Bosch dog food: reviews and review of the composition


What kind of food is Bosch? And why is he famous? Dog food is produced by the German family-owned company Bosch Tiernahrung GmbH & Co. Manufacturers claim that the composition of the feed only natural ingredients.

The line of feed is quite diverse. Separately are food for pregnant women, nursing bitches and puppies. According to reviews, Bosch dog food is quite good. Let's talk more about him.

Features of this feed

In addition to being produced by a German company, manufacturing and packaging are also carried out in Germany. This is a big plus.

Manufacturers pride themselves on high quality feed ingredients. There is a certificate confirming this. Products that are part of Bosch dry dog ​​food are suitable for human nutrition. That is why the company has a certificate in which this fact is indicated.

Bosch applies to super-premium fodder. How this is so, we learn in the following paragraphs.

If the products that are used in the production of super-premium dog food can be eaten by humans, that says a lot. For example, that there are no artificial additives, dyes, flavor enhancers and chemical elements in its composition. What does the Bosch feed consist of?

Producers claim that meat for production is purchased in Australia, rice - in Italy. The remaining ingredients are grown in Germany itself.

At the heart of the feed is fresh meat. But somehow very little of it, only 20%. In addition, it is not specified whose meat is included in the composition. But it is written that meat flour and hydrolyzed meat are added here. Again - whose?

With the protein component sorted out. What else is part of the super premium Bosch dog food? Carbohydrate dog gets from corn, rice, millet and barley.

In the old versions of the feed, the composition contained wheat and wheat flour. This product is not too useful for dogs, can cause allergies. In its stead came rice. This culture is easily absorbed by a dog's body and is considered the least allergenic.

Barley is high in vitamin B. Millet is the patron of the cardiovascular system. Keeps it from diseases.

We continue the analysis of the composition. Fats that are included in this feed under the guise of fish oil and fish meal. There are products that stimulate the work of the digestive tract, and improve digestion. These include beet pulp and chicory.

Bilberry has a beneficial effect on dog vision. Cranberry protects the urinary system of the animal.

At first glance, the composition of the feed "Bosch" is not bad. What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Feed Benefits

It all starts with meat. The dog is a predator, some carbohydrates in the form of cereals, it will not be enough. In this feed there is meat, already good:

  • Quite a lot of animal protein.
  • Food "stuffed" with vitamins and minerals.
  • The absence in the feed "Bosch" artificial additives and flavor enhancers.
  • The dry ration for dogs contains ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the animal’s coat, joints and digestion.
  • Rich ruler. There are plenty to choose from.
  • Prevalence. Food can be bought at any pet store.
  • Average price.

Let's talk about the series

The line of feeds Bosch on the Russian market is represented by three series. The first of them - Bosch High Premium - takes into account the breed characteristics and the age category of its consumers. The second - Bosch Life Protection - is hypoallergenic and suitable for dogs prone to allergic reactions. The third - Bosch Bio - is an organic series.

Feed for small breeds

Reviews of feed for dogs Bosch for representatives of small breeds are the most excellent. Hosts everything happy. Consider the fact that the manufacturer offers its four-legged consumers:

  • Mini Light - designed for overweight dogs.
  • Mini Adult - in the composition of the feed rice and lamb. Suitable for adult dogs.
  • Mini Senior - designed for dogs whose age has crossed the seven-year milestone. In this feed reduced fat content. But rather high content of dietary fiber.
  • Mini Junior is suitable for puppies from 2 months.

Bosch dog food review

Anyone who decides to feed the dog with ready-made food should first find out what classes of dog food there are and how they differ from each other. After that, you can choose the brand and proceed to its close study: see the composition, read reviews, determine the pros and cons. This is what the site “Dai Lapu” helps with and today we will tell about Bosch dry food for dogs from the German company Bosch Tiernahrung.

Other useful topics:

The composition of the feed Bosch for dogs

Bosch dog food belongs to the super premium class, in total with the German production, it gives a pretty good quality. Composition consider the example of Junior Maxi. The first ingredient is fresh poultry meat 20%, but after cooking only 1/4 of it will remain. In other matters, then there is still “poultry meat” (it is not clear if it is fresh or dehydrated), fresh meat flour, hydrolyzed meat, fish meal and egg powder are all sources of protein.

