity of Hills among dog breeders, there was such a thing as faking a product. When buying it is recommended to pay attention to which country is listed as the manufacturer. Original rations are made in the Netherlands or the EU.

Opinion of consumers and veterinarians

On the Internet, you can find a lot of reviews about Hills brand feeds, and most often they are positive. In addition, the line is in the top 10 of almost all existing ratings:

Helena: “For a long time I was in search of food for my dog. I wanted it to contain a lot of meat, vitamins, fit and like a pet, and at the same time was inexpensive. In Hills, I was attracted by the composition - more than 50% of the meat, only wheat was upset, but it did not harm the body. My dog ​​metis of the long-haired toy terrier and chihuahua appreciated the food - small granules did not make it difficult to eat food, and the bowl always remained empty. As long as it suits us and we are not going to change it. ”

Anna: “I have a dog of breed Jack Russell Terrier - a small, perky fidget. For over two years now we have been feeding him with Hills for small breeds with high activity. Previously, there were difficulties in choosing a diet - the dog quickly bored their taste and had to look for something new. But in this brand there are different tastes: chicken, fish, lamb and others, it is enough to acquire different, so that the dog does not turn up his nose. "

Svetlana: “We live outside the city, and we brought a Siberian Huska as a pet. The girl is smart, kind, not a security guard, of course, but an excellent companion. She has been sterilized for five years now, but lately they began to notice that our beauty was rounded. The vet warned us that before obesity we are a couple of steps and it is worth reviewing the diet. First of all, eliminate sweets from the master's table and switch to a special diet food, and, importantly, do not violate the norm. Among these three brands was Hills, and only he was able to find in local pet stores. Soba ate him without much enthusiasm, but she did not refuse, and we struggled with the desire to treat her with something tasty, and as a result, in three months we got rid of 7 kg! Given our experience, I recommend the Hills feed. ”

This is the opinion of dog owners, and what do vets think? They often recommend it to their patients, and this in itself is a good indicator. Few, what brand can boast such a rich assortment of therapeutic diets, as well as a good quality.

How much do Hills rations cost?

Cost - not the last argument that influences the choice of food for dogs, especially when it comes to the maintenance of representatives of large breeds. Of course, Hills is not the cheapest diet, but it is quite economical to spend:

  • 1.5 kg package costs 700-800 rubles.
  • the price of 3 kg of dry food for adult dogs is, on average, 1200 rubles,
  • 6.5 kg of food for dogs of small breeds costs 2100-2300 rubles,
  • 12 kg of diet for all breeds will cost 3200-3500 rubles.

Hills is a global brand of feed that deserves attention, but still when choosing, it’s worth more to focus on the needs of your four-legged pet.

Feed Overview

One factor played a decisive role in the growing popularity of this brand - the manufacturer, first of all, focused on creating food for dogs of different ages. For each category, certain balanced rations have been developed that contain exactly those vitamins and trace elements that the pet needs at the current stage of development.

The modern line of Hills feed is represented by rations for puppies, for adult pets from 1 to 5 years old and for aging dogs older than 5 and 7 years. Among the variety of products there is a medical series, intended for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in the presence of diseases, as well as food for pregnant dogs.

Hills products undergo mandatory clinical studies, which make it possible to be confident in the safety and impeccability of the quality characteristics of the feed. The entire line has certificates of compliance with international quality standards. Currently, the Hills brand is distributed in almost 100 countries around the world, and the Netherlands is the official manufacturing country.

The composition of the feed Hills for dogs

As part of the feed in the first place is a quality ingredient in the form of meat meal from chicken, turkey or lamb. Fishmeal is another good source of animal protein in the pet's diet.

Important. It should be noted that on the packaging, the manufacturer indicates the component as “chicken flour”, and not “chicken meat flour”. This suggests the presence in the stern of not only meat flour, but also from milled bones and skin.

As part of the feed there is corn - a cheap grain filler and, in combination, a source of amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates. Another carbohydrate product is wheat, which along with corn is positioned as a product that causes allergies. The recipe also contains rice, corn gluten, which supplies the body with vegetable protein, and sugar beet pulp, which promotes good digestion and normalization of animal stool.

The composition of the feed Hills for dogs.

In addition, ingredients such as animal and fish oils, digests (a product obtained from the hydrolysis of animal tissues, teeth, hair, hooves, feathers, horns, etc.), vegetable oil, whole egg in dry form and flax are included in the composition. seed to cleanse the body.

All Hills foods contain beneficial fatty acids that keep pet skin and hair in excellent condition. In the formulation, the proportions of phosphorus and calcium are properly balanced for the healthy development of bones and teeth. The optimal protein level supports the muscles of the animal in the required form, and a high content of taurine normalizes metabolism.

How is this feed better than others?