And although the percentages of the latter are not specified, given their number and order in the composition - you can be sure that most of the 24% protein in the analysis is of animal origin (more useful than vegetable).

Rice, barley and maize are used as a source of carbohydrates. Fiber is provided by beet pulp. Among the supplements there are many vitamins and minerals. It can be noted quite a small percentage of proteins, and this is for large breed puppies. The rest of the composition, though not too abundant, but comparable with competitors in the class.

Pros and cons of feed Bosch

The advantages of feed of this brand include:

  • real meat, not meat offal,
  • eat the right vitamins, minerals,
  • widespread, there are in most stores,
  • all the ingredients are high quality
  • quite low price.

The disadvantages of feed Bosch we assign:

  • the percentage of meat is slightly lower than that of many analogs,
  • in some embodiments, rice comes first, not meat.

Bosch dog food - reviews

Review about Bosch feed for dogsLily writes. Good day! We have a Bernese Mountain Dog at the age of four years, a large dog. We also fed him a puppy with a naturalka, but at the age of one year they were transferred to dry food for convenience. I chose the Bosch brand for two reasons - I liked the composition and the price, the German production (as I trust the German quality more). First they bought Adult Maxi, but after castration the dog started to get better on it.

Transferred to another option - Bosch Light, the weight gradually returned to normal. In addition to the quality of the presence of different tastes, when the dog is bored - you can always change to another. For three years of feeding this food in our dog there were no health problems, I think there is a good reason to consider the food quality. In addition, the dog looks great, the coat is shiny and well-groomed. In general, I recommend food!

About Bosch dog food review writes Julia. Hello! I have been feeding my white Swiss shepherd dog Bosch for almost two years, beginning when she was five months old. First of all, I really like the price-quality ratio, as many of the lower class feeds cost the same (for example, Royal Canin and Pro Plan). Now I take a 15-kg bag for 3,900 rubles, enough for almost a month.

As for the composition, a big plus is that in the first place is poultry meat, and not “chicken” as in the same Pro Plan (the general designation always hides by-products). I have not yet noticed the minuses in Bosch feed, everything suits me and the dog.

A review of Bosch feed for dogs, writes Natalia. Good day. I have known Bosh for more than five years, I feed them a cat. When the puppy appeared the question of choosing food was not even raised, since there is a positive experience, decide to take Bosch for puppies. Unfortunately, it did not fit - the chair became too liquid and the color changed to lighter.

I also didn’t like that it wasn’t specified what kind of poultry meat or fish meal, because both poultry and fish are different. I had to feed the baby with another brand, and the cat is still Bosh and everything is fine. Apparently fell on the "individual food intolerance," which is often mentioned on the Internet.

Conclusions about Bosch feed

On the one hand, about Bosch dog food reviews are mostly positive, on the other - not bad. And if you take into account the price - then the feed of this brand is one of the best in the price / quality ratio, because it costs approximately as popular premium food, and its composition is exactly better than theirs. Of course, it is better to feed the dog with a holistic, but it is not always affordable. In this case, Bosch feed will be a very good option.

Price of Bosch dog food

  • Bosch dry dog ​​food 1 kg - from 520 rubles,
  • Bosch dry food for dogs 3 kg - from 1200 rubles,
  • Dry food for dogs Bosch - from 4560 rubles.

Prices depend not only on the size of the package, but also on the option. Also, the price may differ significantly in different stores and vary depending on the dollar exchange rate (since the feed is imported). The above prices are current state for the fall of 2016.

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  • Rating super premium dog food
  • Orijen dog food (reviews, composition, price)

On the pages of our site you will find information about dog breeds, treatment for diseases, care recommendations, reviews of ready-made feeds and reviews about them, as well as many other equally useful and interesting!

Composition of Bosch dog food

All ingredients of Bosch feed can be eaten by humans, which indicates their high quality. Nutrition belongs to the super premium segment, which means that it lacks questionable components in the form of chemical additives, artificial flavors and odor enhancers, as well as by-products and soy protein.

Food Bosch is made in Germany, the food belongs to the class of super premium.

Most of the raw materials used in the production of food Bosch, grown in Germany. Some meats come from countries bordering Germany, the lamb is purchased in Australia and New Zealand, and rice is purchased from Italian suppliers.

Bosch is based on fresh meat, which is the main source of animal protein. Depending on the diet option, the meat component is represented by poultry, lamb or fish. Additional sources of protein are meat or fish meal, as well as egg powder - a high-quality and highly digestible component.

IMPORTANT. Fresh meat after processing loses moisture, so its mass fraction will decrease significantly, approximately 1/3 of the total volume will remain. In addition, the manufacturer does not specify which meat of poultry and fish used in the recipe.

In older versions of the Bosch feed, carbohydrates are represented by wheat, wheat flour and bran from wheat, as well as corn and barley.

The composition of the feed Bosch includes high quality ingredients that have all the necessary certificates.

In the updated composition there are several other products that supply the body with carbohydrates:

  • rice is an easily digestible component with the lowest allergenicity among cereals,
  • Millet is a potassium-rich ingredient that protects against cardiovascular diseases.
  • barley - a carbohydrate component containing vitamin B,
  • Corn is a product that is inferior in nutritional value to millet and barley and is a cheap filler.

Sources of fat in the diet of Bosch is animal fat and fish, which serves as a prophylactic agent for a number of diseases. Food is also rich in vegetables and fruits, which are grown on German plantations.

Natural probiotics that improve digestion are present in the Bosch recipe. - beet pulp and chicory. The body's defenses are enhanced by the berries, marigold flowers and tomatoes, while blueberries and cranberries have a beneficial effect on the urinary system of the animal.

As part of the feed Bosh has all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the dog, as well as fruits and vegetables.

Fish oil, flaxseed and seafood enrich the body with the beneficial Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, due to which the pet's hair and skin will look healthy and beautiful. Each Bosh diet is supplemented with a special vitamin and mineral complex.

Food with lamb and rice

Dog food with lamb and Bosch rice is dietary. Lamb - low-calorie meat, rice does not contain gluten. Such a food is suitable for feeding all breeds of dogs. Based on these two ingredients, the following categories are distinguished:

  • Adult dogs of small breeds.
  • Puppies of all breeds.
  • Adult large and medium dogs.
  • Pets with sensitive digestion.

Feed for young dogs

Their composition includes not only rice and lamb. Also produced food with poultry meat and spelled, with a slave and potatoes. Young dogs needing an additional source of vitamins, it is better to feed the last option. Fish is absolutely not an allergenic product.

  • Bosch junior maxi food is suitable for puppies over 2 months old. For large and giant breeds. These breeds include dogs weighing more than 25 kilograms.

  • Medium junior consists of poultry meat and corn. They are fed by puppies of medium breeds.
  • Junior with lamb and rice. Designed for puppies with sensitive digestion.
  • Mini junior eat small puppies.

Adult Dog Food

This is the Adult series. If we figured out the Bosch junior dog food, now it’s time to talk in more detail about Adult feed:

  • Bio Adult is created for older dogs. Contains poultry meat, apples and pears. Manufacturers claim that all ingredients are grown without the use of chemical and GMO fertilizers.
  • Adult with salmon and potatoes. Designed to feed the dogs contained in the apartment, and whose activity level is average.
  • Adult dog food with lamb and rice. Also suitable for dogs with medium activity.
  • Bosch adult menue is ideal for dogs whose activity is moderate or increased.
  • Adult with millet and bird. For dogs active.

Feed for older dogs

According to reviews, Bosch dog food for older animals meets their needs. Unless, granules a little large. Before offering pet food, pellets are poured with water and allowed to soften:

  • Mini senior - dog food from 7 years old, small breeds.
  • Senior is suitable for older dogs of medium and large breeds.
  • Maxi senior - old men will be appreciated by large and gigantic ones.