One of the advantages of the Hills dog food in comparison with other premium brands is an extensive range of medical nutrition. It includes food for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the genitourinary and cardiovascular systems, and also aims to eliminate the problems of the digestive tract, skin and oral cavity. The range of veterinary diets is presented in 15 variants, which is not in the feed Probalsan, nor in the Russian diet Ros Dog.

Another significant plus of Hills feed is the complete absence of artificial antioxidants, preservatives, harmful flavors and dyes. For example, Royal Canin feed contains a preservative that is harmful to health - potassium sorbate, Ros Dog has a strange antioxidant in the formulation of the feed without specifying, Probalans rations contain E320 and E321 antioxidants, and Purine One and Pro Plan contain suspicious flavoring additives in the feed.

Despite the absence of meat product in the specifics, in the most of the Hills feeds it still comes first. For example, there is practically no meat in Dog Chow's feed and no meat by-products are indicated, besides, in the recipe, cereals are in the first place.

Hills ideal balance

This series includes only one product - Canine Adult No Grain. This is a grainless feed for daily feeding, designed to meet the needs of adult pets from 1 year to 7 years. In the feed, proteins, fats, fiber, and vitamins and minerals are perfectly balanced. The main ingredient is fresh chicken.

Dog breeder feedback on feed

Anna. My hunting dog breed Jack Russell Terrier has been feeding only on Hills feed for more than two years. Since she is small, I buy her the Science Plan Advanced Fitness Mini ration - the most suitable option for my active little dog. I like the composition of the feed: there are necessary vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. My pet is healthy and is the owner of a shiny fur. In order that the food is not tired of the dog, I periodically change tastes: lamb, fish, chicken. I recommend this feed.

Svetlana We have an American Akita - very beautiful and faithful dog. Because of our excessive love and constant desire to feed something delicious, our girl became very stout and began to weigh twice as much as she should have. The veterinarian advised to feed the dog with Hills or Royal Canin feed and strictly not to deviate from the norms of feeding. Since Royal Pet ate without much enthusiasm, we decided to switch to Hills. Второй вариант пришелся собаке по душе, и по истечении определенного времени вес пришел в норму (стали менее 20 кг, а были больше 30). Корм Хиллс действительно работает против ожирения, поэтому смело рекомендую его.

Отзывы ветеринаров о корме для собак Хиллс

Дмитрий, ветеринар, 55 лет. Корм для собак Хиллс создан из натуральных ингредиентов посредством современных технологий и учета индивидуальных особенностей собак всех пород и возрастов. Рацион не только содержит полный набор необходимых минералов и витаминов, но и обладает приятным вкусом, который придется по душе всем питомцам. A special plus is the presence of an extensive therapeutic line of nutrition for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. In general, Hills food is a good option for daily pet feeding for every taste.

Alevtina, vet, 34 years. My dog ​​food Hills raises many questions, like most premium feeds. The basis of the feed is flour from a bird or animal, but what exactly is included in the wording "flour" is unknown. Maybe this is not meat at all, but dubious offal of animal origin. Corn and wheat in the composition - controversial products. On the one hand, these are good sources of carbohydrates, on the other - very allergenic components. The undeniable advantage of the Hills feed is its wide range, which includes a large number of medicinal feed of good quality. For me, Hills fodder is an ambiguous product.

Conclusions about feed

Premium class Hills is a compromise in value for money. Its composition is much better than cheap food economy class, but still does not reach the usefulness of the holists. The composition of the feed is dominated by flour from poultry or animals, which does not guarantee the absence of questionable by-products in the recipe. Food Hills is ideal for those dog breeders who can not spend money on expensive food, but do not want to poison their pet cheap low-quality food.

The cost of the Hills feed depends on the diet and package size: the average price for 1.5 kg is from 635 to 1040 rubles, and for large 12-kilogram packages from 4300 to 5750 rubles.

Hill's science plan

For adult dogs "Ideal weight" with chicken

  • 10 kg 4767 rub.

Hill's science plan

For adult dogs of large breeds, with lamb and rice

  • 12 kg 5133 rub. 4825 rub.

Hill's science plan

For adult dogs of small breeds

  • 7 kg 3002 rub.

Hill's canned

Canned food for adult dogs with chicken

  • 370 g 195 rub.

Hill's canned

Canned food for older dogs with chicken

  • 370 g 205 rub.

Hill's canned

Canned food for puppies with chicken

  • 370 g 213 rub.

Your Dog

Food at every stage of a dog's life plays a big role. Has your dog crossed the milestone at 1 year or 7 years? Then it's time to change the feed. Hills produces food for each stage of life in order to provide your puppy, adult dog or dog over 7 years of age with food that contains everything necessary for its age.

Special Needs

Proper nutrition can change the life of your dog. The range of Hills feed includes special rations for dogs with special needs so you can find the food your dog needs.