How to feed a pet

If the owner for some reason decided to transfer his pet to the new Bosch brand feed, then he should heed some rules:

  • Replacement feed produced gradually.
  • It all starts small. On the first day, 1/7 of the new is added to the usual feed. Accordingly, this part of the old feed is removed and replaced.
  • On the second day, the replacement is already 2/7.
  • And so they act gradually, throughout the week. Until the feed is completely replaced.
  • If the pet has red ears, the dog is actively and regularly scratching them, then the feed is not suitable. We'll have to look for an alternative.
  • The pet must have access to drinking water at all times.
  • Food is the main food. It can not be used as a encouragement during the trainings.
  • Puppies from 2 to 3 months are fed 6 times a day. The required dosage is indicated on the package with feed. It is important to note that there she is - daily. The owner should divide the daily rate into 6 parts.
  • From 3 to 4 months puppies 5 meals a day.
  • From 4 to 6 months, pets are fed 4 times a day.
  • From 6 to 9 months - 3 times a day.
  • From 9 months of age, the pet is transferred to 2 meals a day.

Price category of feed

Bosch dog food reviews are good. Many are satisfied with its price. For large dogs it is better to buy a bag weighing 15 kilograms. Profitable turn out. Such a bag will cost 4500-6500 rubles. It all depends on the region in which the owner lives and the composition of the feed.

A small package weighing 1 kg costs about 700 rubles. 3 - kg packages can cost 1500-1700 rubles.

Host reviews

What reviews about Bosch dog food can be heard from pet owners? Let's try to reproduce the overall picture:

  • Dogs eat this food with an appetite.
  • No problems with digestion.
  • Wool looks good.
  • Animals are active and cheerful.
  • Allergies have not yet been identified in any Bosch-fed dog.

What will tell veterinary specialists

Reviews of doctors about this food are almost the same. Here is what they say:

  • Food fits most dogs. There are no problems with the chair. Weight is stable, appetite is excellent. An allergy, if it occurs, then one of the fifty dogs. This is due to the individual intolerance of certain components.
  • The quality of the feed is good, but it is not the best among the super-premium class feeds. However, scrupulous Germans are strictly following production technologies. The ingredients are quality, the manufacturer has certificates confirming that the products from which the food is made are suitable for human consumption. Pets who eat Bosch do not have any health problems. Except for very, very rare cases.

What conclusions can be made?

Bosch dog food, according to reviews, is positioned as a super premium class. In fact, the content of the meat component is too low for this class. Корма супер-премиум уровня должны содержать в своем составе не менее 40% мяса. Причем, с обязательным указанием, какое оно. И это кроме гидролизованного.

Смущает и повышенное содержание злаков, в частности, кукурузы. Этой дешевой культурой наполняют корма эконом-класса. Особой ценности в ней нет.

Поэтому, если есть возможность кормить питомца кормами-холистиками, отдавать предпочтение лучше им. Bosch не дотягивает до супер-премиум уровня.


Мы рассмотрели корм для собак Bosch. Выделим основные аспекты:

  • Производится он немецкой фирмой. Фасовка осуществляется в Германии.
  • Manufacturers have certificates confirming the high quality of the products from which the feed is made.
  • The line is quite rich.
  • Produced food for large and giant, medium and small breeds of dogs.
  • Only three series. The first is suitable for pets with sensitive digestion, the second, based on ingredients such as rice and lamb, is suitable for all breeds, and the third is made from the most natural products.
  • Separate series of produce maternity feed bitches and puppies.
  • Price category of feed is average, they are available, you can buy at any pet store.


What I would like to say at the end? Nutrition - the foundation, this is understandable. But for the dog is important and the social component. Communication with your beloved master (correct), regular training sessions and physical activity, long walks - all this contributes to the health and longevity of pets.

You can not neglect the visit to the veterinarian. Complex vaccinations have not been canceled.

Proper maintenance, excellent care and feeding with high-quality food will prolong the life of the dog. Perhaps it is your dog that will become a long-liver, and will delight a host of 15 years, at a minimum.

About the manufacturer

This manufacturer is widely known to European buyers, and occupies a leading position in the feed market in Germany. Bosch dog food has earned the best reviews and high confidence of many famous kennels, and has been repeatedly awarded for excellent quality products.

The entire range of feed Bosch (Bosch) for dogs is made at plants located only in Germany.

Raw materials used in the production of food for domestic animals are also grown directly in this country, except for lamb meat, which is purchased in New Zealand or Australia.

This allows you to use only fresh products for the manufacture of feed. Along with modern and high-tech equipment of the plants, this company has its own laboratories in which new rations are being developed and the formulations of already existing Bosh food for dogs are being continuously improved.

Another advantage of this company is the strict phased control of its products, starting with checking the quality of raw materials and ending with the finished product. The reward for such a high-quality product is the ever-increasing number of consumers and grateful feedback about Bosch feed for dogs.

Assortment of rations

In the market of our country, this brand is represented by three variants of the concept - it is dry dog ​​food Bosch High Premium, Bosch Life Protection and Bosch Bio.

A series of rations Bosch High Premium is divided into diets corresponding to the age of the pet and its size. For example, Bosh Junior Maxi is food for puppies of large breeds, Bosch Mini Adult is food for dogs of small breeds. Also here are the diets:

  • Bosch Senior - for older pets,
  • Bosch Reproduction - for pregnant and nursing bitches,
  • Bosch Puppy - puppies up to 4 months,
  • Bosch Active - for pets with increased activity,
  • Bosch Extra Energy - for animals experiencing intense stress.

The Bosch Life Protection dog food category gets impeccable reviews - these are excellent recipes that do not contain cereal crops, which means they are a gluten-free diet. They are ideal for four-legged friends with food allergies and are well absorbed due to the large amount of animal protein. The role of carbohydrates here is performed by white and yellow millet, potatoes, and sorghum.

The Bosch (Bosch) Natural Organic dog food line is an organic food made from fresh produce grown in ecologically clean regions (Baden-Württemberg, Hohenloe Franconia). Farms that grow meat, vegetables, fruits and cereals for these diets are elected by the Ecoland Association, which guarantees the absence of chemical additives, GMOs, and the use of potentially harmful animal fertilizers.

Bosch (Bosch) dry food for dogs recipes Natural Organic is divided into three types:

  • Bosch Bio Puppy - for growing animals, up to 1 year,
  • Bosch Bio Adult - for all pets older than 1 year,
  • Bosch Bio Senior - for pets of old age.

A pleasant bonus from the creators of the product is the fact that the Bosch dry dog ​​food comes in several flavors: with lamb and rice, with bird and spelled, with fish and potatoes. We also look forward to seeing the updated line of Bosch dog food in the windows, the composition of which should be significantly improved (according to the official website).

Feed composition analysis

Food Bosch for dogs representative super premium rations. This fact means that we will not look for such dubious ingredients as chemical additives, artificial flavor enhancers or odors, low-quality by-products - they are simply not here.

Since the brand pays special attention to rations for adult animals of all breeds, we take one of them for detailed analysis and tell you about the updated composition of Bosch dog food with a bird and spelled, and the current version of Bosch Adult Poultry & Millet (bird and millet).

The overall picture looks pretty decent: proteins make up 21.5%, fat content is 10.5%, fiber content is 2.5%, and raw ash is 5.8%. In general, the diet is well balanced, especially pleased with the indicators of ash and fat.

At first glance it may seem that the protein is not enough, but for pets living in an apartment this is quite enough. If more is required, then in the variant of nutrition for active dogs, the protein index is already 25%.

Details on the ingredients

List of the first six components:

  • Fresh poultry meat - 25%,
  • Millet - 17.5%
  • Barley,
  • Corn,
  • Poultry flour,
  • Rice

The composition of the Bosch dog food starts with fresh poultry, sounds great, but in fact there is a couple of clarifications regarding this component. Fresh means that it will undergo treatment, after which water will disappear, that is, its mass fraction in the feed will significantly decrease. In fifth place is the flour from poultry meat, as an additional source of protein, very high quality and perfectly digestible, but judging by the low position it is not so much. Far away ninth place is fish meal - a nutritious product that also makes a tiny plus to the total share of animal proteins.