The Hills trademark has been around for about a hundred years. During this period, the company has proven that its products are of high quality and deserve the attention of pet owners. The brand was formed at the beginning of the 20th century and was originally an unremarkable brand. After a while the company achieved success, and today its products are sold in almost all countries of the world.

Hill’s is the first brand to release feed for different ages of animals to the world market. After all, a growing body has special nutritional needs. The diet of the puppy should help the proper formation of the skeleton and muscle structures. In the Hills dry dog ​​food, the pet's mobility level is also taken into account, as the nutrition for older animals takes into account their tendency to gain weight and little activity.

The main component of nutrition is meat products. As a rule, it is chicken, rabbit, veal or turkey. Its content is about 38–40 percent.

Almost the entire line of Hills dry dog ​​food contains fatty acids. They help keep pet hair and skin in good condition.

Proper balance of calcium, phosphorus and other substances contributes to the normal development of teeth and bones, and protein is necessary for a good condition of the dog’s muscles. The feed also contains taurine and beta carotene. These amino acids support metabolic processes and fill the body with energy.

The disadvantages of "Hills" products include the presence of synthetic ingredients in the composition (preservatives, flavors, stabilizers and flavor enhancers). These components are used to reduce the cost of finished products.


All food "Hills" is divided into four main groups:

  1. Science Plan - the production of this line of food is aimed at maintaining the health of pets. Particular attention in the development of the diet was paid to the beneficial properties of food. The line contains many options for wet and dry food "Hills" (for large breed dogs, for adult dogs, for puppies and for older pets).
  2. Prescription Diet - here are presented medical dog food. This type is considered to be an auxiliary therapeutic diet during the passage of any type of therapy.

Hill’s feeds are super premium. This group is characterized by a high content of high quality animal protein. The entire range has about seventy different power variations.

In addition, all groups are divided by age and size of animals.

Hills dry food for large dogs

This group of feed primarily takes into account the size of the animal. Such nutrition is aimed at maintaining the muscles, bones, cartilage and teeth of pets. These include:

  • Bezzernovoy food for adult dogs. Suitable for daily rations for dogs from one to seven years.
  • For adult animals with chicken meat and rice. Suitable for pets from one year to seven years.
  • For pets from 7 years old with rice and lamb. For proper digestion and support joints.
  • For older dogs with chicken.
  • Adult Advanced Fitness Large Breed with chicken meat. For bones and joints.
  • Fitness food with lamb and rice. For the digestive system and joints of pets weighing more than ten kilograms.
  • Food with chicken for dogs from five years. To maintain the functioning of the internal organs and the mobility of animals.
  • Natural feed for adult dogs.

Dry food "Hills" for dogs of small breeds

Food for small dogs is aimed at the treatment of allergic reactions, skin diseases and the elimination of digestive problems. This line includes:

  • Feed for daily food.
  • The diet for adult animals, aimed at increasing muscle and normalizing digestion.
  • Food for animals with increased activity.
  • With chicken for adult dogs. Designed for small breeds of animals with increased activity.
  • Adult Sensitive Skin with Chicken. Care for the skin of the dog.
  • With rice and egg for easier digestion.
  • Food to maintain healthy skin and teeth.
  • Food for older dogs.
  • Natural dog food from the age of one year.

For puppies

Products for puppies contain trace elements and proteins that are necessary for the full growth of the dog and the formation of good immunity. These include:

  • Food for puppies of any breed.
  • Hypoallergenic products.
  • Nutrition aimed at maintaining immunity and active digestion.
  • Puppy Healthy Development Mini Chicken. Small granulated food.
  • Food to strengthen the immune system, the development of muscles, bones and brain.
  • Diet for puppies of large breeds. Contributes to the proper development of the skeleton of the animal.

Medical and diet line

Medical feeds of this group are intended for dogs that have overweight problems or diseases of the kidneys, heart, liver, bladder. Here there are products whose action is aimed at quickly reducing the weight of the pet. These include:

  • Dry food to maintain the normal weight of pets of small breeds.
  • Dry food for weight reduction for large breed dogs.
  • Low fat diet.
  • Low-calorie food for healthy skin and teeth.
  • Canine t / d. For dogs with oral problems.
  • Canine u / d. For therapeutic nutrition of dogs with kidney and urethral diseases.
  • Canine w / d. Maintaining weight is normal.
  • h / d Canine. For dogs with pathologies of the heart.
  • Metabolic nutrition.

Dry feeds of the Hills brand have the following advantages:

  • a large assortment,
  • meat as the main ingredient
  • minerals and vitamins in the composition,
  • food can be found in almost all pet stores,
  • affordable price.

In the network you can find a large number of positive reviews of dry food for dogs "Hills". Dog owners say that after starting to use this food, their pets improve their appearance, activity, and digestive problems.

Medicinal foods are also mentioned in a positive context. Often they are prescribed by veterinarians.

Also, there is a convenient division of products into groups and a large range of food.