It is also embarrassing that it is not specifically indicated, what kind of poultry meat was used? Chicken? Ducks?

Such a formulation may also mean that not only meat is consumed, but also skin, without bones, heads, feathers, paws and viscera.

The same doubts about the words "fishmeal", it is not known what types of fish in question.

However, the manufacturer assures that the Bosch dry dog ​​food contains at least 38.6% animal protein.

In the new version of the Bosch dog food composition, carbohydrates consist of wheat, barley, corn, and a small portion of rice. In the previous version of the diet, we also see wheat, wheat flour and bran from wheat, as well as spelled (which is essentially one of the varieties of wheat) plus barley and corn.

In fact, the manufacturer replaced a considerable proportion of wheat with millet, and this significantly improved the composition of the feed.

  • Millet is better absorbed, it is also rich in potassium, which protects the body from diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Barley is a good source of carbohydrates, and contains vitamin B.
  • Corn is not a very valuable component, according to the criterion of nutritional value, it is inferior to the first two ingredients. It is often added to reduce the cost of the product.
  • Rice helps to strengthen the stool of animals, is easy to learn and has the lowest allergenicity of cereals.

The composition of dog food Bosh includes animal fat, which occupies the tenth position, as well as fish oil (located at number 13). There is no exact indication of the origin of animal fat. Therefore, it is possible to suspect the poor quality of this ingredient.

Fish oil is an excellent ingredient, rich in omega acids. Its benefit for the health of the pet is difficult to overestimate - it serves as a prevention of a number of diseases.

Feed advantages

  • A good indicator of the proportion of animal protein is 65% of the total protein,
  • Improved recipe, excluded wheat,
  • There are supplements for joints, coat, digestive support,
  • Low price

Consumer reviews

  • First, the pet ate more expensive food, but after cutting down the family budget, they chose an inexpensive but acceptable in composition diet. Tried Bosch dog food - cheap, German quality, normal ingredients. After the change of nutrition, the pet is also cheerful and cheerful, there are no particular complaints.
  • In pets of mini breeds (Pekingese, Pomeranian), sometimes skin allergies or lacrimation appear from the feed. Specify that there is food for dogs of small breeds Bosch Mini with lamb and rice, which significantly reduces the chance of food intolerance.

A lot of feedback on problems with the gastrointestinal tract after the transition to Bosch dog food.

Here are just a couple of examples, the most striking of them:

A review of Bosch food (Bosch) for dogs is left at zoo forums by professional breeders. After reading a couple of dozen opinions, we highlighted the main aspects:

  • It is very difficult to choose a dog's food allergy, but after Bosch the allergy disappeared as a hand, and for several years now there have been no problems.
  • All dogs in the kennel eat only food of this brand, and even finicky breeds that simply ignore the diets of famous brands. At the same time, pets actively participate in exhibitions, have beautiful beautiful wool and win awards. Puppies eat it for both cheeks, grow well and develop.

Opinion of veterinarians

About Bosch food for dogs and there are reviews of veterinarians, which we studied and, summing up, it turned out the following:

  • The entire line of power of this brand deserves praise. Suitable for feeding both absolutely healthy dogs and those who have had a disease. Rarely, but still there are cases (1 out of 50), when the feed did not fit the animal, these are the individual characteristics of the pet.
  • In the category of super premium, this product is not the most perfect, but for many animals it is great: they have a stable weight, excellent stools and a normal appetite.
  • If the person who bought Bosch food for dogs is confused by the price (suspiciously low), and they are tormented by doubts - you need to show the pet to the vet and get tested. This is the best way to make sure that such a diet is suitable for his pet.

Please note that all reviews of Bosch dry dog ​​food relate to the old line, an updated variation is only expected.

For adults and adults with physiological features

MINI ADULT - designed for dogs weighing up to 15 kg, in the presence of two products (with lamb or poultry meat). The diet is adapted to the active metabolism of dogs of small breeds and supports the digestive tract.

ADULT is a practically universal food that will suit most medium sized dogs with medium mobility. In this line of dry food there are options suitable for improving the state of wool and skin. In the presence of food for dogs prone to indigestion.

MAXI ADULT - an irreplaceable complex of elements for large breeds. As part of a lot of ingredients needed to strengthen the bones and increase the elasticity of the joints.

ADULT MENUE - the right combination of meat and vegetable pellets. Increased protein combination.

SENSITIVE is the best solution for animals of all breeds that have digestive problems, allergy tendency.

SPECIAL LIGHT is an option for dogs with problems with the urinary system and liver.

REPRODUCTION - menu for pregnant animals, nursing.

MINI SENIOR, SENIOR, MAXI SENIOR - dog food over 7 years old.

For babies

Special meals, calculated for pets under the age of 1 year. Kids need a special diet, because they are actively gaining weight, grow and develop, and the lack of useful elements will negatively affect their health.

PUPPY - suitable for babies up to 4 months.

MINI JUNIOR - product for miniature puppies.

MEDIUM JUNIOR - for representatives of medium breeds.

JUNIOR food for puppies with sensitive gastrointestinal tract.

MAXI JUNIOR - calculated for representatives of large breeds.

Product Benefits

This is a premium, super premium dog food that is available, certified and recognized worldwide.

The food is enriched with elements that are necessary for the normal development of the animal.

A wide selection of products allows you to correctly choose food for any pet.

The manufacturer guarantees that among the ingredients there are no flavor enhancers, artificial flavors, colors, artificial preservatives.

If you want to buy the best dry dog ​​food, it is better to give preference to proven companies. Bosch professional fodder is the best value for money, food recognized all over the world.

This is the best solution for pets of various breeds, of any age, allergy sufferers and those who require special food. Be competent in choosing food for your pets and you can be sure that they will appreciate your love and care.

How is this feed better than others?

A significant advantage of the Bosch brand in comparison with similar super premium feed is the availability of special nutrition for pregnant and lactating bitches Bosch Reproduction, which is not found in either the Djoser brand or Porcelan.

IMPORTANT. The diet of Bosch Reproduction ensures the proper development of the fruit and the activity of newborn puppies, and also has a positive effect on the duration of the lactation period in the bitch. It is recommended to use this feed from the fifth week of pregnancy until the end of feeding.

Another advantage of the Bosch feed is the absence of allergenic wheat in the recipe. The rations of the old release contained wheat and its derivatives as carbohydrate products, but not so long ago the manufacturer began to produce feed with a new composition, excluding wheat. For example, Eukanuba fodder has wheat in its composition, while Porcelan has wheat flour and bran.

A big plus feed Bosch - the presence in the lineup of food for pregnant and lactating dogs.

Due to the high demand for Bosch feed, they are widespread in many countries, including Russia. They are easy to find on sale in most specialized stores, unlike the brands Gene, Djoser and Trainer.

Bosch feed line

In the domestic pet food market, the Bosch feed line is represented in three series. The first Bosch High Premium series is divided into rations, depending on the size of the pet and its age. The second version of Bosch Life Protection belongs to the category of grainless diets, which are perfectly suitable for pets with food allergies. And the third Bosch Bio series is represented by organic feeds made from fresh, environmentally friendly products.

In the Bosch feed line, there is food for dogs of all ages and sizes: from miniature pets to giants.

Forage Bosch for puppies and dogs of small breeds

For dogs of small breeds, the manufacturer has released four varieties of Bosch Mini feed:

  • Mini Light - a low-calorie dry diet for adult dogs of small breeds who are overweight,
  • Mini Adult - food for adult pets of small breeds based on lamb and rice,
  • Mini Senior - nutrition with low fat and high percentage of dietary fiber for older dogs of small breeds older than 7 years,
  • Mini Junior - the menu for puppies of small breeds older than 2 months.

Bosh for dogs with allergies and sensitive digestion

Special dietary foods include hypoallergenic dog food. They are recommended for pets with intolerance to individual food components, which can lead to problems with digestion, skin and coat. The basis of such rations is highly digestible lamb and rice.

Bosch Sensitive food is a hypoallergenic food designed for dogs with sensitive digestion and problem skin.

Bosch Sensitive food just refers to a hypoallergenic diet. It is suitable for dogs of various breeds weighing from 2 to 80 kg. Due to the use of easily digestible ingredients like lamb and rice, the likelihood of allergies is significantly reduced. Feed does not contain wheat and its derivatives, and the optimal energy content prevents excessive load on the digestive system of the animal.

Bosch with lamb and rice for dogs and puppies of all breeds

Bosch food based on products with a low allergenic potential - lamb and rice, has proven itself as the main food for dogs with sensitive digestion. Gluten-free rice in combination with a diet lamb stimulate good digestibility, while not straining the gastrointestinal tract. Among the rations of Bosch based on lamb and rice are the following options:

  • for adult dogs of small breeds,
  • for adult pets of medium and large breeds,
  • for puppies of various breeds,
  • for dogs with stomach sensitivity.

Food Bosh on the basis of lamb and rice - the main food for adult dogs and puppies of any breed (from small to large).

Reviews of veterinarians about feed for dogs Bosch

Svetlana, the vet, 42 years. From the category of superpremium food, Bosch German food is not the best, but it is well suited to most animals. They have a stable weight, good appetite and normal stools. The extensive line of this brand undoubtedly deserves praise. Here you can find food for absolutely healthy pets, as well as for those who have recently had a disease. Случаи, когда этот корм не подошел животному, очень редки. В 1 случае из 50 встречается несовместимость корма с собакой, связанная с индивидуальными особенностями питомца. Если вы кормите собаку кормом Бош, но не доверяете его качеству из-за низкой цены, рекомендую обратиться к ветеринару для обследования и сдачи необходимых анализов. Это лучший способ убедиться, подходит ли рацион вашей собаке.

Обратите внимание и на другие популярные корма супер-премиум класса:

  1. Корм для собак Husse – питание высокого качества от шведского производителя.
  2. Английский корм Арден Гранж — линейка для собак всех размеров и возрастов.
  3. Dog food from Germany - dry and wet rations Belkando.

Dmitry, vet, 39 years. Bosch feed is not only strict quality control of the raw materials used, but also modern technologies. The products used in the production of feed Bosch, grown in environmentally friendly natural conditions, which allows to preserve the health of the pet for many years. All components of rations Bosch has certificates that confirm their suitability for human consumption. The composition of the feed excludes dyes and chemical preservatives, cheap fillers, soy and flavoring additives. As practice shows, Bosch feed is suitable for almost all four-legged friends, except for isolated cases.

Dog Breeders Reviews for Bosch Feed

Pauline. That grew my favorite dog breed Argentine dog. Our breed is rare, characterized by a powerful body structure and a unique character. Previously, they fed him Bosh Junior Maxi as food for puppies of large breeds, now they transferred to Bosch Edalt with the taste of lamb and rice for adult dogs. Pet eats with great pleasure, as if I had not fed him a week. He feels excellent, no problems with allergies and wool, digestion is normal. The dog is cheerful and cheerful. In addition, the feed is very economical and has a reasonable price. One 15-pound bag is enough for almost 2 months. I recommend everyone to look at this brand.

Helena. I have a small breed basenji dogs. When they were still puppies, great grief happened to one of my dogs. We did not notice, and the puppy ate rat poison, and then began to slowly die. But a miracle happened, and one competent vet managed to put our baby on his paws. But the poisoning did not go unnoticed: we had problems with digestion and liver. Therefore, food was chosen with great care. Stopped at the stern of Bosch Mini with lamb and rice. I liked its composition with easily digestible ingredients and special prebiotics to improve digestion. Bosch suited us perfectly. Dog has no problems with digestion, eats with a big appetite. In addition, the chair returned to normal. Since then, Bosch has been feeding on feed for three years now, and there are no complaints.

Conclusions about the Bosch feed

The feed of the German brand Bosch is one of the best in the ratio price-quality, because its cost is not much higher than the popular premium feed, and the composition is much better. The average price of a small kilogram package is about 630 rubles, and for a large pack of 15 kg, the buyer will pay from 4,500 to 6,200 rubles. Bosch brand feed can be recommended for daily pet feeding, but if the breeder has the opportunity to buy class holistic feed, it is better to give them preference.